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Here you have all the reviews of real people who purchase the services of Vonnahme Eye Care (Ophthalmologist) in Massachusetts.

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REVIEWS OF Vonnahme Eye Care IN Massachusetts

DJ ToneyT

Friendly & knowledgeable, I get answers to the questions I asked

kayla cronkright

Adam Reyes

Great service! Polite staff members! Advanced Technology!

Rico Morales

When I went I had Natalie, she was amazing, made my first time for contact lens effortless. Easy to follow instructions & great service. The entire staff is super pleasant and friendly.

Ami vega

Great experience , nice environment and Jessica was awesome to work with !

Leah Jack

Steven Mattocks

I have never found eye doctors that I trust until I went to Vonnahme Eye Care. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and made an extra effort to make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend them over any other eye doctors in town.

Natalie Marinos

I have had nothing but good experiences with this practice. They are professional and genuinely care about their patients as people. I highly recommend!!

Dorian Hodges

I had the most amazing attendant named Jessica. She made me feel comfortable and and took good care of me went out her way to fix my old pair of glasses that I still use without me asking which I thought was awesome. I would definitely recommend vonnahme eye care to others needing their eyes checked. Thank you Jessica.

Caroline Hopfenspirger

Dr. Vonnahme took the time to explain everything in great detail. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and excellent service from all staff.

Eswen Fava

Alexander Leclair

Very professional and fast. Good service and friendly people. Best eye place I've been to.

Stephen Plourde

Ronald Chan

They are the best people in the world. Quick service and very nice. My saviors. Thank you guys!!!

Elaine Forbes

The girls are great! Won't go anywhere else!!!

Martha Dominguez

After much searching and calling Mass Health to find an eye doctor, I was frustrated to the point that I randomly started to call eye doctors until I came upon the number for Vonnahme Eye Care. I had finally found a place that valued our time as a family and offered us prompt and most importantly professional eye doctor services. I am so glad that I have found them they are great and I would totally brag to my friends and family to turn them on to the great eye care they currently offer. I simply love them <3

Mike Schieb

They are always professional and provide timely personal service. I've been a customer here for several years and never have I been disappointed with the service or level of confidence I felt about the competence of the entire staff.

Mitchell Longley

Jessica was great!(:

Amanda B

I have always had a SUCH a good experience here. Always pleasant staff, answered all my questions, and receiving a text message reminding me of my appointment a few days in advance AND the day of!? Wonderful!

Michael Lane

Everyone was so friendly and helpful!! Was one of the best experiences seeing the eye doctor I have ever had in my 40 years. The entire purchasing of new glasses it was a pleasure to work with the team. Great service, selection and pricing too.

Brendan O'Connor

Hannah Bernhard

The woman who helped me get settled in was so nice and attentive. The doctor took her time answering my questions and explaining my prescription to me. When I was leaving the service was quick and they didn’t try to push unnecessary items on me. Highly recommend this place!

Kieu Nguyen

Miranda Pratt

Kristine Kolontay

Great service. Greeted at the door with a smile the doctors are super nice. Much better than from my pervious eye doctor. The only down side is the waiting I had an appt at 10:45, I came 15 mins early. I’ve waited to see a dr until 11:30. I’m not really a fan. Because a full time college student and working my time is very limited. I could have been doing homework.

Jensy Liriano

Great Place Great Service and Remind You Of Your Appointments Very Convinet Friendly Enviornent.

Lily Galarneau

I have been going to Vonnahme's now for over 6 years, I believe. I started when he worked at Lens Crafters, and when he opened his own business, I followed them to this new location. The staff is always professional, and the service is quick and pleasant. I would surely recommend Vonnahme Eye Care to both friends and strangers. Keep up the good work!!

Bill Womeldorf

They got me in there last minute for an appointment! Awesome service!

Anthony Bonafilia

It was excellent! Quick in and out and everybody was awsome! I highly recommend going here.

Emil Morales

Yarely Delgado-Andino

My daughter went here for her eye exam. They treated her with excellence, she's only 10. She told me she felt well taken care of and was not rushed when she chose her glasses. I just went today for my exam and the staff was courteous and fast at service. The Optometrist was very theral and answered all my questions and concerns. The options for glasses are amazing.

Veronica Noapp4that

Everybody is so nice, I love the free coffee. The doctor was very nice too and answered all my questions. Great place.


Ed Mat

bertrand bickel

The office visit went good, it's when I went to a different place for my glasses, took the whole day off work, misplaced my prescription, the place I went to called Vonahnm to fax over my script 3x, 2 hrs later still no prescription, hour and a half round trip drive time and two hrs waiting and missed day of work for nothing because the staff at Vonahnm Eye care either doesn't care or doesn't know how to fax, at the end of the day huge waste of time and now a days pay, thanks a lot to the staff at Vonahnm, and I hope when you look at your pay check you'll remember that your actions cost people money, now that I lost a days pay I'll have to use the money for my glasses to cover my lost pay and gas, thanks again to the staff at Vonahnm Eye care at 98 Lower Westfield Rd. Holyoke

Haley McCormick

Nereyda Real

My experience with these people weren't as good as those who highly recommend this place in their review!

Jess Silva

Yahaira Pagan

The staff is always so nice and Jessica is awesome!

Ashlee Jones

Alex Pedro

Awesome Docs and great service

Heather Morgan

paddy li

they are horrible. we move to another eye doctor and they charge us for send records to my new eye doctor. Normally all the doctor share the information for free. Very bad.

adam mulcahy

Patrick Maloney

Toda Smith

Went in late Spring 2016. Waited a hour and a half for a 15 minute exam. When I was finally called, there was a trainee working the diagnostics machines which I paid an extra $$$ for which only made my wait longer because they had to stop every five minutes to ask for direction and I can't confirm it was all done correctly. Frustrating, hoping the Easthampton office will open to new patients soon since everything else was fine.

Mike Lopez

Michelle L. was very nice , funny and very helpful she deserves 5 stars. Sincerely mikaya ❤

Melinda Holmes

Holly Rush

Megan Johnson

Everyone at Vonnahme is helpful and friendly. Even better, I have never had to wait to long to be seen! They made sure to find contacts that fit my needs, and did not push me towards one kind or another - which has happened to me at other eye doctors! A great local eye doctor!

todd bergeron

Very friendly staff

Jessica Staszko

I have been at this office twice this month for my daughter and myself. We got great service and look forward to going there for all our eye needs in future. Just to explain later situation to be fair. The staff is great. They need new system for rescheduling appointments. They called to reschedule leaving voicemail but continue to text alert and email me confirming old appointment. Finally my daughter was misdiagnosed. I don’t recommend children go there. She was given glasses without even having eyes dialated. We were not even told what disease she had until moving to a new eye doctor. - Jessica’s husband Tim Hurlburt.

Amber Crooks

Convient location with plenty of parking is always a plus. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Drs. work with you to get you in the best fit for contacts and willing to give different lenses a try if you aren't happy. Also the exams are very thorough, not just shuffle you in and out.

Bonnie Wagner

Friendly, fast and efficient.

Marcolina Aponte

Very professional, friendly staff! Highly recommended!

Jeff Costa

Everyone is very helpful and friendly. My son felt comfortable with the doctor and staff. Everyone made him feel special. Which was very helpful considering he is only 9 and ended up needing glasses.

wesley lavalley

Mrs vonnahme did not like my answer to her question during an eye exam. She refused to continue the exam after I answered a question she asked. My disageement with her was regarding 'POLICIES' to squeeze EXTRA money out of you. If insurance covers an ANNUAL eye exam, why is a contact fitting no good after 6 months and a new exam need to be done? I have gone to Mr Vonnahme since he worked at lenscrafters years ago. It is apparent to me that Mrs Vonnahme is not interested in the care of her patients but how much money she can make. I have never had an issue with her husband. I was half done with the exam and she came in and refused to continue. All she cared about was wanting to make more money for EXTRA SERVICES. Apparently, making the money from the insurance company for the eye exam wasn't enough. She does not value customers, only the almighty dollar. Unprofessional and rude. There are other places to go where they will treat you better, especially after being a customer for 10+ years. Furthermore, how is it that a contact fitting cost $90-130 there and $40 at my new provider. Makes you wonder how much you were overcharged for a decade.

Vicki Seklecki

After my Eye doctor of 29 yrs retired I was searching for a new doctor that would fit all my needs: location, hours, availablity and of course the most up to date products. I searched thru a online VSP eye care search engine and found Vonnahme in Holyoke Ma. Not a far distance and they had weekend hours - I needed to upgrade my perscription for contacts even thou I order from 1800 contacts I still need to see a doctor regularly. I made the appointment and was very please with the appointment reminders and the confirmation message. In my busy schedule I do tend to forget. When I walked in the staff were very personable and tending to our customers or stocking new products. I took the time to browse thru the selects and found a cute pair of frames that I really liked (even though I was there for a contact prescription) After a few minutes I was called into my exam, my vision had changed a bit and was told that the contacts I was wearing (even though colored and cute) were not good for my eyes and not allowing enough oxegen in. I was recommend to switch to a more breathable pair and alternate between glasses and contacts to reduce the pressure on my eyes. So okay maybe I need to think about getting a pair of glasses.. and the frame I had seen earlier just flashed in my head. It was a sign... lol Long story short... (okay too late) I bought the glass and my Coach frames... (my kids cant tell me I not hip now) Since picking up my glasses a few months ago..... I have not put my contacts back in. I love my glasses!

Eric Grenier

I had and have always had a great experience here.very thorough and a relaxed atmosphere. Michelle was great.friendly and professional.

Mark Hetherington

Great people, Great doctors

Lissette Rivera

Amazing! Was able to fit me in last minute. Loved the girls! Thank you for the great experience!

Cate Rowen

They have been great. They did a little upselling for tests (the only reason I didn't give 5 stars) but since the exam they have been extremely accommodating and don't pressure me to order through them. I've experienced other eye doctors who make it very difficult to get a copy of your prescription. I'll be sticking with them.

Arelis Agron

GREAT Service!! Great products!! Great advice and care from awesome doctors. Thank you Vonnahme!!

Fu Davis

A wonderful eye doctors office. I've been coming for years.

Lauren LeClair

Jennifer Matlasz

The customer service was subpar. I originally visited the store on Friday and found several frames I liked. Today I brought my Mother back to help me narrow down my decision, and to potentially purchase frames and progressive lenses. We walked in was greeted by a female behind the front desk. We informed her that I was going to try on some frames. We headed over to one of the sections where I previously found 2 frames that I liked. At this point we were approached by a different employee who didn’t ask me if she could help, but immediately asked me about my insurance. I told her that I was just trying on the frames at the moment. She said ok, and to place any frames I liked on the desk. I proceeded to try on frames when we were approached again by another female. I was again asked about my insurance, not if she could help me, but for my insurance. After repeating that I was not ready to give my information as I have not picked out a set of frames, she randomly asked me for my date of birth in an unfriendly tone. I told her I wasn’t comfortable giving out my personal info for no reason. She then told me it was to start a profile. After being harassed several times in under 5 minutes of being in the store, we left. If you decide to visit this establishment be sure to be prepared to fork over your personal information before deciding if you want to purchase anything. Ironically, during my first visit last Friday, not a single person approached me to see if I needed anything or to offer an opinion. I think they need to have a team meeting and work on their selling approach. From one extreme to Another. I would never recommend this place to anyone, I will actually recommend avoiding it.

Jillianne Jacques

Sara Q

They got me in to see the Dr. quickly and were attentive to my needs.the Dr spent time discussing my vision and i left the office setting better then when i had come in.

Carolyn S

Had an appointment at 12:00pm and had to wait almost an hour. Not happy.

vanessa king

Super friendly and down to earth eplained everything in laymen terms one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Anish Joshi

Edward Clark

Sabina Arbelo

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

eilleen bresnahan

My experience was wonderful everybody here was very kind and efficient and the doctor is very thorough and professional and very nice

Lisa Cote

Just had my 1st appointment, and couldn't be any happier with the staff and doctor. Very courteous, thorough, and knowledgeable. Dr. Angie Vonnahme answered all my questions in a polite, professional, and understandable manner. So happy I finally found an eye doctor I can totally trust and be happy with the care!


Wow, a met a doctor that actually treated me like a human, with feelings and questions to be answered. So rare in the American health industry. Her energy was radiant and was so eager and open to my questions and concerns. The staff overall is very friendly. Expect to pay more out-of-pocket as some testing are too advance for our lame insurance system. But, the tech is worth it as you don’t need your eyes dilated. I recommend.

Juji R

Helpful and professional staff. If something isn't right, they will fix on the spot.

Geena Charow


Every time I go to the Vonnahme office I am greeted warmly with a smile. Everyone that works there takes care to provide accurate information and great patient care. I would highly recommend them!

Rosa Inez Correa

The were very curtest n professional, next glasses for sure from them Jimmy Choo

Jaeysha Perez

Staff are always nice when I come in and I just love looking at the variety of glasses here! I definitely recommend.

Lindsey Reid

I had a great experience with vonnahme eye care. They fit me in right away, and even found on my health insurance eye glass coverage I had no idea about. I still had a valid prescription so I didn't have to go thru all those tests all over again. One of the girls, Brittany I believe helped me pick out glasses, she was so patient with me especially since I was so indecisive. She was very professional and answered all of my numerous questions. She even recommended some good brands of contacts! I will definitely be going back to buy some and get glasses there in the future. My whole family comes here and now I see why!

B.bergeron Chronic

Everyone was friendly and professional. I was called in promptly. I would definitely recommend your company.

Benito Colon

The employees are very polite attentive. The service is excellent and very complete.Thank's!

Alex Rivera

Very professional, knowledgeable staff, updated equipment.

Jaci Schlien

Everyone at Vonnahme Eye Care is always extremely helpful and driven to please their customers. Angie worked endlessly to find me the right contacts for the size of my corneas, and even special ordered trial lenses to fit my needs. This was over the course of a couple weeks of trial and error with many contacts, but she never gave up. I would highly recommend this practice.

Nic Roc

Michelle is amazing! She took very good care of me! She helped me find the right frames and I am very happy with my new glasses! Thank you!

Lina R

I had a very pleasant experience, the people are very nice and helpful. There was a bit of a wait for the Dr. but nothing excessive. Jessica was patient and informative. I did not feel rushed even though it was late in the evening. Overall, I had a good experience as I’ve had in the past at Vonnahme.

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