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REVIEWS OF Center for Sight IN Massachusetts

George Valton

Expect to wait. They do not value patients' time. No explanation for long waiting times. I guess we're just cattle. Finally got tired of waiting and just got up and left. Doctors however seem good when and if you get to see them. You just might need the patience of Job.

louis letendre

I’ve visited about two weeks ago for a new set of glasses. I ordered driving glasses and ended up getting reading glasses. When I sat down with Lisa ,I immediately noticed that they were readers instead of driving glasses. Lisa was very professional and handled the problem quickly. I ended up with two pairs of glasses readers and drivers for a great price. Lisa made lemonade out of lemons. When I picked up the new pair of driving glasses I was also greeted from Dee Dee. DD got me a different case so I could tell the two glasses apart. She also adjusted the glasses so they fit me perfectly. Excellent service. Very present Five star’s from me Thank you Louie

Kenneth Santos

The staff at Center For Sight are awesome, a special shout out to Dee Dee who took my order and took extra assurance for a speedy delivery. My new Nautica Glasses were delivered in less than a week. I am now making sure they take care of all my Optical needs! I highly recommend them.

A Victoria Crompton

Very rude front desk. I left. If doctors cannot provide polite, professional admin service I have no time for them. I expect polite, supportive service from MDs.

Anthony Russo

I had a wonderful optometrist in Swansea but I needed to have my cataracts done and was sent here. And I will say they did a good job on the surgery. I had a follow up appointment on another date at 1 o’clock and I got to see the doctor at 3:30. They said they were running behind. My next appointment I made at 9am, figuring after the previous appointment they can’t possibly be running two hours late if I’m one of the first appointments of the day. I was very wrong because I didn’t see the doctor until noon. The worst part is when I finally saw the doctor, he rushed me through my appointment (maybe he wanted to go to lunch?). Not having learned my lesson the first two times and being a glutton for punishment apparently I went back a third time. This time I waited an hour and a half and finally asked the nurse how much longer. She told me she would check and returned fifteen minutes later and said it could be another hour or hour and a half. I ended up walking out. And can you believe they have the nerve to bill me?! Because their time is valuable! Apparently my time is worthless. If you want to wait all day and be treated like a farm animal, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Otherwise if you want to be taken for a 1 o’clock appointment at 1 o’clock go somewhere else.

Theresa Magellan

The staff in the optical shop is fantastic. They are all seasoned professionals and they really care about helping you pick out glasses that look great and are right for you. I have been a patient here for many years and the selection is always terrific. Dr Raposo my optometrist is very knowledgeable and amazing too. She does a thorough exam and is one of the most pleasant people in healthcare I have ever met. I can’t say enough positive about this entire team.

Catherine Schnurr

I like the doctor we see there, but the office staff and the optical shop are awful. I’ve been sitting in the waiting area for about a half hour now, and I am probably going to have to leave without my daughter’s contacts because there is probably no way they are going to get to us any time soon. Either hire more staff or maybe even just use some common sense and have one person just handling pickups. The staff is spending forever helping people pick out glasses with no sense of urgency about the huge line of people waiting. I’m going to have to take time out of work to come in here since my daughter is almost out of lenses. We were also going to order glasses but I can’t spend all day here, so we’re going somewhere else. Hire more staff or look at ways to make your service more efficient, because it’s awful.

Nota Rokescientist

Nota good experience. Dr. Kelly appears to be effective and quite efficient and second opinions have concurred precisely with his findings however, the staff obviously should find work more suited to their desires. I have been issued the wrong prescription twice. The staff seems irritated and annoyed by patients. Too many hand offs to actually get to the doctor. It involved 5 employees.

Deanna Morin

Answering service is awful. Very rude.

Heather Campbell

This is a fantastic practice. Dr. Lopes is a thorough and caring optometrist. My prescriptions are so accurate. The staff in the optical is great. The variety of frame options is expansive.


I’ve been to so many different eye doctors in the past; ever since I was about 5 years old. And center for sight has to be the worst yet. On the new patent paperwork it was stated that for a training and fitting for contacts with a new patient would be $50. When I went in for my exam the doctor told me I’d have to pay $85, I explained to the doctor that I have worn contacts in the past and was aware on the how to put them in, take them out, the care, etc; and that I did not need the training. She still said that I would have to pay the $85. Then about 3 weeks later I received a call stating that my trials had came in and that the training and fitting would be $100. Then when I finally went in for my fitting, the receptionist told me that the charge was $135, at this point I’m just completely upset because the price has changed FOUR different times. I try to explain to the receptionist the situation on how many prices I was given, and she tells me again (repeating herself with an attitude) that it is $135 for the training and exam, I then try to explain to her what I had told the doctor about not needing the training and the receptionist continued to tell me that the doctor put in her notes that I needed a training and the only thing I could do was reschedule to meet with my doctor again when she COMES BACK FROM MEDICAL LEAVE IN A FEW MONTHES. She was completely rude and was acting like I was wasting her time. This office is so unprofessional and clearly needs to come to a conclusion on what they are charging patients. I will NEVER return!

Leonor Silva

My husband as well as myself have had excellent care, from reception to the Dr's themselves. Dr Hofelt did my husband's cataract surgery, both eyes a few months apart with great success. My doctor is Dr Keegan Johnson and she is also excellent !

suzy c

Great & awesome place for customers/ patients. However, They hired me & 8 days short of a month told me I was "great. But too ambitious and motivated to work here. It wasn't gonna work out.." because they think " I want more than the front desk can offer, but here's the unemployment paperwork.."

Heidi Anctil

I have been going to Center For Sight for 3yrs now.. And this last visit I had the pleasure of meeting Sue Doyle. And I have to say I was very satisfied with my visit.. Sue is very attentive to her clients needs, she makes you feel very comfortable and that you are her top priority.. I have told so many people you really need to go to Center For Sight great place great service from Front Desk personal to the Dr's..

J Lo

The optical department has an amazing staff and a fabulous selection of glasses for men and women. They are very knowledgeable and can help you pick the best frame for your face and personality! Highly recommend stopping by and seeing all of the latest styles and trends. Fanatastic!

Anna Divelbiss

I have never experienced such rude employees and horrible service to customers. every doctor i’ve ever seen there has belittled me and ignored any concerns I’ve had about my contacts and glasses. the glasses they gave me are the wrong prescription (i literally have to squint while i wear them) and they have refused to replace them. they have mixed up my contact prescription more than once so I had to return multiple times for the correct ones. (they have a horrible selection of glasses anyways) the biggest problem is the rude, uninterested and sarcastic employees who act like the patients are interrupting whenever they walk in. they very clearly all hate their jobs. I will never go back here after wasting so much time and money and I still can’t see!!!!

Mary Murphy

Professional and courteous. Just the right kind of people you want to fit your glasses so that you walk out feeling wonderful. Great job, Dee Dee!

Maria Rodriguez

I visited the optical to pick up a glasses that I ordered while we was there I remember that I had a credit of $200 but they don’t have the glasses And the designers I was looking for then I request my refund and the employee was irritated and sarcastic with me. This are the axact words she used “ good luck with your adventure” at that moment I felt disrespected but I ignored her because I understand that she has poor customer service skills. I don’t recommend this place at all. I still need to wait for then to call me for a $200 check to be pick up.

Joshua Ouvry

Friendly staff, no hassle, in and out. The staff went out of their way to fit me in on short notice.

Porsche Bannister

Rudest receptionist I have ever encountered! She answered the phone with an attitude, would not listen when I said thier information was wrong and i had been there within the last year and would not give me my last prescription information. How can you deny giving a patient thier own information and argue with them about when they had been there last!? Such a bad attitude and disrespect I can't believe that they hire and continue to employ such horrid insufferable people!

Fagner Caetano

Excellent care.

Linda Pestana

4/2/2019 I went to Center for Sight for my annual exam and Dr.Covello did my examination and was very thorough checking me for Glaucoma and he even measured the thickness of my corneas which I have never had done before. When he was done he told me that my eyes have changed a bit, but nothing to worry about. So upon leaving I went to pick out new frames and get my new glasses. I was called by Sue Doyle who helped me in picking out my new frames for my glasses and also my sunglasses and she was so helpful and knowledgeable about the product that she sells. My wife usually comes with me but she was in a Rehab facility so she couldn't come this time. I went to pick up my glasses yesterday and she adjusted them perfectly and when I got back to the rehab and saw my wife she absolutely loved both pairs and said "whoever helped you picked these out did an outstanding job, I couldn't have done any better". Thanks Sue for showing me that customer service still exists!!! Great Job!!! See you next year for my annual exam. Lou P.

Jessica Enos

Lori Rego

Very nice people.. Dee Dee was great she made my day.

Elizabeth Cabral

My review is for Dr. Corvello I’ve always had a pleasant experience at this office up until my last visit and ironically I’ve seen Dr. Corvello before Maybe he was having a bad day Maybe it was too early in the morning for him When he entered the room he didn’t have much to say Never asked me how I was, if anything was bothering me or why I made an appointment He stared at his computer for a minute before examining me With the awkward silence I thought maybe a joke about how whatever was put in my eyes to dialate them was coming out of my nose when I used a tissue No response not even a flinch Not a great feeling After my exam the dr said ok let’s go get you some new glasses Never explained why I needed new glasses Never explained what has changed since my last appointment Simply told me to take a seat next to reception and he walked away to never be seen again Reception set my appointment and said see you next year She never knew I was getting new glasses I had to tell her and then she told me where to wait ( not on the bench where I was left by the Dr.) I had appointments for other family members I was going to set up here but with the shock I was in with the lack of communication I never did so I will definitely never book an appointment with him again He needs to go to work with a better attitude and at least pretend to care about his patients


Didi(Dawn) was amazing. Great suggestions, and explained everything clearly when picking out eye glasses.

Lenny Levesque

Service is terrible, wait time I rediculious . Appt for 3:00 2 hour wait.


I can't thank Susan enough at Center for Sight for her patience and outstanding customer service. Susan went above and beyond with assisting me. I had been trying for close to 1 year to get my transitional lenses at Lens Crafters.(imagine my frustration)It took 8 months a call to the Regional Manager to finally get my money back as they were unable to correct my lenses so that I could actually see. When I went to Center for Sight my prescription was now expired, this left me a little frustrated. Susan did everything she could for me emailed my Dr as I had just had an eye exam in December 2017. She took the necessary steps to measure my eyes etc in order to move forward. She was great at follow up, called me when the Dr approved my prescription and called when it was ready. When I went to Center for Sight to pick up my glasses i had the pleasure to work with Dawn. Dawn also has great customer service attributes. I was also impressed to see Susan great me as well. The best part is it only took 1 try and I now actually have transitional lenses that I can see out of. :-) Thank you so very much...

electron life

Liz Cottrell

Been a patient with Center for Sight for years and would never consider changing to somewhere else. Great staff and top notch doctors.

Desi G

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