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mary jordan

Janusz Zak

Avoid this place for all costs very long wait time after you pay copays month later they send statements to pay balance when you call them you get dose elevator music and is yours insurance expl.............t As they give me $ 80 quote eye exam on the end grows to 150 Z

Kyle Romero

Great experience overall with everyone that i dealt with. Jazmin in scheduling, Ashley in fitting my glasses, and Dr. Desai with her professional exam. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of eye care.

Wilda J. Rodriguez

My husband & I were referred to Clifton Eye Care after he lost one of his contacts, which happened to be the last pair! After getting the run around with other ophthalmology offices because he did not have the specifics of his prescription, we contacted Clifton Eye Car. They were able to track down his prescription and get him a replacement kit SAME DAY - contacts lens, case, solution & all! I was also able to score the perfect pair of frames from the glasses dept. with the help of Ashley, who was very experienced & knowledgeable! Talk about stellar customer service!

Nicole Bernstein

I had a great experience at the optical. The staff were extremely helpful when I needed a new pair of glasses, and the prices were great. Definitely the best deal I've gotten in the area. Would recommend!

Maria Trinidad

fuat kocanli

if you are 10 minutes late they dont accept you!!horrible front desk


*Awful, Very Unhelpful*

Karolina Czajkowski

The worst experience I have ever encountered at any doctor office. Lack of good customer service, professionalism and understanding. They make bad calls and then try to make you believe that you are responsible for them by lying to your face. They use lies to compensate for overbooking... would not recommend to anyone!!!!


Jenn Diana

Hellothenamesbri UP

Bueno, mi experiencia estuvo bien, la doctora muy amable y en la recepción. Mi decepción fue cuando fui a ordenar los lentes, la joven que me atendió muy antipática y no tiene amabilidad, no pude comprar mis lentes por la poca información que da. Lo siento, pero es la verdad.

Kawaii Army

I went To this Nj Eye And Ear on July , they told me that it won't take long but 4 months Later.. I went back because they called me that my glasses were done but when I got there . The Lady told me It was a mistake and I have to wait 1 more week To get them .

Neolove O.

Anthony Hernandez

Kay's Story Time

(Translated by Google) The service is good but the wait is horrible because imagine your one is with a child and they have spent 2 hours and a half and they do not attend you ..! And that I take my appointment on Wednesday at 10:45. (Original) El servicio es bueno pero la espera es horrible porque imaginate tu uno va es con niño y que hayan pasado 2 horas y medias y no te atiendan ..! Y eso que tome mi appointment un Miercoles a las 10:45.

jhon lee

Es increible leer los comentarios aqui lo que uno se encuentra con respecto a la atencion en from desk estas mujeres cojen puesto vuelvo y repito el dueno debe tomar cartas en el asunto lo dicen los rewiew son rudas se burlan de la gente grosera especialmente las que estaban ahi hoy promedii 1.45 pm se burlaron me hicieron esperar mas de 30 minutos solo para despues botarme y decirme que es la otra oficina y se reian de lo que pasaba son tan miserables busquen otro trabajo eso ahi es para atender a las personas no para relajar ni burlarse de nosotros ustedes cobran burras no se dan cuenta que con su actitud se quedaran sin clientes y ustedes no tendran trabajo burras.... Infelizes que son que pike me dio dios mio que impotenciaa ver como se reia la anormal despues de 30 minutos me vino a botar y decir que era la otra oficina ???


Alfredito Vargas

Worse customers service I never had before make me wait 2 hour for checking

Aadil Pathan

Unreasonably long wait and a small/terrible selection of glasses

Andrea Garcia

5 STAR'S FOR DOCTOR'S, 2 STAR'S IN STAFF AND 1 FOR GLASSES. I can't complaint for doctor's they gave my grandma 20/20 vision after surgery and she is 86 years old. staff is very rude and they have an speciality for cancels appt and don't let you know ahead of time and the optic part are the biggest rip off they never ever tend to have frames that is insurance cover they overpriced to make profit. I was told that grandma glasses won't be cover by insurance that will be $394 dollars because of special lense which I never buy their story. when to visionworks for my surprise glasses where cover and they had plenty of frames that were insurance cover and walk out paying $0 for a pair of glasses that were even better quality that those made in China frames they put on display with a $199 price tag on. So overall I stay with the doctor.

Gladys Gonzalez

I spoke with 3 different ladies and all of them gave me different price, but in this case, the customer not always is right. Really bad customer service. And they said it will be ready in 1 week,it's not true, they take 2 weeks to give me the new glasses.

almir babacic

Chewy Cookie

Horrible service.

Jasmine Matos

Their staff is incompetent and has absolutely no knowledge of the vision benefits or how they work or even how to explain them. Just annoyed with the entire experience. One star because it doesn't give the option for zero. After I am done straightening out the BS I will never go to this place again nor recommend anyone go there.

ali papa

Marianna M

The people and doctors are great, but the wait time is ridiculous. They left us in the exam room for an hour just waiting

Sarah GB

Dont order any eye glasses from there


Leonardo Custidiano

It is very unprofessional to give someone an appointment time and have them wait over an hour to not even be called for registration. I understand that the approach of seeing as many patients as possible is a common practice now in health care, but the waiting time here is very unreasonable. Also, one of the front desk staff was not very pleasant (probably overwhelmed with so many patients at the same time). I ended up walking out, as my appt was at 915am and it was 1020 and I had not even been called to check in.

paul cahan

Lourdes Hernandez

Very unprofessional place do not recommend to anybody the doctors and the staff worst place

Ezekiel A. Castro

If you are not ready to waste your time back and forth, do not go to this place. Period!!! I am not even mention my experience since I see very similar here with the other patients. This place is outrageously irresponsible and unprofessional. Just think wisely before going to this place please!!

Fatih Y

When you on time you are waiting at least 45 munite to 1 hour.but when you are late they just want to reschedule.....

Katrivia Martin

this place is clean, nice but the lack of service is horrible. Me and my parents were waiting for 2 hours to get seen. It seems like they're organize but in reality they're not. After my appointment tomorrow, I will not go back there again.

Jeffrey Cuello

So I this is the first time I came this awesome place. When you just walk in you can't believe this is a eye care center. Its huge and everyone is awesome very friendly, you feel just at home!! You should come here !! Stop going to any other place where you get your eyes checked you have to it's a must!!! Come to this!!!!! Jazmin is awesome you should make appt with her she is friendly !! Every person that works here is great !!!! Adriana is awesome she helps with the eye exam she is awesome everyone is awesome here!!! If I could star this is place bigger then I five I would give it a 1000.... the zeros would be endless!!! Jessica it's amazing !! Dr. Cuttler is awesome!!! Steven is awesome too!!! He is the owner awesome!!!

Kia Cook

Good clean friendly environment, doctors and receptionist very friendly

Karina Quijano

Today on October 15 my daughter checked on eyes but the person who checks glasses gave bad attitude and the front desk too they are very disrespectful and don’t give information

paul connolly

Spoke with office. Made an appointment for 6:45PM with a live individual. Got a confirmation call and CONFIRMED 6:45pm. Got an TEXT “please confirm” message and CONFIRMED THERE. GUESS WHAT? Office closed at 6 with no call to me.

Rossi Ramos

A mi me atendieron muy bien. Todo el staff es muy agradable los medicos tambien.

Nina Volodicheva

Yerlin Santana

John alasfar

very good eye doctor

Sharada Harris

Staff was amazing!! Everyone was kind and treated you with respect. Quality service!! It was a long wait but staff checked on me constantly. Definitely will be back.

Yapur Leverone

I had to cancel an appointment because of an emergency and they want to charge me a $25 "penalty free" Like they are the only eyes doctors in town so I decided to Go to an other place. I already wasted enough time with this people I had to wait two weeks with broken glasses also they couldn't find my records. However The girls are very nice they look like they are competing in a beauty Contest.

map of maple tree

i am very sorry for myself because this place is rip off and NJ has corrupted health system no one bothers to inspect such places even they knows. so they are taking advantage results are very sad.

carlos garcia


herseyin ortasinda

If this place still open that is the sign of corruption this place is joke definitely

Ines Munoz

Called this place for an appt because it’s right around the corner and my insurance said they were in network, gave them all my info for them to check ahead of time - finally the day came and I was turned away because my insurance was inactive. I called my insurance company, they said it was ACTIVE, went back inside and they had the nerve to say “someone try to call you to tell you it wasn’t the correct information.” They knew this for 2 weeks and didn’t even receive ANY calls & in the end, they made me reschedule my appt and told me to make sure I knew what plan I had even tho it was the correct one all along.... I looked through their reviews and have now decided to cancel for sure. Have fun jipping someone else.

Yolanda Sosa

Manny Zamora

Horrible customer service. Made an appointment two weeks in advanced, the appointment was cancelled for no reason. Took the day off from work and my daughter from school. Wouldn't recommend dealing with them.

Augie Delvalle


andrew nunez

Horrible most of the people there dont know what they doing. Even the manger dont retrun calls. When you call them they dont pick up. Very unprofessional i will never go back. They charge me for the pair of glasses and charge my insurance as well and will not return my refund. Save your self and dont go there.


How can a doctor mess up twice? Saw Dr. Lee, received new glasses but couldn't see a thing. Went back to him, he re-examined and gave new prescription. Can't see a thing with the second pair either. I have never had this happened to me in the 9 years I have been wearing glasses. This place was recommended to me by my PCP and this will be the last time. Not only was the staff rude, the women working at the optical department were also rude. And the doctor showed no interest. If you care about your money, do not go here. That is all I have to say.

nicole alvarez

The ladies at this optical are great! they took very good care of me and were super patient. They all chipped their two cents in when it came down to choosing a frame. They made sure I received everything my insurance covered. These ladies: CAROLINE, ASHLEY, JOELA, PRISELL, AND CARMEN were simply awesome!! DEFINITELY 5 STARS!! I RECOMMEND THIS OPTICAL!!!! :)

Marlyn Barrera

Muy buena la Dra. Burrows, siempre simpática y amigable; trata de hacer lo posible por ayudar. Me gusta mucho su trabajo.



Carol Bervic

Amazing facility, truly top doctors!

Donald Chisholm Jr.

Avoid at all costs UNLESS: 1.) You love spending hours upon hours waiting in not just one, but two overcrowded waiting areas 2.) You enjoy scheduling an appointment at a specific time only to be seen at least an hour later 3.) You need an excuse for your boss as to why you’re two hours late for work I’ve been to this location a total of 3-4 times and each and every time I have had to wait for 1 hour minimum. Even when I scheduled my surgery for 8:30am (when they open at 8:00am), I was not seen until 9:15-9:30am. I had to get two styes removed and instead of checking to see how much it would be with my insurance ($280) like I asked, they decided to charge me $500 upfront AND Dr. Kirszrot failed to adequately remove BOTH of the stye’s. I scheduled a 9:30am appointment to notify him I’d need him to do the surgery again. I showed up at 9:00am. From 9:35am until 9:50am I see Dr. K using his phone in the hallway. I tell the receptionist I need to see the Dr. as I have to go to work. She informs me he’s doing surgeries and I point to him and tell her that I see him right there on his phone. 10:20am comes and I have to talk to a supervisor to find out that he still has 2 more surgeries to do before he can see me and it’d be at least another 30mins wait. At this point I tell them I’m going to find another dr. And leave - late to work yet again. Why would they schedule me for a 9:30am appointment knowing the Dr has surgeries until 11am? If you love extremely long wait times and getting surgeries that don’t solve your issue then this is the right place for you.

Alal Ahmed

Ravit Goldberg

Lucía Vargas

Dune Heishman

It looks nice on the outside, but they're incredibly pushy and constantly trying to upsell you without explaining anything. Doctor took a long phone call in the middle of my appointment, with almost no explanation of the condition of my eyes. Staff was rude when I asked why I should buy the lens coatings that they were pushing. They went as far as to say "the doctor recommends it," suggesting that it was written on my prescription. I learned more in 15 minutes of reading than anyone here has ever told me about glasses. If you aren't already a patient here, save yourself the trouble.

Rosa Miriam Nuñez Abreu

Jaymie Montiel

Ruby Fuentes

Friendly drs & staff looks out for you understanding!

nycilo C.

They have the rudest staff you can ever imagine....

kratos goku Baez

Uff the secretary don't what they doing ,the doctors are good ,but secretary hace bad custumer service.

Keny Urbina

EnglishEsta oficina parece ser la mejor ya que tuve un gran horario, sin embargo, mi cita fue a las 8:30 y no fui atendida hasta las 10:58 am. Después de pagar mi copago de $ 60, esperé a que mi turno tuviera problemas con mi párpado y un posible orzuelo tuve que esperar tanto como quise reprogramar. Después de una espera tan larga, me llamaron para comprar un médico que me miró un destello y me dijo que no podía ayudarme y, lamentablemente, mis problemas estaban fuera de su experiencia a los 5 minutos de la visita que anotó dos nombres De los médicos a los que debería volver para ver. incluso me dijo que se sentía mal porque no podía ayudarme, pero los médicos que lo recomendaban también podrían hacerlo. Mientras caminaba hacia la recepción para hacer una cita con los médicos que me recomendaban, pregunté si podía recuperar mi copago de $ 60 ya que era una visita de cinco minutos y no se podía hacer nada a mi ojo. La recepcionista le preguntó al médico y dijo que, desafortunadamente, como era una consulta, no pudieron devolverme mis $ 60. Le menciono que estoy en facturación médica y que si la visita fue menos de 15 minutos, no pudieron facturarla como una consulta. Les pregunté si hacían lo correcto y me devolvían los $ 60 de los que puedo usar para el especialista que necesitaba ver y me dijeron que, dado que el médico me había llevado a la sala y me miró a los ojos, los $ 60 debían pagarse. a ellos Como les dije, no se trata del dinero sino de los servicios que se realizan para obtener el dinero. Si el médico pudiera examinarme y hacer algo por mi ojo en lugar de remitirme después de un vistazo de 5 minutos, no tendría ningún problema, pero no hubo ningún intento. Yo no recomendaría este lugar que claramente aquí solo para un negocio.

Marina Kiceva

Abril Tlatelpa

It was my first and last time in the optical side, they are not friendly at all, they have too young people working there that don't know the value of customer service, they make you feel unwelcome, I had to go back after too many weeks to see if my kids glasses were ready to be pick up and only one was ready, no courtesy call at all, when I went back to see if my other pair was ready, this your girl was been rude and disrespectful,

David Cortes

The service here is awesome, minimal wait time, if you made your appointment. Doctor is great and assistants know what there doing, if you buy your eyewear there they will tell you what is fake and what is not and will show you samples so you can see the quality of there materials.

Juan Duque

I went today after a week of waiting. They were friendly BUT... you MUST KNOW YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, your deductible, your out of pocket and your copay. I have a copay of $65. When I asked them if that was going to cover everything, they said "no, it wasnt. Because I have a deductible to cover". That this deductible has to come out of my pocket. I explained to the woman at the front desk that they should tell customers about this when they book the appointment. And second, when you go to a specialist you just do your copay and that's it. Maybe you pay a very low portion of a lab work, etc, but that's it. Her answer was: "That doesn't apply here. Here is different and when someone has deductible they receive an statment later on by mail. In another words they wanted to get my $65 +$+$+$+$ with no reason. I just told them it is not right and I cancelled my appointment. Before I went, I did call my insurance company and they said I just have to make the copay and that is it.

ziaul Islam

Came here 3 times for my son & daughter's eye glass 3 times 3 experience..feel very bad..i spend lot of money for glass. 2 times they charge defrent money for same thing..also she denies for receive i pay for this why you don't give me more this place..disgusting

Carlos Yarce

I got my prescription 1 month ago. My glasses came in wrong. They took them back,and told me it would be a couple of days. 2 weeks have past i'm still waiting. Place is absurd.

Jasmine Simon

Janet Maria

impressed with the office space but the employee's are either rude or seem like they have no time for the patients. need more organization and patience.

rosa morales

(Translated by Google) Nice spacious, clean place. Dr. I feel excellent, safe and comfortable as well as fast. The receptionists are very polite and attentive, only the staff that assists the poorly educated doctors and haughty act as if they were the doctors. the simplest and friendliest doctors (Original) Bonito lugar amplio,limpio la dra.q me toco excelente consisa y segura además de recepcionistas muy educadas y atentas,solo el staff q asiste a los doctores pésimo mal educados y altaneros actúan como si ellas fueran los doctores .mas sin embargo los doctores más sencillos y amigables

Adrian Castelan

Rude and unprofessional service stay away

John Bolur

Unprofessional work environment. This company will send you a bill 2+ years later and try to make you pay out of pocket as the allotted time for your health insurance to pay will have expired. Apparently they don't know how to file a claim and sit around twiddling their thumbs. You are suppose to be helping people not trying to avoid accepting responsibility for your mistakes. We as the consumers should not have to pay for your mistakes.

Richard Koffel

Dr. Ariola is the absolute best around!

shkelcim destani

Hafsa Aydın

They charge you crazy amounts for simple procedures. They charged my insurance $700 and I had to pay around $200. I wanted to speak with the manager but they said “I could charge you $7000, you just need to pay your deductible.” They said they have no fixed prices for anything, they don’t know the prices of anything.

Ramon Guzman

(Translated by Google) Good professionals (Original) Buenos profesionales

Ivy Park

The best experience by far! This optical is beautiful and filled with a huge selections of frames, they have every brand plus the girls in the optical are very patient and helpful. Caroline and Ashley both took there time with me and I walked out with two pairs of glasses. Tiffany sunglasses and a Dior frame from there latest collection. I've been shopping for months! I'm currently wearing my first pair of progressive lens and i love them! Caroline thought me all about digital progressive lens which other optical's never did. My progressives also have anti reflective coating on them and it makes all the difference when I drive at night. I'm so happy with my experience here, these girls are the sweetest and knew exactly what looked good on me. I will be recommending this optical to my friends and family. Thank you girls!! You both made this experience fun and exciting for me. :)

Amina Basheer

Justin Pearly

Nilda Baerga

I took My son with Special Needs for his first Appt, and I have to say It went Very well. I do recommend this Place. Everyone was very nice and the Doctor was Sweet And Patient. I will be Returning in 6 months. Office was Very Clean and Organized. The wait time wasnt too Bad and the time I went wasnt Busy. The 2 girls at the Front Desk were Very Helpful.

Alicia P

This place, is slow and the tech do nothing but talk to each other

Gabriel Garces

Good selections of frames. Very helpful and friendly staff. Ask for Joela for great service.

Marcela Kepic

We had a terrible experience with this center. They never call back - especially surgical coordinator Juan Perez. He never returned my phone call. Stated that he will call back with a reduced price and of course we never heard from him. Once I followed up for the second time, he was condescending, yelling at me that he "cannot call every patient of his because he has hundreds of them, and that it is my responsibility to call and follow up." Lol I did, but my calls were never returned. Horrible manners, absolutely no proper consumer and or patient care."

Stephanie Rosario

Stephanie Avila

Update:: 02/09/2018 Katrina James, the administrator, contacted us to resolve the matter and she did. Thank you for caring for your customers!!!! STAY AWAY FROM CONTACT LENSE DEPARTMEN,T HORRIBLE STAY AWAY!!! Ok, let me start off by saying what a horrible customer service especially Mariel. Wow, she is super rude and nasty. Customer service is super necessary to maintain customers coming back to a place however Mariel made it very clear that "they had enough customers and did not us". Her exact words! I spoke to the manager Alex and she stated that it might have been an misunderstanding but let me say that Mariel and I speak perfect spanish so we both understand what we were saying. To say the least, she hung up on me. If you want nasty, rude, disrespectful and non-professional service visit this place. Otherwise, stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Gil

This place has really stepped it up!!!! My father and little sister are patients here and I’m always tagging along for their appointments. Back then the service reflected the rating this place has on google but I was there a couple days ago with a friend who traveled all the way from A couple towns over to take their kids to the eye doctor and was very surprised. Both receptionist actually greeted us with ear to ear smiles( last time we went girl had a bad attitude and felt like we were interrupting her personal phone conversation) and were very helpful and accommodating. I believe one was name Destiny and the other Kindra and both were extremely nice and professional. My friends son was going crazy! the doctor I believe put some drops in his eyes and the girls really calmed him down and even he said it was really burning but somehow they calmed him down and he really was happy when they gave him stickers and like 5 lollipops for being brave. I must have said thank you like 10 times . Really impressed completely different atmosphere from when my father was a patient. I’d definitely come here again! If I could give more stars I would!! They genuinely care here!

Rafael Perez

Amy Sauter

Over the years i have been to many places for eyeglasses and exams. However, i have never had a better experience than the experience i had here. The eyeglasses are amazing and my vision is the best ive ever had. I have a complicated prescription because i have progressives and trifocals. All of thr staff were very gracious and accommodating. I will be recommending NJ Eye and Ear to eveyone.

Yaakov Rabinowitz

Fantastic place to buy glasses!!!! The lady who dealt with me, Tiffany, is one of the friendliest, patient people around. I very much appreciate her service and I strongly recommend this place to purchase Eyewear.

David Markowitz

I had a great experience!

recetas a mi manera

Jeremy Hernandez

Terrible place

Deborah Kim

Juanni Fulgencio

Fredy Chapal

Great experience!!. Very professional staff.

Elizabeth Cloverfield

Amazing facility highly recommend!

Grace Moreyra

REVIEW on DR. GAUTAM KAMTHAN: I don’t use glasses. I wanted to see an ophthalmologist to solve my red eye problem. I was waking up to a left red eye for 2 weeks. I had explained to the doctor that a month ago, I got pink eye from someone else (waking up to crusty eyes). I had gone to my primary care and she prescribed me antibiotic eye drops, so the pink eye WENT AWAY. This time, I explained to him that I was not having crusty eyes and that I’ve had my red eye for 2 weeks and No ONE at work got it from me. Still, Dr. Gautam Kamthan said that I had viral pink eye and that it was very contagious. To top it off, he just gave me a sample box of lubricating eye drops and said that he wanted to see me in a month, that’s it! I could tell HE DIDN’T CARE! I have a $50 copay so I felt like I wasted my hard earned money. I still went on with a red eye for 3 WEEKS until I finally went to DR. Mark Goldfarb, who finally helped me solve my problem

Oktay Oz

Nice place but rude staff.


Ki Nius

We saw Dr.Bailey at Clifton Eye Care today and it was a very pleasant visit. Dr.Bailey was super nice, thorough and concerned about my son's exam. She answered all my questions and explained all the details. I'm very appreciative and thankful to Dr. Bailey especially, and to the technician who was wonderful and helpful before we saw the Dr. The time we spend there wasn't so long in all honesty, plus if you want your child to get the best care for the visit you must save some time for it. Thank You! and see you at the next visit.

Alexander Alvarez

Wait was long, but otherwise service from staff was good. Clean and nice office. Doctor knew her stuff.

zonic tv Rodriguez

Gloria Amaro

DO NOT GO HERE! My mother had been Dr Stegman’s patient for over 20 years. When she moved to Arizona she visited a new eye care facility and learned that she had severe glaucoma and required emergency surgery or she would go blind. Dr Stegman is supposedly a glaucoma specialist!!!!! Patients beware!

Alex Del Orbe

Adil Houari

Super clean,nice stuff, waiting too long

Mauricio Torres

Very poor service, the front girl was gossiping with coworkers instead of paying attention of what was going on at the waiting area and patients. I waited for 55 minutes when I asked someone how much longer I had to wait in order to be called she had no answer when realized my paperwor was missed. I had no choice than go somewhere else. Apparently nobody cered. Mauricio Torres . Never again

Biddle Barnsley

Be on guard if going here, whether paying out of pocket or going through insurance. If you get glasses here using insurance, make sure you check with your insurance and make sure you don't get overcharged. A couple of years ago they charged me $25 for glasses, and I later found out from my insurance that they were supposed to be free. So the most recent time I went there I called my insurance ahead of time and knew upfront what I should pay. Upon going there, I showed them my insurance and picked out what I wanted. They tried to charge me $140. I told them I was "pretty sure" it should cost less. Then they told me $125, but that it had to be a "package". When I questioned what the "package" meant, they hemmed and hawed. So I finally told them flat-out what my insurance had told me - that I should pay $90. At that point they said "Oh, yeah, okay. We can do it for $90." I told them to get bent and left. So know ahead of time what you should pay. And even if you're not using insurance, ask for an itemized list of what you're paying for BEFORE you pay. They like to add on as many options as they can without asking you. Your best bet would be not going there, but if you're going to go there, be prepared for their rip-off tactics.

Elisamuel Baez

They take to long to see me my appointment was for 10 and it's1030 and still sitting here.

Daniela La

This must be the worst eye clinic you can go to... 40 minutes or longer to just be called and then there's another waiting area where you wait more to be placed in another room... it doesnt matter if you have an appointment It may be a nice new facility but the worst organization they got going on... and you can tell if the doctors are frustrated as well as the workers.

Tracy Rivera

UPDATE: THEY DELETED MY REVIEW SO HERE IT IS AGAIN LOL Went here ignoring the reviews and i absolutely regret it. Paid $200 consultation fee(said 200 will go towards any procedure that will need to be done or w.e), went in 30 min before my appt, was seen 30 min after my appt time and left 5 minutes after. The doctor went in talking about me needing glasses when I was there because of an eye injury and because i had black vision 5 times already. After saying this to him, he seemed lost and confused, maybe he wasnt informed? Not to mention they dialeted me and they shouldnt have considering my injury and black vision. He checked and said i had 20/20 vision and that I was okay. ..i wear glasses. Told me to come back if it happens again. Although my vision went black 5 times already.. then he gave a 20 percent discount card on glasses and walked out and i honestly was left confused. I went on to the patient portal and sent a message to the doctor so he can atleast give me an explanation as to why my eye kept having black vision(dont expect him to reply tbh) Now today, i called because it happened again and this time i have red streaks in my eye. I explained that the doctor said to come back if it happens and they want me to pay a $100 follow up fee. I explained how the doctor seemed lost and i honestly was not satisfied with the results of my visit but that still he said to come back.They offered to make me an appt with another doctor who (i forgot how they worded it) but basically deals with injured eyes. So then the doctor i saw had not one clue of what to do with me? And they said no no but you werent happy so you can come next week and pay the fee for the new doctor. Im so so disappointed. Im not going to pay $100 to be seen for 5 minutes and be shoo'd away again. Never coming back here.

Andrea Rosales

Es un sitio muy limpio y el personal es muy agradable y cordial.

Rosi Mejia

I wish I’ll never have to go back again...I spent 3 hours here! I noticed that they were calling people in that got there way after me.. they said that their systems were down... blah blah

marc pharaon

meyer shifrin

professional, nice and caring THANK YOU !!!!!!

Mike Scott

Does not abide by the terms and conditions of the UFT panelist agreement. No free eyeware or discounted rates on lens features. Accepted insurance voucher for eye exam. Pleased with that service. Little time to travel and discuss with their staff and UFT Welfare Fund. Will follow up with those results in June 2017.

Anitta Luka

I always call ,they say they’re gonna call me back but never do

ihab taouza

I had a very bad experience in that location. My son is one of their patients for almost 6 years . One day the receptionist text me a msg to confirm my son's appointment which I did. When we went there she told me the doctor can't see your son because you need a referral. I was so chocked because I made a long trip to go there. Also, nobody called me and explained to me what should I bring with me. The receptionists, instead of helping me or at least try to get in touch with my son's primary doctor, they were looking to each other and making fun of me!! The whole staff was not professional at all, I regret all the years I spent with them with no results , and my son still suffering from the same problem. I will never recommend that office to anybody , never ever.

samuel Tamayo

Shout out to Caroline for looking out for the new Tom Ford frames


El peor lugar para ordenar lentes ,no se los recomiendo

Puppy Lover Show

Ron Gerstmann

Went in for some pre op testing and ended up getting bad headaches but when Dr. Tannen returned my call he was very helpful.


misha georgieva

Vicky Sabotic

Great Doctors the practice is immaculate, and they have a great choice of designer frames in the optical shop. I highly recommend them.

Vivien Kuo

Horrible horrible service . I've been waiting for a month for my contacts . Every time I call them they tell the contact lady is not there ... That's a little ridiculous to me. Most people work during the week , so you'd assume the contact lady would be there on Saturdays . The day of the appointment she told me it was pointless to ship the contacts if I lived near by . Had she told me she would BARELY be at work , it would've been great to get them shipped . Never coming back to this eye doctor place ever again . In my 12 years of having contacts and going to the eye doctor numerous times , this by far is the worst eye doctor place I've ever been too . Also when you ask for your prescription , they tell you they will give it to you . Lucky me , they never even gave me a prescription.... If that's the case I would have ordered my contacts from 1-800 contacts . This service this unacceptable !!!!!

coyle account

Routine eye exam - expect only co-pay. Nope!! billed insurance $860 leaving us with 1/3 of that after deductible. Outrageous! Routine eye exam for new prescription.


I really should give them no stars. I went to the wrong location and sat about 30 minutes before they let me know that I needed to go to the pediatric location. I asked the girl at the desk if I was going to be waiting a long time when I get over there, she said no and that dhe called them to let them know I was at the wrong site. Nevertheless, I went to the correct location which was a few doors down. The staff is the reason I gave the two stars but that wait was ridiculous! The dr. came prancing in with an open plate of cake while they have signs plastered all around the facility that there is absolutely no eating in the waiting area due to allergies and etc. that makes a whole lot of sense. After waiting all that time in the waiting area, my son was then called and we sat an additional 12 minutes waiting for her although I was told she would be in shortly. Nice facility and the staff seems to just go with the flow, but something has to be done about the wait time. Totally unacceptable! I would’ve respected them more if someone came in to notify me that the dr is behind or there’s an emergency...SOMETHING! But to be thrown in a room and told she’d be in shortly (lies) is not cool. No business etiquette whatsoever. Get it together! We waited all that time just to be seen by the dr for 3-4 minutes, literally. We won’t be back, that’s for sure!

Aida Avila

Christian Mata

Horrible horrible people. If you care about your vision do not go here. Rude aggressive and all out crooks. I was put into collections for just placing a phone call. They only want your money and they have clever tricks on how to get it.

Dulce Soriano

The Doctors are great even the receptionist but the one in charge of picking out the glasses and ordering them rude the two there were very unprofessional people rude not coming back because of them and their attitude leave it at home or don’t come to work.


The Associates are super nice an efficient

Henry Martinez

Unscrupulous billing practices going on here; and when trying to rectify it there billing services reps will be of zero help.

Chinadoll M.

Great doctors. Nice and clean place with friendly staff

Robin Williams

Angelica Rivera

By far the best place to go. Everyone is so nice and polite.

Jose Nieves


Jay Jackson

Worst eye center I've ever been to. I spent more time waiting than actually being serviced. The staff rushed throughout the entire appointment. The techs did not wipe down the machines before each use, the eye doctor jammed her finger in my damn eye to put drops in and didn't even bother to tell me what the solution was. I saw about 30 exam rooms, 2 waiting rooms and 1 doctor. I spent most of the time in the waiting rooms. After that, when trying to pick out my glasses, the girls were too busy socializing rather than helping customers. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I was so disappointed, I went to Lenscrafters directly after to pay out of pocket for frames. I will never return - not even for the free pair.


The resepcionist is extremely rude! She really needs to get off her lazy ass and work! First time there and I would not recommend anyone go back there had a bad experience. Came in early in the morning ask her kindly If we could make an appointment and with a nasty attitude told us the doctor would not see us. I asked her again if she mind asking the doctor herself maybe someone canceled and she rolled her eyes. She is very unprofessional! Save sometime and go elsewhere!

Claudia Carol

I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma that was putting pressure on my optic nerve. I was scheduled to get a test done with Dr. Stegman, who even from the beginning didn’t make me feel that he cared about my situation. I felt that he was rushing through my consultation the first time I met him. Then when I returned for my last test I was told that it was rescheduled. I never received a call from them, and as I was speaking with the receptionist he came out and he saw me. So I still do not know why he would reschedule me and wanted me to wait another month to get the test done when he knew what my situation was. Turns out the next day I ended up being admitted to the hospital and having surgery to remove the tumor that was really affecting me. I don’t usually write reviews, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated the way I was in that office, especially when you are paying them to do what they should do as professionals.

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