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REVIEWS OF 20/20 Institute Indianapolis IN Indiana

Ebony Anderson-Hawkins

I was truly one of the biggest skeptics when it came to Lasik. I postponed it for the longest, but finally got the courage to do it. I’D RECOMMEND 20/20 INSTITUTE TO ANYONE! They go out of their way to make you feel at home, offering a snack and comfy seat for TV to relax before every visit. With the procedure, discomfort was so minimal, that I feel silly for putting surgery off this long. I was near-sighted with extremely terrible astigmatism. I also have a history of infection/temporary blindness (since resolved) in one eye due to contaminated contacts. My vision is now 20/15, so better than expected. I feel blessed everyday that I’ve awakened to perfect vision, thanks to 20/20 Institute.

Kristen Smerlas

The staff was amazing and the procedure was much better than anticipated! 20/20 Institute goes out of their way to make sure you fully understand what to expect. I am 10 days post operation and feel great and see beautifully! I definitely recommend 20/20!

Keith Shelton

Outstanding customer service from beginning to end. Truely give you the devoted attention whereas many other places fall short. The procedure gave me 20/15 vision by the very next day!! Only 2 hours after having surgery, I was out driving without any side effects!! For anyone on the fence or considering LASIK, This is Absolutely the best decision and THE place to go!

One Last thing

Elyssa Mendenhall

My sister referred me here, and I couldn't be happier! Not only did I get a referral discount, but my sister got a little gift as well! The staff is beyond friendly, and the procedure was a breeze. I got the procedure done in the afternoon, took a nap, and the very next day I had little to no discomfort. Now I am seeing better than 20/20. So happy I made the decision to get Lasik through 20/20 Institute Indianapolis!

James Atkinson

I had a great experience. The office is comfortable and wait times brief. I would call the experience comparable to concierge service medicine. The staff was very attentive and happily addressed any of my questions and needs. Before you start the procedure, you are taken to a relaxation room for the pre-med to work and stay there for 40 minutes or so. The procedure room itself is as high tech as a NASA mission control room. Thought the actual operation takes literally seconds, the doctor explained what would be happening and what I would see during it. Immediately after there is some mild irritation. The best thing to do afterwards is having nothing planned. Taken the suggested nap and then a very quiet evening. The follow up visit the next morning had corrected my 20/200 vision to 20/15. And my astigmatisms were also corrected. The office has called to check my progress and make sure things are going well. My one week check up shows things are still holding strong. I am very pleased with the procedure and the staff at 20/20

Michael Sickles

So helpful, very nice, answered all my questions. Would do it all again!

Paul Binder

Adam Brown

The Staff at 20/20 Institute is very professional and they go above and beyond in caring for your eyesight.

Susan Travelstead

I had LASIK surgery to correct my vision in one eye, which provided me with monovision. It has worked wonderfully. They do a fantastic job, the whole team is so enjoyable to be around. I was excited for my appointment. My recovery went just as they had told me it would and my vision is exactly what I expected. I could not say enough good things about the doctors and the staff at 20/20. I had the best experience I've ever had in any type of doctor's office. Would highly recommend them.


I came to 20/20 Institute 2 days ago for my free Consultation, had my surgery yesterday and have my 1 day post OP appointment today. When I arrived they treated me with so much respect. This place and the people that work here are so nice and make you feel welcome. I had been wearing glasses since the 6th grade and now I never have to worry about them ever again!! Thank you so much to the staff but most importantly to the Surgeon. I will forever be grateful for this amazing life changing surgery. I can see far away clearly now :) - Crystal

John Stankiewicz

I had LASIK surgery on Friday and by Saturday morning I had better than 20/20 vision. Every person I interacted with was professional and super nice. I received personalized attention at every step of the process. I would recommend to anyone currently wearing glasses or contacts!

Amanda Crowder

Every person I spoke to or met was extremely kind and helpful. They explain each part of the process in great detail, answer questions as fully as possible, and generally make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible. The process was streamlined and I have been blown away by the professionalism and care given by the techs and doctors. I highly, highly recommend 20/20 for your LASIK procedure!!!

Kelly Bryant

20/20 was a great experience. If I did the whole experience over, I would make the same decision. My vision is great a year later, better than 20/20. Each appointment made me feel reassured and like I was their priority. Staff members are extremely friendly and catering to your personal needs. I highly recommend 20/20!

Kavita Battula

The entire staff was genuinely invested in a positive outcome. From the first consultation to the one-year check-up, I was treated with great care. The facilities are well-maintained (with a few nice goodies), and I always felt comfortable. This level of attention is incredibly rare. I'd recommend 20/20 to anyone - particularly those who are nervous about surgery. You are in capable hands.

Jon McCrorie

An absolutely amazing experience. Highly Recommend.

Madeline Ivanov

Who knew a life-changing procedure could only take a few seconds! The environment of 20/20 Institute is kind and welcoming. I absolutely recommend them for sure.

Hot_Hands_4_ Prez

Really awesome place, They were so helpful! I would highly recommend anyone going here. I can see again! Sorta...still healing but yes! Great experience

Mario Garcia

Awesome place I'm getting the prk surgery

Sean Ritter

Incredibly friendly service, made a worrisome experience easy and fun with fantastic results.

Sagar Lalla

I had my surgery done on the 26th of July I got my consultation here and at LASIK Plus, and personally I think the way 20/20 handled the consultation was better. There were more tests taken on the eyes and the staff genuinely cared about me. It’s a smaller clinic so the 1 to 1 time is great. Dr. Zeh performed PRK on me because of the testing on my left eye. Overall I really enjoyed the hospitality of this institute. The doctor is very knowledgeable on everything concerning eyes, not just LASIK, which is a huge PLUS. I highly recommend getting your surgery done here!

Kevin Wojcik

The staff was excellent and very thorough and did a wonderful job. The results are amazing and I'm so glad I had the procedure. My eyes are better than I ever expected, I just wish I had done it sooner!

Vivian Liechty

Augustina Hone

The staff here is absolutely phenomenal. My options are limited due to my high astigmatism and near-sightedness. They discussed the pros and cons of PRK and ICL. I also received a referral to a corneal specialist in regards to the ICL procedure. I was treated with respect and like a real person instead of a patient which I valued very much. Nothing was pushed on me and I received honest, sincere feedback.I look forward to continuing to work with this team. Definitely recommend.

L. Sol

Choose them fo Lasik. The staff and facility is great. They are all so friendly.

Jim Krampen

To Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zeh and the entire staff at 20/20 Institute I just wanted to say thank you so much for the KAMRA procedure. It has been less than 48 hours since my procedure and this morning, to my amazement, I was able to read the very fine print on a prescription bottle without my reading glasses! I have not been able to do that for the last 18 months! It is truly a miracle of modern science and a testament to the professional commitment of everyone at 20/20 Institute who restored my site. The days of scrambling for reading glasses and struggling to read my phone or menus is gone and I cannot be happier! The procedure and the recovery was a breeze. Medical miracle aside, I must compliment the entire staff on how kind and considerate they were to me. Every time I came to the office, it was like I was invited into someone’s home and treated like a guest and not a patient. I really appreciated the genuine consideration and rapport they established with me. To anyone who wants to throw away your reading glasses and read fine print like you did when you were younger, I would highly recommend the KAMRA procedure at 20/20 Institute.

Todd Hester

I have been dealing with a traumatic brain injury since 2001. Since then, I have had numerous difficulties with vision in my right eye. Along with aging over the years, my vision in my left eye began to decrease as well. I have tried eyeglasses and many different combinations of contact lenses with no success. I always felt like I was looking out of the fish bowl and would easily get nauseated if I tried to walk while wearing my glasses and I did not have much better luck with contacts. Since my Lasik surgery just over two weeks ago, my vision and my quality of life has been exponentially increased. I now see better than 20/20 out of both eyes. The severity of my headaches has greatly diminished and my eyesight is awesome. I cannot thank the staff at 20/20 enough for giving me the gift of my eyesight again!

Josh Warren

I absolutely love my lasik and would do it all over again (except I don't have to because they did an amazing job!) I actually had it done about 4 years ago, and am still loving it. No glasses, contacts = amazing. The staff was absolutely great, even with my 1,000 questions - very patient and nice about everything. The process was quick - definitely pressure on the eye, but it didn't hurt. I was working in my garden the next day after my follow up! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone interested in lasik.

Kait Edwards

Great staff and experienced doctors and surgeons who walk you through the whole process at your pace! 20/20 not only provides your LASIK procedure, they help you celebrate at every appointment with surprises and gifts. This is the way to do it!

Kylie Walter

Perfect experience while I got perfect vision. My only regret is not doing it sooner! Make your free consultation today. This place is the best! I got checked today and I have 20/15 vision! :)

Gabe Wilson

Danielle Kennedy

I can’t express enough have amazing the staff and service are. They make me feel so welcome and cared for every time I come in. My procedure was so simple and easy I can’t believe I was as nervous as I was going into it. Each eye took 30 seconds and I could see as soon as I was finished. I was -2.5 with a slight astigmatism, and today I’m 20/10! Highly recommend isn’t a large enough statement. Everyone should go to 20/20 to get their eyes done. Quit waiting!

Staci Crick

20/20 Institute did an excellent job correcting my vision & I would refer them to anyone. They answered all of my questions, were thorough in explaining each step of the process & follow-up on patient progress post-procedure. Thank you for helping me achieve 20/20 vision, I couldn’t have done it without you!! Thanks, Staci C.

Alison Smith

I am extremely happy to have had my lasik here. They were very professional and walked me through every step making sure I understood everything. I highly recommend 20/20 Institute to anyone who has ever dreamt about seeing without glasses or contacts.

Adam Crampton

They weren’t able to help me due to a condition I possess. However, they treated me kindly, delivered their diagnosis professionally, and were informative. If that wasn’t enough they also recommended AND called in to make an appointment with a specialist to help me where they could not. Very impressive and highly recommended practice.

Don & Marianna

Top Notch all the way. I could not be happier with experience. They really ensure you understand everything and are very willing to answer questions. I could not believe how fast the procedure actually was and how quickly I was able to see clearly! Liz was very nice and even provided me a coupon to purchase the eye medicine at a very reduced price since most insurance does not cover it. There is a very good reason that they only have five star reviews on google!!!

Knight Wennerstrom

I had my lasik surgery 5 years ago & am so happy I did. I had the PRK procedure & never thought I could see better than my contacts had been! I am so grateful every day! The 20 20 Institute is amazing!

Brian Baker

The staff here is amazing. Very friendly and extremely informative. Everyone from the person that signs you in, to the technicians that administer the exams, to the doctors that perform the surgery. My experience could not have been any better.

j ason

I loved my experience at the 20/20 Institute. The ladies in the office were always smiling and kind, and I always felt like a VIP. The procedure was fast, painless and easy. I'd recommend anyone to have their LASIK done at 20/20 Institute. I loved it. No more glasses or contacts. Thanks guys.

Jace Gentil

20/20 gave me beyond perfect vision. On my last check up, the woman checking my vision literally said, "Your eyes cannot be more perfect. You almost have 20/10 vision. If your vision was any better, we wouldn't even be able to test it." That's a great thing to hear for a guy who has had to struggle with glasses, contacts, and dry eyes for the last 13 years of his life. I would recommend 20/20 to anyone looking to see again for the first time. They were polite, cordial, understanding, and fully prepared me for the process. It's like, once you begin the process, you're a part of their family and that's exactly how they treat you. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I totally would. Do yourself a favor and a consultation from them!

Robert Carter

Could not be happier. Friendly and helpful staff and great results. Glad I decided to have it done.

Dracina Wood

Jing Ren

I did have a great experience with them. Everything is perfect, this is the best decision I have ever made in my life!

Rob Dukes

Isamar Mojica

I love this place, the staff and custimer care is on point. From the beginning to end super professional and friendly. They exolain the whole process and everything they are doing so you understand. I highly recommend this place

Julie Clary

Christina Kilgore

The staff was super friendly and made the whole process very easy. I would highly recommend 20/20 for LASIK!

Heather Frank

I have received outstanding care and service from 20/20. I would recommend them to anyone! I've been so happy with my decision to have the surgery. Everything was well explained and has progressed just as I was told it would! I love not wearing glasses after 28 years of putting up with them! I should've had the surgery sooner.

Punam Rai

I recently had my lasik procedure done here. The staff members are extremely friendly and caring. And I love my new eyes! Would definitely recommend.

Anna Triscari

Amazing experience, doctors and staff are great. I would recommend this to anyone considering PRK or Lasik Can’t say enough good things about this place. They are expensive but well worth it! You get what you pay for and they are more than worth it!

Sandy Brandenburg

Everyone is great- they are so blessed in having the skill and ability to give back to people one of the most precious gifts - the gift of good vision. There are no words to express my gratitude. I truly feel blessed by God to be a part of the 20/20 Family.

Amber Covington

The staff was professional and very welcoming. I was -5 with astigmatisms, and I’m now better than 20/20 vision. I wish I did it sooner.

Katie Garcia

The staff members and doctors were so nice and explained everything and answer my questions. I love my eyes and I would recommended to any one and dont forget the snack and yummy cookie.

The Connector

The best eyecare clinic in Indy! You will not regret it. Dr. Fisher and the staff are the best in the eyecare. If you need to make a change in your life and have better eyes, please make a visit to 20/20 institute in Indy!

b. matt Giles

From the first person you meet, to the doctors and specialist, all are 5-Stars! They are always pleasant. Always listening. Always available to help. They are top professionals in the field and truly get what great customer service is.

Gary Saltsgaver

The staff (Dr. Walker, Dr. Zeh, [my surgeon]. Amber, Belinda, Erica, Mellisa) were all great. They all gained my full trust and were very kind, like family. Dr. Zeh has exceptional bedside manners and I was very at ease with him operating. The outcome was overwhelming and seeing without glasses after 56 years wearing them is all new to me. Thank you staff. P.S. Love the refreshments there. I WILL RECOMMEND 20/20 INSTITUTE TO ANYONE. Gary

Russian Soul

Went from 20/80 vision to 20/15 in less than 24 hours. Absolutely painless and the only side effect I had was slight sensitivity to light in the first 24 hours. Fantastic results and 20/20 Institute is the only place I will recommend to family and friends!

Dylan Meyers

My experience with 20/20 was nothing short of incredible! I have been considering lasik for a good while now, and as of Wednesday this past week I decided to have my FREE consultation visit. They were able to get me in on the next day (Thursday) and once they found out I was qualified they were able to schedule me as soon as the next day (Friday)! The entire staff was very friendly and had the best hospitality I have ever come into contact with. Almost as if I was staying at a 5 star hotel who did eye exams. The surgery is completely painless and done within minutes. The worst part about the whole thing is the car ride home as there is some burning in the eyes. 20/20 recommends you take a 3-4 hour nap after the surgery (they even provide some medication that will help you fall asleep) and after I woke up from my nap all pain was gone AND I COULD SEE!!! It is now Saturday and I just had my follow up visit where my vision rating was now 20/10! That’s BETTER than perfect vision!! If you have been considering LASIK or are on the fence about it at all, PLEASE consider having a consultation visit with 20/20. You will not regret it.

Katie Windlan

I had PRK Lasik surgery last month, I am 20/15. The staff is very professional, nice, proactive, and there for you whenever. The surgeon Dr. Zeh is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease during the procedure. NO pain and NO issues with my eyes after the surgery. AMAZING!!!

Natalee Lord

I am so happy I got my LASIK eye surgery here! The staff is so kind and friendly.Getting LASIK eye surgery was one of the best, painless choices I have ever made. I see 20/20 out of my right eye and 20/15 out of my left! If you are thinking about getting it done, stop thinking and do it. :) You will not regret it!

John Chambers

Julie Scott

Adam Duzan

Great experience and wonderful staff. They really care about you and how you’re doing. I highly recommend 20/20 institute if your thinking about LASIK .

Laura Sanders

Everyone here was great. They were so informative and took the time to discuss the special issues I had. They answered questions I have had regarding my eyes and explained why I was having these issues. They also gave solutions to fix my problems. I received great care and excellent customer service. The surgery itself was done in seconds and they make sure you are comfortable and informed about everything. I didn't think it would fix my focusing issues plus my vision, and come to find out my focusing issues were due to my vision issues. They are all fixed along with my dry eyes. I would do it all again!

Ben B

Great experience! I would recommend 20/20 to anyone. Everyone there is friendly and helpful through the whole procces

Nick Richardson

Amazing customer service and very happy with the results. If you are thinking about getting LASIK look no where else but here!

Jordan McBride

There are not words to describe the remarkably high standard of service and care that the 20/20 Institute Indianapolis maintains for their clients, but I feel that I must do my best to them justice. I made my first appointment more than a year before made the commitment to a procedure. There was not a single moment over the entire process during which I felt pressured or "sold." The level of comfort I experienced in the Indianapolis facility and with the staff are unmatched. In the past, if I wore no glasses, someone was required to hold my hand and guide me (nearly -8 in both eyes for those of you who like figures). I was terrified at the thought of LASIK. After a five minute procedure, Thanks to 20/20 Institute, I left regretting only that I had not made the decision to have my vision corrected years ago. Don't be blind to the obvious solution, like me. If you have squinted long enough to read this review, go to 20/20 Institute now.

Kevin Walter

From start to finish the service was impeccable. Financing options made it easy to budget and my vision is perfect now.

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