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REVIEWS OF The Art Institute of Chicago IN Illinois

Catherine Leemon

Love love love my new membership. Benefits are worth the upgrade. Manet exhibit was informative and well done. Art Institute is always one of the must do's in Chicago. One of the best museums in the US.

Jane Janey

My home away from home. I love just coming here and soaking in the beauty of the place. Best cafeteria food there is. Grab a bite and a libation and sit out on the patio. It is wonderful. And, if you have a membership, it is something you can do every single day.

Your Truley

Nice museum. Very big and takes a good while to see everything. I really like how they sectioned it chronologically and had detailed descriptions. I would definitely go again... it's also a good place to take kids for educational purposes but I would suggest no younger than 5 years old. Some images are a bit graphic...


Gorgeous Building! Original Art that I have never seen, in person. (Only in books or on the Internet.) We were only there for a few hours. I could have spent an entire day or two! A must see!

Jacob Robinson

An amazing collection of art from around the world and across eras. Wish I had more time to explore since even 3 hours was only enough to see the main sights. At $20-something to enter it's not cheap, but very much worth it. The impressionist and American sections are particularly noteworthy

Nadijka Kondratiuk

I like art and it was so interesting place for me. There was a lot of exhibitions. I recommend it.

Oz Correa

The Art Institute has beautiful art to look at. It's quite spacious so you won't get bored if you're and art fanatic or even if you're just there passing by. Paintings by famous artist are there which livens up the place. The price isn't bad but it's not a great deal either. The location of it is also amazing because there's so much to do around the institute too.

John Ferguson

Definitely see the Manet exhibit before it leaves. His attention to detail depicting water and reflections was amazing and often overlooked due to his portrait works like "Jeanne" and Proust works. My favorite is "Moss Roses in a Vase"

GoogleMaps Account

It’s a great place to visit if you’ve never been, just realize the entire museum is built like a maze. Good luck getting out.

Yubing Ji

Absolutely way beyond my expectation in terms of quantity, variety and quality. I think the museum could do a better job in marketing and letting more people not just to know about it but know how good it is. (Improvement needed below) No need to talk about the vast collection and name the artists - you really need to explore and find the treasures (this is also why they should do a better job in showing the great work to people). Museum shop is vast and have great selection. I do want to say the below things that they can improve: - it’s VERY difficult to navigate and find the art work you want to see. I constantly see people asking for directions. And it took me 40min to find the way to the museum cafe. The whole museum navigation is very confusing - there are many places you can’t get to unless you go to a specific place and take elevator.... for this reason, I was not able to get to the exhibition I want and didn’t complete the tour - the museum cafe only has food in peak hours. When you go through the maze to find it, you realize there is only drink and cookies chips left... very different than I imagine which is a place you can always rest and hang out and spend peaceful time in - the restrooms obviously need more cleaning and maintenance.

Motunrayo Ogunrinbokun

This is one place I can’t get enough of. I keep coming back and it feels new every time. Each exhibition is unique in its way and would lure you into amazing narratives that transcends even the vision of the artist. Despite the uniqueness of each work, they are all connected and it’s left for you to discover how.

Diego Ramirez

So much to see. I was here for 3 hours and still didn't see everything. There is art for everyone in here. Bring your local teens as they can get in for free. The cafe inside offers great options if you need a pick me up as well, including coffee, espresso drinks, baked good, soups, cocktails and beer. Public transportation also leaves you within easy walking distance. Afterwards we enjoyed a great meal from a food truck. My biggest recommendation is...bring some comfortable shoes.

The Informative Droid

This is truly one of the best attractions in Chicago. You cannot miss this place if you visit this city. This institute has original artworks of one of the world's best artists, especially from the Renaissance period. You have works from Vincent Van Gogh, Tintoretto, and numerous others! The Fullerton Hall is another amazing must-see place for Indians. Check this place out! $25 for adults 15 years old and above. 14 and below have free admission.


Do you want to indulge yourself into the art atmosphere? Then this is a place for you. Many famous paintings you know in class are present in this museum. The institute also has a long history with ancient Egypt exploring, if you are a geek of those old time stories, come to see to believe. Thursday for free for citizens or visitors with memberships. Price is cheap, bring your friends or family, you won’t regret. The place is just too amazing to be true.

Oleg Somov

Truly connects you with many styles of art of different cultures, countries and times. You can see the museum highlights in a short time(~2 hours), if you have limited time. Just grab a visitor guide and start exploring, instructions are very clear. I'd you have more time, you can contemplate most of the art pieces in 4-5 hours.

Todd Sander

We have been to a lot of places in Chi a ago that were really disappointing. This ace did not disappoint. Great staff who are very helpful and considerate. And, awesome works. Highly recommend. Military, retirees and family members get in for free until Labor Day.

Alex Espinoza

Very enjoyable place to be at. The art work on the 3rd floor was magnificent. Be prepared to be here 3 to 4 hours if you really enjoy art. I will say some of the art could have been better but im sure it gets rotated and the new pieces would be awesome.

Cathy Chiovaro

It’s been over 20 years since my first visit and it was just as awesome now as then. The Manet exhibit was wonderful! The Impressionism exhibit fantastic as well. Paperweight collection was a bonus as well as the London Underground Poster Exhibit. Always fantastic place to spend some time.

Rebecca Fischer

Fantastic museum. There is a wide variety of art across time and across the world. Well worth a visit, but don't skimp on time. We spent 6 hours and didn't see everything.

Mike Riccitelli

Truly truly a must visit. Oh so many of the art pieces you have seen growing up... And then quadruple it. Plus the CULTURAL pieces of our human existence - STOPPED IN MY TRACKS!!! All of us need to know all that we have strived to achieve, but only to have left monuments of self. We must continue to learn from our past to better our understanding and future ❤️.

Rosystraveladventures G

If you love art do not leave Chicago without visiting the Art Institute. It is up to par with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.! I love spending the entire day there. They have a lovely restaurant called Terzo Piano which is Italian for third floor. If you are an Illinois resident, admission is waived on Thursday after 5:00pm. Check online for the current exhibit. You will not be disappointed.

Patrick Chaar

Incredible experience from start to finish. I am not a major art or history buff but this place is unbelievable. Their special exhibit (Monet at the time) was well designed and engaging. Great experience overall.

Ljiljana Djokic

One of the "Must" places to see in Chicago was this "Sanctuary of Art". One visit was not enough and with the second visit, I have vaguely grasped the essence of this magnificent place. Amazing pieces of arts collections which I thought I would never be able to see in reality, but only in the books and reproductions.

James Draper

The art institute was an incredible experience and there was so much to see. We spent an entire day there and barely saw everything. My favorite part was when we saw the miniature houses. Definitely worth the price.

S. Bustoz

I love this place. It is a world class museum. The thousands of paintings, sculptures and artifacts are extraordinary. If you're visiting Chicago, make the time to visit it. If it's rainy or cold outside, if you have one while free day in the city, visit the museum. You won't regret it. The Art Institute is located downtown Chicago, easily accessible through public transportation and within walking distance of most major hotels. Also it's neighbor is Millennium Park, another place you must see when visiting the city.

Sue Roche

My favorite museum. How fortunate Chicago is to have great worjs of art. London underground posters were new to me and enjoyed them immensely. Very unique.

jungwook kim

Impressive museum in the world for the period of Impressionism. Huge and well managed arts in this Institute and also has couple fair restaurants in the building. But coffee is better than foods here. Service is great though.

Katie Martin

The collection is impressive and world class, obviously, but Art Institute's staff are a part of the experience. The directions one staff member gave me - without referencing the guide - were VERY impressive and accurate! They're friendly and well-informed. There is truly something for everyone at the Art Institute, so take two minutes with the guide to get some ideas as the beginning of your visit. There's also an app, which was really helpful too.

Severiano Sisneros

Great art museum! Consider getting a membership if you have a large group. You can quickly get your money's worth by bringing guests in for free.

Natalie Buhr

World class and always a treat. Though the layout of the building can be very confusing, each gallery is like entering a different world. I really appreciate the new gallery with the armour and weapons that used to line the main hall. This is a much more appealing setup. There are 3 cafes that serve great food and beverages too! I was able to have a smoked salmon and peach with feta salad that was delicious. Such a great change from when I visited last in the 1990s.


DO NOT MISS IT!!! To be honest, it is one of the TOP3 museums I have visited. The Monet and Beauty exhibition is definitely worth a visit.

Vicki Blubaugh

Absolutely remarkable. If I did visited again, I would spend an hour, go out and walk and return to enjoy more. It was a lot to enjoy in one long span of time

Dave McRoy

Good art. Cafe food was 10x better than typical museum fare; I was impressed that they aren’t gouging people for lunch. Procedure for getting in the door could use more clarity.


This art museum is huge! Took us 3.5 hours and we still did not fully look at everything! They have many different art styles. Huge cafeteria space with a lot of seating. Eating in the courtyard is enjoyable because of the fountain and ducks.

Jaime V

BEST MUSEUM IN CHICAGO! and one of the best museums in the world. I love this museum, it is my favorite one in the city. They have the largest collection of impressionist paintings outside of Paris. They even have one of Van Gogh’s bedroom (one of three he painted). In terms of American art, they have the Mona Lisa - American Gothic. The armory is also one of the best collections I have ever seen! Even compared to many museums in Europe. The Art Institute also has many sculptures from all over the world. I love the ones from Rome. My favorite one is the bust of Marcus Aurelius (it is massive...). The people’s reaction is incredible, specially after watching the movie Gladiator. They also have a torso of an emperor that is impressive. I am a member and I come here at least twice a month (sometimes more) - they always have new stuff to see or things to do. The souvenir shop is great and not as expensive as one might think. The book store is also superb, one of the best in the city. Coming to Chicago and not visiting the art museum is like going to Paris and not visiting the Louvre - a crime!


I stop here every time I am in Chicago. This museum is one of my favorite places I've ever been. Of course, the Impressionist exhibit is breathtaking, but every area in the museum is fantastic! Absolutely worth the entrance fee. I could easily spend a few days perusing the various exhibits. I look forward to the next time I can visit!

Philip Owens

One of the best Art Museums I've been to. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Price of admission is fair for what you can see. The Impressionist wing is impressive (excuse the pun), and the American art wing is also very good. However, anywhere you go you will not be dissatisfied.

Andrew and Morgan McAllister

I will admit we are not exactly “Art people” but this collection was absolutely amazing. We loved seeing some famous pieces, in person. We couldn’t believe the age of some of the sculptures. Everything was well laid out. The miniature rooms and weapons collection were especially fascinating. We could’ve spent days here and not seen all we wanted to. It is a bit easy to get lost or miss exhibits so make sure you ask the friendly staff or use a map.

Kevin Rohith

The exhibits in Art Institute are so many that there literally wont be enough time to see all exhibits in one visit. So many beautiful pieces. I loved the Armor and weapons exhibit. The Miniature rooms something unexpected. Its was so intriguing and intricate. Also the statues from Indian region were very interesting. Also the South Garden near the art institute is a beautiful place to be and rest.

Jay Chow

Worth every penny. You can easily spend hours here. Just don't rush through. Read stuff. Take in the details.

Apple lee

Big, clean, small crowd, and great stuff. Would give them 6 stars if they had more seating areas.

Alicia K

Great art museum. You can spend many days there and not see everything, plus they have temporary exhibits which are always interesting and they keep you coming back. Another great feature is their restaurant, which completes your day there. Also, if you become a member, there is a cafe where you can go for a good cup of coffee while visiting the museum. I always look forward to visiting this museum!

Freddie Low

Impressive and with a good collection of paintings by impressionist and post-impressionist. I did think the Asian/Chinese/South Asian/Southeast Asian collection, like the native American collection paled in comparison in relation to the impressionist. Definitely worth a visit.

Frank Szmalc

Spectacular art museum. Really need 2 or 3 days to see it all. One of my favorite places. Will return when back in Chicago


I had planned for a 3-4 hour visit but ended up staying the entire day! There was just so much to see and take in. Perfectly curated. I especially loved the Thorne miniature rooms! My only suggestion would be that the process for go pass/city pass holders to get admitted could be streamlined.

Hunter Thomas

My wife and I spent over 3 hours enjoying the museum and everything it had to offer. Our only complaint has to do with entering the museum. We purchased the Chicago Go Pass for quick entry, but we're disappointed that we still had to pick up tickets despite having QR codes on our phone, even more so was the "fast pass" line took even longer than it would have taken for purchasing general admission at the museum. Once passed the entry line, everything was amazing. The artwork, descriptions, and even the cafes we're all extraordinary. We couldn't have been happier with the exhibition. Next time we are in Chicago, we will more than likely return to see the remainder of the works.

Luke Duggan

Amazing collecting, one of the best museums in the world. If you have not gone there it's an amazing experience. Would recommend! Like walking through periods of time.

Rodrigo De Luna

Great collection that spans several historical periods and themes. Helpful and friendly staff, the place is like a maze so it's useful to get directions. One of the best art institutions I've been in.

Stacy Carney

Omg the collection brought me to tears, fabulous! Hard to believe so many famous pieces in one place! The staff was so helpful and friendly too. I only wish I had more time to spend there.

Brandon Milton

A huge variety of work. During my visit, there was a phenomenal London Underground exhibition. Be sure to see the classics! The app's free tours definitely help.

Nathaniel Soldwisch

Had some amazing pieces but due to the odd segregation of exhibits it costs extra to go to some and not others making the experience a bit more bitter to swallow on top of the costs. I would visit again for sure but wish it was set up a vit better.

Claire Jones

Couldn't have been better! Enjoyed the rich variety of exhibitions. Enjoyed the special Manet exhibit. Plan to spend longer then expected. It is that good!!

Sai Teja

You can spend half a day and still miss many thongs in the Art institute. The collection and presentation are exquisite. The Fullerton hall, where Swami Vivekananda has given his historic speech has a special vibe to it. But the hall is generally closed and opened only on request. The Indian, Chinese and Japanese sections are especially beautiful.

Keith Wegner

If you ever travel to Chicago this should be a definite stop. Honestly, one day is not even close to being enough to see everything inside of here. Me and my wife had a blast! This was probably my favorite place to see during my vacation in Chicago! This place is amazing and definitely a must see!

Paul Flick

This is a spectacular Museum we had a wonderful time. At every turn there was another famous fabulous painting by exceptional well known artists

Ardisann Szala

I am a member although I live in OREGON. IT is a wondrous venue for daydreaming, considering the importance of the arts, AND recognizing the GENIUS of others: from EVERYWHERE! I feel safe & NOT judged!The AIC feels welcoming...and. ALWAYS refills my spirit! What a great day to be alive! Even if you only have a short amount of time.. a JOY!

Miguel Alejandro Rodriguez Portella

The place is wonderful, you need to walk 2 o 3 hours for to see all the picture in the museum, they have 3 floors you need to go 2 twice times, the most beautiful picture is the Pablo Picasso, you need to visit it is worth once in your life. sorry i can put picture this time. Enjoy the museum my friend.

Melody Burgess

This was an awesome place and the staff there are so very helpful and friendly!! Will be going back!! Cannot do it all in one visit though need a couple days to really study the art. We totally rushed thru it but the experience was great with my son.

David Garcia

Lots of well known art here. It was neat to see so many paintings I recognized, but all in all I didn’t feel inspired like I usually do when I go to art museums. I’m not sure if it was the crowds or just the familiarity of it all.

Doina Romanciuc

It’s a huge museum and I loved being there. The most time I spent there was on the floor with European art. There you will find some famous paintings.

Daniil Korotkov

Absolutely wonderful, came for the impressionist art was not disappointed and got more than expected. Well organized and a huge collection, the staff is helpful. The Asian art was a bit disappointing but I didn't expect anything to begin with, the modern American art song was also excellent.

luis flosi

Although a bit confusing to navigate, this museum has incredible and varied collections. You can spend days looking at everything in detail. All the staff I’ve come across was very polite and helpful, and I’ve been to more expensive places that weren’t nearly as enjoyable.

Eliot Ward

Wow! What an amazing museum! Not only did all the works of art capture and mesmerize all of us, but the staff and volunteers were so helpful and friendly. Great cafe with excellent pastries and drink options. Beautiful building and facility. We loved our time here and would recommend it as an absolute must see in Chicago.

Peter Fossum

Greatest collection in the US. Amazing display of Impressionist artwork. Great collection of American 20th century artwork. As well as a good selection of modern art. Make sure to see the Chagall windows.

Robin Leuty

Amazing place! I suggest you grab a visitors pamphlet so can find what you want to see quicker if you are on a time frame. I could spend days here. The staff are very helpful.

Michael Baldwin

Get lost in this place and why not? Everywhere you turn it's just amazing. I love just wandering and letting the art draw me too it. Spend an hour staring at a Jackson Pollock or swing down to see the antiquities and the artisans from all over the world. A must see 8f you love art and culture.

Stephen Zahradnik

One of the best art museums in the world. I've been going since I was a kid. The prices sure have jumped so don't think they'll take your art as payment. See some of the best post-impressionist pieces. The time spent here will last a lifetime. You can eat lunch, chill those tired legs out, and take in some more Gaugin.

James Anderson

It is a wonderful place to see and absorb art. A wide range of pieces spanning centuries. The sheer size and scope of the collective pieces are amazing. I confess to not knowing a lot about art per se, but I know what I like when I see it. I leave critiques to the experts. I like that this world class institution is there for experts as well as for the common man/women. What made my latest visit after so many years so special was that admission was free from 5pm to 8pm on Thursdays in August. As you can bet it was a long line getting in but it was worth it. Chicago with all its problems has a world class art museum here. The lions out front speaks to the importance and the pride and honor of my city. Peace

Ian Smith-Dahl

A world class collection of artwork in an enormous building, which qualifies as a work of art in it's own right! Don't try to do it all in one visit. Even if you are a visitor to Chicago (welcome!), do a few exhibits and leave the rest for another time. Savor and enjoy.

Jack Beredjick

Great artwork. No museum fatigue like at other museums where there's just too much to take in. Hubert Robert was fascinating. Seurat was spectacular. Even the gift shop had awesome souvenirs especially on the clearance rack (if you're clever enough to find it.)

Rob Sullivan

One of the best in the world. Amazing Impressionist collection in addition to Hopper's Nighthawks. You'll see lots of famous stuff here.

Derek Nord

This place was amazing. I had never been to a Museum like this before. To stop and understand that some of this stuff has stood the test of tlme is amazing. Also got a cool print for my bathroom. It was amazing to see a lot of the art that influenced the world over time.

Griffin Churchwell

I was in Chicago for work but managed to walk over and see the beautiful Impressionism exhibit. Lines weren’t bad on a Friday afternoon in summer and admission cost was worth it. Beautiful building and gardens.

Samuel Waggoner

My adult daughter and I spent a solid 3 hours seeing as much as we could (admittedly skimming the antiquities). We started at the late Manet exhibition on 3 (worth the extra $7) and continued South through an amazingly comprehensive Impressionist collection and much more This museum is more digestible than the Met, Prado or Louvre so you can get a decent sense of it in one visit. We missed the Chicago Architecture section so will definitely be back! Free tour at noon on Sunday is worth attending.

Muhammad Sajjad

Lots of beautiful art to see . I think we see best collection here of different times and culture. Hours are not enough to see everything, better to complete in 1-2 days. Each gallery has something very interesting. One of the best place and highly recommended

Cole Rogers

One of the greatest museums in the world. The staff is very friendly and it makes for a very good experience. The cafe in the modern wing is absolutely spectacular. The space is incredible and you can tell why The Art Institute of Chicago is year after year regarded as a world renowned museum.

Sarah Cameron

The Art Institute is well known for its fantastic collection. If you live here take advantage of this treasure and if you’re visiting definitely prioritize a visit. Beautiful spaces and incredible art.

Jean Miller

While living the first 28 years of my life on the Southside of Chicago, I often went to the Art Institute to absorb the beautiful artwork, architecture, and culture. Some of the world's most famous paintings are here. It is a MUST see for locals and tourists alike. This museum is world renowned and could take several days to truly see all it has to offer. The special exhibits they have change out every few months and are also well worth seeing!

claudiu brezeanu

Always a great way to spend the day. Good collection of paintings, drawings,various art. Must see the miniature rooms. New modern wing. Cafeteria has good selections and overall great experience. If you are a Bank of America customer, check Museum on us, first weekend of the month - free admission. Enjoy!

Angb Rwill

It is THE Art Institute! Enough said, right! I have been going to this World renowned institution for many, many decades. It is one of the greatest places on Earth to immerse yourself in centuries old/modern local, National and International art experience of your life. I prefer off season(late Fall early in the day). Prices can be expensive, but they offer all kinds of membership packages and Illinois residents, children, students, and tour groups may qualify for other discounted/free entrance. Plan your visit, wear your most comfortable shoes because this place is an all day experience to enjoy and remember. If the weather permits, don't forget to visit their outdoor areas with stunning sculptures.

Sydney Sullivan

The Art Institute of Chicago has been voted the best art museum several years in a row. It does not disappoint. The constant rotation of galleries exhibits, the beautiful collections of Japanese and Chinese art, as well as Dutch masters and Greek art is truly breath taking. The Cafe options offer something for every diet, though a bit limited. The food does taste fantastic. I highly recommend a visit here, especially on one of Chicago's wet or gray days.

Daniel Yosua

Impressive museum with decent amount of art collection, particularly impressionist art. We also really enjoyed the miniature rooms and the London Underground Posters. We spent half a day here, and could easily take up more time. Recommend not to rush your time here.

Robert Dothage

I had a fabulous visit to the Art Institute equally due to the warm welcome from the helpful staff, and the superb quality of their collection. I visited on a busy Saturday when the ticket line was out the door, but the guard outside was incredibly friendly in directing me in how to take advantage of my reciprocal membership from the art museum in Kansas City. After she got me in the correct line, it took about 2 minutes to get my free member's ticket and head in to see the art. Even with a membership from out of town, I felt like I got the star treatment. It was the highlight of my whole trip!

Satwinder Singh

The Art Institute of Chicago was a special treat which I wanted to all myself and I did. I spent about 5 hours (had planned for 3) in there immersing myself in the amazing collection. Eduard Manet's special exhibition was the added cherry on the top. I was elated to be up close to the paintings of Eduard Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, and other impressionists. The building was a mix of old and new and was really well planned. The free app of the museum gave awesome descriptions of the paintings making them even more enjoyable. I look forward to going back to this museum next year.

Sharron Montgomery

Easily one of the largest collections of art ive ever seen! The immense size of the collection warrants at least two days for thorough inspection of the pieces. The Manet exhibit was certainly an additional treat but was not worth the additional $7 in my opinion unless you are an avid Manet fan or Impressionism enthusiast. That is to say, there is more than enough to see without the additional ticket.

Joe Nield

This is one of the best art museums in the world let alone the country. When you go, you will see paintings you have seen in books your whole life from artists you have thought to be fable. They have free admission to Illinois residents on Thursday evenings. I could spend days in their various galleries and recommend the Art Institute to any tourist.

nunya bznss

Its well done. They have some BEAUTIFUL pieces here. They also have a photo exhibit / political tell me how to think piece I could have done without. Art should be open to the opinion of the viewer. Telling me the political view of the artist is fine. I don't need you to tell me how or what to think about their work.

Aya Rababah

Amazing experience! The space itself is a piece of art, there is also a part designed by Renzo Piano, it's really worth a visit. They have a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright's original furniture pieces and stuff, and also some architectural elements that survived the great Chicago fire

Lennart van Nieuwenhuijzen

Great museum with a great collection of art throughout the centuries. Especially impressed with the impressionists (...) as well as the Japanese art and modern American art. Hopper's nighthawks took my breath away. Would become a member if I lived anywhere near Chicago.

Benjamin Lebron

Phenomenal museum! Amazing layout, tons to see, very friendly and helpful staff. There was so much to see I could easily spend more than a day just taking it all in! If I have to give any tips when visiting: The morning is best to beat the crowds. Definitely wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring hydration! Grab a map, the museum is huge!


The Art Institute of Chicago is a great Museum. I love it. It is one of the best Art Museums in America. They have beautiful buildings, a great Art collection, and helpful Staff. It is always offering new exhibits. There is always more to see and do there each visit. Very nice Member Lounge as well. Thanks.


Wife and I really enjoyed our time here. The miniature rooms display was quite unique. 3 hours and could have spent more.

Jay Colingham

This is one of the most prominent art museums in the United States with a wide variety of historically relevant and critical pieces to the evolution and diversity of artistic works by humankind. Some of the specific art shown is world renowned and considered to be keystone pieces for an artist or a genre.

Antonio Iaffaldano

Easily one of the best museums in the world, with European impressionists (and post-) and American artists taking the forefront. If I had to state one downside, it's that the opening hours are too short: 10:30-17:00 is not nearly enough to appreciate the collections. So plan accordingly. Cafeteria is ok (wide range of choices, that's for sure).

Vanessa Oertel

Amazing art from all over the world. Everyone there was so polite and helpful.

Esteban Rossi

Outstanding, a very good museum and well worth the admission fee. Make sure you visit the miniature display in the lower level, it's easy to miss. Also, the front entrance was quite busy, there was a long line to access; however, the side entrance was empty.

chris moore

Loved it. Great collection of art work... And side note they had the best hotdog I had while I was in Chicago in the cafeteria

Kate Bailey

We had limited time to check out our favorite artists, but we made it work! First of all, you can buy tickets online instead of waiting in line. If you have a backpack, get in that line to check it. That line went quickly, but don't wait until the last 15 minutes before the museum closes to pick it up. The attendant said that there would be a long line at that time. Take advantage of the information counter. These people know their stuff! We had a brief walkthrough with someone who showed us the path to take, highlighting the most popular displays. We enjoyed all of the artwork, and it was a great way to avoid the ridiculous heat outside. Inside was cooler, and though there were a lot of people, the museum is so large that we were not shoulder to shoulder. There is a cafe for refreshments and a gift shop but we did not stop there.

Sharyn Meffin

Top art gallery. Very well laid out and organised. An outstanding collection of art from across the ages and world. A great range of eating places and bathroom facilities.Highly recommend.

Rodrigo de la O

Had pleasant experiences with every worker I spoke with. And, of course, there's too much world class history and art to go through in any one day

Debora Pinzur

Viewed (1/2) of the superb new Andy Warhol exhibit. The artist is way more than Campbell soup and Coca Cola. We'll be back to see the rest of this large and well-curated venture. The Art Institute, in my hometown of Chicago, is an international treasure.

Richard Thomas

Great place to walk around and look at paintings. Especially during the winter months. Loved going and can't wait to go again!

Jae Soltis

Considered one of the country's best art museums for a reason. Quick note: Military (former and current) get in free.

Antonia Creteanu

I wish I had weeks to spend in this museum. Great collections from all centuries and for all tastes, an amazing new modern wing, and little less expected treasures like the miniature room collection and the beautiful arm and armor section. One of the best impressionist collections in the world.

gina lucas

Anyone who knows art, knows this is one of the finest collections in the US besides the Getty in LA and the MET in NYC. I love the variety of American art and the architectural variety from each building. The miniatures and paper weights were an extra special treat. Make time to see it all, there are too many famous ones to list.

Richard Eckhardt

A magnificent museum! There were people to offer assistance and/or insight in nearly every room. Their collection is grouped perfectly to experience multiple artists from the same movement/period/style. The restaurant food was pretty good! There were several different options to choose from. The prices are right about what I had expected for being in a museum in a big city. The restrooms are easy accessible and on each level.

Amanda Anderson

Fantastic well laid out museum. The cafe on the ground floor offers a lovely outdoor seating area as well as great food at reasonable prices. A must see is the miniature room.

Jeannette Buerk

Best collection of Impressionist art in the world. Always enjoy the Thorne Rooms with the obsessive detail in miniature. Regular special exhibits are so well curated. Always stop in to explore a different section or just wander and enjoy.

Katherine Spaht

Absolutely incredible museum of not only beautiful paintings but also amazing art forms of all types, including the decorative arts. We also saw the current Manet exhibit and the staging was perfect...from explanatory video to audio guide that captured the essence of individual pieces but his evolution over time and how it corresponded with personal challenges he had.

Edwina Duenas

Dedicate a half day or even a whole day to exploring this museum. It is worth repeat visits and I will definitely be back if I'm in town again. There is an impressive permanent collection here, with works from a wide range of artists/periods. I particularly enjoyed the impressionism and 20th century American art collections. I highly recommend this museum to art enthusiasts visiting Chicago!

Lauren McGrew

This museum exceeded my expectations. We unfortunately didn’t get to see everything, but felt very satisfied with the amount of impressionist art we saw. The Manet exhibit was excellent! If you want to see everything, I’d recommend planning on spending 4 hours there. Do yourself a favor and don’t get lunch there, as it’s super expensive. The food was okay, but not worth the price.

Russell Townsend

I was in awe, I got to see Manet up close and Jackson Pollack. More artist than I can write about in this short review. The staff was so helpful and volunteers with "ask me" buttons really help us, even escorting us the works we wanted to see. Best museum I've been to in the States.

Tony Buck

It's one of the best art museums in the world. We're went specifically to see the Manet exhibit, since she loves impressionism. I personally enjoyed seeing the African American artist whom I had not seen before. It was fascinating to see the periods Manet with threw and expressed in his art. We're had a great time.

Joanne Clifford

A gem of a museum with not just art but artifacts too. I spent a whole day here and should easily do that again. Home of American Gothic.

Jenny Ross

Overall a very pleasant, enlightening, and relaxing experience. The ticket line gets a bit long during the afternoons, but the wait time is acceptable. The collections are amazing - excellent works, well-written and interesting descriptions (although the font is a bit small in most places, so maybe bring a loupe or come close to the caption), and good spacing. Good times!

Pasquale Strati

A fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse of culture while in Chicago. The whole collection is equipped with great painters and artists from all ages. I personally believe that the impressionism area is amazing. Definitely worth visiting although the prices are not cheap (25$/adult).

Linh O

Great exhibit. The layout is a bit complex due to the addition of buildings thorough out the decades. I recommend starting from the Michigan entrance and planing out your way around the Museum before starting. Their Manet exhibit was wonderful. You can certainly cover the whole museum with one visit.

Steve Soares

Fantastic museum with such a nice vibe. It is HUGE so it can be overwhelming trying to see everything. So if you’ve only got one day (it is $25 per person) then just try to see as much as possible until you get tired. I just of course asking where the most famous pieces are like Picasso and Monet so you don’t miss those.

Carmon Hacker

We had the experience of a lifetime here, from the moment we viewed the miniatures in the lower level, to the extensive display of Impressionist and religious paintings, to the homemade pastries in the café! We even loved the percussionists out front playing with all their hearts and souls. This is a must -see for residents as well as visitors to the Windy City!

Alex Tam

Fantastic museum with a wide range of different exhibitions included with the standard ticket price. Art works ranged from Monet to Warhol. Extremely impressive collection. Would highly recommend for those with an interest in different art. The miniature exhibition in the basement was very cool!

Marco Fantin

Over the years I have been to many of the world greatest museum and this is definitely one of them. There's at least one masterpiece in every room, unbelievable. We spent a good 4-5 hours in but it could have been even more! Don't miss it if you are in Chicago. There is art of all ages from ancient to contemporary.


This is a very impressive museum, very large and many forms of art on display, was also impressed with the friendly staff in every room keeping a friendly eye on the spectacular displays...this visit will take you well over 2 hours if you don’t stop at every display. This Chicago museum has the best military’s free entrance for military and 5 family members.... Definitely worth the visit..

Robb Poier

Take at least 5 hours to enjoy this museum of art. There is a lot to digest, thankfully you will find 7$ guided audio tours and free volunteer tours to help you through. I am a modern art kind of guy, but you'll see jewels, armour, swords and sculptures. If you have a day to burn, I recommend this place. You can get a deep dish pizza for the entry fee, or you can see a day's worth of art. I will say bring some comfortable shoes, because you are going to walk a lot.

Beate Pradel

One of the best art museums I have visited. The collection is vast. The building is beautiful, the space inside amazing. There are is a fantastic restaurants and a coffee bar. You can order lunch, an espresso or enjoy a champagne break before you carry on exploring. You can easily spend all day here.

Noah Bier

Fantastic selection of artworks in a beautiful space. Would recommend visiting the current exhibition on Mexican Modernism. Only issue was price of admission fees and the cafe, quite expensive!

Sue-Anne Norrick

Superb museum in every aspect. You could spend a week here to really take it all in. Great docent tours too!

Elizabeth Stoneburner

I cannot sing enough praises about this place. It is a must-visit for locals and out of town visitors. They're free museum pamphlet has a great guide for must-see pieces if you don't have limited time. I could have spent a week here and still felt as if I had not completely enjoyed everything. The audio devices are also fantastic if you want more in-depth explanations of the artists and their pieces.

Thea Banis

What a beautiful museum. I'm so happy I took the time to walk about the numerous exhibits. What blew my mind is that some pieces dated back all the way to 1314 and even B.C times. This is a quiet place to enjoy art so I don't recommend bringing your screaming two year old around for the sake of everyone around you. Highly recommend doing the audio set as you go about to get some history behind each work, wish I could have stayed longer. Definitely a 3 hour tour or more if you took the time to see everything!

Thomas F

So, I bought tickets and fully checked the website for information. After an hour wait to enter the museum, I then had to wait in another line to check my bag. Then I was stopped after checking the bag to pay them an additional check bag fee, but i was told I had to take my water bottle throughout the museum separately. Conveniently, I was given a single use plastic bag to carry the water bottle in.

J Kelley

Amazing art in an amazing urban center. I can't believe you can get so close to so many masterpieces (from classical and impressionists to modern). And It's across the street from Millennial Park with restaurants and free concerts. Wow!

Adam Cooper

This is an amazing museum. They have a lot of great pieces on display. The outdoor seating area is great to grab a drink and relax for a little bit. There's a lot to see here so it might take you awhile

Ali Arbuckle

I could have spent all day here. Beautiful artwork. The gallery of suits of armor was phenomenal. I definitely will be coming back every time I visit Chicago.

Danley T

We were in Chicago on a weekend trip, and decided to go here on a rainy day. Was pleasantly surprised about some of the exhibits - did not know many of these items were here! Check in was smooth, but BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE! The line was long. You might pay an extra $3, but was worth not waiting in the ticket line. Something we immediately noticed was the weird layout. This is no obvious efficient way to see the whole thing without backtracking at some point. Also be prepared to check your bags. Not all bags required - they made me check my backpack, but not my wife's purse. Cost is $1. Nice to not carry bag the whole time, but also nowhere to put my water bottle....plan accordingly. Cafe had a surprisingly good croissant and tea, but was in an odd location within the museum.

Finley Burch

An extensive and incredibly varied collection. If you like any kind of art at all, you will find something you will enjoy. The cafe has very good food, which is something you may end up wanting as this is a place you can wander around all day and still find new things you haven't yet seen. A must-see for any visitors in Chicago (or residents who haven't gotten around to visiting yet).

Cheryl Mckee

Loved the art museum. Would definitely go back. Plan on spending many hours here

Andi Cantu

I was overwhelmed by the size and the art I got to see. This museum is more than one day’s viewing; a week to really enjoy everything would be preferable. We enjoyed the adjacent Millennium Park with the famous Bean sculpture the following day because we came out of the AI when it was already dark. As for the gift shop, I really wish that they’d had more art represented in the t-shirts, cups, postcards, and prints. I would also add that some of the art needs way better lighting. I heard other people complain about this too.


EVEN though we lived only 6 blocks from the MET for nearly 20 years, met at LACMA, and we pride ourselves on having visited some of the most prestigious art museums in the world, nothing can prepare oneself for the splendor and opulence of The Art Institute of Chicago. From the beautifully crafted exhibits, lighting, sound and location, this is an absolute must for all visiting Chicago, even if one is not an art lover there will be something there that will capture your heart. Put a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago on your list of things to do.

Hina Imtiaz Longi

A short walk down from the Union Station, the Art Institute of Chicago has a treasure trove of paintings and artifacts from all around the world. Manet's special exhibit is exquisite. The cafe on the rooftop has a great view of the Chicago skyline. Also loved the gift shop although some things are a bit pricey.

Jenna Spangler

This is a first class museum. I saw so many beautiful things. The volunteers and employees are SO pleasant and helpful. Let them point you in the right direction. The map is a bit confusing, but they'll happily help you and guide you to the things that you most want to see. It's a must see if you even slightly like art.

Sean Perkins

What an exciting experience! Every time I look back on my trip I have an inner smile...the Monet's, the sculpture by Rodin..the paintings by Goya..everything I had heard about the art center pale in comparison to actually being there! OUTSTANDING!

Claudio Mendoza

We have seen great exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago, e.g. "Gauguin: artist as alchemist" and, more recently, "Super/Natural: textiles from the Andes " and "Manet and modern beauty". We highly recommend becoming a member to take advantage of previews and impressive talks by curators and experts. Permanent collections are also rare jewels.

Ben Kessell

Best museum in Chicago. Outstanding art collections no matter your preference. One nitpick: You can't bring bags in, you have to check them. So pack light and don't plan on doing homework while sat in one of the galleries that isn't sketching. Nobody wants to see you write SQL queries in the ancient Chinese pottery exhibit, JOHN.

Candy Tsang

BEST Art Museum in AMERICA! Must visit. Get the Go Pass so it is cheaper if you are doing other tourist things too. Great Modern Art Section. <3

Marla Johnson

A nice place to spend an afternoon, if you are an art lover. The staff members were all very helpful and nice. Didn't encounter any guards who were mean or rude towards kids, as I have seen at some other art museums. Quite a large place, didn't get to see it all. Enjoyed that they had an architecture section too. Definitely recommend planning your visit ahead of time, especially if you have kids. A lot of the pieces weren't my style, but hey, that's art!

Rebecca Danae Cortés

I try to get to the Art Institute every couple of weeks. It’s great to revisit favorite works of art with different friends. The Manet exhibit was beautiful and I learned a lot from it! I’ve been revisiting the lock which depicts Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a lot lately. I’ve brought various friends to see if they could find all seven dwarfs.

Albert Thompson

There is something there for everyone... Spend time simply absorbing new and different things. Consider membership: free entry, free coat/bag check, discounts, and best of all, a free coffee/tea break in the member lounge.

The Aardvark Arrives

A beautiful museum - one of the finest in the world. The exquisite art ranges across continents and across time, from ancient to ultra-modern. The building itself is remarkable, effortlessly flowing from old to new sections. Go in the new entrance if you want to concentrate on Modern Art. Go in the old entrance for easy access to European Art and the Impressionist Gallery. Then wander around the collection that seems to have atleast one great piece from all the big names. There are various refreshment options but for a drink and a cookie, the Balcony Cafe is a good place to go. Tiny quibble is that although the pieces are generally well displayed, some of the glass is too reflective and the remarkable jade collection is lost in its brown backing. But you may well want to visit again and again and if you are going more than twice, think about getting annual membership - so worth it!

Susan Klatz Beal

The Art Institute is a real Chicago gem. I miss the old garden and members' restaurants (where I worked over 40 years ago as a college student.) The modern wing is impressive, and the collection of Impressionist paintings is world class. The Thorne Miniature Rooms has always been one of my favorite features of the museum. I have fond childhood memories of going to see those rooms on special outings with my late grandmother.

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