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Marc Mantel

I had my Lasik Surgery just over a month ago. I am super happy with the process and my perfect 20/20 vision. It is amazing that I don't have to wear glasses anymore. Its so much easier to work out now and of course go swimming. I would highly recommend Dr Sheth to anyone looking to get Lasik Surgey, him and his staff have been awesome!!!

Scott Childs

I am 56 yrs old and employed as a Police Officer. Because of my profession, my eye sight needs to be spot on. As we all get older are vision diminishes and in my case I was having trouble reading any print of normal size without the aid of reading glasses. For me and with my kind of work, it was a real pain always having to pull out my reading glasses to even read an identification card, that's if I remembered to bring them with me. Not to mention when you go out to a restaurant and cant even read the menu. So I decided to do look into the Lasik eye procedure. I met with Dr. Sheth who was very informative. He took the time to meet with me and to answer any of my question. He also alleviated all of my concerns about this type of procedure. He was a real professional and a gentleman. I decided to go forward with the procedure, that took place in his office. The procedure probably took about 5 mins. and was painless. I can now see and read better than ever. When I went back for a follow up visit, my vision was 20/15 !! I think I made a very good decision having this done and more importantly, having it done by Dr. Sheth.

Jonathan Clarke

What a joke. This please is the worst in terms of customer service. The administration has no clue and has no idea what customer service is and what their job is. They ignore your calls when they have no idea on how to help you so you'll need to call with an unrestricted number for them to pick up. They also hang up on you and say that they were trying to transfer you which is complete BS. They don't follow up on anything. I am definitely not ever going back to this place. It's such a disappointment since the doctor I visit was great. Hopefully, they make some changes in regard to their office staff to keep customer/patients from leaving.

Kimberly Scroxton

Fantastic experience with Dr Sheth and Sheth-Horsley Eye Center. Dr Sheth is wonderful and I knew I was in good hands. I was able to see without contacts or glasses a few hours after my surgery. I also had the KAMRA inlay for reading and my reading has improved quite a bit when my eyes are tired or the light is not bright enough I do need a cheater but each day it seems I need them less and less. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend my friends and relatives!

Mike Hakoun

Thank you Dr. Sheth! My life is completely different now. I see better than before my LASIK eye surgery. My vision is clear, I can see when I wake up in the night, and the biggest difference is that I don't have to think about contacts or glasses anymore. I'm not concerned with leaving my contacts in too long, getting dry eyes, or where I left my glasses anymore. The Sheth-Horsley Eye Center team are always friendly and professional. They know me by name when I come in and have been extremely thoughtful throughout the process. If you're considering LASIK, consider Dr. Sheth with the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, they understand the procedure and the results are phenomenal.

Doug Greene

I just had my 10 year check up after my Lasik surgery by Dr Sheth and my vision is still an amazing 20/15. Not needing contacts when I see other people put contacts in and take them out every day is incredible. Tough to put a price on vision, but it has more than paid for itself. I would certainly recommend his office to anybody considering improving their vision. Lasik is one of the many options they have available to improve your vision so if you think you are not a candidate, but don’t know for sure go in for a consult with Dr Sheth and he will let you know if he can help you. Most likely he will be able to and you will like your new world through your new eyes.

John McCarthy

Dr Sheth performed bladeless lasik on me. Its only been a month since surgery but I am very pleased with the results. The idea of having surgery on my eyes was terrifying. But I asked around and looked at reviews and Dr Sheth was the best around. Other lasik places that were much cheaper had terrible reviews. I figured Id get the best after all its my eyes we are talking about. I had my consultation and got all my concerns answered. I took the valium and said my prayers before the surgery and I was very relaxed when it was time. The surgery literally took 10 minutes for both eyes. It was so easy Id rather do this than go to the dentist. I immediately noticed my vision was somewhat better. But it was blurry. I went home and immediately took a nap. When I woke up I was amazed at what I could see. The next day I went for my post op checkup and I had 20/20 vision. Then the week after I was 20/15. I am very happy with the results. I went from -2.25 to 20/15. Im an EMT and now I dont worry about finding my glasses at 2am responding to a 911 call.

Liu Lu

Went for a vision correction surgery consultation. This place is plagued with communication errors. 1) The consultation went over time (was told that it should take at most 2 hours, it ran over to 2.5+ hours). Plan to be here for a long time! 2) Was told over the phone that my eyes would not be dilated. My eyes were dilated, and I could not work for the rest of the day. 3) Dr Sheth did a poor job of comprehending and answering my questions; rejecting them as too technical and kept citing the number of surgeries he's performed as reason for why I should trust him without having my question answered. Talking with him felt like pulling teeth. Most of medical error come from miscommunication. Do you really want to go to a place where no one can keep a fact straight?

Mike Beesley

I consulted Dr Sheth at the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center after having unsatisfactory cataract surgery at a large South Boston eye clinic which left me with severe astigmatism in one eye and no interest shown by them in rectifying my problem. In complete contrast I found Dr Sheth spent as much time as I wanted explaining in great detail the defect and the PRK treatment that he recommended. He and his staff made me feel that my problem was being dealt with in the most competent and professional manner. As a patient I felt confident in their professionalism yet their approach was informal and friendly. I include everybody at the Center from Dr Sheth himself, the optometrists and the receptionists – all were impressive. All very well but what about the outcome - the most important aspect of all ? I was delighted, eight weeks after the operation, which was almost painless, that my astigmatism was cured leaving me with superb 20/20 vision. A big thanks to Dr Sheth and all his team at the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center. Michael B BS MS PhD

Collin Tracy

Awesome experience. The lasik procedure itself takes less than 20 minutes. Phenomenal staff and very easy to deal with. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else for this procedure. Best money I've ever spent. I went from needing glasses to read and see in general, to having 20/15 vision in one day. I wish I did this procedure sooner.

Jamie Ballerini

I know this will be long, but if you're doing research on where to do Lasik, it is worth a read. At my eye appointment in June of 2017, my doctor said that my prescription hadn't changed in two years. My eyes got progressively worse for 15 years and finally the time had come. I did research to find the BEST Lasik eye doctor, because I mean come on our sight is one of the most precious senses, and found Sheth and Horsley Eye Center. In August, I called and was able to schedule an appointment fairly quickly. I was taken late and surprised at how long the whole appointment took. I think sometimes they over book the doctors. Nevertheless, when I saw the doctors, they were informative as well as helpful. I had my appointment at the Stoneham office, so needed to go to Avant to do a test the following week. While at my appointment, the doctor asked if I wanted to do my surgery the NEXT WEEK! I had some other commitments so was not able to do the following week, but was extremely satisfied that they could move that quickly. You are asked the day of about how you will be paying for the surgery. I probably could of pushed the surgery later and made a different payment schedule, but it worked out. I scheduled my surgery and figured out the payment plan to pay for the surgery that day and had my prescriptions sent in so they would be ready before the surgery. I picked up my prescriptions a few days before the surgery. They were more expensive than I expected. I paid $80 for one set of drops, $50 for another set and $5 for the medication they provide. You also need to order preservative free artificial tears, which are also around $25. (This will be a continuous payment as you need to use these for a year). The night before you take one of the prescribed medicines to see how your body reacts. I was all set so the day of my surgery I arrived at Avant, with a friend because you can’t drive. I was directed to take my medicine and had all of my other prescriptions checked. One of the eye drops were incorrect. The woman at the front desk told me it was an error on their end and called in the new prescription and told me it would be ready at the pharmacy after my surgery and to try and see if the pharmacy would take back my wrong prescription. I entered the prep room. It was cool and had two comfy chairs. The assistants prepped myself and the gentleman next to me with eye drops. After a while of waiting for the drops to set in, I was brought into the operating room. It felt like forever while I waited for everything to be prepared, but I was just nervous. The surgery went smoothly and only took about 12 minutes total. After I was done, I was brought into another room where I was greeted by my friend and got to sit in a massage chair for a while. I had some spots of blurry vision and my eyes continued to water, but for the most part. Everything was great! After leaving Avant, I went to my local pharmacy to pick up my new prescription. I asked if they would take back the other one and their policy states that even if unopened once it leaves the pharmacy, it can’t be taken back. I was frustrated at the pharmacy as my eyes were watering all over the place, I paid for a prescription I didn’t need and now I’m paying for the new one. I went home and slept for a few hours. When I woke up I HAD NO BLURRY VISION AND COULD SEE! Within the next week, I started getting a little nervous. One of my eyes seemed to have better sight than the other. When I went to my one week follow up I found out I did have different vision. My “bad eye” was reading 20/15 which is greater than 20/20 and my “good eye” reads at 20/10, which I didn’t know was even possible! I explained the drop situation at my appointment and was told it would be looked into. The next appointment which was 1 month later, the doctor rectified my extra payment. This goes to show you that Sheth and Horsley go above and beyond for their patients.


Went to Sheth-Horsley Eye Center to see if I was a candidate for vision corrective surgery, After successful Lasik surgery I have nothing but greart things to say about Dr. Sheth and his staff. - No longer having to wear glasses is phenomenal - The surgical procedure does not take all that long, and by the next day I was able to see completely fine without the need for glasses or contacts - For those who are unsettled at the thought of any surgical procedure involving their eyes, I will say that although unnerving, the procedure was not bad at all. Dr. Sheth and his staff are very professional, and do their best to keep you calm and comfortable as possible. To be honest, if I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Sheth

sunflower xoxo

The doctors I've dealt with are absolutely great! Very friendly and very informative with everything. The welcome staff however are complete idiots and rude. The blonde girl knows nothing. She doesn't even look at the insurance that you have before charging your card. She also didn't know how to order contact or where the contacts would be shipped to. When you call requesting for a person, she sends them over to their voicemail right away instead of telling you that they are not there. Also if she doesn't want to talk to you then she just ignores the phone calls. I called a total of 10 times and no answer then I used a private number then she answered like normal. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I've been waiting for a refund case since October... it's now almost March. I have to call them in order to get a status on this case and NEVER get a call back from them regarding anything. They also mess up schedules all the time. Only gave them a one star because of the doctors, everyone else is terrible.

Abhay Srivastava

This facility is a joke,0 stars. The facility called me last Thursday to confirm my appointment. I took time off from work and when I showed up today(Tuesday), was told that DR. has cancelled the appointment last Friday at 3:30 and we had left voice messages. I returned home and checked all my 3 phones, not a single voice msg. Called back , they said we had wrong phone # on file. Then how the heck you called me on right # on Thursday. Liars. I could have seen other doctor while I waited 2 weeks for this appointment. Notifying my insurance company.

Joleene Barren

I was very impressed with the care and the thorough preparation shown by Dr Sheth and the staff at the Sheth Horsley eye center. My recent cataract surgery went very smoothly with excellent results. Thank you for your excellent care, Jim Barren

Owen Caron

I got my first pair of glasses in 1995 I got contacts in 1998 I have wanted to get corrective surgery since 2002. I don't mind the look of glasses, but the fact that I have to continually push my glasses up is a bit annoying. I am an athlete, and sweat on the glasses and also getting the glasses hit off my face is annoying Contacts... they fix all of the problems I mentioned above. But having to take them in and out every morning and night, taking cases and solution on any trip is annoying. Needless to say, I was very excited to get corrective surgery. All the money you spend on contacts over the years is way more than the corrective surgery now. I chose for PRK (photo refractive keratectomy) vs. LASIK because I did not want to deal with the flap on my cornea. It is a longer recover time, and I was ok with that for long term benefits. I went from contacts at -2.5 (glasses 20/400 i think), to almost perfect as soon as I was done the very quick procedure. The procedure took maybe 4 minutes, and painless. I am currently 1 month post-surgery, I have 20/20 officially, and I made out the 20/15 line with some fuzziness. I had no pain throughout recovery, although my eyes felt like they were lightly scratched. My eyes were sensitive to light for about a week, but thats not so bad... wear sunglasses or close your eyes. The staff, including Dr. Sheth were all very professional, helpful, compassionate, and friendly. I did not feel rushed at all in any of my appointments. I work in the medical field, so I have seen both sides of the "hospital setting". Sheth-Horsley Eye Center was a great example of great medical care. The national average for having to get "touch ups" to make vision perfect after initial corrective surgery is 10%. I think that is pretty good. Dr Sheth has a 2% rate of returns. I think that is DAMN good! Overall: great experience worth every penny easy procedure I CAN SEE PERFECT NOW!!! I would definitely suggest Sheth-Horsley Eye Center if you would like details on the procedure or any other information, please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers

Gauri Kadu

A DISGRACE. This place is honestly the single worst clinic I've ever gone to. IF IT EVEN deserves to be called that. Honestly should have their license revoked. The staff is rude. The doctors are rude. The techs don't know what they're doing if they even are real technicians. My experience as below. My appointment is for 8:30 am, I arrive at 8:25 on a Thursday, figuring I could complete my appointment before work at roughly 9:30-10 After making me wait thirty minutes, they took in patients that came after me. At 9- I finally get a "technician" who then asks me to come in. Without a single word, she goes Ok sit over here, does all these tests, silently. No explanation (I have been to four different Lasik appointments at other clinics thus far so I know the procedure) I think ok maybe she just does the tests and someone else comes in to explain the proceedings. Halfway through the tests- some other tech comes to the door and whispers to the "tech" working and pulls her aside. She then leaves without a word but leaves the door open . I hear what sounds like a Dr outside yelling at her "COME AND DO THIS FOR SO AND SO YOU NEED TO DO IT RIGHT NOW, YOU HAVE ANOTHER PATIENT? THAT'LL TAKR FOREVER DOESNT MATTER, THIS ONLY TAKES FIVE MINUTES, CONE DO THIS" after 15 minutes, she reappears with no apology and then starts talking about Lasik, I state that other locations have explicitly recommended me only PRK due to my corneas being thin, Yet she continues on a diatribe about lasik. I say ok and tell her I will not be doing dilation as I need to drive to work. She then states that she will be putting in numbing drops for a test. I state I don't want dilation, she states they are not dilation drops. She puts them in my eyes, then walks outside, once again leaving the door open. I can hear her asking someone ELSE-"AM I DONE? I PUT DROPS IN HER EYES THATS IT RIGHT DO I NEED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE?" wow Just wow. I was about to leave when I asked if I could just talk to the financing to get a picture of pricing. She then states "I'm not sure if she's free to talk but I can find out" WHY ELSE WOULD I BE HERE FOR A CONSULT? JUST MOVE ON IGNORE THIS PLACE NOT EVEN WORTH WALKING INTO

Sophie P

ell, with high regards to this eye center I went there. My spouse is a patient there, and I went for my eye check a si felt I have got number for reading. I was prescribed reading glasses over the counter without cheking my defraction for number. when I tried those glasses they were too strong so I went back. Dr. who prescribed over the counter glasses did not even bother to come back again, student doctor checked my number, she was in so much rush that she just slided different numbers quickly and decided to give me prescription. since I was not sure I asked to check again, then she gave me specs with numbers lenses to read. I was surprised that such basic things I need to request. I was expecting her to write prescription only when she confirms my number second time. I was really disappointed and not really confident that prescription is right. I will have to see another optometrist to get the accurate prescription. I was surprised that doctor who gave me over the counter never came back to check and left it to student.

Michelle Paczosa

Overall I've had a great experience with this eye center. The staff has been friendly and professional, as has been Dr. Sheth-Horsley. If you're tired of wearing contact lenses, I definitely recommend Lasik. I started out with terrible nearsightedness...~-5.0 in each eye, and now I have 20/20 vision. The procedure itself was really quick (less than 10 mins) and practically painless (albeit a little odd.) I've already recommended the eye center to several of my friends. I was nervous going into the procedure, but am really glad I ended up going to this eye center.

Jose Vega

When it came time to look for a LASIK center there was definitely a lot of nerves running through my body. The thought of having someone put a laser in my eye was definitely nerve-racking. I knew I wanted to go to a place where somebody had already gone because if there's came out fine then I should be okay too, right? So one day over dinner a very dear friend of mine mentioned that she had gone to Dr. Sheth's office and had LASIK done a few years before. She told me how great the staff was and that Dr. Sheath was awesome, that made me feel more relaxed. So I scheduled a consult and showed up for my appointment and my friend was so right, the staff was super attentive and made me feel relaxed and put all my nerves to rest and answered all my questions. I knew that before I saw Dr. Sheth I wanted to have procedure done in his office. Dr. Sheth came and saw me and told me that I was a candidate for LASIK. Two weeks after the consult I scheduled my appointment. The time to put a laser in my eyes was here. I sat down in the chair after a few numbing drops and some minor prep work it was time to get this done. I think the procedure might've taken no more than ten minutes, there was no pain no discomfort everything went according to plan. I went home and took three hour nap and when I woke up I was amazed with what the results were. I remember being able to see the TV crystal clear for the first time in over 20 years what an amazing feeling! After a few follow-ups, Dr. Sheth informed me that the procedure was a success and that I had 20/15 vision, I didn't even know that was possible. If you're looking to get LASIK done, and want the best results, then look no further that Dr. Sheth and his team, they are the best in the Greater Boston area.

Arik Colbath

After reviewing several eye doctors for a year, I was recommended Sheth-Horsley from someone who had Lasik done with them. Their free consultation was the most thorough and comfortable. Other doctors really did not spend the time they did on my consult. I did Lasik and it went very smoothly. I did have astigmatism in my left eye but they had no problem correcting it. They took very good care of checking up on me the first week and afterward its been clear skies and great vision ever since. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering corrective surgery. Talk to Sheth-Horsley first.

Chantal McCarron

As an optometrist practicing over 6 years, I have interacted with dozens of Ophthalmologists and have directly worked with several. I am very critical about the surgeons to whom I refer my patients. When it came to my own eyes and laser vision correction, the only person I trusted was Dr. Sheth.I worked side by side with Dr. Sheth for the last 2 years and I was amazed by his surgical precision and expertise. He performed PRK surgery on both my eyes. The procedure was quick and painless. I had a few days of discomfort and then my vision improved daily. He corrected my vision beyond my expectations. I am now better than 20/15 in each eye a year later. For the last 18 years I had to deal with contacts which irritated my eyes and trying to find glasses to fit my face. Growing up in South Florida, I have a natural affinity for the ocean and now I can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving without glasses/contacts. My quality of life has definitely changed for the better and there is not a single day that goes by where I’m not completely satisfied with my decision to have PRK to correct my vision. Thank you Dr. Sheth !

AJ Jaggi

I was introduced to Dr. Sheth after being rejected for traditional LASIK due to thin corneas. After two years — I went to Dr. Sheth for a second opinion. He informed me about ICL Surgery, which I was a candidate for and would correct my eyesight and remove the need for contacts. It is slightly more invasive and time intensive than LASIK, however Dr. Sheth and team made me feel comfortable prior to, during and post-surgery. 2-3 months since and I am still doing great with no complications. Dr. Sheth is only a text away if something does come up, which makes me feel secure, given I live in NYC over 4 hours away from his office. My only criticism is in-line with other reviews regarding wait times, but it was only an issue a few times and shouldn't deter those looking for a strong surgeon from a consultation. Thanks Dr. Sheth & team for giving me a solution where others could not.

Jon Maruska

After having contacts for 14 years I decided to take the plunge to lasik. Dr Sheth is very professional. I would recommend anyone who needs lasik to go here. Before lasik i needed a -3.50 contact. 3 weeks after surgery I am seeing 20/10 with zero issues. I should have done this years ago! All follow-up appointments have been quick and easy.

Lauren Abbondanzio

I'm 29 years old & started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade and contacts since the 7th. Every year my eye site progressively got worse & worse and I was spending a small fortune on lenses, frames and new contacts. As 26, I decided to get LASIK and it was BY FAR the best thing I have ever done!!! Before my surgery, my eye site was negative 6.75. Not even 24 hours post op, I had 20/20 vision and now have 20/15 vision! If you are even thinking about LASIK, I highly suggest Dr. Sheth & his team!

Mary Sue Flynn

Fantastic experience with Dr Seth and Seth Horsley Eye Center. The staff is great and very friendly. Dr Seth is wonderful and I knew I was in good hands. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend my friends and relatives!

Yashwanth Annapureddy

Had a great experience. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a lasik done :)

Siya Parwani

Before I got LASIK, people who had it done told me that it was the best money they ever spent. Now I understand why... I am so happy with the procedure and for the care I received from Dr. Sheth and his team. I can see perfectly now (better than 20/20) and love not having to worry about my glasses or contacts

Dawn Frim

My vision has been getting worse and fluctuating over the past year. I was curious to see what the issue was and looked forward to addressing my concerns at my yearly eye exam. Both Dr. Sheth and Dr Kupsc examined my eyes during the exam and came to the conclusion that the inconsistent vision I was experiencing was due to the (RK) Radial Keratotomy surgery that I had in the late 1990’s. That particular surgery had affected the shape of my cornea. Dr. Sheth was able to explain in detail what he recommended in order for me to get my vision stabilized. He suggested that Refractive Lens Exchange surgery would be my best option. The procedure went smoothly and was quicker than I expected. I was given specific post-op instructions have been followed up carefully by both Dr. Sheth and Dr. Kupsc. The staff, in general, is exceptional, knowledgeable and caring. Rebecca, one of the staff members, helped calm my nerves on several occasions. The technicians, Beverly and Tyler are methodical and personable. Although I am still in the recovery stage, I can actually see clearly for the first time in my life!!! Dr Sheth and his staff are phenomenal! Thank you, also, for taking time to address the many questions and concerns I’ve had throughout this process.

Nachi Junankar

Dr. Sheth, performed LASIK surgery on my eyes and the results are fantastic. I went from wearing contacts or glasses to having 20/15 vision without either! Dr. Sheth and his team were warm, professional. The surgery itself was under 15 minutes and I could see clearly that same afternoon! If you are considering LASIK, you should definitely reach out to Dr. Sheth.

Ben Thorn

Great staff, very nice facilities. Dr. Sheth explained the surgery (LASIK) in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Surgery went well and I can see better than ever before.

George Knowles

I had been wearing contacts or glasses for about 30 years, and couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me without them for as long I I could remember. I originally had a consultation about a year ago, was told that I was a good candidate, but got scared off when I started reading various sites with horror stories about complications. But then I started reading more actual medical articles and reading more about Dr. Sheth's qualifications and realized that those complications were very rare. So, I decided to try it again. I went to Dr. Sheth for a second opinion and was again told I was a good candidate. So I decided to go for it. Everything seemed to go just as explained in my consultation. The procedure was fast, only about 10-15 mins, and with only a little discomfort. There was a little pain for the next hour or so after leaving the office, but after napping for several hours as instructed, much of the pain had subsided. And I was already able to watch TV at a moderate distance! The next morning I awoke and I was able to see better than I had since 8th grade, if not in my entire life. I was 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. After a few weeks my vision stabilized to 20/15 and I can even make out some on the 20/10 line! For the first time in my adult life, several weeks ago I opened my eyes underwater while swimming and could see where I was going! When I think about such a huge difference in my sight in such a short amount of time, I'm still amazed! For full disclosure I, too, had to wait nearly 2 hours for my surgery (this was explained beforehand) , and one of my follow up appointments was significantly delayed, but nothing out of the ordinary from other doctor visits I have had. But any inconvenience was definitely worth the reward. I'm very satisfied with my experience, and would definitely recommend Sheth-Horsley to anyone considering LASIK.

James King

I was nervous and skeptical about getting LASIK, but six years later, i am still extremely pleased with my experience with Sheth Horsely. My eyesight in my dominant eye, my left eye is still 20 18. I chose to make my right eye a reading eye for close up small print so I don;t need reading glasses. Very happy customer.


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