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Sher Shah

Just waiting and waiting for my turn as others. Situation is as bad that people have left with out beung helped.

terrence trafton

Now before I write this review I want to first say that I actually use to work for LensCrafters for 5 years in NYC And then I worked for Sunglass Hut for another 2 years (while I got my Bachelors and Masters degree) Both Luxotica owned companies! Now let’s get to why I will never go back to this store. Over the years I have spent thousands upon thousands on eyewear. But on March 31, 2019 at about 5:15 pm I walked into Lenscrafters at Columbia MD to exchange an item that I bought at another LensCrafters. I wanted the exact same rayban aviator but a different color that this store had. I had bought the frame the day before while visiting family in NYC which is only about 3 hours away. I walk in the store (which I had made previous purchases at in the past) no one acknowledges me. I say okay well let me look to see if they have the frame color and lense that I want in the aviators. I see that they have it and I’m just standing around waiting for someone to help me but it’s like I am in a weird dream where no one will even talk or look at me. Everyone is either with a customer or just pretending like they don’t want want to be bothered because they close at 6 pm on a Sunday. Maybe I am assuming, but here is where things go all the way left: So I go to a seat and sit down and I noticed a really heavy set guy who is an employee who is sitting at a computer doing nothing at all .. I notice he is working on nothing and has no customer and I say from my seat “Excuse me are you free to help!” .. his response “it depends on what you need help with...” immediately my antennas raised up because of the response. I walk over to him. No handshake, no introduction, nothing. I try to move past the awkward response and go right into my problem. I tell him I had been visiting family in NYC and bought some frames and just wanted to do an exchange. “Oh we don’t do exchanges from New York”. So him not knowing I actually worked for the company for years as a frame stylist and lab tech I say well don’t you want to see the frame and receipt which I have. He lets out a big sigh and says “let me see it”. I hand him the frame first. So at the time my sister walks in the store and she stands beside me. He lifts the aviator frame in the air for 1 second and pretends to look and says “oh there’s a scratch i can’t return these” and hands them back. I am lost as to how a scratch is there when I didn’t even wear the frame and just bought it 24 hours before. So i look at the frame and see no scratch and even grab a lint free napkin and wipe it off. There is no scratch sir. “I’m not exchanging your frame!” ... so my sister notices how the guy is treating me and chimes in as to why he has such a disregard for her brother. The whole time This guy never moved from his seat.. never shook my hand or told me his name. His Name was “Jay” by the way. He was about 350 lbs. Caucasian fellow with a low haircut. Anyway I asked the guy again would he like to see my receipt and call the store to confirm. He flat out refused and said he would not look at the receipt or exchange the frame. At this point tension thick and everyone in the store is staring at my sister and I like we are some thieves trying to return a bootleg frame or something. I told my sister Let’s leave and I refused to ever go back to that store. 0 stars to Jay and the Columbia MD location. I ended up calling the Towson MD store and telling them my dilemma and they told me to come right on in and helped me, and it wasn’t about me getting my way. It’s a level of class and manner that is missing from the interaction with Jay. The attitude and disrespectful responses. The stores customer service is horrible. This is coming from a former employee of luxotica. It’s like being at a daycare with workers who don’t like kids. FYI I don’t ever write reviews this long! Horrible experience!

Artem Shmelev

Decent selection of frames. Glasses are ready for pickup in a couple of hours! Onsite production.


Do you enjoy verbal abuse (borderline physical), smug attitude, and no customer service? I will not share my experience as it was awful and long. I never leave reviews.

David MacDonald

Have never had to wait this long to get my glasses, now told 10 days at least. Lesson learned stay away


I go out my way to visit Lens Crafters at Columbia Mall. They’ve always taken care of me with wonderful service the last few years. Just had a great experience this past week and purchased a new pair of Burberry glasses. Highly recommended.

cristian aguilar

Everything went smoothly, great staff definitely worth going to

Jessica Horn

Joseph Maher

Lanie Hei

Extremely helpful, patient, & helped me quickly get glasses when I was in a pinch. Definitely recommend going to them for your vision needs.

Russell Machado

Brenda Puffer

Friendly staff, but when checking for my lenses, the price went from $224 to $444.00 because they "can't get type of lens for less".. went across the street to Target and got two pair (eyeglasses an sunglasses) through my Eyemed Select plan for less than $318.00. Hmmmm, they seemed to be able to get my lenses with no problem. I don't know if the salesperson thought I was an idiot or what, but my advise is to definitely shop elsewhere for a better deal!

Blake Babbs

This store has an incredible staff. The general manager has been here for over 2 decades and truly cares about the patients and customers and it shows. This place is a well oiled machine! Incredible selection and service. You can get many glasses in an hour or if you order special lenses you will most likely have them in less that 10 days.

david mccarthy

Awful customer service. The girls have no clue what's going on with the business. Don't even bother asking questions about insurance or the network they belong to.

Zackary Katsel

did my first ever vision test here. got my glasses the very next day. amazing service and straight up genuinely good people.

Jennifer C

Went for an eye exam and they didn't tell me until after I got there that they don't take my insurance. Maybe it's my fault for not doing enough research on the website but inconvenient nonetheless. If they had included a list of insurance carriers on the reminder email as well as a link to the inpatient paperwork would have made things much smoother

Gabriel Guillen

I recommend you NEVER go to this place to spend your money. Went to this place, and paid a lot of money on lenses. The lenses started to get stains on the second month. I tried for them to fix this (since its a quality issue, not due to a miss use) and they didn't wanted to. I tried with the customer support by mail and by phone several times for months, and they were always saying they were going to resolve it but nothing.

Teresa Mapa Rhoades

Needed to get 3 different types of glasses. Staff were very helpful.

Jim Housley

I will always use this store i got an eye exam from another eye store the other store was in my humana ins group but the price for lenses was way more than ins would pay so i went to lenscrafters because copay was a lot less at lenscrafters so i used my script from other store and had lenscrafters make lenses and had them installed in my frames left the store with new lenses and was happy til i got outside store and started my drive home i noticed right away i couldnt see road signs until i was right on them but i decided to give my eyes a few days to adjust to new script my sight got worse and i couldnt see at night to drive safely after a few days i went back to lenscrafters and told them that i was having trouble seeong so they check my glasses and the script matched glasses i was politely told that my script might be wrong and after getting new eye exam found they were right wrong script these very polite very proffessional folks at lenscrafters made me a new set of lenses with new script free of charge and now i can see almost perfect none of this problem was their fault but they are very serious about the 30 day make you happy policy why would i ever go anywhere else for glasses.... i won't

essam A Alsowaidi

First experiance with lenscrafters.. bought 2 pairs of eye glasses and after a week of waiting they arrive with the wrong lens. It was easy for them asking me to wait for another week !

steve rudis

Great place to get ignored. Paid for glasses and went to pick up and no less than 3 people ignored me at the cash register.

Marcia Puntel

Great customer experience. They have done my daughter's glasses in 2 hours after the exam. No issues. Great place! Nice employees!!

Ali Moeeny

Don't know about their glasses or contact lense service, but their eye exam was very good (their optometrist and the technicians and support staff all were great).

David Schirpik

I went to LensCrafters back in Dec. I had the exam and the eye said she was gonna set my prescription a little high but if it was too much come back and she would change it. So I tried to let my eyes adjust but they were too much so I went back on 01-27-18 and was told that I was past the thirty days by 12 days and they could do nothing for me. Said it was from the corporate office. Young man helping me said he would ask a higher but yet he never left my sight, so he lied. I asked to see a manager. She came looked at the screen and said I was past the thirty days there is nothing we can do. No one ever told me anything about 30 days. She it is on the back of the receipt. My receipt is still in the nice little packet. I asked for the number to corporate and she gave me a number that you have to know who you are looking for to get any where. I will be in contact with the BBB!

Nelson Alzate

The secretary working this morning (1/05/15) was rude and condescending. It had to be one of the worst encounters I had in a while. The Doctor was fine but she's (refused to give me a name) going to be the reason why I will never set foot in that office ever again.

Dawn Robb

Fantastic service. I have new glasses. Within a week they were really hurting my nose. Went in. They adjusted but was still hurting my nose. With their 30day policy i picked out a different pair. They were all very accommodating. I'll never go anywhere else. The eye clinic associated with them has the most up to date equipment. My prescription is complicated..i have bad eyes! But its spot on! I'm seeing better than ever now!

Denny Salsberry

Over priced chain . Save yourself

Jay Esto

Very disappointing! We visited this store while visiting from out of town; we got my son glasses with a prescription. For the next four days he was complaining of blurred vision and not being able to see. We visited another Lens Crafters to address the blurred vision and sight. It turns out they put the wrong prescription in the glasses and measured my sons eyes wrong.

Ari Gabinet

I have had only good experiences here, ordering glasses for my son, contacts and replacement lenses for me. Doctor was very helpful, everything was done fast and well.

Laura Lombardi

First experience shopping for glasses at all. The girl was nice when she introduced herself. I told her I'd never worn glasses and had no idea what I was looking for. She left me at the Prada glasses, told me to try on different things and walked away leaving me without any assistance. I left solely because the customer service was so bad.

Reichea Newton

Joan Swanson

Dr Pierson is excellent. Felt his confidence and skill throughout eye exam. I think he knew the answers to exam questions he asked me even before I answered. Updating my glasses was handled as efficiently by Talia. She helped me determine need based on reasonable cost/insurance benefit. Was the right service fit for me. Thank you.

Candace Patel

Very poor service and communication among the optometrists and office staff. Upon meeting with the optometrist, he did not even acknowledge that I was in the room and I don't even think he looked at me the entire time. He always gave short answers and did not fulfill any of my requests, which were straight-forward and minimal. Also, did not even give me enough trial pairs of contacts to last me until my ordered contacts came in, and then the office said they ran out. They also did not fax a referral for an eye evaluation until over a week later, after numerous phone calls.

jeremy altier

Phyllis Raider

Monica Zens

I spent the whole day shopping for glasses for my daughter. Lens Crafters was the last place we visited. They didn't hound you like vultures when you first walk in and they don't completely ignore you either. They were in the middle for price range too, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. We were very happy with our choice. It was a nice experience and Patty was the nicest lady.

Richard C.

Great experience all around and joe who helped me get my actual glasses did a great job of targeting my needs.the new exams machine is cool too.

Eric Scott

Ron Carlson

Victor Pinkes MD

7/20/16 the women were rude and not helpful and in fact embarrassed me for looking at women's glasses. They proceeded to ignore me. The selection was not the same as detailed on the website I will never shop at lenscrafters again

Pradeep Venigalla

Very rude people. Poor customer service. I stopped going to this location. The one in Macy's in Quincy Mall is much better,

Ronan Daly

I had a terrible experience at this location. The staff made several mistakes processing my new lenses, including leaving the anti reflective off one of my new lenses and almost processing my old prescription. What should have taken an hour dragged on for 3 hours. The staff showed no regard for my time and failed to address my concern about my frames. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone.

Thomas Smith

Wonderful experience. Our first ever visit and Trish was so knowledgeable and helpful. Great experience.

Maria BeautyLishious

I am very unhappy about the experience. It seems like all they care about in this particular location in Providence place mall is to sell. No follow up. They will promise anything, just to make you buy from them, but then not keep their promise. I will never ever go to that location and will tell all of my friends about my horrible experience. I am so upset that I spent my money there and a week later still no glasses and no call back, although I explained to the guy that I needed glasses ASAP and I couldn't wait a week and he guaranteed that he will get them expressed. When I called the location it turned out there was no rush order placed on my glasses! He lied in my face just to make a sale!

Sam Cardona

Terrible. I went next door to jewel eye to start on contacts which was suppose to be an hour appointment for them to be able to teach me how to use them and clean them as well as inform me on everything I should know being a first time user. Instead I was only there a total of 10 minutes! I was not taught anything and went home clueless on how to properly use my contacts. I had to use the internet as a guide. They also did not inform me that there was an extra charge to order a box of contacts, one for each eye that are $50 dollars each!!

Arvind Pratap Singh

Horrible, I have been waiting for past 45 minutes to get eye glasses repaired. If it is was on me then i would have ask for refund and take my business some place else. Lack of staff and highly disorganized place.

Julita Lett

I have been wearing glasses for 22 years and this was the BEST experience that I have had when it comes to eye examination and choosing frames. The staff was professional and polite. Dr. Gidlund is very detailed and ensures that your prescriptions are correct. I had the hardest time choosing frames but Sherrie was so helpful in narrowing down my choices. She is very personable and is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend LensCrafters without reservation!

Nerla Bertrand

Excellent customer service! Super Friendly staff!! Just awesome all around. Thanks Jeremiah!!

Lost Flake

I had the most awful experience with this place on multiple occasions. I have ordered lenses/frame for myself and for my son before Christmas and the quality of the fit of the lens to the frame was very poor each time. On Christmas visit, I have asked them to re-do my son's glasses. Second attempt resulted in a small improvement. Recently, I ordered another pair of glasses for my son and new set of lenses for his 6-month old frame. Even though on both occasions I have always ordered that lenses be polished - I always got unpolished lenses. On this last occasion, after waiting for 2 hours, both pairs had terrible fitment of lenses to the frame: on one pair, there was a gap of 1/2 mm running over about 1cm (almost 1/2'') along the frame. Each lens had a varying degree of mis-fitment to the frame. I pointed this problem to stuff/manager and they told me that they will try to polish the lenses and see if this improves the fitment. I was sure polishing could not improve anything and indeed, after waiting for another 4 hours (!!! - 4 hours for polishing) I got a frame with the same large gap between lens and frame. So, I told them that this is unsatisfactory and they offered to completely re-do one pair of glasses. We went shopping for 2 hours hoping they will call us once the glasses were ready. They never called us that evening and neither next morning. When I called them next day, they told me that their lab was very busy and they did not get to re-do my glasses. An hour later they called to tell me that their lab re-did my glasses from scratch and that they cannot get a better fit than before. I told them I wan a refund if the fit is poor and they told me to come to the store for refund. When I saw the second "version" of the glasses, I noticed that the gap between lens and frame was in the same location as before and of identical dimensions (width + length) as their first attempt. I told them that I do not believe they ever attempted to re-do my son's glasses. I have also asked them how could such a poor quality pass the "unmatched 25-point quality inspection" that LensCrafters brags about. They answered that any inspection has tolerances and that 1/2 mm gap over 10 mm length was normal. At that time a mall security guard approached the customer service desk where I was discussing issues with LensCrafters' personnel. The guard asked manager why was he was called and looked at me but manager pretended that she did not know why the guard was called (I was polite even though I asked them direct questions). I am confident they called the guard to intimidate me and to make me leave without asking uncomfortable questions (such as about their 25-point quality inspection and how can two different attempts to put lenses into a frame result in *identical* errors) in front of other customers. For their lab's abysmal quality, for lying about attempting to re-do my son's frame, and for intimidating unsatisfied customers by calling malls security guard, this business deserves to be closed and getting a star in this review is too much.

Joe Cortright

K Fisher

The doctor was great, unfortunately the rest of the staff wasn't.

Amanda Weston

Micahel was an absolute delight! I left home this morning without my glasses and my contacts (dailies). He helped communicate with my vision center back home (330 miles away) to get me some trials so that I can enjoy my dear friend's wedding in Lexington and see it! Such kindness and such service! THANK YOU!

Ayrton Ramos

Worst costumer service ever. Went there to new lenses and the gentleman of the doctors office was really rude and not welcoming.

amit verma

See no one gave good feedback for this center..I ordered 2 pairs branded..I have received my 2nd pair yet after 18 days they saying we mailed you ..without notified me they guys mailed me..employee not aware about policies for order suggestion to owner and manger please go through all the comments and do something ..bad experience

Tom P

don't go, look elsewhere slow service poor representatives who work there. no one understand customer service.

Deneé Hughes

I always have the best experience here .

Chris Mills

Monica Yue Zhu

Scheduled an eye exam online at 3:40 a few days ago. Got there at 3:49 and was told I have to reschedule. Said the website appointment doesn't go through sometimes. Yes I was late. But really? Never recommend it here

Jackie Cressman

Definitely won't catch me back at Shopko for my exams again. Very nice people and know what they're doing.

jason spencer

Had an appointment at 5:30...was almost 6 before they called us up to see the now 7 and still not done and still haven't even picked out frames. Not to mention see the bill.

Wendy Solnitzky

everyone was friendly and helpful. helped me pick out a great pair of frames that weren't too expensive and did some price comparisons between the sale and my insurance to make sure i was getting the best deal. highly recommend!

Maxwell Peterson

Went in on the day after Christmas to get lenses made. They promise it'll take under an hour but they did way better - it took like 15 minutes on this super busy day! Quick quick quick

David White

All I asked for was to simply email my prescription from 4 years ago so I could have it for my new exam. They aren't allowed to do that the man said. Is this a drug prescription? No, it is an eye prescription. Makes absolute no sense. I went here 4 years ago because they were close by my work. Worst decision ever. Have had nothing but problems from them.


They tried to choose the most expensive lenses for my glasses without showing me all of the options. I asked them to show me all of the different options they have. Then, I ended up choosing the one they chose for me (most expensive one) because they convinced me that these are anti reflective, scratch resistant and are the best. Also, they kept nagging me about their warranty until I got it. I felt forced to purchase it. Anyway, the frame fell apart within a year and. I didn't have any issue replacing it (part of the warranty). However, the anti reflective layer melted and and the lenses were easily scratched. Now I face difficulty seeing with the glasses. I didn't expose the glasses to any extreme conditions. I went again as I planned to purchase new lenses + frame. I asked the employee about what I can do in order to prevent their anti reflective layer from melting; whether I should avoid cooking or maybe the steam from the shower might affect them. He kept telling me that I should "do whatever I feel is necessary to prevent them from melting", without any clear response! I will not visit this store or any lenscrafters store in the future!

Cindy Bowers

If I could rate LensCrafters at Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Missouri lower, I would. I chose LensCrafters because of the new exam equipment. However, I assumed their technicians were fully trained. Apparently, that was not the case. I was seated for my exam and told the tech the equipment needed to be lower for me to properly place my head to facilitate the exam. The tech was only able to lower the chin rest, not the whole platform. Considering that the preceding person was a 6'4" male and I am a 5'4" female, it is easy to understand why I could not fit up to the exam equipment. I repeatedly stated that I could not see whatever charts were being displayed unless I moved out of the chair, which was not acceptable. Another tech even told the tech attempting to do my exam that he needed to do the measurements again as they were incorrect. Since the equipment did not conform to my height, I would not get a proper exam. Disgusted, I told the tech to cancel my appointment and I walked out. If their technicians do not know how to operate the equipment, I suggest they get properly trained. On another concern, there are no tissues where the person's face touches the equipment. I do not know if the technician uses antiseptic wipes between patients. I had frames selected and would have spent around $800 but they lost my business. I do not recommend LensCrafters and will not do business with them in the future.

Nancy Martignetti

I brought my brother to LensCrafters in Dedham to get new eyeglasses and had a great experience! My brother has special needs and Stacy was so kind and patient with us! She was very thorough and took excellent care in helping us find the right pair of glasses for him. She also took the time to adjust them to make sure they fit perfectly.

Dean Cunningham

I have went to this location the last 2 times to get glasses. Have never had any issues at all. And the prices are great. I where prescription sunglasses and this is the only place I could find Ray Ban. Price was cheaper that my last pair of junk ones from Sears. Highly recommended

naal Al

Bunch of thieves, very greedy staff and all what they care about money by selling anything.


They cannot make sports goggle with high power. And they spoke to me like it's my fault?

Clayton Thornton

Jan gave me exceptional service even though I've not bought anything yet. I will be soon as I get approved

Sam F

Jennifer Wayland-Smith

Wow! So glad that I use LensCrafters. I’m in Jackson MS from out of town for an extended period and had an accident that scratched my lenses and frames that left them unusable. Jan so was soooooo helpful and kind and empathetic. She helped me select new frames and applied the best pricing possible for the full purchase. Thanks so much. I will be back to LensCrafters no matter where I am in the country. The ladies at The Ridgeland MS location made a difficult situation so much easier for me!


My first time at LensCrafters. They don't have much for a selection for frames at all! Actually very disappointing I was looking forward to the experience, other then where I normally go. Although I will be going back for my eye exam, sorry to the eye care doctor don't remember his name and the women at the counter but some of the nicest people I have met; they truly care I will be back!

Josh De Los Santos

They had a fairly big selection and were able to work with my insurance.

Heather Forbes

Not only did it take 3 weeks for a pair of lenses to come in, it took over a hour an a half to have the lenses put in the frames we brought. Was not even notified when the lenses had come in, I called to get an update on the status of the order and only then was I informed that they had arrived the day before. While putting the lenses in the frames they lost the nose pad to the glasses. The employee said they could not replace this item because the frames had been discontinued. (You can still find these online from the vendor for purchase.) The employee tried to go get the manager, however the manager on duty would not come out to talk to us. This experience has left a bad opinion in our eyes and I would not recommend anyone to go.

Jerry Wilson

These guys were AMAZING! I had not had an eye exam or wore glasses in 24 years so I was likely the worst customer ever. Regardless, even with my big head and indecisiveness they helped me pick out some frames. Came back over a week later to get some Rx sunglasses because now I can see the sun very well too. They found me every discount they could. Glad I didn't go to Walmart! Thanks guys!

Dan Stratton

I had such a wonderful experience with Lens Crafters in the Sioux Falls mall. Dr. Pierson was friendly and informative, and the sales staff were super helpful and a delight to work with. They have definitely secured my business for the future!

John Smith

This is the 4th pair of glasses i have bought at this store. Everyone i have ever talked to has been the nicest person you could ever want to do business with. I want to thank Jan for helping me, she was very knowledgeable and understanding and a very nice person. I will continue to businesses with this store because of the people. Thank you LensCrafters and LenseCrafters employees!

Patricia McLean

Great experience. My technician was patient, thorough, tactful, and professionally approachable. I came in with a list of 20+ frames found on the LensCrafters webpage. The technician found every one of them for my consideration, in addition to others I wanted to try. (I even bought frames to wear for a couple weeks and to get opinions from friends and family and returned them with no questions asked.) My tech answered all my questions re: tri-focals, lens depth and width, fit to face, high definition features, lens material and resistance, frame durability, fashion trends & style. I appreciated his careful input, the Accufit devise; the ability to to view self-portraits with a variety of frames to determine my comfort level with each look and style; the wide selection of eyewear; and the encouragement to keep on looking if not satisfied. Also like the 30-day guarantee if not happy with the eyeglasses.

Matthew David

This was the greatest eye care experience of my life. We arrived at the store at 5:25, had a full and complete eye exam from the very friendly optometrist, got the prescription, chose a pair of glasses, and had the glasses made in store and ready to be taken home at 6:55. The entire process was completed in an hour and a half. Also, under United Healthcare, we were able to get a pair of designer frames with the scratch resistant coating for just $55. As I said earlier, greatest eye care experience of my life.


To be fair, the doctor there is really friendly and helpful. I'm not an English speaker, so unfortunately I didn't quite get his name. A gentleman who works in the store, Anthony, was really great. He helped me the best he could, but they didn't have the lenses right away, so I had to take my business elsewhere.

Elite Limousine & Transportation

Please read their review 1st before you deal with this company I had one glasses a year a go and my doctor had a new prescription 2 months ago. 8 got the new one a month ago i broke one lense they want me to pay for pair of lenses just because the system doesn't not allow processing one lense. It coast me over than about $ 700 each year and the manager was so rude has no mercy of the situation I'm in . I just spent a new lense a month ago and it was not good at night as it should be too and she didn't want to do anything for me as a manager. I have a business too and I never use any of my customer poor situation to make money. I will never go back to this store because they dont care about customer satisfaction. Also they depends on people who are visiting the mall not becoming a regular customer while I live 5 minutes walking from the mall. Please read their reviews before you have any business with this place .

Jeff Dahl

While I was with the salesman, he interrupted the conversation over 10 times to talk to other customers. Even during the eye centering measurements he was not focused on the task and the measurements had to be redone, and only then because another salesman noticed the mistake. The salesman couldn't wait to move on to the next customer and didn't give my glasses the attention they deserved. When I got the glasses from the lab, I immediately noticed 5 "crazing" lines on the left lens, between 1/8 and 1/4 inch long! They also forgot to add the edge polish and I noticed the cut itself was both rough and irregular. They remade the left lens and still did not add the edge polish! Another trip back to the lab and finally the glasses were ready. Total time spent: nearly 3 hours.

Klary Ruiz

I bought a pair of glasses about 2 months ago from this location, I remember while I was shopping around all the staff were sitting down and no one introduced themselves or asked me for any help. The logo on the glasses have started to fade away and I called to ask about information on a warranty not a protection plan. The women that answered the phone said I could call the manufacturer and see if I could get them exchanged when I asked for the info she said she did not know off the top of her head and instead of asking someone who would know she gave me attitude when I asked what is the website to get the information for the warranty. I was not surprised by her poor customer service it looks like all the employees here have poor customer service.

David Carney

Good and Bad... Will never be back.. The staff was very attentive when I came in, they helped me find frames, and got things ready before my Drs appointment. And they also got me in early to see the doctor, so that my wait would be short. But as soon as I got up to the counter the woman was really not wanting to tell me the prices of what opitions I had. BUT AS SOON AS SHE GOT MY DOLLAR (credit card $600.00) she took off with my receipt and started talking with another customer that came in. I had to go to her and get my receipt and my vision test from her, she just handed it to me almost over her shoulder and didn't miss a lick talking to the other customer, I had to interrupt them to find out how soon my glasses would be in ( thinking 3-4 days ? ) She said I'm suppose to tell you 10-14 days, turned around and didn't say thank you or anything but as I was walking past her as I was leaving the store she patted me on the shoulder and said see ya... Store 67 Kassi 518171 David C


Extremely slow staff no one could figure out how to check me out and it took 2+ hours for the lady not helping me to get my order through and she put in my prescription wrong and now I have to wait double the amount. Very disappointed with this store they seem very unorganized and clueless DON’T COME HERE.

Tasha Harris

My boyfriend and I had a great experience at Lenscrafters! Upon walking into the store, we were pleasantly greeted by Akeya. The staff was very helpful and friendly with Allen there to answer all of our questions and provide expert advice and with Leonard there to provide additional support. With all three mentioned representatives, we were able to select the right glasses for my boyfriend and walked out very satisfied. Definitely would recommend this store to my friends!

Thomas Hooper

Great eye exam. Very helpful. Stephen Delgado O.D.


they will never call you back

Jim Swinger

I will never use Lenscrafters again. Worst pair of glasses I have had in 40 years! Sold me a pair od sunglasses with just plain lens in them! Can't see out of them. My prescription glasses don't fit and all I can see when I try to read is the bottom of the glasses. They had me choose the frames after my eyes had been dialted. .

Robert Fenderson

Anita Kiss

Don't do exam, here. They started to do dilation for prescription which doesn't make any sense. Because of dilation I could not see right until next day and had a headache. Doctors usually use that for finding a possible disease not for prescription. My doctor did not ask for my permission she just did the dilation. After a week I went back, prescription was off. My doctor started to argue with me that I just need to get adjusted to it. I told her it didn't work and I can't adjust to it. My eyes will just get worse that way. She got really frustrated and was incredible rude. She offered me to go to another doctor however I lost my trust in the professionalism of their doctors. Now I need to pay the full price of another exam somewhere else because my insurance won't cover it.

bart shea

Sales person Steven was very polite and nice and helpful and Tony also very good to deal with at this store. got my glasses then brought my husband there. For a small store they do a lot of work they work very hard it was easy to see that. Got my glasses in Dedham but my eyes in Cambridge with Dr. Sharma I wish you would bring him back to Dedham he is the best. Great team Steven and Tony In Dedham. Thanks--Amazing Store in Dedham Mass, great mgr Tony and sales and lab workers my glasses and Hubbys are great together we bought 5 pairs of glasses

Karin Ellis

Amazing service, prices and professionalism. Reading the reviews now , really makes me wonder what place they were really at. Certainly not Lens Crafters. I received my eye exam, the tech needed to raise equipment up because a child was just seen. So how can a child and myself being 5'2" not have an issue with the equipment but someone that is 5'4" can? As for cost, I was amazed at the prices, sure I could have spent $500.00, if I wanted all the bells and whistles. But I chose to just be careful with my glasses and walked out paying 160.00 total. Kinda like buying a car, there are options to add on, if you don't want the options you don't get them. With all that bring said.... 5'2" no issues with height requirements for this ride. Did not walk out the door feeling I was robbed . Like I said, not sure where those other bad reviewers went certainly not Lens Crafters in Battlefield Mall

Connie McClay

Price is right and they were very helpful!!

Toni Welsch

I went in to get my glasses adjusted at Mall if America location. Told the man behind the counter they had broken recently and I super glued the one side back in where the screw is. He asked the blond dr in white coat if they could adjust them and she said absolutely not. There is nothing that can be done. I left.... Went to the Burnsville location and they were amazing and helped me right away and in about 5 minutes I was out of there with my glasses fitting great!!! Saved me from spending $$ on brand new glasses.

Michael Vieira

Perfectly fine experience.

christopher bruce

Edward Gigliodoro

Hey went to the lens crafters today for my yearly eye exam and to start the doctors office staff was very nice and friendly. The girl who took me in for the start of my exam was very nice sweet and help me so nice through all of the pre eye exam test. Next I went in to the droctors office and was seated by the nice girl and placed and set up for my exam. Then the dr came in and he was so nice cool and did a very nice eye exam and I just loved my whole eye exam experience with the jewel eye inc. And lens crafters.

yaa a.

Dr.Stephen delgado is GREAT!! I fully enjoy going there for yearly checkups

MJ Wright

I didn't get my exam there but went for the selection of frames. Best experience. See Leonard, one of the opticians. Super knowledgable and you can tell he wants you to be happy with your fit. Excellent service.

Rachel-Phuong Le

Love Anika that works here. She's helpful and very knowledgeable. This is the only place I go to for glasses.

Anita Newlan

The docs here are so friendly and well educated. The doctor and staff always explain exactly what is happening throughout the exam. The new equipment is wonderful and very accurate. They do a full health check every year, which its surprising to learn coming to the mall. They send notes my other doctors if requested. Such a great place to go!

Gisselle Martinez

Rhonda Bouvier

I am so happy I made the decision to come here. I usually don't leave review, but I was hesitant to come here today because of the reviews on here. That is why I am leaving one today. I was so happy with my visit. All the staff were nice but I have to give kuddos to John. He was amazing and took the time to help me, answer my questions and made sure my glasses fit perfect. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Donna Olson

Ricky Orange

Their phone customer service is terrible. Each time I've called it seem I am inconveniencing the gentle I speak with. He's answered my calls twice.

Alex Yaroslavtsev

Great People , Prices are low as well

Isabelle Thompson

Seirra Sam

Mr. Hamburger

I've gone to this location for the past 15 years. They do a great job with prescriptions. They have the very best selection of glasses. They know what they're doing. Free adjustments. Tremendous

Scott Boelter

Terrible. They're replacement program is a ripoff. I also found the same glasses at a local dealer for 65 dollars less. The lenses scratched very easily. Go to an independent local store, and you'll be much happier. Everything about Lens Crafters is a ripoff.

Tom Benner

Have always received great customer service and prompt attention and they fix my broken glasses quickly-15 minutes? Cmon, that's great. Have tried other places like JC Penney; although they might be cheaper I have always come back to Lenscrafters.

Cary Bisbey

Quoted one price then when time to pay charged me over $100 more. Not the same frames I picked! Tried to bait me with one pair then used a pair that did not fit my face. If you want to get ripped off this is the place to go!!

Jason Fontaine

Jesus Garcia Villa

The other day i go in and purchased a pair of Oakley Prescription sunglasses. Exciting right? Well the lenses had a blue hue which is what i thought i ordered, but a week later when they arrived instead i recieved a pair of regular looking sunglasses no blue hue. Anyway the person who helped me ( Dan ) at purchase, was there when i picked them up. I remember when ordering them him offering me a mirrored lense and maybe he was referring to the blue hue, at the moment i didnt thought he was referring to the prizm lenses. Anyway Big mis understanding. What happens next is what earned this ***** review! He Apologized for the misunderstanding and he said He would order me a new pair the right ones this time and I could take the wrong glasses for the time being! Now i feel like The misunderstanding could have been partly my mistake but the fact that he took full responsibility and made sure that customer Satisfaction was accomplished. Would return to shop here

Sarah Lilly

This was my first time having an eye exam. They were super great about appointment reminders (lord knows i need 500 of them these days). When I arrived it was extremely minimal paperwork and they were super helpful with some questions I had. Very short exam, but I felt that I got a lot out of it. I really wasn't sure if I wanted glasses or not (I don't really need them, but the blue light lenses intrigued me since i do computer work for 8 hours a day). The staff were all super helpful and didn't push the expensive glasses at all, which I really appreciated. I can't wait to pick up my glasses and go for regular exams!

RedRobyn M

I've been going for at least 8 years now. Never had a problem. I've been taking my 13yr old here for 5 years. Never had a problem. Love my frames and quick on time eye exams.

Debbie Polk

Best exam I ever had and going back again Great selection of frames that last


I had a great experience there yesterday. Went in with a missing screw from my favorite pair of sunglasses and asked if they could help. They took it in immediately and fixed them within 10 minutes FREE of charge. I had not been a customer of theirs before that visit!! Good people!

Vincent Maverik

First they messed up the prescription and were trying to convince me that I have to try to get used to it. I couldn't even walk safely wearing those. Glasses had a huge vision distortion in motion. So instead of admitting their fault and run the eye exam again, they simply copied the prescription from my old glasses.

Andrew Welch

Was told it would take 2 weeks to order my glasses. I call for the second time on day 27 only to have them inform me that my glasses are back ordered. Why does it take 27 days and and 2 phone calls for them to advise me that my glasses are backordered and aren't coming in anytime soon?

Jack Hoagland

My sales guy, Ken, was the best! They were incredibly busy and customers were very demanding of his time but he remained very professional and apologized. Having managed a retail store in a mall (Sharper Image) that was always busy, I completely understood and appreciated his focus. If I could have hired him away from Lenscrafters, I would've. Ken is a great asset to the Columbia Mall location!

Kirstin Smith

They suck and they are so rude. In the store looking around at glasses for 45mins and Noone asked if we needed help. I will never buy from this place. I'll stick to my eye dr office...

Keisha Donnel

Set my kids up appointments for right after l7nch we love an hour from lens crafters so I pulled my kids out of school and drove there when we arrived I was informed that my appointment time was 2 hours after the time I set it up for I assured them that I specifically told the lady on the phone my daughter has basketball on Friday evenings so it has to be earlier also I would not pull my kids out of school just to come sit here they kept saying that was the appointment in the computer and the manager was rude and basically made me feel like an idiot and would not for 1 minute believe it was her person who put it in wrong needless to say I sat in the waiting room 2 hours with 4 kids I think next year we will be going somewhere else especially if the quality of manager they hire are like that managers are supposed to be helpful not rude

Ram Shankar

Jim Shaffer

Dr Pilkington at Lenscrafters in the Mall is the eye doctor you hope for when you need glasses or an exam. Professional beyond belief. He caught a abnormality in one of my wife's eyes that had the potential to be something bad. He quickly referred her to an eye surgeon with more in-depth equipment to further examine the eye (and he found the one who worked with our insurance.) He called her promptly to tell her what they had found and explained it fully, scheduled a follow up a month later to see if it had changed for the better or worse and is still following her case until he is certain that things are going in the right direction. I am not easily impressed with doctors, but this one is very good.

Donita Richey

Victoria Lamb

1) Tries to knowingly sell you damaged products 2) Returns took forever, where done with the worst attitude, and the manager over the saleslady denied there was even a problem with the product initially 3) Poor customer service skills included being instructed to call him after he'd spoken with his manager the next day. Good customer service dictates that sales personnel take my number and call me back. this is the practical way to show your customer that they are important, but; furthermore, I have no way of knowing exactly when it is during the day you are going to speak to your manager in regards to my problem. That's on you. I don't want to call and stay on hold forever because you're just now talking to the manager. Details: I found the perfect pair of sunglasses, and went to purchase them. I always look them over after they have been cleaned because I don't want to pay for expensive damaged glasses (the ones I selected were Oakley). The lady I was working with who had previously been very kind seemed to try to rush me to case the sunglasses during my inspection of them. I found scratches on the lenses, and when I brought this to her attention SHE SAID SHE HAD SEEN THEM WHILE CLEANING THEM (but was going to try to sell them to me anyway). I asked for her manager. He came up and looked at the glasses and said he "didn't even know if those were scratches" (although it was pretty obvious they were, which is why I inspect my purchases after cleaning in the first place). He continued to try to clean the scratches for a while and then came back, said he could speak to his manager about seeing if they could order more because Oakley may not have more (but trust me, they were all over the web and I ordered a pair), and that I should call back on Monday when the manager returned. And then asked if I wanted to "return them or what." ESPECIALLY after the way I was treated I was not about to leave with those sunglasses. If you want return customers, you do the leg work (ex: take my number and call me after you speak with your manager - don't tell me to call you. I won't.)

Emily Bowers

Rick Shortt

Was happy with the exam but shocked when they wanted to charge me almost $500 for a pair of sunglasses. Supposedly, this was with a 40% discount. Needless to say, I will buy the glasses for half the price online and go elsewhere for the lenses.

L0G0 Kaldorain

Waited for nearly 45 minutes to get my glasses adjusted..... And eventually gave up.

Kate Young

very personable people here. Have been in several times and have always had a great experience!

Jen McClurg

Fast and efficient. Conveniently inside the mall.

Jasmine Fernandez

Cobi and Christopher were absolutely awesome!!! I brought in my scrip and needed glasses in 20 minutes, Cobiv was able to show me styles that matched my need quickly and while I was expecting the glasses to take an hour to make Chris put a rush on them and had them done immediately. Excellent customer service and atmosphere.

Ron Swem

Too pushy to sell sell sell.

Michael Blackwood

Horrible customer service and way too expensive!

Jonathan Bravo

Had a fantastic experience getting my glasses at LensCrafters! Dawn was very informative and helpful throughout the whole process - I would highly recommend choosing them for your next glasses visit!

Lakin Waggoner

I called last minute today for a problem focused exam and they got me right in! Dr. Phillips was so informative. She answered all of my questions thoroughly. It was an overall great experience.

Victoria Leek

Only given a one star because there is no option for zero stars. I do not usually write reviews but this place is ridiculous. Customer service is poor, both from the optometrists and the floor staff, when there is an issue. I had an eye exam and contact lense exam done. I bought frames and recommended lenses. A few months after my purchase, the lenses began to have marks on them as if it was peeling off. I kept my glasses in a case and wear them rarely. Also, during my contact lense exam, the optometrist changed my prescription by .25 after being in the same prescription for the past 10 years. The lenses I wear only come in .5 intervals so I was unable to order my contacts when I was ready to. I had informed the optometrist of the lenses I wore before the exam. I called to see if my prescription could be changed back to what it was so I could order my contacts and was met with a very inflexible response. The optometrist refused to change it and stated if I wanted it adjusted, I would have to come in a pay for another exam. I explained to her that I had the initial contact lense exam done with the intent of buying the same contacts and they knowingly gave me a prescription I could not use. She basically told me "I don't care about the contacts you wear" and continued to tell me I would have to come in and pay for an exam. I refuse to step foot back in this store and I recommend you chose a qualified optometrist office with good customer service, quality materials and a caring approach in managing customer issues.

John Colon

Paid A Great Price For My Versace Eye-Glasses. Customer Service Was Great. Very Satisfied With The Amount Of Effort They Put In By Having The Glasses Ready For Me Same Day. 5 Stars.

Woodie Moore

Last year in April, we were leaving on a flight for Europe. My wife's glasses broke just before we left. The only place that could get us new ones in an hour was Lenscrafters. We picked out a frame that looked substantial, but was quite expensive. We had no choice. Today, 16 months later, the earpiece came off. We went to Lenscrafter and was told that the warranty was up and they did not supply parts. The part that broke was a tiny leaf spring thinner than a sheet of paper inside the earpiece. It was clearly a manufacturer's defect. After considerable discussion the manager agreed but would only give us $65 discount on a $200+ new price. I have frames I got at Walmart over 15 years ago for $90 that have never given me a problem. We will never go back to Lenscrafter.

Shani Schwartz

Brian&Rhonda Lewis

Very professional and polite.

Nathan Sukhyun

Interns working the front desk of the eye exam center are extremely rude and should not be rehired.

Rick Racedog

They have no optometrist....its a Sunglass Hut in all reality.

Samer Alsourani

They need to get more variety of sunglasses

Greg Thompson

Staff was very professional and patient with my family during the sales process. After everyone picked out their glasses we got them in about an hour, with exception to my wife because she requires specialized lenses. After about a week my son and I came back because I were not happy with how well we could see. I, along with my son were told it takes time for our eyes to adjust to the stigamitism. Ok, after a couple more weeks, we came back with the same complaint and we're tactfully told the same thing and were manipulated into giving it more time (I will never make that mistake again). My wife had the exact same experience after getting her glasses. Bottom line: we spent over $1500 for 3 pairs of glasses and never made it back (again) before the 30 day mark and we're stuck with glasses which were wrong all along. I believe they are taught how to manipulate the customer into waiting until it is too late to return. Me and my family (including extended family and friends) will NEVER step foot in their establishment, including all others within this same chain, again.

Dan Nobody

Spoke with them in the phone, stated they would take the insurance I have, arrived and they don't when gave the card, but instead of other places that do and exam and then charge you, upfront stated they didn't and apologized and also let me know a place that does take the insurance, they were very friendly and helpful even when it meant no money for them, appreciate the help.

Tiffany Vu

Doctor Piearson is super helpful, nice, and reasonable . He takes his time to explain everything and make you feel at ease . I highly recommend this place

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