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REVIEWS OF CHA Eye Center IN Massachusetts

Rose Pena Rios

Extremely long wait times. Arrived when the clinic opened at 9:30, got called in at 10:30 by some assistant or nurse (my appointment was at 10), had my eyes dilated and did some simple reading tests with and without my glasses, then told to sit in a different waiting room starting from 10:45. Sat there until past 1pm before the doctor called me in (there's only one doctor there so patients go in one at a time, which is ridiculous), he typed up my reason for visit (needed a new prescription), he shined a light in my eyes for two seconds and then told me I was set. 3.5 hours for an updated prescription is ridiculous. Next time I'll try a different CHA center, or better yet I'll find somewhere else to do my eye exams.

Nahid Chowdhury

Janemarie Donuts

i called in hospital to make my son appointment in emergency because he has very bad allergy he cant see properly his primary care gave him medicine nothing effect good on him. when i ask the lady her name is manjit kaur she was so rude with me and telling me bring your son to his primary care i just want to ask how can she say to me even i described all the situation to her thats not her decision .dont take the kids problem even any patient problem lightly . this is not even first time this is happened with me again with same person again (manjit kaur).please take the patient seriously .

Edwin Tejada

Very rude

Anup Nepal

Always long waiting, over an hour. Employees at front desk are not nice, they definitely need some training on how to help those customers who doesn’t speak good English.

Julio Bencid

Is incredibly. I arrived and no one was in. After the place was full 45 minutes later, that's when they start calling patients. This is the worst place. They are saturated with patients in the only place of the CHA network for eyes.

Carlos Espinoza

The customer service at this place is very poor. I arrived 11 minutes late to my appointment and I knew I had to wait a bit longer. The customer service rep. treated me very poorly. In a very judgmental tone she said to me that I would have to wait 30 minutes because I was 15 minutes late. I pointed out that I was 11 minutes late and then she said that the doctor was running 15 minutes late and that that was the reason that I was going to be seen 30 minutes late. I knew I was late and I did not need for her to pass judgement on me and have a punitive tone with me. She should have just told me that the doctor was running 15 minutes late. I love the doctor I am seeing but customer service is very important to me. I will most probably change doctors because of this incident.

Parbati Rai

This place has terrible front desk staff. They are very rude and they don't like to answer customer's question.

Caroline Dickinson

Just called to reschedule an appointment for my friend who was in too much pain to go in and the receptionist literally yelled at me on the phone. Yelled. She said she didn’t know when the next appointment could be made like it isn’t her entire job to sit in front of a calendar and schedule appointments. So not even bothering to make a new one clearly going to a different doctor.

Brenda Mosher

The wait time is long, but usually all doctor's offices are. I read the other reviews that said the staff is rude, I haven't a problem with them. They were not rude to me. The only complaint I have is that I was given a new prescription for glasses and the optical store at this office was closed due to the person in charge was on vacation for 2 weeks. I had ordered new glasses online from another company that I have recently used about a year ago with no problem.. I sent in the same prescription I was given and when the glasses came back I can not see clearly out of them. Now I need to make another appointment and waste my time.

Gina Hart

Raul Ramos

I have been coming here for years since I was 10. It use to not be so bad and they would actually spend more than 5 minutes looking at your eyes. Now this place is awful. I waited 2 hours for my appointment and got there 15minutes earlier. They have interns perform the initial eye screening and then after that you see the actual optometrist for 5 minutes. Give me a break, they cram 10 patients into one hour for 1 doctor and then make them wait another 2 hours. Please don't go here, my last exam this July, was just that my last at this location. I never write reviews, but that last experience was the worst I've had. Also I speak fluent English and Spanish, but what another poster said was true, they treat those who are not excellent in English like crap. Hands down place has hit rock bottom.

Amanda Melgaco

I wish I could give this place ZERO stars! If possible, see a different eye doctor! This is definitely the worst doctors' office that I have ever been to. Due to an eye condition, I was in and out of this office for months. To start off, they are always running late (plan your day around your appointment). It will be about an hour after your scheduled appointment before a technician sees you (*but don't forget to be 15 minutes early); and another hour on top of that before you actually see your doctor. And then, your eye doctor will spend 10 - 15 minutes "thoroughly" examining you before he/she hands you a piece of paper reminding you to schedule another appointment. And I can't forget about the "lovely" receptionists who are all rude to you (especially to the non-English speakers - it's really sad to watch them practically berate other people) and don't have the patience to give more than a minute of attention to each incoming patient.

Ariana Jackson

Absolutely hated this place not only do they make you wait forever if after waiting so long you have to go the bathroom and they call your name they will skip right over you NEVeR come here the staff is slow and rude and should quit their day jobs

my email

They have no repect for their patients who are mostly elder and ESL which is why I believe they could care less to making them wait so long. You will be taken back fairly soon to get initial eye exam and intake then the dilate your eyes and leave you in a shared waiting room for hours. I spent 4+ hours there and the provider is not worth the wait. I saw Vincent James Patalano II, MD who you could tell would retire if they offered him package. After waiting at least 2 hours to have name called he then had me wait longer while he and his colleague talked about some disagreement that happened that day that you could hear them through the old walls. Total lack of respect for other people’s time. When you get into the room he gives you another eye exam then types his notes so it’s akwardly silent and you can’t say much during that time because he’s trying to remember what he has to type. I was one of the younger patients on his clinic and he told me my problem is caused by me getting older. That and this whole experience is what is wrong with health care. Giving a script for eye glasses and I have 20/20vision?? $$ couldn’t go to optical shop anyway because appointment took so long everything was closed and couldn’t get referral appt booked for same reason. Ironically while you wait patients will start talking to each other(at this point we’re all blind from eyes being dilated so you can’t read and they don’t even have tv for patients) the conversation was about how every time they come they wait for hours and the department is aware and does nothing. The department manager’s office is beside waiting room so she’s aware. It’s no surprise why SH is mostly closed. Treat your patient population better even if you are they’re only option. Edit: It’s obvious from other reviews hospital is aware and DOES NOT CARE. DO BETTER.

Meghan O'Connor

Terrible front desk staff. Expect extremely long wait times. Second week in a row I've waited an hour before being seen with no apology or explanation

Begatafekad Yehun

You need to improve your patient waiting time. I sow the doctor 1hr after my schedule appointment time not ones two times so far. But I like the doctor .

Diane patalano-long

R Fox

if I could give a zero I would...the Dr who saw my son was an Arse who didn't understand for 25 mins that my son is squinting, so I'm not a genius but just might be a sign his eyeballs need to be checked. But hey what does one knows there kid like the back of their hand. I have to agree front end are rude and act as if they are not billing you for the visit. Thank goodness there are alot of competitors and ways to get glasses now. So perhaps find a doctor in there that's not rude or arrogant take the script and run!!!

Bradley Fernandes

Poor wait times. Doc when your busy you should be seeing your patients not wandering around aimlessly ....especially just after your lunch.

H Fe

This place makes me wait for two hours long even I had appointment with them. It seems like there is only one doctor and all the patients just wait for that one doctor. Never gonna come back

Katherine Kibler

The staff here are very friendly and accommodating, but the wait times are CRAZY long. There seems to be only one doctor working and this causes major back ups.

sumaya yeasmin

Customer service is very very poor. I called at 4:30pm to make an appointment (for a future date), I was put on hold and then the lady answered and told me they were closed - it turned 4:31 by the time I spoke to her. If it closes at 4:30 then why is it stated that it closes at 5? She could have easily made the appointment for me but she chose not to.

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