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REVIEWS OF Overland Optical Family Eye Care IN Missouri

Mary Peirick

Every experience I have with this place is great! Dr Phil spent more time explaining my eye issues than anyone ever has and Kim is absolutely the best! Great customer service!

Ginny Valdes

My first experience with Overland Optical was excellent. My brother has been a patient there for several years, due to a fall and him unable to get to this location to replace his broken frames they were extremely helpful.I live in Illinois and my brother in St Louis Mo. they mailed the frame to me so I could insert his lenses and return his broken frame to them. No questions of trusting me to do so just concern about my brothers well being after his fall.I would recommend them to anyone for their Friendly and Professional service. Thank for your help and conern Breana

Amanda Reitmeyer

Every time I go to Overland they always are absolutely amazing with my entire family. Made the process for my 7 year old getting glasses so easy!! Can’t suggest them enough!!

Eileen Schumacher

Just came in to browse & even though I didn't purchase and arrived near closing time, April took the time to answer all of my questions and kindly adjusted my glasses, free of charge & I'm not even a patient here. Wonderful selection, personable & patient staff. I plan on becoming a patient when my insurance renews, due the the service I recieved. Keep doing what you're doing!

Brittany Banks

I went to the st. Charles location and your front desk person is really ignorant almost makes me not wanna come back again. She obviously doesn’t like her job. Should re-evaluate her position.

Cami Wade

At my first appointment, the eye doctor got my prescription wrong. I left with trial contacts in and my vision was insanely blurry and concerning. I then went back to the doctor a week later and told her and she acted like I was mistaken and that her prescription she had given me was correct. She did not offer to re-examine me. I had to be blunt and tell her that I wanted her to reexamine me and correct my perscription because clearly I would know that I can't see clearly! She acted very frustrated with me that she had to correct it, but she did and now I can see. I tried three different trial contacts to see which one felt most comfortable in my eyes. The first pair were blurry and kept spinning and wouldn't stay in place, the second pair were scratchy like sand paper and the third were perfect. By the third trip back I finally found a pair that I liked. I called and ordered a 1 year supply over the phone and gave her my credit card information and had asked them to mail the contacts to me as I am very busy and don't have time to come by a FIFTH time. The woman on the phone told me that they would arrive to me within 3 business days. Two weeks passed and I called them to ask them where my contacts were and they told me that they were sitting in the store for over a week and that they don't mail out 6 month supplies. I was upset and told them that I had ordered and paid for a YEAR supply and also told them they they were suppose to be SHIPPED to my house a week ago and no one even bothered to call me to tell me they were in! How long would they have sat there if I would t have called? I then had to go into the store for a 4th time. I pick up my contacts and try them on and realize that they ordered me the WRONG brand, the scratchy sand paper kind that I hated. I then had to drive back and tell them that they ordered me the wrong contacts and proceeded to explain to the doctor sitting at the front desk how displeased I have been and explained everything I had to deal with. She was not apologetic at all and seemed to have a really bad attitude towards me which made me feel super uncomfortable. She then gave me a 4th set of trial contacts to try because they forgot to put in the brand of contacts I previously wanted to purchase in their records on their computer..... I called the office today to tell them that I wanted to order a year supply of this latest trial contact and the woman over the phone was super rude, I was in mid sentence explaining I had a credit when them on file when she puts me on hold without warning. She transfers me over to talk to another woman who took my order. After I was done ordering she just said 'bye'. No 'have a nice day', or sorry for the mix-up. I am one of the most easy going people ever but I'm so done dealing with this business. I will never go here again. I am blown away.

Randy A

Prompt and first-class service when I walk in the door continues on throughout the exam and Eye care purchase. Very personable tone during the visit. Great follow up when everything was ready - and in less than 3 days. Easily fulfilled all my needs, a definite referral!

Katy Jokerst

Overland has been my family eye Dr for as long as I can remember .. Recently we have been really upset with the service we have gotten the past few times we have gone. The Dr. her self can't even look up from her cellphone to greet you, when you walk in through the door and she is sitting at the front counter. My lenses were defective and the tech took my glasses and tried to take my Anti-Glare coating off (did not okay with us, or even check if warranty was still active). Her doing so permanently smudged my glasses, making it not livable for me .. Glasses are no longer under warranty so I'm screwed. She then sent us to the Overland MO office to replace the lenses due to the fact they were defective. The so called 'manager' (Brian) at the Overland office is COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE!!! He was smirking, laughing, shaking his head at me and my mom the whole time because, yes they were replacing my lenses, but without my Anti-Glare which I never even wanted off in the first. He told me that I had pay $150 plus tax to get it put back on, due to the fact my glasses are out of warranty. UHM NO!!! your tech took it off without approval, or even looking to see if the warranty was still active, and I want it back. After about an hr of me and mom going back and forth with him arguing over something that should've been a quick and easy understanding. He agreed to put the Anti-Glare back on .. Needless to say, me and my family will NEVER be going back to this company.

Colleen Haley

Rex Fountain

Doctor Phil and staff were great. Visit was first for my daughter and experience was fantastic. Left with her first pair of glasses and was thrilled.

Mary Leonard

Great Doctor. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Bailey Conte

I loved the eye doctors! They were great. But if something is wrong when your glasses come in, don't expect them to fix them. They treated my husband very unprofessionally. I won't be recommending them because of this.

Laurie Sikorski

Jack Phillips

I just went in for a repair (even though I purchased my glasses someplace else) since I heard they we great at glasses repair. They were right! Sheila was super friendly and helped me out in minutes repairing my plastic frame that was starting to break! I will recommend overland optical to all my friends and plan to visit here in the future for my eye needs!

Danielle Corgan

Super helpful and friendly service. I took forever to pick out a pair of glasses because they have so many good and different options, but they were patient and helped me narrow down to the perfect pair. Highly recommended.

April Groves

Ruth Roper

Each individual l encountered took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly without rushing me. Also I felt no pressure in my purchases.


Dotty Pollard

I was seen right away and everything went smoothly. All staff were very friendly and nice and helpful. THANKS!

Jennifer Pilla

Brenda Schwing

Great frame selection, great staff, great experience! Lots of personal attention to my individual needs. Thanks Overland!!

Jana Mcginty

I was told by another optometrist that I would not be a good candidate for contact lenses, but the doctor there insisted that I would be a good candidate. At first they were very patient with me while I tried to find lenses that would work, but after several (4 or 5) attempts I got very discouraged and gave up. I did drop the ball and not follow up with them, but they dropped the ball and never called me to get me in to find that perfect pair or at least get me in glasses. I am now out the fee for trial contact lenses and an eye exam and I need to start over with a new doctor. This is just as well because i am not confident in their abilities. Most of the office workers/ techs are very professional...several are not. The ball got dropped and I lose.

kristen smith

Lori Wold

Excellent Doctor! Staff is amazing! Highly Recommended!

Holly Dickerson

My children and I have been going to Overland Optical for several years now. We are always pleased with the service we receive from the staff. the doctors are very knowlegable about eye care and diseases of the eye. I am always impressed how by how much they go out of their way to assist. We will be back year after year!

Brandon Pollard

Every one of my appointments at Overland Optical has started on time. I have been a patient here for years. The doctors are always gentle and helpful with any questions I have. Most importantly they have the best prices on contacts and glasses and take care of figuring out my vision insurance for me!

Michael Glaser

Fast repairs and awesome docs!! Great experience all around!!!

Aaron Kothe

I'm a student at Lindenwood University, and my optometrist's office is several hours away. When my glasses needed a minor repair, Overland Optical fixed them - free of charge - and their staff was courteous during the entire process. If Overland provided such quality service to a broke college student, just think what they would do for a loyal customer!

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