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Matt Burbaum

I am right now about a month out of the procedure and am very satisfied with my care. They were very accommodating of my busy work schedule and were able to get me in very quickly. I came in for a consultation December 4th, had my pre-op December 12th, and had the operation December 18th. They said they could have gotten me in even quicker if it had worked with my schedule! Everyone there is friendly and understanding. For the actual procedure, it is quick and painless. They give you a Valium beforehand and you can see immediately afterwards (although your vision is cloudy). They ask that you sleep the rest of the day afterwards and then the next morning, you can see perfectly! I struggled with dry eyes even before the procedure and have needed drops more frequently than most people, which has also led to "halos" on my night vision. If they don't improve, I will still be satisfied with the procedure, but according to the doctors, it can take 3-4 months to be fully healed, and the dryness has been improving (both according to the doctors, and based on what I've been noticing/feeling). Overall, I am very satisfied with the care I received.

Christine Wingfield

Very nice people - very determined to give you the best sight possible.

Jacoby Atako

Excellent experience. Definitely the best money I have every spent. Great staff, easy process, and IMMEDIATE results. I imagine people take for granted the other parts of life that are effected. Not needing contacts or glasses anymore has made me get back in the gym and gave me the comfort of being able to go camping or swimming and not have to worry about my eyes. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jacob Broussard

Casie Moody


The people working there are professional and manage to keep the atmosphere light. I never had a problem setting up my appointments. Dr. Rothman was able to correct my horrible vision (I couldn't even see the biggest letter during examination without contacts) to 20/15. With detailed instructions I've been able to care for my eyes during the healing process and have experienced no problems over these last few months and now approach my last check up. While I love my new vision I do not recommend eye surgery for those who lack the ability to control themselves as the urge to scratch/rub one's eyes is constantly there. You really don't notice how much you touch your face until your forced to stop yourself from doing so. I mean how often do you rub your eyes before going to sleep or when you wake up?

Edgar Bringas

Carolyn Love

From 20/400+ to 20/20 in minutes Thank you so much Dr Rouweyha I'm very grateful

Jacqueline Sierra

I just had PRK done yesterday and I feel AMAZING Dr rothman and his staff are awesome they made my whole experience from the beginning of my initial consultation until my post op worry free. I went in today and I couldn't stop smiling. I didn't think that I would feel this amazing after having the surgery yesterday. My husband had his Lasik done in Reno 10 years ago with Dr rothman so it was a no brainier to go with the BEST...............Thank you Dr rothman and staff for giving me the best experience ever.

Jeffrey Young

Excellent customer care!

Nick Francisco

The staff is super friendly they really work with you and they don't try to upset give you exactly what you need would definitely recommend to everybody out there who's looking Lasik surgery

Cindy Bagnell


Such a positive experience I don't know why I waited so long! Dr. Rothman and his staff are the best. Everyone is friendly and made me feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. Best decision I ever made.

Mindy Molisee

I have always been a little nervous about vision correction surgery, but eventually could not stand the discomfort from my contacts or glasses. After months of research, reviews, and consultations, I decided on LASIK of Nevada. From consultation to post-op, I couldn't be happier. I felt very at ease on surgery day and Dr. Rouweyha was amazing. He told me what I would expect from the surgery and during the entire procedure. I am extremely happy with my decision.

MK Cirame

From the consultation, to the financing, to the thorough and friendly pre-op and procedure-day attention, to the follow-up appointments and care that I received from Dr. Rothman and every staff member--I cannot be complementary enough to LASIK of Nevada. As important as our vision is, this procedure cannot be trusted to anyone but the best. The Best is what I consider my treatment at this office and the life-changing procedure they perform there. Anyone with the interest of investing in having true professionals perform lasik surgery should feel free to make an consultation appointment with Dr. Rothman and his excellent staff at LASIK of Nevada.

Dilon Petersen

The staff here is very friendly and helpful, starting from my first visit and everyone there after. Just simply amazing. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get LASIK.

Kelvin Souza

RoxAnna Foudray

After struggling with glasses that didn't clear my vision for the last several years, my Opthamologist, Dr. Perozek suggested I try lasik as he confirmed what I thought, that the industry could not make glasses strong enough for my type of vision any longer, and although I would probably still need glasses, they wouldn't be nearly the prescription strength as I had at the time before the Lasik procedure. He recommended Dr. Rothman as being the best in our area, being up on the latest techniques and having the best equipment from the industry. So after another year of struggling with this decision, I finally took the plunge. And on a beautiful day in June I went into the Lasik Clinic to have a consultation and decided to have lasik surgery the next day. The procedure is very well planned out, the staff and Doctor Rothman both seem very relaxed and exhibit confidence in their procedure, making the patients feel very comfortable and assured that they know what they are doing. After the procedure recovery time was very short, and I was able "see" without my glasses at a distance the next morning, driving for the first time in my adult life without glasses. I had one eye with some swelling so had to do additional drops. I found the "readers" from various stores, would not work for me, and I spent an entire week not being able to see anything clearly upclose for a week, which was pretty hard. I could use the readers for a few minutes at a time, but that was all. I did the distance vision procedure, not the mono-vision type. At my one week check up I obtained a "prescription" for my new glasses, needing very little correction on the main portion and a prescription for the bifocal or "reader" portion so I could see clearly to read and do computer, etc. Overall, very happy that I can now see at distance without glasses or very little correction considering where I started. Great procedure, recovery time and staff is excellent.

Felipe Andrade

Professional, clean, and very quick. The staff is really nice as well. They did well to comfort anyone before the procedure. They really care about you and I like that, you’re not just a number.

Jenifer Morse

Very friendly office staff. Answered all my questions. I’ve been wearing contacts/glasses for 28 years and I finally decided I had enough! So glad I did it, only wish I did it 20 years ago! Procedure and recovery was very smooth. Followed instructions and I’ve had no problems. I could see 20/20 the next day. Had my one week checkup and I can see even better. Very happy customer.

Tyler Bland

Everyone at the office is so nice and helpful! Had a great experience with my lasik!

Thomas Goodhines

Outstanding! Should have done it years ago. The staff is tremendous!

Jessica Frump

Excellent staff, and I couldn't be happier with the results. My vision is 20/15 a month after surgery! My only suggestion would be to take the "happy pills" earlier. Mine didn't kick in until the ride home. :)

Stefanie Hatt

I had the best experience with LASIK of Nevada. Dr. Rothman and all of the staff are really nice and very professional. They answered all my questions and made me feel safe. Since it is a bit scary to have surgery on your eyes. :) I highly recommend LASIK of Nevada!

Eric Nguyen

Best decision I’ve ever made was to commit to getting lasik and I’m glad I went with lasik of Nevada. Before my prescription was -6.5 with contacts and now I have 20/15 vision. Thank you Dr. Rothman and his amazingly nice and knowledgeable staff.

Robert Madden

Great experience. From consultation to surgery to post op check ups have been great. Would highly recommend Dr. Rothman and the whole staff.

Amelia Kohr

Kathryn Antolin


Highly recommended! If you are someone with vision problems, get LASIK here. You won't regret it!

Laurel Hanson

Great experience that was worth every cent for good vision! Everyone was very helpful and nice to work with through every step. They made it very nice and easy!


Awesome!! Now I have 20/15 vision, jumped two numbers. I couldn't believe that it takes 10min, the staff is great!!

Sergio Ramirez

The surgery felt weird and scary because I'm not comfortable with things getting close to my eyes. The only reason I decided to get LASIK eye surgery was because I was tired of people getting too close to my eyes whenever I need a new prescription of glasses. Even though the eye examinations were unpleasant and the surgery was scary, I knew those 15 minutes for the surgery would give me at least 20 years of good vision and now I don't regret getting the surgery at all because I now see perfectly without glasses.

Meghan Shanley

I couldn't wear contacts anymore and glasses gave me a headache, so I opted for Lasik. I went for consultations at several Lasik centers in Nevada, but ultimately chose Lasik of Nevada because of their success rate with Lasik as well as their friendly and helpful staff that answered any and all questions I had about the procedure and the followups. My vision wasn't too horrible to begin with, and a slight astigmatism. Six months later, I'm seeing 20/15 and still affirm that getting Lasik at Lasik of Nevada is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Jonathan Matthews

I had my Lasik surgery here and was very pleased with exceptional service and professionalism displayed by the whole Lasik of Nevada Team. I always felt welcome from the initial consultation, to day of the surgery, along with the follow-ups. Procedure itself took minutes and I wish I had have done this so much sooner. Definitely worth it!

Ryan Nokes

Wait for the swelling to go down and vision will be amazing. Friendly staff and Dr. Rothman chats with you the day of procedure to answer your questions.

Shae Campbell

as someone who was EXTREMELY terrified of the procedure, and had to take two attempts to work up to it - everything was fine and I can see great without the need for glasses now. Tess is great at calming people down and I probably would have canceled my procedure if she wasn't working that day.

Madeline Parquette

I would recommend LASIK of Nevada.

Ryan Augustine

Crema Canlapan

Jovana Milicevic

This year for Christmas I decided to get Lasik eye surgery. After a few weeks of research I decided Lasik of Nevada was where I wanted to get my surgery done. The staff was amazing from the pre-op to my 3 month post-op. They make you feel very comfortable, answer alllll the questions you have, and assure you MANY times when you are scared that you will be okay. Dr. Rothman did my surgery and I would recommend everyone to him, he is very gentle and understanding, not to mention amazing at what he does. The procedure itself was fast and painless, as for afterwards I recommend listening to the staff when they tell you to get over the counter sleep aids (life saver).


I was very hesitant about Lasik surgery, so I did my due diligence and research prior to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rothman at Lasik of Nevada. Not only did they answer all of my questions and concerns about Lasik surgery but they even provided information on things I didn't even know to ask about. I definitely made the right decision; from the knowledgeable and courteous staff who walked me thru every part of the process, to the professional facility that put my fears at ease, I felt nothing but confident. The icing on the cake is definitely Dr. Rothman, he explained everything as it was happening and I have to say, it went by so fast that there isn't really time to be nervous about the surgery. (It happened in the blink of an eye! Bad pun!

Laura Love


Dr. Rothman and the staff are amazing. Their level of care and knowledge is exceptional. I felt safe and well cafes for the whole time. I wish I would have done LASIK sooner, the results are amazing. I recommend that anyone considering corrective surgery go to LASIK of Nevada. They're by far the best.

nestor chavez

As a member of the armed forces my vision means everything to do my job. I did my homework on everyone in the valley to choose to do my procedure and I couldn't of been more satisfied with my choice. Dr. Rothman and his team is absolutely amazing, before during and after the procedure. There wasnt anything that would suprise me, everything in my experience was talked about before it would happen making the experience comfortable. I have 20/15 vision now after almost a month. Best money I ever spent. Would highley reccomend this team. Thanks again guys! -Nestor

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