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REVIEWS OF Pearle Vision IN Illinois

Edgar Garcia

My recent experience at Pearl Vision in the Riverpoint Plaza was great! Fanny, Dr. Yaffe, and another young lady were very professional. Fanny was very helpful, thoughtful, and also helped me choose the perfect glasses and contacts. Dr. Yaffe was very professional and gave me a lot of information regarding my current health vision. I switched from America’s Best. I highly recommend choosing Pearl Vision, specifically visiting this location.

My Love

I'm editing my original post because things have changed & its only fair on part. The store is ran like any other & they were more than helpful with my 84 yr. old grandmother. They did the best they could do. However I would invest in more chairs in the waiting area. The whole trip only took about 1hour!

Jake Penner

Barbara Mlinarich-Schultz

I was accommodated quickly. The girls who work in the front are on the ball! State of the art equipment. My doctor was knowledgeable, professional and personable. He fine tuned my prescription and I couldn't be happier!

Michael Mills

Replying to the review about me down below. The review under “awesomelyaj” is completely one sided. This customer was rude from the very beginning he had walked in. Keeping in mind I was a new employee here at the time and in certain situations you are not familiar with, you tend to get a bit scatter brained. After all dealing with someone’s vision is not the easiest and you don’t want to just speed through a customer as you are trying to care for them. Telling me to “go get a coffee” and “go take a break” after I had mixed up things with his order was extremely rude and insensitive statements to say. This is not the way to treat employees/people in general who are just attempting to help you. Aside from the bias review, the staff and doctor here are amazing as I still go back here for appointments. EVERYONE who works here takes pride in caring for each individual customer and I would not go anywhere else. :)

Loren Mercola

I have been a Perle customer for about 30 years and I must say the service is consistently impeccable at this store. The staff gets you in quickly and the doctors are awesome. Everyone is super helpful and accommodating whether you need an eye exam, glasses, contacts or all 3. They have a nice assortment of glasses and contacts, as well. I must give a special shout out to Bianca R. who went above and beyond in helping me with obtaining contact samples, re-ordering new product, tightening up all of my glasses, and selecting new options for frames. She is SO warm, welcoming, friendly, patient and helpful as she listens attentively and is all about service. She puts you at ease and makes you feel so well taken care of at this store. Kudos to her and the entire staff for outstanding service! I highly recommend Perle. :)

Janice Erickson

I went to Pearle on Division today thinking it was going to be difficult to buy new glasses. I was surprised how easy it was.I loved and bought the first pair that Sean picked for me.He knew exactly what would look good on me, He also knew the lenses I would need from my prescription and told me exactly how much they would cost. My advice is ask for Sean!!

Randi Sargent

I have purchased several pairs of glasses from Pearl Vision in Sudbury and they have been very professional all around. I go there because it's local and they accept our VSP insurance. Optician Tim has always explained my options well and worked with me until I was 100% satisfied with my choices. They offer a 30 day guarantee and have exceeded my expectations for service (even same lens corrections!). And with VSP, I saved a ton. Thank you Tim!

Jennifer Gomez

Excellent customer service! I would like to thank one of the employees whose name was Debbie because she went above and beyond with assisting me.


The one on Fullerton ave They over change me for my glasses and my husband glasses and my husband neaver could see out of he's glasses and my dad went there and they still have not got he's glasses right. So I well not go back there at all.

Gail Walsh

Elisabet Esquivel

Everyone was very friendly...We also like how attentive everyone was especially Mary Puma who helped us find the right glasses and all in good prices...I would highly recommend this place to find the right glasses with great prices.

Maryela Zarate

Allyson Blythe, Certified Life Coach

Dr Tabeling helped me in a crisis when I accidentally got a chemical in my eye. He got me in at the last minute and then got me in and out. Saved the day!!

Tayra Sears

Owner Joe is really unpleasant. Quality of the glasses is very poor. Needed new lenses within a month. It’s a shame because it’s convenient but I’ll never go again.

Si Fer

Sadly I lost my glasses and had to visit my local pearle vision. Bianca was awesome. I walked in and she had my last transaction pulled up in less than two minutes. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. I asked her to give me a call once my order was ready for pickup. I was pleasantly surprised by the message in about an hour. Bianca was delightful and would return to this location just because of people like her. Thanks again

Chris Powers

Good location. The doc was friendly and helpful. A lot of options for frames, and they let me take my time while browsing. I had to just go back and get the frame tightened and they were still helpful. I would recommend this location highly

Michael Logan

I recently bought a new pair of Frames from Pearl vision thanks to Jennifer she was very professional and helpful!

Mike Gonzalez

Went here to get some reading glasses for school and the young lady Jennifer P. Was very nice and helpful. The doctors were quick, thorough, and offered a lot of info during my examination. They accepted my vision insurance from work with no problem. In and out :)

holly jacobs

What can you say about a Vision Care Center except people undervalue what takes to get to 20/20. I've been to many different kinds of Vision Care Centers and haven't been happy as is something is always amiss. At this Pearle Vision Center separated into located in Florence next to the Chucky Cheese, I bought my specs first and talked to the Pearle Vision Store Team before booking an appointment with Dr. David S Tabeling in the Pearle Eye Care Center. Dr. Tabeling is kinda old school for a young guy but as far as optometry goes you can't get any better. He takes his time with each patient and has pride in his work. Cost after $42 after my insurance (contacts and glasses) On the Vision Care Store side, the team including Samatha, Taylor, Kelly, Kelsey, and Chelsie you can't have a better experience as a customer with scheduling or rescheduling appointments, cleanliness, can-do attitude, and politeness. Cost after insurance $367 (Polycarb, UV400, Scratch Resistant) Pearle Vision is the heavy lifter though because of eyewear selection, inspiring graphics, and store setup are well thought out for a pleasant experience. The frames Fall 2019 VogueUS $139.95 The glasses will last me two years. The relationship of a trusted Vision Care Store and Eye Care Center featuring Dr. Tabeling is worthwhile. Thank You

Scott Campbell

Great service. Very helpful staff.

Vicci Rodgers

I have trusted my vision to Dr. Vidulich for the past 30 years. As the practice has grown I remain impressed with the quality of the professionals who join this team. Most recently my daughter and I had the pleasure of working with Bianca. She sold us 3 pairs of glasses, repaired and cleaned 3 more I brought in with me. In less than an hour my daughter had her 2 new pairs of glasses and mine will be ready next week. We were barely awake last Saturday morning and our day was made a lot brighter by smiles from Dr. V and the rest of his great team. We'll keep coming back!

Bryce Warren

This is the best place for all of your eye care needs. Dr. Tabling and all of the employees are experts at what they do. They all make you feel comfortable, they are patient, and they are extremely helpful in making each visit your best. I cannot recommend this location more highly!

Meghan Nolin

The doctors are great. The eyewear staff was good. They hired some new young guy to help the doctors out and he is hyper and rude. They lost 3 patients of 10 plus years because of this.

Joyas W

We went there for a pair of new prescription glasses. We also bought a groupon ($43 for $225 value of purchase). We thought the the total purchase of a pair glasses wouldn't be too much more expensive than that. We were very wrong. They marked up the prices for all the frames to ridiculous numbers. The average price for a frame is $210 (brand and no brand). The cheapest pair there was $139.99 (no brand) and they were plastic and looked very cheap. These were for kids. You can probably get them from Walmart for $10 each. On top, we had to pay another $300 for the lenses. The total ended up to be about $440.00. Later we checked online. We can get similar (or better) frames for $6 and up online. With the lenses, a pair of glasses only costs about $45 online that we paid $250 for, with the groupon. Although the lady working there was very nice and courteous, we felt it was such a rip off. I wouldn't recommend to get glasses there. The doctor were nice.

Briana Sanders

If you need a vision check or any sort of eyewear, this is the place to go! Joe runs a fantastic business that caters to each client's individual needs. The staff is highly professional and knowledgeable, and they seek to provide superior customer care. You can be assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect and concern while at this location. I simply cannot reccomend this Pearle Vision enough!


It is always a pleasant experience when purchasing eye wear at this location. Joe Willis is professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He is very patient and always goes above and beyond in providing outstanding customer service. Mike Ogle is also very helpful and and knowledgeable as well. They both strive to satisfy the customer. Pearle Vision is very fortunate to have such outstanding employees.

The Real Mayo

The eye exam went well. They were very helpful and the glasses were done early. Went to go pick them up, got there at 7pm and they were closed. THEY CLOSED THE STORE AN HOUR EARLY. That's one great way to lose money

Mari García

Roberto and Fanny were very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I was acknowledged from the minute I walked in and was treated with utmost care. I love the frames they helped me pick out! I highly recommend this Pearl Vision branch. Yes! I made the switch from LensCrafters to Pearle because of this seamless experience!

Gary Ma

Nice place. Nice staff. They do minor adjustments on your frames for free.

Yadira Diaz

Bought a $600 pair of bvlgari glasses, part of the design on the frame unglued, I went into the store to get it repaired but they couldn’t do anything they said that they could only order a new pair. They’re not even 1 year old. Horrible. Will be taking my business elsewhere. Update 7/31/18 A few days after my visit, I received a call from the office manager Gloria following up on how my visit went. I informed her of my experience and how dissatisfied I was with the service and reasons why. Gloria was very attentive and genuinely concern, she apologized on behalf of the staff for not offering more support and I was pleasantly surprised when she informed me she had already placed an order for a new pair of frames (same as my originals) free of charge on my behalf which I picked up today. I’m very thankful for Gloria and her great customer service, she left me feeling appreciated and valued as a customer which is key to a successful business. I will definitely continue to do business with Pearle Vision and have already set up my next appointment, one person definitely makes the difference.

Orlando B

Best place to get glasses.

Jason Centers

Very poor selection. Way too expensive.

Manny Bonilla

Excellent eye doctors who really care about Your vision.

Haitham Almotawa

They are not clear with us

Troy McAdams

This makes our second and last visit to this location. The doctor was out at a soccer game and they had a fill in. I sat in the room while she went through drawers looking for what she needed. My wife received her contacts after her exam and she couldn’t see out of them. It has been 7 days and I’m hoping they ordered our glasses and contacts after we spent a grand in there. I say this because instead of putting info in a computer the doctor wrote it on paper for reasons I forget what she told me due to frustration. We’re on the hunt for a new optometrist. The positive? The representative fitting and helping pick my glasses out. She should go to a company that fits her good service.

Alexa Torman

I ordered my contacts last week and they came fairly quickly, but I could not get to the store in time before it closed- my GPS told me I would arrive at 9:06 PM and it closed at 9 PM. I called ahead and asked if anyone would be there and they said the manager would wait. I only got her first name, Gloria, but she waited and had my contacts in hand as I arrived. I was so thankful due to being completely out of contacts. Her generosity blew me away and I was very grateful! Thank you Gloria and Pearle Vision for exceptional service!!

Meagen Boyle

I have my eye exam at MEEI, but I always take my prescriptions to be filled at Pearl Vision in Sudbury. I also know that Dr. Curtin is there should I have any questions. Their staff has been the same for a very long time (15+ years) and they always remember me and are very helpful in filling my prescriptions and going th extra mile. I recommend them very highly.

Luis Ramos

Paige Dodd

Great experience, selection and staff!

Katie McCarthy

Had a wonderful experience and my glasses were done earlier than expected! They were very friendly and personable. They knew what they were talking about and the optometrist helped with a problem I had been having for a few weeks. Joe was amazing and helped throughout the whole process and let me make my own decisions and was very honest if it didn't look right. I love my glasses and love my new eye doctor! Thanks for an amazing experience especially after my last experience with America's Best! You guys are awesome!

Kimberly Simoni

Jay Patel

Graziella DeMaria

I went to Pearle Vision this pass weekend, when my son accidentally broke my glasses and i was in desperate need of a new pair. Pearle vision was actually the second store i stopped by for help that day, now i know it will be my first. After being friendly greeted by everyone The Assistant Manager Debbie was a great help to me. She understood my situation and how I was in need of a new frame ASAP. She was able to find me a perfect frame to fit my lenses and I was able to go home with a new pair that day. In addition she serviced me as if i was part of her family, meeting me on a very personal level. It is nice to see there are still people out there that are willing to help you. Her customer service was excellent!!!!! As i walked out with complete satisfactory everyone greeted me out. Overall, Great Experience. Pearle vision in Melrose Park will have my business forever.

Sham Sao

Dr. Curtin here does a great job. He's helped me find the right contacts by trying a variety of different types of lenses and is really focused on making sure you get the lenses that work best for you. I've also had a great experience with the team that manages the orders for the contact lenses -- I've always gotten my lenses quickly and been treated with courtesy. Been going here for many years and plan to keep going.

Maria Del Carmen

Customer service is great. The new machines are a great update (I especially appreciate the new "air-puffer" tool). Glasses selection is great as well.


yadi martinez

I had an amazing experience looking for glasses and that’s not a sentence you hear very often. Zurielis was very helpful and patient with me. They have a lab on site and I was able to get my glasses in just ONE hour. I will definitely be back!


maria gabriela rivas noriega

Came in on Sunday, July 7, and I was seen by Dr. Contreras and I was taken care of Jessica G which was very professional. I would recommend this place 100% to anyone.

Reynel Tecruceno

I called to schedule an appointment and had no issues. The staff was helpful and answered all my questions. The doctor was friendly and took his time to explain the situation with my eyes. I liked that the staff explained all the benefits of the different lenses without being pushy.

leonel morales

Super helpful staff. Bianca went above and beyond to answer all my questions. My glasses were done on the same day! Definitely recommend this location!

Chris Baker

Never felt more uncomfortable walking into a store. The person on the floor practically attacked me making me feel as if I was some hobo walking in off the street. Unfortunately I need glasses and between the frames I want and the script I'm probably going to drop around $500. I asked who the manager was and she pointed to some guy staring me down and said he was the owner, so I guess he’s ok with his employees who are supposed to be kind and helpful acting extremely rude and unpleasant? Never going there again...

Jenna Humphries

They are great! The doctor was friendly and took time to explain everything thoroughly. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Usually can be seen the same day. They were so great when I got trained on my new contacts

Sheldon Diskin

Miwa Shimokogawa

Great service by both the doctor and the assistants. Friendly and super professional. Would definitely go back!

Zach Solomon-Beloin

I recently moved to Chicago and needed a new optometrist. It took me more than a handful of contact lens training visits to get my contacts in my eyes. Each visit, employees graciously sat with me to help me. They were extremely courteous, helpful and made me feel comfortable as a "rookie" contact wearer. The doctors were all extremely personable and knowledgeable throughout the exam and follow-up visits. This honestly is probably the best service I have received in a doctor's office in a LONG time. I have nothing but great things to say about everyone who works here. Very nice, helpful and happy to answer any questions. There never was a sales pitch; everything was centered around me as the customer. I highly recommend this business!

Marie L

Very unprofessional manager. I scheduled appointments online for my family. Did 3 at a time. Then scheduled one more for my last family member. I called to confirm and make sure they took my insurance. The young lady I spoke with assured me they did. She also stated that they only like to do 3 family members at a time but they would make the exception. Received a call today that we have to now split our days because what it is there policy not to accept more than 2 family members at a time. I assured the manager that I spoke with a young lady who put me on hold to make sure they could do it. She assured yes we can. I was pretty much told I was the manager came bad to the phone to tell me. That it is only her and another girl who works there. I know I'm not crazy. So I guess anyone with a large family has to take time off all the time to get in here because of there made up policy. Will take my funds somewhere else.

Joe Snyder

Just picked up my new glasses. Very satisfied with them. Went to this Pearl Vision for a Eye Exam and glasses. First time ever with Pear Vision. I was in and out in 50 Min and my glasses only took 1 week to get there. With my VSP Vision insurance threw my employer Tesla I got a $450 pair of glasses for $55 out of pocket. Staff was great, Prices are good. Frames I saw were running anywhere from $120 to $460. I will be going back to them for all my vision needs the the future. 6/5 Stars

Viktoria-Leigh Wagner

Really unprofessional. Seemed a nice enough place, but I made sure to do my research and call before to make sure they took my insurance. They confirmed, only for me to show up for my appointment and the receptionist tell me they still haven’t verified because the insurance site was down. Really? Then call me so I can reschedule or cancel the appointment, don’t make me drive to you to WAIT for you to verify, only to find out it’s a no. Luckily, I’m smart enough not to go in for an exam without knowing I’m good to go first. Be careful! All in all a waste of my time.

Jennifer G

My recent experience at Pearle Vision in Riverpoint was great! Dr. Contreras was thorough and offered a lot of info during my examination and Jessica G helped me navigate through the wide selection frames. Definitely plan on coming back.

CeCe Maldonado

Excellent Experience... I just want to Express what a great experience I had setting up the appointment was simple and the availability was great my appointment was scheduled for 7:PM I arrived an hour earlier I was well greeted by the great staff imedently assisted, Dr. Contreras was amazing! patient, very detailed and diligent I am very pleased with the service of this facility across the board from staff to the Doctor Thank you Pearl Vision River point for your great service.


The people couldn't be nicer. Last year about a month after we had just purchased a new pair of glasses for my daughter a kid at school threw a basket ball at my daughter hitting and breaking her glasses thankfully except for a small scratch on her eye she was all right but her glasses were broken. I called to find out what we would need to pay to replace and they offered to let me purchase the warranty on the glasses that had not done before so that my total charge so much less then a full replacement and since they had a frame in the store they were ready for her the next day. I am so thankfully for all their help.

Maria Varela

I have been going to this Pearle Vision location for a number of years, and now my husband and daughter use their services as well. Dr. Vidulich is fantastic! He is thorough and friendly, knows his stuff. His staff is great and knowledgeable...and patient in helping us pick out new glasses (thank you Izamar!). Not to mention having the newest eye testing equipment - yea! No more eyedrops! Thank you again to Dr. Vidulich and staff for your fine service!!!

Arianna Vilella

Excellent service. Mary was fantastic & the other staff was great.

David Flores


Jaymes Berry

Mary Puma is fantastic asset to office.

Linda Tritz

I just had a wonderful experience during today's visit for an exam/glasses. I was greeted promptly and taken immediately for my exam. Exam was thorough. Now the tough part of finding glasses. it can be quite overwhelming. But I had two different people assisting me. They knew exactly what would look good on me and at the same time allowing me to express my likes. Knowledgeable, personable and professional. They worked with me to see which way was less expensive, either by using my insurance or their coupons. I was even surprised to find out I can pick my new glasses up 4 hours later!

Tracy Oldaker

I can not express how happy I am with this location. The folks at this location are friendly, professional and go out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied. I will never go anywhere else for my glasses again.

Tammy W

Superb customer service, very courteous and efficient. Came in with my broken no-line bifocals right before our family trip and had a new pair the same day! My friend referred me here because she see's Dr. Vidulich for her exams, I will definitely come here for my next one.

Madisson Lank

This was a waste of my time and money. My first appointment ended with an incorrect prescription for my eyes. When I put the glasses on, I said they were wrong, but the lady said to try them out anyways. After a week of headaches, I returned to get a new prescription and it still didn’t feel right. As I had lost trust at this point, I went to Costco instead and within 15 minutes I had a much more accurate prescription for a lot less money.

Jennifer Rojas

Best doctors and great service!! Very helpful staff and great service overall!! Jennifer helped me and was able to help me find the perfect glasses!!

Steve McKenzie

We've been going to this Pearle for many years: Dr. V is excellent in both his knowledge and people skills. Quite good with children. And this year we were were assisted by an optician named Bianca: helpful, good sense of style, friendly. In general, we're tough customers, but we give 5 stars here.

Tamy Landsperg

Very nice people and a very positive staff.

Fernando Beltran

Great service!! Have been going here for years and have always been treated great by the staff. Ask for Jennifer or Mary they are the best!!

Michaela Johnson

Pearle vision will not give me my contacts prescription because I did not come in for a follow up appointment after given trial contacts when I was told specifically by the doctor to just call them. My husband went in to pick up his fixed glasses that he was told would be free to fix and now they want to charge him $110 when the frames brand new are $115 - ridiculous. While there he was trying to pick up my prescription and they wouldn't because the file "is not closed out" because I did not come in for this alleged follow up that I was never told about. Mike, the kid he spoke to and I later spoke to on the phone was condescending and rude. We pId for this prescription and now they won't give us them which is not only straight up theft, but now makes it twice that we were lied to. I would not reccomwnt this office to anyone I know.

Bailey Thelen

amazing selection and service

ailin rodz

Peral vision associates are not trained well, I was told that they accept my insurance, to come out the frames are not insured I find out after the eye exam... they just wanted to get paid for the exam... I wonder if the dr.know what the unqualified Ladies are doing...not recommend in this place STAY AWAY

1 1

I had a very good experience with Pearle Vision today. It was easy to get an appointment, and once I arrived, the staff quickly got me registered and checked in. I didn't have to wait very long to be seen by the OD, Ryan. He was very personable and did a good job of helping me out. Jennifer also did a good job helping me to navigate my insurance and selecting new frames. I will look forward to keeping this Pearle Vision as my regular eye care location!

Giedre Petrunyak

Perfect!!!! I call last minute before closing and doctor Wait us and help Thank you very much !

Michelle Woodbury

They need to have more people working on Sunday. Walked in hoping to get my eyeglasses fixed and after 30 minutes of waiting with no one talking to me I left

David Matienzo

This place is a huge waste of time and money. If you have a stigmatism don't expect these doctors to give you the right prescription the first time, or the second, or the third time especially for contact lenses. Also expect to wait almost 2 hrs before you can finally see the eye doctor even with a schedule appointment.

Teresa Campbell

I was yelled at by the manager today when I asked about billing. They were horrible and I won’t be back

Leonel Dominguez

This is a phenomenal place with great customer service and a wide selection of eyewear. The facility is gorgeous and they have all of the high cutting-edge equipment. I haven’t had an eye exam in almost eight years and Dr. Contreras was extremely nice and helpful. He was very professional, friendly, and very thorough in his eye screening. Furthermore, Mary and Jessica did an amazing job during my eye pre testing. The moment I stepping into the store I was greeted nicely and was taken care of with no hesitation. Jessica was the sweetest and will go above and beyond to ensure you walk out of the store with the best option for you. She spent so much time helping me find the exact frame I wanted(I’m very picky) and educated me on the different lenses and helped me select the perfect additions for my personal needs. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to their eyes examined and for eyeglass purchases. The selection they have and the service is the best around. Thank you lovely ladies and thank you Dr. Contreras for your help, you were all amazing and I will be coming back!

Less Feliz

Location is great. Lots of stores & a places to eat nearby. Loved the girl Rozayra who helped me pick out my new frames. I love them & she made the whole experience fast, easy & I left with a smile on my face with my new glasses within an hour!

Jamie Hernandez

Andy Fowler

Everyone is very polite and helpful. The doctor really helped me get the right prescription and understood my concerns. Bianca was patient and helped me order the correct lenses.

Jennifer Kotz

I have been a satisfied customer for 8 years! Sam, the manager, is very talented and an expert in fitting people for frames. He can narrow their huge selection of frames down to a select few because he knows how every single frame fits! He has an eye for the unique characteristics of a person's face and can pick the best frame that will not only look best but fit most comfortably. I love my new frames as much as I loved the last pair I purchased from him 7 years ago. I highly recommend his services to the most sophisticated customer. You will be pleased with their level of expertise: from the exam, to the selection of frames, to the custom fit after purchase. The service is second to none. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Jackie Jones

Caryl Capeci

Every time I try to reorder contacts from Pearle vision in Sudbury they act like they are doing me a huge favor by providing basic customer service. I know they are a “chain” and my expectations should be lower, but they never disappoint by providing HORRIBLE customer service. I guess a 10 + year customer doesn’t mean much. And they wonder why customers are forced to go online and everyone is checking out warby Parker.

Kelsey Aylor

My daughter had her annual eye exam with Dr. David Tabeling and I couldn't be more pleased. The staff we're all so helpful and sensitive to her as she was nervous about the whole situation. She adores her new glasses and has so much confidence after leaving. Thanks so much Pearle Vision, we will be back.

Patricia Bellis

Professional assistance and a quality product! Love my new glasses. Progressive lenses (or bifocals) can be a tricky fit but Dr. Vidulich did a superior job. I can see perfectly at all distances, closeup, distance, computer use, super! The store manager was delightful and patient as she helped me find the perfect style. Thank you!

Ivelina Nikolova

Two weeks ago I visited Pearle Vision Six Corners for the first time. Exceptional customer service! Very polite, caring and informative! I was met by the optician Ewelina N who was leading me through the whole process. She was explaining everything in detail about the covering of my vision plan and answered all my questions. She even helped me choosing frames for my glasses! Thank you Ewelina! I would like to thank Dr. Lang for the detailed an indepth exam. Now I can see again! I know now I will be back.

Linda Chaput

I’ve been seeing Dr. Vidulich for years now. I suffer from atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and am often hard to prescribe for. Dr. Vidulich has given me the best sight I’ve had since developing this disease. I am an Optician’s nightmare when it comes to fitting glasses. Gloria, the store manager has saved me time and time again. She is so patient and understanding to my pain and constant need for adjustments. I cannot say enough good things about this location and the staff here. They really go out of their way to make you happy and comfortable in your glasses.

Alen Blagajcevic

I got my glasses made here a few weeks ago and when I tried the glasses on it was obvious that the prescription was not centered (No one measured where my pupils lie in the frame). The lady just told me to try and get used to it and was trying to get rid of me. I left the store and took the glasses to my optometrist who told me they were terribly made and the prescription center needs to be raised otherwise I will always have this fish bowl feeling when wearing them. I took them back and they agreed to remake them- took 9 full days and no one called me to let me know they were done. The new glasses were exactly the same, when I told them this they dismissed it completely and pushed me out the door basically. I took the glasses to my optometrist again who confirmed that they didn't change anything. They gave me the exact same glasses back with the exact same problem. I gave up on them fixing it, and am basically out $400. DONT GET YOUR GLASSES HERE! The staff have no clue what they're doing and are only nice until you pay. Then you get pushed out the door.

Marcos Delgado

Zury was very helpful and thanks to Mary for coming in clutch with the goggles

Kathleen M Scafidi

I don't even want to give you guys one star. I made an appointment here a couple of weeks ago for this upcoming Saturday the 18th since they said they took my insurance United Healthcare Vison. Now come to find out I get a call stating they don't take that insurance. I hate being lied to. I specifically asked the person on the phone when I made the appointment if they took this insurance they said yes and I gave them the insurance ID and it went through. Now I have to scramble to get an eye exam when I thought this was going to be all set because I haven't had an eye exam in 4 years. Thanks for nothing Pearle Vison! Sincerely, Unsatisfied customer

Martha Hudon Manriquez

New patient to this location & highly recommend! Staff dressed & treated customers professionally. The store uses the latest technology & Dr. Daniel Contreras was excellent! He explained everything with ease, answered my questions and it was a swift but efficient appointment.

latina harper

I really wasnt happy with this place at all. They were supposed to submit a prior authorization to the insurance company for a bifocal lense for my father which never was done. They kept lying about whose fault it was knowing they never submitted the authorization accd' to his insurance. Then NEVER called to say that the glasses were even ready. Bad business Pearl Vission.

Eileen Luciano

I live in the northwest side of Chicago and I will drive 30 minutes to receive my eyeglasses/contact lenses services from Pearle Vision at Riverpoint Center. Bianca was accommodating for me and my family. She sought out more eyeglass frames in their inventory that were not displayed in the store. The manager Gloria also assisted towards my eyeglass purchase by checking up on me and providing feedback. I highly recommend this Pearle for your vision needs.

A Flores

I visited this location 2x last year. On 9/29/18 with my son for his exam and 12/04/19 for myself and on both occasions Bianca R. provided me with excellent customer service. She is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Joe S.

J Velazquez

Dr. Contreras and Fanny were a huge help and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Dr. Contreras helped me find a solution to the irritation in my eyes and Fanny helped me find the right pair of glasses for me. This is my second time attending this facility and I love it! I will definitely come back here for another check up on future occasions.

Donita Valentine

Kelsey was absolutely amazing helping me find the right frames for me and my face! She also priced my frames with discounts giving me the best price!!! She was professional and helpful. Dr. Tabeling was awesome too!

Evan Hollan

Mediocre at best. I came here by mistake when I got it confused with my normal eye care provider that starts with an L. Wasn't warned that the contacts I was prescribed had to be specially made and would take almost a month. Decided to get a second opinion from normal eye doctor and paid out of pocket, still better than here.


Charles K.

Friendly, informative, thoughtful, comprehensive, on-time service. A spectacular spectacles experience!

Christopher Leyh

Tony Gandara

Just had a great experience here! Fanny was so nice and pleasant. She helped me find the right pair of glasses for me. I always have a hard time choosing and she was very helpful. Thanks!

Kolleen Jaggers

Dr. Tabeling and his whole staff are pleasant and professional. My husband and I went for our annual exam and with fittings and contacts for him, we were out in an hour and a half. Can't wait to get my new glasses and so far my husband loves the contacts.

Vanessa Arroyo

Thank you Bianca for not only the great service, but you helped me figure out my insurance, make an appointment and get my glasses same day.

Juan Mendez

DECENT! Rozayra and Jessica were very professional and helpful. They really made me feel welcome!

Nathan Maloney

Very professional very nice people.

Jessica Voegtle

I had an awesome experience coming to the Riverpoint Pearle Vision. From the moment I walked into the door I was greeted by a very friendly host. The representative took me to three different eye machines and was very courteous even though I am a pain with that puffer thing they use to measure pressure of your eye, but we got it done and she was very understanding. I do not like knowing something even as small as a puff of air is going to shoot in my eye , but she reassured me and made me feel better about my obnoxious fear and we got it done! Next, Dr. Hungerford was very professional and personable. He made the process smooth and got me my prescription lenses. Jennifer V. Is an absolute gem to your location. She gives great advice and insight about how glasses are supposed to fit, where you should wear them, and most importantly she is honest about what looks good with your face shape, skin tone, and hair color. She really pays attention to detail. I had five pairs of glasses I was trying to decide on and we easily narrowed them down to a winner. She went over insurance , extra add ins you can opt for in your purchase, and more importantly she built rapport. Not all associates are like this but she made the experience enjoyable but also memorable. She is someone you guys should truly keep and or promote because her work ethic is second to none.

Herman Salzberg

I have been going to this Pearle for years. The service is always great and they have a very nice selection of glasses. They are one of the few places that can get me prescription right as I usually have a difficult time at other places. I will be returning in the future!

Andreea Ciocirlan

For years I went to a different eye care place and once I moved the new place did not make me happy! I went in the pearle vision before my class and they treated me with smiles and gave me a full indepth eye exam. I couldn't be happier! Debbie was the sales associate who helped me and she was perfection! Anyone going here, make sure you have her helping you! She was extremely sweet, funny, and made me feel extremely comfortable. She was willing to help out with figuring out any plans I needed for my contact boxes. She is a great listener and extremely enthusiastic for it being 10 am. Amazing staff! Amazing place!

Chelsie Dallas

Had the best experience at the Florence, KY Pearle Vision. I was told about a year and half ago they were taken over by new ownership and it couldn't have been any better. The doctor and the opticians were so nice and helpful. Love my new glasses and will be a customer for life!

Bob Patrick

I usually have gone to an ophthalmologist for my exams because of my health conditions and then buy my glasses at a boutique. But this year I had VSP vision insurance so I thought I would give the Pearle Vision in the Lincoln Park / DePaul area a try. From top to bottom they did a great job, I was greeted warmly at the desk, the staff was extremely friendly and professional, my exam with Dr. Vidulich was thorough, efficient and almost even fun (if any medical procedure can be fun-at least you get silly sunglasses after this one!). They also sent a follow up summary of my exam to my primary care doc. Their eyeglass selection was awesome, their selection is as good or better than a lot of fancy places, Sam did a great job of helping select a frame and my glasses were the same day. What's not to like!

Judy Franks

I cannot thank the staff at Pearle Vision-Riverpoint enough for their careful and personal attention during my recent visit. I am new to wearing glasses and everyone from the eye technician, to Dr. Norm Blase, and Julie (along with her retail staff) made me feel both comfortable and confident. I am a professor and having eye glasses that not only function well, but also look fashionable are very important to me. Julie assisted me with finding two stylish pair of glasses. I emailed her a photo of a "look" that I wanted and she immediately zoomed in on candidates from the vast selection of frames offered at Pearle. Also, Julie took the time to fit my glasses and explained to me how to properly hold reading materials 18 inches away from my eyes to get the optimum benefit from my reading glasses. I entered the process completely overwhelmed and left feeling confident and importantly, I can see! I highly recommend the team at Pearle Vision Riverpoint. I will definitely return!

Tim Bahr

I've been going to the Pearle Vision store at 1730 Fullerton for years. I just got some new glasses and as always the experience was excellent. Dr. Vidulich and his staff are very customer service focused. Highly recommended.

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