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REVIEWS OF Eyecare Today IN Maine

Jeffrey Morse

Absolutely terrible. After I asked dr murray to fax my prescription to my new eye doctor they said they couldn’t even read the prescription.... I called dr murrays office after he already told me he would fax it over and suddenly I needed to pay a 60$ co pay for my own prescription ... I wouldn’t recommend this eye doctor if it was literally the last place on earth... absolutely horrendous


If I could give 0 stars I would. Last week I showed up at my scheduled appointment time, the red headed lady told me the doctor wouldn't be there for another hour. "I tried to call you, your voicemail was full!". Yeah, you tried to call me.. 20 minutes before my appointment. I was really mad, waste of gas and time. I rescheduled for the same day the next week. The next week: Get a phone call an hour and 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment time. The lady said they needed to reschedule again because the road conditions are horrid where the doctor is driving through. She then mentioned that he had to drive through the Windham area. I live in the Windham area. The roads are CLEAR. LIARS. You don't deserve my business. Or anyone else's.

Nicholas Weeks

Didn't get back to me for a month about my insurance, so when I went in to grab my prescription so I could get contacts from another distributor he attempted to tell me that if I got them from someone else I would lose my material benefit. A quick call to my insurance company in the hallway revealed that he was lying to me. When I confronted him again he gave me the prescription without incident.

Laurie Pierce

The most extensive annual eye examine I've had since I started wearing glasses 15+ years ago. Dr. Murray was thorough, thoughtful, and able to identify, based on questions asked and conversation, the type of lenses (glasses and contacts) that would work best for my needs. This experience was unconventional - a throw-back to doctors who took time for their patients and demonstrated genuine care. I would recommend Eyecare Today for the art of caring, the expert knowledge of an experienced professional, and the integrity of an independent business run by conscientious and purposeful people.

Garrett Secchi

Melissa Ogden

This practice is unsanitary, and extremely unprofessional. Personal files in open unsecured cubbys right behind the desk (they also ask for your social on your new patient paperwork) all the reviews I read are 100% accurate, except the obvious phony ones.. They will string you along. I have been waiting for them to simply confirm my prescription for eyeglasses for a week now (I opted to buy online instead of in there). The company told me they were "unresponsive" to their requests. I have never been so unhappy & frustrated with a simple eye exam. I hardly write any negative reviews so this is a special one. Please save yourself the headache. They're the only practice around with almost immediate availability for appointments for a reason..a true 0 star practice.

Kelly Phinney

While my initial visit with my 8 year old went well and I felt Dr. Murray took his time and was very thorough. I also felt he took his time to explain everything especially to my 8 year old. I was disappointed to hear my insurance only covered the exam and not frames and lenses. This was the first time anyone in our family needed an eye exam and glasses, I wish I had done more research. We left that day paying $376 for 1 pair of glasses, when I got home I learned all the different options that are so less expenses. I was never offered the prescription and I really felt taken advantage of, who suggests $376 eyeglasses for an 8 year old. I felt very foolish, but chalked it up to inexperience. Early December she broke her glasses so I called Dr. Murray for a prescription and he told me the glasses would be under warranty and to bring them in. I brought them in and the part missing had the frame information on it so he said he would research which ones they are. I again asked for the prescription and suggested the frame information should be in her file. He said they were reorganizing their files and he would not be able to find her file, but would have someone work on it. Long story short....after calling multiple times and either leave messages or talking to someone that they would get it taken care of the glasses were not ready until Feb 21st....2 1/2 months later. I was really frustrated and my now 9 year old was struggling to read without them.The worst part I got a call from the school nurse a few days ago that she still flunked her eye exam, she said the prescription was definitely not correct and she does better on the eye test without the glasses. After talking to the insurance Eyecare Today billed the eye exam as an outpatient Medical exam, not under vision. So, now I will need to pay for her annual physical, they said there was no way for them to change it. The other really frustrating part is they have hours of operation listed on their website. Every time I or my husband went to the office we had to wait for them to get there. My husband picked up her initial glasses and he had to wait for an hour to get them, there was a note posted will be back but no time listed. I am choosing not to deal with them and take the financial loss because this business is the most unprofessional and inaccurate business I have ever dealt with. My 9 year old needs glasses that are correct and I can not wait for them to get it right. Not only are the $376 glasses not right, but I ordered 2 more pairs online with the prescription I finally received so she would't need to go with out them again and they are wrong as well due to the inaccurate prescription.

Tim Baker

I have been a client for over 10 years . Ordered contacts from them over 2 months ago have been told nothing but lies . Tried to get my prescription to order them myself only to be jerked around & lied to more . Very sad when I have to switch eye care providers just to get taken care of . There is no professionalism .

kayleigh robinson

I've never had such terrible, unprofessional customer service from any business in my life. Do not give Dr. Murray your business, because you WILL regret it! I wouldn't return to this office if it was the only optometrist within 200 miles. I had to come here due to a change in my insurance, and this was the only optician around that took it. The initial exam went ok, but after I ordered my glasses it all went downhill - fast. I was the last patient of the day, so I felt rushed as it was. Dr. Murray didn't ask me if I wanted anti-reflective coating on my lenses, and it wasn't something that occurred to me until I picked my glasses up and couldn't see because of all the lights reflecting onto my lenses since they're so thick. I took them back, and was told that they couldn't do a change in prescription and that I would have to pay another $90 to get my lenses to a wearable condition. I was frustrated but just wanted them to be done, so I paid and was on my way. It took almost a month and a half of constant calling & badgering to finally get my glasses back because they got "lost" for a month and no one knew where they were. It seemed like every time I called Dr. Murray and asked about my glasses, he just wanted me off the phone. In fact, he didn't even know WHY my glasses were being sent off in the first place, even though I'd called and explained the situation to him MULTIPLE TIMES! Eventually, they realized my glasses had just been sitting at their lab and hadn't even been touched! Fast forward a few months and I'm looking into getting new lenses into an old pair of glasses; I call Dr. Murray's office and ask to have my glasses prescription faxed over to me. I call at noon and spoke with his secretary who said she would fax it over. I patiently wait about 40 mins (a fax takes 3 minutes!!) call back, and Dr. Murray answers. He tells me that his secretary is out to lunch and won't be back for an hour. I explain that I'd called and asked his secretary to fax over my prescription almost an hour ago, so I didn't understand why she didn't just fax it over before she went to lunch! He says "I'm with a patient right now, so I can't do it". Losing patience, I call back 30 minutes later and speak with his secretary again who says she needs him to sign my prescription before she can fax it, but he's with a patient and can't do it right now. Another hour has passed, and still no fax so I call AGAIN and ask "is this going to be done today?" to which she almost sarcastically replies "yes", as if I'M being a hassle. It has now been 5 hours since I first called, and I have still not received the fax. It feels like my prescription is being held hostage because I want to change optometrists.

Thomas LaPlante

I called on a Monday asking for a Tuesday appointment. I understand this is asking a lot for any healthcare place so I was pleasantly surprised when the doctor said I could come in at 10am on Tuesday! I arrive at 9:55 am and the office is black with a handwritten sign displaying that Summer Hours are from 1030-5... so why did the doctor schedule me for a time when the office is closed? I called, left a message, and received zero communication. Do you like wasting your time? If so, this is your place! If not, stay away

Willoughby 1888

It was fantastic to have become aware of Eyecare Today and Dr. Murray. The examination I received was very thorough and every one of my questions were answered with care and detail. My diagnosis was detailed and explained with all options considered. The new eyeglasses I received were reasonably priced and of very good quality. The office is clean and well modern. The staff are very friendly. They treat you like part of the family so I plan to keep Dr. Murray as my Optometrist as long as I reside in Portland, ME.

Ibrahim Bilgin

Its excellent place. I was here for an eye exam.. Very knowledgeable doctor! He spent with us more than one hour and answer all the questions we have . I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to check their vision.. One of the best!

Brittany Wright

I would give this office a 0, but it is not an option. Let me start by saying, I’ve had glasses for the last 20 years, so I know what to expect when having an annual eye exam. I was disgusted by the status of this office. It was filthy! A small office, yes, but not organized, un-vacuumed carpet, and animal hair all over the waiting room chairs. You walk through the entry hallway (while passing the small exam rooms), which leads to the secretary/seating area. I was shocked to see all the patient files on open bookshelves with no security. It was worrisome after filling out paperwork with confidential information. I arrived early to fill out the new patient paperwork, so expected to wait a few minutes prior to my appointment, but did not expect to still be waiting 30 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start. At one point the doctor came out, we exchanged 'hi, how are you's, where he responded 'it's Friday, and it's almost time to go to the bar' -which seemed like a weird comment from a healthcare professional to a patient, but it's a small practice, so I let it go. About 15 minutes after my appointment was supposed to begin, the friendly receptionist brought me into the initial exam room. I was already concerned with the smell and cleanliness of the office, but then the equipment wasn’t sanitized prior to my use. Following the two eye tests (where one didn’t even give correct results), I went back to the waiting area. The receptionist seemed apologetic that I was still waiting and even interrupted him while in an exam with another patient to see how long. I was surprised to see Dr. Murray bring the patient out into the hallway, where I watched him continue her exam, while she sat in a hallway and read letters that were hanging in a closet wall on the other side of the open doorway. It seemed very uncomfortable to watch what should be a private appointment, out in the open with strangers. I also want to point out that I never entered the main exam room, but from what I saw, there were no sinks. I was horrified thinking of the doctor getting near my eyes and not knowing if his hands were sanitized. Let alone the fact that it’s rule number one when putting on/removing contact lenses that hands should be washed prior. While I was still waiting, I began looking up reviews. I wasn’t pleased with the results- many were similar to my situation, as far as appointments being late to start or the doctor just not showing up to the office. I also read too many about people waiting months for their prescriptions to arrive after having already paid for them. After waiting over 30 minutes, I stood up, told the receptionist I had to go back to work and needed to reschedule; her response was ‘Yeah, I figured’. I then had to excuse myself and walk past the other patient and doctor, who said ‘you’re leaving? Can’t you wait?’ I stated that ‘I had already waited, over 30 minutes and that I needed to go’. I called the following week, and left voicemail for my paperwork to be shredded. Four days later I received a phone call – ‘It’s Dr. Murray, you’ve been shredded’ while he chuckled and then hung up. I’m not one to write reviews but with the clear lack of customer service and cleanliness in that office, I needed to let people know to steer clear of this doctor.

Taylor Wilk

Andrea Swiedom

Although my experience initially was positive with Eyecare Today, it quickly went sour. The receptionist was extremely accommodating with me as I was trying to get a prescription filled for a pair of eye frames as a surprise for my partner's birthday. Despite the prescription being expired, the office was willing to send the frames to their lab. However, they lied to me on three occasions as to when the frames would be finished and shipped to my address. A week after his birthday, I was infuriated, to say the least, and to add to the stress, we were leaving the country in two days. Despite remaining calm and even sending my partner to their office to resolve the issue and just get the eye frames (without the prescription) in our hands so we could have the prescription filled within an hour at the mall, they kept the frames hostage! Even after confirming they would have the empty frames at the office for us to take away and deal with ourselves, they didn't have them. After having the receptionist hang up on me and accuse me and my partner of 'freaking out' at her, the doctor finally drove to the lab and picked up the eye frames with the prescription lenses. I think they were just trying to buy themselves time so they didn't have to refund me. After lying to me on three different occasions as to when the frames would be ready, the receptionist finally admitted she didn't know when they would be ready and that there were four frames ahead of our order. I can only imagine how long those customers have been waiting... or are still waiting. I think this optometrist is behind in his payments to the lab and therefore, is unable to fill prescriptions in an appropriate amount of time and lies to customers to buy himself time.

Tim Smith

Beth Copp

Dr. Bob is the kindest man with an amazing joy for his profession. I highly recommend him for all of your eyecare needs.

Alexis Worn

The absolute worst experience I've had in all of my 30 years of going to Eye Doctor's. No one knows what's going on whenever you call and there is no communication to the patient. I had to call every day for a week and never got any answers in regards to my contacts being ordered. It got so bad that I had to look into going elsewhere and would not recommend this place to anyone I actually liked.

Jeremy Ashlock

Calib Furry Tour

Very sorry to give this bad review, but it is what it is. Bought a frame/lens off establishment... and after 3 tries later (1.5 months later)... lenses still not fitted correctly to frame. Nice guy, just not do'n it for me... must be in denial about quality of work.

Tim Sturtevant

This was the only eye doctor covered under my old insurance so I made an appointment to get a prescription. The office was a little chaotic and shambled but I told myself “hey, my insurance sucks. This is what I get.” It was honestly a pleasant appointment, friendly guy. But he told me I was developing glaucoma, which would have been weird considering my age but I’m also Type 1 diabetic, so I just thought it was some complications from that. Got out of the appointment and called all my friends and family to tell them. Two months later I made another appointment with Casco Bay Eyecare (who was out of my network but I felt like I needed a second opinion...). No glaucoma, no increased eye pressure, no complications from the diabetes. I still have people six months later asking me “how’s the glaucoma going?” Epilogue: My girlfriend met someone who just told her a funny story about the optometrist behind the Burger King telling her she had glaucoma when she doesn’t.

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