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REVIEWS OF Visionary Eye Doctors IN Maryland

Marjorie Cesaire

I had a great experience. The atmosphere is professional, efficient, and thorough. I felt comfortable and appreciative of the care I received. Thank you. Marjorie

Deena Barlev

This is a large practice with several excellent board-certified ophthalmologists specializing in different areas. I am under the outstanding care of Dr. Sandra Cremers. Skillful and friendly techs work efficiently as a team to take patients through a variety of imaging and diagnostic procedures before the doctor's examination. The practice's efficiency has greatly improved over the years, and you leave knowing you've had a thorough and comprehensive examination of one of your most precious gifts--vision and eye health.

Evy GL

Great eye care

Leah Butterfield

Very positive experience for my husband who had already seen one corneal specialist and was told that there was nothing wrong even though he could not see through his right eye .doctor Cremmers was amazing as well as for staff . Highly recommend .

Mr Henry

The entire office staff are polite and precise. Dr. Middleton thank you for your service.

man hood

Dr. Martinez is absolutely wonderful. He is a very talented eye care professional with a very vibrant spirit and he always has motivating words. The office is updated with state of the art technology. The staff is friendly and professional. What more can I say? This is a wonderful place to have your eyes taken care of.


I am happy to share my experience with the Visionary Eye Doctors.. Respectful Tonya; Insightful Axzavia; Knowledgeable Melvin and Melvin, and the Family doctor Dr. S. Middleton for the last 30 yrs..Thank you for my new eyes.

Sharon Henery

Efficient, professional and no long wait time.

Hawaii Tiger

Dr Allen and his associated staff are always so efficient and friendly. He has treated me for several eye problems even some that required laser surgery. When those situations arose he was even available on the weekend. His skills are top notch. You can find a better place To place your trust in!

Adha Williamson

Dr. Cremer is an Excellent Doctor She is very detailed, precise and very kind. She takes her time to explain anything you may have questions on or just need additional information. The staff is friendly. The offices are modern and very clean. I love how easy it is to get an appointment. Overall a 5 star doctor. Recomiendo a la Dra. Creemers, muy precisa en su diagnostico y muy estudiada., No hay duda que su bondad, su experiencia y su amabilidad la hacen una gran option para cualquier paciente.

Miguel Cabrera

I have been a patient at Visionary Eye Doctors. For good 12 years now and I always care for with promptinnes and respect. Not to mention the comprehensive type of examination given each time I come for my exams. Being for contacts or glasses and medical exam. Special thanks to Doctor Hosseini for being so dedicated to my care and his dedication to explain the best option available to me.

Ricardo Israele

My doctor, Fritz Allen is a fantastic professional, very capable and connected with his patients. Great facilities and excellent customer service

Farah Assefnia

I have been patient of this center for many years & only reason that I continue to go there is only Dr.Hosseine . Office look great but it is too busy with many staffs who there is no cordination between them . One year they did not post my copay which I paid at the time of service , so with sending the receipt many times , my account was in process to collection . I send email to manger then it fixed . Next year they charge two days in a row to insurance so my paid copay was applied to one day & showed I owe them money which again with dr help resolved , I hope they send money back to insurance !!!Last week for different eye test , i have been passing from one Tec to another . The staff(tec) are not trained to do all proper test so your name will call from each corner of the room for different test . They call me to perform the test , until we get to the room the staff did not know that room is accupied with other patient . Again office looks good , staff look professional but running the business is so commercialized . No good management . I wish my Dr will work some other place .

Terrell Pearson

I have never had a problem with an eye doctor's visit until now. Kimberly who works at the DC office was very unprofessional in her miscommunication with myself AND the insurance company VSP. Simply said, she retrieved false, inaccurate information concerning my insurance coverage. When I attempted to help her understand the mistake, she chose to ignore my returned call and was reluctant to do a conference call to confirm accuracy. VSP rectified my complaint and communicated my insurance information to this Dr's office but after not receiving any call or email from them I'll do business elsewhere. My advice, be sure your insurance information is accurate and that no violation of any HIPPAA law has occurred, or better yet just go somewhere else.

Charlene Hamilton

I would have given 5 stars but, I had to wait an hour for my 1st appointment , because truly the service is awesome!!!!

Robert Martin

Dr. Martinez and the staff at Visionary Eye Doctors are the tops in professionalism. First rate care.

Ed Portz

Too many copays and everything is priced above everywhere else i have been.

Tung Tran

This eye clinic is awesome from self kiosk check-in to a full line of friendly staff to meet and greet their patients. My son, who was here for both cataracts evaluation and measurements, got the best service possible by friendly/professional eye technicians and Dr.Allen. These folks really put us at ease while dealing with our, perhaps complicated, symptoms. I truly trust Dr. Allen's expertise and professionalism when my son comes in for his cataract procedure.

Luisa Millan

As much as I love the doctors in this practice, I must say that the they should train the front desk, those ladies are unprofessional and rude, zero customer service awareness. I’ve made an appointment the day before to pick my glasses up, I was meant to be seen by 4:00 but had to wait for almost an hour, when I approached the front desk, a lady named Zaira, was rude and petulant while answering my questions. This could be a wonderful practice if they just can find more amicable people to seat at front. Meanwhile the doctors are humble, nice and caring, nothing compare to the divas searing at the front desk, sadly these people are the first face of this place, so your first impression might not be as good as you think. On the other hand the lady in charge of the ophtometry, Amy, was very nice, she used a very profesional and calming way to diminish my frustration after waiting for almost an hour, those ladies should learn from her and the doctors.

Nicky Khongsawat

The doctors here are extremely nice and attentive. The problem here is the employees. The first time i visited this location I loved how I was treated and helped. This time around the office was having problems receiving my records from another doctors office. After waiting for 30 minutes for them to get my records they asked me if I could either go pick them up or to simply reschedule my appointment for another day - unacceptable. I called the other office myself and managed to get them to fax my records over. I did not appreciate that I had to do their job, and that I was being dismissed when they could not get my records, even after waiting there for 30 minutes!


I've been seeing Dr. Allen for over 5 years (my father for even longer) and i have full confidence in his expertise and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Suejean !!

The service was great!! The people were very nice, but they take forever to call you up. My appointment was a 3:30 and it ended up being 4:30... But that’s my only complaint!!

Juanita Eagleson

I am a long-time recipient of the professional eye care provided by Dr. Shirley Middleton and her staff. In fact, she watched over (no pun intended) and cared for both of my parents as they aged and struggled with various vision problems and has continued over the years to give me the same care and attention. Now, as I accept my "senior" status and the need to be more vigilant about my most treasured asset, my vision, I am even more grateful for Dr. Middleton's services. With her support and advice, I recently went through cataract surgery performed by Dr. Alberto Martinez. He was very supportive and sensitive from the point of my initial visits through the actual operation. I was certainly surprised by his phone call to ask how I was feeling the evening after the surgery. All of the staff at the Palisades Surgery were highly professional and attentive, as well. Of course, I will faithfully touch base with Dr. Middleton for a final check-up following the procedure.

George Johnson

All the staff members were warm and friendly. Dr. Martinez was very patient and explained all my options. I received a complete written history of my visit. Thank you for all your years of handling my eye care needs.

Max Callatin

Easy access, friendly staff, good communication. Very helpful. Overall had a great experience.

Michael Resser

Top notch eye care by one of the best opthomologists in the Washington metropolitan area. Office staff are professional, kind and caring.

Sam R

Really enjoyed my experience here. The staff is kind and courteous and very accommodating. I was really impressed with the thorough care and extraordinary bedside manner. She is really friendly and demonstrates both a professional and compassionate demeanor. The office is busy but their staff does a great job with operations so you are attended to quickly. The optical department is really attentive to your needs and wants in terms of choosing your glasses/contacts. I highly recommend this office for your eye care!

Valerie Phillpotts

Thanks for the staff who attended to me during my visit. They are very professional attentive and caring. Dr Middleton was very thorough and specific with her instructions to maintain good eye sight .

Daniela Padovani

Very rude and incapable managers

Stephen A. Hart

I’ve got kerataconus and Dr Babak Hosseini has been my doctor for at least the past 5 years, and is the doctor I trust. He goes above and beyond to ensure we are managing my condition. I highly recommend him and this practice.

Don Maximo

Was terrible I got infection on my right eye after I went so I do not recommend and the personal working in the front desk they si rude I have really bad experiences

Larry Pinto

My Wife Sheila and .myself were there on the 16th for a visit. Greeted promptly, in a courteous and friendly manner. We were treated well by Jacqueline the ophthalmologist and Dr. Alan. I believe and know that Dr. Alberto Martinez and his Team should be the first place for all eye patients to visit should they have any visionary issues. Thank you once again and keep up the contribution to the many, who need your expertise. Good Luck. Sheila and Larry Pinto

Maria Leiva

I was impressed with the attention I got for the staff and doctor. Very pleased.

Hector Sealey

Great staff, and excellent Doctors committed to the patients well being

Rogan Schneider

Exceptional experience! Dr. Housseini was very thorough and a wealth of information. He was great with my nine year-old son. I would highly recommend this practice. It is high tech, clean and everyone was very kind. Dr. Martinez was also great with my son! I will definitely be returning to this practice for future treament!

Susan Seiler

Van Ness office: Patient, cheerful front desk staff make for a super check in and check out. Dr. Moainie impressed me tremendously with his thorough explanations, kind manner and practical doctoring. Eyeglass selection is thoughtfully small and overseen by a knowledgeable, delightfully low-key young woman (forgot the name). I'm delighted with my new glasses.

Betty Hafner

The office has become wonderfully efficient, and each person I interacted with was polite and helpful. This was not always true in the past, but I'm happy to recommend it highly now.

Michael Cohen

It has a very comprehensive practice. Dr. Martinez is an outstanding eye surgeon. The technical staff is good. I am well satisfied.

Gloria Daly

My primary doctor recommended that I see Dr. Martinez for a medical evaluation of cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. I was so impressed—the office runs so efficiently, and the technicians are so kind and well-trained. Best of all, Dr. Martinez is gentle, delightful, and so expert and caring. Not a minute of my visit was wasted and I know I am in expert hands.

M ABenitez

Made it to the appointment 10 minutes before check in and everything, waited 30 minutes and no one had the courtesy to inform me that they were behind schedule. The recepcionist was very busy talking to a patients relative for good 30 minutes plus. Did not bother to turn and look at me when I was standing there waiting to ask her why it was taking so long to call us. Finally when I got a chance, I told her we were there for 30 minutes why was it taking so long to call us( when this never happen before). Thats when she finally try to get information as what was happening. So, I told her I was going to reschedule the appointment (that I had scheduled 6 months ago) she offer end of December didn't even try to accommodate the appointment for something more sooner. Very disappointed. For the record, this never happen before to us. They have always been on time when we had appointments.

Gustavo Donolo

Great doctors and office if you have the time and patience to wait

Suheyla Rogers

Great office I was handled with great care and the technicians even speeded up the process because they knew I was in a rush During our test. Even for them to have a full waiting room and the 10 test I did I was done within a hour.

Christine Dickson

Everyone was very nice and helpful. I had a great experience. I will see you next year.

Martin Green

Excellent and efficient office. Doctors are very good. They have to get a coat rack!

Brad Atkinson

I have been a patient for ten years after a reasonably rare eye-health event and continuing visual condition. I receive professional, courteous, and efficient care from the MDs, DO, and techs. I believe they are motivated by providing best care for your specific situation.

Crystal Garcia

The office was very clean, comfortable and technologically advanced. Apparently, there have been a lot of changes with vision insurance in the past year which is not known to the common person. I am all for technology, but you check in on a kiosk and in my opinion it takes away from personal contact and explanation. Therefore, I had not known if I was getting a medical vision exam or vision exam. The kiosk didn't ask me to specify and I didn't know. You would think it is self explanatory. I was handed papers for a contact fitting and the fitting fees indicated they were charged for a new contact user or brand change brand change. I fit neither category and I thought I was getting charged for something I shouldn't. I informed one of the technicians. The technician indicated it is a fitting fee. It didn't make sense. If my prescription was the same and I was using the same brand, I wouldn't need to be fitted. I didn't need training on contacts, etc. then she said that it was a federal law that you have to be fitted once a year. I looked that up and found quite the opposite. I was fuming because I thought I had chosen a nickel and dime doctor. I was getting ready to walk out. Dr. Riverez was the saving grace of the day: She was very understanding about the confusion. She explained everything thoroughly and the difference. She also was really great with my child. Very patient and kind. The technician helping her was also very helpful. By the time I got back to the front desk the line was very long which leads me to believe they need more help at the front. I once again got confused on the fees, but the assistant came out and explained them to me. I would recommend this practice.

jose fuentes

What a pleasant place this clinic is. The Doctors are the Best on what they do. The assistants and all the staff treat the patients very polite and with great respect. What a great place to take care of your vision.

Kat P

The staff is great and Dr. Riveros is the best!!!. We have been coming here with my son since 2016 for his very first complete eye exam- he need it glasses! and he was not happy, but the whole experience was very positive and he has been wearing them since with no issues. We come yearly, he loves Dr. Riveros, she is knowledgeable, kind and a pleasure to interact with, always answers questions and makes sure to make my son feel comfortable. Everyone is very nice and courteous!!!

Silvina Francischelli

I bring my dad and i told front desks dont do it anything before tell my parent the cost NO feont desks dont pay attention...checkout was expensive for us...

Kevin Younes

I found everyone to be very friendly, courteous and thorough. From the receptionists, too the technicians taking me through the process to look at my eyes as well as choosing the correct new frames and lenses. I especially enjoyed Dr. Cremers, she was down to earth and made me feel confident with my eye exam.

Jackie Mallet

Dr. Allen is amazing! The wait was minimal, quick and precise diagnosis, courteous and empathetic doctor. Have recommended to many friends already!

Sofia Catita

Great experience with a particular doctor but the office experience is terrible. They are very expensive and do not have a competent policies with fees. The wait there is always about 2 hours min. Too big and too busy and way topo expensive. The only reason i go there is for the individual doctor.

Betsy Woodruff

I had a bad experience here. After accidentally leaving my drivers license with the receptionist, they seemed to lose it. And it was impossible to get someone there on the phone to figure out 1) if they had found it, and 2) when I could pick it up. I wasted a trip to their DC office in search of the license. A little more professionalism on their end would have made my life much easier. It was disappointing.

David Maconi

Dr. Cremers is the 8th Wonder of the World! I literally thank God that this woman, with both her technical skills and her A+ bedside manner, has devoted her professional life to the treatment and hopefully one day cure, for this horrific condition of extreme cases of Dry Eye. There was a long journey searching for a competent Physician who understands the nuances of this mind and body numbing disease. Shockingly intense pain levels. But the high energy, caring, go the extra mile attitude as well as personal touch that Dr. Cremers gives to her patients is rare and refreshing. She has given me hope that I can have a meaningful life where none existed. Best if all is her search for newer and better ways to treat this multifaceted disease while using current state of the art techniques mostly unavailable elsewhere. One more note. The staff that supports her treatment of patients is unsurpassed. A wonderful personal tough in their approach. That matters greatly and is a problem in other offices. If you are reading this, you are likely suffering from the pain of Intense Dry Eye. Dr. Cremers is best positioned to assist with your journey to recovery. Good luck.

Harriett Haynes

Very organized office. Everyone is efficient and good at their job. Dr Martinez performed cater act surgery on me 3 weeks ago. It was pain free and a huge improvement. Very happy to be in Visionary Eye Doctors care.

diane q

Great attentive service. Appointment started early when I arrived early. Marvin who did my medical exam was thorough and explained everything well. Dr Middleton is always kind and helpful.

Song Fu

Great experience with Dr. Allen. He was very efficient and I never had to wait long for either my medical exam or surgery. However I would have liked some sort of email confirmation after scheduling an appointment just so I can use it as a reference on the appointment date to know where I'm going and who I will be seen by. Also, after the minor surgery that I had, I think my experience would have been better if I could have been provided some brief guidance on how long to take the prescription ointment and what precautions I needed (i.e. contacts use, exercise, etc.)

Jennifer McNeal

Horrible Experience! Front desk staff were untrained for any potential patient who opted out of the kiosk. Very unorganized and requested information that was already provided in preparation for the appointment well in advance. What was even more frustrating is the fact that the tech asked me to verify PII directly in front of other patients AND asked me questions about my medical history COMPLETELY UNRELATED to my eye health!

Michael Cheetham

I love this practice - amazing doctors and staff. Kiosk check-in is great. I just wish they could have seen me within 30 minutes of my appoint time.

Carolyn Jackson


Blanca Valle

I thought i would be satisfied with this place after being there for my vision exam and i was it was not until they made an appointment for me to get a medical exam for my eyes. Well i took the day off of work and show up to my appointment and they say they just realized my insurance would not cover it. They should have checked that before because it was not fair that i had to miss a day of work and waste my time going their!

Jeff Noel

Amazing facility and excellent service

Gloria R

As a large business operation this place is terrible, the receptionists are not helpful at all, gave me an attitude when I interrupted their personal conversation to ask for a pen so I can sign in, once I did so I pointed out it was my very first visit but this one receptionist ignored that piece of information. -front desk people are unprofessional and rude. -I waited 20 minutes for the correct instructions from the front desk. -I waited 1hour to see the first technician. -staff is not helpful nor informative. -if I didn’t ask any questions on what they were doing during each exam/test, technicians would’ve been happy to stay quiet -each of my questions were barely explained by technicians. -dr. Cremers was nice and informative but made me feel rushed and tried to upsale me products that sounded gimmicky and not covered by insurance.

Jacqueline Powell

My aunt is the patient and she has been very happy with the service. She loves Dr Martinez.

Laila Adib

great place and very nice employees and i suggest this place, great place and you get lots of help and explanation and employees care to see if there is something wrong.

Bob Tupper

Overs scheduled. Left alone on a room for a half hour. My doctor is great This office is awful. Next time I'm going to drive 40 minutes further to get to his other office

Richard Lucas

Efficient and courteous reception and professional staff. Thorough examination and patient advise. Parking free on Saturdays.....Outstanding!!!!!

Pauline Young

Very comprehensive and state of the art equipment. Each employee strives to be professional yet personable which in and of itself is challenging for a busy practice. I highly recommend them.

Patrice Ali

Very professional staff. I accidentally came the wrong day and they still allowed me to have an appointment. I really appreciate the customer service they provide.

Tatiana Cakici

Wonderful service, very personal, accurate diagnosis and solution. Dr. Moainie was great. I highly recommend this place.

The Kaslows

Highly efficient and professional treatment.

Denis Cvitanovic

Pleasant experience. Well organized and well equipped facility with polite personnel, very good technicians and extraordinary doctors.

Fit Coffee

Dr Babak Hossein was great, really took the time to explain everything and answer any question we had. He pays a lot of attention to what he does.

Lisa Tuvalo

Quick check-in process. Very thorough exam. I was glad that they could see me the day after I called. I had a bad itch in my eye that wouldn't go away, and they were the only ones who could see me immediately. All the other offices I called expected me to wait two to three weeks to schedule an appointment.


Visionary Eye Care they have outstanding friendly services and they are extremely helpful and informative about your eye care I would highly recommend them they are the best

Jo Ann Henry

I received exemplary care. Learned that I had been cleaning my eyeglasses incorrectly!

Angela Bugayong

Dr. Saeed was fantastic! She was thorough and explained each procedure with detail and terms in which someone with no background in Optometry can understand. I also appreciate the attentiveness of all the staff at Visionary Eye Doctors. As soon as I walked through the doors, the receptionist was kind. At the end of my visit, they gave me my prescription and didn't force me to purchase glasses immediately. I talked to some of my friends about my experience and they were surprised! Many other eye doctor places are not as detailed. Thank you for creating an environment in which you really care for the patient and not just trying to sell them glasses. I will be recommending Visionary Eye Doctors to all my friends! Bonus: The DC office is located right off the metro!

Berhanu Dessie

I had an outstanding service at Visionary Eye Doctors. The staffs were friendly and made me feel comfortable. I am quite satisfied with their service & I highly recommends them for anyone who looks forward to have eye evaluation.

Margarita Pineda

I called and they were able to see me the same day when I called after experiencing sudden vision changes after having a baby. They were very thorough in my exam and I was impressed when I saw several staff members being very patient and gentle with some older patients.

akm Islam

Service was wonderful and the doctor was very nice to me. I enjoyed my experience here

Barbara Mack

The Dr and staff at Visionary Eye Center is very compassionate and kind. They take the time to talk to you so you can understand. It makes the thirty minutes it takes me to get there worth it. I would recommend them anytime.

Steve Van Wagoner

Thorough, efficient, and trustworthy practice. They explain everything, and are thorough diagnostically.


Very busy. They don’t honor your scheduled time. The most confusing place on earth if you are there for the first time. Try it.

Nancy Braun

I go to Visionary Eye Doctors. I am Very pleased with the service i receive There. They are courteous, efficient And very attentive. I would recommend Them to anyone that needs eyecare. A satisfied customer.


Hidden fees! I was told at the desk that I had only a $10 co-pay, and two weeks later I was hit with a bill for over $70 for a scan I was told was not only required, but covered by my insurance. I was also told that to get new glasses I would have to come in again, meaning another appointment and copay (and probably more hidden fees). I have no time for a care provider who isn't transparent about cost. Either their staff doesn't know what they're doing, or they're hiding the fees on purpose, either way, no thanks.

Orfa Barrientos

Very professional from the front desk, to every technologist and medical personnel to physicians , state of the art equipment. vey please with surgery and other

Zonilar zonilar

Great drs..but the waiting is horrible..always behind..

Steven Burka

Dr. Hammer was great! The most thorough eye exam I have ever had. Dr. Hammer & the entire staff were professional, compassionate, & pleasant to work with.

Bold Frame Photography

This place is amazing! I had an emergency last night and they were able to see me next day in the morning, they made an exception because it was really an emergency. I love my doctor and every single person there is so nice. Thank you!

S. L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Martinez for a few years now. He is so experienced and every time I go, he uses a new machine on me. I like how the office keeps up with new technology and is willing to buy expensive state-of-the-art equipment. He is so patient and will sit to answer my questions- even when he is busy (which is EVERY time I'm there). They only complaint I had IN THE PAST was the wait time. My appointments would average about 3 hours from the time I stepped into the office. Two days ago, because of the new technology and improved office management, I was done in a little over an hour. I never waited more than 10 minutes for the next test (I've waited 30+ in the past). For someone who has a family history of blindness, eye disease, cataracts, and glucoma, I have to do a visual field every time and several other tests. To get out of there in a little over an hour was fantastic. Whatever you have done with the wait time keep it up! I will continue to send family and friends to this practice.

Julia Omotade

Should have read the reviews before coming here-they are all consistent. This office does not honor appt times, at all. The wait time is bizarre. It’s not unusual to wait up to an hour for a med appt, but the lack of communication/courtesy update at this office, really makes you wonder about basic training and professionalism. For something as simple as an eye exam/perscription- it’s *def* not worth the wait.

Jonelle Thom

Dr. HosseiniI was very personable & knowledgeable. I felt my eyes were in good capable hands. Will definitely see him again for future needs.

Gigi Aycox

The staff works as a team. They are professional . Dr. Freidman is wonderful! He is patient and dedicated to helping his patients have the best visual capability they can have. This alone makes a positive shift in anyone's life who is fortunate enough to be referred to him.

Lorna F

Review is only for 4301 Connecticut Ave NW. Washington, DC. I have been a patient of Dr Friedman for 4 years. I have always been treated with respect by the office staff, technicians, and Dr Friedman. All of my questions are answered.

Sanja Pirsl

Here is the office where you find it all, the professionalism at the highest level, the doctors, medical professionals and staff members at the various steps of your visit, friendly manners towards the patients and excellent organisation of work at the state of the art medical facility, including the "shop" with frames, lenses etc. All you need is in one place. The most important is the prevailing feeling that of trust and feeling safe for your health and that it is in good hands.

David Cook

Dr. Martinez and staff are first rate. Service/care is second to none. If you need any eye care, you can't go wrong with this group.

valarie kinosz

The N. Bethesda office is very comfortable. The techs know their jobs well. Very efficient. A smooth operation for sure. . l will use this eye center for the rest of my life

Linda Naiditch

Dr Nima Moanie is different from other doctors, in very good way. He takes time with you on appointments so they never seem rushed, he gets to know you, the patient, as a person, and reveals himself as a person too. Most important, he shows he's really thinking about his work, not just going through the motions. He's able to explain issues and treatment in a very clear manner. He's helped me in two significant ways. First, he identified a latent problem that could have caused agony but was fixed in a minor procedure in the office. Second, his gentle manner got me past a phobia of having my eyes touched. So I can now get all the needed tests without the least bit of anxiety. I also see Xavier during my visits for certain parts of the exam. He is knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. The eyeglass professionals have been top-notch as well. I just love this medical practice and in spite of having choices in my own neighborhood, I drive 35 minutes to see these doctors because they're so great.

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