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REVIEWS OF NECO Center for Eye Care Commonwealth IN Massachusetts

Alexandra Dobell

Ive called 3 days in a row not getting any answer from the contacts department. When I asked them to call me back, they didn't even though they were free which I figured out by calling them again. Then when I spoke to the woman in the contacts department, she was speaking down to me and saying things like "I'm on the phone with someone else, okay honey" when all I did was ask if she had my moms name spelled correctly for my insurance, she said it was too much work and wouldn't do it for me? Really odd and rude. All I've been trying to do was to get my prescription filled. I would not provide them with your service, especially if you are a college student because they will treat you like a child, don't settle for this place just because you live in close proximity Also, none of the other departments could answer my simple questions and not until I specifically asked, did they leave my name and number with the contact lens department to call me back. The office could really benefit from leaving people on hold until someone is available because you will just reach their voicemail

Patricia Nunez

Ana Souza

Great experiences

Haodong Liu

Vitelio is an responsible optician. He is willing to explain and fix lens problems for customers. However, this eye care center disappointed me because my lens were cut incorrectly, which caused dizziness and extreme eye fatigue. They gave me a new pair of lenses, and Vitelio also adjusted the glass frame for me.

Zoran Vidanovic

A disorganized bunch

Alana Lipkin

The optical department made sure that my progressive lenses were perfect.

J Porter

I always find the front desk very polite and knowledgeable and always go out of their way to follow up with insurance or communicate with patient. The doctors are gentle and playful with my son and provide amazing vision services and therapy.

JOvy Z

Alana Spaetzel

The staff was very helpful when there was a bit of confusion about my insurance information. My visit was thorough and the student conducting my exam was really polite and friendly.

Robert Dalgarno

My recent appointment at the new NECO clinic was a smooth/transparent experience. I had an insurance change since my last visit and the staff took time ahead of the visit to make sure everything checked out and there were no billing surprises. I went to the previous NEEI office on an annual basis for eye exams over the last 5-6 years and it's reassuring to see some of the same faces at this new office.

Ethan DePuy

I have always had good experiences here with routine eye exams. In fact, it seems to improve each time I come in. This past visit, working with Tyler and Dr. Donoghue, was particularly easy. In and out in 40 minutes. Would recommend visiting on weekday mornings, if possible. It was much less crowded than my experiences in the afternoon.

Jon-Paul Berexa

They seem to have no idea what they are doing. Many follow-up appointments with no conclusions made and no treatments suggested. Also, the desk staff is rude and unhelpful. I will not be back.

Ryan Thomas

Dr. Gulmiri is pretty amazing, I appreciate the personality she brings to the table! In addition the students are very nice and easy to work with.

Sum Tan

I was ask to wait on the phone for over 10 mins. when trying call for an appointment. Called back few time but on one would pickup the phone. No service. No Stars. Stay away!!


Stay AWAY. You'll pay out the butt for the WRONG prescription. No doctors to be seen, entirely student run. Horrible experience and I'm out $190 for the visit plus the useless glasses I bought that had their erroneous prescription. And $150 Of that was to find out (after trying 2 different Rxs) that my contact lens prescription had not changed at all! Yet my eyeglass prescription was greatly reduced in strength. Bizarre. Go somewhere else, you won't save money here in the long run. I'm furious.

Curlette White

Jim Jim oh Jim rude. Rude old object of a man , for lack of better word.

Interview Mastery

Best and most comprehensive eye exam ever! The entire experience was professional and friendly. I highly recommend New england Eye-Commonwealth.

Alex Casella

Do NOT go to this place, service (especially billing department) is the worst. Maria does NOT work there anymore, even if the front desk tells you otherwise. If she does, she is never actually working because she does not return any calls or even tries to help in anyway.

Oumou Bah

I would give them zero stars if I could. The billing department doesn't know how to send in claims to get your visit and lenses covered without following up with them every day or calling the insurance to deal with them. Yes, you will be seen by several students, residents, and finally the doctor but that isn't a good thing. The students and residents are learning so you can't blame them but the doctors see you for about five minutes then hand off the rest of the work to the students. They messed up the prescription on my first pair of contact lenses. It took another week for me to get them in the mail. I never received a scleral contact lens training so I had to contact one of my previous doctors and Youtube for help on inserting and taking them out. Still dealing with these people to get my authorization for my contact lenses and for them to send me my glasses. Bottom line, I have told everyone I know and will scream from the rooftops if I have to. This place doesn't deserve a nickel of your money or your service. If you like headaches and want to pay $1000 for scleral contact lenses--$500 of which you have to give them a down payment, $500 for eye glasses, they billed my health insurance rather than my vision insurance for my initial eye exam visit so that was another $50...and to top it off they are extremely rude and most of the office staff are unprofessional. GO ELSEWHERE.

Niru Pokharel


They strung me around for almost a month, repeatedly scheduling and re-canceling my appointments. The result was always the same. "The doctor won't be in that day, would you like to reschedule?" At this point I'm no longer convinced any doctors work there.

Global Citizen

I had a great experience here :D

Judith Antonelli

All I wanted was vision therapy, but after two hours of testing, they were telling me that I should see a specialist for cataracts and possibly glaucoma--oh, and I'd better see my primary care physician, too, to make sure nothing else is wrong! One doctor talked to another doctor about me, referring to me in the third person in my presence, instead of talking to me, the patient. They scared me, so I went to my regular optometrist; he redid the tests and assured me I am fine. (And he always talks TO me, not ABOUT me to another person in my presence!) Beware of "false positive" hysteria at this place; don't take any negative advice they give you without getting a second opinion!

Christa Bowker

Lawrence A. Whitney

I've been going to New England Eye for about eight years now and find their staff very professional and congenial and their selection of frames more than adequate. My eyes are incredibly light sensitive and their optometrists have always been incredibly patient with me and careful and sensitive in their exam techniques. The trainees who carry out the initial part of the exam have all been from the New England College of Optometry and have been very competent and professional.

Alicia Petrin

Always late.

Megan George

Dr. Louden is great. I travel from far away so myself and my children can be seen there... as for the front desk staff.. they can't be bothered. I specifically asked Dr. Louden if they would adjust my glasses and he asked the girl to make sure she helped me out. As soon as he walked away it was like she couldn't be bothered. She did something to my glasses but never looked to see if they fit correctly and they are just digging into the side of my head now. the other day my son had an appointment and the arm of his glasses had fallen off so we decided to wait for his appointment so they could just screw it back on.... the man told my husband that they couldn't be fixed and we would need a whole new pair!! We took those same glasses to vision works and it took them all of 2 minutes to throw a screw in it and they were good as new. It's too bad because now I'll be buying my glasses somewhere else.

Patricia L

In part this review is to up total stars because of that one user who failed to check on opening hours before visiting the facility! We started going to New England Eye because of my daughter's hidden vision issues. Who knew that one could have 20/20 vision but struggle with tracing and eye teaming. But I digress - Dr. Laudon was very helpful with her problems and my daughter's vision improved with his therapy. When she did need glasses a couple of years later, the service was again excellent. The place has a decent selection of frames and turnaround was quick.

Kanoelani Pilobello

The “patient care specialist” who took my call was really rude and would not work with me to schedule an appointment. It felt like she was not well trained and only knew how to follow a script without thinking where the miscommunication could happen.

Julie Chao-Sibelle

They make a lot of mistakes here, this goes for all the departments. Most of the people at the front desk are rude and incompetent.

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