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Matthew Meade

Went here at the referral of my other doctor, had to wait three weeks to get an apt, which is pretty standard for any doctors office. What i didn't plan for though was waiting over an hour in the waiting room and never even being seen because it took that long that I had to leave. Why bother even making appointments if you make someone wait an hour after their apt time in a waiting room? I was even 15 minutes early so i wanted 75 minutes in total. Totally unprofessional and when I asked the girl at the front window about the wait she said I could reschedule. Thanks fot wasting my whole morning.

Cristiane Neves

I just had Lasik yesterday, and I can’t be happier with getting this procedure done! Dr. Micheal Wong is pleasant, patient, calmly explains procedure step by step, very skilled, experienced, professional, and knowledgeable about the procedure, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to correct their vision!

Frank Lee

Was terrified of getting LASIK surgery, but the doctor walked me through the whole process, gave me a tour of the office and showed me the tools they us, and prepared me for every step of the procedure, from getting ready to taking care of my eyes afterwards. Pricier than other places, but given the experience of the doctors and the advanced tools, was well worth it. I couldn't be happier.

Janet Sacklow

Janet Kenny Sacklow — I had Lasik eye surgery on Friday the 28th. That evening I could see better than I had in 15 years. Dr. Wong and his staff are the best. They fully explained the procedure. There was absolutely NO PAIN. There is just 20 seconds of weirdness, which they had explained before they started. The next day my vision was 25/20 and it will continue to improve. I couldn't be more pleased and just sorry I waited so long. I feel 20 years younger.

Todd Baker

I was working in the Princeton area on a Friday when I needed to be seen immediately for what felt like glass in my eye. This had been going on for four days. I couldn't stand it anymore. I called and was seen same day by Dr. Berger. From the first person I spoke with on the phone to the staff at the front desk and techs I thank you for your professional care. Everyone went above and beyond to take care of my well being. Dr Berger was top notch in my opinion. I was seen by her on 3 followup appointments after the first emergency visit to be sure my condition was healing. I highly recommend Princeton Eye Group.

Ron Kohn

Wouldn't put my eyes in any other hands. These doctors know their stuff.

bob montgomery

Recently had lasik surgery on both eyes and I am very happy with my care & operation. Everyone is soooo kind and very informative. They walk you through every step of the process. The doctors are wonderful. They treat you with such respect. My operation was a success without any pain or discomfort. Being supplied with everything you need including sun glasses, drops, etc. I couldn't be happier with this whole process. I am so happy I decided to have this done.

Ravi Nagarkar

Great experience for my cataract surgery, much easier than I had expected. impressed with the expertise and care. highly recommend to all needing eye care.

Georgia Eugenides

Jennifer Rosenberg

Princeton Eye Group runs a great office. I am always seen promptly, and would not trust my vision with anyone else.

Henry Liu

I can’t thank Dr. John Epstein enough for having performed an excellent cataract surgery on my right eye. Dr. Epstein fit the bill for the doctor I had in mind – exuberant but with substantial experience (>10 years) in cataract surgery under his belt, and with excellent credentials, including graduating from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and specializing and training in ophthalmology at Wills Eye Hospital, which is one of the best eye hospitals in the nation. My post-surgical results matched very well with Dr. Epstein’s pre-surgical calculations. He not only understood my concerns - I wanted monofocal lenses in focus at a reading distance – and assured me that my operated right eye’s prescription would be around -2.0 post-surgery – but also delivered on these reassurances. Immediately after the surgery, I could read the smallest prints on a magazine or advertised coupon. Three weeks after the surgery, my eyes’ prescriptions (O.D. and O.S.) were -2.25 and -1.50, almost identical to what he predicted. I just want to emphasize how crucial it is for post-surgical results to accurately meet pre-surgical calculations because it reflects on the doctor you choose’s overall ability and experience (thinking, planning, and executing). Dr. Epstein is a compassionate and accommodating person every step of the process. I returned to the US while based in Shanghai, China just to have this surgery, and initially my schedule didn’t fit with Dr. Epstein’s. However, he and an office staff member, Nancy, were able to accommodate my surgery for August 27, 2015. This is just one instance of their commitment to patient care. Additionally, Dr. Epstein was very responsive regarding post-surgical follow-up. He called me about an hour and a half later (enough time for me to get home) after the surgery to make sure everything was okay. He also examined my eye the next day and three weeks later. He was patient and thorough during each post-surgical examination.

Keith Rasmussen

Absolutely thrilled with my choice of Princeton Eye Group - and especially Dr. John Epstein. Dr. Epstein was recommended as a doctor who would not only put an anxious, tense patient at ease but who had the stellar surgical expertise to ensure a successful outcome. I now have the vision of an eagle; I'm on Team Epstein.

k t

Dr.John Epstein, best eye doctor.for everyone! Specific observations & detects your eyes problem clearly before answering to all the questions u need from his advise ! No regret in choosing him as my eye doctor , he's the best in that eye group & team !

Abhimanyu Alavalapati

They spend less than 5 minutes with a patient. My son who has complicated eye issues was given a cursory look; It seem the practice is pure around meeting # patient targets for revenue generation. The same thing happened with my wife.

Greg Marciniak

I can't thank or say enough positive things about Dr. Michael Wong and the Princeton Eye Group. My first visit was pleasant, thorough, and on time. The visit was to see if I was a candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery. After the full exam conducted by the staff, Dr. Wong introduced himself and conducted more of the examination with a full explanation of the findings. He took his time explaining in detail every step of the LASIK surgery and what I should expect. The comfort I felt leaving my eye sight in his hands, well it didn't take long for me to decide and move forward with the surgery. Day of surgery was like clockwork, everything on time and very professional. During the procedure Dr. Wong kept constant communication with me explaining every step and what to expect. After the surgery even the recuperation experience and care was fully explained. I was scheduled for a check up the following morning which again was on time, professional, and friendly. I was able to drive myself to my appointment which alone was amazing. Results were that I was already 20/20 and less then 24 hrs. after surgery! A heart full thanks to Dr. Michael Wong and his staff including Wills Laser Vision for all their kindness and professionalism in making my eye surgery successful and comfortable. To anyone considering LASIK surgery, let the Princeton Eye Group be your first and only choice. Your eye health is nothing to fool with so why not go to the best, Dr. Wong and his group are certainly it!

Karen Kearns

It never fails to amaze me how people are so short sighted. I was born with cataracts, and at the age of 58, it was time to do something. This Princeton Eye Group came highly recommended. Just read their backgrounds. If you want the best, don't hesitate to make an appointment with them. Yes, there's a wait, sometimes a little longer, sometimes not. However, know that the doctor will spend as much time as you need to answer ALL of your questions. I am a patient of Dr. Jadico, and I cannot say enough good things. It's an office of doctors, and where there are doctors, there are emergencies. It may not be an emergency to you, but if you were the emergency, you would feel differently, and you would want them to take the time with examining you. Someone asked me if I was nervous about surgery on my eyes. I actually wasn't. I had full confidence in Dr. Jadico to get the job done. Not only did she get the job done, but she surpassed my expectations. I am sitting here typing with the use of "readers," something I never thought would happen. I had been wearing "coke" glasses since 4th grade. I had a choice of lenses and was given everything I needed to know to make an informed decision, and I chose based on what I thought was best for me. A month later, I had my right eye done with even better results. Dr. Jadico had me feeling secure in her hands. I have already recommended her to others. So if you were in the other room or waiting room while Dr. Jadico was examining me and answering my questions, I'm sorry for your perhaps extended wait time, but I am just as important as you. I waited too, but knowing how I am treated in that office, I understand completely and will be patient. In this day and age, there's just not enough of it. As far as the office staff, I never had a problem. In fact, a few of them took part in my celebration after my first follow-up appointment with the outcome of my surgery. It was the first time I had ever actually seen the large letter "E" on the chart, and not only that, but I could read down to the 20/20 line. As far as the front desk office staff, perhaps they treat you as you treat them. I have found them pleasant and never had a problem scheduling wise. I thank you, Princeton Eye Office Staff. It must not be easy dealing with so many personalities, especially when everyone seems to be in a rush.

Sonia Joseph

Dr Potter was the clearest, most knowledgeable optometrist I've ever had. My contacts fit amazingly now. It's a world of difference from my last place. Thank you so much!

Hogan Chen

I had my both eye cataract surgery completed in the mid of April, 2016. Dr. John Epstein from Princeton Eye Group was so kind and professional. He not only did all the pre-surgical exams by himself and made sure all my questions were answered and ensured I understood the surgery procedure. On the date I arrived the surgery center, he came out of the surgery room to check if I was alright and I had any questions, after the surgery was done, he came to the resting area to talk to me and my wife telling us the surgery was very successful and reminding me what I should be aware in the following days, in the evening of surgery date, Dr. John Epstein even called my home to check if everything was fine with me and if I had any questions though I was schedule to have a follow-up next day. Now the surgery was done more than 30 days, I no longer need to use eye drops and no more glasses, very convenient, I should have had my cataract surgery done earlier if I know the result. Dr. John Epstein is wonderful. Five stars is not enough for me to show my appreciation.

Susan Sheerin

Dr. R. Wong spent so much time with me explaining the condition of my eyes and what would be the best way to handle it. So patient and kind. I'm sending my mom see to him.

Maureen Leming

I've always have a very pleasant experience at Princeton Eye Group. I have a difficult prescription and at each visit they work hard to get it exactly right. The other, more exceptional experience I had was in regard to Lasik. I went in for a consultation, desperate to end my reliance upon contacts. They have the best reputation in town for a reason. After a thorough exam by a nurse and two doctors, they informed me that my surgery would be borderline effective, if not dangerous. They also told me to be wary of anyone who agreed to do it. Rather than make the money and put me at risk, they chose the ethical route without flinching.

Fred Mechini

After a 2 hour waiting, I finally had my eye exam (nurse optician not Dr, I guess I ma not a Dr. level patient). then , moved on to the shop for glasses. After 2 week got my glasses, which didn't work. Went back, returned glasses, and got another pair. After two weeks I got the "new" glasses that are good for looking at the moon when I asked for "office glasses". In the end , I didn't go back as I can not afford to waste my time. I am looking for another VP provider now. I guess you can't screw up as bad as these guys.

Bikram Singh

I called in for a new appointment. The receptionist was too rude to begin with.I tried getting her my insurance card details to schedule an appointment as a new patient and then all of a sudden during the call she tells me she is too busy. Quite rude. Well if you are that busy then why did you call me to schedule an appointment? Call me when you guys have time. She sounded so rush rush on the phone as if there was some fire going on. Not at all a good experience. The doctors might be good but the staff needs better training to answer phone calls Bad experience

Hello Jennie

The receiption is so rude, I called twice to make appointments and got cut off 2 times, crazy

Gary Friedman

Had a 3:30 appointment and wasn't seen by the doctor until 5:15. They just left us in an exam room. The doctor was thorough, but we won't be coming back.

Lauren Ugorji

This place is very efficient and they have lots of great doctors. They also have an eye glass center right in the suite so it is one stop shopping if you have VSP insurance. Everyone is very helpful and pleasant. The sign in procedure is quick and easy.

Dee Gee

I've been a patient of Princeton Eye Group for over 10 years. I trust them completely and can always get an appointment when needed. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The doctors are always up on the newest treatment options in eye care. I love them -- wouldn't go anywhere else!


Usually I don't give bad reviews if the service is ok. I called at 8/2012 for my son's annual check up and got apt at 11/6/2012, and the front desk took my insurance card & asked for a $30 copay because they are the specialist instead of $15 copay written on my insurance card, that's ok. Got a bill in 1/07/2013 said I have to pay the whole amount $152, and I called the billing clerk Karen (a rude clerk) & be told because they didn't take my insurance. NOBODY TOLD ME AT THE FIRST PLACE!!! They don't care, all they want is the money! BEWARE!!! horrible experience :-<

J Tian

Very rude receptionist


Joseph Van Dyke

I am thankful to Dr.. Epstein for removing my cataracts so I could see clearly and feel more confident while doing all my beloved activities. But I'm grateful for his thoroughness, gentle demeanor and refusal to accept anything less than perfection in his work; he's the quintessential Doctor!

Adam Eisenhut

Dr. Miedziak performed my LASIK. I was incredibly nervous, but she took the time to carefully explain the entire process and made me feel extremely comfortable. She is a brilliant and very compassionate doctor, and I would highly recommend her. I couldn't be happier with the results of my LASIK and the care I've received from Princeton Eye Group.

Dorothy Washburn

Dr. John Epstein is the consummate ophthalmologist. He removed my cataracts without a problem. He takes as much time as needed to answer questions and explain procedures. He is careful, considerate, and personable. I trust him implicitly to recommend and execute the proper procedures for my eyes as they grow older and need further care. He receives my top recommendation.

Nat Chen

When I went to eye doctors before, especially those in the mall, I was never very confident that they really checked my eyes properly. It's almost as if the eye exam in those glasses places are just a way to push you on new glasses and contacts (which all too often have been too strong or too weak). I decided to go to Princeton Eye Group to take care of a medical condition with my eyes, which they handled great. But what struck me was how much care they put into something as simple as checking my vision. When I got out of my eye exam, I was 100% confident that my prescription was absolutely correct for the first time in many years. I've been going to eye doctors for 30 years, but these are the best of the best. They really know their stuff and they explain it to you in an easy to understand and approachable way.

Nicolas Benacerraf

With a little flexibility, scheduling an appointment was simple. Upon arrival, the staff was helpful, collected all of my information, and verified my insurance co-pay. Despite being a busy morning, I was seen quickly. Unlike other doctors who rush you out the door, the doctor took a lot of time and care with my vision test, and then asked if I had any questions or lingering issues. During the exam and after, I felt confident that I was working with the best.

Tommy Herrmann

First, Dr. Epstein was great. He didn't push lasik, but explained the options and made me feel a lot more comfortable about it. I waited for about 15 minutes and was greeted with a smile and sent off with a smile. The desk staff was friendly and helpful, and my bill was exactly what had been quoted over the phone. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my friends or family.

KittyCat Karnival

The Docs at Princeton Eye Group are the best and at the front desk they are always friendly and welcoming!

Cheap Glasses

Dr. Berger is the best eye doctor ever! Amazingly checking and double checking everything. Explains kindly all that she does and what conditions I have. I am very excited to find her and to have her to be my doctor. While I was waiting today, I have seen a number of other patience visiting with her. She welcomed all personally and warmly. It looks like they all are very happy with how she cares for them and they are very familiar with them all! Now I can add myself to the fan club of Dr. Mindy. Night and day difference compared with all those other optical shop doctors. It makes no sense to check your eyes with such a place even for a simple vision exam! Too bad I have not known her earlier. Thank you! Cheap PS this is my actual email for a very long time... and the reason for it was because I used to get cheap glasses made online.... well you know.... its always best to have a great doctor taking care of you!

Marjorie Czaja

James Moran

Have been a patient of Dr. Reynolds for several years. I am a senior citizen and only go for annual check-ups as my eyes are pretty healthy. Although Dr. Reynolds is probably a fine physician the experience of dealing with the office is horrendous! My last experience I waited in the examining chair for almost an hour before the doctor came in. This year they never sent me the card for the annual appointment. When I called today (4/13) they told me I could not get an appointment until October!! UNLESS I would not use my VSP insurance. If I agreed to not use that insurance I could get an appointment sooner...NO THANKS...there are other fine eye physicians!

Teresa Arroyo

I cannot express how incredibly happy I am with Princeton Eye Group. I have worn glasses since I was a child and I received Lasik surgery from Dr. Liu and have cried tears of joy over and over since. I am so very thankful that I found this office. The staff was friendly, patient and informative and I experienced virtually no wait for any of my appointments. Dr. Liu made no effort to "sell" me on the procedure and was incredibly straight forward on what outcome he both expected and hoped for so that I could make a clearly educated decision. I went into the surgery happy to accept that "success" for my case would be that I could again wear contacts where I have not been able to for at least 5 years. Through the outstanding medical care and state of the art technology offered at Princeton Eye Group I am beyond happy to share that I am now 20/20 in both eyes. To say it is a dream come true is an absolute understatement. I cannot thank the office enough for their wonderful care and highly educated and skilled set of professionals they have working there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

April Krogstad

FBO Barbara Abbondante. I was terrified. All my life I could only see out of my one good eye and as a child I was teasingly called the "One Eyed Pirate." Also, "cataract surgery" were not words I ever wanted to hear. However, Dr. Jadico understood my fear, reassured me, and the surgery was done. Everything went perfectly and I am amazed and thankful everyday for what she did for me. So..If you are as unsure and scared as I was....this "One Eyed Pirate" says "Do it, me hearties!!!"

Liyang Diao

I want to first say that I have not been able to see the doctors here yet. I was supposed to have my appointment today. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get to Princeton, but today there was an accident on Rt 1 (I didn't know it at the time) and traffic was just inching along, so I called the office to tell them that I would be 10-15 min late because we just weren't moving at all. The secretary told me me that they typically didn't deal with any lateness at all, but that she would ask the doctors. A minute or two later, she returns to the phone and says that it "didn't look good", but eventually she said maybe it would be ok, and asked me how far out I was. I told her that I would probably be 10-15 minutes late, and she went back to talk to the doctors. Then she returns and says that I need to reschedule. I think that if I'm willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for a procedure, they could at least extend me a little bit (10-15 min) of professional courtesy, especially if I have already spent half an hour sitting in traffic trying to reach their office. On another note, when I returned home to call their office to cancel my rescheduled appointment, I got the voicemail saying the office was closed. This was around 4:30pm. I have scheduled a consultation with LASIKPlus in Woodbridge. The difference in service was like night and day. The secretary was VERY professional and VERY friendly. Can't wait to go there instead!


I had the pleasure of visiting this office last month. I saw that there were plenty of positive reviews online so I decided it was worth a chance. The area was so neat and clean. The office staff is one of the best I have seen. Not only have most of them been there for years so they form close relationships with the patients, they are so kind and accommodating. Some patients needed more time when they received their training for contact lenses and the staff spent more than the required amount of time to make sure the patients were comfortable with their lenses. In addition, Dr. Berger is one of the most thorough optometrists I have ever met. She spends extra time easing the patient's concerns about their eyes and goes through the examination with the patients step by step to make sure they understand what they are getting out of their exam. She also believes in making the patient's laugh at least once while in the room to brighten up their day. She is clearly up to date on her field and is very passionate about her career. All in all, this office is worth a visit. The staff and the office environment is sure to leave a great impression on you.


Extraordinarily rude customer service, they never pick up the phone and do not consider serious eye problems an emergency

Elizabeth F

RIDICULOUSLY long wait times. Waited an hour for my appointment. Scheduled for 10; seen at 11. Took another 40 minutes during appointment and doctor couldn't complete what she wanted to because, like most self-sustaining adults, I had a job I needed to return to and could not spend the entire day with the eye doctor. This isn't a one-time issue; it's happened on previous appointments. Unfortunately, she's the best eye doctor I've seen, which is why I return.

Fred Bourdette

Once diagnosed, I needed cataracts in both eyes removed quickly. Dr. Epstein and the staff at Princeton Eye Group and the Wills Eye Surgical Center performed the operations back to back in a period of less than a month flawlessly. I cold not be more pleased with final results. My vision has improved from barely legal to drive to virtually perfect 20/20, and healing has proceeded without incident. The entire organization is extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Cpk Levy

I will only trust my eyes to the doctors of this group. Dr. Felton did cataract surgery for me 10 years ago and my eyes are still perfect. I used to wear eyeglasses from the age of 3 years old. Right after the surgery I no longer needed glasses and that is really wonderful. There were times when I saw other eye doctors in the group for various reasons and I was always pleased. If you ever need eye surgery, ONLY go to this Princeton Eye Group!

Donna Marie Yost

In early 2017 I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I had multifocal lens' put into each. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Reynolds was a miracle worker. I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. I was 67 years old when I had the surgery because I could barely see through my cataracts. It was only a short time period after both surgeries were completed before I could see distance and close-up better than I had ever been able to. Dr. Reynolds and the staff were all friendly and kind to disperse my anxiety. My care was excellent! The gift of sight is as precious as gold.

c chung

Jody was extremely helpful with complaints I had and quickly followed up with solutions to address my concerns.

Kerry Kelly

Dr. Miedziak is the BEST! She did my lasik eye surgery in Jan 2018 and I couldn't be happier with the results, only wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Miedziak and all of her support staff were so kind/caring, put me at ease, and took the time to explain every step of the way. I HIGHLY recommend the Princeton Eye Group / Wills Laser Vision!!

Bob Gary

Stay away!! I am still suffering from their incompetence 4 years after my cataract surgeries. And that doesn't even begin to go into how uncaring these people are. I had 2 simple cataract surgeries ans now have problems in both eyes. My left eye has large star-bursts whenever lights hit it...making it extremely difficult to drive at night. Dr Felton sold me a "special" lens for my operation that cost an extra $1000 that the insurance didn't cover. He couldn't understand what went wrong. My right eye is like looking through Vaseline. They tried a few painful procedures to try to correct the problems and finally told me they didn't know what happened and that I would get used to it if it didn't go away. It didn't go away and I'm still not used to it. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the people. It's all about the money for them.

angela ranzini

Dr.Epstein is personable and skilled. He helped my husband choose the appropriate lens for his cataract surgery and he has 20/20 vision in both eyes after the procedures. The office personnel were great, helping us resolve insurance issues quickly and getting approvals more rapidly than typically needed due to a change of insurance shortly prior to the procedure. Overall, a great office, great doctor and great experience. Would highly recommend Dr. Epstein.

LisaAnn Hugo

Very caring and passionate group. Very very thorough examinations. Comfortable waiting areas. Clean facility. Easy access and ample parking.

maurice mahler

Ecellent Doctors are the BEST!!! My Wife Roberta Recently had both her eyes operated on for catarcts. She is a patient of Princeton Eye Grouo for 10 yrs. As a patient she has seen and been treated by most of the Doctors in the Group .They are all wonderful. Dr. John Epstein performed the sucessful surgery and we both can't stop applauding the experience and care she received. They have their ownd surgi center which very close to our town. The staff and all the support group at the center where extraordinary! Dr.Epstein was wonderful and made the experience very easy for us both! The Princeton Eye Group is the finest eye care we ever received. Sincerely, Maurice Mahler

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