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REVIEWS OF L.O. Eye Care IN Michigan

The Movie Room Aquarium Guy

I'd give them 5, but the wait is always way to long.

Jordan W.

Michael Cressman

I was treated very well, while I was getting steel grindings removed from my eye.

Z Dunbar

After the older staff left this place seems very transactional this place messed up my glasses many times so I eventually had to switch opticians.

Jeff Milbourne

Very efficient and professional

Amber Weadle

margaret clayton

I had a very nice Dr.,waited about 20-30 mins. What I did not care for, I could not get my RX for new glasses, until bill was paid in full.

catherine baum

Had custom LASIK done in 2010 to correct my severe nearsightedness. Dr. Moore overcorrected my eyes to extremely farsighted with a nearsighted astigmatism, which I had never had. During aftercare, I was told to guess at letters even though I told them it was blurry and his colleague told me "that you are just expecting perfect vision". Dr. Moore never told me what was going on until 6 months after when he told me what my prescription was and that they would get me glasses at cost. Several years, and doctors later, and I now know that they screwed up and didn't want me to sue. Because they took so much off of my cornea, I have no options but to wear glasses, not even contacts with which I was comfortable, which I require at all times. Oh, and they charged me $25 on top of the expensive procedure for which I paid out of pocket to get my records.

Nicole Smith

Claudia Smith-alderink

Mary Jo Wolter

I was visiting from Minnesota and I ended up having a piece of contact still in my eye. So kind and helpful and got me right in to take care of the issue. Highly recommend!!!! MJ

Rosie Davis

Srijana Pandit

Very good experience.

Thalia Richards

It was my first time going to an eye doctor appointment and i will say i was extremely nervous. Kassi did an amazing job at helping me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She would let me know what she was dropping into my eye and tried to help me not think about anything (again, i was quite scared of going in the first place). She explained what i would feel when my eyes would become numb as well as dilating them, since i had never done it before. Dr. Ebert was great as well, he made me feel completely relaxed and told me what was happening and why I would need a pair of glasses. I will definitely be coming back!!

Jerry Smith

Great service and professional service ..Dr Doshi

Jo R

I have used their check in kiosk three times now and I absolutely refuse to use it again. I have used multiple check in kiosks and have never had so much confusion. I left work and got to my appointment 15 minutes early and it still took 15 minutes to get checked in on the kiosk. I was not a happy camper to say the least. I have been a patient there for years and have had multiple eye surgeries. I will change eye doctor's if I am made to use that again. What I don't get is how do they think their elderly patients are going to be able to check in on these?

Simona Leibovici

Very bad experience. The most rude and rushed doctor I have seen in my life. The place left me feeling like an assembly line. Very impersonal, when I raised an issue with one of the technicians, she brought someone with her who was extremely rude. I literally walked out on the doctor, the first time in my life and never going back.

Tom Ross

I have been going to LO Eyecare for many years. I always get great service. Everyone is very friendly. The doctor always explains everything clearly and answers any and all questions I have. Their opticians are so helpful in helping you find just the right pair of frames.

Alison Gallegos

Performed unnecessary/costly testing that my insurance didn’t cover without informing me prior. A big bill appeared in my mailbox a couple weeks following my annual appointment. Very poor form.

Brooke Rathbun

WORST PLACE EVER! I scheduled an 8:30 appointment for Saturday and they decided to change my appointment time without notification so when I arrived they told me I'd have to reschedule. I waited 3 weeks for this appointment. I'm so upset. I wish I could give this less starts. The receptionist was completely rude! I would definitely consider doing more research and avoiding this place at all cost! I WILL NEVER go to another a LO EYE care!

Kathy Smith

We got balance billed after paying our copay and the insurance had paid their share.


L.O eye care cancel my wife appointment without information to patient. Few min to arrived appointment to get information to cancel.

Shafaat Shishir

The old women in reception is very very nice. I like her a lot. The doctor assistants are also very nice and helpful. Only thing I feel lile doctors are way too busy. They don't want to visit more than 5 minutes for each patient. Other than that, good place to check your eye.

Darien Steiner

Extremely disappointed. I have been to L.O. Eye Care three times prior to today and have never had problems. Today, I sat and waited for an hour for my appointment. I grew concerned when everyone else was being called into the exam room, except for me. I was finally able to catch an assistant and ask about my appointment. I was taken into an exam room and was told that she would find my chart. The assistant returned and told me that my chart was brought back up to the scheduling desk to be rescheduled because they did not have the special eyedrops for my procedure at the East Lansing location. So I was waiting for an hour and no one attempted to tell me that I couldn't be seen that day!? I had scheduled this appointment 2 weeks prior and even recieved a reminder phone call for the appointment, so how all of a sudden is the eye test not done at the location. After I left, I received a call to reschedule at the Okemos location, and the lady this time tells me that they forgot to bring the eyedrops to the East Lansing location for my appointment. East Lansing and Okemos are what, not even 15 minutes apart? No one could just run the eyedrops over?? I'm not sure what to believe. Wasted an hour sitting around for nothing. I would have been more understanding if when the very first assistant grabbed my chart (or even the receptionist when I was checking in) had told me I needed to reschedule instead of letting me sit in the waiting room thinking I was going to be seen for an appointment. Giving 2 stars because they are able to squeeze me in on the 21st.

Grover Brown

I never write a bad review. But I really had a bad experience with them. Stay way from this place. They billed me for wrong service, very unprofessional. All they want is your money, careless about the service.

Amy Walker

Good service

Trudy Schutte

So I have been bringing my mom here for years for treatment for her macular degeneration. About once a year they ask for insurance and ID, saying that it is required every visit. However, today they asked for our info but not for the info for the gentleman checking in behind us. I reminded her that she told me their policy was to ask for that info each and every visit. She said this man just had surgery. I said, you said each and every visit. They had a good laugh about it but she, as team lead, according to her, will mention that the last time we were here, the person checking us in didn't ask for ID. Yet she didn't either to the man behind me! Hypocrite! I will discuss with my mom whether she wants to continue this treatment at this location.

D Graves

I spent a total of 3 long hours for an eye appointment. 2 waiting rooms, saw 2 people before I even saw the dr. Then I found out I couldn’t get a prescription for contacts until I saw another dr for that plus I have to take a class for new contact wearers which was $44-100 even though I’ve worn contacts for years. I’m not sure but I think I’ll be charged for the other appointment but not sure if will have to have or be charged for another numbing/dilation. I’m disappointed - My dr and staff in Georgia did all of it in about an hour and I left with both contact and glasses prescriptions.

Terrance Cox

Kali Root

***Edited to add that L.O. Eye Care reached out to me to accommodate our family appointments. Thanks so much. I just made appointments for myself, my husband and our son but had to schedule my husband on a separate day due to a company policy that states no more than 2 family members can schedule per day. (??) I though this was odd so I asked why and they said its an inconvenience to the company when a family cancels and they have 3 or 4 spaces to fill. They directly passed this inconvenience to the customer - as families typically schedule dentist and eye appointment together.


Randy Horton

I recently got a call moving my appointment from 9.3 to 9.12. Today I got a call to reschedule again this time to the end of the month. I did get in with another doctor on 9.13. Either this is very poor planning or my time has no value to lo eye.

Katherine Donahue

L.O. Eye Care Okemos is a great place for all of your eye care needs. I was having an issue with a line in my vision and felt that it should probably be addressed sooner rather than later. Dr. Putnam-Sczepanski and the office ladies got me in that same day. Dr. Putnam was amazing and I really can't say enough good things about her and her office staff. She was very thorough in my exam and walked me through the issue that I am having with my eye. Dr. Putnam answered all of my questions as well as a few things that I hadn't even thought to ask about. I was so impressed with her that I immediately scheduled full eye exam appointments for myself and the rest of my family. That appointment also went swimmingly and reinforced my appreciation for Dr. Putnam. She was exceedingly kind, caring and patient with my three children (ages 1, 3 & 6). I am truly thankful as this was each of their first eye exams and she made it a very pleasant experience; both for my children and myself. This is a fabulous establishment with A+ doctors and staff. The environment is clean and relaxed. I highly recommend L.O. Eye Care Okemos and Dr. Putnam-Sczepanski. My family and I will definitely be returning here for our future exams and any other eye issues that may arise.


I have been going to L O Eye Care for the last 15 years and find them to be excellent. I rarely wait more than a few minutes for my appointment, the staff is knowledgeable, professional, courteous and caring. My glass prescriptions have always been correct. When I need an adjustment, I can drop into the optical department anytime during the day. Recently, I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes and I was extremely pleased with Dr. Rana and with the outcome.

Jordan Munsters

Everything was going well until Dr.John Hemming came into the picture. He was brash, short, and I felt like he was talking down to me. It felt like "Thanks for the money, next transaction please come to the room."

Tim Lemon

The main branch shuffles you through health testing like cattle. Once you do find what you're there for, there's no explanation regarding why you're there or how you'll find out about test results. After my test (a visual field test), they told me that I was all set and that I could go. I presumed that my insurance covered it in full, as they did not ask for payment. Later, I receive a bill in the mail for the test. Fine, I assumed incorrectly about my insurance. So I log onto their website to pay my bill which was a very easy processes. They proceed to charge my card TWICE for the same procedure. Now I'll have to call them again to sort this out, and wait for the refund to come through on my credit card. After this experience, I will never go to LO Eye care for my eye care needs again, and will not recommend them to anyone. Their service is consistently impersonal. Had the staff at the main office been better about communicating my payment requirements, I could have avoided dealing with this broken online payment system.

Toni Griffin

My first appointment was a contact lens exam - I was 45 minutes late being taken back to the exam room. The exam seemed comprehensive, but after the numbing drops and dilation procedure wore off the sample contacts I had in made my vision worse than before the exam. My follow-up exam changed the prescription and Dr. said he was ordering 2 pairs of trials for me and they would be in "in a couple days". After a week I called and was told 1 pair was in and the other wasn't. The next day I received a call that contacts were in and I could pick them up. When I arrived only 1 pair was there. Fortunately, they let me take that pair to replace the others that had met the end of their useful life. I am still waiting for the 2nd pair to come in - it's been over 2 weeks. These contacts are becoming cloudy and are in need of changing, but I don't have a prescription that is approved as of yet. I'm thinking I will stick with glasses, but given the lack of customer service I don't know that I will be getting them from LO Eye.

Joe Henika

Appointment with Dr. Bueche was great. Very professional and his staff, as well as everyone at LO Eyecare, very customer oriented, courteous and go the extra mile when needed. Would recommend to everyone.

Ruth Pierce

After a friend recommended L.O.Eye Care to me, I decided to try them for my next eye exam. It was a great experience and I will be switching from my Grand Rapids eye doctor of 15 years to L.O. Eye Care. Every aspect of my visit was handled very professionally - from registration using the new kiosks, to the routine eye exam, and then the final exam with Dr. Bueche. All my questions were answered and I left feeling that I was given a very thorough eye exam. Thank you L.O. Eye Care!

Elham A

I had an eye exam at the Coolidge branch and everything went well. The doctor gave me a prescription and I went to the L.O Eye Care branch at the Sparrow Professional Building to select a pair of frames. They told me to come back in two weeks and two weeks later I went in to pick up my glasses but I couldn't see with them on. They told me it'll take time for my eyes to adjust. So I took them home and 30 minutes later, they called me and said they made a mistake and gave me the wrong lenses. So I went back and they told me that my glasses will be ready in another two weeks. I went back two weeks later, and the frame were a different color than what I picked out. They said that it's not a problem if the frame is the wrong color because they can just pop out the lenses and put them in the right frame. So I gave up and didn't want them to mess with the frame measurements and just took what they gave me. I tried them for a week and I still couldn't read with them on, so I went back and they said that I needed to go back to the doctor and get retested. So I went back to the doctor and he said that the measurements were correct but that the lenses they gave me were wrong. So instead of going back to the professional building branch, I complained to the Coolidge branch and they told me that someone will call me tomorrow. The next morning a manager called me and apologized but I wasn't satisfied. I ended up asking for my money back because I've been going back and forth for two months. They took their glasses back and I got my money. They are unreliable and I will not be going back.

Kimberly Howell

My mom had a ripped retina they had to do several surgeries she has minimal I sight in that eye but they were able to fix it enough that she could see Shadows instead of being totally blind very grateful to doctor L and everything he's done for my mom same with Doctor Barnes what a great guy explains things to her so that she can understand fairly easily I would recommend them

Char Panek

In terms of eye exams, they’re great. I wouldn’t recommend help with glasses if you don’t buy from them though. I bought a pair of glasses outside of LO Eye, from Warby Parker, and brought them in to be adjusted. The attendant refused to even try and fix them, despite the glasses clearly not fitting me correctly. He claimed the frames wouldn’t hold the shape, and then said he would break them if he made a single adjustment. This is absolutely not true, as I’ve had other glasses from Warby Parker last for years with their fit, and have them fitted at other optical departments without issue. The attendant was extremely rude and unhelpful and made no effort to help me, all because I didn’t buy my glasses from him.

Stepping Out

I did not see the new Okemos office listed online yet so I will post on the East Lansing location (wherever that is). So, the Okemos office is one of the nicest medical offices I've seen. We'll done. I have never had a regular eye doctor in the 20 years I've been in Lansing. I guess it was LO Eye Care's year this year. This place is not personable at all. Don't get me wrong, there are nice people but it is a money machine--you are pushed through everything like an assembly line and, if you are getting glasses, they are shadowing you to pick/fit and move along. Many of you may like this, it makes me feel insignificant and rushed. In the time that I was in the lobby looking at glasses, I heard several conversations about time--"he's been with that patient too long", etc... When I was getting my eye exam done, another employee opened the door to check how close we were to being done. Eghhhhhh! I finally felt uncomfortable and left. Many of you mention long wait times and delays--my guess is, based on my observations, that this may be due to the fact that 2/3rd's of their clientele appear to be elderly 65+. Not that this is bad (I'm happy that they are providing what must be a great service to them) but, at their advanced age, it sounds as if they are dealing with eye issues that are beyond simple eye exams and glasses. The appts are probably all set up for the assembly line when, if fact, most require elevated attention (which translates to the schedule being busted. I think that there was 30-35 patients waiting around when I was there. During my stay, they came out and announced a 40 minute delay to see the doctor. Just way too much rush at this place. The people I worked with were definitely 4's (down from 5 for the obvious push-them-through vibe); the facility was definitely a 5, but the uncomfortable rush was a 1---so... I give them a 3. If your life already has enough stress and you like a little more personal attention, I'd suggest you go to a local group and not a state-wide machine.

Sharlissa Moore

Hit or miss experience. I've been impressed with the doctors that I have seen here (Dr L and Dr Raina). This office shuffles patients from waiting area to waiting area, and it's rather frustrating and confusing and the wait times can be very long. On my first visit the greeter was frustrated with me because I didn't know the name of the doctor I was seeing (I was referred by another doctor and not given the doc's name). She then scolded me when I misinterpreted the direction she was pointing and went up to the wrong desk. I was not told in advance that the visit would take 2-3 hours, and I was not told that my eyes would be dilated and I would not be able to see at work for hours after a morning appointment. I was told I had to see a glaucoma specialist, but I wasn't given a clear reason why (just- you're suspect for glaucoma.) I was suspicious that it was unnecessary for me to have a barrage of what seem to be the same tests twice per year. On my next visit, I questioned the technician at the first station I was sent to why I had to have this test for the second time that year. She said- you have to have whatever tests the doctor ordered. This is not informed consent. The 3rd visit, I was waiting for an hour downstairs. I was working on my computer with my glasses off so I could see with dilated eyes. My name was called, and I struggled to get up put my computer away and put my glasses on. I couldn't find the person who called my name and I erroneously, half-blindly followed the wrong staff member. I was then passed over in line and had to wait another half hour while other patients were being seen. Then, the doctor still didn't give me a sufficient explanation why I have to be seen twice a year, and I was too angry about the wait time to ask good questions. Finally, on my most recent visit two days ago, I was dreading my appt. I went early to look at glasses frames. I knew I would be too exhausted and my eyes would be too dilated to see after the appointment. I said I wanted to look for frames before my appointment and was told to sign in. I browsed for frames and then a very rude woman called me to the desk. She didn't greet me. The woman sitting next to her asked her if she had a chance to do something yet, and she barked at her- no I've been waiting on people. I felt extremely unwelcome. She then asked me where my prescription was. I said - it should be in your computer system. I saw Dr. Raina six months ago, and she said she'd write a prescription so I don't have to be seen for a third time this year. The woman then demanded to know why I was there today. I said I had an appointment at 3pm. She demanded to know why I was doing things out of order. I said it was more convenient for me to look for glasses before my appointment. Then she said that the prescription wasn't in the system and I had to come back after I had a prescription. She said (as if I was stupid), you have to have a prescription to get glasses. I said- I just wanted to look at frames, why is this so difficult? She barked at me- you need to give me enough information to be on the same page. I said- I'm just getting really frustrated because every time I come to this office the process is very confusing. She gave me a maddening non-apology apology, saying, I'm sorry you feel that way. I said I'd just like to look at frames. She pushed herself away from the computer and threw up her hands and said- fine I'll close this out, you just go look at frames. I said- will you still be open later? My appointment takes hours. She yelled at me- we're here until the last patient leaves! So I got up and walked away to look at frames. I then watched as she badmouthed me to another employee. I went over that employee (Linda) and explained to her what happened and that I hadn't meant to be rude- I was provoked. Linda then very politely and patiently helped me choose frames. Everyone else I interacted with on this visit was great, and the wait time was shorter than in the past. But that initial interaction really soured the experience.

Joshua McAlpine

I waited over 2 hrs to see a Dr for a contact exam. Dr was great but I waited sooo long. I also paid more than what they originally told me.

Eric Watson

E Rase

My eyes are my most precious gift. I take them very, very seriously. Dr. Doshi with L.O. Eye Care is the ONLY eye doctor I will ever use. His attention to detail and meticulous surgical skills make him a stand-out surgeon. He could practice anywhere. Why Lansing??? I'm the better for it, that's for sure!!!

Zee Jan

good place to go

Jonathon Brock

I have been a patient for almost 20 years and have had wonderful service from Dr. Letarte during this time. The staff are always friendly and many recent improvements have greatly reduced the amount of paperwork I must fill out each year. I also have the convienance of ordering glasses and contacts all in one stop. My only complaint is the long wait times to see the doctor. It’s best to book your appointment early in the morning or right after lunch so they aren’t as far behind.

Heather Moeser

The staff and experience was pleasant and they went out of their way to make our family feel comfortable (shout out to Beth). Although, the wait was very long, and Dr. MacKersie was rushed, did not introduce yourself and seem to be bothered by the fact that I had to bring my two other children with me during my two-year-old's eye exam. She was not patient with kids, snatched a toy from my daughter causing her to cry, and was not what I expected for a doctor willing to see children. If you're an adult this practice is probably great for you. If you have young children you will be better off going right away to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Grand Rapids. You would probably get home in a shorter amount of time too. We waited 1:20 min Just to see the doctor and left the office 3 hours later. Craziness.

Walter Sklodowske

Very,very good experience, doctors are friendly and experience

Mark Simon

Very helpful. Friendly staff.

Laith Shubbar

Terry Davis

Had very little wait time. First person collected medical history, very typical for a first appointment. Second person performed routine testing that I would expect to have done, then dilated my eyes for doctors exam. Dr was professional and thorough. Was then able to pick out new glasses before I left. Entire appointment was shorter than I had been told when I booked it. Price for glasses was a little high, but did not want to have to go somewhere else to do it. Paying for the convenience I guess. Overall a good experience.

XxGabyGurlxX 2018

I received amazing glasses and at a great affordable price and the doctors are very kind

Samir Hagelaagib

Kathy Raines

My husband and I will never go back to this place. We have three insurances and they billed us incorrectly. My husband has tried numerous times to talk to their biller but was told by her she knew what she was doing. We have never had such a high eye bill ever. The best part once a month we get an automated call letting us know what our balance is. Stay away.

Fred Stephens

Had cataracts. The techs moved me through very quickly and mismeasired my eye. They used the bad information for my cataract prescription. Wished the doctor would have done the measurement. After surgery not only did I need glasses for distance and close. I was told I would have 20:25 at the least. So now I have 20/40. I also have visual distortions in my vision. Was told I was told about this as a possibility. But that was in the fine print and no one took the time to explain this in terms a lay person would understand, but there was a lot of CYA after I brought it to their attention. So then they sent me to a retinologist. Wow. Now they want me to wait because it’s not that bad and because it interrupts their in and out policy of less than 5 minutes (for the doc and not the patient). They don’t take the time to explain possible side effects of their procedures. I am now living with this distortion and may have to take the risk of an eye surgery on the affected eye that may fix it, keep it the same or worse loose my vision in that eye. When I eventually have my other cataract eye done it won’t be at LO Eye Care.

Heather Iskra

This place only cares about your money. It’s ridiculous. We waited for over an hour for a contact lenses fitting. Not once did they say what the wait was for or apologized for it. SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT! I understand some drs offices have emergencies that make other appointments run late. But here they just OVER SCHEDULE and don’t care about your time!

Sue Hordos

I left this practice for UM's Kellogg Eye Center following what I felt was consistently poor treatment by one of their retinal specialists. I received the diagnosis of having to receive injections in my eye every 6 weeks, but the physician I saw never acknowledged me as a person - more like a revolving door for treatment. In and out, no patient conversation, just mumble terms to the nurse assisting. The last straw was when my eye wasn't fully numbed and the injection felt as if he had simply thrown a dart into my eye. I even told him "that hurt" and he simply looked at me, then turned and left the room. Painful, and infuriating. The very next day I called Kellogg Eye Center and have never regretted making that phone call.

Pat foster

Doctor in and out in less than 5 minutes. You have Macular Degeneration, no cure, take vitamins, come back in 6 months. Earth-shaking diagnosis, lack of personal connection. It’s an assembly line! And friends say doctors have quotas.

Bae Meh

How much are eye contacts here?

Jeanne Rizzo

Ms. Rent of LOeye responded to me in the waiting area. She made every effort to have me seen immediately. Nice save with good customer care. I am sitting in waiting area G. I’ve been here for two hours past my appointment time. I feel disrespected & it’s obvious no one here cares despite my discussion at the desk. I had heart surgery @ Sparrow hospital and was always seen within 15 minutes no matter which department I was in.

Danielle Kubasiak


Angela Davis

My overall review of LO Eye Care deserves 3-Stars. I wish the process was more streamline. Checked in as you enter the facility, sent to another area, called 3 - 4 different times by 3 - 4 different staff associates to perform tests in 3 - 4 different rooms. Dr. Rana receives 5 STARS! She was wonderful! She took time to not only discuss today's findings with me, but she also showed me pictures of my eyes and provided additional information. She answered every question that I had and her approach is very comprehensive and thorough. I will be sure to schedule ALL future appointments with her (and only her!).

Kristin Schneider

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