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REVIEWS OF Advanced Eye Care Associates IN Massachusetts

Fred McKiernan

The whole staff always has been friendly and professional for the several years I've been a patient. Dr. John Corrow closely and patiently listens, then customizes your visit; does not simply follow a standard office visit template. He's very good at explaining your situation and options as well as other people's experiences with those options. When needing to decide between a handful of contacts to solve a dry-eye situation, he was very willing to spend extra time fitting me with a variety of contacts to ensure I found the best ones for me. Just a great group of people.

Sarah Matyja

Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Everyone who I've ever met there has been extremely friendly, professional, and most importantly, one hundred percent competent in their jobs. Highly recommended. I believe my doctors name from today was Dr. Martinez and he was great. Definitely keeping him! (Though I have seen a few other docs there as well and they were all great)

Julie Himmel

I visited Advanced Eye Care Associates as a first-time patient for a recently developing chronic stye problem I’ve been having. I scheduled to see a doctor for 2:15. I show up 15 minutes early, fill out paper work, and 1 hour later there was no update. When I asked when I’d be seen, they said I had been moved to an “add on” list and 3 people were ahead of me in line - it could be another 45 min. She asked if I’d like to reschedule to another day, but since i had already waited this long, i decided to wait it out. However, when I told the receptionist that I couldn’t be gone from work this long and asked if I could run home and bring my laptop and work from the waiting room as I waited, she said ok - but they couldn’t hold my spot in line, so hurry back. I did, and luckily I still had my place in line once I returned. When I opened up my laptop to log in to my work email as I waited longer, I find out there is no WiFi. So essentially, the receptionist let me travel home and waste time for no reason. Finally, at 4:30 I am seen by a doctor. After a brief eye examination, and medical history run down, he confirmed that yes, I do in face have 2 styes, but provided no explanation or even speculation as to how this could have happened ( 4 styes in 3 months is not a coincidence, especially for never having a stye before). Instead, he wrote me an antibiotic prescription and was quick to send me on my way. I personally just finished a round of antibiotics and tend to only go on them as a last resort. Once I left, I searched for another eye doctor to get a second opinion and am SO happy that I did. I found a small practice in East Providence that was able to take me the same day. I barely waited, and was not only given alternative solutions to my stye problem, but a reasonable explanation upon very through examination as to why this may be happening to me and how to PREVENT the problem in the future. Advanced Eye Care Associates is probably fine if you’re looking to refill a contact prescription or get a new pair of glasses. But do not go here if you have an eye infection or other ailment unless you don’t mind waiting and being brushed off.

Jerleen Lopez

I brought my 4yr old and 5yr old for their first eye exams. They were absolutely amazing. Friendly staff. Dr.Sylvia was so good with my boys. Definitely will recommend.

F.Oyola Kathy

Very good Doctor ,office and employers, my doctor name is John and i never have any problem

John Totter

Very pleased with my experience. Staff was friendly, professional and efficient. The dr I saw actually listened to some particular concerns I had, understood them and provided a solution! That was a first! Thanks. Highly recommended.

Antonio Ramos

Reception desk were very courteous and professional. However I was extremely disappointed with lack of engagement from ophthalmologist.

Laura McDonald

First time having a thorough eye exam. Everyone was professional and I was so pleased with the appointment. Going back next week to be fit for progressive contacts. Highly recommend.


The staff is friendly and helpful. They always treat my daughter good.

Manuel Osorio Florez

Very professional and kind. But

Linda Newton

Very professional office with excellent customer service. Staff reflect the diversity of the patient population that this large practice serves.

Debora Green

I was interested in trying contacts and the doctor was very helpful in answering my questions. He is working with me in trying to get the right lenses for my prescription. I feel comfortable and respected by everyone I come in contact with. There is a genuine concern for the care of the patient. Check-in was quick, and I was taken in to see the doctor in less than 10 minutes.

Yolanda Harris

Advanced eye care did good on my eye. I love how they are working to fix all the problems that I am currently having with my eyes. They have a great team and I would definitely recommended everyone to go there.

Ian Richards

Great place to get your eyes checked out. Most likely the best in the State of RI.

Patricia Suarez

I just moved to Providence with my children. This was our first visit here. The place was clean and the employees were very professional. My children felt very comfortable with the doctor. The wait was not long at all. And the fact that they offer Saturday appointments is extremely convenient for me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Rebecca Mandeville Coleman

This is probably a fine place if you don’t have any abnormalities with your eyes. The eye doctor looked at my eyes and pronounced me “good” before handing me a new prescription (He didn’t tell me it had changed). He also didn’t notice or maybe just didn’t mention that I have an astigmatism in both eyes, as well as anoxic spots on my corneas. I would not be comfortable going here for anything other than routine we care with completely healthy eyes.

Alejandro Leguizamo

Very professional staff. My prescription was very different in some ways from my previous exams, but my vision is now excellent with my new glasses. Highly recommend this practice.

Jun Tao

Super slow. My appointment was noon. I waited for almost 40 mins to get an assistant to have eye examination and another 20 mins in the examination room to wait for the doctor. Doctors and staffs are cold, not pleasant at all. Will not come back for eye exam any more. Even though the location is pretty convenient.

Jenna Burke

While I consider Dr. Doyle to be extremely professional and very thorough, I have found that often times he is running late and I end up waiting impatiently in the exam room for long periods of it was 45 minutes! I understand that things happen and emergency situations may arise but this has happened on more than one occasion...Just wish the office wouldn’t try to squeeze in so many patients in one day!

Larry Levin

I am very hesitant to post a poor review because I’m in the healthcare field in RI also and know the negative impact it can have but I feel potential patients must know the choice they are making. I came to Dr. Sylvia with the expressed desire to improve the vision of my previous specialty contact lenses which were 4 years old. He assured me he could do that but required me to sign an agreement that said I would forfeit $500 if I returned them. Of course, with his promise of improved vision I had no reason to return them and I trusted him. Each of his attempts to improve my vision failed and in fact it was significantly worse than before. I was forced to go back to my old contacts each time. On the last visit, I told Dr. Sylvia I had to blink repeatedly to improve my vision for an instant and it was very unstable. His reply was that “my brain would adapt to this” and he was happy with the results. Really??? I decided to further trust and try the contacts but after 2 weeks of constantly reverting to my old lenses, I realized they were not usable. I could not even read license plates when driving. Being in the health care field, I wrote a nice letter to the owner of Advanced Eye Care after returning my lenses, explained my situation and requested a refund of the final $500. I expected they would do the right thing. His reply was that they would not refund the money due to the overhead expense of the visits and the cost of the equipment used. The fact I had said the vision was poor at each visit and had been promised better vision didn’t matter. Advanced Eye Care, patients don't care how high tech your equipment is if you deliver poor quality results. It really seemed like Dr. Sylvia was more concerned about me making payments each visit than delivering high quality care. Anyone who goes to see Dr. Sylvia for specialty contact lenses is forewarned and should think twice before signing anything. Better yet, go someplace else and avoid all these issues. Great customer service and high quality care are far from guaranteed.

Mike Baer

Easy to communicate with Outstanding Doctor Doyle and his friendly staff. If you Deaf and use ASL, ask for Paul in the eyeglasses department. He’s awesome!! MB

Christian Ciro

My eye exam was great I called on Wednesday and they were able to schedule my appointment the next day at 11:30am. I walked in as a guest tine patient and was out within a half hour. Only thing that was weird was I was put on hold while on the phone. I somehow got connected to an incoming call from aapatient trying to make an appointment as well.

Aston Martin

The staff an doctor's are amazing! I especially love the ladies working at the window they work so hard an so very caring made me feel like I was at home.

Michelle Johnson

Great positive experiance. Great staff and wonderful doctors. Teresa, Alexis, Priscilla and Dr. Norton were all attentive to me and my needs. Thanks a bunch.

Hill Opticians

We needed a contact lens prescription for a Dartmouth Student. Advanced called and this is exactly what was said ... "what's your fax number" I gave it then.. "thank you" and she hung up. No hello, no goodbye nothing. Awful!!! If we treated our patients like that we'd no longer be in business! Get your act together Advanced Eye Care!

Lydia Villafaña

I will not be coming back here for services, the doctor that performed my eye exam attend me well. How ever the young lady that was suppose to help me with choosing frames. Was not helpful at all she left me unattended not once but 3 times had to go looking for her, by the 3 time I realized she did not want to attend to me. So I decided to leave with out choosing a frame. Very unprofessional I believe it had to do with my nationality. Alot of that going on in this world. I refused to give my money to a agency where I'm not treated with dignity or respect. Just wanted you to know this was my very first visit.

Phire Phrey

poor trekker

First time visitor with an appointment with Dr Carl Corrow . He is the man: attentive, informed, and wicked smaht. Got lots and lots of info about my particular work type/office setup. Yeah, eyewear is expensive; no way around that, but at least the consult and recommendations are sound.

Leonard Watkins

I love the service and hospitality and kind service from the receptionists, doctors and the rest of the staff.

Anthony Giannini

Very thorough and efficient operation. Minimal wait time makes it easy to schedule even when you're busy. Ease of making appointments online is a plus, too.

Karen Murphy, RN

Very nice people and super efficient - plus I received great help in choosing new glasses!

D Mitch

Lively staff, friendly doctor...overall great service.


Dr. Norton is an outstanding optometrist! His knowledge, expertise and professionalism are second to none.

Michael Hannigan

Absolutely fantastic. Very professional and methodical. They also have a retail section where you can be very specific with your lens order and get exactly what you asked for - unlike a popular local chain. on the retail side, you can pick from a variety of lens frames, but what's more important is that you can order very specifically what frames you want. When I have gone to another retailer that's local, and I ordered Crizal lenses and transition lenses, I ended up with the store brand coating and some cheap tinted coating that peeled off within a few weeks. This retail establishment is not like that. You order specifically what brand of coating and what brand of lenses you want and they will deliver exactly what you ordered. I'm very particular like this and I had a very hard time finding some actually take specific orders and deliver them. Some places will say they are and then deliver something else. The only option for me previously was go online to get what I wanted. But I don't have to do that anymore because I can go to the store, and with something comfortable ordering it from someone local rather than trusting it to the internet.

Tara Goon

Great place!! I’ll definitely be returning and absolutely recommend

Miguel Mena-Torres

I resently had an appointment with Advanced Eye Care and I am always thankful to get a thorough eye exam. I am very happy with their excellent service and advises to better talk care of my eyes. Thanks

Robert Bright

I was pleased with the location and the doctor seems to know what he is doing. It is rather large and busy.

Quatia Osorio

Hung up on me 3x while trying to book an appointment. The customer service has gone down over the past 3 yrs.

Michael O'Brien

I Just moved to the Providence area and have been searching for a quality eye doctor. I researched Numerous places and Advanced Eye Care stood out among others as far as experience and better reviews. I gave them a try and not only did they meet the expectations they went above them. They were very efficient and thorough. Doctor Boyle was professional, very knowledgeable and really took the time to make sure I comprehended and understood everything. I'm happy to say he will be my new eye doctor and this is where I will be going from now on.

Lee Coken

Very nice and attentive staff and doctors. I have been going there for over 10 years.

Sheila Hogg

Well-trained professionals, very thorough and friendly. Optical shop has everything you need (and want).

Corrine Silva

Friendly Doctor and staff. Addrrdsed all my concerns.


After being a patient for a few years my rating has changed from 5 stars to 1 star due to the rudeness of the front desk. I still like the doctors. However, the wait time has gotten really bad 30 mins or more. Time to find a new eye doctor.

C'Ara Hurd

Called to make a appointment was told they have an opening next week and that they took my insurance then got put on hold someone picked up the phone a couple of minutes later with a nasty attitude proceed to take down my information without even confirming I was good with an appointment time and then when she said the earliest one she now had was almost a month way and they didn’t take my particular insurancedespite what I was originally told I declined because I won’t be in town and I need something sooner she then said “really”and hung up the phone

jessica Bertenshaw

The doctors and staff there are very professional,kind and caring and know what they are talking about.

Lori Barden

What an amazing experience! The staff is friendly and welcoming, and Dr. Doyle took the time to really listen to my concerns, both for me and my oldest child. My whole family will be making the switch to Advanced Eye Care Associates!

princess heather

the staff is amazing and the doctors are even better. The doctor takes his time to answer any questions you might have never feel rushed very professional and very courteous I love taking my family here

Jay Jacoby

Best eye exam I've had in 10 years. Everyone both very professional and courteous. State-of-the-art equipment. Doctor was thorough, attentive, and sympathetic.

Troy Ortiz

Fast process and i get my new glasses in a week! Id highly recommend

Linda Garceau

I have had the best eye care here! Recently, I was seen for an urgent visit, and was told to come right in. Yes, I did wait, but Remember, I was not originally a scheduled patient for this day, so I expected to wait, I was really appreciative and so grateful that they were able to accommodate me so quickly. This is a very busy office, but when being seen, these doctors take their time with you, they explain everything. The front office staff has always been very friendly, Tanya, Michelle and all of the front desk staff are very nice. I have never had a bad experience here. This is a top notch office. I would not jeopardize my eyes with anyone else. Thank you again, to all the docs and staff here. I appreciate you all !!!

William Monroe

Very quick and efficient service. Good prices. I've been coming here for 2 years now, and have had a great experience.

Robert Mayoh

Very friendly and experienced staff providing excellent eye care.

Terrance Jackson

Very pleasant experience. Was my first visit. The staff was friendly and welcoming.

Maryellen Butke

My experience at Advanced Eye Care was extremely positive. Here were the highlights: 1) I loved being able to make an appointment online. That makes the process so much easier. 2) The young woman who first met with me was lovely––warm, competent, instilled confidence. 3) Dr. Matt Dolan was great. Friendly, extremely knowledgable and efficient. I will definitely recommend Advanced Eye Care Associates to others.

Jana Stevenson

Dr. Doyal is very attentive and helpful. The office staff are always polite and easy to work with!

Tina Venditelli

Dr Doyle is the only one I see there because he is the best. They overbook him which makes him late for his patients and the front desk help is completely rude. I was the ONLY one in line and I had to wait over 10 minutes for one of them to stop their conversation and check me in. Then a dog came in and I was ignored. Front desk needs new staffing

Jonathan Smith

Doctors are fantastic and really take their time with you! How ever I will never buy my glasses there again. They tell me it would be ready in a week to pick up my new frame and its been way over a month! I call and they are nothing but rude!

Doris Bibby

I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. Norton. He is very thorough and informative. He asks questions and listens to your response. I will see him again next year for my next appointment.

Jack Rusley

Very efficient, courteous staff, and they adjusted my glasses for free!

Virginia Pires

Choosing new eyeglass frames. Many choices. Employee that waited on me was professional and personable. My new glasses were ready for pickup 4 days later.

Savannah Ford

Staff was nice but for some reason struggled to get my insurance info what should have taken an hour tops took two hours.

Brenda Almeida

All staff especially the doctors are caring, knowledgeable, and professional. No waiting, I was taken exactly at the time of my appointment.

Dulce G.G.

Advanced eye care is going down hill ever since Dr. Auclair retired. Most likely will still continue to. I went there today to pick up my contact lenses and my daughters eye glasses. So during both our exams I was told my contacts were a total of $105. The lady at the front desk charged me and did not tell me that she had messed up on the price she originally told me and just perceeded to charge me $120 for the contacts. So when I realized I questioned her and she basically said there is nothing she could do. She also stated I didn't think it was going to be a problem it's only $15 dollars more. This lady is obviously unprofessional! Its obvious I'm upset but I'm still polite. I said to her why didn't anyone call me to let me know of the change? She had no answer. What she could have done was charge me what she had said the contacts cost in the first place since it was her mistake! Advanced eye care needs to retrain their employees. I've given this place a lot of chances. This is not the 1st problem I've had with them. Now I'm just done with advanced eye care!

Rebecca Rhoads

I had an unexpected eye injury and they were able to see me immediately. I am so grateful for the extremely fast service and the doctor was so friendly and helpful.

Janet Buckley

Fast prompt professional service with a smile

Paulette Barden

Always busy but Dr. Carl takes the time to explain everything and never rushes you out the door.

Lisa Bazzle

Had an eye emergency. They saw me right away. Great experiences. Took the time to answer all my questions. Would definitely recommend this place.

David Sheer

Tiffany was amazing! Very sweet, caring and Knowledgeable. Thanks so much for creating such a great experience for both me and my son!

Paul DiCristofaro

Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. State of the art facility.

T Mc

My experience with Advanced Eye Care was nothing but professional. I went in for my annual check up. Alex was super nice and very personable. She was also very detailed and prepared me for the eye tests I was going to go through. Dr. John was kind and gave me the most thorough eye exam and listened to the issues I had with my contacts. I was very impressed with the staff and service this office provides. I also liked the fact they have an optic shop with so many frames to choose from. From now on this will be my one- stop-shop for all my eye care needs. And just found out they are open on Saturday’s too. I’m so confident with their work I made an appointment for my kids. It’s so nice to know my eyes are in good hands. Thank you!


AEC is a great place to take care of your eyesight. The doctors are professionals and knowledgeable. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Robby Fresh

Lady was rude at front desk. Seemed like she had better things to do for the day. Keep trying to charge me $75 even tho I have VSP insurance. I just walked out. Won't go here ever again. They just lost business of a family of four. Poor service.

Melanie L Lawrence

Dr Doyle is wonderful. The assistants that do the eye scans are great. But the front desk staff leave a lot to be desired. Never friendly, it seems more like patients are pests. They're not openly hostile, but they damn sure are rude.

Alex Castillo

What can be said about the exams? They examined my eyes. I did ask questions about our eyes and how they progressively deteriorate with time. The doctor did take the time to answer my questions which I was grateful for. The technician worked quickly. All in all, it took longer than I thought it would.

Michael Garcia

Received some of the worst service ever. I am a pilot and politely asked to skip a pupil dilation test which requires use of dilating drops to temporarily make your pupils larger. I had a flight in an hour and know that it can influence my eye sight. In return, this African American nurse who didn't even perform the exam started yelling at me and schooling me. She was insisting, and I told her I cannot do it because it will endanger me and my passengers. Besides my eyesight is good. She didn't care about my safety in order to squeeze some money out of my insurance. I have a PhD and know that this test in NOT required, especially if my eyesight is good. They care about money more than your safety. I asked my medical records and will take my business elsewhere.

Maria DiMascio

I have never had a problem with the doctors. They are nice and knowledgeable. But the office... that is a different issue. I ordered two boxes of contact lenses through the phone by leaving a message in their automated service. A week later I called to ask why it was taking so long and I was told they did not have any records of my order. I assumed it was just a glitch. I ordered in June a year supply of contacts and I had again the same issue, when at last they got my lenses and I went to pick them up, they have gotten me the wrong ones! So frustrating! Just today I went to have one of my eyes checked and the doctor prescribed eye drops. I was told they would call the prescription in to my pharmacy, but they never did! I called them and they kept forwarding my message to an automated service. Now the office is closed I have no eye drops to treat my eye!

A Cat

Advanced Eye Care is the best place to go for healthy eyes. I am seeing Dr.Doyle and he is amazing. I wish all Doctors were like Dr. Doyle,he is so thorough and he honestly cares about his patients.I have some eye issues going on right now and I feel so thankful I have him to take care of them. I would also like to take this time to give Alex who is an eye technician at Advanced Eye Care a rave review. She is so kind .and extremely smart.Alex demonstrates empathy which is so important when working with the public. I feel like I have know her all of my life. I feel everyone could learn a good lesson in humanity just by being in her company. I wish Alex and Dr. Doyle success and again thank you for being so kind and caring and professional at the same time do not ever ever change. Thank You Andrea Cardente

Mary Topper

This has been my eye care provider for MANY years, and will be for a long time to come. Besides the friendly, professional staff (doctors, medical assistants, administrative assistants, optometrists... everyone!), the entire physical location is maintained to be comfortable and VERY clean, which is something every patient/client will appreciate. My thanks to Dr. Carl Corrow for his thorough and attentive care over these many years. Update 9/10/19: Still very happy with the thorough and educated care at Advanced Eye... Maybe more!

Tory K

Great experience!!! Asked about contacts and all my questions were answered!!! After wearing glasses for over 20 years! I'm trying out contacts and loving them!! Great staff!! All so polite!!!

CC Wall

This is the most caring group of doctors and staff around. I have been going here for years. They take excellent care of me. I trust them completely. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Gagnier

Dr. Carl is very thorough. He also gets my quirky personality.

Heidi Davis

I love this place staff kind and courteous my eye doctor not only is he cute as a button but he is knowledgeable and he cares about your peepers I will continue to be a patient of advanced eye care

Patricia Olbrys

This place is a great place to go.. staff Is always friendly and nice and same goes for the eye doctors. Wouldn't go anywhere else but here !!


I’ve been to several doctors there and they have all been excellent! All friendly and take the time to answer questions. They got me in for an emergency appointment very easily! I DO recommend Advanced Eye Care Associates to my co- workers, friends and family. Even the lady at CVS!

Lori Graham

Been my eye doctor for many years Staff is very nice polite I just Love my ophthalmologist enjoyed the conversation with Dr. Carrow

ruth demelo

Very nice place and professional staff. People are very friendly and kind. My kids and I just loved it there.

Tanya Couvertier

Had an awesome experience, the front desk was very friendly, Norma, Michelle and Annette. Also Dr. Doyle took good care of my 10 year old son, he loved the experience

Cynthia Sousa

Love Dr Doyle. Very professional along with all his very professional and pleasant staff. Large variety of frames to choose from.

Lori Corsi

very polite and helpful team

Luis Luis

I cannot say enough positive things about Advance Eye Care. The most thoughtful, caring, patient group of people you’d ever want serving your optical needs. Professional, knowledgeable, attentive, bi-lingual, accessible and an impressive facility with state-of-the-art equipments. It came highly recommended and can see why. Now I recommend it to everyone reading this post. A special holla to Paul in particular, the eye frame and lense specialist. Bright, courteous, talented and caring to the very end of your visit. LOVE THEM!!

Keith Haupt

Friendly people, the doctor s very communicative, and they squeezed me in for an appointment when there really wasn't room in the schedule so I wouldn't have to go without contacts, I got nothing to complain about.

Peter S. DeMasi

Dr. Doyle and staff have Always have been very attentive and professional.

Jacqueline Jenkins

excellent service from the front desk to the doctor. Thank you

Deborah Viele

Professional and courteous service providers, on behalf of both the doctor and the technician. They both took the time to answer and address any concerns I had. It was a very pleasant and respectful experience in a world where customer service is all but non-existent these days.

Ashley Minugh

The doctor and his assistants were nice, and very helpful! Thank you I look forward to my next appointment!

Theresa Raymond

Large office with several doctors. Evening and weekend hours are very convenient.

Carrie Sawyer

Super slow service though staff are very pleasant. I work two minutes up the street, booked for noon thinking I could run up at 11:45 and be back to the office well before 1:00. Took ten minutes waiting in line to check in and another almost 45 minutes in the waiting room before an assistant rushed me through the vision machines. I got five minutes with the doctor and didn’t have time for a dilated exam. Got my script but won’t likely return despite the convenient location.

Chintan Modi

Overall very professional. Got into the office pretty quickly. I waited between 5-to-10 minutes after checking in at the receptionist’s desk. My tests done rapidly, but with proper attention. Doctor and their assistant spent time getting to know you and to answer your questions. Only thing I would suggest need improvement is friendliness of the front desk staff.

Lynn DiCecco

Great place. I recommend Dr Lawrence Norton......I have been going to him for about 30 years; he knows his stuff, and he has a very pleasant demeanor.

Truck Rhino

Not sure why but ALWAYS RUNNING LATE , its frustrating to lose time and $$ out of work because they seem to over schedule

James Smith

Pushes services that are not necessary and only cares about billing more money from a patient. Associates are rude. Had glasses made there, and they would not fit tight, asked to have them adjusted and got a denial.

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