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Gary Hult

Beginning with previous eye examinations, I've always been impressed with Dr. Davis. She has an extensive and exceptional education, continuing education and research/teaching background. She is very knowledgable, professional, clear with explanations and exudes confidence for me, the patient. The cataract surgery experience was great, super facility, caring support team and the surgery outcome was perfect. The ability to see distance clearly, more brightly and vivid colors without glasses is fantastic!

Gotosource Everyone

DO NOT GO HERE! Find a provider that care about it patients. Was suppose to have surgery and told the scheduler would call in 2 days, waited 5 days, called and left message - no one responded. Called in another 2 days - talked to receptionist and she said she would sent email and also left a message. The message says if you leave a call back number before noon we will get back to you by 4PM. Again no call! Called 3 more times several days apart and left messages and no one called back, Called my insurance company to see about going somewhere else - they took the complaint and suggested another provider - low and behold MN Eye called to see what problem was. I guess they respond to insurance companies and not patients. FIND A BETTER PROVIDER - WE NEED TO LEAVE REVIEWS BECAUSE MAYBE IF THEY GET ENOUGH BAD REVIEWS THEY WILL DO SOMETHING = DOUBT IT - BUT MAYBE!

Veronica Bessermin

Chaquale Sevilla

Tom Kemmerer

As an optometrist, I know how important quality eye care is. When I first moved to the Twin Cities last year, I asked a colleague where they refer their patients that need extra care, and their first response was Minnesota Eye Consultants. Since then, I have felt completely confident in sending my patients to MN Eye. When I decided a couple months ago that I was ready to proceed with getting LASIK myself, it was a pretty easy choice for me to go to Minnesota Eye Consultants. Scheduling was great. I was trying to plan my consult and procedure around an already scheduled vacation, and when I had to reschedule my consultation, they were very accommodating. The consult went very smoothly. The technicians were very friendly and professional. On the day of the procedure, I was a little nervous, as would be expected, but the staff was very comforting. Dr. Lindstrom’s surgery staff was great to talk with. Dr. Lindstrom was my surgeon, and he definitely lived up to his excellent reputation. Dr. Lindstrom has many years of experience, and I can’t imagine how many procedures he has performed, so I didn’t have any doubts about his abilities and I knew he would do a great job. He walked me through all the steps as he was performing the procedure, and before I knew it, it was all over and I was looking up at the clock on the wall and was amazed that I was able to see it. The results were so good and so quick, I couldn’t believe the level of vision I had the same day. Since my procedure in July, I’ve had a couple follow-ups with Dr. Hauswirth, and he has done a very thorough job making sure everything is healthy and on track. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had at Minnesota Eye Consultants. My vision is better than 20/20 in both eyes, I have no vision complaints, and my eyes feel great. It has been a good talking point with my patients, and I feel like I can now use my own experience to relate better with my patients that are considering LASIK. I don’t hesitate to recommend MN Eye to my patients, because I know they will be getting excellent treatment. Thank you Dr. Lindstrom and Minnesota Eye Consultants!!

Eddie Hartwell

Michael Ahlf

Skilled and thoughtful staff that has given me a strong sense of their competence, which lessened my anxiety over corneal surgeries. I believe MN Eye was the right place for my corneal surgeries and the attendant aftercare.

Katherine Severson

I have been a customer for many years. Unfortunately, the customer service has declined. If you wear contact lenses, you are led to believe it is best to somewhere else

Gabriela Ferski

The business office staff is rude and not willing to re-submit claims. In addition, the patient advocate rep does not return calls. Very disappointing.

Dana Lawrence

This is the most professional friendly atmosphere I've every been at. Dr. Elizabeth Davis and Dr. Fahmy THE BEST!!! I would recommend their service to anyone especially those you love.

Hayley Dawn

I was referred to MN Eye Consultants, by my (then) regular optometrist, for a persistent infection in my right eye. I was seen at MEC the same day. They diagnosed me with an infection severe enough to require (an average of) 4-6 visits a month for almost a year. And one of the first things they did, was ensure I had a direct contact to the doctors working on my case, so that I could get in touch with them at any time. I have the patient experience from every time of day and day of the week. After checking in so many times, the front desk staff got to know me and if I was waiting in line they would take a quick moment to let me know I could take a seat and that they had me checked in. Or they would tell me to hang on for a second so we could take care of business. Always friendly, even when there were patients lined up to the elevator! I have experienced wait times of 2 minutes and even 2 hours! And while in the waiting room for Dr. Hardten, another couple was there and had been for almost an hour. I smiled and said hello, and the woman said, "you'll be here a while! But for Dr. Hardten, it's worth the wait!" And don't I know it! I really learned how to be a patient patient because, with my eye condition, the pain and activity of my infection sometimes demanded emergency attention and that would bump me to the head of the line (affecting other patient's appointment times) and the doctors at MEC, ALL of them, would give me the care and time that I needed to be comfortable again. So, when Dr. Hardten's waiting room was full of patients (with varying patience), I was appreciative because I knew he was giving other patients the time and care that they needed that day. Sometimes that requires emergency surgery which can really affect the rest of his schedule. But the assistants and admins would always check on us and take care of us! Through my ordeal, Dr. Hauswirth was who I saw most frequently and he advised me from day one that it was going to be a tough climb to get through this infection (20 months later, still dealing with it -- but doing so well!) - Dr. Hauswirth would check on me regularily through the worst of it and would always make sure every need was considered for me in a delicate way and because of his concern, it reduced the stress for me and my family IMMENSELY! I trust him and I trust Dr. Hardten, very much! These professionals are about the patient, first and foremost. They were open for me to look into second opinions (which I did! But returned to MEC) and treatments, and referred me to, and worked with, other cornea specialists to achieve the best outcome for my health and the future of my vision! From the cordial, timely team members who answer the phones, the compassionate business staff, the front desk staff, to the techs, research team and doctors - I have always felt welcome, comfortable, and very well taken care of with each visit and interaction! THIS is how all medical care experiences should be! THANK YOU!

Jim Albright

There is no other place in the immediate area or even the entire country that is finer. I have had two cataracts removed plus a corneal transplant. My expectations were exceeded. Whatever the visual problem is this is the right place!

Leo Vickerman

Phet In

Todd New

Still the best - I've tried a number of eye clinics in the past (due to a change in insurance), but as soon as our insurance went back to covering us here we jumped back. Comprehensive exams - all in one place - and competent support staff.

Cali girl in Iowa LA

Ali G. Touchaei

Bad doctors and bad Optometrists. I wish I had read the reviews before my surgery. Reply to owner's response: If you mean Stephanie from Compliance, she has not returned the call since last week.

Carol Johnson

This is my second procedure for a cataract lense implant (right eye some years ago, the left eye this week. Everyone involved, both at the pre-screening and the surgery, were both highly professional and very warm and caring. And today I received a signed card from Dr. Davis and the skilled team that worked with her! My sincere thanks to all of them!

Tara DeWitt

Tracy MSP

After 5 visits and while in severe eye pain, vision problems and waxy eyelids, I was given basic eye drops, allergy drops, antibiotic drops and antiviral meds. Nothing helped, I went to another doctor and I had a parasitic infection in my eye. I asked them if it could be that, they said no. They were wrong.

Carroll Aasen

Carol J

Only have morning or early afternoon appointments available. Not very accomodating.

Bradley Rardin

Wow. After reading all the negative reviews, I almost canceled my appointment. Glad i didn't. I must have caught them on a bad day because the counter staff was friendly and informative, the assistants were very nice, made eye contact, very thorough in their pre exam. Dr. Hobbs was a pleasure to work with. Gave me many suggestions and literature . If this the service they provide, i will definitely be back.

Melissa Klein

Lyudmilla Grin

Don't waste your money on cosmetic Upper Blepharoplasty ! I did it one year ago result is terrible. I did it with doctor Lipham

Mike Burgeson

A eye examine for $300.00 is outrageous. I will go back to my other provider and get same examine for less than $100.00. I wish I would have been told of their price prior to examine!

Andrea Bokelmann

Minnesota Eye Consultants need to get their act together. I was supposed to receive a packet before my FREE corneal cross-linking consultation and I didn't receive it till after someone from the research department called and asked if I had any questions about my FREE consultation and if I had a chance to read through my packet. I said "What packet?". I was then sent one 1 week after I had gone. I have now received a bill for my FREE consultation a month later. I was NEVER told there would be ANY fees let alone a bill for my FREE consultation. I was CONTINUALLY told it was a FREE consultation.

Benjamin Salveson

Jamie Fuglestad

Thank you to Dr. Reeves and his talented staff! After 20+ years of glasses and contacts I am free of those hassles! I have had an evaluation, Lasik and follow ups and couldn't be happier with each experience! I am reminded daily of how much Lasik has changed my life!! Thank you again!

Cyclone Productions

They gave me a whole new lease on life at MN Eye Care. Dr. Davis performed PRK on me 1 eye at a time and I went from not being able to see very well with coke bottle glasses to seeing perfectly. Highly recommended!

Kay Halstrom

Was seen in the office by Dr. Bubolz and staff. All treated me with respect and care. Easily recommend anyone seeking a eye specialist.

Nga Le

I have been to this clinic 3 times now and had to wait at least 30 minutes from my appointment time. Why do they even set appointments if they can't stick to them?

Mike Mueller

My appointment was scheduled at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I was already sitting down being examined by one of their techs by 2:05. Very impressive. The tech that walked me through the variety of tests (I was in to see if I was a good LASIK candidate). As she was going through the different "tests" she took the time to explain what each device was looking for - from the thickness of the cornea to the level of my astigmatism. After running through these tests, I was brought into a different room to see. Dr. Hardten. Again, no waiting. I sit down, and within two minutes, he is in the room doing more tests. While in the end, he concluded that I wasn't the best candidate, he spent a good 10 minutes talking to me about why he was hesitant in doing the procedure, and answering all of my questions. I am disappointed in that I probably won't be doing the surgery, but I am more than happy with a doctor looking out for MY well being and not his bottom line. I'm sure there are other places that would do the procedure no questions asked, but in my case, my doctor at MN EYE was looking at for ME.

gary hanto


joan kirkwood

I will never step foot in MN Eye Consultants again. They have no respect for their patients what so ever. With the amount of money they get paid, you would think they would have a better attitude! I am now going to North Suburban Eye Specialists for cataract surgery. Much better and more friendly attitude.

Howard Lazarus

Nobody in this facility ever sends any reminders about our annual eye exams needed. very poor admin service. Seems they DON'T care about their patients.

carolina handberg

I am so upset with them. My contacts just came in and they don't have any spots open for me to come in and get them.... they are under warranty but I can't get in to get them so they will just sit there.... thanks for wasting my time and money....

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