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Mohammed Belhadj Larbi

I had never wrote a review before and I had a dentist drill the wrong tooth, but this practice is at another level, literally the worst office ever, and not only among ophthalmologists/opticians (This review corresponds to my interactions with this office and the one in independence, Haven't used their third one). So I have been going here for about two years, the first time ever I got contact lenses which they were worth ~$500 which luckily my insurance covered, but guess what, never was able to see with them, and their explanation? Contact lenses are not for me, I better stick to glasses. Few months ago I go back to see Dr. Bales, I got my glasses prescription and went and bought my glasses elsewhere, but I couldn't see with them, so I thought VSE's optician should take a look at them, he said the prescription was right, but this other place made the glasses wrong, so I returned the glasses and decided to do another eye exam elsewhere, guess what? the new exam proved that VSE's prescription was wrong, so I went back to them with the new prescription looking for an explanation asking which prescription should I believe. so they suggested I should use the new prescription and use VSE to make my glasses, so I decided to give them a chance, boy was that a bad decision? I made it clear that I had a travel coming up in 11 days and that I needed my glasses before then and I even bought a warranty with my glasses., they said for sure you will get them because the lab is just a couple blocks away. Well, it took a month to get my glasses, (needless to say how many times I had to call them and how many promises they made and broke during that month, and to make up for that the new.manavement refunded me what I paid on top of my insurance). So a couple weeks ago I called and said I need to use my warranty for my glasses, and this time I want to add transition that I will pay for, they said you don't have a warranty because we refunded you, I said well, if you take away my warranty when you give me a refund, that's a service cancellation not a refund, plus they can't cancel a service I requested without asking me first or at least make it clear that refund will result me loosing my warranty. So they said ok, we will give you the warranty, but we will use it to give you the same exact glasses and you can't add transition even though you pay will for it, if I want the transition added I have to pay the full price for a whole new pair of glasses (Which I think is a tactic from them to make me not use the warranty because I really want the transition added since summer is coming). So bottom line, now I have to pay for a new glasses although I have a warranty for my old ones, let that sink in a bit. #This an answer to your answer# The contact lenses incidence you are talking about is not the one I am referring to (Please do your due diligence), I am talking about the one before. As far as me bringing the glasses back, you did not offer any check with the doctor which you said I declined, why would I decline and follow your even more troubling recommendation of returning the glasses? You just asked me to return the glasses and use you (which you did because you wanted my business although it was unethical to blame the other optician who made the glasses, where in fact you just had the prescription wrong in the first place). Third you quoted me at 10 days, so even if my glasses were broken at the day of delivery and you had to redo them again, it will take you another 10 days, but yet it took you a month. I wanted to cancel and you said no, we still want your business, keep using your insurance to get the glasses and we will refund you the copay. I never said I want to use my warranty for transition, I said I will pay for any other addition. You also said I “constantly” hanged up the phone, at this time I am just gonna call things what they are and say that was a shameful lie, I only hanged up one time, and that’s only because I was on the phone with you 5 or 6 times in one week and none of you were able to address my issue.

David Cole

It was a very pleasant experience. We're we're seen without waiting long, and treated very well, not by some, but by all of the staff. And it was a very comfortable environment, not clinical at all.

Daniel Fowler

Dr. Topi saw me on a last-minute basis after I was hit by some drunkard coming out of a Donald Trump rally (to be clear, I was standing outside with the Press, *he* was in the rally). Anyway, Dr. Topi provided a thorough examination, and was able to determine - using the very same retinographic device that another reviewer complained about - that a "freckle" in the exact area of impact was nothing of concern to long-term eye health. True to her diagnosis, my symptoms have cleared up remarkably in the last two days. Thanks! P.S. Don't let Dr. Topi's graduation certificate saying "2015" leed to you judging her experience and skill prematurely. She has proven herself highly-experienced, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. I've had eye problems my entire life, with three eye surgeries. One for congenital esotropia, and two for further strabismus corrections. Dr. Topi provided insight (zing!) on all sorts of aspects of my condition that 30+ year veterans in the field had either not known or failed to share. I confirmed these insights later on, as well, when speaking with a veteran ophthalmologist.

Pat Whitworth

I have really enjoyed the convenience of the location and the excellent care I have received at Insight Eyecare in Batesville, MS. The front desk staff are friendly and very helpful. Dr. Hellums does a through checkup during my visit and answers all my questions. I plan to continue as a patient with Insight Eyecare as long as possible. Thank you, Patretia Whitworth

Christopher Avila

Used to be good but latest experience with this office will be my last. Aside from the disinterested front desk staff that others have pointed out the optometrist herself seemed more concerned with her physical appearance than my eyesight. I didn't feel any of my concerns/questions were adequately addressed instead I was constantly just made to do things without explanation and in the end was sold generic self-branded contacts instead of the Acuvue I'd requested/been using and also for some reason I had to return to pick them up instead of having them shipped to me. Just overall poor/awkward experience which is a shame because I used to like the doctor that was here, guess she retired. Now it feels like the people employed here just don't care about their patients.

Stephanie Bjelland

I have terrible eyes, both my prescription strength and my astigmatism. I just finished my follow-up visit with them and I am very pleased with the service I received. I'm new to the area, so I was nervous going to a doctor I knew basically nothing about, and they have been very accommodating and helpful. I accidentally wrote my appointment on the wrong day in my calendar, but they still squeezed me in a day early. In addition to that, Dr. Topi literally went outside on the sidewalk with me, slides in hand, to test some contacts in real life, since conditions are very different in the exam room versus driving around outside. She went above and beyond the call of duty and I am immensely appreciative. I highly recommend this establishment.

Timothy Lambert

So far so good . . . I went for sn adjustment and they handled it very professionally and quickly

Jessica Fisher

The optometrist took time to explain all about eye health and took time to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend.

Gan A

I have worn eyeglasses for about 26 years; therefore, I have visited several optical offices. I had an eye exam at Insight about four weeks ago. A digital retinal scan was done. I told myself, “Good, the insurance now covers it.” I picked a pair of frames for my eyeglasses. When the bill came, I was charged for the scan. No one told me that the insurance does not cover it and if I wanted to opt out. I ignored it. Anyway, I would have opted in since I had my last one two years ago. I got my eyeglasses two weeks later. I went to Insight today to have my frames adjusted. When I was about to enter the office, I met Kevin on his way out to throw trash. When Kevin came back, he went straight to me and asked what was wrong with my eyeglasses. I said the right side is lower than the left side. He went ahead and got my eyeglasses. I politely told him that he just got back from throwing trash. He said he would wash his hands. He adjusted the frames. When I put my eyeglasses on they still didn’t fit right. He said that my left eye is higher than my right that if he adjusted the frames to the level of my eyes they would be unbalanced at the temples. I had to take a closer look at myself at the mirror and on my phone because he was saying that the frames were OK. I politely pointed to him that the upper right rim is almost at the level of my eyelash, while the left is just a couple of millimeters below my left brow. He said my eyes were not balanced and that he did this every day so he knew what he was doing. I told him I was not questioning his abilities. I was just describing what the fit looked and felt to me. I told him that I understood that every person has some degree of facial asymmetry. To address my very mild asymmetry, I wanted the upper rims to be fairly of the same distance from my eyes. He adjusted the frames one more time. He said the temples were unbalanced. I said they were fine as long as the upper rims are fairly balanced. One thing I would say about Kevin was throughout those 10 minutes, he said and did all these in a studied calm. However, I still will NOT come back nor recommend this place to anyone. I want to go to an office that lets me know before doing a procedure that insurance does not cover it, that listens to the client before making a judgment, and that will take no offense when asked questions.

Shane Holt

I was in and out in under an HOUR! I can't say enough things about the Front-Office staff and Board-Certified Drs/Optometrists & Eye-Care Professionals - AT ALL LOCATIONS. I've been a patient - both in the Crossroads, and most recently up North-NKC. Each time I've been treated with respect and they have always tried to help fit me into a pair of glasses that is within my budget. PROPS to Ben & Jamie for taking the time to treat me like I was on the RED CARPET while helping me find a stylish - provacative, yet "conservative" eye wear (I work in a professional atmosphere, but I'm still a bit flamboyant)... Special Acknolwedgement to Jennifer for answering all my questions about my VSP plan and how my HSA account would work (and especially for putting up with me when I was a cranky Diva). Finally - to Dr. Glass for being honest and real with me! I would recommend using these Drs and facilities to friends and family. NOTE: They are NOT Cheap - and they are NOT "America's Best" - but they are BEST Atmosphere and most professional -- if you have decent/amazing insurance at work and can afford to pay for your glasses (either out of pocket or you have an FSA/HSA) - I highly reccomend using their services - you will never be over-sold & you will be treated with respect. THANK YOU INSIGHT EYE CARE - I look forward to being a life-long patient :)

Lance Burns

Customer Service was great!!! Fast too. I didn't even know they carry brand name frames too!

J Brown

I had a very pleasant experience here. The staff was knowledgeable and nice. I didn't feel any of the issues mentioned in other reviews.

Lorena Lopez

I have worn glasses forever and always use my state insurance. I recently got a new insurance and this place was on the list of where i could go, i walk in and make sure that my insurance was accepted here and aak if i can get glasses ..mind you i had already got an exam.and contacts months earlier...the tall older male that helped me.seemed as if i was just a bother. Dusted off some old cases of lenses that were in a cabinet, said i can chose from here and walked away. I will say the woman that was there so nice and helped me pick a pair that fit my face and waa just full of life. The man then took the glasses i chose and said it will be ready two weeks. Two & a half weeks later i call asking whats going on and he says he has to find out whats going on with my order because he doesnt know what he did with it or if it got lost in the mail and when he figures it out he will call me. Uhm..okay. 3 weeks later, still no glasses or phone call. Definitely wouldnt recommend this place. Ill stick to going to walmart optical lol or Americas best. Tried something new & it was a disappointment.

Bethany Bentele

Love Dr. Bales and the staff! Great place and great service. In and out quickly and always on time.

L Strong

I have always enjoyed my visits and experience here. The staff is friendly and down to earth. I can't say enough, but if you are looking for that personal connection then this is the place to go.

Paul Snyder

They charge for things not covered by insurance without notifying you.

Gretchen Blain

Sarah Martin

My husband and I recently both went to Insight Eyecare Specialties and had great experiences. Dr. Schreiber took the time to explain what is going on with my vision and answer all my questions about my contacts and the best options for me. The staff also helped me pick out some great frames--they have an excellent selection!

Heidi S

I been coming here for the past 9 years and never truly had a bad experience. One good thing I can say is they cured my chronic headaches. Before noone would give me glasses and I was suffering from headaches and drs refused to believe it was my eyes. I came here and was given my first pair of glasses and immediately my headaches I was suffering from were gone!

Kevin Bjurstrom

I am not typically one to write a review. But, I feel that I must as a warning to others with VSP insurance. We chose this practice because they are listed by VSP as participating in the Premier program, which means we would maximize our benefits. Both my spouse and I went in for an exam and each chose a single pair of glasses. Our combined out of pocket was almost $500 and neither one of us ordered anything special. It is now day 52 and we are both waiting, yet again, for our glasses to be returned from the lab - simply completed as ordered and undamaged. Once our glasses do come in, we both have additional issues with the order as yet to be addressed. Will we continue to bring our business here? Would you?

Wilson Welch

The Dr not only was patient with my very bad eyes, she informed me of a federal program that got my contacts at almost no cost to me! I thought the team at the desk were great. as well. I didn't care for the gentleman who was "selling" the glasses as he didn't seem to have any interest in helping me, but I wont count of stars for 1 dude on a bad day. I'll see them again!

Doug O'Reilly

Very nice practice and great location for people downtown. It was my second visit so they already had all of my information but they were prompt with all of my tests and got me fitted for new contacts in 30 minutes. The staff is very friendly and was able to answer all of my questions. I would recommend this practice

Abdul Alothman

Great doctor but bad staff.

Jeff Tackett

This place has gone to hell and I suspect the doors will be closing soon. No one answering the phones, no website updates, bad handwritten notes on the door saying they were closed early (during regular business hours). After a "remodel" went in to see giant cases of old dusty glasses sitting on the floor. While the staff ate their lunch and watched me browse (limited selection that can be seen in most other stores) they could not find my prescription--that had been added to their system by one of their own staff two weeks earlier. Avoid this debacle of a shop.

dirck hecking

The doctor was very nice and the location is perfect for anyone that lives downtown or in the crossroads. Looking forward to trying out the wine bar next door as well.

Christian Valencia

I just got out of a relationship so my day had been pretty rocky. I went to this place after work one time because I had an appointment. I thought I was late for my appointment, but they were all still so respectful and nice! They have some of the COMFIEST furniture I tell you what! I felt like a chatterbox during my whole visit. But it seemed as if the whole staff was enjoying my wackyness. I felt like Ronald McDonald! And those same great people helped me pick out some SHWEEEET new frames for my face. They fit very nicely after an hour of indecisiveness (that’s my fault hehe) because of their HUGE selection of frames. If I was the manager and or owner of this business.. I would get together an ice cream/pizza party for this team of incredible, helpful, inclusive, and overall wholesome people. I’ve made so many cool new friends and have gotten a pretty good amount of “Super Likes” through social apps because this team helped me become prepared for the world. I feel like a million bucks. And if I had that much money, I would throw an ice cream party for this staff. A very much YES in my book. Anyone who doesn’t have anything nice to say about this place, you get no ice cream unless you be nice.

tom bergin

I dropped by and looked at their selection, brought in my script and insurance info a few days later, they ordered the glasses and said 7-10 days, 7-10 days later I got the email, dropped by and picked up the glasses. Everything was pleasant and timely. I had no problems at all. I plan on going back for another pair as soon as my frame insurance rolls over in the new year.

William Edwards

I wish I had read the negative reviews before going because they seem to be accurate. I went in to refresh my glasses and sunglasses. I started with the exam with Dr. Bales. The exam took a suspiciously short amount of time and it did not conclude with a "clear" view of what my new prescription would look like. The new glasses took 3 weeks to come in (apparently if their frames aren't in stock, they take much longer). When I went in, I could tell immediately that something was wrong with my new prescription as it was worse than the glasses I came to replace. All three of the new pairs I bought (readers, sunglasses, and regular) were wrong. The next day Dr. Bales gave me a 2nd exam. During the exam she suggested that the reason the new glasses didn't seem right was that either (1) my eyes changed again in the intervening 3 weeks, or (2) I gave inaccurate answers to her questions (Is 1 better than 2. Is 2 better than 3, etc.) Then she accused me of badmouthing her to her staff saying, "I know you told my staff that I did something wrong. But I didn't do anything wrong." I corrected her saying that I told her staff that she never showed me a "clear" image using the in-office testing optics in the 1st exam but she did the 2nd exam. Then she kind of fake apologized again but it was clear that she found me to be a giant PITA. I know what it's like to be starting out as a new professional and sometimes a little experience can really improve a person. Dr. Bales is a relatively new optometrist (2016). But Dr. Bales did not seem open to the possibility that she rushed my first exam which leaves open the question of whether she might learn from the experience and avoid the same mistake in the future. After insurance, Vision Source billed me for $1100 for the three pairs of glasses. You kind of hope that when you go to a boutique place that you get special treatment to justify the higher prices. I'm still out the 1100 and, almost a month later, do not yet have a working set of glasses from Vision Source. I trust that I will eventually get some workable glasses. It's too bad. I really wanted to support a local small business in the Crossroads. Update-after I posted this review, Crossroads Vision Source responded by posting a rebuttal to my review that included information from the eye exams. The Optometrist wrote, "When we saw you today for a glasses check to make sure that you received the prescription that optimized your visual acuity; the doctor asked you a few questions regarding your vision to make sure there was not anything medically causing the prescription to be different. The doctor spent time today thoroughly rechecking your prescription and it was found to be different-- This can happen for a number of reasons (which the doctor explained to you.)" Keep that in mind before you post a negative review about Vision Source. You may find yourself reading about your own exam on Google reviews.

Jasmin Carra

I had an appointment at 10:30 got there at 10. The eye specialist attended me even tho I was 30 mins early, everything went smooth!.. The part I did not like was when i had to pick my glasses! The guy at the front desk took out a brown box inside the cabinet, he showed me like 10 pairs of glasses I grabbed one tried it on he automatically said they looked good in me and that those were perfect! Didn't let me look at the rest because he quickly put the brown box back inside the cabinet!.. It looked like he was on a rush to get me out of there!

Danilo Souza

My first impression of this place was great. Dr. Bales was very patient and friendly. The equipment seemed new and clean. The girls who helped me were very nice and helpful A couple of days after the first appointment, I went back to pick out my new glasses. They told me I'd get them within 2 weeks. However, after three whole weeks went by, I decided to email them to check on the glasses, the guy calls me back to tell me that for some reason they never placed my order. They try to make up for the delay by offering to let go of a 90 dollar balance I still had with them and tells me I'd get the glasses in a few days. It's now been a whole month since I first ordered the glasses and still haven't received them. Would recommend the optometrist, but will not be ordering my glasses here again.

Kasey Jones

******WOULDN'T RECOMMEND****** The entire experience was dreadful. Had a 30 minute wait. And The male that worked there was rude. Not pleasent at all. He was very short & abrasive towards me. He acted as if I was bothering him. I would highly NOT recommend this place to anyone.

Eric Hoffman

I will not go back to this eye doctor. Not only did my doctor mistakenly give me daily lenses and tell me they were monthly lenses, but when they asked me to come back in to confirm I had the proper prescription, I waited 30 minutes past my scheduled appointment because the doctor wasn't even there. I ultimately left without being seen by any doctor. The staff is not mean or rude, but the customer service is literally the worst I have ever experienced at a doctor's office.

Aerin Stein

This is a review only for the optical shop section of the business. I have my eye exam done at a specialist because of a medical problem, and their practice stopped selling glasses, so I needed to find a new place to get glasses made. I took a look downtown, for the convenience, as I live downtown. Despite the bad reviews, I thought I would give them a try, so that I would be able to walk to an optician in the future. Big mistake. The shop seemed nice enough, when I first walked in, but after speaking with Ryan, it turns out that they didn't have a single pair of frames that I was interested in trying on. He set me up with a few pairs that were "similar" to the one I was wanting and tried to up sell me on whatever brand they had in their shop. I just asked if he could order the one I wanted and I would cross my fingers that they looked good. The shop didn't have a problem ordering them. I wanted Transitions in the glasses, so they got a bit of an up sell, but because of it, Ryan said I could get a second pair of lenses for free if I purchased the frames. I opted for a pair of sunglasses, again, one they didn't have for me to try on, but they were able to look it up in their system and order it. So we were all set, on August 22, 2018 the order was placed in their system, and they quoted me 7-10 business days, except for the sunglasses, which were going to take about 15 business days longer, but that was fine, because I was only really needing an update on my regular glasses. I got a call the next day and Ryan figured out how to get the sunglasses even earlier, great. I don't hear anything for a week, and decide to call the office the day before Labor Day weekend, just to see if anything was in before the vacation. The sunglasses were ready, which was surprising, considering they were supposed to take longer, but nobody thought to call me to let me know. When I went to pick the sunglasses up (again, super convenient being downtown) Ryan told me that my glasses would probably be in the afternoon shipment that day, or the next. I give a day after Labor Day, and then start calling to see if the eyeglasses are ready for pickup. No, not ready, and no other updates for a week. I left messages on the office voicemail and didn't get a response for more than a day, so I decided to drop in, and the glasses weren't ready, and I was told the manufacturer broke them. Until the office called the manufacturer to check up on the glasses, they just sat in a "broken" state without being remade. A few days later, I call again, leave a message, no callback. Walk over again, they told me that the lenses were put in the wrong eye. I asked to speak to a someone higher up in the company, as they were now past their quoted time. I received the number of a "manager" at another store, who immediately said they wouldn't even be able to look at anything until the next day, because it was 4:30PM and I would get a call back first thing in the morning. The next day, I never get a call from this "manager" so I try the number again. It seems that this "manager" Kris was dodging my calls by making another employee answer her phone, and still not returning any messages left that day, either. At this point, I began asking for a refund at every step of the way, and Ryan refused to issue a refund. He assured me that the glasses would be ready the third week after ordering them, and that he would go drive to the manufacturer to pick up the glasses the moment they were ready. Ok, that would have been fine, if they ever became ready. Another week passed, still nothing except "Maybe Tomorrow?" No call back on that Friday, so nothing until Monday again. Very frustrated, I walked down to the store one last time on September 17, 2018, a month after ordering my glasses, and was told that they were still not ready, and was finally able to get a refund. Trust the poor reviews, I wish that I had. Downtown Kansas City deserves a better Optometrist.

Megan Gower

Micah Starr

Moved here from out of town and desperately needed an eye doctor I could trust. After a few years of looking around, I was so so grateful to find Dr. Erin Bales at Vision Source Eyecare! The location is perfect, the staff is very friendly, and they've been able to fit me in at a last minute's notice. Highly recommend!

Myranda Coons

I have never had issues with my eyes until I went here. I needed new lenses put in my glasses because my dog chewed them. I have had no changes in vision in 5+ years, and simply needed the same prescription replaced in the frames. When I dropped off my glasses to have them replaced, the wrong prescription was put in. I had to go back to the office, where they re-checked my eyes and determined it was in fact the wrong prescription. They ordered the "right" prescription after re-measuring my eyes, and I went back to pick up the glasses. The prescription was better, but still not right. I had now been to this place at least 5 times, including the eye exam, picking up glasses two different times, and just wasted too much of my time here. I finally went to a different doctor where he confirmed that I needed to be in a different prescription - the original prescription that I had in the first place. I am very frustrated by the service I received here and the fact that I have to now re-pay for lenses that should have been fixed the first time by my optometrist. I won't be back here, and wouldn't recommend to anyone else.

Melanie Haas

I absolutely love the team at Insight. I started going here because it was convenient to my office downtown. Then I found out that they could also see my girls, who were then 4 and 6. They treated them with respect and gained their trust by including them in the process and explaining what they were doing. SO much better than the "childrens eye care" place we had been to many times before. I had a trying time with my RX for astigmatism and they worked with me to get me comfortable. The girls have never been more cooperative for any doctor. Thank you for taking the pain out of appointments with my little ones! And thank you for being progress and well-educated. I completely trust Dr. Wegener, Dr. Schreiber, and their staff.


I decided to visit Vision Source Eyecare for my yearly vision check-up and contact lens prescription. I chose this location because it was close to my place of work and they allow for lunch-time appointments on certain days of the week. I made my lunch-time appointment for several weeks in the future and got friendly reminders and a courtesy call as the appointment day drew closer. The appointment was fast and easy. I checked into the location, filled out some paperwork, and was promptly seen by the optometrist with little to no wait. The exam lasted for about 30-45 minutes. During the exam, I had expressed dissatisfaction with my old brand of contacts due to dryness at the end of the day and asked about her thoughts on Lasik. She offered to recommend a few surgeons to me, which I turned down. The optometrist also suggested a different brand of contacts, Bausch + Lomb, to try and provided me a sample pair. She informed me that if I didn't like this brand or was unsatisfied, don't open the boxes I order and I could bring the contacts back. I was given my prescription and an option to purchase my contacts. She also informed me of a rebate on these contacts. I decided to purchase the contacts with that offer and the assurances she provided me. After trying out the contacts, I immediately experienced the same dryness of the contacts at the end of the day. I was discouraged and explored other options, namely Lasik, and decided to move away from contact lenses. I left the lenses I ordered unopened, did not submit the rebate, and kept the receipt so I could take them back. I contacted Vision Source Eyecare to return my contacts and was shocked to find out that they did not actually take refunds on contacts even though it was within 30 days of my exam and ~14 days from when I received my contacts in the mail. There was a misunderstanding regarding what the optometrist said and what was meant. The policy was that I could bring the contacts back and switch it out for a different brand, not for a refund. I was quite upset as that was not my understanding. However, after a few phone calls, the owner of Vision Source Eyecare gave me a call and informed me that he was working on revising the policy as this was not a situation they see very often. After a few days, he called me back and reassured me that he took a second look at their return policy and decided to make it more customer friendly to allow for flexibility when customers are unhappy with the product. Although I was initially upset, I am now a very satisfied customer not only because the service they provided was top notch, but they were also willing to work with their customers to resolve any issues they may have. I will be coming back for my yearly check-ups and will be recommending to my friends, family, and co-workers because of their high quality of service.

Jennifer Watts

Dr. Topi was great and so was Kevin helping me pick out glasses. I would recommend them to anyone.

Zac Owens

They called me back today and got me in for tomorrow :)

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