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Jessica Ng

I elected Dr. Singh to perform my laser eye surgery. Dr. Singh was very thorough on explaining the differences between PRK and LASIK in addition to the pros and cons for each type of surgery. Prior to surgery, Dr. Singh and his team performed many different tests to determine if I was the proper candidate for the surgery. It was not until after several instances of performing these tests did he confirm that I was a candidate. After the surgery I had some issues with dryness and Dr. Singh checked my post-op progression very frequently. Currently vision is 100%. I am very please that I elected Dr. Singh for my laser eye surgery and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Severn Bizzaro

My mother and I saw Dr. Singh at the Pecos/Windmill location. Dr Singh was referred to us by another family friend of ours. My mom has been dealing with cataracts for the last few months. We saw several doctors but didnt end up scheduling our surgery with them for one reason or another. And boy are we Glad!! None of the other doctors offered us any options. None of them offered us the advanced lens options to correct astigmatism or the LASER CATARACT surgery!!! They just wanted to do cataract surgery the old fashioned way and place the lens thats been used for decades. One even told me that lasers are not used for cataract surgery. I am glad i went with my mother to all her visits so we could select the latest technology. He carefully went over all our options. We end up doing the LASER CATARACTsurgery with the Astigmatism correcting lens. NO BLADES, NO STITCHES, NO NEEDLES. Because of the way it was done, my mom is now free of glasses (something shes had since 2nd grade). Do yourself a favor.... go to Dr Singh

Rob Rutkowski

I had cataract surgery on both eyes this past year performed by Dr Surjeet Singh. He did a thorough job in explaining the procedure to put me at ease. Both surgeries went extremely well as did the follow-up visits. The staff at Nevada Eye was wonderful as well. If you are looking for an Ophthalmologist, I would highly recommend Dr. Singh.

Mrs. Barrientos

My whole life I've worn glasses and for years Nevada Eye Physicians has kept me up to date with the style and fashion trends but most importantly, my vision. I've gone back & forth about having refractive surgery and I'm sure like most patients fear of the unknown was holding me back. I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Surjeet Singh for a LASIK consultation. It was the best decision I've made about my eyes thus far!! Dr. Singh and his staff were very knowledgeable and answered every single question I had. Dr. Singh's confidence spilled over to me and I was no longer afraid. Today is the first day after having surgery. I couldn't be more happier with the results!! I'm walking around my house looking at everything as if it were the first time I'm seeing it! It's such an amazing feeling to be able to see without glasses or contacts!! If anyone has ever thought or is thinking of having refractive surgery I urge you to book a consult with Dr. Singh. You've got nothing to lose but the glasses on your face! Thank you Dr. Singh and the Staff at Nevada Eye Physicians! My whole refractive surgery experience from beginning to end was phenomenal, keep up the great work!

Sue McCourt

I have been a nurse for over 4 decades; half of that time has been in the operating room and surgical services. I've worked with hundreds of surgeons, and dozens of ophthalmologists. I have never worked with an ophthalmologist as good as Dr. Singh. He is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. When it was time to have my cataracts removed, there was only one surgeon I trusted, Dr. Singh. I knew he would be great, but he was fabulous. His concern for my vision, his commitment to ensuring that the procedures went flawlessly, and his warm, caring nature were much more than I expected. Of course I now have perfect vision. I highly recommend Dr. Singh for any eye issue you are experiencing. You will not get better care anywhere else.

Sheldon S

I sang this morning....(after Dr. Singh performed LASIK on me) I can see clearly now...the glasses are gone I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the pitiable looks that had me sad It turned into a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day. I have never been able to see. So when I opted for lasik surgery to rid me of my coke bottle glasses, I did some serious research. I "interviewed" many doctors but it was Dr. Singh's confidence and personality that won me over. He was confident of his abilities. One a lighter note, besides being a doctor that cares about the well-being of your eyes, he is also quite an expert at putting the drops into my eyes..... It usually takes more than 10 tries for me (yes, i'm that scared of those things), but Dr Singh did it the first time. If you love your eyes, this is the man who will help you take care of them. I can definitely see why he gets 5 stars in every review...he comes "Eye"ly recommend!

Rimi Gill

Dr. Singh did my laser eye surgery in order to correct my astigmatism and near sightedness. Since then I can see without glasses for everything that I do. Besides being an excellent surgeon, he has great bedside manners and took his time to explain all my options including LASIK, PRK and even contact lenses. He even discussed the risks with me in detail. I felt very comfortable with him. On the day of surgery , he met me in preoperative room to answer any last minute questions. My surgery was painless and I was able to see well soon afterwards. No more contact lenses, solutions, glasses. The one thing his office can improve on is wait time. But Dr. Singh certainly made up for it by taking time to answer all my questions at every visit. I have recommended him to my friends who have since had the same experience.

Jenna Jay

I ADORE him !! He was super gentle and got my lasik done fast and easy and I love how my eyes turned out. He made me feel super comfortable and explained everything out thoroughly so I could heal as fast as possible. Go to him !!!

Ruby Valdez

I was handled very well n I had cataracts removed n was very surprised by the way they care for you before n after my surgery. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you Nevada Eye Center.

kelli mackenzie

I had LASIK done by Dr. Singh a few weeks ago. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Dr. Singh is wonderful. He really cares about his patients. He takes time to discuss options, procedures, expectations and after care follow up. The procedure itself was short and easy. About an hour total. He follows you closely for a week or so after answering any questions you may have. His staff is super friendly and wonderful. They get you in and out quickly. The day after surgery my vision was nearly perfect. It's amazing to be able to see without depending on glasses. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family and to anyone who is considering LASIK. Thank you Dr. Singh!

Kay VHarris

Dr. Singh is awesome; always greets you with a handshake. It’s been four years since my PRK procedure (Feb. 2015) and I’m still ecstatic about having 20/20 vision. I started wearing glasses at the age of 5, bifocals at 10 and then contacts at 14. I was farsighted/nearsighted with astigmatism & my vision was almost a -13 in both eyes so I was not a candidate for Lasik. Always had light sensitive/dry eyes since I was kid. I researched a ton of doctors in the valley, but chose Dr. Singh because of his fantastic reputation. He answered all my questions during the consultation and explained everything perfectly during the procedure. He is very professional and super kind. His follow up visits never felt rushed and he was always willing to help. I strongly recommend Dr. Singh if you’re interested in PRK or Lasik.

G.S. Bhullar

I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts for over 15 years and as a professional driver I had to constantly switch from glasses to contacts to prescription sun glasses while driving to see the road better. As most people, I was concerned about the process and what my vision would be like after surgery. Dr. Singh was great. He answered all my questions also explained the difference between LASIK and PRK and made me feel very comfortable. I decided to go with custom LASIK. Prior to surgery I had poor vision with an astigmatism. Now I have 20/15 vision and see better than I have in years. Thanks to Dr. Singh and his team for making this an enjoyable experience. I wish I had done it sooner.

Himmat KhunKhun

Dr. Singh was simply amazing. After doing extensive research for Opthalmologists, Dr. Singh IS the standard. Dr. Singh is very thorough and patient. He is in no hurry and goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable. He performed my Laser Eye surgery (PRK) and I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. The procedure was all of 10 minutes and I can now see better than 2020. He is the number one Eye-Doc in Vegas for a reason!

Kim Kruckeberg

I would highly recommend Dr. Surjeet Singh to any one looking for a GREAT Ophthalmologist. I have worked with many Ophthalmologists over my 21 yrs working in the OR and have recently had cataract surgery, and I chose the best to do my surgery! Dr. Singh is a very talented and highly skilled surgeon, my trust is in Dr. Singh and he did an amazing job!!

Samantha Smith

One month ago, I had the PRK procedure performed by Dr. Singh and it has been the greatest decision I have ever made. I am 24 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was in first grade. I live a very active life style going hiking, camping, and playing soccer. Wearing contacts or glasses all the time had become such a hassle that I decided it was time for action. Before my surgery I couldn’t even see the big E on the vision test and now I am happy to say my vision 20/20. Now, I can go hiking without the worry of my contacts falling out and go camping without the worry of forgetting them at home. I am able to see things more clearly than ever. Thank you Dr. Singh and the staff at Nevada Eye Physicians for truly changing my life.

Louise Mcdonough

I'm sure Dr SINGH is an excellent Doctor; unfortunately his staff, particularly scheduling are incredibly lacking. I made an initial appointment after reading reviews and researching. I called and indicated in detail that I needed a vision check and glaucoma. Gave my insurance info and made the appointment. I arrived early as instructed. I waited 25 mins, asked if there was new patient paperwork. I proceeded to fill it out. The receptionist informed me I needed vision insurance as well as health insurance. I do have excellent vision insurance as well as excellent health I insurance but had not brought the information with me. I was told I needed two different appointments as well None of this was explained to me when I made the initial appointment. The staff were so disorganized that I left. If basic information cannot be effectively communicated to patients, why would I trust them with my healthcare?

Danny Powell

Very friendly staff. My hopes were very high and my expectations were exceeded by the end result. Our doctor was personable and professional. He supplied me with detailed explanations. Scheduling was easy. Having 20/20 vision in an eye that was blurry is the highlight of my vacation.

Akshay Oberai

Dr. Surjeet Singh is the absolute best Ophthalmologist I've ever been in the care of. A talented skillset may be common, but true compassion for your patients isn't. I was out of the country, traveling in Amsterdam, and Dr. Singh was available to communicate with airport doctors there at the absolute last minute for an infection I developed in my eye. Of course, upon my return I came in for an actual examination by him, but he helped guide doctors internationally to avoid me hopping on a flight in pain. Sure enough, once he actually examined my eye and prescribed me the proper medication- I was 100% better within 24 hours. I will be a lifelong patient should anything arise ever again- look no further if you want a Doctor who cares for each patient and provides the best input.

Farhad Amiri

I have relied on glasses and contact lenses for over 20 years to correct my nearsightedness and disliked relying on them. I had the LASIK eye procedure done last month and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now my vision is extremely sharp and I don't have to rely on glasses or contacts anymore! Dr. Singh is truly a doctor with excellent bedside manner and extremely knowledgable. No sign of arrogance, very easy to talk to which is what all doctors should strive for. He took the time to explain all the options with great detail and I did not feel rushed at all. Dr. Singh was very upfront and not into selling unnecessary surgeries. I also enjoyed enjoyed interacting with his staff, office manager, and technicians. They were all very pleasant and answered all my questions to great extent. He was also very generous with the eye drop samples needed after the surgery. Within a few days, my vision was at 20/20 and I felt great. I highly recommend his services to anyone including my family!

matthew lee

Dr Singh is one of the best ophthalmologist in the las vegas area! He truly cares for his patients as if they were his own family. I got my PRK done by Dr.singh and i could not be more happier! he educated me and gave his professional advice as to which type of procedure would be best for my eyes and lifestyle. there were no surgical complications, and now i can see better than 20/20! His professionalism, skills, and patient care is second to none! if youre in the las vegas area and in need of eye care, i highly recommend that you check out Dr. Singh, you wont regret it!

Araceli Herrera

I took my dad in to Nevada Eye Physicians for an eye exam and found out he had cataracts. Dr Singh took the time to explain all the different lens options we had with cataract surgery. My dad chose to go with the multifocal lens. What a great decision that was! 1 day after the procedure all my dad would talk about; was that he could see the numbers on the dashboard and read his phone messages without glasses! Cant thank Dr Surjeet Singh enough! The procedure was quick, painless, and the downtime and recovery were an absolute breeze! I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has cataracts! 5 STARS to Dr Singh, office and surgery center. It was an amazing experience from beginning to end!

Carla Perlotto

Dr. Singh came highly recommended by another physician, and he did not disappoint. My experience with his office was pleasant with minimal wait times and friendly, knowledgeable staff. All of my insurance questions were answered quickly and competently. Dr. Singh took the time to answer my questions and inform me of all of my choices. I felt well respected and well taken care of throughout my visits with Dr. Singh and his office.

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