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REVIEWS OF Atwater Eye Care Center IN Indiana

Janet Gifford

The Atwater Eye Care Center was a wonderful experience. I had the best and most thorough eye exam I have had in many years. The young student who performed the exam was courteous, informative and made the event very enjoyable. It is well worth the additional time it takes to feel your eyes have had the best possible care.

Rebecca Ball

Great service-Dr. Grogg is easy to talk too especially in asking questions. Always enjoy the 4th year interns doing the exams. Great job Hannah!

Bethene Hub

Everyone has been so nice. And the doctor I had was terrific. (sorry, I can't remember her name.) Her focus was all on me and she was very thorough and informative and a great bedside manner. The consultant was good, too. I am happy to have Atwater Eye Care Center as my eye doctor. Thank you.

Gene Barnett

Have been go here for 13 years now. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I feel like I am always taken care of and that my concerns and questions are their top priority. Very professional!!!

Leslie Lenkowsky

Exhausting test.

Carole Nowicke

I am always pleased by the professionalism of the students and faculty at Atwater. I have been going there for eyecare since 1989.

James Heath

The experience was thorough and informative.

Salih Altoma

I admire the Center's most thorough, informative and patient examination of my eyes. Friendly and courteous. I highly recommend the Atwater Eye Care Center to other customers.

J.W. Greenbaum

I have a very difficult problem with ocular rosacea and with the exception of only one doctor (who I only saw once) all the doctors have been outstanding. Because it is part of the School of Optometry, you will first be seen by a student, but then a Professor will do a thorough examination. Because I have a difficult problem, they are extremely thorough and go out of their way to help you. Some people don't want to spend the time with the very thorough exams, but I much prefer this to other eye doctors who tend to rush the appointments. I feel I get the very best care at Atwater.

Arndt Schimmelmann

Eye-care at its best. Teams of experienced students and their professors give the most thorough and 'scientific' eye exam that you can wish for. Even tiny abnormalities are carefully examined, documented and explained. It takes a little more time than at the 'commercial eye-doctor', but you will be glad that you chose the most thorough examination possible. It doesn't even cost much.

Karen Hill

One of the best experiences I have had the the Atwater Eye Clinic. Kudos to Dr. Kohne and her interns. Also had a great experience with the eyewear staff helping me get my new glasses.

Kendra Abercrombie

Very Professional, Very Quick, and Great for IU Employees/Students on a budget! My intern was amazing and the doctor that came in at the very end to do my wrap up was very nice as well.

Everett Quick

This place is amazing! Doesn't matter what your need in eye care is, they ALL strive to help in every way they can...even if it is your fault that something went wrong!

Annie Arens-Walker

I've always had a good experience. They are very thorough.

Zilia C. Balkansky-Sellés

Excellent, thorough, and thoughtful care. My questions were answered in detail.

Bill Montgomery

Have been going to the Atwater Eye Center for about 6 years, the first half of which I lived 150 miles away. Have been thoroughly pleased with the experiences throughout that time. Have met many competent, professional and friendly students, and also several highly qualified optometrists. During the past year, I have been seen by Dr. Tonekaboni several times, including post-op (cataract surgeries) checkups and glaucoma monitoring. Simply amazing!

janice reeves

Most complete eye exam I've ever had. My exam what does explain each step of the way and I felt I was given time for any questions

Martha Michelson

Although at times the optical store can be a busy place and you have to wait (first come, first serve), once I was paired with an optician, she went thru all my options with me and found the best solution given what I was willing to spend and maximize what my insurance would cover.

Evelyn Brophy

Top-notch, professional eye care!

Nina Camfield

Easy experience here! The staff is well organized and professional. The front desk team is readily available for answering questions. Quickly called to appointment (no long wait time!). The exam was easy - all steps explained and questions answered along the way. Will continue to use the Eye Care Center!

Richard Wilk

I have been going to this clinic for almost 30 years. They diagnosed my arthritis from an eye exam after several rheumatologist got it wrong and left me crippled. Dr. Grog is an amazing person I would trust with my sight. Yes the exams from students can run for hours, and I don't get my glasses there any more - though they always did a good job. I would give five stars if the appointments did not take so much time.


I've been going to the Atwater Eye Care Center for several years. It has always been pleasant and efficient. Care is given to follow-up as well. I'm also part of some glaucoma studies, which is a great way to be part of the research program at the School of Optometry.

Kelly Rollins

Very thorough exam, however the time can be frustrating. Who wants to spend 2 hours at the eye doctor. If you just know going in that it will be a 2 hour appt i guess it's not bad.

Jasmine Denise

It was okay. Better to go when the college kids are GONE!!

Priscilla Manwaring

Very thorough exam. I was concerned about a possible health problem and Atwater Eye Care Center determined all was well and I did not need a medical procedure. Great relief. They provided a clear and thoughtful explanations of their findings.

Linda Burton

I highly recommend Atwater Eye Center. I have been seeing the doctors there for many years and have not been disappointed. Recently I had an incident with my left eye. They came in during off hours to care for me. I truly appreciate my eyesight. Only the best will do!

Pam Eggles

Great and fast service. I highly recommend!

Teresa Mummert

Extremely thorough exam. Staff was friendly. I would definitely go here again.

Lori Brown

Staff and students were pleasant, friendly and did a nice job. My prescription is unusual but Mark in the eye wear center was kind and very knowledgeable when it came to making my purchase.

Mark Taylor

I have been a patient at Atwater Eye Clinic for over 5 years,and am carefully monitored because of eroding corneal disease. My care has been thorough and comprehensive,and I have been skillfully educated about my specific condition.I have known many local residents who have also benefited greatly from having the IU clinic available to everyone in our community. THANK YOU,DR.GROGG AND ASSOCIATES!

Victoria Goodwin

I originally started coming because I had a lot of trouble with America's Best. The people at Atwater were shocked at my problems and were very happy to assist me in finding a new, better pair of glasses. I love coming here. They're always professional, always very kind and sweet, and I wouldn't switch for the world.

Fred Young

I have used the Atwater Eye Care facility for several years now. I find the students very attentive and caring as well as professional in their approach and demeanor. Their examination is always supervised and approved by a licensed practitioner. I plan to continue using their services for the foreseeable future.

Ken Ratcliff

Everything was excellent. Jasol? was very professional. Only complaint was wait time. Clinic was having a "problem?

Andrew Stanfield

I've had an exam for glasses here in the past, and I just had an exam for contacts and it went great. They were very thorough and answered my questions. Definitely recommend coming here.

Don Strawser

Excellent experience! The eye exam was very thorough and they took extra care since I'm diabetic. You're first examined by a student optometrist and then their teacher/supervising optometrist double-checks so it takes a little longer than normal. The student optometrist was very personable and professional. Highly recommended!

Joe Boes

Great appointment! Student doctor was thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Many thanks!

Martie Adler

I always receive a high level of care, all staff are welcoming and friendly, and I have confidence that my examination is the best possible. I would strongly recommend them.

Sandie J

We have been going to the Atwater Eye Care Center for years. The students are wonderful to work with and you will receive the most comprehensive eye exams and care. I tell all my friends this the best place to go for eye care and glasses/contacts in southern Indiana.

Melanie Herber

The staff was very pleasant, but I was not told that the exams would take almost 3 hours. fortunately, I had time available. This should be a part of setting up the appointment.

DK Clausman

I have been to the center a few times now for age related eye changes and have some understanding of the method involved for an eye exam. I appreciate the thoroughness of the exam and the learning environment for the student intern. Having the instructor/optometrist repeat the same process previously done by the intern that required exposure to bright light was especially uncomfortable. My eyes are red and feel tired the day after. The repetitive procedures have become a bit too much that I dread returning to endure the same in the future. I did contact the eye center later and spoke to a supervisor who was pleasant and accommodating. She suggested in the future that I request the doctor be the only one who performs this part of the exam.

Franklin Prosser

The students are quite efficient and thorough, and Jane Grogg is a top opthalmologist.

Annette A

I have complicated retinas and long-standing visual problems. The students and the attending spend lots of time evaluating and determining whether there are any changes and getting me the best Rx for my glasses. I feel reassured that they are guiding my eye care to the highest standards. And thanks, Dr. T!

Tulana Ariyarathne

I am highly impressed with the excellent service they provided. They do all the eye exams and provide us all the information. I went there to get the prescriptions for my eye glasses. But they did all the check ups additionally. The …

Frank Kerschbaum

I really appreciate the organization of the eye care center. I walked in, filled out the paperwork, 5 minutes later I was in an exam room getting my eyes checked. They were very through and covered everything. Great job.

Richmond Wells

You need to realize you are participating in education; but overall the emphasis on health care is excellent and fairly priced.

sandy contreras

First time I went it was a long wait, but I got my glasses. The second time I went I had to argue with them about the prescription being bad. I kept telling them the letters were still blurry but I could tell what letter it was, and that it …

Ethan Bernhardt

I recently visited Atwater Eye Center to peruse their eyeglasses frames. I found the selection to be extensive and have a good variety of styles, sizes, colors, types (plastic, metal, etc.) and accessories such as shading including transitions. I was helped in an efficient, professional and friendly manner which ultimately resulted in my purchasing a fine pair of specs. Please check them out. They also provide significant coat savings for Anthem members.

Emily Montgomery

Two hours for an eye exam!!!

Hannah Ludington

Very friendly staff! As I was standing at the help desk To pick up glasses I was greeted immediately and after many others continued to ask if I had already been helped as I waited.

Kristi R

Fast, friendly, professional. Arrived with a book in hand prepared for a long wait as usual in a doctor's office. Not so here. They took me right back and thoroughly checked every cm of my eye. I was also made aware of every step of the process. This is the same facility that caught the macular degeneration for my mother and prevented her from going blind. I will continue to use them for my eye care in years to come.

radelle Deckard

I love this place, everyone was so nice and no wait time at all. the Intern who seen me was very nice and told me all about the test he was running and he was very thorough and know what he was doing. the Dr. came in and agreed with his findings and I even had my old glasses fixed. and got new ones fast.

David Bish

The staff are friendly and professional, and all work is overseen by an experienced doctor. They always go out of their way to do a very detailed examination, and they are happy to explain things. Appointments often take two hours, so they are definitely not in a hurry to get you in and out. I do find their glasses to be more expensive than other providers in town, although I think the quality is better.

Asghar G

Excellent, Very professional staff, through test with clear treatment options!

Jerry Mandell

I am disappointed. Although the eye exam seemed to be through, the resulting eye glasses prescription was incredibly faulty. I made an appointment with a different eye center. The resulting prescription was like night and day when compared to IU Atwater Eye Care.

Dave Clark

I get very good Eye Care at Atwater Eye Center Bloomington, In. From the through eye exam, to glasses if needed. Staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable about me. I get there about 15 minutes before my appointment time to take care of any paperwork needed, and my time in waiting room has been minimal.

Sue Fedynskyj

I was very pleased with Justin's (am pretty sure that's his name) vision exam. Seemed very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Thomas & Rachel Landis

Going to Atwater Eye Care has always been such a good experience, from sitting in the waiting room with a small child (they have a play area with toys!) to the friendly optometry students and meeting with the doctor. I am so glad we go here! I feel like they care about my child.

Frances Klinger

I had an excellent eye exam at the Atwater Eye Care Center last week. Having worked in eye care for 35 years I consider myself well qualified to say this is a good place to go for eye care.

Cathal McFee

The staff here are always helpful and professional.

Gail Hyde

Five Star - Have been several times of eye exams. Don't have to wait too long. I like helping the students learn about different eye problems. About 15 years ago, I was having a problem with one of my eyes and several people looked at it and couldn't figure it out. I went to Atwater and Dr. Tonekaboni figured out what was wrong. Fingerprint dystrophy - instead of the epithelium being flat, it had ridges and valleys like a fingerprint and I tore it in a valley! No one else realized what was wrong. Two Star - On a sad note, I called the office to see if they would fax over my script as it wasn't given to me when I left my appt. and they were fine with faxing it to my work (this was almost four weeks ago!) They faxed it to me and I've been trying to decide on glasses. I finally decided and realized that I wrote one of the numbers down wrong. The prescription is at home and they will neither fax it to me again or verify the numbers that I have with me so I can get them ordered. She was actually pretty rude about it. Will have to explain to Dr. T at my next appointment if my glasses are not here.

graham howard

I have been a patient of Atwater Eye Clinic since 1989. During that time the Clinic has reviewed my eye care regularly. Together, with their advice, we have worked with infections, eye prescription changes, cataract surgery, lazar surgery, hole in one cornea, and old age problems. I have been more than satisfied with the learning and supervising process. All the results of the source recommendations and follow through, once finished, have been superior. I always recommend Atwater to my friends, and those I meet who are less than satisfied with their treatment and need good counseling and help from the best. In my book, Atwater is "The Best". Graham Howard

Loraine Smith

I love meeting the students each time and how thorough they are in the exam. Dr. Jedlika is so good with the students and with me as a difficult patient. It is worth my trip to Bloomington!

Keiko McCullough

I had a wonderful experience with the graduate student who worked with me. He was very knowledgeable, encouraging, and warm!

Shining Wolf

I have been very pleased with the professional courtesy, interest, and respect received from Drs. and employees of Atwater Eye Center. I highly recommend them. Thank You! Galin Pheylan

Peter Hamlin

The attending optical physicians are attentive and caring. There were no long waits to access services. My only suggestion is that the peripheral field test seems antiquated with poor validity.

Anne Leftwich

Dr. Otte was fantastic with my 3 small children. One of the interns, Stefan/Stephan was phenomenal with the eye exam. Ask for the interns to play videos in the background for kids - helps them look at something.

Larry Hammersley

Although I've had five different doctors in the past three or four years I have always felt they all were interested in my eye problems. I especially liked Dr. Malonovski (spelling?) and Dr. Polster. The other three doctors I've not seen enough to judge them. The office staff is very nice and the interns are very thorough in their exams before I see the doctor.

Matthew Hicks

An extremely thorough exam. Keep in mind, this will not be quick, but you. An rest assured that your prescription will be accurate and if there is any possibility of any issue with your eyes, they will find it. Every exam is performed by a student in the optometry school and checked by an optometrist. You're not just getting a great exam, you're helping their education as well!

Michael Tansey

I live locally and have used this clinic for many years...I get a routine checkup every year. I am highly satisfied.

Alan Vicstein

Very Thorough and Professional care.


Appointment started 20 minutes late

Janice Harris

I have been a patient at Atwater Eye Care Center for many years. I have always been pleased with my care. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 36 years, and I attribute their excellent care for my lack of many of the complications that come with diabetes.

Darwin Schmidt

Excellent diagnostics with top-notch equipment, and everything is double-checked. They give good time-lines, too.

David Newton

Dr. Henderson and her staff are the very best!

Bev Vicstein

Very pleasantly surprised. The staff is exceptional, and I truly believe I had the most comprehensive eye exam ever.

Sandra Kuebler

very good, very professional

Laura McCloskey

Received a thorough exam, and ordered several pairs of glasses. The staff helped me find the best bargains in lenses. The staff are friendly, competent and the supervising faculty optometrist was terrific. The drawback to the service in general is the time involved: In my case the exam was only about 1.5 hours but they can go for 2 or 3; the insurance processing and lens select took about 1.5 hours. I would recommend them because it is a high quality place, but remove a star because of the inordinate time commitment.

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The Indiana University School of Optometry founded in 1951 located on the campus of Indiana University and is committed to excellence in providing the highest levels of eye care and patient services in our state-of-the-art clinical teaching facilities.

Paul Lukey

Friendly and thorough!

Sergio S

I had quite a serious issue occur in one of my eyes and had to come here 5 times in 7 days. I was treated very well and I felt very taken care of. Everyone was polite and professional. I'm very pleased with the care and results

Kevin Andrews

For the 2nd time in a row on my visits, I asked for no contact lens exam and you all charged me. At my visit last week, I asked for NO contact exam 3 times. When I originally made my appt. At the check in desk downstairs before I went up. And upstairs at the check in desk. I said 3 times NO contact lens exam. Period. I am filing a grievance with the President of Indiana University and with my insurance company this time. I am also going to the BBB.

Riley Huang

Incredibly friendly and attentive staff that will care for you to the best of their abilities. They are very thorough, and it's as pleasant an experience as getting your eyes checked gets!

Bob Asmus

I have been going here for a number of years and always pleased and well taken care of.

David Price

Very thorough, comprehensive exams done by students with a doctor on hand to double-check and review all the results. State-of-the-art facilities with a good selection of eye-wear.

Lynn Schoch

My regular checkup was thorough and efficient. I was treated cordially and all my questions were answered clearly.

F. Jacky Baskin

Everybody was friendly. Will recommend

qwert qwert

The best part about this is that because it's done by students they do everything they can possibly think of in the way of tests examinations etc. A normal visit to the eye doctor commercially takes what 45 minutes here it's like 2 hours and they really do not miss anything.

Kathy Sleva

I felt the intern doing my exam was competent and very polite in my treatment. The overseeing doctor also was friendly and helpful. I have been coming to the eye center for many years, and I highly recommend it.

Dave Sell

Replaced lenses for me. Fast shipping. Much better now.

Linda Field

There seemed to b only $40.00 prices and &123.00 & up prices on the frames. That seems a bit fishy. What happened to the frames priced between $40.00 and $123.00? Further, do people REALLY pay $400.00 for just a frame?

Fil Menczer

Fantastic, incredibly thorough eye care!

Kathryn Holden

Trina always helps me find great glasses!

Mark Saunders

I received an excellent and expert eye exam from my student intern, as well as the follow-up exam by the attending doctor. The intern was very thorough and personable. The doctor was very kind and provided a very understandable and clear explanation of the current status of my eyes. I am very thankful and grateful for their excellent work!

Harold Domangue

Friendly atmosphere with concern for each and every persons needs

Elza Dunning

Excellent care from both students and professors. They are quick to discover changes in my eye conditions and take immediate action.

Michael Hoosier

I've always received excellent care at a very reasonable fee and the attending Dr. always reviews the student examination.

Martha Dogan

I've been going there since 2008 and always receive excellent care by staff and interns. I go there for routine check-up as well as any problems I develop with my eyes.

Jonathan West

Great service. Knowledgeable and quick. I wouldn't go anywhere else in town.

Kevin Quaid

Always great Doctors and future Doctors working with you at Atwater. Couldn’t ask for better eye care Thank You!


Very pleased, the young lady that did my exam was very knowledgeable and explained everything as we did it. A very thorough examination. Very pleasant experience! I would recommend Atwater Eye Care Center, Bloomington, to anyone! A full thumbs up

Barry Walsh

I have been going to the AECC for decades. I love their professionalism and the fact that I end up getting two opinions every time!!

Grace Douglas

Fast and easy! I was having trouble ordering a pair of glasses from another eye care center, but then the staff at Atwater were kind and efficient!

Teresa Steinsberger

Friendly staff and a good exam. Make sure to know your license plate number as you must register your vehicle if parked in their lot. I have a rare eye disease and both the intern and doctor were well versed in that disease and able to counsel me on best ways to keep my eyes healthy.

Christopher Goss

Not only do you receive excellent professional, thorough, courteous, and insightful care at the clinic, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping new eyecare professionals develop and hone their skills. Highly recommended.

Ted Emigh

The prescription I got here was terrible. I had to go back to using old glasses just to get around.

Rebecca Lowery

Wonderful care.

Nancy Nigg

Great experience, staff very helpful.

Benjamin Fowler

Great Facility! Well Trained and quality service.

Leland Heflin

Personable, professional, AND prompt

Gregg LaBarr

Very professional staff and everyone was very pleasant.

Theresa Nicol

Everyone was helpful and friendly. Doctors and interns are knowledgeable. 5 stars!

Elaine Gaul

I have used Atwater Eye Care for 20 years or more. I've always found them to be thorough, professional, and unfailingly pleasant and helpful.

Clark Sorensen

Very through eye examine by student under careful review of practicing eye doctor. Well worth the four hour process and helping a student to hone their skills. Good deal.

Kelly Simpson

It took a lot of time but it was fine. I knew going in it was going extra time. I thought it went well and I enjoy helping the school and students.

ETB of the INS

I am a low-vision patient and and have received 5-star eye care and advocacy from Dr. Kollbaum for many years. The service in the attached ophthalmological center, however, has been abysmal. I asked if there were specific frames that would be more accommodating to the lenses I was going to be getting (my first-ever op prescription) and was told No, pick out any you want.Within days of picking up the new glasses the lenses fell out - while I was driving. I barely touched the glasses to adjust them on my nose and both lenses popped out. I brought them back to the center two or three times for the same issue. It was never resolved and I still have to be very careful as I handle the glasses. Nor would they let me return or exchange. So, Atwater optometric services, excellent; but Atwater ophthalmology /op-tech service, 1-star - truly awful. If you go there for eye care, consider having them call in your scrip to a different dispensary.

Rebecca Caldwell

This place is pretty terrible. My eye exam took 2.5 hours (yes, they are students, but that is still absurd. Even when the doctor came in afterwards he told the student to grab me out fast because it had taken so long). Their billing department is a mess. They're constantly messing up my insurance, billing me the wrong amount, telling me to ignore bills then changing their mind. The only good thing I've experienced here was the guy that helped me pick out glasses once. Sorry, don't remember his name.

Jay Steele

Very thorough exams. Great students and optometrists. Excellent service in the eyewear department, too. I highly recommend them.

Brigitta Powers

The staff were so helpful! They spent a long time finding a correct part for my son’s broken glasses, saving me the expense of new frames!

Marcie Dierdorf

They were excellent with my four year old daughter who was not very cooperative in the beginning. She is shy so they were able to help her feel more comfortable throughout the process. We were seen promptly upon arriving and didn't have a long wait which is very nice with little ones. The staff were friendly and pleasant. We had an excellent experience overall.

Nedim Yel

Quick service. Solved the issue right away

michelle l

The doctor's are wonderful. The staff are very informative. However, the lab that makes the glasses are incompetent. I ordered glasses for my son on July 6th of this year. Here it is August 10th and I still have not received quality glasses. The glasses had to be sent back three times already due to bad quality lenses. I will not be buying any more glasses from this facility.

Jennifer Foutty

Your exam will be lengthy but you will get excellent care and service, of the highest quality. The eye clinic is also very helpful in choosing frames and lenses. Love this place.

Dave Everton

Excellent experience in every way: this is the most comprehensive eye exam I've ever had, and the intern Lynette was outstanding!

Doug Eveready

Very organized, on time compared to my former eye DR who was always behind and in a hurry. I felt like I had a VERY thorough exam and then a licensed optometrist came in and double checked the student. Agreed with everything! Great way to help our future doctors and saved a little money too! :)

Cathy Meyer

State of the art, meticulous care. Allow some extra time for a very thorough exam.

Donald Westerhaus

If you need to see eyecare professionals, this is truly the place to try in Bloomington, Indiana! Top doctors, great service from the opticians if you need new glasses, and the chance to help the training of new optomitrists studying at the IU optometry school. It's a total win-win for everyone!

Lucy B

You will not find a better eye exam than you will here. Not only do the knowledgeable interns do their jobs well, the Doctors/professors follow up to ensure the work is perfect. My intern has me at almost 20/20 in contacts for the first time in YEARS! I’m thrilled. Thorough and highly professional. And as if that’s not enough, the cherry-on-top is the quality and professionism of the optical technicians on the floor to help with glasses, etc. In particular, Jenny Evans was outstanding! In Bloomington, this is the place to go for eye care!

Theresa Weitkamp

This was the most thorough eye exam/contact fitting that I've ever had. I wore contacts for years, then switched to no-line bifocals when my optometrist could no longer find a combo of contacts that worked for distance, middle, and close up. Dr. Jason Jedlica and the resident optometrist worked until they found a multi focal lense for one eye and a distance lens for the other.

Maryanne Dorsey

I wish to commend the work of Dr. Susan Kovacich and her team of students. For many years, I have been unable to see clearly -- both short distance and long distance. I've seen multiple optometrists and ophthalmologists who each …

Anne Hedin

The Atwater Eye Care Center, and Dr. Jane Grogg in particular, have taken care of my eyes for almost 15 years now. I have the greatest confidence in them. At my most recent appointment, an intern named Joe conducted the exam and Dr. Grogg reviewed and validated his findings. Joe is easy-going, thorough and thoughtful. Dr. Grogg is brilliant, empathic and explains the exam results and my prospects very clearly. The downstairs area was being refloored and some of the interns and techs were out sick. This meant that I had to wait 30 minutes before being seen. It was worth it. Dr Grogg, Joe and the tech Jenny were all carrying a higher load than usual, but they did not rush me and were as kind and professional as always.

Beth Cate

I just went for my annual checkup and the service was great as usual -- very thorough, very friendly, answered all of my questions. I was out of there in about 90 minutes. Both the student trainees and the doctors are excellent, and it's well worth a little added time to give the next generation of optometrists some more experience.

Daniel Brown

I have an extreme eye astigmatism (kerataconus) and the outstanding team at the Atwater Eye Care Center were able to fit me with suitable contact lenses that are not even on the market yet. I appreciate the fact that I get a very careful, complete appraisal of my eyes at Atwater and that everyone is pleasant, professional, and definitely focused on providing the best care possible for their patients. I would not go anywhere else with my difficult eye situation. My only reservation with my Atwater experience was when I was taken to the billing department. The young lady who was at the desk (January 29, 2018 at 5:15) was rude and admonished me when I said I wanted to pay my account in full. She told me to hold on and wait for her to pull up my account. I thanked her when I received my paid invoice and she just looked at her computer without saying anything. The last person I dealt with at the Atwater Eye Care Center left me with a very bad impression and I would suggest the billing person be more cordial and respectful.

Marilyn Behrman

I always receive great care at the Atwater Eye Care Center. Exams are thorough and questions are always answered. They also have a great selection of frames, lenses and coatings. The opticians are also quite helpful in determining the most cost effective options for each patient and or family.

Daniel Thomas

Excellent eye exam! The eye exams are definitely the most thorough exam I've ever had. The optometry student does the exam and then a teaching optometrist checks the exam. The prescription I got was spot on.

Dawit Gelan

Excellent Service! I would highly recommend.

Marcey Tidwell

Have gone yearly for 15+ years and we love the thorough exams by pleasant and knowledgeable interns.

Paul Vincent Spade

I've always had EXCELLENT eye care from the Atwater Center! An annual examination with a FULL range of tests, at a reasonable rate, and with a complete explanation of what they've found. For me, they're the best in town.

Desiree Ippolito

I called the emergency line on a Sunday morning in a lot of pain. The on call doctor met me at the clinic 45 minutes later to help make me more comfortable. I was very grateful and they were nice about it the whole time!

Michael Bedwell

The eye care center for the Indiana University School of Optometry. Exams are done by 3rd year students and supervised by staff doctors. The exams are extensive and the best I have ever had. I highly recommend taking advantage of this great clinic.

Hannah Kirchner

For four years, my son has been under the care of Dr. Lyon and Dr. Jarrard at Atwater Eye Care. Through a rigorous program, we did therapy five days a week at home for 45 minutes a day for 3 years, my son's muscular eye issues were …

JN Sparks

If you want to help students learn and have lots of time and the stamina to endure the bright lights in your eyes, it is a beneficial thing to go there. However, you are being examined by a learner and you would think that they would charge less so that people come. You would be wrong. They are one of the most expensive places in town. I was a customer for 8 years but they have priced themselves out of my philanthropy.

Zelia Hayden

The attending was pleasant and easy to work with. yes

Yuko Okumura

Always appreciate their professional and friendly service!

Kenneth Long

Thorough check up; staff friendly and helpful.

Laura McCain Reed

The doctors and staff at the clinic are experts in the field. They have always treated me with courtesy and respect, and they listen to what I have to say. I have some unusual eye issues that they address with great care.

Dean Arnold

Great clinic. Very thorough.

Alice Robbin

I always receive outstanding care, and this last visit was no exception. Bravo to the Atwater Eye Care Center. Thank you faculty, staff, and students!

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