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REVIEWS OF Dr. Michael T. Siegel, MD IN Michigan

Amber Nesheim

After being referred to a dermatologist of my choice by my primary physician for a few worrisome moles, I was given the opportunity to ask around to see where others go. Many of the people I asked gave a raving review of Doctor Siegel’s office, so I called and was able to get an appointment only a few days later with PA Jason Evans. When arriving, I was barely greeted by receptionists as it seemed they were gossiping in their office, and as a new patient I was a little confused as to what to do. When getting called back into the room, I noticed a cart of supplies in the room and a razor blade that was out of packaging (I’m sure it was sterile, it just made me a little worried and uncomfortable). The PA himself was very kind and was able to explain to me all of the features of my moles that I was worried about and what I should be watching for. He noticed one on my back that he wanted to remove during his examination of another I was worried about, which was great that he caught it but my issue was that he did not use gloves during his examination of my skin (he did during the procedure) and did not wash his hands in front of me, making me uncomfortable. A few days after getting the mole removed, I still have pain so I had my uncle (surgical PA) and aunt (nurse practitioner) take a look just to be sure and they agreed that the procedure done to remove the mole was a “short cut,” my wound should not look the way it does days after (especially with the care I’ve given it), and that my scarring is expected to be large. Overall, I’m very upset with my experience at this office and personally will not be returning, even with some benefits of quick service and some nice people and online services.

Janet Olafsson

The doctor was not rushed and answered all my questions.

jim slim

One of the best in the world, friendly, pain free, kind,knowledgeable and very reasonable priced services, truly thanks ...Jim Stevens

Susan Lessien

d gtrrz

I called about 4-5 times before someone answered the phone . Every time I called it rang once and sounded like they cut off the phone call every time . Then when she answered she was extremely rude and cut me right off when I told her what kind of insurance I had . They need to work on their communication skills or hire someone who gives better customer service .

Alaina Ramirez

I've been a patient at this office for years, might I say Jason and the other docs are great but 1) they are very picky with insurances 2) communication on when you have to be seen in office to fill scripts for a medical condition they have seen me for, for years always changes, oh once every 12 months call to refill nope your due every 6 months. Okay. The receptionists are ALWAYS rude. They have no idea how to explain things correctly and no one is ever on the same page. I've had state insurance, no insurance, and blue cross blue shield over the years and no matter what they give me hard time about everything. I ask how much an office call is out of pocket they decline an appt because they dont except my insurance, hense why I want to pay out of pocket. I have complained about the front desk before so I was then told by Jason to just ask for him when I call and again his staff is rude and probably never sends messages along. They declined my script and never sent it back to the company so here I am waiting just for me to call and them tell me it was declined and I need to be seen. Cool why didnt you call me why didnt you send it back so i was at least called and notified. These people dont care about their patients or their struggles. I will be getting an updated TB test tomorrow and going to clarkston. Shame on this office for how you treat your patients. With no care. I will never return here.

Michael Biehl

A great facility if you like to be mistreated and talked down to by staff members and sent the wrong medication. During my visit, I had a question about the medicine I was prescribed which they mentioned could cause heart palpitations and other hormonal issues. The 'nurse' downplayed my concerns and acted like I was overreacting. She told me it would be fine. I accepted her useless response and carried on - my mistake. I used one of their recommended mail-order prescriptions services. When I received a different medication than the one I was prescribed, I called the doctor to see what had happened. The 'nurse', Leah, was confrontational and demeaning. She said "I don't know where you got that, but it wasn't from here". She also couldn't explain to me the differences in the medications that I was prescribed vs the one I received. Regarding the medication, I haven't been to any other doctors and the doctor's name is written on the prescription label so it would have been impossible to get it anywhere else. Leah was so rude and confrontational I had to ask for another person to talk to. At the end of the call, I requested a callback from the doctor, Michael, to relay my concerns and also told the new 'nurse' I wouldn't be returning. He called me at the end of the day and left a rushed message not answering or addressing any of my concerns. He said the medicine was fine and we shouldn't have any issues. He didn't however address why I was sent a different medication or the fact that his staff is condescending, rude and overall useless. I called back 2 minutes later and he didn't answer. Two months later, I received a text confirming my next appointment even though I had previously canceled it. When I called to cancel I was greeted with the same unhappy useless staff claiming they didn't think that "I won't be returning" meant that I wanted to cancel my appointment. Long story short, there are a lot of doctors in the area with much better reputations and with qualified staff. I recommend avoiding this office at all costs.

Patrick Munce

Great Docs and staff professionals

Mike Mohan

One of the most caring compassionate Doctors I know and Jason the PA-C, is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about the new treatments. The staff is always going the extra mile to help us out.

swish jumpman

great doctors and great staff.... been going here for years

Jay Brooks

Arah Ko

Not a good experience. No comment on the doctor, but the receptionists were pretty rude and confused and seemed to have a really poor grasp of medical law. EXTREMELY picky about insurance brands, even if you should be covered, they may deny you: beware.

Pat Gadson

Removed a bo-dollar size cyst from my scalp, explain everything in detail before and during procedure and thanks be God everything went fine.

Gary Hazelton

Ayee Nenni

mohammad massalki

great doctors and great staff


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