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REVIEWS OF Mulqueeny Eye Centers IN Missouri

Tia Johnson

The staff is very friendly. I really enjoy that you can have an early morning or late afternoon appointment. Dr Mulqueeny is very thorough and patient. I felt so comfortable. I love it.

Maryann Miller

Nancy M

Although I've used this company for years, the service is slow and I just haven't gotten frustrated enough to change. I have sat on hold for an excessive amount of time (e.g. listening to 3 minutes of beeping and ringing...) to order contacts and at one recent appointment I left the facility after sitting in the waiting room for over 45 minutes.

Randy Gadell

Very professional. Allow plenty of time for exam.

Pasta King

Best selection and quality. Experienced staff makes a huge difference.

James W

---------Update 6/28/2019-------- This place is only good if you only need glasses and have great vision insurance. My previous review was based on these 2 points, I only needed glasses and have great vision insurance. Since then I have been back a few times and the Dr. is very nice, almost overly nice but the staff kills this place. It took 2 weeks for them to fix the prescription on my glasses once because they insisted I needed to adjust to the new prescription, I was getting headaches and had to resort to just wearing my old glasses. Eventually after going back in 3 times complaining about the glasses they finally switched the prescription. Iv noticed the staff frequently talks down to patients and seems almost annoyed that people dont already know the answers to their questions about optometry or how their office does things. I called to ask about lasik and they said I needed to schedule a consultation and my questions would be answered there. I show up to the consultation and without talking to me at all they start running tests. I didnt know the first thing about lasik and I stopped the technician just to ask some basic questions. We finished the consultation and on the way out I was told it was $80. Not that I expect free consultations or anything but I would have liked to know they were going to charge me ahead of time. They also didnt have any quotes for me, I was expected to pick which type of surgery I wanted before they would refer me to an eye surgeon so I can get a quote. Just a very roundabout way of figuring out if I want eye surgery and what it would cost. I have had other consultations and I get all of my questions answered and a quote for different surgeries I am qualified for. Also the lasik consultation is a waste of time here. They will refer to you another place like TLC and they will require you to have yet another consultation anyway. Avoid this place for lasik ------End of update 6/28/2019----- Great selection of glasses. The people here are very nice and know their stuff. I am very happy with my glasses and only wish i would have come in sooner. I went to 3 or 4 different places and didn't find anything i liked. I found 2 pairs of frames right away. Eve helped me and after she found out what kind of frames I was looking for she pulled out more frames that weren't in the display and i ended up having to pick from 4 frames i really liked instead of settling on some frames else where.

Doug Wilsman


This is the swanky-ist spot in town for getting your eye checkup. Very impressed with the service overall.

Kathy Rhodes

Dr Mulqueey is friendly yet very professional. He cares about his patients and will take the time to talk and answer any questions. I would tell anyone to go see him.

Joan Bretthauer

Staff was able to get me in right away for an eye issue. They were very professional. Kristy did my testing and she was awesome. Dr.Mulqueeny is friendly and very personable. I highly recommend.

Lynda Hensel

The only problem I had was the price. I called ahead to see how much I would have to pay for my contacts. I was told a price, and when I got there I had to pay $300 more just for a contact fitting which I wasn't told on the phone that I would have to pay that. Imagine my surprise! The contacts themselves cost $350, so I was ready to pay that price but not the extra $300 for the office and fitting. I had contacts for over 10 years. I do not feel I needed a fitting since I put them in myself and all that they did was have me read a chart and press a button on a machine to get a reading for my eyes. Yes dr. Mulqueeny talk to me. He is an awesome Dr. I just have a problem everytime I go, with my insurance, and how I'm supposed to pay, what I'm supposed to pay & which insurance we're going to use. It's an extreme hassle. Last but not least the office waiting room is so Extremely Loud, it's annoying. Even when you're sitting in the room waiting for the doctor it's totally loud and obnoxious. But again I trust the doctor completely. And I will continue to go despite the troubles I have. Because I do trust Dr. Mulqueeny. One more thing, everyone is very nice, Despite All the Troubles I've had with the payment situations. I would recommend them to anyone. But be prepared to pay a high price for services. They definitely do not have services for the lower income people.....This was added 12/28 after my initial review: while I was checking out I heard the young lady on the phone offer whoever she was talking to a discounted price on the same contacts I was receiving. no one even suggested there was a discount to I said in the first review these contacts cost an outrageous amount of money!!!!! I should have been offered the discounted price also !!! hate to say this but I'm NOT going back!!! I found them much cheaper online.

Julia Wade

I made the switch to Mulqueeny Eye Center about seven years ago and have never looked back. Dr. Mulqueeny is the best in the business! He and his entire staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable and will spend as much time as needed answering your questions and addressing any eye care concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Mulqueeny. You can tell he truly cares about his patients.

Mary Johnson


Michael Cassidy

Having been a life-long Lense Crafters consumer, I decided to to see if there was any benefit to going with a local shop. I brought my perscription in, picked out a new frame and waited about two weeks for the new specs to come in. The wait was well worth it. I don't recall ever seeing things as sharply as I did that day. Six months later --and a week before my vacation-- I put a huge idiot scratch on my glasses. When I called to get an estimate as to the time and expense for repair, I was told that the scratch was under warranty, and that they could have them turned around before I left. Five days later I was greated with a phone call telling me I could pick up my new glasses -- they too, were perfect. Mulqueeny combines a fantastic product with top-notch service. Who could ask for more?

John Kuehn

Always professional, friendly. Lasik patient since 2011. Vision still great at 57.

Mitch Murch

Jacqueline Crocco

Very professional, great staff. Awesome selection for eye ware. Dr. Mulqueeny is by far top notch. He's friendly, charismatic and very passionate about his patients! I feel like I matter when I'm here! Kim is also great at helping you select the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses and she is phenomenal at ensuring your benefits are working in your favor! :)

Bruce Marshall

Simply the best. Best doctors. Best staff. Been a patient since 2011. Consistently top notch.

Russ Klueter

Always good service. Staff is always friendly, professional and able to address our needs. Only irritation is the fact that we cannot receive a detailed statement of services at the time we pay our bill - we must wait for one to arrive in the mail.

Antonio Cirami

Every time I have an appointment with Mulqueeny Eye Center, I basically look forward to going. That’s how nice and pleasant everyone is. From the minute you walk in th door, the technicians, and of course Dr. Mulqueeny himself. Always nice and cordial. And if you need to order glasses, they have the best people helping you pick out frames and styles and get you all the information you need about your insurance coverage. It doesn’t get any better. Thank you everyone at Mulqueeny.

Timothy Gibboms

This is long overdue. I've been to a lot of medical practices over the years so I think I'm qualified to offer my opinion. There is no better run medical practice from top to bottom then what Dr. Mukqueeny operates. Not just his speciality. Medical practice in general. Period! I've seen alot of Doctors and waited in alot of waiting rooms. Here it doesnt even feel like a wait .Dr. Mulqueeny and his staff who he hires to be an extension of him are by far the most attentive, knowledgeable, genuinely caring people I've met. They dont just go thru the motions. They make sure you are taken care of. Its cliche but they want you to leave happy and satisfied. Btw the waiting area isnt loud. Theres a nice TV w/ soft music playing. Ya they're busy because you know they're good at what they do but far from "annoying" Huh? Whoever wrote that must be angry w/ themselves . Also there couldn't be a more inclusive practice. Period I'm not made of money.I feel more then welcome so the gal that said it's for white people needs to stop being divisive . Irresponsible comment Come back on a different day! Glance at the clientele. They are located at that intersection because it's easily accessible by traffic from all directions It's on the corner right by 270. Dr. Mulqueeny covers it all. They will work w/ you financially. Anybody who says otherwise again is rushing to judgement. Believe me. From Erica at the front to the office manager to all staff involved they will help you. And Dr. Mulqueeny will go to you personally if you are having an issue and its resolved. Simple! Sometimes at a practice the front desk can get confused and the doctor is in the back. Not here Dr. Mulqueeny is there. He doesnt disappear. And when he sees you he talks. You can talk to him He takes his time. And hes uplifting. He ask how you're doing and he means it. It's not forced. You're happy to be w/ him. I think that's important w/ an eye specialist because it's so tedious. He will answer everything. Everything. His knowledge is extensive. He's a very smart guy so his answers are detailed and concise so you're not left wondering anything. He looks happy in life and that translates to his practice. He wants everybody he hires to be as engaging as possible. I've seen it. You can feel it. Dont be afraid to ask anybody there anything!!! If you need an eye doctor I challenge you to find a practice more accessible w/ a more engaging staff and a better PERSON not just doctor PERSON then Doctor Mulqueeny. He cares people. He's the real deal. Theres no lying in him. Again relative to what your eye needs and concerns are he's affordable. Contacts aren't free. Lasik isnt free. Again they work with you. They want to work with you. They will. And its worth it. You will not find a practice which balances basic eye needs from contacts and glasses to the more technologically advanced procedures for your eyes then this place. They're also quick. They will order contacts for you to try and 2 days later they're in! Give them a shot if you have any eye concerns at all. Get in front of Dr. Mulqueeny and you're not going anywhere. Any reviews saying otherwise are absurd. Alot of bitter angry people these days on Google. Anybody who doesnt give this practice at least 4 stars needs to improve their 1 star life. Oh and if there was anything substandard I would write it. I clearly have no problem writing in detail. Theres not! They're practice is exceptional, the staff is well informed and disarming and Dr. Mulqueeny is just a genuinely good man! Thanks to everyone involved for everything you guys do!!!

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