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REVIEWS OF Pediatric Ophthalmology IN Louisiana

Jessica Henry

This one star review reflects the front end staff. We did not meet with either doctor. My eleven month old daughter had an appointment this morning at 7:55 AM. We live in Ruston, Louisiana so it was an hour and fifteen minute drive. We arrived about 10 minutes early and the receptionist asked if we had completed the online paper work. Since no one had informed me that it could be completed online, I had to fill out the forms upon arrival. While completing the forms, they ask you to initial several statements one of which states that they will dilate the child's eyes and you could be in the office for two-three hours. My daughter is a new patient and her original appointment was scheduled by her pediatrician on a day/time that didn't work for us. When I called to reschedule, I explained that she was a new patient and that we would be driving in from Ruston. We discussed booking the appointment in Monroe versus Shreveport and I decided on Shreveport so she could be seen sooner. I was never told that I needed to plan to be in the office up to three hours! I planned on being at the office a hour to a hour and a half tops! I still can not believe that the staff wouldn't explain this three hour appointment time for new patients! It is absolutely unacceptable that I wasn't informed of this before my arrival today. After speaking with the office manager we decided to reschedule, since I hadn't packed my daughter's diaper bag to be away from home for five and a half hours. Shame on you "mystery" staff member for being the absolute worst receptionist and for wasting my entire morning!


Omg! this place is terrible, if I can give 0 star I will give it to them, I don't know much about the Doctors but their receptionist are so rude they are awful, today is my second time visit my first time experience was very bad too, I have to leave the place without seen and no follow up appointment she just ignored me, instead of talking to me she face her computer.. And I walked out with my little baby. She make me feel so sad..

Amberlynn Bois

Christopher Nash

Dr. Richard is very caring when we take our kids.


I needed to share this because I do go by a lot of the reviews I read. Thankfully we were referred to dr tien by our old pediatric ophthalmologist in East Providence who had originally told me my daughter should be out of glasses by the time she got into kindergarten, she was 2 at the time. After a couple years wearing glasses consistently and still not seeing any improvement I looked into vision therapy (my daughter has strambisus (spelled wrong) one of her eyes turns in. I decided to meet with a vision therapist even though it is not covered by insurance and I paid $250 for a full evaluation. It was with that dr that they finally realized my daughter had a larger problem that could be fixed with surgery. She referred me to dr tien in providence so I made the appointment. The office staff was great to deal with when making the original appointment. I took my daughter, we hardly had any wait and I wish I knew the woman’s name (but I know she is from Fall River, has been at the practice for 3 years and she is around 36) she brought us in for the exam which was extremely thorough. My daughter was very nervous but the woman was so understanding and patient. My daughter didn’t want the drops in her eyes, but she waited and convinced her. We met with dr tien, he explained everything to both of us extremely well and again was very patient with my now 6 year old daughter. Today we went for our pre-op (she does need surgery, but he’s hoping only one eye) and again no if any wait. The same woman called us in, and everything was consistent. My daughter has surgery next Thursday I will update mt review again but I had a very good experience here. My daughter can be very difficult and she even likes them!! That’s a rave review!!!

Deidre Dinan

My daughter would be blind now if it hadn't been for Dr. H. Such a good man, very very grateful!!

Sokariooko Tannin-huo

Placed on hold for like 30mins just to make an appointment to end up talking to someone else who had no idea about why was I placed on hold, again placed me on hold to look up for me and same thing had to explain myself to someone else, extremely rude receptionists!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE LADIES YOU HATE YOUR JOB YOU ARE IN THE WRONG FIELD GO WORK FOR CONSTRUCTION WITH THAT ATTITUDE. Finally they gave me an appointment but for the looks of it with that staff I rather look for something else better where I will be treated with respect.


Allen Smith

Plan on spending at a minimum 3 hours here. They sell food and drinks because they are so slow that they are sure you will get hungry and thirsty. I spent over 4 hours with my 3 year old here trying to reassure him we were almost done. Bane of my existence.

Kelly Estrela

Boymom X2

Do NOT take your child to this office!!! I wish I had read the reviews prior to taking mine. I never write reviews either, but my mom radar is completely up about this place! I have a 3 year old (newly turned less than a week ago) who has been going cross-eyed when looking at books and at night. The doctors and nurses never introduced themselves to either of us-so I still don’t know the name of the doctor who we saw. We also felt rushed and brushed off for the entire appointment and our questions about treatment went unanswered. At the end of the appointment the doctor told me he did not see any eye crossing and that my son passed the eye exam-not even a minute later after shining a light in his eyes again he suddenly changed his mind telling me that he needed corrective lenses-I don’t know if it’s a permanent issue or what the situation is moving forward and tried to ask-he merely grabbed a pamphlet and circled something and sent me on my way. I expect better when dealing with a toddler. My son was nervous and while he did everything asked of him and never cried -explaining to him what would happen before doing it would have been good. Instead the doctor manually moved my child’s head and barked orders at him. This is also my first experience taking a child to an eye exam and he is really young-so I also wanted to know what was happening. My 3 year old, justifiably, wanted to know the doctor and nurses names and kept asking and staff blatantly ignored him. My son is extremely articulate and social-he went up and sat on the chair all by himself and tried to interact with the staff on his own. I work in public health-this was just a terrible experience for us. When trying to advocate for my son and ask questions I was brushed off. Needless to say I will NOT be returning and I will not be getting my son lenses until I have a second opinion from someone who is willing to answer my questions and explain what’s happening. I also will look for a provider who actually likes kids and who likes dealing with them because these folks didn’t seem to want to interact at all.

Samantha York

Also spoke to rude reception staff. I wish I would have read the reviews before calling them, at least I would have been forewarned. We are military and were referred to this clinic for my sons strabismus. I haven't seen the Dr. yet so I don't know how they are in regards to care but I will definitely be writing a formal complaint regarding the reception staff I talked to over the phone.


If your looking for an Ophthalmologist for your child, do yourself a favor and keep looking! I recently called this office to make an appointment for my son. I said I wanted to make an appointment for a routine eye exam. They said "Sure, what insurance do you have"? I told them Aetna. The Dr. performed a routine eye exam. As it turned out my son did need glasses. A few weeks later I get a bill for $160. I called my insurance company to confirm that they do infact cover routine eye exams at 100%. They said they do. I then called the Dr's office to find out what the discrepancy was and was told I was responsible for the $160. because they are a Specialty office, they do not do "routine eye exams" Really? this is an Opthamology office right? therefore they submitted the claim under some other code (other than routine) sticking me with the bill. In my opinion the staff is well versed on each insurer and what they cover and do not cover. They should inform patients prior to the appt. that they do not do routine exams therefore your insurer may not pay this claim. But why would they do that? that would be the honest and right thing to do right? I will never return to this office. And if anyone ever asks me about my experience and if I would recommend them, I would advise them against going there. P.s. the parking situation for their office stinks and of course they only reimburse you for half the amount of the cost. Not to mention it's a long walk from the garage to the office.

Courtney Brunelle

Staff was very rude, and so was the doctor. Will not be returning.


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