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REVIEWS OF Nevada Eye Consultants IN Nevada

Efrain Hernandez

This location has the best staff, I had the best surgery nothing painful what so whatever I high recommend for future poeple that what to get lasik to get it here

Kait Garrick

I had the iLASIK procedure yesterday and have perfect vision today! I was very impressed with the entire office, especially Tiffany who talked me through the entire process as well as scheduled everything for me so I didn't have to worry about a thing. Dr. Solberg and Dr. Engle were excellent. I would highly recommend Nevada Eye Consultants to anyone who is considering LASIK. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Bri Sul

I had Lasik eye surgery with Dr. Engle. My vision was -4.25 in both eyes. My surgery and consultations went fast and all of the information was well explained. Many of my co-workers (at least 4) had success here so it was one of the reasons I chose this place. I wouldn't say Dr. Engle was very warm or super chatty but I would rather have a good surgery than a overly nice doctor. They are very particular on who they accept which I think is important. They aren't going to just do it for the money. I would recommend them if you are looking into Lasik. After the surgery my eyes have been a little dry and light sensitive but I would take 20/15 and dry eye/occasional drops/nightly drops over contacts and glasses any day. The surgery itself was extremely fast. It hurt a little but I was told by everyone there and who has had it done that pain is rare. It's likely one of the most important and best things I've ever done for myself. I have a blog www (dot) brisul (dot) com where I talk about my surgery and 6 months post-Lasik if you are interested.


For this being an eye company this driver clearly had seeing problems because he was in both lanes going down the highway. His car was so dirty I could barley read what the company was and he wouldn't allow us to pass him even though he was going under the speed limit.

Russ Whipple

The Lasik department is full of an amazing staff and the procedure went like clockwork. Couldn't ask for better results! They have state-of-the-art equipment and walk you through the whole process with any concerns you may have. I had perfect vision the day after the operation and was back to work like nothing happened.

Jill Taylor

Great people great care

Tatiana Delachutedeau

I got cataract surgery about 2 months ago. I have had lots of problems with the eye that was operated on. I cannot say that the Dr. Chang is definitely at fault, but I can say that it has been extremely difficult to get any plan of action to approach the problems that came after the surgery. I would advise anyone thinking of doing cataract surgery to consider carefully whether they want to risk the eyesight they currently have. My vision is dramatically worse than before surgery. I do not know what is wrong. I hope there may be some way to get back good vision, but I see no way forward for the time being. Before surgery I heard nothing but glowingly positive reports from the staff. After surgery, I encountered people like me who had big problems that damaged their lives a lot. Not being able to read or drive at night is horrible.

Morgan Matteoni

They were wonderful!!! The nicest people who answered all of my silly questions, even the ones I had after surgery, and made sure that I was always comfortable. I appreciated that the initial nurse I saw was the same gal that I saw every time I walked in the office. I would HIGHLY recommend these folks to anyone! Thank you all so much for giving me new sight!

afi Clark

Wesley Chewjalearn

Amazing experience throughout! The staff, from the first time I stepped into the office until after the post-op examination were outstanding. I couldn't be more happy and would highly recommend Nevada Eye Consultants!

Rob Zilla

What can I say? Dr. Chang and team were amazing. The ICL’s have astounding clarity and I’m really enjoying my life without contacts or glasses. From intake at the front desk and consultation with the surgical director to follow ups after surgery, they really take great care of you. Every step of the way the staff made me feel comfortable and confident that...eye was getting the very best!

Emilee Brockovich

The entire staff was awesome. I was so scared for my lasik procedure and they did everything they could to make it as easy as possible. Zhalah came into my procedure and held my hand the whole time! Such a personable group of people! I’d recommend anyone and everyone to go to Dr. Engle for their lasik procedure.

Randall Brewer

chris maher

The whole team is very professional! 100% confidence going into lasik! Thank you to the whole staff!

Garek Tauchen

I had an awesome experience getting my lasik surgery. Woke up the next morning with 20-15 vision

Hillary Ray

Jonny Tadago

This is an excellent surgery center with the best surgeons. Dr. Engle is awesome and has fantastic bedside manner as well. His staff is just as awesome too. Dr. Lyons, Zhaleh, and Tiffany took excellent care of me. I won't go anywhere else. Thank you very much, Jon Cordova

oliver swafford

Great job with my LASIK procedure. If you are thinking of having LASIK - don not go anywhere else- Was able to see at 20/15 the very next day. I have been wearing contacts since 12 years old, I should have done this a long time ago, 36 years old now. The anxiety of getting the procedure was all over in about 5 minutes, during which was pain free- Dr Engle is a true professional and best in class all around with the procedure from day 1 as well as rest of staff. As a pharmacist I depend on my eyes more than anything and am glad I had this done in the capable hands of this team.

Devin Norcutt

The staff is super friendly and very professional. Great experience!!

Matthew Catterson

I got Lasik yesterday 12/27/2017, and although I don't often write reviews, I feel compelled to discuss my experience with Nevada Eye Consultants. This group of people felt like family from the first day I got my free consultation, and now I'm 20/15 already. The staff is professional and on the ball at every turn of the experience to say the least. They truly care about you, and not the professional fake type of care that is so clearly seen through. They take every step possible to make the experience ideal for you, and I can easily see why several people including my eye doctor told me about NEC. Every member of their staff is equally trained and knowledgable to the point that I could ask any question I could think of and never once were my questions met with disdain or a lack of answers. I would advise anyone and everyone to use NEC without hesitation.

Anna Belle

I have never been treated so rudely by a Dr. Just because you don't know what's going on doesn't make it any less real for me. Treating me like I'm wasting your time, then walking out of the room while saying "Wow...." is the most unprofessional thing I've ever experienced in a Dr's office. I actually cried after, whatever is going on with my eye is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced, driving 2 hours for this appt to be treated this way by Dr Dimit is unacceptable. I do not recommend this doctor.

Andrew Leland

I had LASIK surgery done by Dr. Engle two weeks ago. He and his staff were extremely professional, informative and kind throughout the entire process. As a healthcare provider myself, I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail given during my pre-surgical tests to ensure that LASIK was both safe and the best procedure for my eyes. The procedure went smoothly, the recovery was minimal and my vision is excellent! Dr. Engle and Nevada Eye Consultants get my highest recommendation!

Janice Heckert


Experience was great. Staff is amazing,they take really good care of you. They explain everything in perfect detail,made going into lasik with full confidence. Had Dr. Engle do my lasik surgery. He was very professional and answered all my questions and concerns well. Can't say enough good things of Dr. Engle and the whole staff. Surgery was surprisingly fast with no pain. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone

Sonia Prazak

My experience receiving Lasik at Nevada Eye Consultants could not have been better. Dr. Engle was fantastic, as was every person who assisted in my treatment. Could not recommend this place more.

Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit

Tired Mommaof2

iLasik was literally the best decision my husband and I ever made for ourselves! Our Optometrist Dr. Billy Mendoza said that he knows a lot of places in town, but Nevada Eye Consultants was the "ONLY place he'd recommend" for us to go to. After my experience, I can easily see why. Now of course BEFORE I asked my optometrist where he recommended we go, I happen to do what everyone else did and go to Lasik of Nevada (bc you hear it everywhere) for a consult. I've learned a couple of key things having chose Nevada Eye Consultants to entrust with my families care INSTEAD of the other big name place: 1) You get what you pay for. If it's cheaper, there's a reason. 2) having been in the healthcare industry (for me dental), I've learned that although you hear about a certain place in town via radio, you may find it's not what it's all cracked up to be. Higher volume (I felt like cattle getting shuffled around for my consult at the BIG name lasik place) = less QUALITY customer service = sub par results. For me I learned that the other place was the dental equivalent of Western/Absolute Dental. Meaning in Lamen's terms, avoid at all costs. Take a look at it this way. I've had a vision restriction on my license for a long time. I can't even read the channels on my TV, let alone the signs for the isles in the grocery store. At 28 years old, I was frustrated. I'm too young to have this big of a burden on my life; especially with two toddlers to chase around. My husband, needed his long distance eye sight for his occupation and long range competitive shooting activities. I've had nothing short of the most HIGH QUALITY, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE with Dr. Engel, Tiffany and all the amazing staff of Nevada Eye Consultants. 3 days post-op now and the day after it was like HD vision. Like having glasses with no glasses - AFTER DAY 1! Talk about total game changer, LIFE ENHANCER! 20/15 the day after the procedure and only getting better. My husband has such good sight - he was told that he can read a line that only 1% of the population can read at his 1 week post-op appointment. WE ARE ECSTATIC WE ENTRUSTED OUR CARE HERE! They've not only literally changed or lives, but have felt like extended family. The customer service is second to none. Their technology is STATE-OF-THE-ART in a temperature controlled sterile area & their facility is gorgeous. Look no further. Call them! You won't be sorry! And no I wasn't paid for my review. I'm so beyond happy with my experience that everyone must know where to go! Also, I am a very detail oriented person, so condensing is not in my capabilities.

Jeffrey Borchardt

The procedure was short and the results were amazing. The staff was wonderful and accommodating. What a top-notch facility. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Thank you for the eyesight!

Kallee Oxborrow

I had Lasik 2 days ago and it has been great! Starting with Tiffany, who works the front desk, she worked very hard to schedule my appointments because I was only in the area for a short time. She also did a great job answering all my questions. Dr. Engle performed my surgery which was very quick and relatively pain free. He also answered all my questions for me! Even though I am sure he's busy I never felt rushed at any of my appointments. He also did a good job remembering details, such as me living out of state, and was very personal. This was an AMAZING experience overall! I would not hesitate to refer family, friends, or anyone!

Kailey Woods

I had two other consultations before coming here and Nevada Eye Consultants surpassed the other two in more ways than one. I felt welcomed by each staff member from my first appointment to my last and I truly could not have asked for a better experience. Their attention to detail and in depth explanations left me without any doubt before my procedure. I will continue to recommend them to anyone considering Lasik!

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