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REVIEWS OF Ophthalmology Associates IN Missouri

Saundra Latner

Everyone was perfect. The service was perfect. I am very pleased.

Thomas O'Connor

I'm a 67 year old dentist that needed some help with cataracts. In one week these guys got my vision corrected with lens implants and cataracts are gone. I'm back at work (only 7 days off total) with better vision than I have had in 25 glasses. Procedures were comfortable and staff is respectful of my needs and time. Thank you everyone!!!!! Tom O'Connor DMD

Lucas Eriksson

My daughter has horrible dry eye, and none of the drops we had helped. We saw Dr. Malhotra after a 1 hour wait, but he gave us some helpful information and a sample of something called Soothe XP. My daughter is happy, and now I'm happy.

Maryann Tombridge

Dr. Gira not personable whatsoever. My husband cannot see any better than before surgery. Dr did not even talk to me after surgery as doctors do.Received a statement saying a balance was to be paid by 11/20/17. It was paid in full on 11/21/17. Received a collection notice on 11/21/17 dated 11/16/17 dated 5 days before due date. Office makes you feel like you are part of a cattle call. Very few friendly people.

craig petty

No Class!

Chere Blevins

Dr. Malhotra is clearly very good at what he does, and I sincerely value his expertise. But this is an enormous practice, and the doctors are overscheduled by a large order of magnitude. I arrived 15 minutes early for an appointment. I was seen by a tech right away, but then waited over an hour for the doctor, to the point where I was worried they had forgotten me. A scheduled 1 hour appt. ran to almost 2, only 15 minutes of which was actual interaction with a medical professional. TL;DR - If you're seeking them out for their LASIK practice, maybe go ahead, but if you just need an ophthalmologist, find one in a smaller practice.

Diana Hart

Waited an hour to get in. The physician was great, knowlegable and helpful. Can't say the same about the staff up front. The female who checked me out was sulky and unfriendly and curt. The next day I called back to talk Billing Mgr. to find out if medicare would pay for any of the $2000.00 worth of Lab Test the Dr. had ordered on me. She was rude telling me she had no idea and I would have to call medicare. I had tried several times to find out from Medicare but they couldn't tell me either without a diagnosis which I didn't have because the Dr. was ordering the test to make a Diagnosis, suspecting Sjors grens Disease. The Billing Mgr. was very hateful and dismissed me. I called back to talk to the Office Mgr. and she was busy and never called me back. It has been two wks. and they refuse to give me the lab results. The Dr. Is on vacation and my next appt. is two more wks away and I was told by the staff I would have to wait until then to get the results. My Lacrimal glands and my Salivary glands have shut down and the pain is awful, Esophagus is closing and tongue is swollen and like sandpaper. Is this what Medicine has come to? A Staff that doesn't care about the patient. I guess they don't realize the patient is paying their Salary. I really don't want to go back there anymore. I am not looking forward to the bills from the Lab. Especially with no answers .

Lisa Klein

I am very impressed with the doctors and staff. They are knowable and professional. Dr. Malhotra performed cross linking on my daughter and we are very happy with the way the doctor and his assistants performed this procedure. Dr. Malhotra took his time to make sure we understand how the procedure was performed and what to expect during the recovery. He answered all of our questions and made sure we were comfortable with all aspects of the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Malhotra and his office.

Charlee Ceejay

Other than Dr Ranhan Malholtra, who is practically a saint, I refuse recommend any other doctor at Ophthalmology Associates. Dr Malholtra is knowledgeable, kind and extremely patient, even under the most trying of circumstances. My mom has dementia, and I took her as a new patient to the Manchester office. The first doctor who attempted to examine her got upset because she could not tolerate the glaucoma test. Each time he shot an air puff from the tonometer she backed away from the head rest. With each of several unsuccessful attempts he went from being rude towards my mother. At that point, Dr Malholtra, who happened to be passing by, asked if he could try to test her. He smiled and took time to make small talk, which earned her trust and calmed her considerably. He then asked her to let him know when SHE was ready for the air puff and soon she said she was. Dr Malholtra got a successful reading on his FIRST try. Yes, he's busy because he's outstanding in his field. But if you are a new patient I highly recommend Dr Malholtra, who will treat you with great care and respect. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE lest you be subjected to that rude dude.

Dee Bolin

My Son was refered here and are thankful.

Jackie Appel

Came to see my doctor for a follow up on a procedure I had done. No complaints except a long wait.

Laura Miller

I have been going here for 14 years to see Dr Berdy bc he is a Great doctor and i trust him with my eyes but sometimes the techs that do the testing were mean and even rude but today when i went i had THE BEST TECH EVER, NICOLE!!!! She was so sweet and understanding, professional and great at her job... I wish i could request her for every testing appointment!! And there was NO WAIT- I WAS IN AND OUT VERY QUICKLY!

John Weidner

Doctors are great if you can afford to wait 3 hours every visit. That is every time I have been, will be finding a new practice.

Lisa Buchheit

3-4 hour wait times for all three appointments. Other patients say this how it usually went for them as well. To top it off, the office staff says they'll no longer seek a pre-approval for my med from the insurance company because THEY now sell it! It would cost me three times as much to buy a monthly supply from them. That's NOT right! I'm so happy to have switched to another doctor that takes less than an hour with a polite staff. The St. Peters office receptionist was rude every single time I saw her and to other patients. Hard to believe they couldn't staff better.

Andy Acosta

One of the best doctors in my life.Im new residence in South Dakota and I had no money to attend the doctors only $100 to my name.I went to the hospital 3 times do to the pain in my eye the doctor instead of charging me $300+ charge me $47.00.There is good people out there in the world I recommend this medical clinic at a 110%. CURT A WISCHMEIER,M.D is a very genuine man with morals.I can say who raised this man are very special people because the raised a man that's is a good person that values the people more then the money.If we had more people like this in the world the world would be a better place.

Sharon Stinson

Sometimes you may have to wait ( and the wait can be long), but the Doctors are well worth the wait.

LaNita McMillin

I had been to multiple Ophthalmologist with little resolve. Then was referred to Dr. Malholtra by a friend. I was very impressed and happy to finally get the care I was in pursuit of, for so many years. Dr. Malholtra explains all the different exams he did and the results. He is very patient and knowledgeable and always concerned with my well being. The staff is very friendly, courteous, and willing to assist you to make your visit a pleasant and successful one. They send friendly follow up reminders and have excellent record-keeping which makes me feel confident that I have put my eyes in good hands!

Kyle Wells

I had a eye appointment with Dr. Michelle Derheimer. All I can say is that the service from start to finish was perfect. They were polite, fast and very friendly. Dr. Derheimer was very knowledgeable about my condition and got me taken care of. The optometrist even did a follow up phone call to check on my eye, now that's customer service!! If your looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and quick experience, Dr Derheimer and her team is the answer!!

Laura Suher

Dr. Ranjan Malhotra at Ophthalmology Associates/The Cornea and Laser Vision Institute (12990 Manchester Rd #200, St. Louis, MO) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was referred to Dr. Ranjan Malhotra at Ophthalmology Associates (12990 Manchester Rd #200, St. Louis, MO) by my primary eye doctor. I walked into his office on very little sleep, feeling emotionally unstable, and in some of the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life. I was diagnosed with abrasions on my corneas and nothing seemed to be working. Dr. Malhotra sat down with me and immediately got to work on treating my eyes. He then continued to follow up with me week after week until my eyes were under control. Dr. Malhotra always made himself available to be reached at any hour with any emergent issue that arose. I am so thankful to be getting better and feeling like myself again. The Ophthalmology and Associates office is very busy and the wait can seem a little long at times but its defiantly worth the wait! When you are meeting with the techs and doctors it is obvious they spend quality time meeting with and offering the very best care to each one of their patients. I would defiantly highly recommend Ophthalmology and Associates especially Dr. Malhotra.

Oscar Karlsson

The doctors were helpful, but at what they are getting paid they better be! What really surprised me was the staff. My wife had a bad cough at the time and within minutes a young woman came by and gave her a bottle of water. The wait was long, but could have been worse.

kim willis

Kenzie Jones

Dr Malholtra was excellent! Very knowledgeable and explained what he found. BUT the staff at the front desk are horrible. I came in for my follow-up appointment and ended up leaving to go to another office because I did not want to deal with them. Also, FYI the time slotted for you is an “arrival time”, not an appointment time. Plan to spend a couple of hours waiting to see the doc.

Joan Laughlin

I am there now, 33 minutes past my appointment time. More to come as this unfolds. Other than the up-front wait, the remainder of the appointment was great.

Jessica K

Was recommended this place from my other eye doctor and I am very pleased. I was having some serious eye pain. They squeezed me in for an appointment super soon and the whole time being there didn’t take very long at all. Very professional. I also loved that the eye lid cleanser I need was available there for $30 versus a prescription without insurance for $300. I will return for sure.

Cory Marshall

We saw Dr Senthil Krishnasamy, MD for blunt force trauma to the eye. He barely looked at the injury and was not at all through. Then when we asked legitimate questions that the referring Dr suggested to ask, he was highly dismissive, incredibly insulting, and acted like we were dumb and wasting his time. I have never in my life been so mad and insulted when leaving a Dr. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste your time and breath on him. No wonder he still had openings. Absolutely the worst experience and still don't know if the eye is ok or if there will be lasting damage to eyesight. Malpractice?

Chris Whitrock

Great doctor however every time my wife has an appointment she isn’t seen until at least 1-2 hours after scheduled start. Our time is important as well. They should realize that

David Perkins

The three hour plus waiting time shows blatant disregard for his patients, overbooking is an issue for this office. I recommend going somewhere that shows respect for their patients.

Judah S

Great doctors but can be busy and therefore not so much personal attention.


I was recently seen on four occasions by Dr. Byron Santos after suffering an eye injury and his care and concern were immediately evident to me. During our first phone call, his first question was, "How are you feeling?" I am very grateful for the outstanding treatment that he gave me and for his kindness. I also received outstanding service from the front desk staff and the doctor assistants.

Christi Tennyson

Left 99 minutes after my scheduled appointment time today without seeing the doctor. When I informed the staff I was leaving, I was told I was "next." It was a routine check up, scheduled six months ago. Others in the waiting room spoke of blocking out 3 hours for appointments there because of the wait. I told the staff to have the doctor call me. That was over an hour ago, I still haven't heard from the doctor... The doctors are very good doctors. But the office is either chronically understaffed or over-scheduled. Either way, I am leaving the practice for another where my time is valued as much as the doctor's.

William Hoffman

I am a dry eye patient who has seen Dr. Royer twice in the past two weeks. I have been incredibly anxious about my condition, and Dr. Royer has been very understanding. When I saw him a couple weeks ago, he ran several tests and recommended several treatment options. I called his office several times over the next week, and his staff was knowledgeable and kind. After it became apparent that I was having difficulty managing my anxiety, the staff recommended I come in to see him again. He took a huge chunk of his morning to talk through options with me AGAIN - he never appeared to busy to help. He also rejected options that he believed wouldn't help (or aren't necessary at this time), despite the fact that they are expensive and would generate revenue for his practice (e.g., Lipiflow). He emphasized trust - and I really value that. I've been to several doctors about my condition, and he was the only one that ran what I consider to be the appropriate tests to determine the best course of treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Kristin Mayo

I had an appointment at 8:00. Was told to be there before 8:00 to fill out paperwork and the doors were locked until exactly 8:00. The receptionists were more concerned with talking to each other rather than helping patients get checked in. When I asked when I'd be seen since I had an 8:00 appt and it was already 8:30 the receptionists was extremely rude. It was 9:00 before I was seen by the eye doctor. I was hoping to be back to work before 9:00 (I work close). This was very frustrating! They don't seem to respect their patients' time. However, the doctor was extremely nice. Very knowledgable and I really liked her. Went back for a check up (asked for the first appt and was told 10:10 was when she first got here) and waited over and hour to see the dr. Definitely not the first appt and wasted so much time. I would not recommend coming here. I won't come back.

Julie Berry

The doctors are great. My beef is with a staff member, Kimberly. She is snotty and unprofessional. She was snarky with me when I asked a simple question and had an attitude the entire exam. My husband is being treated by OA. They give great care but, I will find someone else to treat my eyes when the time comes soley because of her nasty attitude.

Aravinda Kumar Ganapathy

My experience was not good for the following reasons, 1) prescribing lot of unnecessary tests 2) Very poor coordinated office and not even informed the test results nor share the next step. I called up to check the results even then no update from hem so far, finally scheduled a follow-up with doctor.

Donna Plumart

Beware of this practice....they will try to overbill you, billing your visit as a medical exam when you have scheduled a routine visit.

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