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This Ophthalmologist corresponds to the category of Lasik surgeon.

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REVIEWS OF Dr. Jason B. Greenberg, MD IN Kentucky

Wei Jiang

Just got my lasik procedure done yesterday, today I'm back for my follow up and everything feels great. Before the procedure yesterday they rechecked my prescription and answered any remaining questions that I had. Soon after I was talking to Dr. Greenberg and taken into the operating room. You're given stress balls to hold on to and I jokingly asked if they were necessary but they actually helped me throughout the procedure. There was no pain but it was uncomfortable, nothing unbearable though since everything happens so fast. Dr. Greenberg talks you through everything very calmly and before you know it he is telling you to sit up and you're ready to go. Next day (today) I dont feel any discomfort and they just rechecked everything to make sure I was okay. Definitely a great and reputable place to go if you're considering lasik or any kind of corrective procedure.

Stephanie Deiss

The entire lasik process went smoothly. The staff is very friendly and each step of the process was explained well. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Mattie Armstrong

My mom had her eyes done here and now my boyfriend is doing the same and the staff is incredible. Very nice and awesome people to talk to! I will definitely come here to get my eyes done!

Amber Clapp

I can see again!!!!! What an amazing experience. The best thing I have done for myself ever!!

VRW 172

Amazing customer service and very talented employees, had Lasik done and by the next day I had perfect vision, absolutely worth it.

Jessica Vaughan

This was such an amazing experience! The staff was very friendly and make you feel at home! I would highly recommend this place to everyone! Thanks for everything!

Gina Lee

This was an amazing experience. The staff goes above and beyond for there patients needs. Other than a little pressure "part of the procedure" it was 100% pain free. I truly wish I had done it sooner. I had my surgery on 9-20-19, the next day at my follow up I was seeing 20/15. Today 9-23-19 I am still healing i had some swelling and bruising from the pressure, but i have been in no pain.

Mitchel Perkins

THIS PLACE SUCKS! Got drawn in on advertising for $250 LASIK per eye, went thru the examination and was often left in the waiting room unsure of what i was doing or what i was waiting on. At the end, they slapped a “discounted” bill of $4000 for both of my eyes, and then tried to shadily convince a 19 year old going into college to take out a loan to pay for it. HORRIBLE PRACTICES! They dilated my eyes for the exam, and after a week i have developed photophobia and a raging eye infection that a trusted eye doctor company, VisionFirst, is struggling to bring under control. If you want to go blind in the sunlight and get robbed of your money, feel free to stop by this lovely place!

David Masden

Cindy and Amanda was very helpful and lovely to have as our help.

Craig Patton

Hats off to the entire team at LasikPlus. They made the process easy, affordable, and I can see with out glasses!!!! Reccomend 100%. Go see them today!

Roxana Ramirez Reyes

Quiero darle la gloria a Dios todo poderoso por darle la sabiduría a este equipo de médicos y asistentes que hizo posible que yo después de 20 años usando espejuelos . Hoy disfrute una visión perfecta . Gracias a todos soy muy feliz por haberlos conocido y los recomiendo están en buenas manos .

Ber M.

The team here are excellent and Dr. Morgan and Dr. Greenberg are the best of the best of what they do! Thanks lasikPlus for giving my vision back!

Allyson Paauw

I had been wearing readers for about seven years and I was sooooooooo sick of not being able to see without wearing them. I finally decided it was time to do something. I had thought about contacts but knowing I don't like things IN my eyes; I chose lasik. I cannot even describe my feelings. I am able to actually see the buttons on the microwave and the alarm clock. I feel so liberated!!!! The staff were beyond wonderful! Both Doctors are very warm, friendly, superb bedside manner. They're an excellent group of people. I highly recommend Lasik Plus!

Meghan Schaefer

I had a great experience!! Staff is extreamly friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenburg and Dr. Morgan and his awesome staff!!

Living in Sky

awesome doctor

Neal Bland

Ok. So. I’m writing this review on my phone WITH NO READING GLASSES!! For the first time in years. And I’m one day post surgery. Best money I’ve ever spent. I wish there were 6 stars..

Mr Big

Day two after procedure and improving every day. Noticeable difference just 5 hours after. Loving not wearing bulky and troublesome glasses anymore, especially when I'm working as a plumber. Thanks to the whole team at Lasik Plus!

Meredith Johnson

My doctor recommended LasikPlus and I could not have been happier with my experience. The staff here was so helpful and comforting throughout this entire process. Wish I would have done it sooner!

Kelly Goode

Everyone is so amazingly friendly!

Katie Holland

Wish I would have done this procedure a lot sooner. Pretty amazing to be able to see without glasses or contacts! Staff was very nice and helpful throughout the process.

Jeremy Spencer


Brenai Hill


Today is my first day after the surgery seeing 20/20 without glasses and feels amazing. Thanks lasikplus and Doctor Jason Greenberg. I definitely recommend this to any body.

Kirsten "Kasey" Tobbe

I'm not sure why I waited so long! 20/15 vision. No more contact or annoying glasses. The staff and doctors are fantastic!

Carrie Turk

Went great. The suction part wasnt fun but only lasted a couple of seconds. I'm at 20/15 on day 3. I have some red bruising around the whites of my eyes but no pain. Eyes are a little dry and scratchy but not too bad for day 3. Staff here is great.

Peter Bardgett

Great people and great service, I can see clearly now. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Angie Miller

I've worn glasses since 4th grade, and it has hindered me from doing so many activities. I am proud to say that the day after surgery, I am already at 20/15 vision! I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg at LasikPlus! You won't be disappointed!

Ashlee Kiser

I've sent 4 other close friends and family members here. One of which flew from Urah to have her procedure done at this particular office. I've had procedures done twice here in the past 8 years and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Mike Fox

I forgot how remarkable the smaller things in the world look. I am completely satisfied!

Donnie Hardin

Great experience! Staff was friendly and very thorough with the whole process. Can see better than expected and something I should have done a long time ago. Happy to have used Lasik Plus!

Mike Tape

The staff was very helpful and the procedure was very quick. I was shocked by how simple this was, and the lifetime warranty is a great value.

Rhianna Lloyd

I had lasik eye surgery on 2/10/18, and when I woke up the next day for work I could see perfectly!! It was amazing!! Not going to lie, the procedure hurt more than I anticipated, but it was over super quick and the staff here is fantastic!

Tevin Coleman

This place is amazing, I recommend it to all my friends. 20/20 over night.

James Colpien

My wife can see great:y

Lyle Hysinger

Very friendly staff and highly professional as well! The procedure was thoroughly explained and they gave me many opportunities to ask questions as well. The entire experience was amazing, efficient, and positive. I am seeing 20/20 at my first follow up, which is only 15 hours post surgery. I am very satisfied and excited about my new vision. Thanks Lasik Plus Louisville, Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Morgan, Cindy, Lisa, Amanda and everyone else! My advice is just get it done, you will not regret it!

Deiby Lopez

Everyone its great very polite and professional !!!!


The whole experience was smooth and easy from start to finish. The staff was extremely accommodating and courteous, and patiently answered any questions I had. They were also extremely well prepared with information in the form of documents and videos to make sure I was fully informed. The actual procedure took less than 15 minutes for both eyes and they walked me through every step of it ensuring that I was made as comfortable as possible. I'm sitting here the day after the procedure for my post checkup with 20/15 vision, a clarity I'd previously only ever experienced with contacts which were always a nuisance. I'm very excited about seeing the world this way going forward with no additional stress of dealing with corrective lenses!

Alicia Pennington


Matt Judd

The procedure went really well, and I was informed beforehand of the entire recovery process so that nothing worried me as I went through it myself. Procedure was quick and painless. The staff here is really great and friendly, as well. Dr. Greenberg recognized me when he saw me on the street after only one or two meetings. Very professional and congenial establishment! Can't say enough good about them

Roberto Rivera

Dr. Greenberg and his entire staff made me feel comfortable with everything before and after the procedure. It's a very efficient organization! They let me know everything I needed to know, even things I didn't think of. Thank you all for everything!

Eddie Napier

I corrected for distance only and am now 20/15. They were gerat to work with!

stephanie rubenstein



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