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REVIEWS OF Delaware Eye Care Center IN Maryland

Egypt Brathwaite

This is one of the most unorganized companies in the state of Delaware. They lost my appointment that was already scheduled 4 weeks out from the date I made it and had to reschedule for 3 months later. They had me doing the run around for 3 weeks to get my contacts. Mailing them to the incorrect address, giving me inaccurate information, and not even knowing where my contacts were for about a week; the Bear location saying the contacts are at the Newark location, and the Newark location saying they're at the Bear location. I wasted time and money dealing with these people. Whether it was taking off work for appointments that i never got to have then rescheduling them and missing an additional day, or wasting gas driving to each location just for them to tell me my contacts are at the other location TWICE.. you won't catch me doing business with Delaware Eye Care again! Very poor communication and listening skills amongst the staff at the Bear and Newark locations.

Yasmin Contreras


Wanda Seda Sim

Doctor and personnel very friendly and helpful.

Karen Mousley

Bear DE location can’t even schedule an appointment left me on hold for over 5 minutes

Laurie Ann Dombrowski

Ankur Premi

Linda Lane

I wouldn’t recommend this office to anyone. The assistant who has dark short hair who dilated my eyes was completely rude. If you forget anything you “need” such as your previous scrip of contacts/glasses, she basically chews you out and makes you feel like you aren’t a normal human being. (Ex. Shaking her head at me and making little comments because I don’t own a pair of glasses, she doesn’t have any clue what type of circumstances I’m in as to why I don’t own a pair of glasses, but instead of asking why she went right into saying why I should have a pair of glasses with my condition, which I’m pretty sure I’m aware I needed glasses hence as to why I was there in the first place) She belittles you and makes you feel like you are an idiot. Never in my life have I ever had someone talk/act to me the way she did. She puts on an act when she is around the other associates but when she’s in that back room with you alone, she basically says what ever she feels. That is in no way professional. She even had the nerve to say “I don’t mean to be like this, it’s just important” which I COMPLETELY understand, but there is a way to say it to not make someone feel like they are a total idiot. Please don’t waste your time going there, find another place that will treat you better then how I was treated.


dorin untu

Gerardo Castaneda

Doreen Onekalit

Slow Musique


I loved this office and everyone in it. Everyone was so nice and professional!


My 87-year-old mother had an appt scheduled at the Bear office. We had taken off ½ day from work, obtained a referral, got her dressed and escorted her to her eye appt, on time (walker and wheelchair in tow). Upon arrival, we were told that the referral was for Dr. Doyle but that her appt was for a different doctor in the office. Understand that I made the appt with Dr. Doyle as he has followed my mom for two years. Someone in the Bear office scheduled today's appt with a different doctor without telling me, therefore, they would not accept the referral even though it was their mistake. After waiting 21/2 hours for some resolution, they finally informed us that we would need to reschedule the appointment and obtain a new referral. Getting an 87-year-old who can hardly walk (she uses a wheelchair and walker) out of the house, taking off ½ day from work only to be turned away due to a clerical error in the doctor’s office is extremely upsetting. I am very disappointed in the Bear office but I feel awful that my mom had to go through this and now has to do it all over again not to mention…another ½ day off…

Laura Anderson

Went to the Bear location twice and both times did not get called back until 45 minutes past my appointment time. I got glasses the second time I went, they were supposed to be high index lenses, but they were ordered incorrectly and came with standard lenses.

Evangeline adams

I give this Eye Care Center 10 stars Excellent Service. Will recommend this eye center excellent staffs.

Norma Layton

The MOST miserable people I have ever seen. As soon as you walk in, ATTITUDE! Not very friendly nor professional. The staff is clearly unhappy, the atmosphere within that office is very tense between the colleges as well. My family & I will not be dealing with this facility any longer.

Société Talentstat

jorge morales

Wilmbily Hooper

Carolyn Salters

Technicians and the Doctor are extremely friendly and professional...good service without a long wait

Georgia Hill

Very nice staff and very kind doctor. Just overall good experience. Even with picking my glasses.

Tabatha Ambrose

Didn't have a long wait. The assistants seem to do everything here and were nice. The Dr only comes in at the very end for results. Glasses arrived promptly but I was never notified. Overall i would use them again but would have to follow up regularly for orders

Kelly Scholl

Nola Earl

Cara Pentecost

Totally love it here! Doctors are awesome and staff just as awesome. Makes going to the eye doctor not a total drag


Very professional and knowledgeable people at this facility. Would definitely recommend it.

Joyce Chatman

Araceli Flores

Jaime Ortiz

The best in the area!!!

Terrence Pointer

Catherinet Lindsey

J Jackson

This place is totally unprofessional. Dr. Neha Jhawar wasn't very good. I would another go to another office.

Bimini Terry

Milton Harrison

The service was prompt and courteous. The time of my appointment was always as stated on the appointment card. I did have to return for a second time because the young ladies claimed they couldn't find my insurance information which for 20 years had been Davis eye insurance. I went home furious that they were wrong, and that I was right. I called the Human Resources department of my job so I could go back and correct the staff and complain to the staff about the mistake. Low and behold I had to let them known I was the one mistaken and indeed did not have Davis, but another eye insurance company named VSP. After that was straightened out all else went well.

Hillary Davie

Courteous staff and very knowledgeable opthamologist . Eye exam was thorough. A better selection of eyeglasses would be nice

Dee Granda

In and out fast. The front desk was friendly and Aubrie was so patient with me making my selesction with frames. I would highly recommend going to Delaware Eye Center

Reginald Lassiter

Staff here are always professional, courteous and friendly. This particular day they were full ins from Dover mostly and it was as if they were the normal staff.

April Lane

The entire place was on point caring for myself and the boys... great service I’m sending all my people there...❤️

Apurva jaiswal

I had a very bad experience today. These people do not know how to read insurance and are totally confused and charge the patients incorrectly. They asked for a copay of 50 dollar even when my plan says NO copay. When we told them about the same, they did the exam and later produced an invoice of 285 dollars. When I told them that my insurance would only cover 50 dollars they said that if we buy frame and lens from them I would have to pay only 50 dollars for exam!!! Later same day they said that I have to pay 99 dollars instead and not 50!!! Later I was planning of buy frame and lenses from them. That is when I told them I want the ones that they have put in posters in the office (buy single focal lens and frame for 99 dollars only) , however when I said I want those they said that those are not covered in insurance even though my insurance covers frame separately alone for 100 dollars and single focal lens for 65 dollars. Never going back to them again!!!

The Sutton’s

Dolores Burke

I just want to say, my experience at Delaware Eye Care Center was amazing, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable, organized, and thorough. The Center was clean, and hygienic, and they seemed to have a good selection of frames. In my book they are Aces

Shirley Sevy

Norma Zarco

Wendy Harris

Great job, good customer. My granddaughter is in sports We needed an appointment for the next day no problem it was done!

Sylvia Karanja

The staff seemed angry including the doctor, he seemed tired or overworked.

Charlie Coffie

Char Jones

I needed an appt last minute and the receptionist was so awesome. I recommend this place !!!

James Binkley

Robin Jones

Melissa Driscoll

I'm an easy patient to please...this eye care center did my annual check ups fine and although I had no complaints and the staff isn't "bad", there's nothing notably good about it either. No smiles or pleasantries exchanged at this office...nothing about their service that stands out. The care I was given here was acceptable. However, I was scheduled for an appointment on Black Friday, November 23 at 8:15 a.m. I even received an email confirmation for it. I showed up early only to find that the eye care center was closed that day. To be sure, I waited outside (in the cold) for about 40 minutes. While I was there, I called and left a voice message letting the office know I was there and asked for someone to call me back and let me know when I can return for my appointment. I haven't heard from the office since, and when I called today (Wednesday) to ensure I wouldn't be billed, I was connected to a scheduler named Samuel, who graciously listened to me vent my frustration with the Bear office and confirmed that I did indeed have an appointment on a day that all of their offices were closed. Like other medical offices have done in the past, your office should be checking the week ahead and, at the very latest, I should have been called the day before Thanksgiving and informed of the "scheduling conflict" or called immediately on Monday with an apology by someone willing to reschedule the appointment that your office messed up. I cannot recommend this eye care center to anyone.

Charles Smith

Well, I get their and their office staff was very friendly and helpful then when the Dr. Comes in it's not my usual Dr but I was so impressed with her knowledge and listening skills.i left with a good treatment plan. I strongly recommend!

Tammy Williams

anthony corbisiero

Peter Lindvall

The unfriendliest staff, I've ever met...

Jesenia Gutierrez

The receptionist that were the day I went weren’t too friendly, seemed like they didn’t want to be there. The optometrist was suuuuper nice tho. They also have a decent amount of glasses to choose from as well.

Annie Gaitnes

Mark Hanna

Rebecca Moegi

I went there on 11/29/18 and the service was good. They told us (My mom and I) that they will give us a call in two weeks to pick up my glasses. Two weeks passed but still no glasses. We decided to wait for four weeks to pass and we gave them a call. They said the glasses aren't ready and we didn't complain at all. We gave them a call about two weeks ago and they said they sent the glasses to the wrong address and I was really annoyed by that. Up to date (1/21/19) I still don't have my glasses.

Nikky Olasubomi

The doctors and staff here are very professional and welcoming always. I had issues with my insurance company and the ladies at the front desk were amazing in helping to resolve the problem. Also the lady at the glasses department is so friendly and always ready to assist you with picking your choice of frame for your prescription.


I wish I could give this place zero stars. I've never seen such consistent rudeness from one office. The people at the front desk are rude. I waited 90 minutes after showing up early to my appointment to even see the dr. Then when ordering my contacts the woman insisted I was making up my insurance company saying it doesn't exist (blue cross out of WA state) and being extremely rude. When I brought in my husband to help explain she was suddenly all sweet and kind to him but still refused to call the number on our card. After leaving being told our insurance isn't real I called on the phone and had another hour long (rude) debate about our insurance and FINALLY they agreed to call the number on the card. She called me back and said yes she could order my contacts. Great! No. I then received a personal bill in the mail saying that I had no insurance and that I needed to pay out of pocket for them. I then had to have ANOTHER hour long debate with yet another very rude employee about the insurance to finally get them paid for. In the end yes the insurance went through but I will never be setting foot in this office again. Don't treat your patients like they don't know anything about insurance and stop being ageist acting like I don't know anything because I'm in my 20's. Rude.

Aubrie Tansey

Sugeir Santiago

Brianna Dougherty

I didn’t even make it to the facility. I was inquiring about lasik and would have to call the lasik coordinator for a couple weeks to get a call back. Your consult has to be in Dover and your surgery has to be in Newark. Just too much trouble for the process

Empress D

Jessica Neal

Helpful, same day appointment and very comprehensive exam. I appreciate how detailed they are and how caring the staff is.

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