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REVIEWS OF Moyes Eye Center IN Kansas

Stephanie Brier

I waited three months for an appt with an opthamologist (referred by my neuro), specifically making an appt for a rx for sunglasses; as I am a chronic sufferer of migraines. I have perfect vision, and had specified when making the appt. I showed up, with a migraine, waited an hour in the waiting room, my appt was with an optometrist (who yelled when he spoke), I did not want an eye exam, received one, (did not want my eyes dialated), and wasted four hours for him to tell me I had perfect vision and he would not give me a prescription for sunglasses...see ya next year! Worst customer service and doctor treatment I have ever received. Then they would not run the claim through my vision insurance, only my medical. I will never recommend this office to any of my friends/family and I have specified to all of my medical offices to NOT recommend or refer their patients to them as well.


Jimmy Durham

I no longer need your services...Jim Durham..Chillicothe,Mo

aaron Shade

Landinn Eckhardt

This review has nothing to do with the Dr. that I saw, he was just fine. This review is because Moyes Eye Center cost me a derogatory mark on credit report because of their mistakes. I had a > $200 bill with Moyes Eye Center, and would have gladly paid at time of service or whenever a bill was received, but a bill was never received because they had my apartment number wrong, difference between an S and an F. They never called one single time. Not one time, over 18 months, at which I lived at the same address, did they call and ask for an updated address or even to collect the bill. They sent a bill 7 times to the wrong address, without an attempt to call or collect. I had to get a call from a collection agency, at which point I called Moyes instantly and settled up. So the entire time, they could have made a 10 second call and collected my bill, but they decided to be ignorant and send a bill to the wrong address 7 times. Be careful with the billing here. Awful awful service that cost me a degoratory collections mark on my credit.

Kenneth Mcbride

Paul Caruso

My wife and I both had Lasik surgery about two months apart. It has now been over a year and the entire process has been nothing but positive. I wore glasses/contacts for over 20 years. My vision was pretty bad (about 20/500). Before the surgery I couldn't even read a license plate 3 feet away. Now I have 20/15 vision! I had PRK and my wife had standard Lasik. We both healed up quickly and nicely. Neither one of us experienced any negative side effects whatsoever! My night vision even got better than it was with contacts in! It was worth every penny! I was also informed that they have newer lasers and the latest technology, which ensure minimal risk. I really appreciate they're dedication to quality and attention to detail. The doctors and the staff go above and beyond anything we ever expected. Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional. They were very supportive during the post-op follow-ups and answered any questions we had. They are very friendly and all around nice people. I'd also like to add that in addition to having Lasik done, they also successfully treated me for a chronic redness condition that had 4 previous eye doctors baffled. Dr. V. knew what it was almost immediately and took care of it. The doctors here are some of the best around and are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. I can not say enough good things about them! I would recommend them above anyone else!

Pete Wilhelm

richard boyden

Might as well cut to the chase after a year walking through the door expecting one thing and getting another. I was led or should I say MISLEAD to believe that I would be seeing the top dog who I wanted to examine my eyes. Lo and behold it was a bait and switch program. I had surgery on my eyes when I was 3 weeks old. Diagnosed as glaucoma, I was flown to San Francisco from Seattle in 1947 for that operation which was unique for that time. That operation was good enough to get me in the Marine Corps and to experience 18 months of combat. Being told age would not be a factor when it came to some type of corrective surgery, that was the reason why based upon those who recommended Dr. Moyes I made an appointment. So after I come through the door I am then told I'm going to see another doctor, a rookie so to speak but of course very good very qualified but not who I wanted to see. His evaluation was a disappointment without getting into specifics. At that time I grudgingly accepted and believed what I was told but that was then and not now. My interpretation now of the commentary was that at my age, I was not worth the effort to do that which I came there to have done. Since then I have in my right eye what I would call a light leak at night through some kind of a crack in my eye probably retina related. With that said I got a phone call about 3 weeks ago about the bill of $160 because that fell below the Medicaid limit or whatever and was reminded that if I don't pay the bill it would go to a collection agency. Well read my lips boys and girls and Dr. Moyes. Do you really think I care after experiencing your bait and switch and unfulfilling incompetent result program? That's right I don't care so go for it. Treating a senior citizen and a veteran the way you treated me, I'm sure whoever is reading this review who falls into the same category will avoid your office and your business like a plague! And that's exactly why I'm leaving this review. Hope it was worth lying to me and threatening me, you think? Semper Fi and Merry Christmas!

Nick Flippin

Super friendly staff

Schue 91

Doctors are nice but front desk is run worse than a VA hospital clinic. They start appointments at 7:30 am and are immediately an hour behind. So even if you have the first appointment of the day you will wait at least an hour in the first waiting room and another 45 minutes in the second waiting room before you see a doctor. You can expect to spend about 3 hours waiting to see the doctor for 15 minutes. The front staff are dismissive when you ask why you still haven't been seen when your appointment was 2 hours ago. Young girl at front desk with glasses speaks down to people and treats everyone like they are deaf when she talks to you while smacking her gum. If the doctors werent so good this place would be bankrupt for bad front desk service and totally disfunctional scheduling practices.

Dr. David Knox

Peter Rasmussen

Mariella Wilson

I was referred to Moyes Eye Center by my regular eye doctor and I had 2 cataract surgeries with Dr. Moyes in the spring of 2015. The process was painless and the Dr.and his staff were both professional & friendly. I was very pleased and would highly recommend both Dr. Moyes and his office.

Arun Nair

Excellent eye center. Great staff, clean facility and excellent service.

Janice Matthews

I will not let any other surgery center touch my eyes. Will soon have my second cataract surgery with Dr. Moyes. I had a complicating issue with the first surgery. Dr. Moyes knew exactly how to treat it and I sailed through it with no problem. This time the eye is the one where I had shingles, so it needs expertise I know Dr. Moyes has. I have to say several years ago I thought the appointment desk could have been nicer on the phone, but it turns out that was a medical issue with her which has since been resolved.

peggy lett

Kathy Washburn

Dr. Moyes, the nurses, the receptionists and all his staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease. They answered any and all questions I had about my upcoming cataract surgery. They even had a video to explain about it. After my surgery, my eyesight is incredibly crystal regular eye dr. says it's 20/20! I am absolutely delighted and so very thankful to have had Dr. Moyes as my surgeon.

Lauren Benson

They got me in very quickly at the end of a day for a cornea abrasion. The staff was great and very helpful.

Jacque Jenkins

My appointment was for a LASIK eval. My experience of this new, state of the art, contemporary facility was excellent. From the front desk staff, which usually sets the tone for everything, to waking out the door -- Moyes was top notch & I would highly recommend them. I saw Dr V. He along with the rest of the staff all were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I realize this is not a covered by insurance, but everyone was professional, friendly & courteous. I haven't decided if this treatment is for me or not but if do I will use Moyes!

Susan Bettis

Moyes Eye Center was very helpful and efficient. The receptionist initially helped me to locate the building and was helpful with any questions that I had. Amanda put me at ease as she took my medical information and read the eye charts. Dr. Gelvin's examination of my eyes demonstrated knowledge and ability to find any problem areas. In all areas of treatment I would recommend Moyes eye center.

Wenfei Xie

Laura De Rosa

I am on a rant. You might not want to read. A few years ago I had my cataracts removed and lenses put into my eyes to correct my vision. Today I went in to the Moyes Eye Center, Northland Kansas City Missouri. I waited two and a half hours to find out why my 20/20 eye was blurry. First, the young woman who checked my vision neither responded to my greeting and never smiled Second, they dilated my eyes and left me set under bright lights with no dark glasses. When I finally went back to the front desk to get some, they only had ones that fit inside my glasses and were a man's size. I was told "oh, YOUR glasses are too small. They did not protect my vision from the lights. Third, they were saying, "just a few more minutes, and when I entered the exam room I was given a weak sorry for your wait. Finally, when I reached the front desk, it was just a minute or two. And when I asked a question about the location, where I would be seeing the doctor after a lazer procedure today, I got a I don't know. I walked out without the procedure. I will not use them again I must say in closing, the doctor I saw was very caring and competent.

Ruthie Clark

I love Dr's Moyes and Veractert. They are both wonderful doctors with an amazing staff.

Nancy Dawson

I just returned from Moyes Eye Center at St Luke's Northland Hospital, after having my second eye surgery in three weeks. I began my experience with Moyes Eye Center, first with Dr.John Gelvin, several years ago. He sent me to Dr. Paauw when I needed sugery. I, of course have loved Dr.Gelvin and his staff from the very beginning. Since I totally trust his judgement, I had no doubts about seeing Dr, Paauw. I am still singing the praises of Dr. Gelvins office in Lee's Summit, but was pleases to find the same delightful people working at the Northland office. Everyone, from Dr. Paauw, the admitting staff, pre-op, surgial and post op staff to the volunteers, were all wonderful. I found them to be efficient, reassuring, cheerful and helpful. They answered all of my questions and explained everything in advance.....but best of all, they really did shine at helping me relax with their cheerful banter and bright smiles. If ever I need anything else for my eyesight, I will head for Dr. John Gelvin and the Moyes Eye Center.

John Grayless

Dr. Moyes is fantastic! I can see like I did when I was 20. My wife had her cataracts out a month after me and she has never seen this good in her life. We're total fans now!

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