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Nola Estrella


On the phone were very clear in saying that we were scheduling an appointment for our daughter to get contacts. We scheduled our entire Saturday around the appointment. We went to Eyeglass World for the appointment and, after the exam, refused to give us the prescription because they “didn’t have time to teach her to wear contacts”. They wanted us to bring her back another day so they could show her how to use the contacts because they couldn’t spare five more minutes. Unbelievable. We planned to buy her contacts and a year supply of her mother’s contacts. Instead, we left without paying them because they refused to give us the prescription. Why would anyone pay them for nothing? What is going on with businesses these days? Worst customer service ever. Don’t waste your time with these people.

Cynthia Griffin

Great experience today at the store on Battlefield. The staff got me right in. The staff was great in every step of the way! Very pleasant and personable. They make the glasses right there, and they mine will be ready in one day. They are shipping the contacts directly to me which is nice because I dont have to make another trip. I was very satisfied with my experience and recommend this place

Bekka Buu

Staff is very friendly, they greet you as you walk in. I ordered a pair of glasses online, and didn't like the frames, they told me no problem and I picked out a new frame in-store and they had it ready next day for me. I had a pair of sunglasses and they accidentally cracked them while putting the new lenses in, they allowed me to pick a new set of sunglasses frames for free. I am very pleased about my experience and highly recommend them.

Brett Hicks

I've been using Eyeglass World for 3 years and the two people that helped me last year and this year were outstanding. When I was talking to her about glasses and contacts she first helped pick out my frames by giving suggestions and then figured out the best way financially to get both.

Amanda Utesch

I work in costumer service, and I understand that things happen so I never write reviews. However, I am disappointed with my visit today. I took today off work to come in and get glasses with my husband. We both came in and began looking around; we looked around for a bit and nobody acknowledged us. No big deal. Another patron came in and someone went to them instantly; again no big deal. So we continued looking for a minute and realized someone else came in after the last person and they were immediately greeted and helped. My daughter needed to use the restroom and an employee rushed by us in the back, I pulled my daughter aside and I APOLOGIZED for her being in the way (even though we were standing by the bathroom); and she rudely responded "It's fine" as she barely acknowledged I was even human. So we left immediately. It's a shame because not only did I miss out on a full day of work; but neither of us got to get glasses today. It's not good business to blatantly ignore customers and/or be outrageously rude when you do acknowledge them.

Ree Cook

I recently went to eyeglass world in Springfield to get glasses and the optician Sarah was an awesome help to me she helped me pick out frames that would look good on me she was very professional and nice I had a great experience there and would recommend eyeglass world to everyone

Skyler Shannon

I had tried several times to schedule an eye exam somewhere else. The other store was good, but the optometrist/opthalmologist kept leaving early and calling in. I had an appointment for 4:15 pm on Tuesday, February 21st and was told over the phone around 1:00 pm that the optometrist/opthalmologist "got sick halfway through the day and is not doing eye exams the rest of the day." I immediately called several other places and Eyeglass World got me in at 4:00 pm the same day (02/21/2017). The lady at the eye exam counter was truly helpful instead of a meaningless upseller, the optometrist/opthalmologist was patient and knowledgeable, the salesmen of the store were all helpful and knowledgeable and one sales lady even helped me pick out eyeglasses that actually fit my face (as in, I literally asked her to pick glasses for me according to how they look on my face). I purchased the Liberty Sport Chopper 2's for my sunglasses (polarized/polycarbonate) because I previously had the Liberty Sport Choppers or Chopper 2's (don't remember which but they are practically the same) and they were the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned (prescription or not). I purchased the Outpost Flex A Black frames with polycarbonate lenses and anti-glare coating because they fit my face the best. Liberty Sport uses their own laboratory to make their own lenses for their glasses. This means whatever store you purchase them from has to send the glasses or prescription to Liberty Sport and "order" them for you. I was told this would take a week and my previous pair of Liberty Sport glasses did take approximately a week to come in (in Florida). However, I called Eyeglass World on Friday, February 24th to request a courtesy call when both pair are in so I could make just one trip (I live 45 minutes away) and they called that afternoon saying they already came in. I am more than pleased with Eyeglass World's optometrist/opthalmologist, sales staff and both pair of glasses.

Meagan Rippee

I've been to Eyeglass World here in Springfield, Missouri twice within the last three months, and both times my service was phenomenal! I am so happy I decided to try them instead of America's Best. Tim was the best help there! He ensured I was happy with the choice of glasses and was not pushy when it came to the extras that I could purchase. I did spend a little extra because I wanted to make sure these glasses were scratch proof and anti-glare. I was very happy I decided to! Unfortunately, I misplaced both pairs of my glasses that I purchased back in October. I got tired of using old prescription glasses, and decided to return to replace the ones that I misplaced, but without the extras because that's not how the warranty worked (didn't replace lost or stolen glasses, just damage). I was bummed I couldn't find the original pair that I had purchased previously, BUT I found two pairs that I liked even more. Tim was there again, thankfully, and helped me find frames that I loved once again. He checked for different colors for the frames, he searched through the boxes of glasses just to make sure I found some I really loved. I was happy to have found two pairs again, and he even helped me with another deal for my new pairs. Tim goes above and beyond! He always makes sure his customers are happy, he is friendly, and I'm a fan of his customer service! I'm so happy I decided to go back and purchase more from Eyeglass World. The glasses can be ready the very next day! I love that! And with no extra charge! I had to wait at least a week from America's Best, and sometimes, they wouldn't even call me when my glasses were ready when they should of. They also make sure your glasses fit appropriately, and that you are completely satisfied! I will be returning in the future! I'm very blessed to have had such a great experience purchasing glasses! If you want affordable glasses, with a choice of fun frames, and great customer service, PLEASE go to Eyeglass World, and if Tim is there, make sure he helps you! The experience is worth the wait too (sometimes there is a wait --but they always acknowledge that you are there and want to get someone to help you).

Victor Shull

They Suck... Don't Bother go somewhere else.

R Spradling

I found excellent service and quality work here .. did they offer refreshments and a back massage ? No .. they just delivered what they're good at ... Eyeglasses and contacts etc etc ... I know how some people can be ... But paying for a ham sandwich and expecting a whole hog is just a little much, also seeing how rude and demanding some people can I would expect they're always be unhappy customers. Thanks

Val Coonis

I had an exam in springfield, MO & got Transitions lenses for first time ever. I have had a lot of trouble with the frames getting out of whack and needed adjusted to make lenses so I can see. the Staff is GREAT! have been in multiple times for adjustments, never charge and never have a problem getting the one tech that seems to get the right fit every time for me. Will definitely go back for next exam and new glasses. Might not do transitions again, but has nothing to do with store or staff, just not sure they are right for me, seems like i need constant adjustments in fit, as I keep my glasses in a case alot, because I mainly need glasses to read, but didnt want the hassle of putting on and off every time I needed to read at work. So transitions were recommended. the staff is Awesome.

Nampeung Cyberlady

Horrible service and experience here. I ordered my contact lenses thru them since 2/11/13 and waiting now a month and 1 week. They told me they will call me when my contact arrived at the store but they never did. I'm waited until a month until I run out of my contact lenses. I gave them first called (3/10/13) and asked about my contact lense. A woman on line told me it was Sunday and the company that they orderd my contact to was closed. They wan me to wait until Monday (3/11/13) They will give me a call and find out about my contact lense. I tried to be patient and think positive and wait for them... Of cause they never call me back. Then we called on next day (3/12/13) A person in line (They never be same person to answer your phone) had told as the problem was they change the shipping company and may make all shipping process slow. They told me to wait another week (After it been a moth) And they will give as a call this week (3/18/13) and guess what... Same thing happened.. They never call us. We called them this morning and they told us they wanna check my order status and will have us a call no longer 2:00 pm. JUST ANOTHER LIE from them again... 2:45 today we called them and the poor guy (I think he was the third person we spoke with) The guy told us he will fix it out and call us. 3 minutes later he called us back and said "The compay (Bausch and Lomb) had some change and no longer to carry kind of a contact lense I ware anymore and hey will give us a refund. HELLL...This is very poor customer service here, After I have to waited for those month!!! REALLY?? Not think else not even apology word from them. This is really poor business here. If some major change will happened and will affect to a customer. They need to contact a customer and tell their costomer first. Except they are careless. I'm not trying to complained to discredit their business but this unacceptable and it is the worse experience since I been in state in 5 years. I suggest an empolyee here need to retrain in customer service education. Also the manage need to get continuing in business education.

Josh & Diana

We should have walked out after the five minute eye examination. Yes, five minutes. We followed through with the complete process and by the time we were done we had racked up $1,500 in four pair of glasses. The actual eye exam was the worst part. The optometrist never asked one question like if we had any vision issue whatsoever. The rest of the staff was polite and professional. The first pair of sunglasses I received broke while inside the CHEAP plastic case. We would seriously recommend another optical shop if you are shopping for glasses.

John Glenn

When I walked in with my father I was there to get glasses because I'm an over-the-road truck driver and the advertisements say you can get glasses the same day well when I stood there they kept waiting on people that came in after me I don't know whether it was their friends or what but they just kept walking by me I'm nobody gave me directions on what to do or anything else and when I finally did walk up to somebody that was just standing there they walked away into the back so I waited for another person give free and I asked him what to do then I finally got some help and then as normal they could only get one pair of glasses done today or that day and I would have to come back drive another hundred miles one way to get the other pair there were rude rushed and inconsiderate and also by the way I don't know what your procedures is but when I went back to pick up the glasses the odor that was coming from the back room when the two young men came out very suspicious

Jina Zarifis

Go to Wal-Mart. I bought glasses here for $350 and had to bring them back soon after because the lenses scratched too easily. I asked why they scratched so much easier than Wal-Mart's or Lensecrafters glasses and was told by a lady that Wal-Mart and Lensecrafters added something to their lenses to make them stronger but that it gave their lenses a milky film. I can personally tell you that is false. They replaced my lenses twice before I just went to Wal-Mart to have them make lenses for my frames. I have had these lenses now for 3 years and no scratches. Maybe things have changed in 3 or 4 years but they are wasting their money sending me advertisements in the mail.

Brandon Scroggins

Broke my frames and then told me they were broken when I came in. The lady working on my glasses told me, “They didn’t feel comfortable working with these glasses” That is after the lady stripped the screw out of it’s spot, while trying to screw in a screw with the lens not positioned correctly. She handed them back to me bent and the lens in the wrong position. The company had nothing to say to me or wanted to make this right. I removed my phone number from this company’s listing and will never go back. The people working here are not as friendly as they used to be. They have little personality.

Chris Williams

This place is great. They have good prices, great doctors and a great selection. Sarah was very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Kelly Thomas

Very kind people, I had a great experience I will be back. Thank you.

Caroline Murski

You get what you pay for. Let's just say that. They aren't the best at getting your prescription right and the last time I got contacts, they were a month from expiring and already had a tear in them. They were included in the exam and I was in a rush so I'm not going to bother complaining. I got what I needed - a permission slip to buy contacts elsewhere and a temporary pair to hold me over. Very cheap and fast everytime I've gone. They're nice enough people.

kristie sportsman

They have been great. The manager went out of his way to help and make things right.

Rebecca Dake

I called an made appointment for my husband they got him right in the same day I called . From the time we got there till the time we were done it was an amazing experience. I can't give enough praise to the lovely lady that helped us thank you Jen❗❗❗❗

Kayla S

My fiancé and I agree that this was the absolute best place to go to get glasses! The customer service from each person was 5 star. Great selection and great service! We will be back!

Marcel Popa

Very impressed with this place. The staff was super nice and professional!! The doctor was amazing. No pressure to buy anything!! Will definitely be a lifetime patient/customer and will reffer lots of people.

Alex Oserowsky

Decent place to get a quick exam for glasses - but do not go here for other eye problems. I wasn't satisfied with the care that I received here from Dr. Capehart. I came in to renew my prescription and also have my eye examined because it was bloodshot and painful. I was told the bloodshot eye (just one eye, not both) was due to allergies. However, I had it reexamined by an ophthalmologist the next morning because and I was diagnosed with anterior uveitis and put on steroids, which I had to continue for over a month. If you're going to an optometrist, the standard of care is to pick up on a diagnosis such as this, and at least schedule follow up or referral to someone who would take care of the issue. Uveitis can progress to blindness if not properly addressed. The lack of detection of my problem is why I'm rating 3 stars.

Alica Rutherford

I walked in and started looking at the "two pair of glasses for $78" right away. I knew exactly what I wanted. I had a current perscription. It took a little while for someone to acknowledge that I was there. When they did, they explained what I needed to do. Eventually someone helped me decide on the glasses I wanted (2 pair of single vision eyeglasses for $78). It only took about 15 minutes for me this young man (Preston) to figure everything out and for me to pay for my glasses. I picked them up at 2:30 and Logan helped get them fitted for me. Everyone was friendly . Can't beat the deal. I will go back.

Adam Neale

Had a problem, but they promptly went out of there way to resolve it, I would recommend. Thanks

Hunter Quick

This place is unorganized and the employees are rude. I’m standing here currently I’ve been waiting 45 min to pay. Yes to pay it has officially taken longer for someone to take my money than it did to go my exam. Then one of the glorified assistants gets rude with me. This is the worst experience I have had at an eye glass store ever.

Hayden Bickerton

Got glasses and contacts a few days ago. Every other place in town was gonna take 14 days to get my glasses, these guys had them to me in 1 day (also did exam). The staff was super nice and courteous too!

Chris Brewer

Great service. My new glasses were very uncomfortable to wear. Walked in and had quick service. Thank you!


Called several times to compare prices - person kept hanging up

El Bee

Tim was a good dude! Help me pick out the frames I wanted. And was very friendly.

Cheryl Dockery

Heather Houghton

My son had a seizure & lost his glasses today. He can't see anything without them! I called several places trying to get him in for an exam & glasses. They were the only ones that could get him in and just within a couple of hours! Everybody was very pleasant and helpful. They even got one pair of his glasses done in 30 minutes! And the self-pay price was very reasonable! Thank you to all the staff, especially Anna, for eveything!!

Sarah Crider

I had an amazing experience at eyeglass world. I was not kept waiting long, and everyone there was super friendly, but I really have to brag about the guy who helped me find my glasses. I think his name was Logan. He was funny, kind, and helpful. He made sure I got exactly what I needed and even helped me with my eye insurance to make sure I got the best deal. The customer service was above and beyond. I will definitely return and recommend this location to my friends!

Ella V

We went there today and the lady stayed after to help us look for glasses. We ended up finding 2 pairs of glasses that were almost $200 less than one pair I had found previously at my local eye care center. We got two for the price of one! She was extremely helpful and let us explore all of our options. I would highly reccomend, especially if you want your glasses as soon as the next morning and for less than half of the price!

Scott Smith

I recently had my second exam there. Of course, the exam was free because last time I visited I joined their "Eyesight Club". It was only an extra $20 and it comes with 3 years of free eye exams and 10% off everything you buy. It paid for itself on my first order. SO this exam was totally free! Once again, the staff were very helpful. Elizabeth was the associate that helped me with my order. She made sure I was happy with all my options I selected and made sure I saved as much as I could with their in-store promotions. I took a lot of her time but she was simply determined to get 5 stars on customer satisfaction which I am happy to give her. Tim also helped with some questions on transition lenses as he has a pair of those....and of course Steffan (the manager) quizzed me on my way out to make sure all my expectations were met. Definitely an awesome team of associates here that care about their customers.

Jaden Herring

I had a great experience at eyeglass world! Their staff was very kind. I had Barbra, she told me she had worked in the eyeglass business for 29 years. She was very seasoned and didn't pressure me in to any thing at all. She helped me pick out frames, I had picked out the first frame, which was a light colored wire and plastic Lucky Brand frame. And because a second frame was completely free, if it is the same price as the first or lower, I wanted to find a second frame. So when I couldn't find one Barb stepped in and helped me. She said, "Oh! I know the exact frames that would fit your face!" They were a black plastic RayBan frame. As soon as I put them on they were a no brain-er. She asked me if I wanted to add any thing to the lenses, and showed me the price with the additional things added. It wasn't too bad. All she added was an anti-glare coating, which I HIGHLY recommend! Also she put me in the "Eyeglass Club" so I get free eye exams for the next 3 years, and 10% off of all of my purchases including this one. And because I had a high positive prescription and I had most of the thickness in the middle of the lens (which gives me the "Coke bottle" or the "bug eye" effect) I asked about lenses that reduced that effect. She explained the difference in the lenses and I did end up getting Aspheric lenses, I feel much more comfortable and confident in my glasses because of the new lenses. I am very happy with them! They took around a week to come in, only because my lenses are Aspheric lenses and because I have an astigmatism. When I went to pick up my lenses Jen helped me. She fit them to my face and fit them around my ears. She was really nice and funny! Over all I am VERY happy with my experience at Eyeglass World. I highly recommend Eyeglass World to everyone. They are great!

Ryan Wehofer

This is the where I have been getting my glasses at for years. Not once have I had a unpleasant experience with this place. The young woman was quick to point out what was on sale and helped me to find a new style of glasses.

Jim LaBrie

I came in for my first pair of glasses in a long time. I picked out some frames but when I got them home they weren't very comfortable. Also I was having some issues with the prescription. I went back in and they were very accommodating and helpful. Sarah helped me find some new frames and they tweeked my prescription a little. Now after a couple weeks with my new glasses I am completely satisfied! I would recommend Eyeglass World to a friend or family member. Thank you again!

Darla Evans

I got my eye test at this location and they have issues getting things accomplished--> like confirming my prescription to the place where I was attempting to get by glasses made. I am currently waiting- blindly.

adom west

Came in for a repair, smashed my glasses with a door, they repaired them quickly and we pleasant the entire visit.


Started out setting my appointment online so wasn't to sure what to expect. Glad I did very friendly and helpful staff. Recieved my eyeglasses sooner than I expected. Very reasonably priced, will be going back in the future.

Whitney Renee

The optometrist there is incredible. The eye exam was $39 without any tax, and I received the most accurate prescription I have ever gotten. He is extremely thorough, answers all of your questions, and he is incredibly patient. I was so impressed by their doctor. The staff is also exceptionally nice! Very impressed with Eyeglass world

Bronte Porter

Highly Recommend this location. Super friendly and helpful staff!


We had a wonderful experience with Eyeglass World. Making the appointment was so easy and when I called back to add another family member and change the date and time, they were so accommodating. The optometrist, Kevin, was so good that my 13 year old son specifically asked me to write this review of him. And picking out the glasses went great because Barbara, the assistant general manager was so patient with us and really helped us get new glasses right away for my son whose last pair had broken. They were professional helpful, tolerant of my big, boistrous family and very affordable even though we didn't have insurance. Highly recommend!!

Kyle Cole-Light

Here within my last 2 visits, things have gone downhill. There is new management, and you can tell by the atmosphere when you walk in. My first; I had an eye exam and the man who did it was quite rude, then I had to buy a new pair of glasses and all I wanted was the lenses replaced in the sunglasses. Per lense to be replaced costs over $90. In turn I spent $500, and one of my family members had the same doctor mess up on the exam. Got scratyproof lenses, and within 2 weeks had to get those replaced because they were scratched badly. Even with this new pair, they can't see clearly out of one eye. My most recent visit, I just needed a small repair, the manager helped the people behind me first, and then when I finally got to the counter he seemed inconvenienced that he had to fix my glasses. Didn't speak a word to me, was quite rude and has screwed the arms of my glasses so tight It is almost impossible to close them. He "fixed" my nose piece and put everything out of place, and he didn't even clean them. I've never had to ask them before. Definitely will never go here again.

Lance Alexander

Tim is super helpful and very knowledgeable! I definitely would recommend this place and Tim to help you get your glasses.

Nick Webster

I was a newbie to eyeglasses.Tim was very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. He took the time to ensure I got EXACTLY what I needed regarding no line bifocals, style, and price. I highly recommend him and Eyeglass World. I will not shop anywhere else. Thank you Tim!

Jodie Hursh

I just had to write to tell you how happy I was with my experience with the Eyeglass World in Springfield! The Optometrist Dr.Umbreit really helped me zero in on my vision problems with a thorough exam including a Visual Field Test and dilation of my eyes. He also talked me through what could be causing the floaters I was experiencing. 5 stars! Sarah helped me pick out lenses to truly fit my budget! I was able to get 2 sets of lenses including all the suggestions that Dr.Umbreit made for better vision including progressives with HD lenses, scratch proof, polarized sunglasses and more. Dropped my glasses off for the new lens fitting and an hour later I was out the door. The fit is great! Is it possible to say I’ve never seen better? Thanks so much! Jodie Hursh

Josh Brown

The Dr. Is clear and very helpful with his examinations. He identified underlying early stage glaucoma that no eye doctor previously has about and recommended me to a specialist. The Dr. also spent the time to find me the best fitting contacts for my eyes as most eye doctors Ive went to just stick you with one trial pair that never seem to fit right. Every single one of his staff showed me friendly and helpful customer service. Plus, BOGO!! Above and beyond is how I would describe this company.

Ashley Moore

horrible customer service skills. I am personally in the same type of setting customer service is a VERY important part of a business, and it is all about first impressions. They are lacking on every level.

Sheila Prost

My first visit was smooth. Got an eye exam, ordered some glasses and contacts. Went on my way. The contacts left my eyes very dry, so I wore the glasses until about a year after the first visit, and let them know I'd like to try a different brand at my second visit. I tested out another pair of contacts and decided to try them out. I ended up ordering them, and they said they would call me when they came in, usually takes about two weeks. This was at the end of October. Two weeks into November, I hadn't heard anything. Decided to call them three weeks in. "Oh. yeah they're not in yet." Alright, I waited another week and called again. "Sometimes those take a month to get in." Alright, I waited again.... Still didn't hear anything. I gave up. It's February now and I still have never heard from them. I'm not going to keep calling them and chasing down these contacts, I'm just going to go somewhere else.

Heather Adkins

I've been going to eyeglass world for almost 15 years and I don't ever plan to stop. I've never had a bad experience, love the doctor, they are affordable, and take care of their customers.

Shay Wilson

I was pretty disappointed with my service here. The doctor himself was phenomenal but when I got to the part of picking out the frames I was confronted with a whole different experience. Once they found out I was looking to only get the two for 78.00 frames (I have a 2 year old, I don't want expensive glasses until hes older) with the basic frames, I was treated rudely. Lots of sighs at my decisions, and shaking of the head. I was not happy at all! Then when they called to inform me a PAIR of my glasses was in, not both just one, and I asked when the other pair would be in, I was rudely told "When they come in we will just have to call you." I'll never do business there again after this is all over and done with.

Rebecca Weyrauch

ryan nelson

Very nice, helpful and respectful great place to get glasses. I would recommend them to anyone.

Elizabeth Schlosser

Jake Thornton


Aaron Bowler

After another place told me I didn't have insurance, which I did, I came here and they were incredible. Logan who helped me was over the top professional, patient, and treated a me just perfectly. I strongly recommend Eyeglass World. Their prices a great, a lot of choices, and very professional. What could have been an overall terrible eye experience, they sent me home with glasses and a completely different attitude. Go see Logan and all the staff, you won't regret it.

Thomas Bieker

This is my first experience with wearing eyeglasses and I needed bifocals on top of it all. These guys spent all the time with me that was needed to get them to fit and function perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased with their service. Thanks Tim and Logan..the two employee names I can remember.

Terry Horvath

Unfortunately I have to leave a very bad review for this shop. Not only is the quality of their work poor, but their customer service is horrible. My wife had worn glasses for many many years and went to Eyes Glass World in San Diego, CA last year to get progressive lense glasses. When she received them, she could see letters and numbers "engraved" in the lenses near the line of vision. She asked about this and was told that it is very very rare that the patient can see these, but that she will get used to it. She never got used to it, and the best way to describe it is that there were two blurry spots in each lense. Just this week we want to the Eye Glass World in Springfield, MO because she has noticed a difference in her vision. When talking with the original person we explained that previous situation and she said that would absolutely NOT happen again and that the people in San Diego cut the lenses wrong. After we picked up the two new pair of glasses it was found that they had the exact same issue. In fact they were even worse. The lense technicians and lab manager claimed the only thing that could be done to fix this was to upgrade to a considerably more expensive set of lenses made by another company. After already spending $350, we did not feel that was right considering we we're very clearly told this would not happen again. We asked for a refund and are currently waiting for that to happen. The customer service person was rude, uncaring and simply did not offer any apology for her employee giving us bad information and cutting the lenses poorly. Today we want to another optometrist and we're told the first pair of glasses (from San Diego) are cut completely wrong. Not only are the numbers centered on the lenses, but the progressive sections were cut in the wrong places. We ordered new glasses today from a more reputable company that uses Nikon lenses. If we do not have the refund by Thursday, I will post an update stating that...

Mylife IsOKAY

Friendly and helpful staff but another company that penalizes customers for not having insurance or being military. How are they they losing money by selling the product to everyone at the same fair price? I doubt I'll be back as they wanted $812 for 2 pair of decent glasses.

Sam Keller

Wonderful service, nice workers, and they repaired my glasses nose piece for no charge

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