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Bronnie Caradona

I am so happy I went to Dr. Rothman to have this surgery done. He and his team made me feel very confident in their work, and the results are so good that I couldn't recommend this company more. I am addicted to reading again - my eyes automatically search out tiny writing just for fun:-)

Tiffanee Sandoval

Dr Rothman and his team are AMAZING!!! They are so nice and make this process so smooth and easy. They work with you financially. I always have their jingle on the radio stuck in my head and part of their commercial says it gives you “visual freedom”. That is SO true. I am About two weeks post opp and the freedom i feel from my glasses and contacts is AMAZING!! I have been so emotional lately because i have Never been able to just get up and go with my day. Glasses and contacts weighed me down and Dr Rothman freed me from them. It’s so nice waking up and instantly seeing. Getting up in the middle of the night and seeing where i am Walking instead of searching for my glasses. This was BY FAR the best decision. I have EVER made for myself . If you are looking for that sign to tell you go get it done, here it is GO GET IT DONE!

Carrie Goslin

The best choice I could make for myself!! The people here are very nice and the doctor was amazing! Can’t say enough good things about them!!

Devyn Luttrell

Super friendly staff, very professional. Procedure was streamlined and effortless as was scheduling. Extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you Lasik of Nevada

Samantha Nguyen

The staff at LASIK of Nevada were so amazing and so sweet. The procedure itself was so easy and the staff and doctor made me feel so calm. I gave four stars only because I didn't feel like I was prepared for how the recovery process went afterwards. I would have like to be sat down and told you're going to experience x,y, and z after the procedure and so on. I could have asked but I assumed it was going to be mentioned since it was such a major procedure. Otherwise my experience was great!

Cindy Whooley

Kudos to the staff, they were very nice, friendly and attentive. Dr. Rothman was super nice and was very cheerful and made sure we understand how the procedure would go and helped calm my nerves:) Everytime went better than I expected. I am so glad I chose to get lasik and chose the right place to get it done. I would recommend this office, great group of people. YAY no no contacts or glasses for me :p

Nathan Harris

Amazing staff, amazing vision. Everyone was friendly and informative. I’m seeing better than when I was in contacts! 10/10 best decision for my vision I ever made.

Brennan Jones

Experience at LASIK of Nevada was nothing but stellar. The staff is truly passionate about what they do, and what they do is improve your eyesight while providing a world class highest service level. LASIK of Nevada is an extremely well run business thanks to their dedicated staff and the quality leadership of Dr. Rothman. If I needed to I would absolutely go back, but luckily for me they took me from a -6.5 prescription to 20/15 vision!

billy hales

Wonderful staff! Awesome doctor! I can see when I wake up!!!

Mona Martinez

The staff here was super friendly and made the entire process really easy! My eyesight is incredible now, such an amazing experience to be able to see so clearly.

Trisha Eberly

Super friendly staff, they make you as comfortable as possible and walk you through the process step by step. I was able to see perfectly the next day with little discomfort and now have 20/15 vision which is better than 20/20. I do recommend sleeping the entire day of the procedure when you get home as there is a lot of pain for the first several hours after; sleeping pills are a must! Incredibly happy with the results and everyone who helped with the process there is fantastic. Best decision I could make for myself.

Holly White

Lasik was the best decision that I have ever made and the best investment I have ever decided to do for myself. After suffering with allergies from contacts after wearing them for 11 years and forced to wear glasses every day, this really was my only option for clear vision without the hassle. I cannot thank Lasik of Nevada enough for the smooth process from the consultation to the post-op appointments. Dr. Rothman was considerate, caring, and ultimately wanted the best result for each patient in the room. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who wants to see in 20/20 or better.

Ali Henn

The entire experience was amazing. From the consult to the follow appointments. The staff is caring and is able to answer any questions. Not having to use my eye glasses or contacts has truly been life changing. I highly recommended LASIK of Nevada!

Nicolle Conner

Great experience getting lasik. Quick and easy. Much better than glasses and contacts. Well organized with appointments. I would highly recommend!

Kate Fulton

Dr. Rothman and his staff were amazing! They were courteous and professional every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Lasik of Nevada to anyone considering Lasik. Thank you Dr. Rothman!!

Edgar Palma

Great experience for me. My horrible vision has plagued me for 20 years, this procedure is something I was very nervous about. The staff treated me kindly from the moment I walked in. Tessa helped cement my decision with her positive life outlook. Dr. Rothman helped calm my nerves and made me feel confident about everything. Definitely recommend this team to anyone considering vision correction.

zay D

My experience here was one of a kind. Never have I been treated so kindly and professionally. The whole entire staff was amazing! Dr. Rothman was also outstanding he made the procedure a calming experience and I really couldn’t see myself going anywhere else. He’s definitely the best and I’d recommend him to all my friends and family!

Nora Minton

This practice is a well-oiled machine. The staff is amazing, friendly, knowledgeable. The procedure was so quick. Dr. Rothman is awesomely. Very impressed. I can see again! Absolutely amazing.

Jusst Jess

Everyone in the office are super nice and approachable. They show no annoyance when answering any questions and I highly appreciate that they remember you every time you come in. They do a great job making sure your comfortable and know everything that is and will happen. The lasik procedure was quick and relatively painless. It may seem pricey at about five grand for both eyes, but they live up to their discounts and have an easy sign up and useable loan partner that works with their patients. It feels amazing waking up every day and being able to see immediately, no need to hunt for my glasses anymore! Thank you so much Dr. Rothman and your incredible staff for changing my life in the best way!

Jessi Domire

Effecient and fast customer service. Details explained well, financing easy to obtain, surgery was quick and I did notice improved vision right away. At my first post-op appointment I was seeing 20/20 and the same with my one week. A couple of things to note: 1. Be on time, late comers will be rescheduled 2. They tell you to go to sleep for the first 8 hours after surgery, they also recommend taking a sleep aid to facilitate this. I would tell you that I used benadryl and ibuprofen- if I had something stronger that would have improved my experience. First 6-8 hours really was miserable; but, after that my eyes stopped burning and I could see well within 12 hours post op. Overall worth the experience

Jackson H.

Great service, friendly staff, being able to get near 20/20 vision after having years of terrible eyesight is amazing.

Blake Porter

Definitely would recommend not only the procedure but the fabulous team!

twila greybiehl

Amazing experience, wouldn’t have went anywhere else.

Ashleigh Easley

The ladies in the office are more than phenomenal. Everyone I encountered was positive, helpful and encouraging. Dr. Rothman is a character. He keeps things light and makes terrible jokes that made me laugh while I really was freaking out a bit. Hands down the procedure was a miracle. I have 20/15 vision now and couldn't get out of bed without my glasses on before. I am so excited I chose Lasik of Nevada. Tessa Rodriguez is the bee's knees and cares about people with a genuine and beautiful heart. Mahalo! Aloha!

Katrena Kalleres

Extremely friendly staff, the doctors were great and my surgery was fabulous!!

Shanon Ignatich

I should of had lasik years ago. Only has been a week but I love having no glasses. Yes I will have cheaters cause I’m older. This is a gift that I’m greatful for. Love the staff there they take really good care of you. The doctor is great calm explained what was going to happen. He has the most steady hands my husband said. Doctor Rothman is wonderful. Thank you to the LASIK team

Pride Movement Fitness

PRK is a much slower recovery but I’m happy with the progress nonetheless

Katrina Dye

My whole experience was amazing with LASIK Of Nevada! Dr. Rothman and his incredible staff were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made and will always recommend this team to anyone that’s considering LASIK.

Logan Gingrich

Dr. Rothman and his office is miraculous! Choosing Lasik of NV is the best choice I have made in some time. Thank you


Very great experience very knowledgeable people. Always smiling and happy to see you. Makes for a great experience

ዮኒ ማኛ Yoni Magna

I used my prescription glasses for the last 27 years . LASIK Of Nevada did an amazing job giving my eyes back . They have an amazing stuff members too . They said 10 minutes was a lie . Honestly my doctor took him only 4 minutes for both my eyes . After that I saw right away and I was even shocked !!! I will give LASIK Of Nevada a million star ⭐️ if they have it . They deserve it ❤️❤️❤️❤️. They finance you as well ,but I’m blessed I cash out . If you spend so much money as men for cars ir Jordan’s or clothes or play station and as women spend your money purses

Kayte Doty

Amazing staff and awesome Lasik results. I should have done it sooner!

Aimee Bell

The doctors and staff at Lasik of Nevada make the entire process fabulous! From the beginning you are greeted with smiling, helpful people who do everything they can to make you comfortable with the entire process. They are all knowledgeable and enthusiastic about ensuring your experience is everything you hope for. During the procedure, Dr. Rothman walks you through step-by-step, so there is no scary unknown. If I had known it would be this fabulous, I would have had my lasik done years ago. I highly recommend visiting add. Rothman and his staff to have the best lasik experience available. Absolutely fabulous experience!

Amy Piper

I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts for literally half my life. Once I knew I was done having babies I started looking into lasik. I took a quiz on social media from lasik of Nevada and got a response to schedule a consultation immediately! From that contact to my actual lasik procedure was 2 weeks. I went from seeing worse than 20/400 to seeing 20/15! The doctors and staff are amazing and I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you guys!

Pam Taecker

The staff at the Reno location were exceptional, very friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable having the surgeon perform LASIK on me, he spent as much time going through the process and answered all of my questions. While I was waiting for the procedure there was another candidate that he had double checked and decided it was not a good outlook without further testing...that meant a lot because it showed he truly cared for his patients not just about the money!!

Brooke Morrison

I’ve had a great experience. All of the staff is incredibly nice and friendly, including Dr. Rothman. He has done an excellent job on my LASIK procedure. I highly recommend this place.

James Ragsdale

Amazing, all very professional and my vision went to 20/15 in 20 minutes. No regrets what so ever! I was so blind before. 4 stars because during the procedure, if their idea was to calm me down, they didn’t whatsoever. Again worth it though.

Levi Langdale

Dr.Rothman is the best and I would not have trusted my eyes with anyone else. All the staff are so friendly and supportive. Tessa is the main reason I chose lasik of NV after talking to her and big shout out to her ! I was -5.00 near sighted and now I’m at 20/10 vision ! Can’t believe how my life has changed :)

jacob parrish

Over all an excellent experience. I feel like a complete person now and no longer have to rely on glasses. The only downside is that the Doctor that performs the surgery lives in Vegas and doesn't meet with patients individualy before the surgery. However he is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what he does.

brandon sterett

New eyes never felt so good!

Tim Garner

Great experience and great employees

Reno Dentists

Fantastic experience! So simple and such an immediate quality of life improvement!! The entire staff and Dr Rothman provide an excellent experience

Miranda Niccum

I had the best experience at Lasik of Nevada. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I had my surgery the following week after my consultation, so I got in very quick. I will definitely be sending my friends in. Thank you Lasik of Nevada.

Leah M Johnson, Jr

Walked in wearing glasses, walked out seeing 20/15, and even able to read a lot better up close. It is wonderful not having to put on glasses the first thing every morning. The staff is helpful and very nice. They explain everything very well. Like the ad says, I wish I would have done this sooner.

Heather Cummins

Having Lasix surgery with Dr Rothman was an excellent experience. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Rothman’s experience and expertise are evident with how smoothly the entire process went from consult to surgery day. I really appreciate the time Dr Rothman spent going over the surgery and what to expect after. My only regret if I had any was not doing it sooner. I could not be happier with my results!

Chelsea Camarena

The experience was quick. The office associates are extremely friendly. They seem to actually know who I am when I walk in and such (I know I have an appointment, but it is genuine). The procedure itself was easy. Dr.Rothman ensured to communicate the entire time with what he was doing throughout the entire procedure. I appreciated the entire experience. Thank you.

Nej Sregor

I have been extremely pleased with the front desk, doctors and performance of my procedure! No complaints!

Joel Turnbow

The experience from beginning to end was pleasant.All the staff are awsome.I am more than pleased with the outcome of my lasik.I would recommend to anyone that wants to get rid of they're glasses or contacts.

Sariah Leavitt

I am so very happy with my LASIK experience. They are very fast, helpful and amazing. Love the staff. I am so glad I went through with the surgery and the process. It’s not as scary as some people think. I really am so very happy and greatful. I can see, wear sunglasses and do all my outdoor activities not worrying about my glasses.

Melanie Mel

Amazing staff, awesome doctors, easy financing options. Everyone was helpful and thorough. I am very glad I made the decision to get lasik. Thank you Lasik of NV!

Lexy Rotter

Awesome staff. Very informative. Quick and easy surgery. Seems way scarier than it is. It's over in a heartbeat. I went in seeing 20/400 and now I have better than 20/20 vision. It's honestly amazing, I still can't believe it. If you're on the edge about getting it done, do it. You won't regret it.

steven Chmura

One of the most efficient and well organized offices I’ve visited. The staff are all welcoming and pleasant. The actual day of procedure was the same, great staff and Dr himself sat and talked allowing everyone to be comfortable prior the very short procedure! Wish I did it sooner, but glad I ended up here.

Karenina Lasatira

LOVE the experience! The doctors and the staffs are awesome. The procedure took only few minutes and painless. I can see clear now. Thank you guys!

Kim Kelly

Great!! From the consultation to the procedure to the rechecks, they were very professional and answered all of my questions. The day of the procedure was well planned and they had a way of taking away your nervousness. I can't believe it took me so long to do it. I would highly recommend Lasik of Nevada.

Lauren Solinger

Lasik of Nevada is hands down the most kind and professional doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. Every single staff member is kind, remembers me by name, and is always there to accommodate and answer questions. Every step of my lasik journey has been thoroughly explained kindly and in a way that’s easy to understand. I’ve heard such great things about this place from family members and friends who have had their eyes done here, so I felt absolutely safe here. I could not be more pleased with my results. My eyes feel fantastic and I can see! The day of the procedure went smoothly and Dr. Rothman is a fantastic doctor who answered all our questions with humor and truth. I can not recommend this place enough.

Leticia Ledesma

From the day of the initial consultation, the entire staff has been extremely friendly. The day of the procedure was awesome-scored some cool swag. Dr. Rothman was totally cool and made us (the group in pre-op) laugh and eased our nerves. Procedure was quick like he said. Today I am happy to say I see 20/20 vision without the need of glasses or contacts

Genesia Schadler

Best group of people!!! You are treated with respect, everything is explained in detail, all questions answered and best of all, they have a great sense of humor!

Jarred Abernathy

Wonderful group of professionals with a very well-ran office. My vision went from 20/240 or something like that to better than 20/10!

Angelina Montez

Professional staff and very helpful.

Brei Duminie

Great customer service! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Dr Rothman was ver patient with me when I had a hard time keeping my eyes in one spot. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to them if they wants lasik! I was able to see 20/20 not even 24 hours later!

Stephen Novello

Was a great experience and is happy with the results. Staff is very friendly an helpful.

Navy Man

Great people, awesome Doctor...EASY financing. Worth every penny. Please, if you have lived most of your life with glasses or contacts as I USED TO consider this. It is life changing.

Shane Whitecloud

As an entertainer and a public speaker, I spend a lot of my time on stages addressing large groups of people. I hated having to wear my glasses just to be able to see everyone in the room. My vision was 20/20 with glasses. I took the plunge and visited Lasik of Nevada where the staff were extremely friendly and caring. The procedure took roughly 10 minutes total for both eyes, and now I’m a 42 year old man with 20/10 vision WITHOUT glasses! I couldn’t be more pleased to leave this review. Thanks to the team at Lasik, I feel young again! If you want to see my procedure, go to my Facebook page at @officialwhitecloud where I shared my whole experience on Facebook live. The first day wasn’t easy, trying to sleep and keep my eyes closed, but that next day was a life changer!

Bryan Orellana

Dr. Rothman basically has the Midas touch. He made the procedure easy to understand, he gave me a walkthrough before the procedure. Additionally he talked me though every step he was doing during the procedure. Dr. Rothman did en excellent job. The staff was very supportive and encouraging, many of them have had the procedure done so they answered any questions I had. I’m glad I don’t have to act like Velma from Scooby-Doo anymore in the mornings when searching for my glasses. I’m very happy with my 20/15 Vision Thanks Lasik of Nevada Quick shout out to Teresa, for getting me mentally prepared for the procedure. Go Panthers!

Jimmy crack corn

I am truly impressed with lasik of nevada dr Rothman is the best and his staff is amazing I am super grateful to have chosen them and I couldnt be happier .

Becky Rossback

The place is amazing! From the front office to the procedure table this staff is amazing. Thanks for talking me through it all peeps! I love my new eyes!!!!

Jason Carter

All I can say is the Lasik of Nevada is awesome! 4 days after my lasik procedure and I’m seeing 20/15! The procedure was simple and all my questions were answered. Thank you all for the freedom!

steve taylor

The process from start to finish is incredibly easy. The staff and doctors are very professional and take every effort to make sure you're comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend LASIK by Dr.Rothman to anyone who is burdened by glasses or contacts.

Andy Saindon

Was a great experience. Staff was amazing and Dr. Rothman is the best! I now have 20/15 vision. I would recommend them to anyone I know or even people I dont. It was great!

Brittney Bailey

I love Lasik if NV and I would recommend them to everyone. The staff there is always smiling an so friendly. They all did an amazing job with all my needs and questions as well as doing their best to make us all feel comfortable.

Rex Gifford

Awesome experience! I can see 20/15! Dr. Rothman and is whole staff are very professional and courteous. They even remember my name when I go in for my visits. I especially like how Dr. Rothman takes the time to explain the procedure and what to expect. Explaining what was going to happen calmed my nerves and anxiety. I can't thank Dr. Rothman and his staff enough. Great job guys!

James Robb

Lasik of Nevada is a very inviting business that made the entire process from consultation, pre-op, operation day, and post-ops easy and comfortable to me. The price range was what I was expecting and they offer multiple loan options if that is something you need. Dr. Rothman was amazing and made the operation feel much less stressful. All of the staff I was with were great!

Kit Johnson

From consultation to post-op checkup, this process only took one week! For the first time in my life, I can see. I can see better now than I ever did with glasses or contacts, and the experience was easy and pleasant. Everyone who works at Lasik of Nevada is happy, helpful, and efficient. It is obvious they enjoy their work and the feeling of contentment makes the whole space comfortable. Dr. Rothmann was efficient and thorough, and very likeable. I would recommend the procedure and Dr. Rothmann specifically to anyone with poor vision. This was the best choice I’ve made!

Jaquelynn Trulli

Not only is the procedure so worth it, but I really love the staff. They’re so friendly and knowledgeable. They call you by your name and remember you. It really makes you feel at ease when you go through the procedure too. The office is beautiful and they have refreshments and snacks for while you’re here. It really is a luxurious experience!

CC Bigs

This has been the best experience ever. The procedure itself took maybe 8 minutes. Dr. Rothman and his staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and walked me through step by step. I now will be able to see! Without my glasses! And in time for my wedding day just around the corner! I am so happy and thankful that I FINALLY went in and got it done! I should have done this a long time ago. The payment plan is affordable, And worth it.

Ernesto Diaz

I had a great experience with the full Lasik if Nevada team and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting Lasik. Super professional and friendly group of people who help each step of the way! PLUS- I have great vision now!!

Joan Reynolds

I was surprised that both eyes were done at the same time with very quick recovery time, not to mention it’s wonderful to see

Erica Cary

Best experience. The staff was absolutely wonderful and everything was explained in detail. Nice clean and comfortable facility.

Sara Fisher

This has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. Waking up the next morning and being able to see was incredible. The entire staff was super friendly and helpful making it that much better of an experience.

Susanne Gargano

Friendly helpful staff. Everything went smoothly. Should have done it years ago. Very happy with the results so far.

Raymundo Solano

All the staff were really professional with what they do, I’m glad I got through that surgery with them. Thanks to the people who talk Spanish, they really helped me out. God bless you guys

Chris Rivera

I was happy with the whole process. Office staff was friendly and helpful. I felt like all my questions were answered. On the day of my procedure I think things went well. Today is my one week appointment and I feel like my healing is going well and I can see really good. Looking forward to having things sharpen up a little. I would recommend people do this. So good not having to wear glssses. Thanks.


A great place with great people. My experience couldn't have been better, if you're considering Lasik, I would highly recommend LASIK of Nevada!

Tim Zagar

I didn't have positive experience. They improved my distance vision, but now I don't see anything up close. If I would know that it will go that bad I would never do this. This was the worst ever $3000 that I spend. I need to wear glasses now al the time and that was not appropriate explain to me. Ladies at the front desk can be nice, but they can also be let's say not so nice.

Jessica Wright

I was really nervous but the entire staff was really friendly and patient. The procedure was really quick and completely painless. I was 20/15 by the next day. Definitely worth it.

Elizabeth Hawkins

LASIK of Nevada is an amazing eye care facility. I was able to schedule my consultation in the same week that I called. At my consultation everything was explained to me in great deal. At my appointment, I was fully prepared of what was going to happen. Dr Rothman has excellent bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. The customer service provided by everybody is definitely better than a lot of other medical facilities that I have been too. They have made me feel so happy with my decision to choose LASIK. Not to mention that it has been great to not have to deal with contacts or need to wear glasses anymore.

Nick Jansen

Professional and courteous staff. Doctors were congenial and thoughtful in their assessments. From consult to post-op, was a positive experience.

Josh Wilson

Quick and easy and painless. Wish I would have had this done years ago.

Elizabeth Robinson

The people were friendly, helpful, and able to answer any questions that I had. The doctor who did my procedure was the doctor who checked my eyes for the follow up the next day and I found that comforting. The only thing that I didn't like was I made appointments and then was asked to change because they didn't want me with a certain doctor. I had already taken the day off from work to make the 2 hour trip down and changing was very inconvenient for me. So far the experience has been a pleasant one and I would recommend this office to others.

Heather Baker

I can not say enough about Lasik of Nevada. Dr Rothman and his staff are amazing! From the first visit they are helpful, complete with ALL information, and answering any questions! They are sweet, funny and so very personable! I would reccomend them to anyone on the fence about Lasik!! Best thing I ever did!!

Andrea Rajeksi

I would highly recommend the Lasik Of Nevada to anyone interested in getting this procedure done. The staff at the office and the doctor is outstanding. Everyone was so helpful. The day of the surgery was so easy, and for the doctor to spend time with each person in a group atmosphere was outstanding. He answered questions, didn't rush anyone. I had issues seeing after having cataract surgery and was referred to Lasik of Nevada, I now can see distance, reading street signs etc with no issues at all. If I ever have to have the other eye done, as one eye is for close up work and the other for distance, I would go back and get the left eye done. So very pleased.

Neal Shea

Place is awesome they were very nice and extremely careful as the double checked even triple checked my prescription strength. I had a great experience my vision and eyes feel great. If you have any doubts about doing this do yourself a favor and at least stop in for a consultation.

Kristin Shockney

If you are thinking about getting lasik, you should not think anymore. The procedure takes only minutes and the results are life changing. Thank you to Dr. Rothman and his staff for making my vision perfect.

Gavin D

The whole staff is extremely friendly. They take a personal interest in your experience and do their best to make it a good one. Dr. Rothman is very professional and did a great job. If I were to need surgery again I would definitely go back.

Abigail Feenstra

First rate service and care! Honest, caring and professional. Office staff friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for your care and comfort. After a military accident I was left with less than average vision issues. Dr Rothman and his associates have made it where I can see like I did when i was in my 20s.

Teresa Calderon

This was the greatest decision. I couldn't be happier with my lasik I now see better then 20/20 it was so easy and went alot faster then I expected. Dr. Rothman and his staff are absolutely amazing. Thank you all for helping me see better then I ever have in my life.

Jenna Duncan

Great experience. They were quick to get me into all of my appointments, very organized and professional. My actual Lasik procedure went great-it’s amazing to be free of glasses/contacts! Would highly recommend Lasik of Nevada.

Jenelle Stathes

I could not be more excited that I can seeeeeeeeee!!! The process was much easier than I expected and I’m glad that I finally got it done!

Craig Black

So easy! The surgery was fast and painless. The office is clean and never had to wait long. The doctors are top notch. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience or result, thank you to LASIK of Nevada!

Fernando Rizo

Amazing experience, this has been the best decisions I’ve made! Staff is always so helpful and welcoming! Thank you Lasik of Nevada !!

Mendy Maserang

I am so happy I chose to have my lasik procedure at Lasik of Nevada here in Reno. Dr Rothman and his staff were amazing. The whole experience went like clockwork and everyone was thorough, answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I went through the pre-op process, the staff helped me feel secure and prepared. It is so wonderful to NOT wear glasses and contacts anymore because I now have 20/20 vision!

Brittnie Sanders

Dr. Rothman is very kind and does a great job of explaining the procedure before starting. During the procedure that continues and he walks you through it step by step. His office staff is very helpful and excited for you. Definitely recommend them!

Rebecca Richstad

I can't say enough amazing things about Dr. Rothman and his team! What a wonderful experience! The whole LASIK procedure was pain free and everyone was so supportive and wonderful. If you are going to do LASIK the only man for the job is Dr. Rothman!

melissa house

Really happy with the new vision, and all the staff there is so great ! Great job guys !!!! Thank you

Ash Ladouceur

Was terrified, yet got 20/15 eyesight out of it! Writing this 1 day post-op and can already tell recovery is going to be a breeze. Dr. Rothman is an absolute pro and you will be in great hands.

Natalie Lindsay

The staff and doctors are outstanding! I feel like they presented me with great information and explained everything every step of the way. I had the procedure and I’m seeing better than I ever have in my life. I’m just sorry I waited so long to have Lasik. It’s really changed my life.

Jon Deisenroth

Always there for me both before and after my surgery. Dr Rothman is top notch and was able to do surgery on my eyes which as he put it had black diamond slopes. Thank you Dr. Rothman for all you do!

Alicia Fehr

Super friendly, very knowledgeable staff! The whole process was explained well and was easy to go through. The procedure was quick and painless. I had really bad vision and a strong astigmatism in both eyes, but after Lasik I ended up with perfect vision! If I knew it was this easy I would have done it years ago! I had worn glasses for almost 30 years. Now life without glasses is amazing!! Thank you Dr. Rothman!

Joseph Dayton

Wonderful and quick experience. The team was very kind and helpful and I couldn't be more happy with the results.

Omar Felix

I honestly 10/10 recommend this to anyone that has ever debated about getting LASIK. It's the best decision I've ever made freeing myself from those annoying glasses. Even though I am a shy guy they made me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I don't regret anything about this procedure.

Steve Lehr

Everyone at LASIK of Nevada is helpful, professional, and polite. All my questions were addressed thoughtfully and to my satisfaction. I really enjoy my new vision.....should have done this years ago!!!!

Adam Castleman

It's been exactly one week since I had my surgery with Dr. Rothman, and I couldn't be happier with my experience and results. The entire surgery lasted all of 10 minutes, wasn't painful or even that uncomfortable, and the doctors and nurses were all very friendly and helpful. They recommend you go to sleep right after, which I was happy to do! 7 hours later I had 20/20 and my recovery has been fast and easy. I was back to work the next morning. If your hesitating for any reason, just bite the bullet and do it! It's truly has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you everyone at LASIK of Nevada!! I owe my entire vision to you guys. Thanks for making my life easier and more enjoyable.

Elizabeth Huizar

Awesome staff. The process was super fast and painless.

Angela Endicott

Coming from a small town in AK and visiting Reno for a short time, I asked my old friends for recommendations for Lasik. I have continuously felt comfortable and welcomed every time I’ve gone in. Dr. Rothman was awesome during surgery and helped guide and remind me to relax with all my anxious feelings! Would definitely recommend!

Anais Maurel

This was a great experience from the beginning to the end. Everyone that I’ve talked to and worked with has been so welcoming, attentive and friendly. They learned my name and knew who I was every time I’ve come back for a follow up appointment even though they see so many patients. Dr. Rothman is really funny and personable and he did great work! I’m so happy with my new vision and can thank the whole team for that!

Sue Gonzalez

Process is simple, fast, & easy. Recovery was a breeze, & the staff is friendly & everyone is knowledgeable about every aspect of the process . Finance option was a plus , for me it made sense based on how much I spend a year in contacts and glasses .

Devin Marigny

A life changing experience and the most friendly, professional staff I've ever encountered. From start to finish all of my questions were answered to satisfaction. The freedom I have gained with the Lasik procedure is absolutely amazing.

Liz Gonzalez

I'm so happy I finally decided to get lasik surgery. After ten years of wearing glasses and contacts, Lasik of Nevada gave me my vision back. The staff and doctor were great to me. It was nothing, but a great, non-painful experience and the fact that I am able to see its just amazing. I highly recommend Lasik of Nevada.

Tiffany Barton

Very pleased with my experience with Lasik of Nevada. All the staff are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely highly recommend Lasik of Nevada. I am so happy with my results, my only regret is not doing it sooner!!

David McGown

Wonderful support through the whole process.. Incredible results and nice follow ups. Highly recommended

Ryan Suhrie

They got be seeing better than 20/20


I had a great experience here, very friendly people. The Doctor was super nice and understanding. I’m so thankful that I can see now. It was absolutely worth it! I’m so happy!

Carlos Abello

The doctors and staff at LASIK of Nevada are wonderful! They are friendly and caring. My experience has been pleasant, positive and just awesome! Keep up the good work, everyone!

Citlalli linares

The staff was really friendly and helpful! My whole experience was great I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Cal-Neva Transport & Tow

Worth every penny, i was struggling to see the larger objects, now its all clear, quick procedure, it was more nervousness than enything else. Highly recomend it.

Maggie O'Mahoney

Amazing! I was so nervous but the staff here is absolutely amazing. I was walked through the entire process beforehand and then the doctor talks you through the surgery itself. It happened so quick and I could already see better the moment I stood up. It's cliche, but I wish I had done this sooner!! I 100% recommend this place and you shouldn't even consider anywhere else. I've already told coworkers and friends to come here =) I used to not be able to see my hands in front of me without contacts and now I can crisply see EVERYTHING. thank you so much!!

Maggie Magallanes

I decided to look into the LASIK procedure. I was clueless and scared. However, this office is absolutely amazing! The staff makes you feel welcomed and they are very knowledgeable about the procedure. It is quick, painless and super easy!! The doctors are so amazing such goofballs but they make you feel as if you have known them for forever! My fear for this procedure was well surpassed by the kindness and assurance of how it goes down. The check ups are super quick and easy. I highly recommend LASIK of Nevada.

Jorge Bernal

I am beyond satisfied with my experience here at Lasik of NV. The entire staff was very professional and helpful with all of my questions and concerns. The procedure isn’t what you’d expect; it was painless and easy. I remember when I was nervous about the whole thing but I am glad to say I have no regrets here. My favorite part was all of the candy they have to offer. :P

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