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REVIEWS OF Yaldo Eye Center - Lasik Eye Surgery IN Michigan

Ray Johnson

I had the Lasik procedure done on both eyes several months ago and it has made a great difference in my life. No glasses after many years. I was nervous about the procedure but the office staff and Dr. Yaldo was the best, they made me comfortable and was very reassuring. I would recommend their office to any of my friends and family that are considering having the procedure to get it done at Yaldo Eye Center.

Rachel Hibbler

Thank you Yaldo Eye Center! I had my surgery back in December and I am enjoying my first summer with out my contacts! It is wonderful. So happy I had my eyes done. Very happy customer.

judith khan

The staff & Dr. Yaldo are great. My eyes changed so much and so often because of having an astigmatism & also having difficult seeing at night & night driving. After having lasik surgery , I have saved tons on not having to get glasses anymore and driving at night is clear again!!! I am so happy and would recommend lasik to anyone.

Paul Sadowski

In 1996 I had mono-vision done by a different ophthalmologist and I was happy with the results for about 8 years. Then age took the ability to read clearly away. When having the first surgery done, I was warned that nothing could be done in the future if other things became available. I then heard Dr. Yaldo's advertising and decided to see what he could do. Dr. Yaldo said that Clear-eyes would be my solution. I am writing this without glasses, I can read small print without glasses, I can drive without glasses. In short I guess I have to say THANK YOU DR. YALDO (without glasses)

Mary Bache

I had my Lakik Surgery over a year ago and was pleasantly surprised at how good my vision is after this procedure. I was actually able to see almost immediately after the procedure with semi blurry vision. After a short time, my vision cleared up and I have never been so happy with my ability to see. Thank you Dr. Yaldo for taking care of my eyes!!

Lindsay Bennett

i had the best experience at Yaldo, IT was well worth the drive! I am so happy I can finally see things the way they were meant to be seen. Best thing i have ever done!!!

mike yamout

I'm so happy what he don to me

Jim O'Brien

One of the best decisions I've ever made. THANK YOU Dr. Yaldo! The entire staff were wonderful...from the initial consultation to the procedure itself. It's made a huge difference in my life - seriously.

Bailey Reed

I went to the Garden City location and will never go back. For one, they were VERY rude. They didn't even smile at me or say hello when they called me back, I just sat in the chair in the room in complete silence when they were clicking around on their computer for a good 10 minutes. They'd ask me a question then silence again for another 5 minutes or so. Then the lady puts many different kinds of eye drops in my eyes and starts poking my eyes with things without even telling me what is going on the entire time. Dr. Yaldo comes in, doesn't smile or introduce himself, just sits at the computer and starts talking to the lady about me like I'm not even there! I was not acknowledged whatsoever. Then, they say something about putting some kind of "plugs" in my eyes and tell me to sign this paper and I ask the lady what they are and she starts telling me "Oh you just check on here what applies to you.." and I say " ARE they..?" And finally she tells me. Dr. Yaldo is sitting there talking to another lady about ANOTHER patient while in my room...HELLO. So they put the plugs in my eyes and don't tell me whether they are permanent or temporary so I had to ask and it turns out that they are temporary and will dissolve on their own which they failed completely in telling me this. Oh but when I went to the last lady, of course she was nice because she was the one you give your money to. She told me I needed LASEK instead of LASIK which is a different procedure with MORE pain, MORE recovery time and of course, MORE money. She tells me it's going to be $500 more...I told her I CANNOT do that as I already paid them $2500 for the procedure..she says "Well if you want..I can cut that in half to $250 for you.." ..... And I can't back out because they told me I will not get $500 of my money back...I am FURIOUS. I will recommend people to NOT go there.


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