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REVIEWS OF Clarkson Eyecare IN Missouri

Michele Povich

Diane Nyberg

Best and most informative eye exam I've ever had. The doctor, and technician were both great!

Cheryl Ritzman

Awesome experience.

Virginia Arnold

My provider was thorough and addressed all my concerns during my exam. I appreciated how she put me at ease in regards to my future eye health what I can do to help maintain it. The staff are awesome! I am so happy with my experience with Rachel. From the time I walked into the office until I left I felt welcomed and cared for. Keep up the good work everyone!

Brad Callahan

Very happy with my service. They got me right in and took great care of me! Definitely earned my business.

Melanie Hanson

Pretty upset at the moment and will make sure to tell my friends to go elsewhere. Originally, even with the lady who took care of me picking out my frames, etc. I was okay with paying the outrageous price. I then saw on my receipt she added a bunch of things that I never had the option of adding. Ok, let it go. Get my glasses, my prescription isn't right. Blurry, can't see and definitely cannot drive or I'll get into an accident. Ok, whatever, schedule another appointment to fix it. Talk with other friends of mine who recommended to go to a different vision place that are way better with pricing and can get the prescription right. So at my next appointment, as we're trying to figure out my next prescription since the first one wasn't correct, I DISTINCTLY asked him if these next pair of lenses do not work out for me, if it was possible to get a refund for it and he said yes. THAT was the question I directly asked. Not can my glasses get tweaked over and over again, but the literal term REFUND. So I've done some research and had decided to go ahead and ask for a refund to try out America's Best instead. Called and spoke to Rachel yesterday, who advised me the office manager had to make that decision and she'd call me after she was done with a patient. Never heard back. Called again today, spoke with Vickie who advised the office manager was on lunch but that she'd have her call me. Thank you for following through on your word, Vickie! She finally called me and told me that the doctor (Dr. Swamb -- probably have the spelling incorrect) said he never said that to me and that they don't give refunds, they will just keep tweaking my prescription over and over again. SERIOUSLY?! It has been a whole MONTH since I went in there!! I paid over $300 and have left work early to go to these appointments. I am looking into corporate to see who I need to talk to because I'm disappointed in the lie that I could get a refund and the fact that I still can't see anything. This is ridiculous. DO NOT go here! Don't get screwed over into being told lies, getting things added to your receipt that you never had the option of, and waiting for months at a time if they didn't do it properly the first time. Glad my money has gone to waste.

Amanda Konrad

My husband and I were in at the same time and had our 2 year old with us. The staff were very patient and helpful.

Mizzou Boy

Julie Chinn

I have often been to the Bogey Hills Clarkson . I have always had great customer service; the staff has always been courteous and took time with me while I was choosing frames. The doctor was very helpful and knowledgeable. If I had a problem with the fit of my glasses (over time the frames became loosened or misshapen), I would just drop by and one of the staff would fix the problem. I will be going there again this week and will continue to support them. Also, Clarkson has a wide variety of frames from which to choose.

Katie Dooley

Always quick, easy and a great experience.

Grace Dillinger

I had to visit Clarkson eye care for an emergency. I thought I had a daily contact lost in my eye. The dr and the whole staff was very accommodating and pleasant. I highly recommend Clarkson eye care to my friends!

Brian McCoy

Alicia was one of the most pleasant person I have ever encountered in retail in 30 years. She was professional and very caring. She made me feel good about my purchase and explained what was going on and kept an upbeat attitude. The eye doctor is great too but Alicia steals the show where I will come back to Clarkson Eye Care.

Chris Hoffman

Jason Stumpf

Matthew Meine

So I need to go set up an appointment just to order new glasses which are broke they cant get me an appointment until next week just so I can go in order my glasses and then wait at least another week to get them in. No point on going to the same establishment everytime if you just have to start the entire process over everytime you go in

Julie Laramie

Tammy Morris & Cathy Murry

christopher Sanderson

I’m sitting in the front room and my wife is waiting in the exam room. She’s been waiting for 10 mins to see the doctor because he’s behind schedule already. And now he is talking to a pharmaceutical rep for the last 10 mins instead of using this time to get back on track. Seriously, what world is that acceptable? 20 mins to see a doctor who doesn’t have his work ethic together? I would avoid this place. This isn’t indicative of Clarkson eye care. It’s this location alone I’m grading.

Dan Clayton

20 out of 20 (get it?). Friendly staff and prompt service. MD was informative and helpful. Would recommend.

Casilda Torres

candy meyer

Had two visits there and they were both very good and went out of the way to make sure my eyecare needs were met even with my insurances being difficult. They still worked with me to get me what i needed done. The dr was great too. Thanks guy ill definetly be back!

Angela Layman

worst eye doctor ever. I went in to get new glasses because mine were old and I was having trouble reading signs while driving. The doctor said my eyes were getting better. definitely not. He gave me a prescription worse than the one I started with. I can see great if I put my sister's glasses on on top of mine. I went back to try to get them to look at my eyes and fix my glasses. They didn't look at my eyes. They told me I would get used to them and bent them to a different angle. I told them I can see way better with my contacts (which are from several years ago) and they told that I will never be able to see as well out of glasses compared to contacts. Which just isn't true. Now I'm sitting here trying to see the tv, the clock and the rest of the room and regretting going to the St. Charles Clarkson Eye care. BTW the Clarkson Eye Care in Webster Groves was really great. Too bad their doctors don't move to St. Charles like I did.

Danielle Oshia

My daughter is 7 and just received glasses. There was a mistake when picking out her glasses. She fell in love with a pair we were told was covered under insurance and come to find out they weren't. I couldn't afford to pay the difference so the person in charge gave us a discount and she was able to keep her glasses. I also had another problem with the glasses caused by my daughter and they took care of us!! Love the people we have dealt with there :)

navy birkner

I called today to see if I could get an extra pair of contacts because I ran out and I go to school in Springfield and needed them before I went back. The lady told me my prescription was expired and she would need to check with the doctor to see if I could get one more set. I said okay sweet thank you so much and she said she’d call me back in a few minutes... well an hour and 35 minutes later I’ve heard nothing so I call back and she tells me she’ll give me a call back in a few minutes. That was 7 hours ago. She could’ve easily called me back and told me sorry we’re not going to be able to do that or sorry the doctor is really busy today I haven’t been able to ask. Instead she just decided not to call me back at all? Confused.

Cherie Tunstall

Daugherty Realty

Daniel Fraggetta

Kenny Shepherd

Very helpful as always

Jay Miller


Chris Amen

Lorita G

The staff and Dr. Matt Schwamb are consistently on-time, efficient, professional, and kind! My go-to for vision health! Thank you!

Bonnie East

Cynthia Williams

Shelley Woelfel

I've had nothing but positive experiences with the Clarkson Eye team. They've been very caring & helpful especially since I've been diagnosed with a disease that affects my eyes. The doctor communicated directly with my neurologist on the test results within a day. Dr. Schwamb also went the extra mile to send me to a specialist for further testing. What more can you ask for in an eye doctor. I do have one suggestion, there are some insurance companies that only allow so much towards frames. There's not a lot of choices to choose from on frames and you end up choosing something that you don't necessarily like or go somewhere else with more of a selection. I'm sure you'd like the upgrade but not everyone can afford to pay more. Other than that there great.

Al Miller

Coco Mcbean

My mother was in town visiting and lost her supply of contacts. This was a disaster, as she is basically blind without them. The people at Clarkson called her doctor, and managed to come up with a pair that would tide my mom over until she got home. They were completely helpful and kind, and I will be bringing them my business next time I need glasses.

Theresa Biermann

They need to get their billing straightened out. Spent over $400 in there after what THEY told me insurance would cover, then sent me a bill 5 months later saying I owed them $34 and after 'SEVERAL' attempts to contact me they would be turning it over to collections. Never heard from them prior to this letter. What a scam, won't go there again.

Joy Galluzzo

Lucy Kuester

I highly recommend the Zumbel location! Vickie Coleman was very patient with me as I was extremely indecisive about which frames I wanted. The whole team helped me pick a pair that looked great on me :) I saw a very nice younger guy ophthalmologist who was very pleasant and informative.

Mingmar Sherpa

I highly recommend Clarkson eyecare at Zumbehl. I had an appt with Dr. Schwamb for my eye exam and contact prescription. He was very professional and thorough. Great staff and speedy service. P.s. Thank you so much for shipping my contacts so fast.

Delores Brantley

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