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REVIEWS OF Midwest Eye Care IN Iowa

Rene Garrido

I had an appointment for Tuesday at 2:30, they left a voicemail on Monday saying the reschedule my appointment because they didn't have a translator. I called and told them I didn't need a translator, I was told the translator was not the issue they just reschedule my appointment because they were going to be really busy that Tuesday, and since I was the last to called and make the appointment for that Tuesday they had to reschedule me. This is bad customer service.

Christian Robertson

Greg Nolle

I don't normally write reviews, but I thought the other reviews posted here are not fair. The physicians at Midwest Eye Care are absolutely excellent. Both I and my mother have had surgeries with two different physicians--both were excellent. What I have seen written about the long wait has some truth to it, but I would rather wait a little longer to see an excellent doctor. Also, I have purchased glasses from Spectacles and really appreciate their 90-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (although I have never had to use it). I would highly recommend Midwest Eye Care to anyone.

Anne Thompson

I've been using Midwest Eye Care for years now and have nothing but good things to say about them. I have gotten in to be seen almost immediately every time, the care and professionalism is great. Everyone has been most helpful and kind. I appreciate that I can count on reliable, prompt service every time.

Desiree Johnson

Robert Hutton

Went to Dr Hottman he picked an extra exam to pad the bill gave me expensive meds. They solved the problem short term. But now simple eye infection is back. Unclear if he knew what my issue was or just guessing. US medical care as a whole is overpriced and not usually in the patients best interest. Look around this probably isnt where you want to go.

LaJoyce Thomas

Everyone has been kind to me that includes staff and doctor. Have been going there for quite a few years.

Lee Ann S

I selected this place from the VSP Insurance site because they were close to where I work and reside. I will never go back. From having to listen to Vivian sigh through the intake process, to having to wait so long after my eyes were dilated, to having Dr Hottman walk in the room and flip on the overhead light on while my eyes were dilated, to having a doctor who was more interested in passing me off to his colleague because of my "droopy" eyelids which have never bothered me before, to being re-dilated because they waited so long, to finding out that although VSP's site says Midwest Eye Care accepts Care Credit, they really don't. I don't remember the name of the guy who was taking my glasses order but he was seriously lacking personality and unable to grasp the concept of conversation. I ended up not buying my glasses there because of the Care Credit issue, and I'm glad. Never going back. The person who answered the phone at another vision center, had more personality than anyone at Midwest Eye Care.

Rafael Estrada Moncada

Ray Wollberg

I stopped by to get a quote for prescription lenses then I went back four days later to get my prescription filled. When I went back to get my prescription filled I was told they couldn't honor their quote because they didn't belong to my discount program. What a drag and waste of time.

Grahamunculus T

They purposefully scheduled me to see a specialist and charged the visit to my health care provider and not VSP. I just wanted a regular check up and now I'm stuck with $140 bill. I will not be going back.

Patrick Luger

Very sad what this place has become. I specifically told my wife to call here because if it was emergency they would get her in right away. She called at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and was told it was too late in the day and it didn’t sound like a real emergency. The tech basically told my wife to call anywhere else that has an emergency on-call doctor except there because it would be rude to contact their on-call doctor. My jaw is on the floor. Will not even consider returning or recommending this place ever again.

Caleb Johnson

The doctors and staff are friendly, but like most doctors offices they tell you one amount(close to $700 up front for me) to pay for services. You pay the amount and then they send you more bills months later.(close to $200) With no warning and when you call they bounce you around from person to person, then tell you well that's what you owe sorry can't do anything for you.

The Jason

This is my official spot for all of my eye care needs. The staff is super helpful and I'm always able to run in for a quick adjustment to my glasses.

Joseph Danks

Had an appointment at 2:10. Didn't get into a room until 3:10. Then more waiting. And finally got out around 4:30. 2 hours for an appointment is not acceptable. If you have to come here, make sure to schedule early in the day.

Desiree King

I am posting for my dad, he had cataract surgery over the last 3 weeks to treat both of his eyes. I found out about Mission Cataract through some research to find out of better ways financially to get my dad these surgeries as he has essentially been blind for several years now and almost to the point where he wouldn't be able to work at all anymore. I talked with Midwest Eye Care and got him put on the application list for Mission Cataract through Midwest Eye Care in November last year. We applied in February this year and in May we got the call that he had been selected to receive surgery completely free of charge. After his surgery on his left eye, the surgical team decided that they were going to go ahead and do surgery on his right eye as well, free of charge. Everyone at the clinic and the surgery center are all so helpful, friendly and efficient. My dad has nothing but good things to say about every single person he came in contact with during his multiple visits here and says he would absolutely reccomend this place to friends and family. And of course the big and main thing is that he can see again! He says he feels like a brand new person, and by looking at him you can tell that he is in much better spirits now that he isn't struggling anymore. Mission Cataract and everyone at Midwest Eye Care are amazing and the genuine concern and care is so apparent in the work that they do with these free surgeries every year. Thank you, from the bottom of my dad's and my heart, for this unbelievable gift.

Bill Hopes

It took over 2 months to get an appointment for a Chinese lady. I asked for a Chinese interpreter. One came, but spoke Cantonese, not Mandarin. When I informed the office staff that the lady had a hand-held translator, Katie said they didn't have time for that. I then asked if they could write something up about the diagnosis and results, but they said all they could give them was a receipt. Seriously! This staff needs some training! We are all busy. They paid for the appointment like everyone else. Some people are going to require more time than others. Work with them! Don't blow them off.

Jennifer Hust

The staff is AMAZING! I've been coming here every 2-3 months for 5yrs. I've had 3 Vitrectomies and 4 different laser surgeries. At one point after a surgery my Dr wanted me to call in to the on call Dr and tell him to contact him if I had problems so my dr could call me back personally. I didn't have problems but when I went in a week later my Dr said he had thought of me and called the Dr to see if they had heard from me. Yes the wait times can be problamatic, but they are Specialists and not just regular eye drs. They deal with surgeries and emergencies. A few times I have had emergencies and they still squeezed me in bc they care about ALL of their patients. I recommend ANYONE who asks about Specialists to MEC.

Lynn Walker

First time at MidWest Eye

Nadia A

I’ve been going to Dr Whitted for years for treatment of my corneal dystrophy. He is an excellent doctor and his staff is very friendly.

Mar Char

Wade Besack

I've gone there for many years because they take VSP and the location is convenient. Long wait times are common, and very frustrating. I've sat in an exam room for 45 min or longer on more than one occasion. I'm a patient person and very forgiving on customer experience, but this last time was too much. My last visit was for my first pair of "wear all the time" glasses. The doctor had no interest in asking me about my needs (mostly computer use) and the assistant said something about how we could back off on the reading power because these would be progressives....what?!? See below. The Spectacles staff at the 43rd and Dodge location is consistently the WORST, and I've had to use them multiple times over the years. The same guys have been there forever and still act like it's their first day in that profession. I got my new glasses and they handed them over with no attempt to verify adjustment, just handed me the glasses and the paperwork and sent me on my way. The reading power is so weak it's borderline useless and the transition area was set too low, making me tilt my head up to see out a tiny slit at the bottom edge of the lens. The center zone is unusable. I told the guy that when I picked them up and he looked at me like I spoke in a foreign language and an attitude like "what do you want ME to do about it"? I went to the West Dodge location 2 weeks later and the representative immediately said they had not been adjusted for my face, the lens geometry was off, the correct measurements had not been done, and the type of lens sold to me wasn't ideal. Now I have to start over with another exam, new lenses, and burn my one allowed re-do because of their incompetence. Horrible experience!

Merinda Collins

This place has a confusing model of transferring patients between departments to get everything done, but I felt like all my needs were met.

Rachel Evans

I would NEVER recommend this place to family or friends. I went in to the dodge location to see Doctor Himebaugh for an issue I was having with my left eye. I sat in the exam room for 20 minutes while Dr. Himebaugh socialized/flirted with staff about things not pertaining to patients (I could hear him). He then proceeded to look at my eye with no feedback and did not prescribe anything for my issue. He then told me to wait longer and to come back again if it did not clear up. The only advice he provided I could have attained from google myself. No medical degree necessary for the help he did not provide. I was then charged $180 for the visit where not only my time was wasted but the doctor didn't even attempt to help me with my issue. I will be finding a new optometrist for further care of myself and my family.

Robert Toth Jr

CreatingwithWingless Angel

The doctors and staff are the best. Friendly and helpful.

Katherine Kivett


Anne Carey

Best eye doctor I have been to especially with the genetic condition I have

Heather Dempsey

Horrible billing department! Will not go back there. Mindy may have been a good eye doctor but their billing department was BAD! They billed my health care insurance instead of my eye care insurance and would not rerun the claim so I was stuck with the bill.....even though they got a pre authorization from my eye care insurance company the day of my appointment!

J Turner

I have gone to Midwest Eye Care for the past 3 years. I chose this clinic for the ease of location, so I could easily get there from work and return in a timely fashion. Although, if I continue to sit in the exam room for 60 minutes every visit, I am not sure how the location benefits me. I will never return, after 3 yearly visits and 3 very late services. The billing staff is also not the friendliest.

Sarah Wynn

I have been taking my son here for 7 years. He wears a bifocal because he crossed his eyes when he was 4. Was told that eventually he won't need the glasses . Well he's 15 now and at his last appointment, the doctor kept his prescription as is. I pressed the doctor about whether or not he needs glasses anymore and when he could finally get rid of them. The doctor asked me why he even wears bifocals! Isn't HE the doctor? I feel like after 7 years of seeing a patient he should know why my son has been wearing bifocals. When I explained to him again (I've mentioned this to the same doctor at every appointment) he seemed as if he had no idea. I was told to schedule another appointment since he was already dilated and he needed to check him undilated. I feel like this was a huge oversight. Why was he prescribing him bifocals if he didn't even know why?

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