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REVIEWS OF Louisiana Eye & Laser - Alexandria IN Louisiana

Mary Lee

The positive: Dr Bennett and the tech that assisted us during our visit were very friendly and helpful. The negatives: waited in the waiting room for almost an hour before being called. They initially only called for one of my daughters and when I inquired if both of them could be seen together, it seemed to be an issue. I didn’t want to leave a child unattended in the waiting room with the 200 other people sitting, waiting for their appointment. I feel like it is a poor layout of the facility, they have you walking from one end of the building to the other for different purposes during the visit. Our appointment was for 3pm, we were the last people there at 6pm. 3 hours was very excessive in my opinion. We ended up leaving at 6:25 after everything was said and done. When we were finally done, we were brought to the check out desk and I had to make a follow up appointment for one child and needed to be fitted for glasses for the other. I was informed that the staff that do the eye glass ordering leave at 5:30. At that point I asked to speak to someone in charge. A Mr. Herman (I believe he is the practice manager) came to speak to me and was pretty ineffectual in attempting to resolve the problem. He thought I should just come back another time to have my daughter fitted for her glasses since no one was there to do it. I asked him why staff were allowed to leave with patients still being seen. He had no answer. About that time a lady. And through from an outlying office to drop off some items and she was able to help us. She was very helpful, but the printer would not work to print out anything, i.e. receipt, script, etc...She told me she was able to place my order and it should take 7-10 days to receive the glasses. It has now been 2 weeks and I have not received a call from them. I have called and left a message with the staff on a voicemail but no one had returned my call. I cannot, in good consciousness, recommend this practice to anyone. You are literally just a number, herded through there like cattle and when you have an issue that needs to be addressed, the person in charge is useless. We will not be going back to this facility again.

Charlie Bean

Caleb Jackson Book

Nina Mills

Kacie Cox

Kris Shinhoster

Ms Amanda and other staff members, including doctors there are beyond amazing! Thank y’all for the amazing experience despite the computers crashing!

Richard Abel

The wait time is ridiculous. Why set appointments if you show up on time but it takes 2 hours to get back to see the doctor. I can understand 15-30 min due to delays but 2 hours is just poor management.

Ann Hall

Amy Bennett

Recently had PRK procedure performed by Dr. Patrick Redmond. Thumbs up to Melissa Hunter for educating and being there every step of the way and to Dr. P. Redmond for doing an excellent job. If you need eye or laser procedure this is the place to go.. Highly reccomended! Thank you all for your patience and guidance pre and post op!

Sharron Crowell

Brandi Callahan

Joe Fink

Tony Riley IV

Whitney Guillot

Paul Smith

Xaviera Kennedy

These doctors care! The staff goes above and beyond.

Phoebe Smith

Monica Mulea

They have very professional staff. Love Dr. Patty. He was very thorough and does not rush me. Shannon in the Optical Centre went above and beyond helping my mother-in-law and me choose glasses that fit us best. I'll be sure to ask for her next time I go.

Jackie McKenzie

Christina Taft

I took our daughter there the 11th of September and we where there for 2 hours and while waiting my husband said that there where at least 10 people that walked in and walked right put also he said that they didn't even know why she was there in the first place! I called to check to see about her glasses amd theu where very rude and unfriendly! I will not go back there! They are very unorganized!

Balee Sweat

In and out within a few minutes, even with the doctor being very thorough. Staff there is a dream! They all are kind and great you with a smiling face!!

Justin Squyres

fortunately it has been a while since I have been there but they were extremely great to work with I had scratched my eye and did not have an appointment but they worked me into there busy schedule and got me taken care of

dale weishuhn

Horrible experience with these people !! Went twice together and examination because they messed up the first visit by dialated too early. Second visit I had to wait for 2 1/2 hours and still didn't get to see a Dr so I walked out. How this unorganized company ever pleases any is a mystery to me.

Colin Rader

Nice place

Etta Ohrt

Holly Holomon

Misty Sullivan

We arrived right on time for our visit. We only had to wait about 5 min. Before they called us to the back to be seen. Everyone was so nice and had us in and out quickly.

DALE Rachal

Extreme care given and employees very helpful with lots of attention to detail . Most through eye exam i have had in twenty years of wearing glasses and contacts. And i was thinking the only reason i needed to give them a try was because of my age and one day I may need more than just glasses. That what you get when you don't know the differences in services provided.

Kassidy Hoskin

This is definitely not a child friendly office. I brought my 4 year old to have her eyes checked and it was awful. She was afraid and Dr. Bryan Jeanfreau didn't make things better. He didn't even introduce himself or try and make my daughter feel comfortable. He said he had other patients to see and only a few minutes.

Aurianna Cordero

Sandy Beaubouef

I was having difficulty with my vision. It was affecting my work and daily routine. My vision was causing headaches and a depressed feeling. The staff at Louisiana Eye and Laser listened to my concerns. They did a complete assessment on my eyes. Then Dr Patty did another exam and listened to my concerns. Dr Patty determine my problem and brought in Dr Walters. Between the two specialist, they developed a Plan of Care and immediately implemented it. It was comforting to know my treatment plan was developed by the staff listening to my concerns, results of a thorough exam and two Doctors that specialize in correcting my vision. I couldn’t be happier.

Linda Bullions

Pat Sanders

They have TVs that advertise for them that are irritating. They all advertise and talk over themselves. They have you in the door why the torture

trent antley

Brandy Valigura

Very nice staff

Lori Hickman

I was finally able to go and get an appointment set up a while back. I'm very thankful that they were able to squeeze me in so soon after requesting it. I really needed it, and they were nice enough to print out a prescription for both contacts and glasses in case I wanted one or the other, or both. Yeah, the wait can be long occasionally. It can also be difficult to hear them call out names at times. The waiting area and the building are always clean when I visit. It's nice that they have a "check in station" where you can enter your info and then go wait to be called back. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this business and my visit/appointment.

Anitrecia Raymond

Jasmyne Pleasant

This is a very nice & clean clinic with very nice employees

Mari Vaughn

I always have a great experience here! Dr. Stroker and her staff are super friendly and very helpful.

Bob Boyt

I have used these folks for over 35 years and they have always had my best interest at heart.

Denise Warshaw

Go anywhere else but here!

Kayla Walker

Pam Gorden

I had an appointment at 8:30 AM, to check my eyes for contacts after having seen another one of their doctors just 2 weeks before because I have cataracts. I left at 10:45 without having been seen. Then they would not give me a prescription for my vision stating it was not in the computer. That's a lie. I watched the girl put it in the computer when they checked my vision 2 weeks ago. Shame on you. I won't be back.

Mamie Gandy

I was employed here for almoat a year and positively the worst experience ever. Some of the management team are definitively unqualified and know nothing about communication. The doctors and managers might know a thing or two on patient care and treatments but not a thing regarding the loyalty of employees and their satisfaction. Do yourself a favor and never apply.

Darlene Self

Dr Reish and his staff are awesome!!

Lauren Redmond

Lucy King

lance young

The staff will do anything they can to make your visit a great experience.

Sweetest Love

James Fontenot

I've been wearing prescription glasses for 51 years and my experience with this facility is the worst that I've dealt with. The appointments for regular and special examination/test visits were OK and as expected but my July 1, 2019 order for new glasses is still pending as of July 31, 2019. The first pair was received about 1 week after the order was placed ... right lens had the wrong prescription ... had to be sent back to the lab and re-processed. The second pair was received about 2 weeks later ... lenses were not transition, as ordered and payed for. So my glasses will be resubmitted for a second time. Will there be a third failure to complete my order? Time will tell. My words to describe this office: careless, apathetic and incompetent. There are better optometry establishments available in our area. My suggestion is to seek them out.

Jackson Kervin


They are very helpful. They wont let you leave until they give every detail on whats going on with you. With or without insurance they treat you the same way. I am a lifetime customer.

Maria Elena Martinez-Sweat

My money is going elsewhere, I will never come back to this place. The wait is absolutely ridiculous. My daughter's appointment was set for 3pm, we waited for over an hour, were seen for 15mins, and weren't seen again until 5:32pm. Keep in mind they close at 5:00pm. If you plan on setting up an appointment anyways, be prepared with snacks, books, and your cellphone charger. Unless of course you're into fun activities like staring at walls, pacing hallways, or counting each thread in the carpet. Dont worry yourself thinking there's only the one waiting room when you first walk in, because it's not the only one. There are over 5 different waiting rooms for you to enjoy. Have fun!

Jenee Maupin Lavespere

The doctors are great but the eye center is horrible if you get glasses they may not fit an you pay so much for them however what you try on an they order check well bc I bought a pair an I'm stuck with glasses that don't fit. Not real good for customer service

Sarah A

New to the area and the business seemed reputable. I waited over an hour to be seen, on a Saturday, only to find out there were two additional people waiting in front of me. Staff apologized for the inconvenience which is why I'm giving them two stars. Going to have to find somewhere else.

rebekah boerboom

In 2004, my mother went there to have cataracts removed. She was 84. I shall not mention the name of the doctor but I hold the entire clinic responsible for the substandard care that she got! I guess you're wondering what took me so long to write a review. I've tried for many years to put it behind me but recently, an elderly friend told me of her inferior treatment there, so I thought I would finally say something. My mother's eyes began to spread apart a lot! It was obvious that something was spreading her forehead! She had been to many doctors here and no one thought anything of it, which I may add, is a sad testament to the overall medical community in CENLA! One of them referred her to this eye doctor. I mentioned many times that there was something wrong and they totally ignored me! Even my mother told them of the strange lights and images she was seeing! They let it go and performed surgery on her anyway! It didn't work! She became sicker and I took her to the emergency room one night, a Thursday and by Tuesday, she was dead of a tumor in her sinus cavity, in front of her frontal lobe! That is what was spreading her eyes apart! Yes, many doctors were responsible for her misdiagnosis but this eye clinic, operated on her, even though, I pointed out that this was not her normal appearance! This review is late but better late than never!

Suzy Gill/Ray

Shontel Simmons

Staff is always nice and friendly. Dr. Walters is very thorough with his exam and makes sure that his patients are well taken care of. I highly recommend La Eye and Laser to anyone looking for an eye doctor.

Shonda Tipton

Me and my daughter saw Dr Bryan Jeanfreau, great experience my 5 yr old loved him definitely will be seeing him again..

Karen Wiggins

Ms. Julie was amazing with my son during his first visit to the eye doctor. She was patient and answered all of his questions! Dr. J was very kind and understanding of my son too. We once were scared of the eye doctor, now we love going! Can’t wait til next time!

Upper Room Church - The Journey

Awesome staff, facilities and service!!

Petie Book

Well it's a nice office good doctors and fast service


My wife went to see doctor Michael Redmond originally for lasik. He convinced her it would be better to put in a multi focal lens. She trusted his judgment. She was under sedated and fully conscious during the entire operation. When doctor Redmond question her about that during her follow up visit, she told him that she heard their entire conversation which was purely about little league ball. One would think they would be discussing the surgery at hand. Her vision was worse after surgery but he kept telling her the lens was perfectly positioned and she just had to get used to it. I wound up taking her to one of the top I surgeons in the country in Houston. When he showed her eye on the screen, I asked him what that arc was going across the middle of the eye. He commented that was the edge of the lens and that I was able to see it even though I wasn't a physician. He attempted to correct it, but unfortunately, it had been in place too long and too much scar tissue is build-up to be able to relocate the lens properly. She went from somewhat nearest sighted in that eye to legally blind. She can't drive at night because the glare bothers are so much in that eye. Everyone I have told about it, and trust me there have been several including my own ophthalmologist, have said either he was incompetent or trying to write out the time until he wasn't responsible for correcting his error. Personally, I wouldn't let him stitch on the loose eye on a Teddy bear.

Annie Green

I was seen on time. All questions answered. Treated with courtesy.

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