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REVIEWS OF William S. Goldstein, MD Laser Eye Care Center IN Michigan

Mary Lou Gray

Dr. Goldstein seems like an ok doctor but the monster that takes care of his billing should be fired. She is rude, nasty and does not care about his patients. I was out of town for two months and I was billed $20.00 co-payment and when I came back I called and told her I would send the payment next week. I paid the the $20.00 dollars but she turned me into the credit bureau for $93.00 (late charges) .When I called her she said she couldn't do anything about it. Dr. Goldstein should check and see how many patients leave because of her stupidity and unfairness. It also took her 3 months to send he bill to me.

Ms. Pietrangelo

Dr. G did my eye surgery, and my dad's eye surgery. He is the best around!! His staff is awesome and helpful. Be prepared for a pretty busy office because so many people want to see him. Thanks for my 20/20 vision Dr. G

Carolynn Robb

Dr. Goldstein has been taking care of my eyes for a long time and any time that I have had any questions he answered them immediately. His manner is the best around and he puts me at ease about my eyes. His concern is genuine and very calming. He and his staff have made it possible for me to continue to do all my sewing and knitting and crocheting crafts.

Cynthia St. John

I have been to see Dr Goldstein several times and was always treated wonderfully. Very professional office. He has a great manner with patients. I had retinal tears and he fixed what he could in office and then sent me to a great eye surgeon to complete the repair and has been on top of the follow up!

Janice Hoin

Wow! This place has everything you need for eyecare!

Kyle Peters

I got LASIK done with Dr Goldstein in November 2011 and it has been so wonderful. I appreciated his warm nature, personability, and detailed explanations of what to expect throughout the process. My eyes are great 7 years later. He really is an expert in the field - you can tell from your experience with him. I also enjoy his newsletters (some of the few newsletters I actually read) because they are informative on useful topics and they are not sent out super frequently. I'll add that the price was definitely reasonable too! Highly recommend Dr Goldstein!

Don Muir

Great doctor. Great staff.

C. Schweitzer

Dr. Goldstein is wonderful! He is patient and explains what is going on with your eyes, and how to take care of them. I have been a patient of Dr. Goldstein's for over 10 years!

Kathy G

I went to Dr. Goldstein for years and really liked him very much. I think he is a very competent eye surgeon and a very nice man. I stopped seeing him a couple of years ago because I got tired of waiting for 45 minutes in his office for my appointments and I also was done putting up with his incredibly rude office employee. I never got my notices to make an appointment and when I told them they could have cared less. It was hurtful to me personally that I stopped making appointments after 15 years and there was no follow up. It was sad to come to the realization that he cared nothing about why after so many years I was no longer his patient. It's apparently really all about the money.

Cheryl Kaiser

A big thank you to the staff and Dr. Goldstein for still seeing me when I showed up an hour late to my appointment yesterday. I had the wrong time on my calendar, and not until I was in the room being examined did anyone mention it, even then graciously. It was reassuring to know that I was not turned away even when it was infringing on their lunch hour. My appointment was necessary, and I'm grateful to know Dr. Goldstein and his staff felt the same. Kudos to the Goldstein team!


Good Doctor, but once your done... good luck getting another appointment.

Jess Weaver

Dr has taken care of my cataract and an eye condition. Wonderful doctor.

Alan J.

Stupid me for not ducking when someone yelled "Fore". I got clipped in the face from a shanked disc. Most know them as frisbees. I know. Sounds dumb, but now face is swollen around my eye. This made it blurry for me to see. I like seeing without glasses, so I went to get it looked out. I waited for about 10 minutes before I could see thr doctor. Luckily they have free wifi. Turns out I'm fine and I'm being a hypochondriac. My words, not theirs. hahahaha Highly recommended. *** Have to Update.., since the disc not only broke my face, but also broke my sunglasses, I was in the market for a new pair. Why do these pair fit better than those? Asian Fit you say? I'll take 'em! Thanks!!!

John Assad

Pam Wesolowski

Bob Sapiel

Jackie Elliott

Dr. Goldstein is a very caring and compassionate doctor. He takes his time with every patient that walks through the door and explains things to them in terms they can understand. I have worked with him for 5 years and wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyes. I highly recommend him to family and friends.

Mary Anne Mitchell

Dr. Goldstein has taken very good care of my husband and I.

Chuck Derenge

I had my second eye cataract surgery done by Dr Goldstein and it was the best surgical experience I've ever had. Without a doubt it was a positive experience from a knowledgeable physician. Five star all the way!!

Michele Kuzatko

Was so happy that Dr. Goldstein and the staff could figure out my ever changing, 50+ year old, dry, multi-focal eyes. They got me into a great pair of contacts that fit well even after having RK surgery in my 20's. They were very patient to fit me with just the right brand of contacts that I can tolerate an entire day! Thanks

J Wighten

Here's an update, 2019 I am over 10 years out from surgery, and my vision is still perfect. Dr. Goldstein is the best, and his staff is smiley and courteous. They always introduce themselves to me to make a more personal experience. I usually expect to wait a long time at a doctor's office, and then not have any time to talk to the doc after the exam. This was exactly the opposite. A totally personal experience with a great and knowledgeable doctor. He could tell that I was nervous, and really took the time to explain what was going on with my vision. I will need surgery in the next year or so, and I know he will be the right doctor. My neighbors all go to him, and now I know why!

Marwan Isa

After 15 years struggling between the contact lenses and glasses and more than 5 Drs. opinion to do Lasik surgery or not with my cornea thickness that’s below normal range, finally Dr. William Goldstien and his staff gave me the confidence with great consultation to do Lasik surgery with Intralase (blade less) laser technique. Happy being contact lenses and glasses free with 20/20 vision. Thank you Dr. William Goldstien.

Michele Cunningham

Asked for eye exam. Biller coded office visit instead of exam. Then takes 2 months to fill out insurance form. Now calls harassing for service charges. Very unprofessional. Unable to get through to doctor.

pola portaro

Signed in my mom....had to go to front desk after half hour they had forgot about her....waited another ther half hour...then they realized she needed paperwork. Was in office for over two hours. Front desk very unorganized. Sure glad I'm not a patient and don't plan on being one. All i cab say is wow....just wow

Frank Singer

My wife and I have been seeing Dr Goldstein for the past 15 years he has helped me out with the Glaucoma in my right eye he has done laser treatment to relieve the pressure and it has helped Dr also has done cataract surgery on my wife and I When Dr did my cataract surgery he put in a stent to permanently relieve the pressure We think he is one of the best Drs around here!!

John Stoll

Dr. Goldstein did my LASIK yesterday. 20/20 today in both eyes!! Great job, Doc!!

Sharon Rahhal

my husband goes here ,very good service

Stephanie Klein

Dr. Goldstein is a superior physician. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. I am impressed by how quickly Dr. Goldstein responds to my questions and needs. He and his staff are very friendly and the office is well appointed and welcoming. Dr. Goldstein performed Lasik surgery on my eyes 18 years ago and continues to care for my eye health. He explains everything clearly and in language that is easy to understand. I had no wait time for my appointment and I am always treated courteously.

Stirling Schluessler

I absolutely LOVE working here! The staff, doctors, and even the patients that come in are amazing! Everyone is so kind and friendly. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else! I recommend Dr. Goldstein to all of my family and friends!


Laser Eye

There are so few doctors out there who really care about their patients...Dr. G is one of the best!! It is so unusual to find a doctor like him who is a great surgeon AND a great, caring person, with a staff that is also awesome!!

Mark S

Going to Dr. Goldstein was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The service there is great. The care is top notch. The procedure was a breeze. I can't recommend them all enough!

Odessa Gentry

Excellent surgeon. Thanks to him I can see clearly again, with no glasses except readers. I highly recommend his service.

Terri Rogulski

The best Doc. around. I have been going to Dr. Goldstien for over 10 years. I would never change doctors, he always has time for me, answers all my silly questions. He's just an all round great eye doctor. I trust him with my sight, what more can I say. And of course he is nice to look at so that helps right! :)

Julie JVA Services

I was having strange symptoms happening with my eyesight. I had been to all kinds of doctors trying to figure out what the cause was. Dr. Goldstein was the 1st doctor that was able to review my symptoms and put a name to my disorder. It was a simple solution that was overlooked by so many. I would recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone looking for a competent eye doctor.

Dalton MacKay

I am absolutely amazed by the quality and customer service offered by Dr Goldstein and his staff, and I can not thank all of them enough. There were virtually no wait times at my appointments and every time I saw Dr. Goldstein he always asked what questions I had and reassured me every step of the way, especially during surgery. He calmed me down and made surgery a breeze. I couldn’t believe how fast the surgery was. Less than 1 min per eye. I am 26 years old and have been wanting eye surgery since I got home from my deployment to Afghanistan and I am so thankful I found Dr. Goldstein; I am honestly shocked how smooth everything went. I had my surgery yesterday, and today I had the post-op appointment. Less than 24 hours after surgery I now have 20/15 vision; better than 20/20!!! And I have no irritations or issues with my eyes. I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Goldstein. To anyone reading this and debating if they should get the eye surgery I would absolutely recommend at least talking to Dr. Goldstein. You will not regret it. Don’t be like me and wait years, just get it done already, you’ll be so happy once you do. To Dr. Goldstein and your staff, if you read this review I can not express how truly grateful I am to all of you. My only wish is I found you sooner! Thank you all so much

frogola orsnake

i felt like i was in good hands .

Natalie Jagels

Massive billing issues at this office. Dr. Goldstein used to be a Doctor I recommended to everyone. Sadly, over the years of being a patient I have noticed numerous issues. 1. They are overbooking themselves and people are always waiting for a minimum of an hour. 2. The office manager is really the one who is in charge, she doesn’t care what the doctor tells you or what happened when you were there- she will bill you according to what she thinks is right. Now, I agree doctors are not billers, but Doctor GOLDSTEIN specifically told me I would only be charged for a general doctor visit, even after he used a tweezer to simply flip my eyelid and remove a tiny partical. I asked if there would be any other charges and he said NO. A week later I was billed for an office visit and a procedure. It was outrageous and while we were discussing the bill with the office manager to understand why we were charged this, she had them add on a late fee of $7. She also told us we were lucky we weren’t charged more. Anyhow, we paid the bills. Then we received a second late notice and additional $7 charge?!? So I call and she has to look for our check. Says sorry and removes the one $7 charge. I asked if she could remove the first $7 charge since there was obviously an issue with the Doctor telling me it would only be a doc visit charge and it wasn’t. We paid both charges, I just wanted her to remove any late fees. She said absolutely not. At this point I told her I was super dissatisfied with her attitude and the way this office was handling this. Over $7?!? My entire family goes there, had lasik through him (by the way he shouldn’t have done lasik on me at the young age it was- it didn’t even work). So what happens? They discharged me from their office. Over $7. The best part is- they paid over $6 to send me a letter through certified mail!! Did they honestly think I was going to go back there anyhow? I feel bad for Doctor Goldstein- his practice deserves better management!

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