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REVIEWS OF Iowa Eye Center IN Iowa

Traci Wulfekuhle

Sydney Rooney

Went for a routine eye exam for new contacts. The staff was very friendly, and I barely had to wait at all to the doctor. Dr. Gauger was very welcoming, friendly, efficient and answered all of my questions. Everything was quick and easy. My new contacts feel great. I highly recommended Iowa Eye Center to anyone.

Jennifer Knutsen

I had the best experience of any eye doctor I have ever seen. Last year, I had very bad nearsightedness that had got worse over the years. It got to the point that I could not see further than 2 inches from my face. My contacts were at -8.25 and getting worse. With out contacts I could not tell if it was a family member or a stranger so I began to wear contacts 24/7. I went to both Fox eye and Wolfe eye for corrective surgery consultation and both had told me that I was not a good candidate. I cried along time after that. One day I was having issues from my contacts and a co-worker mentioned that she had a great Dr. at Iowa Eye Center so I set up an appointment. They took great care of me and I found out that I had dry eye. They did a great job explaining how that effects my vision with astigmatism. I met with Dr. Privett, he asked if I had ever considered eye surgery. I had told them that I had checked with the other places and they told me that I am not a candidate. He talked through options and mentioned although with my prescription that I may not get 100% corrected vision it would help and he would be willing to try it if I agreed. He spent plenty of time answering all my questions. He made me feel like I mattered and gave me details when I asked and kept it simple when I didn't. This already made a differences compared to the other offices where the doctor saw me for 5 minutes and was in and out before I could as all the questions I had. We decided to do Lasik. He told me we only have one shot to do this right. I had to wear only glasses for 4 weeks and went into surgery. The procedure was simple and quick. The nurses were very nice and helped me with my nerves. Once surgery was over I remember beginning to cry. Because for the first time in almost 25 years I could see on my own. This was the most life changing event in my life next to having my children. At my check up appointment I got an even better surprise. I now had 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/30 in the other and it has got better since. I would highly recommend this office (and Dr. Privett) over all of the other options in the area.

Jenny Wilder

I brought my 97 year old father for an appointment. We arrived at the wrong time, but the receptionist didn't tell us we were an hour early. Long time to wait in the waiting room for my dad.

Carrie Young

Terrible customer service overpriced can get the same glasses and frames at Iowa Eye Center for less money. Will not recommend them to anyone

John Munier

I experienced the worst service ever,I was on time for appointment first time and sat 1 hr before being seen then was told procedure would have to be rescheduled for 2 weeks, I showed up for next appointment an even called 2 times to make sure we were on time with doctor,I was told twice "yes" I sat for 45 minutes with no cummication, So I got up an left,bad service

BrandonBrandon B

They were very nice with my 2 year old and very patient.

Brave Crow

I started going here in 2nd grade all the way through college. After having moved states and dealt with other vision care centers I really really miss the quality of care especially in the eyeglass shop. Those ladies always steered me right. They told me that I always needed to get not very tall lenses otherwise my strong prescription would give me tunnel vision. No place else has been knowledgeable enough to mention this to me but thanks to Iowa Eye Center I know what is best for my eyes.

Ola Abs

s lesko

Due to type of malady, staff got me in within 2 hrs. Staff handled the adjustment to schedule efficiently. I am not a previous client. I AM A CLIENT NOW. Sara and Doctor Hauger ,I thank you for your kindness, and straight talk..

Patricia Andrews


Appointment for daughter was rescheduled by the dr/office 3 times! I had 2 emergencies with my other 3 kids and since I missed 2 appointments (I called beforehand) they will now make me pay $100 fee in order to see me. That is absolutely ridiculous. The optical center is completely overpriced but they also have great sales people who talk you into anything and make VSP seem like you're getting the best deal ever. Very irritated and looking for new eye doctor for all 6 in our family.

Christopher Moressi

Great docs and good selection of glasses

Deidra Boots

had a great experience, my whole family goes to see different physicians at this clinic, we are usually in and out, I personally see dr shah and couldn't be happier, clean place, didn't have to wait long for my appointment, dr is always very straight forward with me, would recommend to anyone who needs a regular eye exam, everyone was real nice and friendly!!!

Mandy Recker

Andrea Compton

Christina Jones

Rude desk staff, way over scheduled with ridiculous wait times, and not competitively priced. I was happier going to the vision center in the South side Walmart than Iowa Eye Center. Staff and physician are both much more respectful of my time and I'm buying the same contacts. I'd like to support local, but they just made it way too hard. Waiting an hour past my appointment time is absolutely unacceptable.

Steve Russell

Excellent Dr. Takes time to talk with you and explain what is going on


Had cataract surgery and was quite pleased with the process and results. I am still not entirely satisfied with my "readers." Good for computer work, but I am a "lying in bed reading a book" kind of person and that was difficult to communicate.

Sam g

Very nice staff.....but showed up for 10:40 appt at 10:30 told won’t get in until 12:15 when I have work. Rescheduled next month.

Cathy Povlick

I have been a patient at Iowa Eye Center for about 30 years; Dr. Puk Sr., Dr. Jacobs, and most recently Dr. Puk. It is very disappointing the amount of buffer placed between the doctor and the patient. After my latest exam, I went elsewhere to get the glasses as the last time that department had to try 3 times to get the glasses correct. Well, my new glasses were great except for reading road signs. I felt there was something off with the prescription so I called to see if the nurse could check my vision once more. No, I needed to go to their optical department to have the new glasses checked first. That took two trips as they also wanted my old glasses too. (I don't live in Linn County) Tina said my new glasses were inferior and not digital; that felt unethical to me. They were digital and of good quality. She said she would not refer me back to the doctor. I called the nurse telling her what happened and she said to come in anytime and she would see me. I went the next day, Friday; they were closed?? so I went again on Monday. Oh no, the nurse said, I meant you could go back to the optical department anytime. I would have to make another appointment to see the doctor. No, thank you, I will find another doctor; one who cares about my well-being. 5 Visits X 50 Miles = 0

Jacalyn Schultz

Used them for 10 years, got quality glasses, but no coverage for faulty frames that kept falling apart, and when we moved out of state and I called to get my Pupil Distance measurement for a pair of surf glasses I was ordering online they said it would cost me $25 to get the measurement! They have made hundreds of dollars off my large family! This is absurd! Ran over to the local optical department near me and they measured for free, and I've never spent a dime there yet! Shame on Iowa Eye Center! No way to treat your longtime clients!

dj pierre

Warning! !!!! This place SUCKS! My wife recently had an appointment for 3:20pm The receptionist lied to her saying the doctor was running 20mins behind My wife didn't see the til 4:35!!!! We lost money from work We couldn't run necessary errands after appointment. .cuz it was way after 5pm and the bank's closed! !! Babysitter had to be paid extra E.t.c E.t.c We won't EVER go back here again! !! You have been warned

Cory Jensen

It had been a while since my last eye exam and instead of going to the mall shops like usual I finally went see an ophthalmologist. Mike was great and gave me a more thorough work-up than I've ever had before. Dr. Gauger answered all my questions. The staff in the optical shop were helpful and helped me pick out a great pair of glasses that I get many compliments on. Thanks to everyone at Iowa Eye Center.

Michelle Jeffrey

This is the best eye clinic I have ever been to. I was being seen by Dr. Elizabeth Gauger at the end of a the day on a Friday. Mike her eye technician (unsure on his actual title) was assisting with my appointment. I switched over the Iowa Eye Clinic because my last doctor had issues with getting me into the right prescription. My right eye was still pretty fuzzy and he said it wasn't going to be perfect anymore. I am only 28 so I find that difficult to believe... Needless to say after 20-25 minutes in the chair Dr. Gauger and Mike had me in a crystal clear prescription!! After I was done being seen, I went over to the optical lenses shop and picked out a cute pair of Fysh UK Urban Eyewear glasses. Traci was beyond helpful in assisting me in picking out the right lenses for the shape of my face in addition to the right color. After I picked up my new glasses I went ahead and splurged on a new pair (first time ever) of prescription sunglasses!! Thanks again to Dr. Gauger, Mike and Traci for all of your help! Michelle J.

Pam Miller

I tried to pick up my glasses yesterday, a Friday, after I got off work at 5 o clock. The website says they are open until 6 but everything was locked up tight and no note was on their door that they were closing early. They used to be open until 1 on Saturdays now they close at 11. I tried to schedule an appointment a few months ago with the doctor and called on a Friday afternoon. Apparently they also now close on Fridays at 3. Their hours seem to get shorter and shorter and less convenient.

Jake Bob Productions

It's pretty good.

Aaron Clutts

I have never had anything but good experiences at the Iowa Eye Center. My eyes have no shortage of issues and Dr. Maassen has always given me thorough explanations and prompt treatment.

Maddy Bemus

Amelia Fierro-Fine

I have nothing but the BEST to say about Iowa Eye Center. The doctor was great. She was kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Their optical shop was easy to work with, and I received my contact lenses quickly. I will be telling all my friends about Iowa Eye Center!

David Kesler

I have always had great confidence in the treatment at the Iowa Eye Center. Their glasses, however, seem to be over priced.

Jenn Schultschik

Jeanne Adams

Iowa Eye Center was quick and efficient. The staff was wonderful to work with and everyone smiled. I felt very welcome.

Dave Dalton

What a fantastic place of care! I was just having a bad day and arrived a little late. This was not an issue with the receptionist who greeted me with the biggest smile and welcomed me to Iowa Eye Center. This was just the beginning. I barely got to my seat when this beautiful beam of light, named Mandy, told me she was ready to see me. We went to the first testing station and she unknowingly asked me how my day was going. I unloaded all of my frustrations of the day on her and by the time I was done with the testing and ready to see Dr. Muller, I realized that she had made me forget the horrible day I was having with her wit and charm. She had me laughing a few times and it was great to converse with her. I only had to wait a few seconds and then Dr. Muller came in to go over the results and provide recommendations to me. He explained everything to me and was so personable. He took the time to ask about my background, where I was from, what I did... etc. This amazed me. It has been awhile since I have seen a doctor that was so cordial and didn't seem to want to just rush through an exam. I recommend any family to visit this fine eyecare facility. I want to also thank the Billing/Checkout ladies as well. Just loved the whole experience. Thank you so much for your graciousness Dr. Muller and his assistant, Mandy, who both made me feel like I was the patient of the year.

Kaylin Bohm

My son had poked me in the eye and it got really infected. I called Iowa Eye Center and they got me in the same day no problem. I was literally seen right when I got there; no long wait time. I'm very impressed because this happened just a couple of days before the new year which is typically a hard time to see any doctor unless you go to Urgent Care. The staff was very nice and so accommodating.

Zyg Szyl

Holding for 20 minutes until a person answer my call to make a simple appointment.

Darianne Hoyt

My boyfriend got a piece of metal in his eye at work and set up an appointment for as early as they could get him in. After an hour in the waiting room, long past appointment time, he asked what the deal was; they forgot. So with 15 minutes left til closing, he's finally being seen. Absolutely ridiculous.

Kelly B

My review is based solely on the Optical Center. I have been wanting to get L.A.M.B glasses and figured I’d take a look at the optical center while I waited for my husband who was getting an eye exam. No one greeted me. No one asked if I needed help. I was looking at glasses for 10 minutes, and still no one acknowledged me. They saw me walk in, as I came through the main entrance. The two employees who were up front were having a personal discussion not work related. I asked if the numbers on the glasses were the price. One of the workers ignored me. The other acted like it was such a hassle to answer a simple question. Based on their customer service (or lack of), I would not recommend the Optical center for glasses. They just lost a customer, because I intended on purchasing glasses from them.

Susan German

No response to my email requesting paperwork with results of examination; failure to submit bill to secondary insurance.

Steve Nguyen

Receptionist on the phone was short and rude. Excuse me that your day was crappy, don't take it out on me! I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Jim Haddad

My family and I have been patients for many years with Dr Shah. Quality of his services have always been excellent! Staff is very professional. Highly recommend them.

Robyn Eisenbach

I received my lasik surgery at Iowa Eye Center and found the experience overall to be terrific. The surgery itself, both pre and post surgery appts were of excellent service.

Destinys Garden Herbs

Took my mom in for a last minute appointment and they were very good about getting her in and were so kind and thorough.


I broke my glasses getting ready for work this morning. I am grateful iowa Eye Optical was open this morning. One of the guys worming this morning 3/2 dark hair helped me He found a pair of glasses that fit my lenses, popped them in did a small readjustment and had me going in about an hour! Thank you sooooo! Much for being here. I am non functional without my glasses. Five stars for you!

Kimberly Swain

We were belittled and talked down to by the staff at the front desk about our insurance. I don’t think my family and I will ever go back there.

madison kelty

Not very nice when I called and asked when my insurance would be up again. Decided to try going to another provider. I recomend elswhere.

Adalynn Shaw

Dr. Madden and the contact lady are the best!!


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