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REVIEWS OF LasikPlus IN Missouri

grant hykes

Everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. I was nervous but found no reason to be. My vision healed better than what was expected.


This whole experience was beyond anything I was expecting. The staff was incredibly friendly and informative about the procedure. I am only 1 day out of my surgery and the improvement in my vision is also unbelievable. It is beyond a night and day difference. As someone who has worn glasses their entire life, I am so happy I am now able to continue my normal life with the hassle of glasses or contacts. Dr. Cornell was great during the surgery as well. He was calm and guided me through the entire process so I knew exactly what was going on the entire time. Anyone who is curious about Lasik should definitely give this location a call. You will lot be disappointed with the results.

Brad B

I went here because of Dr Cornell, He has has done 3 of my friends. The staff made me feel completely at ease I would never go anywhere else! O ya and now i am 20/15!!

Jr Ortega

Best investment ever. Surgery was less than 20 minutes long, mostly prepping. Came home took a nap and I'm was ready for work tomorrow with sharper vision. Thank you Dr. Ellis!

Patrick Kavanagh

Great experience. Dr.Allen and staff are friendly and welcoming and put you at ease from pre-check all through the surgery. I spent only an hour and a half in the clinic on surgery day and the actual procedure only took about 10 minutes. It's quite amazing. Dr. Allen even called me the night of the surgery to follow up, I've never had a Dr. do that before which shows his level of professionalism. Check his history and the number of procedures he's completed to put you at ease if you're on the fence about having it done. During surgery keep your mind on something else and before you know it they're finished and your sent home to rest/sleep. It's really a painless surgery, some mild pressing on the eyeball for 30 seconds but that was tolerable. Don't let the fear of what's happening creep in during the process and you'll do great. You may take a valium beforehand to calm you which I declined. On the ride home I had initial burning which I was told about and it went away after sleeping it off. Just keep your eyes closed on the ride home and keep the dark shades on. Follow the eye drops routine daily to remove any crusty feeling and keep the eyes moist. Your eyes will have some cloudiness the first few days but it will subside. The whole process has been a swift & smooth transaction for me I definitely recommend Lasik Plus and the staff there.

Rachel Chavez

Waking up with 20/15 vision after having glasses for 20 years is truly an amazing feeling. A big thank you to my family for all your support and thank you so much to everyone at LasikPlus Albuquerque for making my experience so great!

Erica Alvarez

The staff were very nice and caring. Dr.Smith is awesome, the price is affordable and they also have financing plan. This procedure worth every penny. Thank you Dr.Smith and all the staff that made my experience very pleasant.

Robby Lovato

Great experience. Great staff. I would highly recommend to anyone who wears contacts or glasses. I wish I would have done this yeras ago.

Jani Remsburg

The team at LasikPlus is very professional. I was well taken care of when I scheduled my appointment, had my first exam, had my procedure, and had my follow up appointment. I highly recommend this team. If you have been told before you will need reading glasses after Lasik, think again. You may be a candidate for monovision Lasik like I was. No glasses required!

Anthony Romero

Thank you doctor Allen and their great staff members for the excellent work they did in me. I am very happy and thankful with God and with you. You have brought a new light into my life to continue my life. Dr Allen thanks for your mission on helping others. God Bless you........... Sincerely, Laura

Javonte LeFlore

Great help ive been wearing glasses over 10 years im loving the improvement to my vision.

Samantha C

Great staff and doctors! Definitely recommend them for lasik! So happy with my results

Brendan Haglund

After toying with Lasik for 2 years, I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and couldn’t be happier. It’ll probably take me a month or two to get used to not grabbing my glasses in the morning or the middle of the night but as far as vision goes, the change has been immediate and extreme. I can see better than when I had glasses! The staff made me feel welcome, comfortable, and was super patient.

zoe montoya

Such an amazing experience! The staff and Doctors are fantastic. They make you feel like family every time you walk in the door!

Christo Nielsen

What a great experience! Only 24 hours after the procedure and I can see, can work and live life without glasses or contacts. I recommend to anyone looking to making the jump to Lasik- well worth it!

Bri Russell

This office is amazing. I have never been to an office where everyone is so nice and so excited about their job. They make you feel like family . I went in seeing 20/400 and next day post op was seeing 20/15. This is amazing and thank you again Dr. Smith and the team.

Amanda Ciano

LasikPlus in Brookfield is a great place. The staff is all very nice and Dr. Allen makes the procedure quick and painless. I had my procedure 5 days ago and couldn’t be happier and I know things will only get better. The only thing I would say is they don’t warn you that the pink top drops for after your procedure might burn and I thought something was wrong, so warning to all :) it was money well spent! I am already happy with no contacts or glasses at night!

Ashleigh Smith

The free consultation was great and fast. The staff was very friendly and kept asking me if I had questions, which I appreciated. I was also able to get in the same week for the procedure, which was a plus. My appointment was set for 10am, and they said I'd be out by 11:30, 12 easily. I asked again once I arrived to make sure I'd be out by 12, and they said it'd be no problem. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people in the waiting room. They must group a bunch of people together, since the doctor only does procedures Fridays and Saturdays. I did not get called in until 12:30 for the procedure. So it was a lot of sitting and waiting. The procedure was fast. It did sting since they struggled to get the clasp thing on my eyes, but other than that, I was in and out. They talked to me the whole way through, and the whole procedure probably took 3 minutes. After that, I was free to walk out (w/ sunglasses). My eyes burned a lot, and stung. It felt like something hard was in my hard, and it was very irritating for the next 2 days. My eyes watered like crazy; the left eye was bad, but my right eye felt no irritation whatsoever (it's normal for one eye to be worse than the other). After a few days, the watering did go down. I was able to go back to work on Monday. By the end of the first week, my eyes were pretty good. My eyesight was great the day after the procedure (minus the irritation and burning/watering). A month later, my eyes have no discomfort at all. The red bloody ring in my eyes is gone. I can see clearly during the day and night, and no halo vision! My eyes still go through phases of extreme blurriness and clearness, but they usually get worse if I am looking at a computer screen, or driving. I'm hoping that a couple months down the road, the blurriness will subside. Other than that, I see pretty clearly (I'm guessing not 20/20), and feel it was worth the time/money investment.

Brianna Luna

I recommend this place 100%. From the consultation to the procedure, staff walked you through every step of the way. I now see better then 20/20. I was super nervous but Dr. Cornell was super nice and reasured you were doing good throughout the whole procedure, then took a picture with you.

Joni Dauphinais

Had a great experience at LasikPlus. All of the staff is very friendly. It has been 4 weeks since my surgery and I love it! My only complaint would be they give you all your paperwork for the surgery after your eyes are dilated so you can't read it.

Salina Beemer

Such a great experience!! The staff are super nice. They are very thorough and patient. They will answer any questions you have and treat you with respect. The doctor is really kind and walks through every step of what he's doing. The process was really quick and I could see 20/20 the following day. Follow the post op instructions and ask them questions if you have concerns. I couldn't be happier. I've worn glasses for 18 years and this is the best decision I've ever made. Freedom!

Julia Romero

This is one of the most life changing experiences I have had and it was all worth it! The staff members that helped me were very caring and kind, we had some great laughs with Carmen. I always knew what the next step during the process would be so I was never "blind" sided. Thank you LasikPlus for providing me with the clear vision I've always dreamed of having without glasses or contacts!

Paige Dearborn

Staff was amazing! Friendly an every informative. I felt very safe in their hands from beginning to end. If you are wanting lasik come here because they are absolutely amazing.

Diego Anaya-Estrada

Amazing!!! Just amazing. Love this place. My vision is back to what it was 10 years ago. 20/20 vision.

Carlos Gonzalez

It was a great experience great people and i nightly recommended lasik plus, its painless, and fast true professionals thank you all of you

esteban palma

Staff and doctors are very nice and Professionals.

Brianna Saenz

The staff here is very nice. Since I walked in for my consultation they were very friendly and they didn't keep me waiting long. The actual procedure was so fast and pain-free! They kept me calm during the procedure by talking me through everything that they were doing and going to do. Almost a week later and I can see almost perfectly! Best decision I've made!

Tiffany Smith

I had always dreamed of having my vision corrected and the team at LasikPlus made that dream a reality. The team conducted themselves through out the customer care process seamlessly. It was like having your favorite aunts and uncles talking you through the process! The only discomfort was the few hours after, which I slept through and after 4 hours, there wasn’t any more scratchy feeling. I highly recommend the procedure and the folks at LasikPlus in Portland, Oregon.


2 years later and my eyes are still awesome, don't have any regrets. Actually wish I had done it sooner

David Zweigart

Dr. Curttright is awesome and very personable. I had touch-up surgery which was part of the guarantee with the original procedure. Dr. Cornell completed the touch-up with no complications and great results. Definitely recommend this clinic for LASIK surgery. The entire team is very professional, informative and committed to a successful outcome. They deliver what they promise!

Kristen Frost

I went in for a consultation and they were very informative!!!! They are honest about the procedure and what to expect. You can ask as many questions as you'd like. Their team is amazing and very friendly. The day of my surgery I was very nervous and Sophia took the time to explain the entire process again to me and made me feel a little more at ease. Their doctors are highly qualified and informative during surgery. They made this experience easier than what I expected and I am very happy I went with them!!!

Mary Workman

Great experience! The doctors and staff were very kind and made sure I understood everything clearly. This is the best gift you can give yourself, and a great location to have it done!

Justin Seitz

Extremely happy with the service and results I received. An example of their exceptional service is when I arrived 10 minutes early for my post-operation check up and they called me into an office right away (getting it done early). I was happy to see I had 20/15 vision 24 hours after surgery, too!

Amanda Gilhuly

This place is amazing!!! I was so scared to get lasik but they helped me through it all. This has been the best decision I have ever made. If you have ever thought about getting lasik you should absolutely pick this place. All the staff is incredible and they will help you every step of the way.

Justin Farias

It's frightening how much 15 minutes could change my vision. Last time I could see anything close to what I can now I was just 8 years old. With my eyes still in the process of healing it is reassuring that the nurses shared my old eye tests said I could see compared to now, and that my vision could still improve once my eyes have healed completely. I have nothing but praise and good words to share with anyone contemplating Lasik. It's very much worth your time and money.

Alicia Enerson

Dr. Allen and his team were amazing and made me feel comfortable about everything from the consult, to explaining the finances and the day of the procedure. The procedure itself was quick and easy and Dr. Allen talked me through everything! I'm so glad I chose to have my procedure done at LasikPlus with Dr. Allen!

David Antkowiak

This place was awesome! Staff was caring and informative. Procedure was simple and painless. Thank you Dr. Cornell and the lasik plus staff.

greg mears

The day of the surgery went very well. My wife timed the procedure and it was about 6 minutes from examining room to procedure back to examining room. On follow up, I was able to read the 20/15 line. Color me impressed! Can't wait to go camping again!

Jorie Wilkos

I had a phenomenal experience with the LasikPlus Brookfield from start to finish. They make sure you are truly a good candidate for the procedure and thoroughly explain the entire process. Dr. Allen and Dr. Makela are extremely knowledgable and answered any questions I had, which helped calmed any nerves. I was a little nervous to have someone alter my vision, but there's nothing to worry about when you go to LasikPlus Brookfield!

Katelin Tickner

Such a quick and smooth process. I was expecting a lot of difficulty as I was skeptical to have this done but the staff made me feel so at ease and assured I was making a good decision.

Ashley LaClair

Awesome staff. They were all very nice when answering my multiple questions I had. Dr. Ellis even called me the night of my procedure to make sure everything was going ok, which I really appreciated. There is already a huge difference I my eyesight. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking into lasik.

Cinthia Manriquez

Amazing experience. The staff is very nice and caring. Checked in on me after my procedure regularly. They are great go get lasik

Rob Moreno

Everyone involved in my case were very professional and friendly. Awesome experience!

Sara Le Gear

After I awoke from my nap my vision was great! It’s only getting better. I’m very happy with my decision! Thank you LasikPlus

HariKrishna B

Awesome to get rid of your glasses. LASIK plus is superb providing best services to the customers. It took just few minutes for me to get my good vision back. 100% recommended LASIK plus. Doctors are really cool here. Cheers to lasik plus

Toni Starr

From beginning to end the entire experience was so easy, and the care given through all of the steps was excellent. I would highly recommend LasikPlus

Michael Otto

Great experience for me. Older guy did monovision. Awesome staff and great doctors! Excellent next day can't wait for full healing! I should have done this sooner.

Ally Holcomb

Dr. Allen is the most amazing surgeon! This entire experience has been amazing! Being able to see the night after and not needed contacts and glasses is surreal!!! I recommend to everybody!!

Jordan Steinert

Wish I would have made the decision to have lasik done years ago! The team at Lasik Plus is helpful, friendly and will go above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable with the evaluation and procedure. On surgery day, you're in and out in two hours and seeing 20/20. Thanks to Dr. Allen and team for making this a great experience.

Ahmed Alwahib

Best experience ever, friendly and professional staff which make the all process look and feel so smooth I highly recommend them.

Charlsy Affuso

What an amazing experience. Not only can I see, but the entire team at Lasik Plus Portland is helpful, caring and nice. I wish I would have done this years ago!!!

Dakota Waterson

My boyfriend got surgery here and the staff was all very nice! The surgery was under 15 minutes and they did an amazing job!!! We came in for a check up the next day and he was so thrilled with the results .If you're looking for somewhere to get Lasik this is the place!

Kyle Parnau

Just a few days since I had my eyes done and I totally recommend it. Procedure was amazingly quick and painless. Dr Allen talked me through every step and helps you stay relaxed. The whole thing took 5 to 10 minutes. Went to sleep after with mild discomfort but woke up 3 hours later completely pain free and could see 20 20. Already recommended it to coworkers.

Jorge Cantu

Highly recommend! Was scared at first but doctor Allen and his team were great. Got me to 20/15 vision.

Jose Aguilar

Now when people sing to me "Jose can you see"? i can say YES. I have perfect vision now thanks to the wonderful staff here. If your thinking about Lasik this place is definitely the place to go.

Angela Martin

Unbelievable experience!!!! If you finally decide to make this life changing decision you have to go to LASIK Plus! Amazing all the way!!!!

Heather Gourley

LasikPlus has excellent customer service. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. They provide you with a wealth of knowledge before your treatment. You know exactly what to expect before, during and after your treatment. The surgery itself is painless, quick and is affordable. You cant beat a free consultation!!! This is a life changing operation and I highly recommend LasikPlus.

David Lamoureux

From the consultation visit until after the procedure everyone at LasikPlus was great. The doctor walks you through the entire process. Wish I had done this years ago. Highly recommend LasikPlus.


Just waiting for my day after exam and I feel amazing! It was awesome to wake up this morning and be able to see everything with no contacts or glasses! I already know this was a good decision!!!

Gary Thames

Dr. Allen and the staff were excellent at Lasik plus Brookfield.

Stephanie Lara

Staff was amazing and so friendly. I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts for over 20 years and had a very high prescription so I was afraid I wouldn’t be a candidate for lasik. Not only was I a candidate, the day after surgery I was seeing better than 20/20!

A11 1’s Golf

Awesome experience! 4-5 hours of discomfort afterwards, but waking up that next morning was a total OMG moment, with clear, crisp, vision.

Adam Clayton

These guys are awesome. Heard about them thru my mom, and now just like her I have perfect vision!

Chase Papenfuss

My experience here was absolutely wonderful. Everything including the facility, staff, physician, and procedure was exceptional. I went from a lifelong contacts/glasses wearer to 20/15 in both eyes in just 3 days. Absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend this place enough. My only regret is that I waited so long to get it done. Thank you!!

mikel willard

Thank you Lasik plus for making me feel so comfortable throughout my entire procedure!! This place is by far the best. I would highly recommend. They make you feel at ease from the beginning of your exam through your Lasik procedure.

Eli Andrus

Awesome experience! Staff is super friendly. They had me in and out super quick. I'm going to recommend lasik plus too all my four eye'd friends .

Lucas McManus

My mom Carrie Christ just received the best service at LasikPlus! They are excellent!!!! She will be able to watch all my baseball and football games, and not miss a play!!!

melissa file

Staff is very friendly and my lasik was fast! Could see immediately and very happy. Anyone considering lasik I would highly recommend lasikplus. Guaranteed financing and surgeons are very helpful and will answer all questions. Don"t wait!!

Ivan Martinez

Awesome results, it was super easy and quick. Should of done this years ago!!

Pauline Maurer

Thanks to Holly I can leave are review. They are the best. Wonderful staff great service

Sarah Hardman

Staff was great, I was well informed what the procedure would entail. Actual process was a little uncomfortable (no pain, just eyes being pried open), but altogether took 12 minutes for both eyes. Lots of eye drops but the recovery has been a breeze and I'm seeing 20/15!

Shantel Jones

The entire team was awesome. During my procedure, I was provided step by step on what was going on and what to expect ( no surprises). The procedure was quick and results are almost instant. I can’t believe I didn’t have this done sooner. I am very pleased and highly recommend LasikPlus!

Monique Ricci

I had my Lasik yesterday and I can see 20/20 already! The staff at LasikPlus are amazing! They are so friendly and helpful and made me feel at ease.

Latonya Boyd

Had lasik surgery done two days ago. Best decision I ever had done. The staff at the Creve Coeur location was wonderful. Couldn't believe after only five minutes I could see without my glasses. If your undecided about having lasik, don't think about it anymore go have it done. I promise you will love it.

Claudia V

Dr. Robert Smith gave me my eyesight back && I am thankful.The fact that I was walking around nearly blind is shocking now that I see everything clearer than I ever have.Even the prescribed glasses I would get weren’t this good,it’s like a miracle.Bless him && the staff for their hospitality as well.Lasik is the best thing I’ve done for myself in life !Dr. Smith is the best doctor that has worked on me.He was even talking to me throughout the procedure which helped by calming my anxiety ridden nerves down.THANK YOU !

Zak Z

Few things can make you more nervous than having someone operating on your eyes. Lots (500+) of people had good things to say so I finally decided to get Lasik done here. My eye journey started with my terrible eyes (-9.8), but they said they could fix them, and they did. You are awake for the actual procedure, which is pain free, and very...stressful, mentally. They are working on your eye balls after all, and you can still feel them being touched...and temporary loss of vision as they cut them open. Not fun. No getting around that, it's how the procedure works. Steel yourself. With that being necessary however, Dr. Howard Straub was incredible. He got the procedure done quickly and efficiently. He also talks the entire time, explaining what is going to be happening, and even just repeating himself or saying positive things, so you can hear a human voice to make you feel more safe and secure. Afterward your eyes take some time to recover. It immediately cut my prescription down by like...a half. So I couldn't see well, and I had no glasses either. Don't expect to be doing lots of driving in the following days. After that it improved to the point where I didn't really need glasses. Worth the procedure, but I still didn't have perfect vision. They reassured me "Your eyes were really bad, it takes up to two months for you to get 20/20 or better." Yup, that indeed happened, just like they said it would, and now I have better than 20/20 vision. Dry eyes were gone after 3-4 months. Now my eyes are awesome. Things I was missing out on wearing glasses since I was a kid. -I can now see more things clearly before having to turn my head. -I can watch myself getting a haircut. -I can see in the shower (not useful, but it was a new experience.) -If your job requires you to get into physical altercations, you don't have to worry about your glasses getting knocked off your face. -Swimming is a lot more enjoyable, and being in the rain is less of a problem. I would recommend LasikPlus to anyone who was considering Lasik. It was a terrific experience with an amazing outcome.

Bryan Hasley

Super amazing experience from start to finish! Update: It's now been over a week since I had the surgery. For those on the fence, there's a decent amount of pain after the anesthesia wears off after the surgery, so follow instructions and get to sleep and keep your eyes closed. There's a little amount of dry eye and irritation, and a definite desire to rub your eyes(Don't do that by the way). That being said, stick it out and listen to everything this office says. They warn you about it all prior to this happening and are constantly there to assist in every way. They're extremely professional in their assistance with questions. Almost all of the fogginess in my vision has gone away by now. I'm now seeing more clearly than I've ever seen in my life! No pain, no gain. It's totally worth it all. It's your vision. This is is something that you want the best in the business to handle. Dr. Smith did everything within minutes, and I will be recommending him to anyone I know seeking this procedure!

Christos Antonopoulos

The staff and doctors are very kind. Dr. Allen made be feel very comfortable during the surgery and is as nice a surgeon you'd want working on your eyes. I'm very pleased with this location.

Cathy MAyrand

Wow! Wonderful staff ! Explained everything, very accommodating, greatest decision of my life to invest the care of my vision with LasikPlus

Bryan Trujillo

I had my surgery today and it was simple. I was treated extremely well and my doctor was very nice. Dr. January played music and sang while he corrected my vision, this was very comforting. I could immediately see better when the procedure was over. I was told that the benefits of my surgery would be at best in 2 to 3 weeks. I will be amazed if it gets better than this. I would absolutely recommend Lasik Plus to anyone considering freeing themselves from contacts or glasses. Thank you to all the great staff members!

Dan kempel

Recently had Lasik with Dr. Allen. The procedure and recovery were so much easier than I had anticipated. Dr. Allen and all the staff were excellent to work with and I would highly recommend checking them out for a consultation. This was easily one of the best decisions I have made! No more contacts!

Joshua Wilson

Best experience I've had with a doctor and staff. They do a great job reassuring you about the procedure and it was fast and simple.

Stacie Bruss

Awesome!! Highly recommend. Very well informed from start to finish. Dr. Allen explains everything along with all of his staff who are great. I had glasses for over 20 years and contacts for 15 years. I could see immediately once the 10 minute procedure was done. I am 24 hours post-op and I feel great. Wouldn’t even know I had a surgery yesterday.

Veronica Dixon

Quick procedure and amazing staff! This is life changing for someone who has been wearing glasses since the age of 11. Thank you to Dr.Straub and his amazing staff I can’t thank you enough for this.

Jennifer Keikkala

Um all I can say is awesomeness. I’d like to just hang out here and talk to the folks. If you’re considering LASIK, just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

Estevan Colbert

Fantastic service from the front desk all the way to the Dr. I am very thankful for what they have done. Would go back again if needed

Priscilla hylton

The staff and MD at lasik plus was great. I should have done this a long time ago. I would highly recommend this place to friends and family. It’s nice having to not worry about glasses or contact lenses.

Stacey Grossmann

I’m so excited that I can see without my glasses or contacts. Everyone there was very nice and easy to work with. The procedure only took like 15 minutes.

Ryan Stensaker

Got my new vision last Friday and it is amazing. The team at LasikPlus is awesome.

Shiree Clay

I would recommend the team at LasikPlus to anyone considering LASIK. All the clinic personnel I encountered were so nice and extremely helpful. I was able to have my consultation and surgery in the same week. On the day of the procedure everyone made me feel at ease. I was so appreciative that Dr. Allen called me to check-in once I returned home from the surgery.

Sylvia Gonzalez

The staff were humble,honest,and always with a smile on their face.personally I loved it, i recommed lasik plus

Joey Valenzuela

The staff and doctors are absolutely amazing! Professional, courteous, and you feel welcome at all levels of the process. I drove three and a half hours and I don’t regret it at all. I highly recommend LasikPlus in Albuquerque!

anitra Wilkins

I am absolutely amazed at the wonderful service I received. Just had my procedure yesterday and I am stunned at how well I can see already!! I would definitely refer my family and friends.

Nikki Herrera

I was terrified but the amazing staff and doctors made it easy to get through !

Mac Davidson

Awesome experience. Dr.Smith and his team did a great job making me feel comfortable. I am happy to recommend this place to my family and friends. Thank you for my new vision 20/20 very next day.


Strongly recommended and the best in town. Staff were very knowledgeable and answered each of my questions and helped me understand my options. The procedure was fairly simple and straightforward, they made sure I had all my questions answered and was comfortable the entire time.

Lakia Crittenden

Dr Ellis was amazing and did an incredible job on my eyes definitely recommend coming here

Beth Morgan

1 day after lasik and my vision is perfect! I would highly recommend the Bridgeport location. Everyone was very helpful and kind through the process!

Delores Lujan

Best investment I made. Felt so good waking up and being able to see clear. The staff and doctors are very helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Michael Hecker

After 40 years of being legally blind, at -10 glasses, I just could not get a good correction. Looking around, I liked the experience of this office at nearly 30,000 procedures. The initial consultation far exceeded my expectations, as all of these people listened, adjusting to my own long experience with difficult vision problems, and educating me on the few items I would find new instead of doing everything by wrote. The costs were at the low end of the national average, and it covers all follow up treatments I might need without a nickel and dime attitude! I have no regrets, and I can honestly say no staff has taken better care of me!

Kyra Thomas

Amazing service. These people make you feel very at home. I cant explain how happy I am with my vision. All around I give them 10 out of 10! Go SEE these people!

Paul Telford

Fantastic facility and staff. Always friendly, flexible scheduling and most importantly great results!

Sandra Manuelito

They were awesome here. Staff is so friendly and supportive though the whole experience. Day after my procedure and I can see great already

Abby Bichler

LasikPlus did an outstanding job both in the procedure and in the customer service they provided. Everyone was extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Allen kept me informed on what I would see, feel, and hear during the procedure, no surprises. BONUS: I was able to do my follow up appointments with my regular eye doctor! Super convenient! Thanks LasikPlus for my new 20-20 vision!

Teeah E

The best investment you make for yourself!! Dr. Ellis and staff was amazing and my experience was nice and smooth. Highly recommend Lasik STL olive location if you are considering being glasses and contact free!

Thomas Pheister

Everything was easy to understand and well organized. You can really tell that the team is a well-oiled machine! It is so bizarre to wake up and see what is going on around me after 35+ years of wearing glasses! I keep thinking I forgot to take out my contacts!

Judy J Johnson

Speaking as someone who had vision in the range of -7 or worse, I had an equal or even greater fear of getting my eyes done. An irrational fear, to say the least. And yet last week I decided I could not continue to be so "blind" simply because I was afraid. So I went in for my free exam to see if I qualified for LASIK, half certain I wouldn't. To my shock, not only were my eyes candidates for LASIK, I wanted to get them done ASAP. The very next day, one week ago, I found myself in the OR at LASIKPlus. The procedure was over in 10 minutes, and from the moment I sat up **I COULD SEE***!!! I don't have the words to express how profound the statement is, "I can see!" You guys, I CAN SEE!!! The staff at LASIKPlus were super friendly, caring, and did not make me feel like a fool for being so scared. Like, they even held my hand. The doctor was very reassuring, and soothingly told me just enough so I knew what was happening to me, but not so much detail that I might have lost it. Fear sucks. Being able to see does not. It is miraculous. I'm so glad I went to LASIKPlus despite being afraid. BECAUSE NOW I CAN SEE!!!

Joe Bologna

Excellent staff, Dr. Gans was very personable, and professional. My surgery was May 11th at 9am, everything was smooth and accurate during and after the procedure. I highly recommend Lasik Plus!

Felicia Griego

I had a wonderful experience at LasikPlus today! Every member of the staff is so friendly and welcoming. I really appreciate the fact that they were so willing to take extra time to answer all my questions.

Ronald Smith

The staff is great!!! I enjoyed my experience with LasikPlus and will definitely advertise them to my friends, coworkers, and family! Thank you for being amazing guys!!!!

Court Berger

I went from 20/50 vision to 20/15, so glad I did this! Every one on the staff was warm and courteous, they all seem to enjoy their jobs, I felt completely at ease and comfortable from start to finish. Very pleased with the results!

Tanya Williams

Everyone at LasikPlus is always professional and courteous each time I visit. They are knowledgeable and answer all questions I have asked. I highly recommend LasikPlus if you are looking to correct your vision. It is money well spent.

Catelyn Rose

Awesome service. I had terrible astigmatism and had been wearing glasses/contacts since I was 6 years old. In just a few hours at Lasik, I was seeing better than 20/20. Absolutely amazing and the best decision I've made for my health.

Brian & Naya Cisneros

I love the service, attention and care the staff showed me. They explained everything that was going to happen and what to expect several times. They appreciate your questions, and comments. Overall, I love the fact that I can see without worrying where I forgot my glasses. So glad I did it!!

Scott Allen

Graet. I was backright after the na . Well worth it . to near 20/20

The Bull Crabs

So great! I had to go back for a second time and it was easier than the first. It was free/ covered under warranty. I like the word free better. Ha The procedure probably took half the time than the first time (and that only took 10 min tops). The people who work here are awesome. I feel like they are all my friends... It's just a weird (in a good way), comfortable atmosphere. Everyone is so nice. You never feel like you are inconveniencing anyone. Never afraid to ask questions. Just walk in and instantly you have friends. I'd trust these people with my eyeballs any day.

Mario Dearmas`

The price of their surgeries are just way to high when they claim to be the cheapest. Got a price of 3,500 for both eyes with a "$800 Discount"

Douglas Niemuth

My eyes are worse. I cant read at all. Kept saying wait a few more months. I have one last visit to finish a procedure 7 months ago. Staff was very nice and attentive.

Malissa Duran

LasikPlus is fabulous! I had my consultation and "surgery" in the same day. The staff is wonderful and helpful. I had some slight issues healing with one of my eyes but they helped me through and answered all my questions as I had them. Now my vision is better than I ever dreamed. It's not cheap but was worth every penny! Highly recommend!

Brandon Wilder

Great friendly staff. Wonderful service. Advanced technology. And unforgettable experience. Dr Allen and The staff over at LasikPlus has me seeing even better than perfect. Hands down best investment I have made thus far in my life.

Ethel Reeves

Entire team from check-in, Dr. Bui, Dr. Cornell to checkout fantastic! I am glad I chose LasikPlus for my vision care. Highly recommend!!

Elexis O'Neal

Amazing staff!! So friendly and knowledgeable :)

Miguel Maldonado

LasikPlus on Jefferson is full of awesome people. The whole staff was super friendly, clear on procedures and everything was super easy and FAST. I went in for a free exam on a Thursday. The next day I walked out of there with 20/15 vision and I'm loving it. The first two hours after lasers sear through your eyeballs for 20 seconds are pretty brutal. It feels like your mamacita is baking jalapeno poppers in your eyeballs at 400 degrees. Pero three hours later, you'll be eating a nachos bell grande on the couch no problem. The actual surgery is easy. The next two hours will test your manhood. I just cried it out, naturally. After a full on lloron session I was back to impressing my girlfriend that same night. If you're gonna do it, do it here. Serio. (this is me and the Doc AFTER lasers filleted my eyes. The pain doesn't set in until about 20 minutes later but the next day you'll catch the biggest damn trout you've ever seen up at Fenton.)

Samantha Fulcher

I am super pleased with lasik plus. They provided excellent service and supported me through out the entire procedure. Dr. Ellis is an amazing surgeon and kept me calm during the surgery. My vision is extremely clear and it has only been 1 day out of surgery! I am so thrilled! Thank you!

Francisco Trevino

I usually get so much anxiety over anything dealing with any kind of doctor's, even just getting shots. But this was so fast easy and painless, and the staff is great. Made the experience easy.

dakoda whitehawk

Absolutely the best decision I’ve made. No more glasses or contacts!! The Nurses and Doctors were amazing. Very helpful and answered every question. I will definitely recommend this to any and everyone

Amia Cumbee

Before Lasik, my prescription was -3.75 in one eye and -4.25 in the other. I had spent years in contacts and glasses. The staff were so friendly and answered all my questions. Dr. Gans performed my surgery and was so incredible. He talked me through each step and before I knew it, I could see. Three days later, my eyes aren't dry and I'm seeing 20/15. Thank you all so much!!

Charles Stein

I’m so glad I decided to trust LasikPlus with my corrective vision treatment. Dr Smith and the whole team at LasikPlus are professional, friendly and efficient. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and painless the consultation and procedure were AND the affordable pricing and flexible payment options. I almost forgot...I could see clearly without my glasses as soon as the procedure was done and my vision keeps getting better! Can’t beat service and results like this!

rulynn seino

Dr Cornell was amazing during my eye procedure. He told me everything he was doing. The staff at LasikPlus in Portland made me feel so welcomed! They answered all my questions when I had them. I now have 20/15 vision!!! I was so blind when I went in on Monday for my exam! Overall great experience there and yes I will be telling my family, friends and co workers to go here if they need lasik!!!

shelle curley

Very friendly staff, wonderful customer service, but let's be real..I hear an ad for a promotion starts at 250.00 an eye , go to the website and wonder why its talking about FINANCING ..let me start with I just wear readers., drug store readers. During check in they mention it can be up to 2300.00 per eye. They do the exam and tell me , my eyes are very healthy but I have normal age related farsightedness, and here it comes, ...after telling me my eyes are very healthy and NO astigmatisms, no bifocals..or anything like that, it will cost 2300.00 PER EYE..I almost passed out. I replied.."so what does the 250.00 an eye do" the Doctor replied...WORD FOR WORD.."NOT MUCH." I heard about this 250.00 an eye thing on the radio, and feel very mislead. I EXPECTED the price to at least double .....but 5 TIMES the cost PER so deceptive. I took time off work for this. They were pushing a payment plan from the moment I walked in, During registration, they ask would you like to fill out a care credit application..RED FLAG!! They knew before checking my eyes they would quote over 4k.....brought it up again during my exam, and of course..I get the highest cost estimate for perfectly healthy eyes, with no issues other than correcting not being able to read small print...LOL.. I'm not that vain..I could buy a car for 4600.00 dollars.and donate it to a needy family...I'll stick with the readers. !!! Very nice staff though..Give your marketing staff a raise, they got me in!!! I would like to see IF they EVER have done it for 250.00 an eye!!! I would BET money they haven't.

Carrie Woolever

It is amazing!!!! Best thing I ever did. Everyone there was so very helpful.

Aisha McKee

Got my Lasik done here this month. Great staff! Friendly and helpful.

shella partoza

Highly recommended. Really nice I dont have to use my glasses.


I went in for a consultation and they were very informative and friendly! After my procedure and after the 4-6 hour nap I immediately noticed the difference. It was amazing to be able to see so clear and sharp without the assistance of glasses or contacts. The idea that my vision will only get better from this point on is phenomenal!!

Nicholas Jakini

Could not have asked for a better experience! I recommend everyone even thinking about lasik to this location. Amazing staff and experienced doctors

Benjamin Cordova

Awesome experience friendly people and my vision is great now 20/15 from my original eyesight of 20/80

Kelly Bogowith

Everyone was super nice! The facility was clean and comfortable. The call center was always available when I thought of questions at home. Email reminders were helpful! Surgery was yesterday so I’m still recovering - happy so far!

Caitlin Page

These people are incredibly friendly, and I appreciate that greatly. The procedure was quick and painless. Day five, and I haven’t been able to shoot laser beams yet.

Michele Whiting

I was very nervous about the idea of getting Lasik, however the staff and everyone at LasikPlus were truly exceptional. They explained everything in great detail and put me at ease. The day of my procedure was completely flawless and everything was fantastic! I just came home from my follow-up appointment and I am seeing 20/15!! If you are on the fence about having this done, don't be!!! You will never look back!!!

Emily Sanchez

Great place! I truly recommend LasikPlus Albuquerque, NM. The whole process from consultation, to payment, to the procedure was really smooth! The staff is extremely helpful and nice. I now have 20/15 vision and am very pleased with my results. Thank you LasikPlus ABQ.

karen ortiz

Super friendly staff ver efficient! Answered all my questions and concerns! highly recommend. Payment plans available and super flexible !

Magdalena Almanza Valdez

Best self investment I have ever made. 3 days post op and I am 100% satisfied. Great staff.

William Nelson

Jessica is the best! Got the surgery about a year ago and its still amazing!

Kelby Cheney

I don't really write reviews but they have the absolute best customer service. They are nice, professional and helpful at every turn. Never once did I feel ignored. Absolutely amazing staff. Those front desk girls were top notch as well.

Nick D'Amato

Decided to go to LasikPlus after being recommended by several friends and family memebers who have had the procedure. I had a prescription of -6.5 before Lasik, now I have 20/20, it feels amazing to be able to have perfect vision again. This is truly life changing! Thank you so much, Dr. Allen and team for making this possible!

Unique Page

Staff and doctors are AMAZING! My husband and I went in together and had a wonderful experience!

Heidi Timm

Everyone is just awesome, super nice and attentive! I love that Dr. Allen personally calls you before and after the procedure. He makes you feel very comfortable during the procedure and talks you through it all. Great experience!

Kelly Richter

From the consultation, through the procedure, and the follow up, I've had nothing but positive experiences from this place. The initial exam is very thorough, they give you all the information you need to know if you're a candidate, and best of all, it's free, so there's no commitment. I'm thrilled with the results, and feel comforted knowing if I ever need to return for adjustments, it's free! Highly recommend LasikPlus!

Aigna B

This place is phenomenal and the process was smooth sailing. I can now see with 20/20 vision! Dr. Ellis and Janaé were the dream team!

Whitney Dawe-Crahen

The staff at LasikPlus are so warm and calming, and were extremely helpful with all of my questions. Nothing like being given a big stuffed dog to hold during a procedure to calm your nerves! I appreciated their experience and efficiency with each visit, and am thrilled with the results! I highly recommend LasikPlus.

Michael Purcell

LASIKPlus was fantastic! They answered all of my concerns and even addressed some that I didn’t know I had. The surgery was quick and the doctor talked me through the entire process. I can see!

Sheryl Plummer

I had a great experience. I appreciated that Dr. Allen called me personally before and after my procedure. I was told what to expect and it was spot on. I didn't need to be as nervous as I was! It is so amazing to be able to see without the glasses/contacts I've relied on for 30+ years! I wish I had done it sooner.

Charles Templeton

Everything was great with the procedure and the Dr. and staff were top notch and so pleasant!! Great experience! Definitely recommend going here should you decide to have lasik! Couldn't be happier!!

Sandi Tarter

The people at this office are great, from the receptionist to the Dr. and everyone in between. This is the second time Dr. Cornell has treated me so I was not concerned or worried. He's great and so is his staff. I have perfect 20/20 vision and I'm happy to finally be able to see again. Thank you everyone!

Joshua Mitchell

Dr. Cornell is very experienced and made me feel safe during my procedure. My procedure was done very quickly, which is a huge bonus because the procedure can make you feel pretty anxious. Definitely recommend getting to sleep as soon as you can after the procedure, because it can be tough to sleep if you wait too long. The only part that I am a little upset about is, how long I may have to avoid Martial Arts training, which wasn’t clear to me before my procedure. Overall this place was very friendly, professional, and Dr. Cornell is an amazing doctor. Highly recommend this location and doctor.

Karen Calhoun Harris

Outstanding from my initial phone call to set appt. for consultation to now a week after my surgery! I love my vision family LasikPlus! *Comforting through whole process. *I love they video tape your procedure. *Time frame is unbelievable. *Office environment is relaxed. *Dr. Allen & Lazer took good care of me. Only Regret I didn't do it yrs ago!!!

Tara J

I was terrified of lasik but have been told for 10 years I was a good candidate. I finally bit the bullet and came to LasikPlus in Brookfield. I have NO regrets. The staff is very professional, reassuring, and friendly. Dr. Allen makes sure you are comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. I really like that he called a day before my lasik and then later same day as the lasik procedure to make sure I had no questions or concerns and to make sure I wasn't having complications. I highly recommend checking them out if you even remotely want perfect vision! Or better than perfect...I'm now at 20/15!!!

Stephanie Hussman

What an amazing experience! The whole team was friendly, professional and enthusiastic during my consultation, treatment and follow-up! Thanks again!

Maria King

Friendly people. Easy to find location. I have not had my procedure done YET.. totally not nervous

Erik Lopez

It's been a week and my vision is already almost as good as when I had my contacts/glasses. My only mistake is waiting so long to actually do it!

Elsa Ortiz

They are so helpful.. Best price ever!! They are great so excited for this procedure..

Brandie Cochran

Amazing!! I love my new eyesight and the staff that did my procedure had so much energy and positivity that it made my anxiousness less. They talked me through the procedure and that helped so much knowing what was going on. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Myzafer Demiri

Best experience ever. The staff was awesome to work with. I can’t believe the procedure was that quick. I will recommend Lasik Plus to all my friends and family.

Jessica Taylor

Omg before i came to lasik plus for my follow up, i havent even heard of 20/15 vision!! But here i am with that type of vision. I walked in for the first time with a -7 aka 20/CF and now have 20/15!! that is nuts. i really cant believe it!! So happy..

Huyen Le

So worth it! Life changing experience from being a -8 prescription to 20/20! Thank you so much for taking care of me and making me finally see things clearly for the first time!

Lisa Wahl

I was treated with friendly service and professionalism through my entire LasikPlus experience. The staff was great at explaining each step of the process. Dr. Gans is truly one of St. Louis best! He has performed both of my mom’s cornea transplants, cataracts and a cornea reattachment from a global rupture. I trust him with my eyes any day!! While I am still adjusting to my Monovision I’m already loving that I can read my alarm clock at night among other positives!!

Aaron Bordessa

Very friendly, comforting and professional staff! I had my surgery at 3pm and by the next day at 8am I was seeing 20/15 vision! I highly recommend LasikPlus to anyone considering Lasik surgery.

Drake Tyler

Great staff and the whole process was super easy. Almost a week after my surgery and I still keep thinking I have contacts in but I don’t, I can just see for the first time in decades!

Mika Dewa

The staff here is very friendly, they make the experience so easy! The procedure was fast and I’m thankful for them helping me through it, it really makes a difference.

Eric Stepney

First off, the staff is super friendly and inviting! I was a little nervous going in but the doctor's and staff answered all my questions and concerns to make feel comfortable about the process. There was no pain at all! After the process, my vision was cloudy but still better than it was before, lol. After taking a nap once i got home, I woke up seeing clear and no pain. Best choice I ever made!!!

russ saatkamp

Great experience!!! Fast, kind people!! Dr was awesome they explained everything. I would highly recommend the LasikPlus. It’s amazing how you can see instantly.

Kevin Shosted

I’m an eye doctor in Salt Lake City and I decided to have LASIK with Dr. Michael Cornell and his team at LasikPlus - Portland. Ten years later and I’m still loving my vision. I’m seeing better than 20/20, haven’t needed glasses, contacts or any further laser vision correction since then. Drs. Cornell, Curttright, and Plomski and their entire staff are great people and will treat you like family. Your eyes are in amazing hands. Highly recommended.

Adrian Skoli Olivas

Extremely nice staff. Well organized and comfortable environment. Clear explanations and directions for pre, mid and post operation.

chris marquez

Want to thank the whole crew and staff at Lasik Plus at 6500 Jefferson. They are awesome very knowledgeable and courteous & professional. Lasik is the best thing I've ever did for myself. Have 20/20 vision again. Special Kudos to Catherine, Carmen and Leslie. Everybody there is Awesome. What a Crew & Staff. I would recommend them to all who want to have awesome vision.

Carrie Yerges

Had my lasik done a few weeks ago and it feels amazing to not have to worry about contact or glasses anymore. Have perfect vision. Couldnt ask for a more friendly professional staff. Every interaction I have had has been amazing.

Dominic Marchese

100% worth it! The clinic was so kind, patient and 100% clear on everything they were doing! The doctor put me at ease, explained every step and all was over within minutes! No pain, no discomfort, but 100% worth it!

Joe Lusk

I had been wearing corrective lens for over 45 years, since 5th grade. Three minutes of my time wiped all of that away. Dr. Gans and the LasikPlus staff were amazingly friendly, and genuinely attentive to what I wanted. It is now the day after my surgery and I drove without my glasses or contacts the first time . . . legally. I cannot be happier with the results or how I was treated at LasikPlus. And yes, Ashley, I am following your instructions to the letter. I can only say thank you from the depths of my heart. I can honestly say that the watery eyes on the drive home yesterday weren't solely from the procedure

Amanda M

I was nervous to have Lasik done and now I wish I would have done it sooner! Everyone at LasikPlus treated me like family. They are friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they take great joy in helping people with their vision. I am so grateful to them! I struggled with contacts and glasses for years and now I don't have to! If you have considered Lasik treatment go in for a consultation and get your vision back!

Joshua Rivera

The staff is remarkable they really put effort into making you feel at home. I went home Napped and went back same day for my follow up appointment and my vision is now 20/20 same day. Thank GOD for this place.

Anya Nailen

I had a very good experience at LasikPlus and I am happy to recommend their services. If you are thinking about getting Lasik go in for the consultation appointment because they will patiently discuss every step of the process with you. The actual procedure took five minutes and I am three days post-op and the difference I'm seeing is marvelous! Thank you LasikPlus!


The staff is so friendly and helpful. Wonderful facility!

Ashley Fryman

I was SO nervous! But was quickly reassured I would be ok! During the procedure I was still a little panicky and asked to sit up for water. The doctor and assistant were so kind, and gave me all the time I needed. Reminding me to take deep breaths and even counted down so I knew how long I had before each step was done. That was SO helpful! I woke up today and CAN SEE!! It’s so crazy to me! I am so thankful I chose this office (after reviewing others and having multiple friends also going here as well) and I am recommending everyone to go here. Including my dad whose had to have his redone twice some where else (he should have chose lasik plus!) This is the place to go!

Kendi Myers

Super friendly and helpful staff. They made the whole process comfortable and easy. Dr. Cornell is so patient and calming during the procedure. I felt very confident with my care.

Benjamin Gibb

Best decision I've ever made! The procedure is a little odd to experience, but not a negative experience at all. Dr.W Cornell and his team were supportive the entire procedure. I woke up the next morning and could see perfectly (with some mild halos which should go away with time). Went from 20/70 to 20/15 and no more agstigmatism. 10 out of 10, would do again without a second thought.

Victoria O'Connor

This was the best experience!! All the staff was so kind and helpful. I was feeling a little nervous about the procedure and everyone was so great. They answered all my questions and they all made me feel at ease during the procedure! Definitely would highly recommend to anyone interested in lasik :)

chance mullins

Pretty awesome. From 20/40 (left) and 20/60 (right) to 20/20 in both! Procedure took about 3 min and was painless. I will say if you have any sensitivity/ anxiety to surgery or your eyes I recommend calling in a Valium before hand.

Super Chill

Went in this morning for my surgery after having had a consultation last week. the entire process took 8 minutes!!! it was a little foggy at first, which they said was normal, and then my vision began to clear LITERALLY second by second!! I came home and took a nap, when I woke up I was BLOWN AWAY!! my vision is CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! I can see every leaf on every tree, every tree on Sandia Mountain from my bedroom window in Enchanted Hills!!! I can read every street sign, it is nothing short of miraculous!! And this is only 4 hours after the surgery. They said my results will continue to improve as I heal more fully too!! Everybody was so friendly and professional, from the nurses to the doctors. Dr. Straub, who did my surgery, talked me through everything he was doing while he was doing it and there wasn't one moment of silence during the surgery when I wondered what was going on. The surgery was so fast and the results are so astonishing. Dr. Strain's hands were literally blessed by God. I can't recommend this place enough, for every reason I can think of. If you're thinking about Lasik, stop thinking and go now!! Go to LasikPlus and don't look back!!

gretta ham

Doctor was amazing Staff is amazing and extremely helpful. Procedure was fast didn't hurt much. Recovery 1st day was painful and hard but went away by day 2 .

Camille Herrmann

Doctor Allen and his team did a wonderful job! My vision was improved that very day. The next day I didn’t even need my glasses. The actual operation was only 15mins. It was fast and easy. Recovery was very quick too. Would recommend!

Lindsay Smiecinski

Easy procedure! Loved the doctor, made me feel very comfortable. I’m seeing perfectly and my eyes feel 100% after 1 week! Best money I’ve ever spent!

Joshua Carroll

Had my consultation yesterday and my surgery this morning. WOW!!! Took a nap and woke up with perfect vision!! Wish I would have done this years ago! The team at Lasik Plus was so AMAZING! Especially Janae!! Highly recommend going to see them ASAP! Still can’t get over the fact that I don’t have to worry about putting my contacts in every morning!!!

Michelle Copeland

Great people took care of me. My left eye is healing faster than my right but I knew that before I had it done.

Yes Maybe

I can see again! Thanks lasik plus!

Gina Rodriguez

My experience was great. Unfortunately I’m allergic to some things but they are so understanding of my situation. All of the staff are so friendly and amazing. ( Kim, Leslie, Sophia and Julie) If I forgot someone I apologize. The doctor ( Mr. K.) sorry I don’t want to disrespect by spelling it wrong, he was the best very calm. (I had a lot of questions and concerns) He was the one that had called me before my surgery, the day if my surgery and I had seen him for the follow up. I would recommend this place, it was over all a great experience and relief that I no longer have wear glasses.

Jodi Garcia

Today is a day that tears are certainly my happy tears in my post op appointment. I have been wearing glasses and contacts since as long as I can remember and I decided to get Lasiks here at Lasik Plus Vision Center and I believe by far this was the best decision of my life and regret not doing it sooner! The staff as well as the Doctors here were absolutely amazing! They are all so very professional and really know what they are doing. They are all very knowledgeable about the procedure and make you feel at ease after your consultation and most importantly during your actual procedure, constantly asking if your doing ok or if you need anything. I truly appreciate everyone here and would recommend if anyone is considering this they definitely need to come here. Thank you so much to everyone here and especially Dr. Iwaynk for helping me to see 20/15!! Can’t wait to live life in my new eyes!!!!

Lorrin Davis

There is a reason for all the 5 star reviews - this office has amazing service by every team member! Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. I love that I was able to schedule my lasik treatment within a week of my free consultation - which was a great experience as well! Highly recommend.

Cris Martinez

It's been exactly one week since having my procedure and all I can say is, I can't believe I waited so long to do this. The entire Team at LasikPlus was amazing and super friendly. I have severe anxiety and they were completely great in making this experience calming for me. If your thinking of doing, stop thinking and go do it! And be sure to go to LasikPlus to have it done. Trust me, you will be thankful you did.

Jennifer Barker

I cannot believe how amazing a 15 min procedure could change my life! The staff at lasik plus were amazing! If your thinking about it don’t wait to schedule your appointment!

Amber Walgamott

Was extremely nervous and they made me feel so welcomed and a nurse even held my hand through the procedure! I'm 4 days post OP and I already have 20/20 and still improving! Amazing staff. I would highly recommend going to this place.

Lauren Honz

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about my new vision!! This place is amazing. Everyone is incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Thank you so much, Dr. Ellis and everyone at LasikPlus! I feel truly blessed to have had this procedure and I would recommend it to anyone!

Jaime Moyano

Great experience! Was nervous at first, but staff answered all my concerned questions and made me feel very comfortable. Everything went extremely smooth (surgery was maybe 15 min). Glad I got the surgery.

Amber Pearce

The staff at Lasik Plus is so friendly and inviting. They answer any and all questions and made sure all of my questions were answered before I left. I left without being nervous at all for my procedure, just really excited!

Sunny Casmir

I have been wanting to do this and finally my boyfriend said, go for it, it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. He was right!!! This is the best gift you could ever give yourself and it will be the gift that keeps on giving. I am so happy with my results and the team at lasik where amazing and kind. I was so nervous but it was nothing to be nervous about. Thank you for getting rid of my contacts and glasses and giving me better vision than contacts or glass could ever do.

ventura trujillo

Wonderful experience! Great staff and amazing doctor...took care to explain everything every step of the way! I would highly reccomend!

Renee Holland

Great experience!!!! The staff was so friendly. I was very anxious but the staff and doctor totally put me at ease

Jenn S

Amazing experience. The staff walked me through every step of the process on surgery day, and was very flexible with scheduling.

Geiger Soto

From start to finish (post op) it has been a great experience. I totally recommend this place if you're looking to better the quality of your vision. I was actually really nervous and anxious but the staff there (and I recommended my brother in law so he had his procedure done in the morning and mine was late afternoon) reassure you so much and calm your nerves. It's NOT AT ALL a bad procedure. Just some discomfort. It's crazy how I wore glasses for 22 years of my life and how quick a surgery (advanced technology and drs) can fix it. I'm seeing SOOO MUCH better. My vision just seems perfect! My birthday is next week and this definitely tops all the gifts I can receive because now....The way I can see the world is DEFINITELY clear and better. I recommend this place and the service there is above and beyond great! Thank you soooo much!!! Now...To heal:)

Josh Seed

This place is amazing staff super friendly, very professional from start to finish. I was about as blind as it gets and know I can see one of the best things I could have ever done I would recommend this place to anyone just come and see if it’s for you there was no pressure at all to do it and they had so many payment plans. To the lasik team thank you so much you have change my life wish I could give you ten ⭐️

John Strobbe

My wife got her procedure done here. The team at LasikPlus is amazing. She had her exam and treatment same day. We are amazed by everyone's professionism and kindness. Thank you Dr. Ellis, Dr Neil, and Dr. Gaines.

Janae Jackson

Literally the most amazing thing in the

Vanessa Beyers

Really friendly team, procedure is quick and I couldn't be happier with the results. I made the mistake of only taking 1 Tylenol PM after my procedure so couldn't fall asleep for a couple hours and the burning I felt in my eyes was really intense, so when they ask if you'd like 1 or 2 Tylenol PM, take 2

Kelly McCoy

Everyone in the Brookfield Office was so kind and patient. I was so nervous and they helped to calm my nerves and explained things more then once.

Brandy Payne

The staff was amazing! Very comforting and understanding of my nervousness. The procedure went great and 2 days post procedure I’m seeing 20/20 from at least 20/300+!! For the first time in 30+ years I don’t need glasses or contacts!! I’m ecstatic!! Thank you all so much!!

Danielle Orozco

Staff is very friendly and comforting. Dr Straub was very friendly and explained the whole procedure to help make things more comfortable during the procedure 4 hours after I can already tell a difference in my vision!

Chris Manack

Great experience from start to finish, everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful. 10/10 would get lasik here again

bbRebekah Chavez

I was honestly so scared to have my eyes done. But everyone made the experience amazing! What I love it during your procedure they talk you through it. It was fast! After my nap I could see! Honestly the best thing ever!!

Tiffany Buyer

Such a unique and awesome experience! The staff is wonderful and the doctors are knowledegable. I trust them with my life!

Joanne Nosbisch

Great experience and Dr. Allen made me fell relaxed during the entire procedure. Looking forward to seeing much better as well as a better quality of life.

Sam Clemens

The staff is very informative and patient. The procedure went quickly and was effortless. About what I expected for price and payment options available.

Brenda Zuleger

Dr. Allen is excellent. It’s very rare when a surgeon calls before and after a procedure, and it was a pleasant surprise to receive his calls. He made the process very comfortable and painless.

Stephanie Trujeque

I was so nervous to get lasik done, but everyone at LasikPlus was so helpful and knowledgeable that it helped relieve my anxiety. It has been less than a week since I had the procedure done and I am already enjoying my new eye sight! I highly recommend LasikPlus if you are thinking about having lasik surgery done.

Ashley Mitchell

My husband had surgery today. He was pretty nervous going in. The whole team was so knowledgeable and comforting from start to finish! I will recommend LasikPlus St.Louis to all my friends.

Bianca Romero

I cannot say enough good things about this place. From the moment I walked in for my consultation, Leslie and Catherine took good care of me and my family. They were so knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I had all of my questions answered before I even saw the doctor. Both Dr. Kowalski and Dr. Iwanyk were kind and friendly, taking time to introduce themselves and check on me on operation day. What is even more amazing is that everyone in the office has had the surgery. It was nice to talk to people who had it done and could give you their personal experience. During the procedure, Dr. Iwanyk talked me through each step and told me what to expect while Leslie and Catherine kept me calm. When they say the procedure takes all of ten minutes, they aren't kidding. It's amazingly fast. The next day exam was positive and everyone was happy to see that I could see. I believe the entire exam took all of ten minutes and I got a tee shirt to celebrate. If you are thinking about getting Lasik, this is the place to go. The staff here will take great care of you, answer all of your questions, and walk you though each step.

Sal N

From the consultation visit until after the procedure everyone at LasikPlus was great. The doctor walks you through the entire process. Wish I had done this years ago. Highly recommend LasikPlus.

Harry Buxom

The t shirts are awesome! but not better than the staff. hate to say it but my vision is even better than the staff and that is saying something. They rolled out the red carpet for me! not to mention my surgeon called me and left me a voicemail later on after I had the procedure!

Dan Gebhart

The staff was amazing and Extremely thorough. They walked me through the whole process and made me feel at ease. They all were very personable, professional and passsionate. Thank you, you’re the best!!

Felipe Gonzales

What an amazing experience. I was nervous going into my LASIK appointment but that feeling quickly disappeared once I saw the level of care at LASIKPlus. I was beyond pleased with the efficient process, great service, and high level of care provided by the entire team. I already feel more confident since having the procedure and it’s only day 2! I was also thrilled to find out I was seeing 20/15. Wow!

Lisa Conard

Awesome experience! Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Staff is amazing and professional. The doctor calls you before the procedure and after to answer any questions or concerns. Would recommend to anyone!!

Jennifer Motsinger

Loved my experience! I didn't feel pressured at any point. The LasikPlus team here were all kind, professional yet personable and very knowledgeable. They gave me all the information in a way that was easily understood without any hidden agendas and made certain at multiple points to ask if I still understood. Although they were not pushy, they were very fast and efficient. I've known for years I wanted lasik and when I decided to make the consultation appointment they were able to get me right in that same week. After making certain what my options were, I moved forward with lasiks. I was able to have LasikPlus do my surgery that Friday of the same week! I didn't feel rushed but I also didn't have to wait long for my assisted-free vision. I'm writing this with ease not even 24 hours after LasikPlus and their wonderful team gave me perfect vision! Definitely highly recommending them at every opportunity. Thank you all so much!!!

Brittney Toles

I was very apprehensive about Lasik, but after speaking with coworkers and friends I decided to try it out. I couldn't be more excited that I did. The procedure was simple, quick, and I was out within 5 minutes. Staff is great! I would recommend anyone who is thinking about it to go ahead and take the plunge! Its weird to wake up in the morning and be able to see!! Its so worth it!

Josh West

Great friendly staff, procedure was quick, and I have great vision again. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Today is the day after my surgery and I am quite impressed with how well I can see. The procedure itself was relatively easy. I came in very nervous. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The doctors are all top notch with great bedside manner. Everyone made me feel at ease. My vision is 20/20 and only going to improve from here on out. I am very happy with my surgery at lasikplus.

David SJC

I had an amazing experience at LasikPlus during my first evaluation as well as the day of my surgery. The doctors and technicians were very professional, knowledgeable, and CARING. They take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions. Thank you so much, you guys are the best.

Alani Vierra

Everyone was on top of their game and nothing felt rushed. Well informed about everything and now I have 20/20!

Christina Crate

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They explained everything to me and answered any question I had. The whole experience was worth it and a life changer

Corina Gonzalez

Such an amazing experience! Great staff, quick procedure, and an easy recovery! Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Tammy Howard

Super friendly staff that provide detailed information about procedure and after care. The day of surgery (PRK) was a bit of a wait but actual procedure took less than 10 minutes. Dr. Allen calls days prior to surgery to check if any questions or concerns and reviews what to expect after surgery. He also personally called the day after (Saturday) to check on me! Overall a great experience and would recommend!

Toonchi phan

Thank you LasikPlus! I can see 20/20 now. Shout out to Dr. lwanik and the staffs. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I reccomend everyone who's been thinking about getting it done. No more glasses or contacts.

Timadj Wellmaker

The staff was very friendly. I truly enjoyed my lasik experience!

Norma Ramos

I had a such a good experience from consultation to the actual procedure, I just regret not doing it sooner. The actual procedure was not painfull, but very strange and at times uncomfortable but tolerable and the staff and Dr Allen were very gentle and talked me through those weird sensations (mostly pressure). The procedure I think took about 10 minutes. That’s all! I went straight home to sleep it off after I took the Valium. It was a bit uncomfortable trying to fall asleep as my eyes were tearing and they were burning/stinging BUT before I knew it I woke up exactly four hours later and I could see clearly and had NO pain, and NO sign that anything was ever done to my eyes! So happy with the results. Thanks to the staff at LasikPlus and Dr Allen for having this process down to a science but still making patients feel that they are taken care of. And thank you Denid for referring me.

Herman Edison

Amazing Team! I highly recommend this place if you ever want your vision taken care of! The nurses were super friendly the Doctor was very professional! If you come on by, I assure, you will be in great hands!

kadesh wilson

I would recommend this to all of my friends and clients! The procedure was fast and painless and the results were immediate! Dr Ellis was fantastic, very very good bedside manner! They also had very easy payment plans!

Derrick B.

Came out day of feeling awesome. 2 days later I'm seeing 20/15 (better than 20/20) and it's only going to get better. Awesome experience

Meshi Henok

I had an amazing experience at this place. Everyone was very kind and professional. Amber was amazing and she helped to be calm throughout the process. So, if you are looking for a very professional team that provides the best customer service, you need to go visit LASIKPLUS in Plano. Thank you so much for all your service and kindness. I am now seeing 20/20 so pleased with the result of my procedure.

Mary Norman

The staff is very helpful and friendly. They are very informative. I didn't have any questions after my consultation. Your well being and recovery are their top priority. They will check in on you after your procedure and you will have follow-up appointments to make sure you're healing properly. I am 1 day post-op and I can see without my glasses! Its amazing!


Where do i really start. The staff is amazing, the experience was blissful. Without their in depth, hands on, put the customer first mentality, i don’t know what i would do. If i could give more than 5 stars i would. Especially that Janaé, i think i found my new bestfriend!!! OMG!!! 100/10 customer service!! :)

Tash Nunez

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The doctor was extremely courteous and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was nervous but they made the process easy and stress free. I definitely recommend them. Thank you to all the LasikPlus staff.

Ashley Kommer

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The procedure was so easy and took almost no time at all.

Rachel Wold

It’s been about 2.5 months since my surgery and my vision is pretty blurry which is very disappointing. The surgery helped but I’m far from 20/20. I’m hopeful that a second surgery will help but I hate the thought of going through all of this again. I can’t help but think that either my prescription they used to correct my eyes was wrong or the preparation (wear glasses for a few days prior to surgery) just wasn’t enough. I’d just say, ask lots of questions and maybe get a second opinion as well. There are hundreds of success stories for my one not so successful story. I still recommend Lasik 100% but just know you may be in the small % like me where it doesn’t go exactly as planned. I’ll come back and update this once I know more....

Chance Typhair

Awesome results. Really easy procedure. Definitely worth it

Tonina Carlson

Great customer service and my eyesight is amazing and never had any issues after surgery

Jonathan Rice

So still early on, day 2 post op. Will update if this changes, but I'll say this. So far it's like magic. I haven't seen this well since without correction since I was a kid. The staff walks you through expectations all the way through which is helpful. Great experience all in all.

Krystyn Hirsch

I am so happy I decided to go through with Lasik! I went from 20/400 to 20/20! It only took about 4 minutes to complete and about 3 hours of being uncomfortable after. Then...completely fine with a little dryness and blurrinesss here and there but I’m only 4 days out. Do this! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Dr. Allen!

Stephen Gregory

Great work. Very thorough workup and my vision is excellent. Process and expected recovery was well explained. I would absolutely recommend LasikPlus to anyone considering lasik.

Dyanna Monahan

This has been one of the best things that I have done for myself. I can believe how fast I saw a change in my vision. The whole staff was wonderful. They kept me informed of everything that was going on through the whole process. I would recommend LasikPlus to everyone!

Jasmine Finely

I came in to get information about the process, I will be getting lasik and Janae was outstanding, nice and very helpful. Looking forward to coming back.

bernard inez

Great staff, the entire experience was stress free. The entire procedure was explained well to me, I'm very happy and satisfied with the process.

Nazir Hossain

This place is really good. My wife got her lasik and she is doing great. The staffs are awesome.

Allen Gallegos

Highly recommend! Doing Lasik has improved my vision one step above 20/20. I am so very pleased with the results and excellent customer service from start to finish.

Leah Sueme

So happy with everyone at LasikPlus! I wish I would have done this sooner! Love my 20/20 vision!

Carlos Coy

Very professional and caring ! Answered all my questions and walked me through all my procedures! Definitely would recommend to anyone, who is tired of poor vision and not sure this is the best next step to take in life! Thank you to everyone at lasikplus!! For all you do!

janeth alcala

I am writing this review a day after my lasik surgery. Right after my procedure I was able to see clearly without my glasses! I am very impressed with the procedure and the customer service is excellent. I now have 20/15 vision!! (Even better than 20/20 vision ) I definitely recommend lasik plus to anyone looking into changing their life’s ! The best decision I have ever made.

Matthew Richer

Great staff and the procedure was quick and easy. I never thought I would have 20/20 vision. Thank you.

Yohan Aslan

I was there last week. Dr. Smith was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable and make the process easy. The manager was very helpful. The stufff was kind especially Alicia. The entire office was awesome. I’d definitely recommend!


Can already see things better and it's only been 2 days. Thanks team

Kyle Wilkinson

Cant believe I don't have to wear glasses anymore! The staff and Dr. Gans are amazing

Gina Raether

I was excited and a little nervous going into this process. My biggest fear, will I go blind. After my consultation, I was put at ease and more excited about the procedure. Plus the fact that they could get me in that same week was awesome. From the assistants to the doctor, everything was explained, step by step. I really had no questions to ask. The day of, there was a lil wait time but the procedure itself was quick and painless. I wasn't worried at all. The fact that I was able to see as well as I did in less than 5 hours was amazing. And it's only getting better. There is minor irritation, no worse than when I would wear my contacts. Actually feels better than wearing my contacts. I would highly recommend Dr Allen and his crew.

Cortney Klingele

The staff/doctors here are very friendly. Thank you to all the staff and doctors I encountered throughout my visits to your office. I had an amazing experience with my surgeries and so happy that I went here to get it done!

D Martinez

I can see!!! Excellent service and great assistance and care. My experience was awesome and I would recommend them to anyone. It’s amazing.

S Biegemann

The staff is wonderful, they greet you with a smile every time. I had to go back for a second time and it was easier than the first. It was free/ covered under warranty. The process was easy, done on Friday and recheck was Tuesday. I didn't have any pain just a little discomfort. My eyes just wanted to be closed almost all the time for the first 3 days. I kept applying ice packs and did all drops as directed. By Monday I felt great and was able to keep my eyes open! I was even able to pick up my crocheting again. Great place! Thanks to the team at LasikPlus

Jessica Fritz

Amazing results! I went from not being able to see the big “E” to 20/15 vision. Dr. Allen was helpful and caring and very professional. Total procedure time was less than 1 minute per eye. I minimal amount of pressure was noted but totally worth it. I wish I would’ve gone through with the procedure sooner than later.

Megan Montero

LOVE the new PDX theme eye charts & mat... also the FUN NEW T-SHIRTS!!!

Mike Montoya

Love my new eyes! Very friendly and awesome staff!

Alex Denman

Was a little more painful than expected, but absolutely worth it for the results. The doctors were all great and answered all questions I had. Excited to be seeing 20/15!


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They explain the process clearly and everything went super smooth. Looks more intimidating than it is but when it's your turn the doctor makes sure everything is painless and calming. I really enjoyed it. Wish I had done it sooner!

Nicole Porth

I can’t even put into words how wonderful my experience at LasikPlus in Brookfield is/was! All the staff and doctors are absolutely amazing, kind, and caring! I was in one week ago for my FREE consult, 4 days later had the 5 minute procedure, and 1 week later here I am for my checkup. I CAN SEE 20/20 WITHOUT CONTACTS OR GLASSES! Of course yes a little discomfort for the first few days after the procedure, but overall I’m so happy! What a crazy and life changing experience! 100/10 experience for me! Thank you LasikPlus!

Ashley Sheda

I now have 20/20 vision. It is amazing and I have Lasik plus to thank. It’s awesome!!!! THANK YOU so much!!!!!!

Tracy Kwekkeboom

Everyone is so wonderful here. It's the day after my surgery and I am feeling great. So glad I got this done!

Lance Tissue

LASIK Plus is awesome. The doctors and staff are awesome too! Great experience!

Candice Wayne

Awesome staff, vision, cost, doctors, and coffee!!! what more could you ask for

Lubbock Queen

Thank you so much for my 20/15 vision! I've been in glasses my entire life and I never thought it would be possible to wake up and see across the room without them!!!!! Everyone that works here is so sweet, all going above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. My friend won the amazon gift card so they showed me how to check in so I could try and win too!! Everyone come here if you're even remotely considering Lasik!

Steven Hasenmyer

Excellent staff made the process very easy. Great service!

Thomas Uttaro

So I went to this place for a second opinion and I got to say this place was informative and made me and my wife comfortable. Granted the news was that I have a thin cornea it felt honest and they explained my options. I'll be back in six months for my follow-up


Very friendly staff, everyone there made me feel comfortable. They answered every question and concerns that I had. Thank you everyone! Doctor Conell is the best! I couldn’t asked for a better place to get my new eyes. As son as Lasik was done I was able to see. I’m so impressed and very happy!! Thank you LasikPlus!


Amazing and professional staff. The doctor was absolutely fantastic and made sure to explain anything I had trouble with. For the actual procedure it was very smooth and quick, not a single issue with my entire experience. Highly recommend.

Abby Peters

I had such an amazing experience with Lasik Plus and their staff. I went for my free consultation on Tuesday and was able to get the lasik eye surgery by Friday! The staff was so friendly and answered all of my questions/concerns. I was very nervous but they made me feel comfortable and the entire process was very quick and easy. I woke up the today with perfect vision and would do it all over again. I highly recommend Lasik Plus!

Post Furnishings

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I felt comfortable from start to finish. Today I am seeing better than 20/20! -Jesse Plog

Artur Pawlowicz

Great experience at LasikPlus. One week out and I’m seeing better than I ever did with glasses or contacts. Their setup is very efficient and well- organized. Dr. Smith was great, and everyone I interacted with was friendly and helpful.


Great atmosphere, everyone was very friendly. I will be recommending friends and family Dr. Ellis was great.

Linda Lea

Really simple to do. Amazing results!!! I see Great now.

Karen Miller

I am absolutely ecstatic about my procedure. I woke up and was able to see colors on my television that I did not realize was there, able to read the names on my amenity bottles on my dresser and drive without glasses for the first time since I was 17. This was just the first day. Thank you LASIK PLUS. Unless you have been dependent on glasses all your life you will not understand the joy. Thank You also Dr. Ellis

lindsey marois

Dr Allen was amazing and helped me feel calm every step of the way.

Kelly D

I had my consultation on a Thursday and was very happy with how they explained what they were doing, what they were checking, and over all their pleasant atmosphere. Was able to be seen that Saturday for my surgery and never once was I confused or anxious. I really appreciate the entire team for helping me achieve 20/20 vision. Thank you so much for everything!

Just Me, My Wife and Kids

This was by far the BEST investment I've EVER made! The staff was friendly, accommodating and most importantly, comforting! Hindsight is always 20/20 which means I wish I would've had this procedure a decade ago! Thank you LasikPlus family!

Daniel Puhl

I’m incredibly happy with the results. The whole process was positive and thorough. I was at 20/20 and worked the night after the procedure. It’s been about a week and a half and I have zero regrets.

Kelly Guthrie

Great staff, friendly and professional!

Nathan Merrill

Bentleys in the parking lot, flashy website, high-tech laser apparatus, and they're drooling over your tax return. They can charge whatever they want, and they do. I was lured in with the 'Starting at $250 per eye'. After doing some research, I was prepared to spend $1,000 per eye. The horrific shock came when I found out that even though I had healthy eyes and was 'a great candidate for the procedure', they boldly recommended to me that I get the flagship $4,500 premium package! I explained that my budget was $2,000, and they didn't even flinch. No counter-offer or lesser procedure was made available to me or discussed. I left, and told them to keep the absurd quote that they had proudly prepared for me. Regarding the services that I did receive: I got a free eye exam, it seemed thorough. I brought my wife and daughter, they were accomodated. Although the office was busy, my appointment was kept, and I was efficiently moved through the process. Two stars for a clean and professional place, zero stars for the Bait-and-Switch. -Nathan Merrill

Jackie Choi

Five stars all around here! The staff the service the doctors EVERYTHING was amazingly spectacular. My initial nerves were quickly extinguished with the clarity provided. I will recommend this place until the day I die! Love love love!

mark oneil

Staff is very friendly! My results are unbelievable!!!! I’m seeing better than 20/20 and it’s only been a week. I was nervous going in but the experience went better than I could have imagined. Excited For life without having to rely on eyewear.

Forrest Koslowski

Super easy, surgery was less than 10 minutes. Feels like if you were abducted by aliens and had to stare at some blinking lights. Was way more nervous than I should have been, but Dr Allen made a point of answering all questions and the staff there was very helpful. Only a day out and my eyesight is 20/15. Amazing

Jamie White

Everyone in this office is super awesome and friendly. They made me feel comfortable from my first visit during the initial exam, until my very last visit. Dr. Cornell was very kind and put me at ease during the surgery. They were very helpful and answered any questions I had, and everyone seems genuinely happy to work there, which is a plus. I had some minor pain/burning in my eyes the first day, but was fine by that night, and even better by day 2. It has now been one week and my eyes are doing great.

Nikole Meyer

The no-hassle consultation was a refreshing change. The assistants were very nice and able to answer any question I had.


The entire experience, from start to end was professional and well-explained. Staff was attentive and reassuring. Dr. Cornell was top notch and calmed my nerves. Will highly recommend to anyone I know thinking about getting Lasik!

Denise Davis

Very, very nice staff. The process from my eye exam to getting my 20/20 vision was quick and easy.Thank you LasikPlus!

dre maslovtsov

Best place ever definitely worth the money recommend getting this done for everyone!!!

Eric Folden

Best decision I've ever made in my life. After 11 years sense my brother had his surgery there with absolutely no problems at all it was time for me to get it done. The staff was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable about every question I threw at them. It all happened so fast, walked in a little nervous and before I even knew it I was walking out with a new set of eyes. Absolutely amazing I think it took like 12 minutes. If its the money you are worried about dont be just put it on a payment plan and get it done you wont regret it.

Wes Tyler

impeccable! that's all I have to say

Andrews gacha Productions

Well what can I say I can see, my whole life I have had the The worst vision and was always told that it could never be corrected well, LasikPlus just proved all of that wrong I found out that my vision is now 20/20 It brings tears to my eyes just knowing that I can see my only regret is not doing it sooner if feel so good being able to see Everything my family and friends do. Thank you so much lasikplus and your entire staff for making my experience one I will always remember and I most definitely will highly recommend this procedure to anyone I know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hong Quach

Went in for a consult and everyone on staff was so nice and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and were very thorough at explaining the whole process.

Michelle Massey

I had my LASIK surgery at LasikPlus in Albuquerque. AMAZING!!! I never thought I would ever see this clearly again!! I'd like to send Dr. Iwanyk a huge, heartfelt Thank You!!! I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. The staff was absolutely wonderful! They all made the process so easy and were so welcoming. Thank you to the entire staff for your kindness. It's only been four days and I can already see things I would have never been able to see without my glasses! Truly life changing! I would recommend this LasikPlus center to anyone thinking about having this procedure done.

Jackie Stevens

I would like to give a big thanks to dr Cornell and Dr. Curttright and Amy and the rest of the staff. Everybody did a great job, I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you so much. I really liked how Dr. Cornell talked you through the whole thing, that was really helpful.

Nicole Watanabe

Everyone at LasikPlus went above and beyond to make my surgery as comfortable and informative as possible. The staff is extremely friendly and always quick to make sure you are taken care of. I will be recommending them to all my family and friends and coworkers in both law enforcement and the military. Thank you LasikPlus

Alando Jones

Dr.Gans and the entire staff were very professional and friendly. They made one of my most nervous moments a breeze. Dr Gans joked and talked to me through the procedure and before you know it he was saying all done. Will definitely recommend.

Meagan Rodriguez

Great service! Nice staff! Very informative! Yay I can see!!!

Sindy Standefer

Staff is amazing. Office is clean. Procedure was quick and easy. Only regret I have is not doing it sooner. This is day after procedure and my right eye is super clear and my left eye is still a bit blurry but getting better by the minute! I would recommend this to Everyone! Especially people like me who have worn glasses for over 25 years!!

Amy Mills

I had my lasik surgery done in December. My eyes were -11 and almost -12. I drove myself to my follow up appointment the day after. I am truly amazed! The doctors and the staff are fabulous! I highly recommend LasikPlus of Plano! I had to have a touch up PRK done on my right eye 6 months later. They have been amazing! There's been absolutely no extra cost for any extra appointments or my touch up.

Trever Apfelbeck

Highly recommend!! I had my consultation Monday and was able to get Lasik Wednesday. Doctors were real informative and professional. I couldn't of asked for a better experience. Thanks Lasik Plus!!

Jamal Henderson

Fabulous people and even greater results

Kizzy Schaefer

I was definitely nervous going in, but the staff was incredibly friendly. Dr Ellis couldn’t have been better he was very friendly and upbeat and also he was very nice to his staff! Being in the healthcare profession myself I notice these things. Everyone seemed happy to be there. My procedure was quick and yes the first few hours afterwards there is an overwhelming need to close your eyes but after a 3 hour nap I felt great! Absolutely no pain or tenderness and I CAN SEE!! I went back and forth over doing this for a few years, only to wish I had done it sooner. Very happy with my experience.

Mary Tony

My daughter and husband just got LASIK and they love it. This place has their operation running like a finely tuned machine. It’s really cool that you can see other patients having the procedure through a large glass wall before you have to do it so you can see that it doesn’t hurt and that the patients are all comfortable. Great team and great results.

Vince Laskowski

This place is the bee’s knees! The staff is fun, knowledgeable, easy going, and get my poor attempt at humor. Not once did I feel they were pressuring me into some sort of up-charge either. The office is super clean, inviting, and professional. It was unreliable how fast I was able to get assessed, and then had my surgery in less than a week. And I was in and out of the surgery in less than 10 minutes! These guys actually CARE about doing the right thing for your eyesight, and that is obvious when you go through the process. There was no pain involved, at all. My eye wasn’t even irritated after the surgery. Doctor Ellis has done over 70,000 of these treatments to this point, and you should help him get to that 100,000 mark that he has his eye on! (No pun intended). I would give this company, the entire staff, and the whole process 1000 stars if that was an option, but today we will have to settle for 5. Use me as a referral and one of the staff members will tell you a joke that will leave you in stitches. Thank you for reading, and thanks to lasik plus for my amazing new vision!

Jana Fritschle

My experience has been life changing for sure. It is crazy that my vision was corrected in 29 seconds after years of wearing glasses and contacts. I do wish there was a bit more of a consultation phase prior to having it done. It felt a bit rushed. It is pretty uncomfortable for the 1-6 hours after the surgery, but worth it definitely.

Henry Louis

I am seeing better than I ever did with contacts or glasses! this is nuts. I didn't think it would turn out to be this great. The staff was also completely amazing!!

Fatima Sadiq

Having two of my family member go through LASIK procedure with Dr. Cornell was definitely an easy decision for me. Getting to experience it myself was a whole different feeling. I was welcomed in with open arms from start to finish. They really care about your well being and questions. They make the process easy to understand. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. ❤️ Im very excited about my new vision and feel great already! It was an honor to meet Dr. Cornell and his team! Thank you!!!

Greg Mason

This has been the most excellent experience from start to end for me. I've been relying on contacts and glasses for over 20 years and thanks to the team at LasikPlus I feel like I have received the gift of sight once again.

Angelino Pacheco

This is the best experience iv ever had. Out of all medical and dental and eye offices I think they were the best and cleanest friendliest warming to all my needs and explained very good . Highly recommended.

Kelsey Nolte

Dr. Cornell and his wife are so helpful, understanding, skilled and knowledgeable. I love not having to wear contacts or glasses!

Danielle Stulo

Would recommend lasikplus to all my friends. This has been a great experience and I'm very happy I made this choice. The staff all were very friendly and I would Love to give a great Thank You to all of them

Shelby Houlihan

My experience with LasikPlus was great and I wish I would’ve done it sooner! The staff was so friendly and attentive and the procedure was weird but quick and painless. I highly recommend to anyone considering doing it!

Kacie Rhodes

Everybody there were awesome! They were knowledgeable, told me everything I needed to know and do. Very helpful staff. I'm glad I chose this one over everybody else.

David Workman

I'm 56 years old and have to wear reading glasses since I was 40. It was such a hassle when doing chores or activities. Over the years my eyesight just got worse. I saw an ad for Lasik Plus on T.V. and called to set up a free evaluation. The closest location was two and a half hours away. I went to the appointment and was met with a courteous and professional staff. The quote ended up being a little higher than expected but they answered all my questions and left me feeling confident that this was a procedure that would benefit me. I went back home and scheduled a second evaluation from a local eye doctor and the experience was night and day. The Lasik Plus appointment was very professional and thorough, and the local doctor was brief non-technical and confusing. They flashed basically a flashlight in both eyes and ended up concluding that I may have cataracts in both eyes, but didn't know without a 250.00 follow up examination. I called Lasik Plus back and scheduled my procedure with them. The surgery went well and as described. It took a matter of minutes and I went home to rest my eyes. The next morning I could read print that before I could only read with glasses. Hooray, it worked. I went back to the Lasik office that following morning for a post op evaluation and everything was reported to be fine. I just can't believe modern technology has come so far, but I'm glad it has! I recommend anyone who qualifies for this treatment to go for it. You're just minutes away from having the corrected vision you deserve! D. Workman

Carmelina Coon

Such an awesome experience. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend LASIK Plus!!

Kenia Flores

I CAN SEE! The staff was so kind through out the process, they are very professional and very nice people. Dr. Cornell did my laser treatment and was so nice and caring. The process was super fast! Arrived about 915 and ended just before 10. The healing process isn’t so bad, and they hook you up with all of the materials (drops and antibiotics) you need. I would recommend for anyone that is thinking about it! Getting approved for a payment plan wasn’t so hard either, they are very helpful.

Stephen Klein

From the moment I had my consultation to the day I walked out of the office after my surgery the entire staff was amazing!! I never felt unsure, uncomfortable or hesitant on getting my eyes done, thanks to the entire team at Lasik Plus. They were professional and each treated me with kindness and sincerity. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking lasik.

Latisha Martinez

Lasik plus changed my life forever. All staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable, Leslie was amazing from start to finish in making sure I understood everything. The doctor personally came out to introduce himself and shake my hand. Money well spent!

Lisa Green

This has been a wonderful experience. I am able to see without glasses for the first time in 40 yrs. I am very happy with the procedure

Bryan Smith

Life changing in less than 5 minutes.

MajorBluesHockeyFan MBF

My Experience with the staff at Lasik Plus was superb!!! Dr Ellis Was GREAT!!! And his team was very kind and the nurse who sat there at my side talking me through it was so awesome and really put my mind and nerves at ease. Can’t wait til my eyes finally adjust. But definitely can tell a difference. So nice not to deal with buying glasses every 1-2 yrs. I appreciate you all. Thank You!!!

April Lenamond

The team at LasikPlus were wonderful. They kept me at ease and did an awesome job. Thank you Dr. Smith for giving my eyesight back to me!

Debbie Campbell

From the consultation, through the procedure, and the follow up, the staff was courteous and attentive. Dr. Gaines eye examine was thorough. Surgery was less than 20 minutes and Dr. Ellis were wonderful!!!!

Jessica Moore

I love working here. My coworkers are the best

osman ronquillo

Best decision ive made made so far in life. And great investment. Over all im so happy

Sam Lopez

I could not believe how fast the procedure was. Very out of the ordinary but now i no longer have to hastle with contacts or glasses anymore. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for making my experience that much more relaxing and taking great care of me. You all have changed my life for the best. Thank you so much!

Emma Sanfilippo

The quality of patient care is incredible. Everyone was extremely nice throughout the whole process and really showed they care for you and your eyesight. They did a great job walking me through in detail the whole entire process, which calmed me down greatly. My vision is now 20/20 and only have occasional eye dryness but nothing more than the feeling of cramming for exams. I also had a bit of eye redness from the procedure but it went away a couple days later.

Jaclyn Chhangur

Dr. Allen and his entire team were awesome. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles. All the staff members are very knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. I actually was able to have my procedure done the same afternoon as my consultation. Before and during the procedure, Dr. Allen explains everything to you step by step. This was so calming and really made me feel taken care of. This is such an amazing team and I cant thank them enough for making such a positive impact on my everyday life.

Alfredo Sanchez

Really friendly hardworking staff that care as much for you than the next patient, reccomend to anyone looking for lasik

Jennifer Fremgen

This was such a great experience. The doctor was amazing as was the entire staff team. The procedure was so easy and they made me feel so comfortable every step of the way. I’m so glad I did this!

Jeph Jones

Everyone in the office was great. They deserve 10 stars. Definitely would recommend other people to come here. Thanks for making me a happy patient with 20/20 vision.

Trini Truong

Came in for my consultation on Thursday, surgery scheduled for Friday and consultation on Saturday. Thank you LasikPlus Dallas for the amazing quick and convenient service!! Dr. Chad was amazing for my consultant and follow-up. Dr. Smith was the absolute best for the procedure! So quick and a pleasant experience. Dr. Smith made the surgery so fun and an amazing experience!!! Thank you so much, 100% recommended!

Brandon McEwen

I went in for my initial consultation and was greeted by a very enthusiastic staff, clientele, and environment. I was so comfortable, I forgot that the idea of Lasik kind of freaked me out. On treatment day they immediately started processing my paperwork and going over everything, all while asking what questions I had! (And giving me the calm down pill) I was seen by my dr, Dr. Ellis who went over what was going to be happening in the op room, in a very cheerful and energetic vibe. The procedure took just a few minutes, a quick selfie with Dr. Ellis and I was on my way home... less than 60 minutes in and out. ✅

Chris Wagner

Absolutely fabulous staff. Their process is finally tuned and does a wonderful job of anticipating your questions prior to asking them! Vanessa, Aimee, and Dr. Plomski were amazing! It’s clear that everyone enjoys working there and theIr demeanor is very genuine and sincere. Nothing canned about the presentation either. I heard about the $250 per eye special and found out it was real! My prescription is such that I qualified! I have trust issues and I felt comfortable trusting them with my eyes. I had not intended to make an appointment for the procedure today, but I did after all! I really hope this helps someone make a choice to check them out.

Trevor Scales

Dr. Allen and the whole LasikPlus team were amazing through the whole process. From the consultation to the procedure to the follow up, the experience couldn't have been any better. I especially appreciated 2 things: 1. The LasikPlus team was more than happy to answer any and all questions I had about the procedure. Even the basic questions I had were explained thoroughly until I felt comfortable. 2. Dr. Allen calling and leaving a message a few days before the procedure to explain what to expect, and also again after my procedure that night to check in and also leave additional post op reminders. He made himself available if I had any questions at all and you can tell he really cares about all of his patients. I would definitely recommend LasikPlus Milwaukee to anyone looking for vision correction.

Edward Mesplay

I’m ecstatic! No more contacts! Dr. Ellis and his team were awesome from the consult to the follow up, highly recommend them! Thank you!!!!

Jerica Adams

Theyre just amazing. Met over my expectations

Kelsey Harcourt

I truly don’t believe a 5 star review is even justifiable on the true 10+ star review LasikPlus in Bridgeport deserves. From the moment you walk into the office, throughout the entire consultation the staff and doctors are warm, friendly, comforting, and inviting (and more). They are completely understanding of your fears or having surgery on your eye balls! As a patient who has seen the insides of many, many surgical practices, this office by far takes the cake on the absolute best patient care. I would highly recommend this practice to ANYONE that is looking to have Lasik surgery. I am so thankful to have been recommended to this office. From pre-op to post-op I felt so taken care of. Thank you so much to the entire staff & especially Dr. Cornell.

Nina Hernandez

Thank you to Dr.Cornell and the LasikPlus team , without you guys I wouldn’t be able to see. I could see clearly now. I appreciate it so much. When the Dr. said open your eyes. I saw everything that I have been missing out, I would see it as a blur with my glasses. But now, I’m so thankful. Thank you so much. ❤️

Ray Tillman

Everyone was AWESOME they took care of me explained everything to me so I could make the best decision. AMAZING PEOPLE THANK YOU

Jasmine Nicole

If you have the opportunity to get this done, I highly recommend these people in this office! Awesome experience

Donald Harkreader

I had my LASIK procedure on 8/30/19. Here is my experience, step by step. I had my consultation on 8/29, and the staff was wonderful, fun, and accommodating. I was told I could receive my corrective procedure the next day. This was great, as it actually worked well with my schedule and expected rapid recovery time. The day of surgery was relatively uneventful. I showed up at the prescribed time, received a Valium, and was promptly examined by the surgeon and taken to the operating room for the procedure. The procedure literally only takes a few minutes. After the procedure, I called an Uber to head home for the recommended nap. I slept for about 4 hours, and woke up to much clearer vision in my left eye (formerly weaker), and very blurry vision in my right eye (formerly stronger). The post-op instructions I had received stated that this was to be expected, so I didn't concern myself too much. The next day, my vision continued to be heavily distorted in my right eye. Again, the directions said to expect this, so I dealt with the poor vision as well as I could, as well as the associated headaches. My follow-up wasn't until the following Wednesday (5 days post-op), and it was a holiday weekend. I did not receive any communication during this period to check on my status or progress. The vision had not cleared by my follow-up appointment, and I saw a different optometrist than the one who had done my pre-op exam. He did a slit-lamp examination and found that I had corneal folds that were obstructing my vision over my pupil. He said the complication had been caused by a finger in my eye. This was something I had taken great pains to avoid, but again, you can receive a Valium the day of the procedure. He informed me that the surgeon would have to correct the folds, and that it could be done the following day. I do contract work in St Louis, so this unfortunately meant lost wages for me, but it had to be done. I contacted some friends in the interim who had undergone LASIK in the past to see what their experiences had been. I also contacted an ophthalmologist that I know. All were amazed that I had not been prescribed goggles to sleep in, as corneal folds are a major risk of the procedure if the eyes are touched. The following day, I received the corrective surgery. The cornea had to be raised and smoothed. The surgeon was very nice, and not accusing, as the optometrist had been. After surgery, I asked if it was standard procedure to receive sleeping goggles, and was told that it was not. I asked if I might get a pair to help avoid recurrence, and some were gotten from the back office for me. I'm now happy to report that I have corrected from 20/50 to 20/20 vision. The staff is overall very friendly. The optometrists and ophthalmologist were knowledgeable. However, there are certainly opportunities for improvement for LasikPlus. An assessment of my sleeping habits would have informed them that I sleep on my side and front, thus putting my hands in close proximity to my face. It is my firm belief that the unintentional touching happened during a period of rest with a prescribed sedative in my system, and could have easily been prevented with soft goggles. Some complications are to be expected, but this one was preventable with cheap goggles, as is standard practice at other places, where my friends have undergone the procedure. Also, it would have been courteous and professional to receive a phone call, checking up on me, after the procedure. Perhaps I might have been seen earlier, and this would not have cost me a day of wages on top of the cost of LASIK. All in all, I would advise the consumer to maybe shop around and do their own research before undergoing LASIK with LasikPlus. I have several friends and colleagues who were weighing their decision to have LASIK here, based on my outcome. The quality concerns and customer service issues listed above would have to be addressed before I could, in good conscience, recommend their services.

Ryan F

Just got my eyes corrected here and less then 24 hours I now have 20/20 vision!! The staff is very nice and educated!

Heather McCutchin

Process was quick & easy. Followed their instructions & haven't had any issues or symptoms! Best part is I can see!

Tawne Sweet

Such a great staff, so positive and caring. I was very nervous but am already seeing 20/20 the day after my treatment! Thank you so much to Dr. Cornell and LasikPlus!!

Jeremy Miller

Easy, comfortable, and competitively priced. This is going to be one of my best purchases in quite some time! Only 3 days after my operation and I'm amazed at the increased ease in my life due to lasik here. Along the way, the team has been friendly and helpful. Reaching out to me when they didn't have to simply to check on me before and after my operation was an added plus. I wouldn't think twice about getting lasik here again. Even if I did have to get lasik here again, luckily, I'm covered for life! So I won't have to pay for that. Wonderful experience. Thank you!

Cathy Frankel

These ladies are amazing. So friendly and helpful. They made us feel comfortable and like family right away. They did what they could for us and now my husband has better than 20/20 vision. We are so happy!

Amie Wooten

Very caring, professional, and efficient staff to work with. They make a great team which makes it that much easier for the patient. I will recommend LASIK Plus to everyone I know. Thank you all for such great care!

John Hatch

The team at LasikPlus Brookfield we’re outstanding from start to finish !

Kevin Taylor

Got my procedure done 5/17/19. What started off on kind of a whim to see if I could be helped, ended with me being able to see clearly without glasses or contacts for the first time in 30 years. The staff is very friendly and professional. The process was easy and very, very fast. I got tests done the week before, and was in for the procedure in 7 days. I was in and out of the room within 15 minutes. I'm so glad I finally got in to this place to fix my bad eyes!

Gininka Dickson

I felt like I was in good hands here. Great staff, walk through process, all questions/concerns answered, and care package after surgery.

Gina Jordan

LasikPlus is amazing! I had my consult, surgery, and follow up all within 2 weeks. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Mallory Conrad

I can’t explain enough just how friendly everyone is at Lasik Plus. They are are very good about making you feel comfortable. The appointments were quick and simple and I had a very positive experience! I can now see 20/15 just a day after the procedure! I get free updates for life without doing checkups every year like other places do. I would highly recommend!

Kendra Kelly

Every single member of the staff at LasikPlus was incredibly kind and made the entire process very easy. They explained everything very thoroughly so I understood exactly what was going on, which I love. Dr. Allen and the other staff of the OR explained what to expect during the procedure and even gave a stuffed dog to hold, which helped ease my fears a ton. 110% a 5/5 star experience and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody who suffers from poor vision! I just went back for my follow up today and am happy to say I have 20/15 vision without the need for any glasses or contacts !!

Heather Becker

Very good experience! The staff were so friendly and Dr. Allen was very thorough in explaining the process.

Steve Cudeck

Would absolutely recommend LasikPlus with Dr. Cornel! The entire staff is great. I was a little nervous about the procedure, but they make it a great experience. I would send any friend or family member here for lasik. They changed my life!

Christine Graff

Sophie was very informative about the Lasik procedure & we met again later in the procedure room where it was nice to see a familiar face. Leslie is very helpful throughout the process including financial arrangements. Dr. koslowski was wonderful & he even spent extra time with my husband who was on the fence about whether to or whether not to have a procedure done. The surgeon & everyone in the procedure room are so professional & comforting and every step is explained during the process. No hassles & very smooth & professional all the way.

Kyle Murphy

The staff at LasikPlus were amazing! They always had a smile on their faces and they were super helpful in making sure I knew exactly how everything was going to happen. The procedure was explained thoroughly. The procedure itself was really quick, and painless. The doctor was personable and answered any last minute questions I had and walked me through the whole process as he was doing it. Amazing staff, great doctors, and a really great experience!!!!

David Janiszewski

The folks at LasikPlus are very professional and caring. They don’t just treat you like another procedure. They spend time to get to know you. Any nerves that I had were quickly lessened by everyone! Thank you for a great experience and wonderful results! I will recommend you to everyone I know who wears glasses or contacts.

Tricia Wideman

Super professional and very kind! Everything is fast and explained thoroughly!! I love my new eyesight!

Tina Warad

All the staff are extremely nice and were able to answer all of my questions. Catherine made me feel so calm and comfortable before, during and after my procedure!

Laura Ornelas

So happy I did it I waited so many years for fear but its the best feeling in the world. The staff is wonderful and they made me feel very comfortable

Heather Dail

Why do I recommend LasikPlus? Other than gaining 20/20 vision, I met the best people! The staff at LasikPlus are second to none. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Estevan Gonzales

Well worth saving up for. The benefits outweigh any potential very slim liabilities. Dr. January was entertaining professional and very helpful. Now I can finally see without glasses after 25years of wearing them i feel so liberated!! Thank you so much!

Justine Fitzgerald

At 6 hours post procedure, I already felt the same way as everyone who says that they wish they would have done it sooner! The staff at LasikPlus St. Louis is AMAZING!!! From working with Jessica and Dr. Gaines during my free consultation, to the finance woman, the awesome lady who went through my paperwork with me pre-surgery and then Dr. Ellis during my surgery, as well as Dr. Neil for my post-op check up, I was blown away!!! It really says something when you walk in somewhere and it is clear that everyone in the building loves and is passionate about what they do! They make you feel so comfortable and are happy to answer any questions you have, as well as voluntarily give you information you need that you didn’t even know you needed! The procedure itself was so fast and I was already watching a movie with no glasses or contacts perfectly and the post surgery discomfort that is normal for a few hours had already past as quickly as 4 hours after! I can’t believe I can SEE!!! Well worth the money and I love that they offer referral bonuses when you put down a referral name! My friend who recommended me is going to receive a referral check in the mail and the bonus increases for every referral! I also love the lifetime warranty that you receive! It’s such a relief to know that they will take care of it if my vision changes years down the road! This place operates like a well oiled machine with amazing customer service! I even received a personal phone call from Dr. Ellis to check on me post op! After going in for my post-op visit today, it was confirmed that I now have 20/20 vision!!!! Highly recommend LasikPlus St. Louis! If you’re on the fence, do it! You won’t be sorry! 5 stars for sure!

Gabriel Muller

Amazing staff was so excited that I was a candidate. Would definitely recommend lasik plus in Albuquerque.

Cece Vigil

The results of my Lasik are amazing. The entire staff at Lasik Plus were extremely helpful and provided answers to all my questions. The provider that did my procedure walked me through the entire procedure, step by step, so I knew what to expect the entire time. I am seeing 20/15 and the healing was extremely quick for me.

Claudia Duran

Going to Lasik plus changed my life I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Thank you to all the staff they were all very supportive. .

Monique Miller

This place is the best. They make sure your comfortable and well taken car of! My vision is now is so unreal it’s almost like a dream. Thank you again Dr Smith and his amazing team! More than a 5 start!

Dominique Soto

Wow! Everyone was super nice and answered all of my questions! I made a free consultation on a Friday and was able to get in the next Friday for the surgery! It was super quick and easy!

Lesa Schallert

Best decision I have made in a long time. I was at little scared at first but the result are worth it.

Amy Speaker

Great staff. Very kind and patient. Talked me through the whole procedure. Quick and easy. So impressed with my vision!

Krystal Lajuenesse

The staff was awesome they were so nice and very informative. The procedure was quick and painless. Would recommended to anyone considering getting lasik.

Ron Avants

Well, at first I could not see with out glasses and now I can. It was painless, quick and affective. The whole staff was wonderful. Thank you all, so much. I definitely recommend LASIK at LASIKPLUS

Chris Schmutz

All the staff is very friendly and so willing to work with you. Judy got me samples of Systane Ultra drops to try. Kellen has great advice to give. And the Dr Cornell really knows what he is doing. Very fast and efficient

Karen D

The staff was all super friendly and professional. They answered all my questions and took time to explain the whole process. I'm very pleased with the results of my procedure. My distance vision is definitely improved and I'm so happy to be done with glasses!

NuNu’s World8917

I love it from the consultation all the way through my surgery and after. It was an amazing experience everyone is so nice and helpful there and the doctor was excellent!!! No more GLASSES!!! Thank you!!❤️

J.E. Baldwin

Great experience. Felt welcome. Worked whithin my budget and needs. Dr. Cartwright was very helpful. Im excited.

Susana Cruz Diaz

This place ruined my vision, my career, and my life. I started having so much pain a couple months after surgery. This place said that my symptoms were not related to surgery and then they discharged me 6 months later without giving me answers. I paid 4000 for Lasik and now I need to see specialist to fix my eyes. They have 5 starts only because they make their customers rate them even before they get their procedures done. This place or any lasik place ruins lives. Please do not mess with your eyes or even consider doing lasik.

Jaime Straight

Dr. Robert Smith and the whole staff was so great and friendly! I was scared but they made me feel comfortable and were so patient. They walked me through every step and I woke up seeing better before even 24 hours. So impressed and highly recommend. They also gave me a discount through my insurance and a referral and it was a very reasonable price.

Eric Fitzgerald

From initial exam to post surgery follow up, every part of the experience was top-notch. Super friendly staff, incredibly efficient process.

Ashlee Stich

I had surgery on Friday. Recovered after 24 hours. It was instant gratification. The highest recommendation of surgery at its most! I would highly appreciate if you researched it! Love it.


The entire staff at LasikPlus is awesome! Very friendly and helpful. Dr. Iwanyk is truly a master of his craft. If you are tired of glasses and contact lenses, I would highly recommend lasik; it is a quick procedure with immediate and long lasting results.

Jennifer Berger

Dr. Allen and his staff from the free consultation to the day of surgery were absolutely wonderful. They take their time going over everything with you to make sure you feel comfortable and understand the whole process. They answer any questions you have along the way. On the day of surgery they go over everything again and during surgery Dr. Allen explained what was going to happen at each step which was really nice and helped keep me relaxed. The surgery was less than 10 minutes and never felt any pain only slight pressure which they explain. I only experienced gritty and irritated eyes the first day which is totally normal. I also got some red blotches in my eyes which they explained was very normal and does not hurt at all and will go away in a few weeks. Highly reccomend their entire team. If your on the fence about having it done go in for a free consultation and I'm sure you'll be glad you did. I now have perfect vision and am done with glasses and contacts forever, could not be more grateful for them!!

Ashley Celestine

The entire staff at LasikPlus Albuquerque location is wonderful! They are friendly from the time you come in for your consultation up through all your follow up appointments. They are always willing to answer any questions you have and are very thorough in explanations. I came here for my only consultation and after meeting them, did not feel like i needed a second consult anywhere else. The surgery dates are very convenient for working people. The procedure is quick and mostly painless. This is the best money i have ever spent. I have had my 4 week follow up and gone from seeing blurry figures to reading one step above 20/20! From someone wearing corrective lenses the majority of their life. This is amazing! Being able to wake up and see is the most spectacular thing. If you’re considering a Lasik procedure, i definitely recommend you come here and check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Erin Elizabeth

I had such an awesome experience here! I went in for a consult on Wednesday and had my procedure on that Friday! Everyone who works here is a kind and helpful. I started out with at a negative 6.5 in both eyes and the day after surgery I had 20/15 vision! I feel so free and happy, I 100% LasikPlus!

Ivor Abel

I'm so happy to have gotten lasik Procedure done at this location the staff and doctor were super friendly and very informative thank you lasik plus

Otto Khamphouy

Dr Allen and team were fantastic. Gayle talked us through the whole process and answered our questions. Dr. Allen talks you through the procedure and reassures you the entire time. I noticed an immediate change. I could read the signs on the way home while my wife drove. One day later there's still a bit of pressure. It feels like they soldered permanent contacts into my eyes that were perfectly tuned without the "better with 1 or 2" questions. I haven't seen with this amount of clarity without some corrective lens in front of my eyes since I was in kindergarten.

Danny Fick

Amazing team and amazing results. 1 night after surgery already seeing 20/15.

Jon Pace

Great and friendly service from my consultation to my procedure, and recovery. Great staff!

Hope Chavez

Staff is Great, The Under doctor is Cool, Main Doctor Totally Awesome... Wish I would've done this a long time ago!! Thank You, Thank You

Courtney Awe

I have been wanting Lasik for years, but so glad I waited and worked with the team at Albuquerque Lasik Plus! Each one of the girls at the front desk were informative, helpful and as excited for me as I was for myself! Dr. Kozlowski and Dr. Straub were both kind, communicative and comforting during all my appointments and procedures. I'm only 3 days post surgery and I am ecstatic with my experience and healing time! Thanks to the whole Albuquerque Team for a life changing weekend! See you at my follow up!

Kimberly Davis

This was the best decision I could have ever made and the experience was amazing everyone was soooo super nice!!! They answered any and every question that I had it was an all around great procedure

Sofia Mizrahi

What an awesome place! Went in the morning for an eye exam, left to get some things sorted before coming back same day to get my procedure done. The staff is really great at working the crowd when things got backed up, letting us eat fancy popcorn and taking poloroids. Really easy and fun environment that made me less nervous about the whole thing. When we got down to it Dr. Cornell was quick, and very kind. Waking up this morning being able to see with great vision is a great relief! Thank you again for fixing my vision!!

Hank sellers

My eyes are not amazing! Thank you!

Shalini Chand

So glad I decided to get it! I was on the fence but went in for a consultation anyways. First, the staff there are so kind. Best customer service I've ever experienced. Second, I felt at home just on the first day! The procedure it self was quick about 15 min maybe less. My eyes were horrible I had a astigmatism and my prescription just kept getting worse. I now see at 20/15. After my procedure I woke up the next day opened my eyes and cried tears of joy. Best decision I've ever made! If your on the fence about just go in and get it done! I'm so glad I did. I love my new eyes!

Tyson Kegler

I was a little hesitant when I went in since I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 4 years old. My sister had it done many years ago and loved it. It has been difficult through sports, school, and work and just all of life in general wearing them constantly. My last straw occurred when I was driving on the interstate, wearing contacts, and I went to rub my eye when a little bit of air got underneath my contact and it flew out of my eye straight out the car window! I’m blind as a bat and it was a somewhat scary drive home. That is when I decided, “Yup, Lasik time!” LasikPlus was wonderful and the staff was awesome. I’m seeing perfect and even though I’m still getting used to the idea at night that I don’t have to take contacts out it’s just flipping awesome! Thanks again guys!!


Life changing!! No more contacts or glasses. Staff at Lasik were very friendly, caring, understanding and made you feel comfortable. During procedure the technician was awesome! If you are thinking about getting Lasik, I highly recommend it.

Shannon Gallegos

What a great experience, this team is friendly and professional. They kept me calm through my procedure! I would recommend them to anyone


I wasn't able to get the procedure done because I only qualified for PRK (longer recovery), and don't yet have close friends in the area to help me with transportation/post-op care. The consultation was a very good experience. Doctors and administrators were also very good, giving me different price options and detailed information. When I can get some family to fly into the area for a week to take care of me, I plan on going back for the procedure.

Janell Breitzman

I love what Dr. Allen and his team are amazing! Super friendly and helpful! I’m so excited for my new 20/15 vision and not having to wear glasses! The procedure was painless and recovery has been faster than I expected! Wish I did this sooner!!

Jordan Mazuranic

Everybody at LasikPlus is so nice and caring. I never felt like I was in danger or needed to worry about anything. Dr. Gaines and Dr. Ellis really care about their patients and I am so happy I finally decided to get lasik at LasikPlus.

Matt Schade

Incredible experience to have clear vision with a rather simple procedure. 100% satisfied

Jenett Akles

Amazing customer service and experience!!!! Everyone was so friendly and professional. The type of place you want to support. Every part of the experience was taken care of with so much respect and professionalism. If you are considering Lasik...Do it!!! And only have LasikPlus do it for you. I was blown away by their care. Type of place you’d want to work everyone was so great!!!

Alyssa Johnson

My husband is not one to leave reviews so I will do it for him. He often is asked if he thinks it was worth it he says “besides the decision to marry my wife, this was the best one I have ever made”. It was absolutely worth every penny for both of us . He sees better now than he ever did with contacts and rarely gets tired painful eyes due to having contacts in for too long. He says nothing beats not having to take contacts out before bed or put them on in the morning. His only regret is he didn’t do it sooner. Quit thinking and book your appointment with Lasik Plus!

Doug Gulley

Great people / staff for not knowing nothing about Lasik they took me through it step by step and help me through the surgery hand in hand thanks guys! I can see!

Nick C

LasikPlus was an amazing experience! Since the first day I walked in I was greeted with a warm welcome and professional demeanor. All the way up to my surgery I felt welcome and the most important person here. Today is my check up and I’m happy to say I have 20/20 vision and can start enjoying things in life I couldn’t before. Highly recommend this place to anyone!

Peter Peterson

LasikPlus was incredible. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. They were all very helpful and answered any questions I had. The surgery went perfectly and I can see perfectly.

R0nald Legovorg

Everything went well and doctor Allen was great. Its been 24hrs and my eyes feel great. Will recommend this practice to anyone willing to have this procedure.Thanks

Sharla Bray

The surgery was so fast and easy. Took maybe 3 minutes total. The first day is a little hard but I feel like a different person today! I have 20/15!!!

Andres Vigil

Awsome experiance over all. Loved the staff .I recommend to anyone . I can see now .Wow love it .

Miranda Lightner

Very good staff. Very personal touches make you feel welcomed and important. One reason that kept me from giving a five is I believe they should update they're equipment to a chair that do vibrates the flap open instead of the doctor scrapping it open. He scrapped a lot on my left eye it made me very nervous. Other then that my experience was terrrific. It's been 3 days now and I still am wowed.

Alexis Chirco

Very impressed with the service at LasikPlus. Everyone very friendly and eager to answer questions or to address concerns. Everyone was very upbeat, positive, and seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs – a hard culture to maintain sometimes. Procedure was smooth and received communication the whole way through, didn’t feel rushed. Dr. Ellis seemed to be teaching while doing the procedure which I actually loved. (He did the full procedure) After the fact, Dr. Gaines was especially kind, helpful, and flexible with requests. Would definitely recommend.


Awesome staff! Leslie was the best! Life changing experience and way worth it.

Mic Solace

The surgery was just about 15 minutes rounded, I wasn't expecting to see drastically better, immediately after the surgery. Even after rest, and with my eyes still healing, everything is so much better. Best decision I've ever made, no more worrying about my glasses!

Jillian Flood

The staff are extremely welcoming and accommodating. Everyone seems genuinely excited to help you and make the experience as pleasant as possible. I had the procedure done yesterday afternoon and the doctor was calling to check up on me later last night! I was pretty nervous before hand but the doctor and staff walked me through each step and before I knew it I was walking out the door with my new and improved vision! I would recommend this for anyone that has been stuck with contacts and/ or glasses. It’s been less than 24 hours but already a weight has been lifted. Thank you LasikPlus!

Jessica Z

I am so happy that I decided to get Lasik! I’m terrible about wearing my glasses and contacts so I figured I’d see if I would qualify for Lasik. Everyone at LasikPlus was super nice and the office was immaculate. I received two quotes and they were both pretty affordable (and that’s coming from a broke grad student). The procedure was crazy fast and I was almost back to normal the next day. The best part is thanks to Lasik I was able to SEE and track down a stray dog with my dad yesterday :)

Madie Quinn

Jessica is amazing with working with people! Very professional and friendly!! 10/10

Clayton Evans

I personally had strong power for my contacts since I was in 6th grade and glasses before that. They took care of me every step of the process and the next day I had my full vision. It's an awesome, life changing experience. I recommend Lasik Plus

Sasha Williams

Can not explain how happy I am with my new vision. At first I was nervous and scared but the staff made sure that that I received nothing less than best... From the consultation to the post op visit. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!! Thank you guys again

Elvia Martinez

It was a painless, quick procedure! Dr. Allen personally called me at home after the procedure to see how I was doing. My eyes are doing wonderful! I haven't been able to see this well in 15 years!

Debbie Sanders

I have to say that I am blown away by the results! But from our first visit to Lasik Plus I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was so professional, kind, and caring. Everyone at the front desk, my Ophthalmologist Dr. Gaines, and of course my surgeon Dr. Ellis. They let me know what to expect, took extra time when I was nervous, and made sure that I was cared for throughout the entire process. Thank you to everyone - you are AMAZING!!!!

Jason Hudson

I would recommend LasikPlus and Dr. Ellis to anyone who is looking to have Lasik surgery. The procedure only took about 10 minutes for myself and immediately after the surgery I was able to see a lot clearer than I expected. I found that everything they say in their information is correct. I took a two hour nap after surgery and woke up looking around and able to read everything I looked at without glasses or contacts. Six hours after surgery my wife and I decided to have a date night and we went and watched a movie at the movie theater. Only six hours after surgery! And I was able to see the movie wonderfully. I showed up three days later for my follow up appointment and I was seeing 20/15 vision. This was One of the best investments I ever made. Thank you LasikPlus and Dr. Ellis for an amazing job!

Linda Berry

Kind and engaging and hilarious staff. Almost painfree. Husband enjoyed watching from behind a glass wall. Seeing great. Shouldve done it years ago!

Scott Landess

Wow. I can see! My eyesight was absolutely terrible before my lasic eye surgery but I now have 20/20 vision, Thanks to Dr. Allen at LasicPlus! The other doctors and support staff are phenomenal. I actually liked being there! Thank you all!!

Robin Satler

The whole process was easy. Staff wonderful,knowledgeable and thorough. The surgery was quick and painless. I've already recommended it to one friend. I wish I would have done it years ago. Thank you LasikPlus. Sincerely, Robin Satler

George Franz

I always get great service here, the people are nice and always willing to answer any questions you may have! Surgery went well, and was very quick. Just 3 days later and I already have 20/20 vision. One eye is a bit slower on the recovery than the other, but very happy not to be wearing glasses any more!

Andy Vondrasek

Dr. Allen and the whole team were absolutely incredible to work with. They walked with you through every step of the way answering every question I had, big or small. I rarely ever write reviews but LASIKPlus Milwaukee definitely deserve all the praise they get and more.

Jaime Gutierrez

The staff was super friendly and helpful. The doctor was extremely courteous and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was nervous but they made the process easy and stress free. I definitely recommend them. Thank you to all the LasikPlus staff.

Blaine Draven

Very friendly staff, quick yet thoroughly consultation. Was nervous about completing the actual surgery, Dr Straub was comforting, walked you through the surgery, virtually painless and more importantly glasses and contact free!

Jeanette Antonopoulos

I just wanted to share with everyone on how pleased and happy I am with my outcome at Laskiplus!!! Everyone is straight-forward with the details and different options you may have. They do not pressure you into anything , only help you with making this a possibility for you. The personnel team is very positive and eager to help you with any of your concerns and make you feel VERY comfortable. Dr. Allen calls you the night before surgery and discusses any questions or concerns you may have about your surgery. It’s a great feeling waking up from your “nap” and seeing everything !! Best investment !!

Marquita Nash

I had Lasik surgery two days ago. The staff here is extremely friendly, patient and empathetic. I am beyond happy with my results! I wish I’d done this much sooner. The price is affordable and the payment options are very flexible. I recommend this to anyone who is tired of wearing glasses and contacts. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Joe Cabral

I had some initial butterflies. Dr. Smith and team were amazing. The procedure was painless and it went flawlessly.

Theresa kemper

Absolutely great staff they answer all questions did everything possible to put my mind to ease the procedure and Dr Gans was amazing very quick painless I recover he's great 24 hours later I am seeing totally without my glasses loving it great experience all the way around

Christy Ames

I was a bit nervous before the procedure (even though I had numerous friends/family tell me it was the best decision they ever made). The staff & doctors were very kind, professional and prompt! Each time I went there, they kept to the appointment schedule and it was quick and easy. Definitely recommend these guys!

Lisa Erdman

I love this place!! The staff along with Doctor Allen are top-notch and really care about all their patients. Whatever you do don't look for the cheapest place when it comes to your Lasik surgery, every penny spent is well worth it when it comes to your eyes. You will receive only the very best care at LasikPlus Vision Center.

Nhi Dang

The team was great and very nice. They make sure I feel comfortable I have sensitive eyes and can’t handle anything touches my eyes. That’s why the surgery was a pretty uncomfortable for me, with bloodshot and blurry vision afterwards as well as stinging eyes. But it gets better after a few days. I can see a little better now without glasses If you have sensitive eyes, get ready to not drive for 1,2 days after the surgery as eyes will be sensitive to light Overall, my experience has been great. Everyone was welcoming and explain the procedure well

kristin korte

Everyone from the front desk to the surgeon were amazing!! I can see them now too! If you are on the fence, get Lasik done!! Get it at LasikPlus!!

Dakota Long

LASIK plus has gave me part of my life I never Thought I would have back It was worth every penny Thank you !!!!

Nathan Benally

Everyone at Lasik plus was happy and very helpful throughout the whole process.i was surprised how fast the procedure took.

Hailey Sharrock

I had a great experience at LasikPlus. From my free consult to my procedure a few weeks later, my time there was smooth and pain free and I would recommend them to anyone. The free consult took about an hour and before I left, I knew exactly how much it would cost (we took advantage of the military discount) and had the payment plan decided on. The day of the procedure was so smooth and timely. I schedule my next day check up and left there being able to see better than I ever had before! I only wish I had done it sooner! (Now it’s a week and 3 days after my procedure and I’m recovering fast and with little discomfort.

Heaven Hanson

Astonishing! I couldn't be happier with my experience!

Hima Soni

LasikPlus has an excellent customer service. The staff is very knowledgeable in every aspect. Initial screening/exam went very smoothly with very friendly staff. At first, I was very nervous for the surgery but the staff provide all the information beforehand, and everything was just as they had described. Dr. Allen even called me before and after the surgery to see how I was doing. A little nervousness is common, but for me, on the day of surgery, I was just focusing on Dr. Allen's words while in the OR. It helped me a lot. The procedure was just as it was described, painless and quick. You are informed on what to expect before, during and after the surgery, no surprises! So far the best investment I have made in my life. They have financing options available so no need to worry about whether or not you are able to afford it. It is the most amazing feeling not having to worry about putting your contacts in or having to wear glasses before leaving home so you can see. I had already recommended this place to couple of my friends who are thinking about getting lasik and I will continue to do so. Thank you LasikPlus for my 20/20 vision!

Lorri Morgan

Great staff. Very nice waiting area. The staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed while waiting for an exam or surgery. They even make sure whoever is with you is just as comfortable. My husband enjoyed the massage chair!


While everyone is nice and very accommodating when coming in for your first consultation etc. I would say the after care not so much. I had my procedure on 11/16/18 and it’s 12/3/18 and I’m currently WEARING GLASSES. I HAD TO PAY $230.00 for lenses and get an eye exam at my normal optometrist. Per their optometrist Dr. Bruce Neal I went from being near sighted to now FAR SIGHTED, and have an intermittent tugging and strain on my right eye. They have not even as much as offered to have the surgeon talk to me only the optometrist that saw me before and after. They WOULD NOT PAY for the lenses prescription, even though their optometrist Dr. Bruce Neal gave me an eye glass prescription and told me to go to my eye doctor and get glasses, and I’m supposed to have a “1 year warranty.” My prescription BEFORE GLASSES was a -1.75 with astigmatism in my left eye and a -0.75 in my right eye with NO astigmatism. My prescription AFTER this procedure is left eye +0.50 no astigmatism and right eye +0.50 AND NOW HAVE ASTIGMATISM. This procedure has been the biggest waste money and has only ended up costing me way more. I would suggest TLC or BRITTON eye care. I’ve been told to basically wait and hope the prescription clears up, but st the rate we’re going it’s not getting any better. I also forgot to mention, they DID NOT offer me the lifetime advantage plan like they did my friend (and I had asked about paying for a lifetime warranty). They only offered me just a one year warranty. My next course of action is trying to get a hold of this surgeon and the Better Business Bureau.

Terry Justice

I had been wanting to get lasik for years when I was finally able to get it done, I found this center was rated one of highest and was the closest to where I live. When I went in for my initial consultation appointment, the doctors and all the staff were really friendly, professional, and knowledgeable when it came to what they were doing. After a thorough evaluation of my eyes and telling me about what options were available for my particular vision problems, they got me scheduled for my procedure the same week. When it was time to come in to get my eyes fixed, I was in and out in about an hour; the actual operation only took about 10 minutes total. Dr. Cornell knew exactly what he was doing and did an excellent job of correcting my vision, and now, I can see better than I ever have. In summary, I would highly recommend this center for lasik treatment, and have recommended it to some of my co-workers already.

Nathan Dudley

Had an amazing experience!! I was seeing crystal clear after 5 hours! Dr Straub and his team did an outstanding job and I couldn’t be more satisfied

A Kelly

Amazing staff! Thank you Janaé for going above and beyond to make me comfortable.

lia to

I have an excellent time being here at Lasikplus tigard or. Dr Cornell is very kind and high experienced, and all the people work there are very nice!

Danielle Lebakken

All the staff are very friendly and professional. My procedure was quick and I couldn't believe how well I could see already. They offered financing which made it incredibly affordable. Overall a great experience and definitely worth it.

Naomi Melichar

I could not be happier with my new and improved eyes! I was nervous but Dr Allen is amazing, explained the entire process before I got into the chair, & continued to tell me exactly what was happening as the procedure went! They like people to go home and sleep after the procedure, due to some issues with my sleep I was unable to sleep. But, I listened to the tv when I got home with my goggles on and a towel over to keep it dark. I didn’t have any pain right afterwards, it felt more like I had a few small pieces of sand in my eyes. I highly recommend getting lasik. I had been thinking about it for some time now, my boyfriend and I decided it was time. I mean really you spend how much on new glasses every year, it would have costed me over 300 dollars. So after adding up the math for a few years it makes more sense to get the lasik procedure. & again I couldn’t be happier. It’s now day 4, I CAN SEE THINGS I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO SEE IN YEARS. & The fact that I can actually see something when someone says what does that say is so awesome! It’s taking some adjusting because I no longer need these two phrases in my life, “hold on let me get my glasses,” “I don’t have my glasses what does that say.” GET LASIK IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

Diane Rodriguez

I came in yesterday and had my eyes examined and today I'm having the surgery. I can't wait! The staff have been great! Very caring and super nice. Can't wait to see 20/20!! 2 days later.....feeling great! I had the PRK done so a little longer healing time but everything is good so far. Thanks LasikPlus! You've changed my life forever

Amanda Damjanovic

Everyone is so nice and reassuring! It was an amazing experience. They give discounts to first responders, nurses, police, fire. I personally think that is amazing!!!

Tommy Gabaldon

Great people. I love the results and would encourage everyone thinking about lasik come to lasic plus.

Donny themes

This staff is unbelievable! I cant tell you how worth it it is! They really do care for you. Ive been to multiple other places and they felt cold and unfriendly and just wanted your money but not these guys at all !! Highly recommend

Jessica VanGrunsven

The staff made me and my family feel at home while we were waiting my husband to get his procedure done! They are wonderful there!

Flavius Rusu

Great service. I see crystal clear now, and felt confident going into surgery. Doc was also very kind and assuring.

Madeline Healy

My first issue, I was unaware that my credit would be ran. You guys literally ran my credit within 2 minutes of me handing my paperwork in because I got an alert on my phone almost right afterwards that you guys had requested my credit info...this was before I even had a chance to get into the exam room and find out the actual cost of my Lasik. My second issue, right after the exam I'm immediately set up for a procedure date and time, I didn't even meet with the opthomologist yet...I wasn't given the option to even think about all the information given to me, your office rushes to get people in for procedures and rushes to apparently run patients credit to ensure you guys will get my money. I canceled my procedure. I was originally very excited for this process, your office changed my entire perspective.

Vanessa P

I had the most amazing experience at LasikPlus! I had my surgery this morning. I was extremely nervous and the staff was amazing at reassuring my safety and walked me through each step of the procedure. They said it was a 12 minute process but it felt so much quicker. After my nap I’m already feeling great with zero pain. I would recommend LasikPlus to everyone! You won’t regret it. (:

Joshua Remsza

Definitely worth the money to have 20/20 vision. The procedure was relatively quick and involved little to no pain, hardest part is remaining still and not blinking. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who is sick and tired of the daily hassle of contacts and glasses. The best part is just waking up and being able to see without the aid of glasses or contacts.

BridgetJamie Allen

Dr. Ellis did an absolutely fantastic job on my Lasik Surgery! The staff at LasikPlus is very friendly and encouraging, answering whatever questions you have with professionalism. Dr. Neil and Dr. Gaines who did my pre and post-op checks were also very professional and helpful with any questions. I highly recommend visiting LasikPlus on Olive if you are interested in better vision!

Jody Paden

Great experience from the beginning to the end. Amazing, friendly staff. They explained everything step by step! My husband was very nervous, they eased all his fears and answered all his questions. He was very confident and his consultation. The actual procedure took 10 mins! Now he is free of glasses and very happy and excited! Thanks again!

Shelley Mueller

My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I was SO scared and nervous that I had an appointment last year but canceled it. My contact prescription is -8.50 and thought there is no way my eyesight could improve. Boy was I wrong. I also didn't know what to expect. Reading the reviews and talking to the staff helped me put my mind at ease. I was anxious for no reason. The process was quick and painless. I wish I had done this years ago. The staff is so helpful and understanding! Dr. Allen was very patient with me. I would rather get lasik done than go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, that's how smooth the procedure went! I had nothing to worry about and neither should you. I highly recommend Dr. Allen and his staff. I was told to sleep 4 to 5 hours afterwards or at least keep my eyes closed for that long. They mentioned if I could sleep longer it would help. With that being said, I got up at 3 am the day of so I could fall asleep easier. My surgery was at 3pm on a Friday and once I got home I went straight to bed. I slept until 7:30 the next morning. I woke up with no pain at all! After the procedure my eyes did burn, as if I was cutting onions. But that was just for the ride home, I then went to bed. The rest of the weekend I had no pain or discomfort.

Krissy Renee

AMAZING!! Staff is so friendly and doctor explained everything so well! And I can see without glasses!! Highly recommend to anyone who wears glasses or contacts!

Casey Wilson

This was an amazing day for me. I can see better than ever. Thank you Dr Ellis and everyone at Lasikplus - St Louis If you have been thinking about doing Lasik....please do it! Its worth it!

Amanda Ganis

Best experience I could have had; the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and obviously caring. During the procedure, Dr. Cornell was professional while keeping me calm and explaining what he was doing, what I should be experiencing and what was happening. I recommend LasikPlus and Dr Cornell to anyone interested in Lasik!

John Hartman

Great and wonderful staff! The experience was very easy and relaxing to go through. I was hesitant to do the surgery but was reassured by all of the positive reviews. 2 weeks after lasik I can see better than expected. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to get this done.

Jessica Conklin

Amazing experience! I had my lasik on both eyes last Friday and it was quick and painless. 4 days out and my vision is 20/15! Wish I would have done this years ago!

Collin Rhodes

My experience was amazingly easy and gentle. Dr. Straub talked me through every step of the procedure and completely relieved any anxiety I had. At my 24 hour check I had 20/15 vision already. I highly endorse LasikPlus Alb. And Dr. Straub.

Tran Luu

Great staff members and doctors! Friendly, and attentive. All questions answered. Surgery was brief and almost completely painless. I came in with lots of anxiety but left super satisfy. Here’s to glasses-free vision!

Zachary Center

Great experience. Love being able to see without glasses or contacts!

Eli Webb

Clean facility great staff. Got me in and out in a timely fashion. They support both veterans and first responders. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

Lori Klecan

Everything start to finish was awesome! My only regret is not having done it sooner! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would totally recommend to anyone thinking about ditching the glasses/contacts! :) thanks again!

Selena Willis

This is truly amazing! I am so glad I put my fears aside and had this done. Great team at Lasikplus. I highly recommend.

majd awawda

I did this procedure and it was the best choice I have made. I went in for a consultation and the next day I was able to get my procedure done that fast! I was seeing better than I was with glasses or contacts that very same night. Dr.Ellis and all the others working there are very professional and can answer any questions you have!


I saw the new world after Lasik surgery. I highly recommend it. Also this place is the best. They are nice and professional. I also recommend it to my friends. I really love my vision. I can see everything after surgery!!

Katie Watts

I was very impressed with how professionally and efficiently this clinic is run and am even more impressed with my results! I would enthusiastically recommend Dr Ellis and the rest of the staff at LasikPlus.

Crystal Treptow

My experience was great. I highly recommend this team. The staff was great and very friendly.

Steven Joseph

Janae made the process so easy and Dr. Gans made my procedure a breeze. I love my new eyes.

Brian Pomerantz

Thank you to the lasik plus team for making my experience a great 1. They treat you with respect, they are extremely friendly,and they do what they say they're going to do and I couldn't ask for a better team of people to work on my eyes.

Ralph Hoffman

This place is great I went from a very high prescription to 20/20 in a matter of minutes. The procedure itself did not hurt and took about a minute in each eye. The hospitality was great. I would recommend this to anyone that wears glasses or contacts especially if you have a high prescription like I did.

Фатиния С

Love this place! I’ve had LASIK and really like that they have an enhancement policy in case I need it again. Dr Cornell is the best. And Dr Curttright is ok, too ;)

Gail Westerhoff

What a great experience! I can see! The staff is great and I never had to wait more than 5 minutes! Awesome!

Samantha Madrid

I recently got lasik and I have to say LasikPlus is the place to go! They are professional, friendly, and supportive! For the first time since I can remember, I can actually see

Jasmine Issac

Best decision I’ve ever made! The staff was super friendly and made sure that I understood the whole process and encouraged questions. The whole process went very quickly and smoothly. It is the most amazing feeling not having to wear glasses or worry that I fell asleep with my contacts in :) Don't wait any longer for your 20/20 vision and go to LasikPlus!

Lora Pflaum

I went to a total of three consultations before selecting where I would have my lasik done. I mean, it's my eyes so I wanted to get the best service possible. I decided on Lasik plus because of the reviews I read, the team that helped me, the awesome environment, and their flexible schedule. Dr. Curttright was the most thorough out of all the doctors I saw for my consultations. She's also incredibly passionate about what she does and the help she's able to provide people both in the office and in out reach work sponsored by the company. I was super nervous on the day of the actual surgery, but Dr Cornell put me totally at ease. He was kind and knowledgeable. I am so happy to have trusted them with this big step in my life. I left my followup appointment with 20/10 vision, and a free shirt (bonus)!

Bradley McNeil

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They walked me through everything and answered all my questions and concerns. Procedure was painless and as quick as promised. Dr. Allen and the staff will take great care of you. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

Kyle Hoffman

Everyone at lasik plus was every very helpful, and just overall a great bunch of people. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and colleagues. Overall a great experience!! You can tell that they have lots of experience and are ready for anything that is thrown at them.

Stephanie Jarman

This was an all-around awesome experience. The staff is very thorough and knowledgeable, as well as very friendly. They talked me through every step of the way, explaining everything from the actual procedure to financing options to post-op care in a completely understandable way. During the procedure, Dr Allen was very calming, talking me through the whole thing. I’m now three days post-op and seeing 20/15! That’s better than with my glasses. I would 100% recommend these guys. Best money I’ve ever spent.

Diane Davis

The staff are very accommodating. I felt they all listened to my concerns and addressed them appropriately. The procedure was quick and I felt completely supported by Dr and staff. I’m following directions for post-op care and doing great! I can see without glasses!! Best thing I’ve done!! Wish I’d done it sooner!

Sarah Petersen

Everyone was very helpful, the doctor explained the procedure and talked me through the whole thing! Definitely would recommend getting it done if you are on the fence. It only takes a few minutes and really is painless.

Edward luis

This place is beyond amazing. My wife came in and had her consultation on yesterday. First off everyone was so warm and inviting. She was able to have surgery the same day which was even better. Very pleased with the experience.

Holly Weissinger

LOVE this place! Amazing staff and doctors!

Jeff Falk

very professional , extremely friendly from consultation to the check-up the day after surgery, if you are thinking about lasik check these guy's out , they made my comfort/anxiety and surgery very much a piece of cake!!

Rebecca Murray

LasikPlus of Portland was wonderful. The staff was always friendly and comforting. The procedure was easy and quick. I wish I would have slept for one more hour following the surgery, but that's on me (I woke up with a headache that faded after another hour). So I highly suggest taking a full 6 hour nap immediately afterward if at all possible. The healing process is going well, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Quite a few times I've tried to grab for my glasses in the mornings before realizing I don't need them anymore... old habits are hard to break! I was happy that I got the surgery done before the rains of fall came; no more rainy, smudgy, foggy glasses! :D Thank you, LasikPlus Portland.

Matt Tudor

Vary friendly, I was comfortable with the staff from the start. Love this place.

Daisy Burciaga

One of the best choices I’ve made, such a great experience and WONDERFUL people, they’re so nice and with great personalities. The doctor that did my eye exam was amazing, he talks to you through the whole procedure, and it’s so fast and easy. Total recommend it

Jacob Becerra

Thanks to the crew at lasik plus! Very welcoming. Doctor Eugene is awesome, up beat attitude! I always felt like I was it good hands highly recommend!! Leslie your awesome!!

Andrew Nordby

From start to finish, great staff! The whole procedure was explained along with what to expect after the treatment. They corrected one eye and I’m already reading without my glasses!

Chris Kotthoff

Awesome job and super friendly!

Mchail Clarke

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr. Ellis was very nice and got me in and out quick and even personally called me to check up a few hours after surgery. I couldn't reccomend lasik plus enough!

Tasha Mcallister

Amazing! I had doubts and it did sound too good to be true. But literally the next day it was perfect. I could read small print and I could look up and read my tv! I haven't been able to read upclose since I was 35. Ive been in glasses since I was 6 years old. Im 57 now! Also not wearing glasses anymore has made me get a couple extra winks sent my way. Im assuming because of my "Guess what im not wearing" shirt (;

Dawson Loschen

Fantastic experience from start to finish. The staff was friendly and the doctor was wonderful.

Courtney L

It's been a week since I had my lasik done at the Brookfield location and I couldn't be happier. To be told that my vision is currently at 20/15 blows my mind! The whole process couldn't be easier and I was fortunate to get in only a few days after my consult. The staff was friendly, informative, and upfront about what to expect. Dr. Allen even called pre and post op to follow up and that was a pleasant surprise. The procedure itself took minutes and while not in any way painful was slightly uncomfortable. I'm still feeling minimal side effects (dry eye, scratchiness) but I feel it getting better each day. Aside from the eye drop regimen and the red spots on my eyes from broken vessels, I'm completely happy and it was one of the best things I've done for myself. Being able to ditch my contacts and glasses after years is well worth the price and temporary discomfort!

Mandy Boynton

I loved my experience with the staff here. Great service, knowledgeable, & very informative. Well worth it!!!

Hali Inman

I can not explain how happy I am after the surgery I was just in tears literally I have always wanted perfect vision now I can say I have that. Worth every dime!!!! It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. They even let your partner watch through the glass it’s amazing how they care! I love it!

Ricky Martinez

Friendly and informative staff, they make the process very easy.

Adrienne Schweizer

The staff and doctors here are amazing. They’re all very professional and friendly. Checking to see if you need anything, making sure you’re calm and overall nice people. I will definitely recommend people to come here.

Shannon Melton

I had great experience at LasikPlus! All of the staff members are super friendly and helpful, and they made sure all of my questions were answered. I had the Bladeless Lasik procedure, and it was virtually painless and it only took a few minutes total for the whole procedure. My recovery time was also fast, and by the next day I was outside enjoying regular activities. They are very quick at getting patients in, and I had the procedure done only a week and a half after I went in for my consultation. I’m so happy to have 20/20 vision after dealing with glasses and contacts since I was in grade school! My only suggestion for patients is if you are going to be paying up front with a debit card for the procedure that day, make sure you call your bank to request a spending limit increase. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with calling them at the office if it’s over a certain amount.

Victoria Wells

Brought my mom to have Lasik surgery. They had us in and out in a timely manner, were extremely caring, and Dr. Gans was very knowledgeable about eyes, and was very informative. 10/10 recommend! These people are great, and my mom woke up the next morning seeing better than she has in years!

Don McDonald

Great service, staff knows their duties and perform them to well. I am very pleased that I chose to have this surgery and use the doctors here in Albuquerque. Thanks so much.

Adam Rice

Life changing, amazing, don't wait.

paul morton

I had nothing but a wonderful experience with the entire staff and doctors at LasikPlus. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful and knowledgeable with any questions or concerns I had. The process was quite shocking with how smooth and fast everything was along with being treated so well. I highly recommend if your considering Lasik that you go and see this group of wonderful people at LasikPlus. One of the best things I've ever done and so simple with no aggravation. Thank you so much for changing my life and making it so easy and affordable along with being awesome people.

Jessica Romo

The procedure was super fast painless and the next day I was able to see it's still a little fussy but it's understandable because I'm still recovering I'm still in awe because I don't have to find my glasses to get my day started and I'm so used to having to find them but now I just wake up and I'm ready to go it's amazing

Adrienne Bargas

This place is amazing! The staff is awesome! Everything about this place was worth it! If you are thinking about having lasik don't put it off anymore! That's my only regret!

Shauntae Rivera

Staff is super friendly and walk you through the whole thing. I love my new eyes

Jason Ludgate

I went in blind, came out able to see. Procedure was quick and easy, care instructions are easy. Can't imagine how it could be any easier.

Michael Boyer

This is absolutely the best decision I have made in a long time. The team at Lasik Plus fid such a great job. They are professional and courteous. The procedure was very easy. The follow ups were even easier and the actual results are better than I could ever imagine.

Mr. Houses

My experience with Lasik Plus was great! The doctors and staff were true professionals and was able to answer any questions I had. Would definitely recommend to anybody thinking of correcting their vision!

Hannah Chae

I could not be more happier with my experience with LasikPlus. The whole team was super kind and generous with all the knowledge they shared about this life changing procedure. Highly recommend this place to everyone! ♥️

Lio Martinez

Amazing experience love it everyone there is amazing

William ohare

Theyre amazing!! love my new eyes

Gregory Vigil

Since second grade , I've had such bad vision I needed glasses to get out of bed. It's amazing now, to wake up and just be able to see. The staff is also excellence and helped explain everything and he's any worries I had. I would fully recommend.

Leann E

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome from my surgery! The staff at Lasik Plus are wonderful, they made the whole experience feel very comfortable. Dr. Gans is an incredible surgeon. His experience and expertise was evident. I now see clearly without glasses and contacts. Definitely life changing!

Steve Dycus

Less than a week after my Lasik eye surgery and I couldn't be more happy with the results! I am so glad I chose the monovision correction as it gives me the ability to see both near and far clearly and without glasses!!! Dr. Iwanyk and his team were absolutely professional and the overall experience was excellent. I would recommend the LasikPlus team to anyone looking to get their vision corrected!

Ann Conyers

Dr. Gans and his team were absolutely fantastic! Dr. Gans described step by step what was happening during the procedure. His office staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I wished I would have done it years ago. 100% worth it!

Belinda Zamora

I had great experience at Lasik Plus. I was super duper nervous. I had mixed emotions. The doctor was very helpful, he guided me through the whole entire thing. I had a ton of questions through the procedure everyone was very helpful. I love my new pair of eyes. I am still getting use to them. But I happy I did this.

Luke Nicklas

I had an excellent experience with Lasik Plus here in Dallas!! The staff is great and the procedure was quick and easy. Definitely worth it. I have 20/10 vision now so I am very satisfied!!


Everyone here is great. Such an easy process, from start to finish. I would recommend Lasik Plus to everyone!!!


Very positive experience! Team is very friendly and really makes you comfortable with the process!

nahid webb

I had my surgery on 2/23/19 and today is 2/24/19 and I'm already enjoying the results! I should have done this a LONG TIME AGO# Dr. Allen and all the staff was friendly and amazing! If you've ever thought about doing Lasik, stop thinking about and do it! You'll be so happy you because I Am!

Rachel Wilson

They’re so awesome. They donate to stray rescue which is amazing. All around a great experience.

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