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REVIEWS OF Bernitsky Vision, a TLC Laser Eye Center IN New Mexico

Nora Manzanares

The whole experience of my lasik procedure was very very positive. Dr Bernitsky and the staff of his office were top notch!! From the consultation to the day of surgery, everything was covered and all questions answered. I am so happy with the results and they get better day by day. I would highly recommend Dr Bernitsky for all your lasik needs.

Teresa Brown

Incredible! It has been 2 days since having LASIK with Dr. Chan. I am beyond happy with the entire experience. Everyone from start to finish is amazing. The customer service was terrific and everyone was incredibly accommodating with my schedule. Dr. Bernitsky and Dr. Chan were wonderful at each visit and explaining everything to me. If you have ever been considering LASIK, I can tell you that it is worth it and this is the place to go! So many of my friends recommended Dr. Bernitsky and I can see why. They are amazing! Look no further. This. Is. It. Thank you, Dr. Chan!

Mem L

I had an amazing experience at Bernitsky Vision. I've been thinking about getting Lasik for over 5 years now and I've never felt more comfortable in going through with a medical procedure than I have with this. After my initial consultation, I knew right then and there that I was going to get Lasik and chose Dr. Bernitsky as my doctor. Dr. Bernitsky and his team are so kind and explained everything so thoroughly. Each member of the staff took their time with me and Dr. Bernitsky answered all the questions I had and I never once felt rushed. I've had glasses since I was 9 years old and started wearing contacts when I was 12; so now at 26, I decided that I didn't want to have to deal with glasses or contacts anymore. Lasik was a huge decision for me to make, but I'm so happy that I went through with it. The procedure itself was so quick and I felt safe and comfortable every step of the way with Dr. Bernitsky and his team. The day after my procedure, I couldn't believe how clear my vision was when I woke up. For the first time ever, I could actually see everything the moment I opened my eyes. I went to my follow-up appointment the day after the procedure and my vision is now 20/15. I never thought I'd have vision this great and I am so grateful to Dr. Bernitsky and his team for making this possible. I highly recommend going to him for Lasik.

Robin Schichtel

I had Lasik by Dr. Bernitsky approximately 7 years ago. At first, I was very pleased with the results, but the results started to fade at about the five year mark. I paid for the FREE lifetime adjustment and had it scheduled for October …

Amy Stuart

I got Lasik eye surgery last Friday and absolutely LOVE the results. The procedure was a little more uncomfortable than I had anticipated, but it is well worth the results. Best money I have ever spent! Dr. Bernitsky and his team are all amazing!

Jorge Cisneros

Absolute professionals all around. My wife and I had corrective eye surgery earlier this year and the experience was flawless.

Brittany Morrow

I chose Dr. Bernitsky because of referrals both from my trusted eye doctor and family friends who had done LASIK with him specifically. The free consultation (and welcoming atmosphere) is a great way to start a relationship. I trusted the …

Deanne Ariaz

I had my procedure performed on January 18th, 2019, and by the next day my vision was measured to be 20/15, a lot better than it’s original -4.25 and -4.5 (with astigmatism). TLC was so professional, knowledgeable, and kind, that when I left I knew I would be getting nothing, but the utmost best when I got my procedure done. They told me everything I needed to know, what results to expect, how long the procedure would take, and even when I was under the laser they kept me informed on what they were doing. I’m so grateful for my eyesight and for TLC because not only do I see better than I ever had, but I know that if my vision changes for the worse, they can do touch ups, which I believe are free for life. Honestly, I had doubts too (which is why you’re reading this) and now I’m just glad that I trusted my eyes to the best! Lastly, seriously, it doesn’t hurt.

Francine Lopez

I just had my eyes done yesterday with Dr.Bernitsky and his team. I must say I was a little scared to have lasik surgery. From the moment we stepped into the office the staff was welcoming and informative. I honestly can say my whole experience was enjoyable and I 100% reccomend TLC. I had the most wonderful nurse that guided me threw the whole process. She was extremly sweet to my family and made sure all of us where comfortable. The fact that she went over exactly what to expect during surgery made me feel a lot more comforted. The surgery itself was painless and my eye sight at the moment is 15/20. Overall wonderful experience. I'm so excited to be able to see without contacts or glasses!

Jenna Hampton

I can’t believe I waited so long to get my lasik procedure done. I’m so happy that I chose to go with Dr. Bernitsky and his wonderful staff. My results are incredible, and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everyone at TLC!

Drew Townes Productions

Dr. Bernitsky did a wonderful job at fixing my Astigmatism, highly recommended!

Michael Murphy

Dr. Bernitsky and all of the staff at TLC Laser Eye Center were awesome. I had Toric ICL surgery with a pretty large correction and they made everything a breeze! I have been very happy with the results and would highly recommend the procedure and Dr. Bernitsky to anyone considering it.

Leo Maestas

I can see!! The whole process was very well explained step by step. Dr. Bernitsky and his team are professionals and they treat you very well. If you are looking for Lasik stop looking and just come into this place. You are greeted with a warm welcome and dont feel pressured. I will definitely recommend Bernitsky Vision to all my friends and family. Thank you Dr.Bernitsky and staff for changing my life.

Holly Erickson

Everyone at Bernitsky is very wonderful and professional. Always the best experience. I would highly recommend them.

Ryan Baca

I was nervous, but everyone in the office made me feel comfortable. The process was easy and didn't take to long. I was in and out and by the very next day I was seeing great. I am truly grateful to Dr Bernitsky for his follow up care. He …

Sara Castillo

If you are looking for a place to get Lasik done, I highly recommend Bernitsky Vision. The whole staff, from the front desk, to the techs, to the doctors were so knowledgeable and professional. I was so nervous about my procedure and they made me feel very at ease. Dr. Bernitsky truly cares about his patients and even followed up to see how I was doing later that day. I can truly and honestly say that I am so happy with my vision and the procedure was so quick! There's really no question of where to go, if you are interested in lasik.

becky spinar

Even though it took 3 months to get to the point of being able to have the Lasik procedure due to issues with my corneas, I am so happy with my results! I felt confident in Dr. Bernitsky knowing he was not going to recommend or perform the procedure until my eyes were ready. Dr. Bernitsky and his entire staff were warm, friendly, professional and helpful. There was no pressure to have the procedure and everything including risks and benefits were explained thoroughly.

Kaitlin Robinson

I am so glad I decided to go through Dr. Bernitsky for my LASIK surgery! Every call, visit, and e-mail was a pleasant experience and the whole staff was great! It was an amazing feeling to sit up from surgery and be able to see! And having better than 20/20 vision the next morning and being able to enjoy my horses the next day was incredible!!

Natalie Maestas

Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were incredibly informative and professional throughout this process. I'm so happy I made the decision to have Lasik and couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!

Jack ollason

everything went great, the staff was amazing. i love my new vision. should have done this long time ago.

John Martin

Absolutely awesome! No need to go anywhere else but to Dr Benitsky. Incredible experience. Felt no pain at all. Staff was very courteous and professional. A++++++++

Eric Aachen

This is a staff of highly qualified experts who study each eye individually and work diligently to find the best solution. I now have 20/15 in both eyes! Thank you Dr. Bernitsky.

Teena Trujillo

Answered all of our questions. Very friendly and helpful staff. My procedure was painless and I have 20/20! Highly recommended!

Nicolette Trujillo

The staff and Dr. Bernitsky was amazing and very professional. I am so glad I had the Lasik procedure and I would recommend this to anyone. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else.

Tiawna Cayton

Best investment I've ever made! I checked out multiple LASIK surgeons before going with Dr. Bernitsky. My entire experience was nothing short of amazing. He took time to ensure I was a good candidate in order to get the best results possible, and the day following the surgery I had 20/15 vision at my post-op appointment! I still haven't gotten over the fact that I work with computers/hardware and read all day and don't need contacts or glasses! The staff was friendly and could answer every single question I had, and I was able to relax much better during the procedure knowing I was in good hands with Dr. Bernitsky and his team!

Tim Scully

Simply amazing the work that Dr. Bernitsky does - it is life changing. Everyone who wears glasses/contacts should go and get a consultation. The personal attention from the doctors and the staff made this experience much more than a routine procedure. You cannot go wrong using Dr. Bernitsky! Thank You!

PJ wright

I received LASIK and mono vision from Dr. Bernitsky. I experienced no pain what so ever! I walked out of the clinic with 20/15 . Looking at the Sandia Mountains with new eyes is PRICELESS!

Tammy Walker

I had both eyes done several years ago. I spent an enormous amount of money to get the lifetime enhancements but because I didn't get yearly eye exams, Dr. Bernitsky will not honor the contract. I didn't remember that part, and my fault for not doing that, but not once did his office ever call to remind me it was time for a yearly exam...that's just good customer service. They were great when they got my thousands of dollars, but the follow-up is piss poor. I told the receptionist (withholding name) that I feel like I've been screwed and her response was well I signed the paper. If you are thinking of getting LASIK or any other eye procedure, DO NOT GO TO DR. BERNITSKY!! FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!

Elena Naranjo

Dr. Bernitsky and his team are awesome. I had two very thorough appointment which made me confident in the choice I made when it came to Dr. Burnitsky. They made sure that I was a candidate and weren't just in it for the money. They ease my mind on all my fears and as of today I can see 20/15!!

James Brown

It's been seven months now since my Lasik procedure, and I wanted to wait until the process settled before posting a review. I was having dryness issues with contacts and couldn't wear them anymore, so I went through the consultation process of three local Lasik providers in March 2017. I would suggest anyone to do the same, so you'll appreciate what Bernitsky's team has to offer. Their staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and you can tell by going through the exam process who has the most up to date equipment. I personally had an issue with my eyes years ago, and one location refused to do the procedure, but the other two agreed it wouldn't be a problem (and it wasn't). I could notice a difference with Dr. Bernitsky's team being more thorough through the review process than the other locations as well. Now it's been seven months since the surgery and my vision is 20/15 with no complications. I will note that after the surgery my vision fluctuated during the healing process for 30 days, but that healed and leveled out. I have no issues with redness or dryness and it's amazing to not have to deal with contacts or glasses anymore. I would highly recommend the Bernitsky Vision team to anyone considering going through the Lasik process.

jezreel bassett

If you are here reading reviews, it's safe bet that you are preparing to make a huge decision. Like me you want the best, to ensure you get the best you do your due diligence... and you are ready. So, let me give you the run down. I got Lasik but there are many treatments TLC can do for those who qualify, yes your eye condition must qualify for treatments but many do. If you wear contacts there will be short period of time that you will need to wear glasses. I got my Lasik within 2 weeks after the initial consolation. The procedure lasts a couple of mins per eye, you are in the operating room grand total 10-15 mins. It's a little nerve-racking but nothing you can't handle. I beleive in you! My suggestion is to avoid caffeine, and anything else that might stress you out before the procedure. Remaining calm is key, they will help you do this. I experienced very little discomfort. They send you home soon after with a long list of do's and don'ts. Follow their instructions! They suggest napping, one more reason to avoid caffeine. I took 2 long naps the first day, my vision improved drastically after each one. I was nearsighted, I tested my sight by looking at the digital clock on the stove from across the kitchen. Before Lasik, I could not see the clock, after my first nap I could see the clock but not read the numbers, by the second nap I could read the clock no problem. By the next morning my vision was 20/15 (which is better then 20/20!). It was a bit surreal seeing everything unaided, as I couldn't read text messages if I held my phone at arms length just 24 hours before. I would highly suggest Lasik, I would also like to pointout the the staff and the facility here were absolutely incredible, ask them all the questions you want. Ok so, recovery! They tell you to get over the counter, preservative-free drops; I saw the 0.01 fl oz and was worried it wasn't going to be enough... it is, in fact it's more then enough. FYI most of the containers reseal to save for later. Pop them in the fridge for a nice cooling sensation. They give you a cheap pair of sunglasses, I wore these the first few days because they were darker them mine. I work on a computer all day, I took a few extra breaks and drops the first few days, I also set major programs to dark color schemes. It helped a lot. If I have helped you make your decision by all means like this post, and/or put me down as a refural.

Maura Casados

I had my surgery 3 days ago and I feel fantastic. I can't believe that I can see so perfectly! The staff at Dr. Bernitsky's office are all wonderful. They really care about customer service and go above and beyond for their clients. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bernitsky during my surgery as he walks you through each step and explains what is going on so that you don't have any surprises. Amanda was also wonderful at going over everything prior to the surgery and giving great customer service. I really appreciate everyone and know it was 100% worth it! A++ rating. :-)

Ryan Herrington

Fantastic. Staff is super nice. Waiting room offers free cokes, coffee and tea which is a huge plus. Dr. Bernitsky is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable. You are able to get in and out and get on with your day. The …

Adam Foris

I had Lasik performed earlier in the month with Dr. couldn't have gone better. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of competence and professionalism demonstrated by the entire staff throughout the process; it only served as validation that the procedure was so smooth. For someone who's skeptical of rah-rah reviews, in this case, it was well deserved. I wouldn't go to anyone else.


The staff is great and made me feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Bernitsky is very nice and assuring. It’s hard to put trust in a Dr especially in regards to your eyes on a lasik procedure, however, Dr. Bernitsky is definitely one of the exceptions. I’m glad I chose him, and am happy with the service and exceptional results!

Jenny of America

Dr. Bernitsky and his team made me feel as though I was their only patient and their complete focus was on me. Their explanations were meticulous and their care was sincerely warm. They treated me like one would treat family. My vision is perfect and my results were almost instant. I could not have asked for any part of the process to have gone better. Thank you to Dr. B and crew!

Amanda Matsler

I had a wonderful experience at Bernitsky Vision. I would highly recommend them!

Eryn Horton

I had Lasik surgery here over the weekend and my eyesight is now 20/15! My surgery had rare complications and ended up taking longer, just waiting for my eyes to be ready for the laser. But, Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were so helpful and I still got excellent results. I would definitely recommend them.

Johnathan McDonnell

The staff was very professional and the staff's willingness to answer questions and explain the process was great. Both the initial appointment, as well as the surgical operation went smoothly and without incident. Overall very impressed with my entire experience.

Jessica Pool

I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old. It is amazing not having to wear them anymore. I’ve been able to enjoy reading books for the first time and I haven’t had a migraine since.

Steven Grover

Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are professional, and ensure that you are informed about the process. They are genuine in caring for patients, and have excellent customer service in addition to being technically competent. Excellent experience, and love being glasses free!

Keith Starr

Amazing LASIK experience! The entire staff was absolutely fantastic. The procedure itself was painless. They made sure I was comfortable and the results were 20/20 vision after wearing glasses for 30 years! Truly life changing. I cannot recommend Bernitsky Vision enough.

Jonathan Wright

I had lasik procedure done when I was about 18 and I perfect vision after, but since I got it done when I was so young I recently had to do it again but this time it did not cost me anything because Dr. Bernitsky has a life time warranty and they keep to their word. Thank you so much for touching up my vision. :)

Nick C. Silvas Sr.

The Doctor and staff that handled my procedure are very professional and friendly. I truly feel as a valued patient! I received the RLE, ( Refractive Lens Exchange), and it has changed my life. No more dealing with eye glasses or contacts is a wish come true. I have already started recommending the procedures available to friends and family. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky, and all the staff that I encountered!

Kerr Adams

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Berninsky. The staff is amazing and the procedure, although weird, was surprisingly quick and painless. I had 20/15 vision the next day and things seem to be getting sharper every day. Was back to my usual activities in less than a week!

Susan Trudeau

Although it's been less than a week since Dr. Bernitsky has done PRK on my left eye, I couldn't wait to write a testimonial about his office. He and his staff are very caring and professional and treat everyone as an individual. Prior to the procedure my eye was close to useless (only able to read the big E on the first line) and only 2 days later I am reading on the 20/30 line - with more improvement expected as the healing continues. I'm SO happy with the office and with my results.

Erica Speer

Excellent staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Anice Reichbach

I was very pleased with the procedure. The staff was very caring, as was Dr. Bernitsky with the personal follow up call.

Laura Anderson

Dr. Bernitsky did an incredible job! His staff was professional and courteous. I can see near perfectly now without the need for glasses or contacts and I am so grateful.

Michael Long

Great experience from start to finish. Dr. Bernitsky is very hands on and actually cares about you as a person. You are not just another set of eyes him and his staff. As for the procedure it was clean and efficient and less then 24 hours later I had 20/15 vision. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner.

Ms J

I recently had my LASIK done by Dr. Bernitsky at TLC. This was the best decision I've made for eyes! The doctor and staff are wonderful! I had an astigmatism it both eyes with severe nearsightedness. I'd worn glasses/contacts for almost 20 years. So, to finally not have to depend on anything to see is such a blessing. I'm seeing 20/15, and have not had any side effects from the surgery. I had no pain or discomfort after the surgery. I've already been recommending Dr. Bernitsky to all my friends, family and co-workers. Thank you all at Bernitsky Vision for fixing my eyes! I'm so grateful!

Jasmin Ortega

I was so nervous to get my LASIK done but Dr. Bernitzky and his entire staff made me feel so comfortable and calm. They are so knowledgeable about the procedure and leave no questions unanswered. I'm so glad I chose to get my LASIK at this office!

Amanda Miller

My husband got his eyes done here a few months ago and I got them done yesterday, I super recommend this place. Everybody is friendly, process is as easy as they can make it, and Dr. Bernitsky even calls you the evening of your surgery, sees you the next morning, AND gives you his personal phone number in case you have issues/questions, which is great for nervous people like me :).

Diego Gallegos

Dr. Bernitsky and staff were calming, reassuring, confident, and respectful. I am over joyed by the results!

Debbie Cito

Quality office. Friendly staff. Excellent results

gary gonzales

Today 9/27/2019 is the 1 year anniversary that I had my procedure done. I am totally satisfied on the outcome! Dr Bernitsky and his entire staff are exceptional, They make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have before and after the procedure. The staff is a big part of any business and they are great, KUDOS to all. I wish I had done it sooner! I had worn glasses since an early age and my vision is now at 20/20. If you are considering having it done this is definitely the place to have it done. Thank You Dr. "B" and enjoy your retirement!!

Chelsea Connell

Bernisky Vision is a great place for laser surgery. His clinic was the first consultation I had. His staff did great exams and told me that I had some dry eye. They put me on about a month of xidra to help me make more tears and optimize my post op period. I then went to Coleman vision next which came highly recommended. Their staff used several machines to evaluate my eyes but never had any staff actually look at my eyes or conduct any tests for dry eye. I asked them about this and was told that the machines would pick up on the dry eye which it did not. Next was Lasik plus which advertised a $250/eye special. They actually ended up being more expensive than Bernisky Vision. They did the same computer exams and also had someone physically look at my eyes. I was told my eyes looked great and that they could do the surgery that week. I then further probed and asked about the dry eye. I was told that I did have dry eye but it was not a big deal. I also asked if i needed to be wearing my glasses for at least a week prior to surgery as I was told this in both of the other clinics. They said this was not necessary and were not worried about my dry eye. I then called dr Bernitskys office back to try to understand why I was getting so much conflicting information. They got me in about an hour later, had another doctor look at my eyes and better explain why they wanted me to wait several weeks before the procedure. They also gave me over the counter eye drops and ointment to use in addition to the xidra eye drops. My post op period has been seamless and I was very happy with this clinic and its amazing employees.

Sabrina Sullivan

The staff was amazing and very personable. They process was super fast and they made sure you were comfortable through the entire process. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and staff!

Ryan Becker

Dr. Bernitsky's staff was wonderful! They explained the process throughly and made me feel very comfortable along the way. I was a perfect candidate for Lasik correction to correct my near sidedness in both eyes. Did I mention they scheduled me the very next day after my consultation! I was ecstatic. The procedure was exactly as they described, very quick and pain free! It took about 12 minutes or so. After sitting in a comfy recliner for 10 minutes or so, I was ready to go home! And believe it or not I could already read my sisters license plate! Dr. Bernitsky was wonderful and explained that I could already see 20/15 after just 30 minutes post operation! I can't thank Dr. Bernitsky and his staff enough! It's amazing that such a short process can be so life changing.

Brian Moss

My experience with Dr. Bernitsky and his staff was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and patient with me. They took the time to explain every answer they gave me for all of my random questions. They even laughed at my terrible jokes. …

John Yarbrough

Exceedingly professional staff. Dr Bernitsky has an excellent manor that really made me feel at ease with the whole process. Investing in LASIK with Dr B. was the best investment I have made in my own health in years.

A Fierce Beauty

I'm so happy I went to Bernitsky. They are a fantastic team that make you feel like family. Dr. B truly cares about his patients and their well being. I loved it so much I made a video review about my experience so that others may take the step to get better vision with this amazing business. Couldn't be happier! Thanks so much Dr. B!

Doug Phillips

I know this review will be vague, but I don’t know any other way to say it. I had an outstanding experience getting my eyes done with Dr. Bernitsky. It could not have gone smoother and everybody was so professional. You should never compromise when it comes to your eyes and I feel I got the best service available.

Alana De Young

I decided to go with Dr. Bernitsky after having a consult with him and another well-known provider in ABQ. I found him to be professional and relatable, and really appreciated that he personally called to check in after surgery. His staff has been wonderful, and I like that I've been able to see Dr. Monte at his office for my followup optometry appointments. I am about a month post-surgery and can see better than 20/20, so needless to say I am SO happy with my Lasik results!

Stephanie Harrison

I am 100% satisfied with my lasik eye surgery and so glad I did it. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were super friendly and made me feel really comfortable in the process. I had no pain and was able to drive the next day, Very successful procedure. I highly recommend him to anyone!!!!

Monica Moya

The staff were patient and knowledgeable. They helped me through the scheduling process and through my jitters the days before my procedure. Dr. Bernitsky was also very patient and answered the many questions and concerns that I had. Immediately after my procedure the doctor gave me his cellphone and home number in case I had any questions or concerns, I never ended up calling him because I didn't need to but he called my cellphone in the evening after my surgery to check on how I was doing! I would definitely recommend Dr. Bernitsky with your eyes.

Amos Martinez

I had my lasik surgery done January 2018 and so glad i finally had it done! I am not sure I have ever had this good of vision! Dr. Bernitsky and his staff did an excellent job and were very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Jay Guthrie

Very professional staff. You see the doctor at the scheduled time.

Jenny Vasquez

The most amazing experience!!! The staff from top to bottom are wonderful, kind and simply the best. Dr. Bernitsky is amazing and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes! Whatever eye procedure you are thinking about doing...... this is the place you should choose!

Ben Wyne

There is no body better than Dr. B and his staff. I was very concerned about having "an eye procedure". The staff and Dr. B quickly put me at ease. They took the time to make sure I knew all about the procedure they recommended and that I was comfortable with it. The procedure went as anticipated and the results have been awesome. The follow-up care and support was first rate. There is no other practice I would recommend other that Dr. Bernitsky and his exceptional staff.


My experience with Dr B and his team was excellent!!! I couldn't be happier!! My surgery was a success with 20/15 vision!!! I felt so comfortable with them start to finish!! If you are considering LASIK go see Dr B. And his team You will not regret it! ! !

Alexa Estrada

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dr Bernitsky and his staff! I had my lasik surgery done a year ago and it has been life changing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that was interested in getting LASIK. :)

kristen Carpio

This was by far the best decision that I have made for myself in awhile. The office itself is a very professionally ran business. The staff are amazing I would recommend this to anyone interested. Very much impressed.

Robert Pallulat

Great all the way through. Very thorough and made sure I understood all my options which allowed me to make the best choice for me. Super nice people and very comforting. Procedure was relaxing, smooth and really fast. The personal follow up shows their care. Highly recommend!

Zully Mike

Dr. Bernitsky is very informative. He makes you feel comfortable and is not in a hurry to get you in and out. He guides you though every step no surprises. Staff is very knowledgeable about the procedures before and after. They are kind and caring.


16 years ago my husband and I had our eyes done and we love having good eye sight. At that time we had been told we could come back for an enhancement when we needed reading glasses. Well we scheduled our appointment only to find out we would have to pay $185 each to find out if we could get an enhancement. They lost our business, so disappointed with this. I don't mind paying for the surgery, but I resent being charged when we had been told the visit would be free.

Tyler Leyba

They were great! Very professional and personable at the same time! Will definitely recommend them to anyone!

Stephanie Gonzales

Dr. Bernitsky and all of his staff were extremely helpful, courteous and caring. I felt like all of my questions were answered and I did not feel nervous one bit when it came time for my Lasik surgery. I am living life so so happy now with my new vision! I am very happy with the outcome! Dr. B and his team are top notch! :)

Patrick Schwarz

Amazing experience. Talked me through all stages of the surgery. Went by fast and started seeing better immediately.

Tay Elle

I traveled from Silver City to have my Lasik done by Dr. Bernitsky. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are very professional and did a wonderful job with my Lasik treatment. Grateful to have gone to them!

Sara Heppler

This was a really great experience for me. Everything I could expect was carefully explained to me so that I felt confident. Dr. Bernitsky talked me the whole way through the surgery, so that I wasn't even nervous. I had only mild discomfort afterwards for a few hours, and was testing 20/20 by the next morning.

sergio aguilera

Nice and friendly staff. Definitely recommend

Chris Leger

Dr. Bernitsky and his office were very knowledgeable and helpful. The surgery went very well, and recovery was amazingly fast! Would definitely recommend for anyone considering LASIK vision correction

Adam Quesada

Amazing experience!! Dr Bernitsky is awesome. Friendly, kind and professional. I first started wearing glasses in kindergarten and switched to contacts when I was 12 years old. I am currently 38 years old and was not a candidate for Lasik. I was a -20 in my left eye and -18 in my right,,, yeah pretty bad vision. Long story short Dr Bernitsky was able to perform the ICL today, the 10th of May. I'm still dilated but can already notice huge vision changes for the better. Dr Bernitsky is truly used by God to perform, in my opinion, "miracles". It's amazing to open my eyes for the first time in 38 years and see!! God bless you Doc, you and your staff. I can't articulate the appreciation I have for you and your staff. Thank you. Sincerely Adam Quesada

Kimberly Rose

I had the Lasik procedure from Dr. Chan, and it was a wonderful experience. I'd wanted Lasik ever since I was a kid with poor vision and brand new glasses. All of the staff was super nice and friendly and reassuring, and I felt like everyone there really cares about making sure you come away all the better for your procedure. Highly recommend.

Ingrid Jorud

The whole process went so smoothly, fantastic staff and excellent patient care from Dr. Bernitsky, and the best result is - I can see without glasses or contacts that I've needed for 24 years!

Jim M

From the first visit to the followups, Doctor Bernitsky and his staff were the definition of professionalism and courtesy. They took the time to ensure I fully understood the process and my options. My vision changed from 20/200 to 20/15 over night. Everything went as they said, and it's obvious they take pride in their work.

Jose Salazar

Went in to check if LASIK was for me. I was seen by Dr B and was given a thumbs up for the procedure. Jacqui from his staff was wonderful at his office. Did I mention they also serve wonderful coffee and drinks while you wait? I landed up 2 weeks later with 20/10 vision using both eyes... He is the best in the state!

Tod Westcott

I had cataract surgery for a dense cataract. I basically couldn't see out of my left eye other than patches of color. Dr. Bernistky and his staff were wonderful from top to bottom. Everyone was A++. And when I went back for a follow up check up, my vision test went from not being able to see even the biggest letter on the chart to 20-15!!! Wow! I don't know if I've EVER had 20-15 vision, even as a 15 year old. Should I need further work on my other eye, I would trust Dr. Bernitsky completely. Everyone there was terrific and handled me with kid gloves, assuring me every step of the way.

N Harper

I had a GREAT experience working with Dr. Bernitsky and his staff. They were extremely helpful answering all my questions and working with my schedule considering I am from out of town. I am very happy with my results and I would recommend my friends and family to have the procedure done by the best doctor in New Mexico! Thank you Dr. Bernitsky!

David Murphy

I went in to see Dr. Bernitsky with astigmatism in my left eye, but pretty good "distance" vision in my right eye. Neither eye could see up close, so I had to wear strong correction reading glasses (cheap ones from CostCo). After the various tests (which they never even charged me for!) the best options for my procedure would be "monoclear", meaning that they would correct my left eye to become my "close up" (reading) eye getting rid of the astigmatism at the same time, while simply leaving my right eye alone and performing no correction on it at all. I was told in no uncertain terms that the effect would take getting used to, perhaps a couple of months, so that my brain could learn how to perceive the light rays coming in since one eye would be seeing up close with very poor distance focus (left eye), and the other eye would be the opposite; seeing good in the distance but lousy up close (right eye). They simulated the effect by creating a pair of custom spectacles right there in the office for me to try on. It was WEIRD! I asked if there was a chance that I might never get used to it and they were straight up and told me there was indeed that chance, and that not everyone who has had monoclear correction has ended up liking it. Long story short, I took the chance and did it. The procedure itself was a bizarre visual experience, but not painful at all. The only discomfort I had was pressure from one of the instruments as it pressed against my cheek bone for about 30 seconds. Otherwise, totally pain free. The FIRST thing I noticed just a few hours after the procedure was that I COULD READ UP CLOSE WITHOUT GLASSES!!! That, was amazing. The second thing I noticed was that THINGS LOOKED WIERD! Just like I had seen with the simulated glasses. But, I took heart and figured that over time, my brain would sort it out. It's been about 2 months now, and I'm starting to not even notice the weirdness any more. But it took time. Driving at night was especially challenging about a week after the procedure. It was like everything had this huge blobby glowing halo around it, while simultaneously being in focus. So strange. At times I would have to cover up my left eye entirely just so I could get a sense of distance and spatial awareness. I'll admit, there were times in the first few days and weeks that I thought to myself, "What have I done? I've ruined my vision!" But alas, as time has gone on, slowly but surely things have become MUCH better. I am so glad I did this. As a side effect, it cured some chronic headaches I'd been having from having to constantly put on reading glasses. As for Dr. Bernitsky and his staff; awesome people. I always felt comfortable there and they were very encouraging and made sure I understood everything including the risks. AND BEST OF ALL, they only charged me for one eye! They are obviously in it for the people, and not just for money. Very grateful for this procedure.

Phillip Zamora

Having several of my family members undergo LASIK procedures under this establishment, I knew I would be greeted with the upmost professionalism that was displayed the moment I walked in for my consultation. During the process, I was provided various reading documents that outlined the various procedures this center provided and how my eligibility depended on a variety of different factors. Not everyone can be a candidate for some of the services offered but the only way for me to know for sure was to go. After being confirmed to be a candidate for LASIK, I was comfortable going through with the procedure. With this, I was provided with plenty of documents that outlined benefits, costs and other items that I needed to be a aware of before self-electing for the procedure. And, might I say, the procedure itself was absolutely painless and the recovery, though delicate, is very straightforward. If you're thinking of getting LASIK or any other laser eye procedure, come to Bernitsky Vision. Mind yourself, as potential and/or eligible candidates, it is our responsibility to bring all necessary paperwork and documents to sign up for a consultation, to read the informational handouts the Bernitsky staff provide, and to be able to strictly adhere to a recovery guideline. Personally, I am pleasantly thrilled with the results and I was able to return to work the very next day after my procedure with very little discomfort. I have recommended Bernitsky Vision to many of my coworkers and former peers of mine at UNM and now I am recommending to you reader. Put off vacation and plastic electronic devices and instead prioritize your potential new sight at Bernitsky Vision.

Jamie Allen

I would definitely recommend Dr. Bernitsky to anyone considering LASIK. The entire staff was nothing short of friendly and professional, and made my experience quick and painless! So happy without glasses or contacts anymore!

Pamela Martinez

Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are absolutely the best! I was very scared to get LASIK but they took all the worry away. I am so please with my results, I don't have to worry about contact or glasses anymore. So happy with my results!

Meow Cat

All my life, I could only dream of not having to wear glasses. With severe astigmatism/myopia, I had no other choice. But Dr. Bernitsky made my dream come true! I am still in shock of this life-changing experience. Lasik is not something you simply agree to and be done with once your surgery is done. It is a commitment of post-doctor visits and self-care after. However, the ability to see without glasses is totally worth it. Thank you, Dr. Bernitsky and team!

Elizabeth Grajeda

The best experience I've ever had everyone here is so helpful and caring they made me feel so comfortable the whole time. Best of all I can see npw using my own eyes I've worn glasses my whole life and now can see with my eyes not looking threw glass!! Absolutely amazing experience i highly recommend Dr Berninski with TLC for all your eye correction needs!!

Kristi Rendon

This was the best experience. Waking up not having to put on glasses and being able to see is absolutely amazing. Dr. Bernitsky is such a friendly guy and is always making you feel comfortable by explaining what he is doing.

Natalie Lopez

I recently had Lasik eye surgery, Dr Chan is amazing! So nice and personable. All of the office staff is! When my eye was bothering me that afternoon they squeezed me back into their busy schedule and fixed the problem!! They are wonderful!!


Just had lasik done by Dr. Bernitsky and his team of professionals this weekend and I'm 100% satisfied with my results -being able to se better than 20/20 the morning after and still getting better as it heals is amazing. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bernitsky to anyone hands down the best in the state.

Ed Junker

Great Staff. Great work. Very pleased with the outcome.

Raphael Andrade

Everyone was so professional and personable, had Lasik and no problems or issues, and the lifetime guarantee is no joke!

Sonjia Trujillo

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY!!!!! There is very personal service from Dr Bernitsky as well as staff. You will be in contact from day one with a caring and articulate woman named Amanda who will keep in touch with you and make sure you have all the information, including what you don't even know you should ask about! I took my sons with me to my consultation appt and instead of receiving the glances that say "Why did you bring those in here?" -Every Mom out there knows what I mean! The staff brought them really cool sticker books and talked to them and treated them with the same kindness and respect that I received as the patient! :) Oh bonus- my vision is amazing now and it was worth every penny!

Dorothy Martin

I had my Lasik surgery done in 2004 and had "monovision" where one eye was done for distance and the other was done so I could read without needing glasses. Before this, my vision was very bad and I needed to wear glasses daily for over 30 years. My surgery was about 15 years ago and from the very first day, I could see without glasses. It's like a miracle! I am pleased to say that I still don't need reading glasses (although I do know I probably one day will). My distance eye is also doing very well and I don't need glasses to drive. The staff at Bernitsky Vision are always professional and helpful. Dr. Bertnitsky is a talented doctor who listens to what the patient says and works to find the best solution for each individual. I highly recommend Bernitsy Vision!

Randy Rogers

The professionalism of the team was great. Just on my first day after having the procedure and I feel no pain, and everything is as expected.

Santi Meyer

It was great. Very professional. I did not have any discomfort or any pain. I love my new eyes! I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky. Santi Rose Meyer

Meghan Yates-Sanchez

Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are TOP notch. Every visit I went to at their office, I was greeted with genuine kindness, cold or hot drinks, they treated me like a highly valued person and customer. They made sure I knew every single thing that would happen leading up to my lasik surgery, and asked if I had questions every step of the way. I felt cared for, valued, and that my personal situation mattered significantly. Dr. Bernitsky even talked to me through the procedure, he was calm and collected which put me at ease; upon leaving the room, he even set up me up in a low-lit room to give my eyes a break, gave me a soft blanket to close my eyes and rest, then immediately came back the following morning for a followup. If you are considering lasik, THIS is the place to go. You will feel relaxed, well cared for, and most importantly you will be able to SEE!!!

Kevin Goddard

I was treated for a cataract by Dr. Chan and the staff at Bernitsky Vision. Everyone was very kind and professional. Dr. Chan went out of his way to ensure that my questions were answered and I never felt like just another patient while speaking with him or his staff. I highly recommend Bernitsky Vision for anyone seeking treatment for a cataract.


What a wonderful experience. The staff and Dr. Bernitski were all very professional and caring during the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering this type of procedure!

Joseph McWethy

What a great experience I had with Dr. Bernitsky and his entire staff. The office is top notch. I couldn't be more pleased with the success of my Vision Correction. They were so professional and helpful. I knew they were great because …

mariaelena hernandez

I could not have chosen a better doctor. Staff were very professional and thorough. The procedure was quick, as was the recovery. What a blessing it is to have the gift of great vision. I am forever grateful.

Sarah Cordova

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Bernitsky is WONDERFUL. Super impressed and I will be getting Lasik in January 2015! Can't wait!

Killer Chiller

I went to Dr Bernitsky for a bad cataract in my right eye. The whole staff was professional and great to interact with. I could only see shades of light and no images at all. The operation was quick and painless. I chose the multi lens as I thought it was worth the extra money to have close as well as distant vision. It's been 3 days and now I can see everything perfectly up close as well as faraway!! If you are contemplating having this procedure done, then I would highly recommend you go see Dr Bernitski as he is one incredible eye doctor.

Rachel Velazquez

I am incredibly happy with the service I received and the amount of care that went into correctly determining the type of eye surgery I needed. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgable, and persistent in helping you! I had my surgery and with the latest technology my operation didn't last but 20 minutes altogether. The actual laser was mere seconds! I am now almost seeing 20-10 vision and couldn't be happier with my sight and experience!! I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky and his team!

Celina Lopez

I was pretty nervous going into surgery, but the entire staff was very reassuring and professional! All aspects of the process were explained to me, and I knew exactly what to expect before, during, and after the procedure! Dr. Bernitsky and team are a great bunch of people who are kind and truly care about their patients! I definitely recommend them and give Dr. B and team 5 stars for their service, knowledge, and professionalism!

Phil Miller

Excellent experience. I wouldn't trust my eyes to anyone else. The staff is the best. Dr. Bernitsky cares about his patients and it shows. He called me the evening of my surgery to make sure all was okay and I didn't have any questions. Best in town, most complete instructions, and the results have been immediate. Trust your eyes, the bulk of your livelihood, to no one else. Dr. Bernitsky is the best in Albuquerque. If you are questioning the value? It was worth it, and the proof is in the pudding. I am writing this without correction lenses, 72 hours after my surgery was complete. Best decision ever. Money well spent.

Douglas Taylor

I've never felt so comfortable at a doctor's office. Any and every question I had was answered with the best knowledge and courtesy I could have asked for. I am very pleased with the outcome of the LASIK surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.

Celina Griego

I had LASIK done just last week and am already loving it. All the staff was very kind and attentative before, during and after the procedure. I want to mention that the day of surgery can be nerve-racking but Dr. Bernitsky describes every …

Josh Dawson

Great experience.

Cam B. Rian

My exam at Bernitsky Vision revealed a rare corneal condition that makes lasik (and PRK) too risky. At LasikPlus they missed it completely and wanted to schedule me for surgery right away. Very, very relieved I did two consultations!

Kyle Evans

It was a great experience and my vision is perfect now. I highly encourage anyone to get treated here.

Morgan Rogers

Great experience at Dr Bernitskys office. All his staff were very nice and able to answer all my questions. It's crazy to wake up in the morning and not have to put glasses on first thing. LASIK was a great choice and I highly recommend Dr Bernitskys.

Sam Rynas

Made the first appointment but only a week out of contacts and due to a low reading on my cornea, Dr. Bernitsky decided to have me come back in another week to re-read the thickness for more accurate readings. The second read was great and I was able to go back the next day for the full procedure. Super fast and simple, they made sure I was aware of what was going on, how long each step would be, what was happening etc. The procedure its self was super quick I spent more time relaxing before and after than the procedure took. Next day post op appointment I was seeing 20/15. Everything went great, and I felt confident in his care, he did not rush through testing or the consult to get a quick buck and wanted to make sure I was truly eligible and had the right options on hand to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Highly recommend.

Rylan Carver

I went in very nervous about the procedure. I was quickly reassured by the professional and caring staff at TLC. Before I could ask, my questions were answered. I had a very positive and personal experience, even with them being unusually busy.

David Bonner

My experience with Dr. Bernitsky and his staff was excellent. I had LASIK performed over one year ago and still see 20/15 or better in both eyes! His pre-LASIK consultation was by far the most thorough of any of the doctors I saw in town, as he performed a number of tests to examine my eyes for dryness. This gave me confidence in his judgment, as it was clear he wanted me to have a good overall LASIK outcome. He was very patient and caring, and has an excellent open-door policy for after surgery care; I had some post-LASIK dryness for a few months, so he took the time to meet with me and treat the issue to my satisfaction. I now have normal tear production again. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering LASIK!

Meg Bloom

The process was very smooth. I got in quickly for my preoperative evaluation and was able to schedule my LASIK within a few weeks. The procedure itself was quick and recovery was short as I was able to drive to my appointment the next day. Dr. Bernitsky even called me the evening of my procedure to check and see how I was doing before my appointment with him the next morning. I would highly recommend this practice!

Krysten Rodriguez

I had a great experience with Bernitsky Vision. Highly recommend.

Becky Raichur

Wow! Thank you Dr Bernitsky. I hated wearing contacts and glasses so I decided to have vision correction surgery. It is an amazing difference! I'm so excited. No glasses for the time in over 15 years. I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky. He is very nice and did a fantastic job on my eyes.

Melissa Bruce

Dr. Bernitsky is a real pro. My lasik revision went great. A couple days later I had severe irritation in one eye and they squeezed me in right away to have the Dr look at it. I have a somewhat rare immune reaction, one of the risks of lasik. The Dr identified it immediately, gave me my treatment instructions and MAJOR improvement in less than 24 hours. We accept certain risks when doing the procedure, but the important thing is that they know what to do to fix it if it happens. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of service with Dr. Bernitsky and the team at TLC.

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