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This Ophthalmologist belongs to the category of Lasik surgeon.

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REVIEWS OF Williamson Eye Center IN Louisiana

Terrience Turner

Courtney Ardoin

Bret Williamson took great care of my teenage daughter & she was fitted for her glasses while we were finishing our appointment!

Vonsellia Tasker

jim burroughs

Martha Sunsin

Nicole Burke

Angelle Tatum

Staff was great during my visit and the provider was awesome. I would greatly recommend Williamson Eye Center of Baton Rouge to my community.

Greg Brenner

Mixed feelings of the center. Scheduling was very hard for my Lasik, mostly in part that I had to do it during the week and not on their typical Friday. I had to follow up with them multiple times to get it locked in versus them calling me as promised. On the day of the surgery I found out why. Dr Williamson had been out on his honeymoon. So of course he hadnt been practicing for awhile. My Lasik results missed the mark even though a +/- .25 is considered a success. One eye was also over corrected. Anyway, after 6 months, I am back in glasses, an option they wouldnt even offer me when I asked what my options were after my second follow up. Oh and as others have said, the front desk employees are not very friendly or competent. Review done by a 43 year old male with 5.50 nearsightedness prior to Lasik.

Melissa M

They went above and beyond to make sure my daughter had her glasses when school started. Excellent service and staff! I would definitely recommend them.

Mamie Greenfield

Everyone there is awesome. Very helpful with any questions I have. Highly recommended!

Lori Wilson

The staff at Williamson Eye Cllinic are very kind, fast and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Dr Blake Williamson is wonderful.

Kerry Bullion

If I could give them a zero I would. This is the slowest people I've ever encountered. Just can't understand why this place is so bad but if you are a time freak this is NOT the place for you !!

Eva Collins

David Mikronis

I had been suffering with an eye infection for over 1-1/2 weeks and to say that I was miserable would be an understatement! I was referred to the Williamson Eye clinic in Zachary and they wasted no time sending me to the Williamson Eye clinic in Baton Rouge where Dr. Matthew D. Smith saw me. That was on a Friday and by Monday, waa laa my eye was almost totally healed!!! THANK YOU!!! Dr. Matthew Smith

lakeytra jackson

The office staff was friendly and professional

Rebecca Budd

Always told I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik because of all of my eye issues. Dr. Blake had me at 20/15 18 hours post op!

Darnell Ruth

I went here for a stye on my eye. I've had four visits and my eye is still swollen. The first visit I was given eye drops and told to do hot compressions. After a few weeks that didnt work, I went back and they injected the stye. A couple more weeks no change, this third time the dr basically lasered it to drain it. Now my eye has gotten swollen after a month with a white line under my eye. This last time the Dr even asked me if i had one of those magnifying mirrors because my eye doesnt look "THAT SWOLLEN"??!! He gave me eye drops again and rushed to the next patient waiting. At this point im going somewhere else. This place only wants your money!

Tammie Gougisha

Jeremy Gautreau

I have been using Williamson's Eye Care center since I was 6 years old and had some surgeries on my eyes that were revolutionary at the time to correct congenital ptosis along with other issues that may have caused me to go blind as a child. Dr. Williamson's clinic continues to take care of me to this day even though he no longer cares for me. I do not trust my eyes to anyone else.

Jackson Jackson

The staff are very kind and caring everyone was very professional i would recommend to all who need eye care treatments and surgery the best service thanks williamson eye care center!

Darren Oufnac

Went to Dr. Charles Williamson for all laser Lasix surgery in 2011 and I am still pleased with the results today.

Steven Bloom

katie booker

It was very relaxing and Dr Bill was wonderful

Debbie Ruckman

As of now I have had only my left eye done. Next week I’ll do the right eye. Dr. Blake Williamson is my doctor. He is amazing, n the ppl that work with him are also. Each one of the nurses would come in n tell me her name n explain her …

Stacy Holmes

This place is not like it use to be .. the staff is very rude and unprofessional.. they act like they don't want to help u at all.. people everywhere and it's not in order at all.. when the call u to go in the back u sit in the room for the longest before the dr.comes in .. it's horrible

Mia Brooks

Eric Agarwal

I have been involved in the eye care field and have worked with Optometrists for over 21 years. I was required to have cataract surgery and chose Dr.Blake Williamson to be my ophthalmologist for the surgery and I couldn’t have been happier. Blake is extremely professional and kind. I am seeing better than I have ever before and extremely happy with the results. The staff in the clinic was also extremely kind and professional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Blake Williamson as your surgeon.

Alma Marie Brunious

I would like to thank Dr. Blake , Dr. Bill and Dr. Pharm for the perfect experience getting my cataract and laser surgery. Also the staff, everyone was so courteous and helpful , so happy my husband and I went to Williamson Eye Center

Heather Marie

For my appointment they explained everything as they did it and explained to me my vision problems in a way I could understand. I will definitely recommend going here for you’re eye check-up. The nurses there are so helpful the entire time, they did not have to try and help me sooth my crying baby but they did and words can’t express how grateful I am that they offered to step in and help, it made the appointment go over a lot smoother and they were just overall amazing.

Latasha Williams

Luella Tyler

Love the doctor that i see and i got my glasses within 4 days. I recommend this doctor office to anyone.

Dana Gobert

Would not recommend mother went to have cataracts removed doctors damage optical nerve mother went blind. Doctors lied saying vision would return. I have heard horror stories similar to my mother's. They should not be allowed to perform surgery on anyone and should be shut down!

Desiree Richardson

Jessica was really great. Her professionalism and patience was awesome. She handled my needs well and answered all of insurance questions promptly and knowledgeablely

Sheila Self

Very professional, courteous and respectful with assurance all will be well a wonderful experience. Stay Blessed

Clarence White

Gary Melancon

Dr Williamson was rude and not thorough. He didn't even know my name. He was in it he office 30 seconds and then went and told his staff he had nothing to offer that guy and to refer him somewhere else.

Martin Smith

Donald Vining

Non professional, staff rude and inconcderate to patients , gives one the impression nobody has any kind of training. Hope the doctors are better, God help me

Nichele Weatherspoon

Sherry Anderson

Friendly staff, doctors are all nice and thorough.

Myesha Lewis

Keshia McCray

Excellent work !!! My right eye lid feels so awesome!!!!


Tineisha Harris

Awesome.. Great smiles and positive attitudes

Marius Rowell

I showed up 5 minutes early for an appointment booked for 10:20 this morning for a quick and simple checkup. After waiting 45 minutes I just walked out. These people couldn't schedule anything properly so don't waste your time here unless you enjoy being bored and waiting forever.


The Doctor was very professional and knowledgeable. The staff was great and I would recommend this facility to anyone who want quality care!

Jennell Green

Went in for eye surgery and the doctor was so rude. Would NOT recommend to anyone!


This is the best eye center i been to i'm 13 years old and when i went they let me pick what kind of glasses i want, the doctors are very friendly and if you have to wait a long time you can go get a cup of coffee because their is coffee stand fight by the entrance

Derric Chambers


Dr. Pham is a wonderful optometrist. At the end of my eye exam, I was diagnosed with a very high astigmatism. Dr. Pham explained the term “astigmatism” and what I can do about it. Basically any questions/concerns I had, she addressed them. Furthermore, I loved how the staff assisted in taking care of my 2 year old son while I chose a pair of glasses

Melissia Richard

Always great customer service and great eye care!

Patrick Williams

google user

I called 3 times to request my prescription information, each time I was told they were sending it. They never actually sent it to me. What they are doing is refusing to give me my prescription so that I will have to come and use their lens service instead of having my glasses made at a more affordable location. Very shady business practices.

Joya Clark

Bluzi Ana

Williamson Eye center are great. Whenever my eyelashes start growing inside the lower lid, which is very painful, the staff get me in the day I call or for sure the next.

L. B.

YOU GET 0 STARS! Had cataract surgery both eyes. After going thru process and following all instructions exactly, I still couldn't see well. Told physician asst. about it at last appt. I asked to see the dr. who did my surgery, Charles Williamson, and they wouldn't let me. Gave me lots of excuses why I couldn't see him. When a patient tells them they can't see well after cataract surgery where I should have had 20/20 sight, don't tell them, "Well, everybody's different." That's BS! I had to go to another doctor who did a thorough exam and gave me the medical attention I needed. Dr. Charles Williamson and the PA have huge egos-they are so full of themselves. I should have listened to my daughter's instincts after the first visit w/Brett Williamson when she tried to talk me out of using them b/c she thought he was too full of himself during the visit and very unlikable. I feel once they get you thru their cataract surgery assembly line, they don't want any more to do w/you even when you go back and tell them you can't see well. DON'T TELL ME EVERYBODY'S DIFFERENT! I deserved better. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Tanaka Tillotson

The eye doctor and asst was great the optical store was great first visit but second visit to pick up they just reached my glasses and said have a nice day! Didn’t give me an option to try them on to see if they fit. When I returned to my vehicle and put them on out of glass case I realized they were dirty and I didn’t even get a cloth to clean them with like my past experiences with eye doctors.

One3 Visualz

Clean Fast and nice people i recommend you go there

Alexis Peters

Tracy Hickman

Everyone was very friendly and helpful

paulette kercher

Great experience!! Very happy

Ariana Buckner

Quick, professional. And great selection of eye wear! I will be back

Donald Herrmann

Patricia Dinh

Dr Blake. His team is wonderful.

Kathlyn Elaine Alderman

Dr. Charles Williamson did the Lasik surgery on my son several years ago and referred me to him. I had cataract surgery and the Crystalens IOL lens implant and am very pleased with the results. I went from multifocal contact lenses to none and need readers only for very tiny print (like on sugar packets). The staff was great - I missed an appointment because I had written down the wrong time and because I live in Lafayette, they took me anyway. Most appointments were kept very timely. One post-op checkup took over an hour for them to call me in the back but The entire staff is knowledgeable and professional. The facilities were clean and modern and the systems in place work seamlessly. I have already recommended the Williamson Eye Center to several friends and family looking to cataract surgery and will continue to do so. Thank you Williamson Eye Center!

Kendra Trask

great staff , glasses came very fast

Lorene Davidson

Just had laser cataract surgery. Was neither far or near sighted. Wore bifocals for years. No perphial vision. What a miracle it was for me after surgery. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. No more glasses except for very fine print. Otherwise, I am good to go. Thanks go out to everyone involved in surgery. Dr. Mathew Smith was my surgeon. He was very patient with me and talked me threw everything during surgery. A new me, that can finally See again. Best money, I've ever spent on myself.

Kip Fabre

Lisa Delpit

Dr. Blake and staff were wonderful. I had cataract surgery and my book went from 20/400 to 20/20! Dr. Blake worked with me to adjust one eye so that I could have some near vision. Seems I will o my need readers for small print or extended computer work. I was so impressed that he called me personally the evening of the surgery to check on me. I would highly recommend him!

Yolanda Fay Foster

I am glad that I got to be service by your staff. I felt well taken care of.

Ankodieh Bennett

All of the doctors and staff there are kind and courteous. They attend to all your needs and make sure you feel comfortable. I've been a patient there for years and now my children are patients as well. I wouldn't trust anywhere but Williamson Eye Center with something as precious as our sight. They've taken really good care of us❤

Valarie Cheek-Burke

Maryam Qadri

My experience at the Williamson eye centre was superb Dr Blake did an awesome job and I really appreciate the job done i would tell anyone about my Laser Cataract and his work to help them feel better thank you Sir

Latoya Emery

Good service with the staff and Doctors

Lauren Bourque

Short wait time. Knowledgeable doctors. Pleasant staff.

Calvin Allen

My visit was great an very helpful over great

Milissa Thibodeaux

Annette Watson

Williamson Eye Center has a very nice atmosphere with great reps working for them. The optometrist office is very professional and the doctors there were very informative about the questions I had. The optical side was very nice as well. …

Annette Elphage

I went in to have a Pterygium removed from my left eye. I can still see the Pterygium. I should have listened to my friend. He told to cancel my surgery. What a waste. Looking for a new doctor. I wish I can give them a double zero. I am Pissed. Not Happy.

Matt Doran


Thank you Dr. Smith for prescribing medicine to alleviate my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Smith and staff for seeing me quickly and taking the time to listen to and address my concerns.

tina b

Friendly staff did not take long maybe an hour for both of my kids

lisa cook

Vzlqii !

Worst experience at a medical office!!! I would not recommend seeing Dr. William Williamson if you have other options, especially if you are disabled. I’ve taken my mother to see him twice now, and left in tears both times because of how …

Karen Jones

The service was great, BUT, they forgot to call in my prescription so I suffered through the night with my eye infection, thank God it was during the week and not on the weekend. Thus the reason for the rating. Even when I called back on the next day, I was informed that I could not speak with someone directly at the Connell's Park Lane location. Needless to say I am changing eye doctors/locations

Llaina’s Curls

Pamela Williams

Everyone was so kind, helpful and professional.

Johnathan Zeno

Rosa Townsend

Wonderful staff. Very. Pleasant and professional!

Billy Fairley Fairley

Dr. Billy Williamson and his staff are the best ..

Robert Heroman

Awesome staff and doctors. Great service and best eye care in Baton Rouge by far, not even close. Thanks Williamson eye center!

Karen Titus

The staff at Williamson Eye Center are very friendly and nice, so keep up the good work. Thank you.

Cheryl Richard

Each visit I am met with friendly professionals who take extreme care with my vision by ensuring I am knowledgable concerning any diagnosis and progression needed. Thanks Williamson

Leslie Calhoun


Definitely a 10 ! Doc new exactly what was wrong , everyone was so nice. The wait want long at all and I loved the help with looking for some new glasses they really go with my face and personality!

Tammy Jones

Everyone was pleasant and the wait time was very short

guud karma

Everyone waa so nice and courteous. I am probably their nightmare patient because i hate anything touching my eyeball. They were so patient with me... Thank u

jennifer arceneaux

Will never come back here, very slow waited 45 min just to pick up glassed that took 2 weeks to come in usually 5-7 days tops!

Chandler Holiday

Friendly and professional staff. My entire family goes to and recommends Williamson Eye Center.

Herb Battistella

Great Service!!!!!! Quality Doctors!!!! Convenient location

Marilyn Hallmark

I could not have ask for a better doctor and staff for my cataract surgeries. They were superb. I have wore glasses for over 50 years and all I need now is readers. I would recommend anyone to them and I already have. Thank you Dr. Smith and staff.

Tyrone Curtis

Customer service was out of this world!!!

Jessica London

I’ve taken my stepfather to this location several different times... The workers are very unfriendly... extremely slow does not matter if you come early to your appointment it’s an all day stay so don’t plan on doing anything else that day.... I would not recommend This clinic to anyone at all... only wish you could give a negative star!!!....PLEASE FIND ANOTHER PLACE that takes whatever type of insurance you may have

Vincent Reilly

I had cataract surgery on both eyes, this August. Dr. Charles Williamson performed the surgeries. I'm well pleases and would recommend them to others.

Reggie Batiste Sr

Milicent Battistella

Lakeshia McElwee

1010 The staff was very courteous & professional!!! My provider was very thorough, explained everything & made sure I understood what was going on!!! Love the atmosphere!!!

just me

Rebekah Hunt

Rayburn Deville

Very good and thorough eye exam.

Margaret Reed

Everyone was really kind and patient and gave really good care.

Royal Ross Jr

The best eye care center with the nicest nurses and doctors.

Terreca Taylor

Dr. Williamson was very informative and nice. The entire staff was comforting and encouraging as I was extremely nervous. Thank you!

Rhonda Finley


Sorcha Brown

Went for Lasik; professional, clean and quick.

Anna Jones

Dr. Blake Williamson is so personable and has such a caring personality. This make all the difference in the world to me knowing my doctor cares. My surgery was very successful! NO GLASSES

Malcolm Daniels

Awesome staff, Dr. Pham was very thorough and offered excellent service!!

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