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REVIEWS OF Bayshore Ophthalmology IN New Jersey

Carol Kanthal

The staff is courteous and I was taken on time.

Gokul Sharma

I had great experience with Dr Collur & her incredible staff. Dr Collur is professional, knowledgeable & has a great bedside manners. She spent ample time in explaining my diagnosis & treatment. I had great results from my eye treatment . I would highly recommended Dr Collur and Staff!!!

Guy Hogue

Courteous, semi-friendly efficient service.

Bellamy Rose

Very attentive staff. MD spent a great deal of time with me and was very thorough in her explanations regarding my condition and what I should be on the lookout for.

Margaret R

Had appointment for day after cataract surgery. Was taken on time, tested and examined in 20 minutes. All the staff were professional and were informative.

Ellen DiChiara

Dr. Collur and staff are professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. I am a medical professional and have full confidence in Dr. Collur that she understands my eye issues and the effect they are having on me. She thoroughly explains everything to me. I highly recommend this office and I travel an hour to see her. Worth every minute. Thank you Dr. Collur and staff!

Paula Costello

I, James Costello, recently had 'Cataract SymfonyToric Lens, femtosecond laser assisted surgery' done on both eyes, 2 weeks apart. First one in Mid Sept and the second on Oct 2. My vision is now 20/20 in both eyes. Dr Collur was very professional in both explaining the process as well as in the execution of the procedure (surgery). The surgery took place in CAMIS, on Industrial Way in Eatontown. Dr Collur has a very nice bedside manner, manages your expectations and speaks with you during the surgery, which kept me at ease. Dr. Collur has a great team, Dr. Robert Satty who performed the follow-up visits, Amy Morris, office manager & Delia Polanco, surgical coordinator along with the staff & receptionists made each visit worry free. If you are on the fence regarding having this procedure done, I would direct you to Dr Collur & not to wait.

Cassandra Keyes

The office is staffed by considerate professionals who are welcoming and informative. There is great effort put into helping the patients needs getting met. It was nice that procedures are explained and safe hygiene practices are priority for all staff. Very happy with the service on all levels.

Debby Schwartz

Dr. Collur and her staff are always considerate, nice and extremely professional. They are also always explaining everything that there is to explain without talking down to their patients.

Lori Kenny

Great place! Friendly staff

Veronica Walters

Everyone was very nice and attentive, felt very comfortable. Appointment time was met.

Nancy Street

Due to seasonal allergies causing my eyes to be itchy and irritated, I made an appointment yesterday at Bayshore Opthamology with Dr. Subramanian. She is a wonderful doctor, very caring and gentle and thorough. She immediately helped me feel better! She and the office staff are kind and friendly and professional!!! They are very flexible with scheduling my appointments too. And they also have a large selection of frames if you’re in the market for a new pair. I highly recommend Bayshore Opthamology and Dr. Subramanian. Make an appointment and you will feel and see much better! I would give them 10 stars if I could!

efrain ruiz

All personal the office very clean greatly will recommend to all my friends

Kevin Hassell

Dr. Collie is THE doctor you should see, pun intended. She is top-notch, along with being a very caring, compassionate person. Her staff is top-notch as well. If you are looking for a new eye doctor, again, pun intended, Bayshore Opthamology is THE place to go.

elizabeth jernstedt

I’ve been going to this office for years now, they are the best and always have been.

Glen Goto

I've been a patient for about 10years and I'm always pleased with the staff and especially Dr. Collur. She takes time and answers all questions and explains tests and results, e.g. we spent time discussing Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and AREDS2 supplement.

Mansukh Shah

I have very great experience. Excellent Doctor Surekha Collur. Excellent staff, well done. My Surgery went very well. Great Results. For last 45 years my Right eye was weak and after surgery my vision is perfect. First I was planning to do 2nd eye surgery after 2-3 months but now I have decided to do it sooner.

Denise Berkery

I am a patient of Dr. Surekha Collur. I have "chronic dry eye" & "blepharitis". Dr. Collur has recommended a plan of treatment for both conditions. I am very happy to say that I have had much relief & follow Dr. Collur's suggestions religiously. I am amazed at how the daily use of eyelid wipes, warm compresses, & lubricant eye drops have helped control both of my eye issues. I also had a procedure done on both of my eyes called Laser Iridotomy. It treats "angle closure" glaucoma (also called "closed-angle" or "narrow-angle") which is when the iris blocks fluid (called aqueous) from leaving the front of the eye as it should. The laser procedure helps drain fluid properly again; lowering eye pressure. If pressure in the eye rises quickly, the optic nerve can be damaged & cause blindness. I was very reluctant to have this procedure done b/c of major vision impairment in my left eye that was the result of a surgery (unrelated to my eye). Dr. Collur explained that Laser Iridotomy would be a preventative for glaucoma. After hearing this & careful consideration, I made the decision to proceed b/c I want to protect my good eye. I am so very pleased that I went through w/having the procedure on both of my eyes. I feel Dr. Collur is very qualified & very competent in her field. It is obvious by the expansion of her office & having all the most updated equipment, Dr. Collur keeps herself current on all the latest techniques in the "world of ophthalmology". With that being said, I am so very glad I followed through w/Dr. Collur's recommendation of having Laser Iridotomy. I am extremely satisfied w/the quality of professionalism that is evident w/Dr. Collur, her technicians, & her office staff. I feel confident that I am receiving the best possible care for my eyes! Thank you! Denise Berkery

Margaret Balsamo

Always professional and nice pleasant staff.

Joe Handle

Everyone in this location was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Surgical Scheduling was awesome as well as general office visits...Very little wait time. My cataract surgery was performed efficiently and I experienced no pain or serious discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Collur very highly along with her staff.


I had a good experience as the staff was efficient and the examination went off smoothly. The Dr. explained everything in detail and answered all my questions.

Saeed Jarral

I got excellent services from Dr collur and staff credit goes to Dr Surekha collur she is very professional Doctor much caring the patient.paramedical staff is very good.very cooperative.i pray for them.i hope they will continue in future.

shawn flaherty

Never got a chance to even walk through the door. Lady on the phone was very rude. Sounds like she don't like her job. If you like rude people, enjoy. If not, go elsewhere.

Ellen Martinez

Today was field test day. Everyone was pleasant, professional, and expedient. I would highly recommend this facility.

Carmen Nunez

Dr. Collur and her Staff are the best! Staff is professional, helpful and very caring. My mom’s Cataract surgery was successful.

Betsy Hembling

The front desk was very nice and very efficient. The actual exam was right on time with the scheduled appointment. The Dr was nice, thorough and patient. Overall a wonderful experience

Shelley Stack

I get top-notch care from Dr. Collur. She is knowledgeable and up on latest treatments for my serious chronic issue. She has helped me manage for 12 years.

Brittany Kittle

I scheduled an appt and saw Dr. Bose, she was wonderful and the staff was friendly and they even helped me pick out a pair of glasses once my vision test and dialation was all finished. I’m very indecisive but I appreciate someone being there to give me an opinion and options on the frames I was looking at.

Karilyn Hapstak

Dr Collur Is an excellant Ophthalmologist. I am so glad she performed cataract surgery on both eyes inserting iStent's as well. I have glaucoma in one eye and put drops daily. She continues to monitor my eyes as needed. She is friendly, professional and I recommend her highly.

Maryann Bonner

My visit at Bayshore Opthamology was excellent. From the technician who walked me through my various testing to Dr Collur Finishing up my exam and explaining the results of my testing. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

John Fitzgerald

Dr. Collur is very friendly and professional and explains everything before she does it. Staff is great and is very nice as well! JPF

Linda Brunner

The staff is friendly but professional. The doctor ensures that you understand what she is telling you. Waiting time is minimum.


Big Waste of Time I made an appointment for 3/5 at 5 PM with Dr. Collur. I took off early from work which is difficult for me to do and I can't do that often. When I got to my appointment at 4:45 PM today, the receptionist told me that I didn't have an appointment. I told her that I did, I made it on 2/19 over the phone. She said that Dr.Collur has changed her times and does not take late appointments anymore. I told her that no one informed me. I did not receive a phone call or voicemail. They should really be better at notifying their patients of cancellations. I wasted my time and gas driving up to Holmdel for this appointment. A message would have been nice. Now I have to take time off from work again and find a new eye doctor to see. I'm certainly not making another appointment with this office.

Janet Capo

Dr. Bose was very through and very pleasant. She explained everything. Wait time was only a few minutes. Glad I went.

diana balsam

Dr. Collur refused to see a 16 year old patient after first appointment. My daughter asked questions about her tests to which doctor didn't answer in a nice way. Didn't have enough patiance to deal with a child and a problem we came in with. We've never seen ANY doctors refusing to help! I would not recommend this doctor to anyone

Minerva Millward

Great people! Thanks for the great service!

Janet Kirch

I feel blessed and lucky to have found Bayshore Opthalmology. They understand my severe dry eye condition, auto- immune disease ( which I did not have to explain as they knew about it and all the treatments available to me and offered me additional suggestions & information. Today they put in Punctual Plugs and I already have relief to how I was previously feeling. Dr.Cullur is excellent, kind, gentle, and put in the plugs so fast that I did not feel a thing, I was initially scared. Dr. Cullur and he assistant took away all my fears. I must say that everyone in her staff that took care of me today were also incredible in every way. I felt so welcomed, cared for by everyone. From the first professional that did my vision, to the professional that helped explain a process for eye care and using special wipes, to the girls at the front desk. Just everyone! I highly recommend Bayshore Ophthalmolgy and I am so glad that I found them last year.

Arjun Menon

The staff was friendly and Dr. Collur was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Robin S

After waiting 2 weeks for an appointment for my son and after confirming appointment and reason for visitors before, day of appointment arrives after being called to exam room Dr. states that there was a mistake with front desk receptionist and she does not treat my son's condition. I was very upset the staff should be knowledgeable about what conditions the doctor treats. She also insinuated that I was on some type of state assistance saying "well you don't have a co pay right?", which I replied yes I have a $10 co pay and would like a refund. The staff and doctor acted as if it was a joke to waste my time. I wanted to have my son seen before school started, but because of the staff's lack of knowledge and two weeks wasted the earliest appointment that I could get with another doctor was October.

Stanee Murray

I’ve always received excellent care from my eye exam and the optical department.

Frank Huza

Top notch doctors with great customer service.

Bhupendra Shah

Dr Surekha Collur is Excellent Doctor. We are Pleased with her & her Staff Excellent Services & Right Guidance.

Tara Ali

Everyone you encounter is warm and friendly. The doctors are excellent especially with young children. There is a wide variety of frames to choose from. Highly recommend!

Samy Ayoub

Dr Collur is an excellent ophthalmologist, she is very nice, knowledgeable, caring, explaining everything in details. Staff are very nice , well organized. Highly recommend

Joey Sudyka

All the staff and doctors are wonderful Very thorough examinations. Courteous, friendly and Knowledgeable. Have been a patient there for many years and I rely on their professionalism. They have helped me to maintain my eye health. Thank You! Joey Sudyka

Sharon Kelly

The staff is friendly, competent and caring. Healing happens because of the encouragement and professionalism of all concerned.

Matt Stelljes

always love coming here..they are thorough and kind and have a nice building with plenty of seating and amenities if needed

Denise Kordulak

I was referred to Dr. Collur for glaucoma, and very red, irritated eyes. I found out I was sensitive to some of the ingredients in some of the drops I was on. After a very informative and thorough exam, the doctor formulated a plan of action, which included a change in medication and pressure testing. My redness and irritation cleared up, but the pressure in one eye required an implant procedure to help drain the fluid off. Dr. Collur performed a Xen- implant. The procedure was done in their OP facility. It was quick, painless and successful. My follow ups have been very positive and I have to say, I am very pleased with the whole experience. I would highly recommend Bayshore Ophthalmology, Dr. Collur and the staff. Everyone was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you all.

Felicia Stoler

The service and selection @ Bayshore Ophthalmology is outstanding. Sonia is the NICEST associate. She is helpful, patient and amazing with kids and teens (in addition to adults). I am impressed with the turn around time and willingness to have customers leave "happy and satisfied." THANK YOU!

Donna Murphy

Ultimate respect and care given. Thorough explanations and comprehensive overview of each treatment option. When a plan is devised between doctor and patient, follow-through is managed with utmost professionalism and courtesy for the patient and family.

Amy B

I don't even know where to begin. Dr. Collur and Bayshore's staff were AMAZING! I had gone through PRK surgery back in June 2018 and they were all with me every step of the way. Before the surgery, they explained all the options I was given and explained every little detail about the options. They made sure I understood what I had to do before the procedure, during and after and were very careful with recovery. I had a few bumps on the road but each person experiences different ways of recovery but I assure you, they were completely thorough. I had routine visits to verify the healing was done right and believe me, it was done right! Full eye sight! I always had vision problems since I was a child so when it reached -7.50 and -8.00 nearsighted, enough was enough. I'm so so so happy I made the decision to go to Bayshore Opthalmology. GREAT JOB! See you all next year for that check up! Best wishes and keep it up!

AlokNeelam Saxena

I consulted Dr. Collur for my mother who needed cataract surgery in both of her eyes. Dr. Collur and her staff took excellent care of my mother through the entire process. Right from a friendly and caring staff to the professional and knowledgeable interactions with Doctors Collur and Subrahmanyam, it was a very pleasant experience that put both myself and my mother completely at ease, knowing that we are in good hands. The surgery itself went very well and the post-op consultations as well as the recovery of vision in the eyes confirmed that we had made the right choice in selecting Bayshore Ophthalomology.

Barbara Rutigliano

DR Collour & staff very friendly, took there time & explained details down to the T made me feel very comfortable , I recommend this Dr very highly

Patricia Powers

Everytime I have an appointment the staff and Drs are very professional and treat you like family. They make you feel comfortable especially if you're nervous. I highly recommend.


Love this place! The reception is super nice and the doctors know what they are doing. Eyeglass sales are totally not pushy. I just went for the first time for my son. We will go back.

Luis Roque

Everyone in the practice was polite and helpful great exp.

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