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Zijie Deng

The lady from financial office hang up the phone when I was explaining how my two health insurances work. I had to callback again and ask for the details, because my insurance company checked that I don’t owe anything to the hospital, however I still get the bill from McFarland. I did two breast biopsy here, one of the biopsy didn’t even get the samples from the center or somewhere close to the center. So I had to go to a reliable big hospital in Seattle and have that biopsy done again. Also, I could not believe that the nurses in McFarLand mistakenly put down my results on the wrong side, which costed a lot of extra work in Seattle to figure this out. Not to mention the costs, the pain itself is too much. I am a patient, and I do not expect excellent quality of customer services. I just want some respects. One thing that I have to mention is that Dr. Shilicher in surgery department is extremely nice and provided me a lot of good suggestions. So if you can choose your doctor, I would recommend him. But overall, I think the customer service and nurses in McFarLand disappoints me.

Haley Stoeffler

Allergy doctors and nurses are absolutely amazing! The receptionist on the other hand, so rude! Not even just to me. I’m sitting here now waiting for my appointment and she’s rude to the people calling! So unprofessional.

Loren Thoman

What has health care come to in this country.. this clinic wont see you if have any past due balance even as low as of 200 dollars even if you have a life threatening condition and are willing to make a payment but it's not the amount they want. May as drive a little farther for better care. This place will let you die..

Ryan Houck

Yvondra Buffalo

We love Dr. Patton. She has been my daughter's doctor since she was born at the hospital.. she now goes to Dr.Wheeler the allergist him daughter hate shots..they are very good with she getting allergy shots every week. It is tough beening a 9 year old that has to stay in due to high pollen..

Buu Pham

Abigail DeRoin

Absolutely terrible healthcare operation consistently in every department and every location I've visited over the past ten years living in Ames. Physicians and staff alike are rude and dismissive at every opportunity. I always leave feeling like I haven't received care. I would dump them for good but they literally have a monopoly in Ames and most of the time I have no choice.

Tammi Sorensen

Cardiology department was friendly and efficient. Dr. Rasmussen was very nice and explained everything and I felt confident with him as my doctor. He ordered an echo and chemical stress test.. The two ladies that did the testing were wonderful. So nice and explained everything they were doing. They chatted and it helped make the time go faster. Would go no where else for future appointments and tests

Kyle Ferris

Went to Dr. Graveline for GI. Paid $250 because it was a specialist appointment. Got in and explained my problems and was told it was typical and I just need to take Metamucil. The whole time I felt like he was just trying to get rid of me. This appointment that I paid so much for and waited two months to get took less than five minutes and ended with a solution I could have gotten from a google search. And it didn’t even work, so now I have to go back to another GI doctor. It won’t be McFarland, that’s for sure.

Kris A

Went in, waited at least 30 minutes past appointment time. Level of care was fine, I got the necessary referrals and so forth. But then, for follow up calls, you have to call back several times to get the doctor to look at whatever message you've left. In my case, needing to schedule an MRI (I needed doctor referral) and a prescription. I called in the morning and was told they would be back to me same day. Called back at 430 and was told they had left for the afternoon. EXTREMELY unimpressed with communication from this clinic.

Ivan Kucherenko

I treated gastritis and visited several primary care physicians in the McFarland clinic, as well as did some tests and ultrasound. After reading the all negative reviews I was very skeptical, but all my visits were fine! Staff was always nice. I recommend Dr. Srikanth Katragadda, but other doctors are also good. There are some issues with making an appointment, and physician usually reluctantly schedule advanced tests. In my case if I did stool test from the beginning it would save me 2 month of discomfort, but this can happen in every clinic. Another negative side is that they always require a referral to visit a specialist. But in general my experience was good and anyway you probably don't have other options :)

Chelsie Stensland

Professional and friendly staff. Top notch doctors and nurses. Wait times can vary, but I know they're taking care of others and I'd want them to take their time to take care of my family as well.

Mike Proffitt

Lady in the financial department is a puke. She was still sending bills to our address from 4 years ago, we told them to switch it to our new one forever ago. Then when we get there she acts like a jerk and acts like it's a hassle to change it. I'm officially switching docs, this is a terrible clinic.

Kayla Barber


I waited 3 hours to have a cast removed. No one was apologetic, nor communicative of why. I found a primary care provider in Nevada who didn't treat me poorly and could prescribe an antihistamine without sending me to a "specialist", with a 2 month wait. Don't even get me started on their billing ineptitude. They seem to abuse the fact that they are the only show in town and treat patients with a heady disdain.

Jonathan Olson

Didn't look comprehensively at my entire ear nose and throat. Only looked at ears and barely at my nose

Leah Scharfenberg

Sent my bill to a collection agency instead of contacting me a second time, when I had lost the number. It had only been a month. They never answer their phones in a timely manner and it is impossible to get through to hearing center. Continously dissatisfied and disappointed in this clinic and will be making to drive to another primary care.

michele dougherty

Jadidah L

As a registered nurse for over 11 years I can say this is among the worst medical care I have ever seen. I cannot speak to the other providers in the clinic, but Amy Hawthorne, PA-C needs to either be reeducated, or take a very long vacation to get her give a damn back. My son who has lost massive amounts of weight in the past 4 months without trying, who is lethargic, who is unable to think clearly, or function normally shows up and she runs a CBC and thyroid panel. Seriously? No CMP, no UA....basic labs. Standard medical care is at least checking basic labs...basic. This is gross and I would seriously think twice about going to this person who not only did a very poor job, but made my kid feel bad while she did it. She didn't have compassion, concern, and didn't do her job.

Lizzy Q

Bethany Gonzalez

McFarland Clinic, Carroll, Iowa, has exceeded my expectations so far. I've been going for a month and they have found more wrong than the local clinic I was going too.

Aleksei Ananin

A total ripoff, very representative of US healthcare. Funny part is - I can write a million of 1 star reviews and nothing will change, because hospitals control the number of residencies and only "the brightest" become doctors. Basically I needed to make shoulder X-Rays to check if my joints are OK( wasn't an emergency or anything), I didn't need a physician to perform a physical examination. Just take X-Rays and bill me for it. It's not worth $500. Good thing I have an insurance, which covered $200. Buy yourself nutritious food, get a lot of sleep, some exercise and sway away from clinics. Go to another country for a retirement.

Alicia VanCannon

Got a bill and the very next day a letter saying it was 60 days overdue. Called them to let them know that we didn't get a bill before this one and she had the audacity to say we did!! would have been paid if we had. They didnt even have the correct address until recently. I wasnt even the one that took my kid to the hospital in the first place. Don't trust the billing department. They send your bills to the wrong address and then lie to cover their own rear. Caught them red handed lying and she still argued. Wow!! Unreliable and unprofessional!

Jamie Amble

Wonderful and caring physicians and staff in Ames. Easy to make an appointment.

Clint Myer

Dr. Stith is a great Dr and really cares about his patients. His staff are great people as well. If you need a primary physician, I highly recommend him;

Megan Ameh

Truly disappointing. I've called four times to try and make an appointment, and had to disclose my medical concern to four different receptionists. Each time I'm told to call back tomorrow and see what's available. It feels near impossible to be seen with some expectation of privacy and flexibility. Not my first complaint, I'm assuming it will not be my last.

xanthor deeds

Lesia Nichols

Tina Dungan

Although our wait time was a bit long, it also reassures me that the doctors are taking their time with patients. Not rushing them thru like cattle for profit. We saw the ENT and were very impressed. I have one that lives in the same town as I do but wanted to take my daughter to someone knowledgeable. We are very happy with the care she has received and have a follow up appointment scheduled. We normally utilize Carroll's McFarland Clinic, and absolutely love Dr Slattery. He was the one who referred us to see the ENT at McFarland in Ames. And we are very thankful that he did.

Jeremiah Goertz

Scheduled an appointment for a routine physical. 10am on the day of the appointment, McFarland calls me to say the doctor had a "family emergency" and that they had been "calling his patients during the week" to let them know their appointments were cancelled and must be rescheduled. This was a Friday afternoon appointment, and in passing I'll note that the weather was beautiful, perfect for golfing. So I call to reschedule. The receptionist tells me the earliest I can get in is something like 2 weeks away, and not only that but I must now schedule 2 appointments; one "preliminary" appointment, and one for the actual physical exam. She is quick to say that this is standard procedure. I have lived 43 years on this planet and have never heard of this before. I am wondering if insurance will cover this. I cancel the appointment. I schedule my physical exam with another nearby clinic. I get in within a week, only require one appointment, and am not rescheduled. The physician was excellent.

Victoria Scott

Lira Asher

Todd Mens.

I went to see my dr. In ortho the carpet in the lobby had stains all over. The stains where there a mouth a go when i was there. Makes me think the hole clinic is dirty.

MacKenzie Kelso

I had Susan from the obgyn unit place my IUD. After experiencing the worst pain of my entire life to the point of being sick, I had an ultrasound to see if it was put in correctly. I was told, "it needs to be pulled" after discovering it was really out of place. Getting this was something I built the courage to do for over a year, I even got insurance JUST to do this. This happens and I understand, although I think there should be consequences for the doctor who screwed up. She said to keep it in and get a check up in a month to see if it settled into the correct place. After a couple of days, i couldnt take the pain anymore, and the anxiety that it was incorrectly positioned and could puncture me internally. While I was there, the doctor said and even wrote in her notes the removal was symptom related and because of my "anxiety." No. The removal was because SHE SAID it was positioned wonky. The reason why I dont recommmed anyone go there wasnt even the mistake she made, even though i would suggest going to someone other than Susan, but the fact that she didnt take any responsibility for her very significant and serious mistake she made. She literally turned it around on me, said my pain tolerance was too low and my anxiety was why she took it out. I ended up on the pill in the end, and with almost $4,000 in bills for NOTHING, thank god for insurance. They actedimr this happens all the time, yet I think with medical procedures there should be a microscopic margin of error, but this seemed like a normal occurence to them. These people are just like you and me, they dont know what the hell they're doing.


This clinic is a joke, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN HERE!!

Jay P

My experiences here have always been positive. I have visited for a number of issues and my doctor has always taken me seriously, even doing research for my condition to provide an adequate response. The appointment staff are friendly and helpful. Sometimes there is a bit of a long wait, but that's going to be true of every clinic. I would recommend this location to anyone.

Mackenzie Perdew

Justin alcala

I asked these cons a few times months ago if I had any bill and they told me no multiple times. Now I have a bill in collections because of these fouls not telling me.

Mike Goldsworth

Had an appointment at 11:15am still sitting in patient room waiting to see orthopedic doctor and it’s 12:10pm now, been to nurses station once now and was told we were next. How is this acceptable, I have a successful restaurant in DSM, so I am assuming that if this doctor made a reservation at 7 pm he wouldn’t mind waiting for about an hour with out getting up and leaving or asking for something for free. I’ve been to numerous doctors appointments in DSM and have never waited as long as I do in Ames at Mary Greely, if my parents didn’t live in Boone I would never step foot in here again. This is completely unacceptable behavior and don’t understand why they think this is ok. But evidently their time is more important than mine, it’s 12:15 now and debating leaving now.

John Clark

Horrible, take any other option.

Bob Butrick

Very good physicians however billing dept needs to learn some ethics, took my daughter to an appt at the sports medicine clinic , the receptionist said we both needed to go back in check in with billing, the woman in the office proceeded to tell me that the payment plan that my wife worked out was no longer ok and they needed more money, when I explained to her that my wife made a over double payment she proceeded to tell me in a sarcastic way that is not a big enough payment at all. All of this in front of my 12 year old daughter !!!!!!! We have never missed a payment and never will !!! this is the first time I have ever been less than satisfied with Mcfarland I understand they have a job to do but how about a little ethics and class. Follow Up Spoke to a very nice person from patient relations I'm very satisfied in her response.

Wendi Elizabeth

I spent 16 days on the 13th floor, and now take my son to pediatrics here with Dr. McNew. I'll spare you the horror story of my time in Behavioral Health, and sum it up to EXTREMELY inconsiderate, rude, cold, emotionally shut off, robotic nurses that made me feel even worse about my mental health. I've been to 6 wards for severe PTSD, DID, and crippling depression and anxiety. Mary Greely was by far that worst. They don't even treat you like a human, more like a poor, sad child who didn't get invited to the popular girls birthday party. It's gross, and it's a shame that they care so little. Pediatrics, if you can believe it, is even worse. Dr. McNew doesn't even hear me when I talk about my son, but instead called a 13 month old FAT and told me it's my fault. If you can't project his height at that age, don't try to tell me my child is fat. If he'd also pay any attention to his growth chart he would see an obvious pattern of a boost in weight, then in height, EVERY TIME he has a growth spurt. But like I said, he didn't even listen. My son has also had a serious diaper rash problem that he didn't even make a note of, and commented again on how I need to stop feeding my son the wrong things, because of his weight, not because of potential allergies. I work 60+ hours a week and I have ZERO support for my child, yet even some assistance from a doctor is too much to ask... from this doctor at least. I don't have the luxury of time and money to waste on a doctor that doesn't show any concern. Nor is it fair for my son to suffer because of Dr. McNew's lack in proper care. The least he could do is inform me why he cared so little. I tried to ask for a new doctor, was told I'm unable to unless I want to wait 4 months for him to get his shots. So I see him again, then try to bring up a cough he's had on and off since birth. He didn't even hint that he heard me, yet his physical forms for daycare say "chronic cough" on them. Does he care to look into it? Clearly he's not concerned. Thanks Doc!! I'm an extremely stressed out mom, and you make it even worse. How lovely it is to have mindless, rude, and vacant staff in your entire facility. And how unfortunate we're stuck with you guys if I want my son to see a doctor. I've lived in 12 states, practically grew up in the hospital, and this is by far the worst care I've ever seen. It's truly, truly sad to me... Get your act together, for the sake of the REAL HUMAN BEINGS you are supposed to be caring for.

corey vansickle

The WORST customer service possible. The office staff at adult medicine treats you like a peasant. Rude, arrogant people too busy to bother with helping you.

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