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REVIEWS OF Hollingshead Eye Center IN Idaho

Sandra Gordy

All of the staff were very helpful and friendly. Dr. Besecker was so nice and he helped me get a prescription that I otherwise could not afford. The whole experience was wonderful!

Victoria Truong

I give 1 star because of the customer service, all of the doctors are great they really kind. Today when I give a call to the front desk and checking if the forms for my grandma is finished so I can pick up because it's been couple of weeks or a month that I don't receive any called or anything. So I'm being patient that I understand doctor are really busy so gonna be a long to finished. But the front desk the customer service is not helping at all I'm kindly ask if you can please ask Dr. if he's finished the form that I can pick it up she's just keep saying I didn't see any forms or anything on my computer. I understand that she's didn't see any forms on the computer but at least can she let me know that she's will ask for me? and not ignore it and keep saying there is no forms. If they lost it or missing my forms that totally fine can just let me know, I can just go and give the Dr. the new forms.

Maria Piedad Paz

The staff was very kind and polite. Great service.

Debbie Barnes

Jesus Anthony James Sosa

!!!!(((((Not a good fishing area or for swimming... needs improvement upgrade...)))))!!!!

Deborah Yandle

It was most enjoyable everyone there friendly and could answer all my questions can't wait to get my eyes done thank you everyone that works there


Very organized, knowledgeable group of doctors and staff. I recommend Hollingshead Eye Center. They are well prepared, sensitive to eye challenges, and very professional.

Laura LaBelle

Treated well. Give prescribed that will improve my 20 40 vision to become 20 20 again.

MB Biles

I received a very professional and courteous welcome and thorough examination. All my questions were answered by knowledgeable staff.

Craig Woolf

Varsha Sawant

I had my mothers appointment with Dr Ryan, excellent service by the staff , i would specially recommend Dr Ryan because of his service, his diagnosis he suggested. My mom and me are really thankful for him. Thank you Dr Ryan you are just awesome!!!!

Ordean Vaardahl

Caliente Salon

I have been seeing Dr Hollingshead since 1998. He is amazing 2 cataracts and lasik later my eyes are great.

Kathy Hileman

My first visit to Hollingshead Eye Center was this afternoon. I arrived with over 30 years of past vision records. I have only seen two eye doctors in my whole life and they were both associated with the same vision center. Even before my appointment, I had visited with several of the staff at Hollingshead over the phone. All treated me with respect and professionalism. Upon entering the eye center, I was surprised as to how large it seemed to be. Then I realized that there were many members of staff on board attending to patients and that the wait time would be minimal. When I met Dr. Hollingshead he was as down to earth and nice as anybody you'd ever hope to meet. He was quite knowledgeable about cataract surgery on eyes which previously had had RK surgery performed on them. Most of all - he was PATIENT and he LISTENED and EXPLAINED everything to me on MY LEVEL! My visit today was totally refreshing! Thank you to the doctor and staff for the excellent treatment! Kathy Harper-Hileman

Virginia Walker

Senor Dave

Very friendly, skilled, speak in terms we can all understand, answer any questions.

Terry Jeffrey

Very professional staff and doctors. Was a pleasant experience. Highly recommended.

Vi Maccarillo

All the staff and Dr. Hatfield were wonderful. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Sincerely, Vi

Rick Allen

The care and service at Hollingshed Eye Center is always great The staff and Doctors are very professional.

Dave Hamilton

I had the humorous experience of arriving on Halloween for my exam. To my delight all personnel were appropriately attired. The staff was very professional and Dr Hollingshead was both personable and thorough. Complete exam and scheduled for cataract surgery. I would very much recommend Dr. Hollingshead.

alan rose

They are very kind and helpful. They have a great knowledge of what they are doing. Thumbs up guys

Jennifer Cafferty

Very thorough and professional staff. I truly appreciate each one of them in a mostly seamless PRK/LASIK process.

Bryan Gifford

Great and friendly group of people. The receptionists are always friendly and willing to help. Thank you for everything

Elizabeth Norman

LASIK can be a scary concept, but here I was given plenty of education on what the procedure entails, the preparation, the aftercare and what to expect. Every staff member was kind and competent in their performance. Dr. Hollingshead, thank you for making this a good experience!

Renae Pirnie

24 hours post Lasik surgery for my husband. Everyone at the office is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. It's been a good experience and I would highly recommend them!

Anna Cassity


Veronica Ortiz

I found the Dr and staff very friendly and professional, explaining everything throughout the appointment in every aspect. The whole appointment ran very smoothly. The staff worked very well together in a very timely manner. I arrived a good 30 mins early and was taken back within 15 mins after my arrival.

David S

I would reccomend this place. They have very competent doctors. My one complaint is wait times can be long

Spring Baxter

Scott Wolf

My daughter required corneal crosslinking surgery, which was recently approved by the FDA. We’re from North Idaho, so we had to fly to Boise for the procedure. M Dr. Barrett and the staff at Hollingshead are absolutely outstanding, right from the start. Veronica spent so much time preparing the logistics for us, and the Nursing staff was so kind and professional. They made this potentially stressful event as easy as possible for my daughter. Thank you Dr. Barrett, and all of the staff. You are awesome!

Amber Ryan

I recently got LASIK done here. I really enjoyed all of the staff the doctor was very kind and professional. And best of all I now have 20/20 vision! I I would definitely recommend them.

Wynemah OneWoman

I recently had a cataract removed by Dr Hollingshead and consequently have had several appointments in and numerous contacts with the eye center office. Every single one of these has been exceptional. My career history is in medical/dental office administration and I can only hope that patients found our offices to be as professional, caring and efficient as this office and it’s staff. Always evaluating with an experienced and judgmental eye, (I can’t help myself), every contact with this office has far exceeded my expectations. The staff, without exception, is caring, professional, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond again and again. Obviously, I could not recommend this practice more highly.

miriam seidenstucker

I had two cataract surgeries which truly improved my eye sight, I do have others issue which I will have to go else where, I have throughly enjoyed my time at Hollingshead Eye Center, and Dr. Barrett and his staff. I just wished I lived closer or had a driver to get me there on time. Dr. Barrett, listens to my questions and answers them to the best of his ability or tells me who to see for further answers. Thank you very much Dr. Barrett for all you and your staff did for me. Mks

Vickie Long

Make you sit hours before can in . Like no one has anything they need do . Never will come here again

George Gould

First time I went, was told that I had cataracts in one eye, but would be ok to wait for awhile, second time I went in a year later they told me that I didn't have cataracts,just a dominant eye problem, and needed new glasses so spent alot of money on glasses, that didn't do anything for me, went to a different doctor and found out l do have cataracts in both eyes and needed surgery to correct it now I will be able to see again

Susan Fremont


Herb Cornell

All personnel were very courteous, explained everything in detail, and were punctual.

lori quade

Staff is very professional and caring.

Renee Bentley

I've gone to Hollingshead Eye Center for many years and I've always been treated with great respect there. I've had PRK done which is a LASIK and it completely corrected my vision. I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Hollingshead Eye Center!


Isaiah Hanson

Hollingshead Eye Center was excellent in helping me understand keratoconus and explaining my options. Dr. Barrett and the staff was very knowledgeable and did an outstanding job!

joyce west

Such a great experience. From the first appointment to the last. Everyone is friendly,efficient, and helpful. Very nice staff. Very nice Drs. I am so happy with my first eye surgery. Only the 1st day after surgery and I can see very clear,have no pain. So happy that it has worked so well. I would reccommend this office to anyone thinking about getting cataracts done. Thank you so much. Joyce West

Merrilee Nowlin

Teri Tamayose

Very good experience. Staff and doctors are very kind and knowledgeable. Happy to leave my eye future to their capable hands!

John Rossi

Great eye exam! The docs and assistants are always fantastic. They make you feel like you are the only patient being treated. Thank you!

mysterri Lee

Great well run organization. Staff is helpful friendly knowledgeable & professional. Dr Barrett understood my needs because he listened to me. I felt quite anxious initially but Drs calm kind demeanor was soothing. Thank you

Bill Ferree


The best. Im really happy with my results so far after having Lasik. The office is very professional, everyone is very nice. Dr. Barrett did my procedure and he made me feel comfortable informed and in good hands. If your pink white and blue he even went out of his way to inquire about and use the right language and provide related eye health advice for the future. I really respect that and i almost cried. Some other places offer cheaper procedures and some freinds have gone to them. None of them seem as happy with their experience or results. You only get one set of eyes, don't mess around. Go see these people first.


This is a well organized facility. Wait time was minimal. The staff is great, friendly and professional. Your first impression is most important and I knew this was the right place as soon as I walked in the door. The place is huge yet you never felt lost. All details were explained in detail. I highly recommend this place.

Dede Ryan

Excellent experience at Hollingshead Eye Center, from the professional check-in with Jann at the front desk to the tests administered by Dr. Hatfield. Efficient, pleasant. Highly recommend.

Allan Wormsbecker

HEC is amazing! I have never had a more thorough eye exam. Everything was explained in detail and I was on my way with prescription in hand in short order! Exceptional service! Thank you HEC!


From start to finish everything was a breeze! The staff is so caring and explain everything very well. They answered every question and made me feel very comfortable. I wouldnt go anywhere else. Highly recommend Dr. Hollingsworth, he truly does care about his patients.

Vicki Friend

The staff is not only extremely nice but very very thorough. I have been to many eye doctors but Hollingshead Eye Center is amazing. In the future I will only go to their office even though it’s across town. And a big thank you to Carmen for explaining everything to me and making me feel comfortable, you made my day great!

Michael Colson

William Gray

jude watts

From checking in and going to every area to checking out Very imformative and helpful no surprises All around great staff They take away any anxiety for a good experience

Rick Flores

Great staff.Caring Doctors.We highly recommend.

Jim Ellis

It was an efficient and kindly visit.

William Thaxton

I had a problem with some contamination on my right eye that I couldn't get clear. The tech did a very thorough exam and got everything settled and back to normal.

Craig Webber

I 100% recommend Hollingshead Eye Center. Their team of knowledgable and talented doctor and nurses helped restore my vision from needing to wear glasses for distance, computer work, and reading back to 20/20. I'm grateful for the ability to see unaided once again; it's liberating....

Lisa Caillet-Bois

Doctor didn't seem like he had the time to answer my questions and rushed away as soon as he could. Staff were odd, distant and fake. Didn't get a good feeling here at all.

Carla Paskett

I'm never talked down to, everything is explained to me and the staff very friendly and professional. Highly recommend

Rudy Ortiz

This establishment gives the world this huge blanket statement that they are the best place on earth. If that isn't the greatest understatement I've ever heard in my life. This establishment said "They care about the people they treat and they will work with you one everything you need to make it happen." Through the experience I had with bringing my mother there it didn't really seem like you should put that out there. Don't get me wrong! The surgery and the doctors are great but the staff is another story. Once you say in any way that you won't have the money at all. They change there tone really quick. If you are reading this and you are a higher up in this company please go through the staff you have at these establishments and remind them these people are not at the age where they fully understand a lot. They need someone with a soft voice and a caring stance. Not the get checked in and leave me alone plan. I would give just a single name but I feel that the whole front end staff should get the blame for my terrible experience!

Alex Jones

Excellent customer service. Doctor seemed thorough and didn't recommend unnecessary procedures or prescriptions.

Von Smith

I would definately rate Hollingshead Eye Center a 10 out of 10. I appreciated everyone's kindness and caring concern. The timing of the entire process was just great. No long waits. Catelin was super as was Megan and Dr. Hollingshead himself. Very thorough and comfortable exam. I will Definately refer any friends or family or stranger to them. It was a very nice experience. Thank you all very very much.

Jerrilea archer

Super impressed with Dr Hollingshead and his Staff! Very professional and yet friendly! No waiting and they did not hurry me through the appointment. Explained everything and I am happy with the results.

Jessica Johnson

I cannot sing enough praise for Hollingshead. My husband has been going to them for 5 years for a very unique eye condition. We had been to a handful of other doctors including being flown to Salt Lake. No one knew for sure what it was, they just tired to throw things against the wall to see what stuck. The minute Hollingshead saw him he knew what it was and started a treatment plan that worked and saved my husband from going blind. We have routine visits since it is a condition that will never fully go away. They are always friendly and the few months we had financial struggles they worked with us above and beyond what I would have expected. Anytime my husband has a flare up outside of a normal visit they make sure to get him in quickly usually within a week. Occasionally if they have an emergency or something come up they will run a few minutes late, but the doctors make sure to give you their full attention when you are in the room with them. We are so thankful we found Hollingshead!

Pam Price

Always professional and I have had excellent results with my improved vision.

Ginny Amundson

Sharon Love

Dr. Barrett is one of the kindest,gentelest of men. He explains everything and my husband and I both have complete confidence in his ability. His staff is always friendly and efficient. Rarely does one have to wait past the appointed time.

Wes Parker

They stink ,I tried twice to get appointment , with no returned calls ,that stinks

Chelsea Miner

Dr. Hollingshead was so nice and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns without making me feel rushed. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The office was really clean and nice. Great experience, I would highly recommend.

JoyceRoy Hurley

Dr. Hollingshead and the staff is the greatest, kind, professional and knowledge makes your visit enjoyable.

Genny Welch

Very professional. I feel like a VIP every time I go in for an appointment. State-of-the-art equipment and well-educated staff.

marka griffin

Very professional team with customer best interest!

Audrey Fornstrom

staff was very helpful and made us feel valued

Sam Jo

Horrible experience they are too busy to treat patients, and some of the staff were quite rude.

Ron Morell

Great service, wonderful people.

Eric Danielson

10 out of 10! Eric (eye tech) was an absolute pleasure, funny and overall pretty awesome. Dr. Hatfield (? Cant remember his name exactly) but he had fancy hair.... he was also great! Just fix your parking situation! Maybe offer valet parking and charge a "donation". Give that $ to a non-profit or set up a coffee/chocolate fund for the office.

Marilynne Del Rio

Hollingshead Eye Ctr is always courteous! professional, and efficient! I always have a positive experience there!!

Tom Mcloughlin

Outstanding Staff, technical and professional service and follow up.

Larry Huttash

They are always friendly and professional. I always enjoy my visit here.

Becky Tucker

Had lasik done here 17 years ago. I have appreciated Hollingshead Eye Center every day. Three years ago they discovered a torn retina and thanks to them I have no vision loss. They spend time with me, explain things thoroughly. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Lisa Fernandez

Amazing caring staff, They make you feel extremely comfortable, They DO listen to patients and Thier families!!! Thank you we love you all here at Hollingshead Eye Center!!! As my 27yr old Son Anthony would say..." We will SEE you soon, at next appointment, LOOK forward to SEEING you !" Thank you making my son actually LOOK forward to DOCTOR'S appointment!! He does have many sometimes 4to 7 in one day!!! YOU ALL HAVE BEEN UNDERSTANDING PATIENT KIND AND JUST SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING STAFF!!!

Janet Rostock

I knew when the first thing I heard was "I don't care what built up to it, how do you feel today?" things probably weren't going to be real comfortable. I am not sure when I have felt more talked down to by a doctor and walked away still not knowing what is wrong and not able to get a new prescription for my eyes.

Carrie Maillard

Dr Hollingshead and Staff are the most efficient and professional group of health care associates I have been to. They are very friendly but through in all areas of treatment. From the time I went for a LASIK exam to the several follow up exams to make sure all was healing well I have been treated as a valued patient and not just a number. It has been a great experience.

Jessica Moothart

The staff and doctors were wonderful. For what could have been a “scary” experience for LASIK, they did a great job of explaining everything and telling you what to expect. A staff member (I can’t recall her name) did a great job of even keeping a conversation and distracting me as to not get in my own head while waiting for Dr. Hollingshead. I definitely recommend them!!

brandy samuelson

Jean McCray

Everything was on time. Every one was polite and smiled. That helps a lot

Dan Daniel

Courteous, organized, efficient, excellent patient care, take time to discuss patient's concerns

Andrew Bello

I was very impressed at Hollingshead Eye Center. Dr. Ryan Barrett was my doctor who performed my exam and was very informative as to what my issues were and what he would recommend that I do to help correct my vision issues understanding is very important I was able to fully understand and all my questions were fully answered. Thank You Hollingshead Eye Center and Dr. Barrett and his very professional and knowledgeable staff. Andy Bello

Aj R

Good, kind, folks.

Ronald Hatch

Elida Jones

Every one was very nice and professional. During the eye examination Eric explained what he was doing and why. He then explained the results. I had a very good experience. The Doctor also checked my eyes again and we discussed what I needed. I was very pleased with the entire office staff. I am going back for sure.

Jacob Kalar

Kellie George

Very through, very professional - inspiring my absolute trust, along with the nicest staff! Thanks Dr. Hollingshead!! I love my results!!

Karen Phillips

They offer excellent care and have a friendly, efficient staff.

Robin Lambert

Dr Besecker is the best. He cares about his patients

Bob Myers

Really impressed with care and extensive knowledge of my eye situation I observed today.

Thomas Lane

I've had some good doctors and good care over the years, but my visit to Hollingshead Eye Center and the follow up is the best ever. Literally everyone I met treated me like someone special, was caring and friendly, and made me feel like family.

Michael T Schultz

Hollingshead Eye Center is a great place to go and top of the line.

Linda Cross

Dana Clemeaux

Almost everyone in my family has been a patient there for the last 21 years. Always outstanding care & service. I was there today & just thinking how have they managed to be perfect in every experience I’ve had there for 21 years???? Amazing!!! They should start a side business of how to mansge a business well!

Abigail Archer

I felt so comfortable and everyone was so sweet! I started to panic during the procedure and the nurse held my hand and they all kept me calm! I am so excited to be able to see! Thank you all!!

Susan Mcvey

Blu Kelly

Lawana Johnson

After our coming to Mark's clinic for over 40 years, and bringing our four children there, too, we continue be an enthusiastic 10. Whether it has been LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, or ongoing professional and genuinely dedicated eye care for us, we believe he is one of the very finest eye doctors there is anywhere. And, his great, well-trained staff has always reflected the same high quality service. Mark's providing excellent vision care for Dick has enabled him to be a longtime state and regional tennis champion and a national and world pickleball champion the past 4 years. Please pass along these thoughts to Mark. Thanks, Mark! Lawana and Dick Johnson

Ryvona Stephens

Philip Rainey

Two Part Review. 1) As a local optometrist - I frequently refer to Hollingshead Eye Center because I trust them with my patients to provide stellar surgical outcomes, offer the latest technology, achieve wonderful outcomes, and deliver all of this in a friendly very well organized manner. Always pleased to work with this office professionally. 2) As a patient, I chose Dr Hollingshead to perform my personal LASIK about 5 years ago. He made me feel at ease, explained everything that he was doing, and delivered superb vision post surgery. VERY happy with my results.

Lerin Perry

Kathlene Finch

I have been going to Dr Hollingshead since 2004 when he did my first cataract surgery and in 2005 when he did my left eye and they were both done on mission cataract surgery day. I have always recomended Hollingshead eye center to everyone I meet up with. Everyone there treats you like you are the only one there that has a problem weather you are rich or poor it does not matter they are there to help you. I do not hesitate to recomend Hollingshead Eye Center to everyone. God Bless you one and all.

Allen Hays

Always a good experience when l come in. The Doctor explained my condition and what l need to do to help control my ehe health .

Danny Gurwell

Was treated great at my recent visit. Everything I expected!

Skia Rytn

I had The LASIK procedure performed by Dr. Barrett. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns in a very pleasant manner. Throughout the surgery, he acted very quickly and precise. First night after surgery was irritating and little painful- but I stayed awake instead of going to bed as recommended by the staff. I’m on my second day of recovery and I have no pain- just slight dryness which is no problem as long as you follow the eye drop directions. I have 20/25 vision as of now but I’m told it will get better as it heals fully. I’m very pleased with the results so far and can’t wait for my eyes to reach its peak clarity. I highly recommend Dr. Barrett at Hollingshead Eye Center.


The office is well staffed and appears to be very well organized and efficient. My preliminary exams, etc. were done in a timely manner and everyone there is very courteous and attentive. They have a well thought out system/format in place. My procedure is scheduled for about ten days from now.

Kevin Radigan

Christine Clark

The staff was as always, welcoming and friendly. I was seen right on time. The tech, Eric, was friendly and answered all my questions. Shortly after the preliminary tests were done, I was called in by Cami who told me exactly what to expect. Then Dr. Hatfield came in for my exam. He introduced himself, shook my hand and completed the exam. I was then walked up front to schedule my surgery. I was in and out in half an hour and totally happy with the experience.

Blake Schumacher

Friendly, caring staff. Knowledgeable assistants. Felt reassured throughout my LASIK procedure. Dr. Hollingshead was well recommended to myself and I would recommend the same!

Melody Hranac

Paul Butler

Very conscientious that everything done is done in a professional way. For that I'm greatfull. Mr Butler

Patty Johnson

The staff is very friendly and professional! Dr. Besecker was extremely knowledgeable, personable and friendly. It was a pleasure going to Hollingshead Eye Center. Would highly recommend!

Larna Anderson

The office is ran very efficiently, they are very friendly. The whole process went smoothly and they are interested in seeing you are comfortable with and understand the procedure to be done.

Steve Hunt


I went to Dr Hollingshead several years ago and thought they were excellent. I just went again today and as always, they were excellent. If you need eye care I would recommend this is the place to go.

Becky R

Loved my experience. Staff was friendly and attentive, the office is clean and beautiful, and felt Dr. Barrett was extremely knowledgeable, listened to my concerns, and was so good at communicating.

Deann Dye

Friendly staff. Knowledgable Dr. answered all questions. Fairly quick getting to see the Dr considering all the patients there.

Linda Grane

Friendly professional service.

Fred Heidt

I had a great thorough review. The appt was on time and timely..professionally conducted.

Sonie Thies

virginia charlton

They are great so friendly and helpful yes i would tell my family and friends

Brandi Weaver

I had a great experience at Hollinstead. I elected to get LASIK and was very nervous and not sure of what to expect. The day of surgery I was very nervous and was given a Valium to relax. It helped a bit but what really made a difference was the attitude and demeanor of the staff. Most notably in the surgery room I was scared but was calmed and comforted. Everyone was very professional. I've also had great results from the surgery itself! My vision is clear, my eyes are healing nicely and the aftercare of Hollingstead has been amazing. They even sent me a thank you card after the surgery. Overall if you are thinking of getting LASIK I would highly recommend coming to Hollingstead!

Robert Hayes

Corrine Bush

Very nice and conciderate , highly recommended them!

Dini Jaskowski

Been going to Dr. Hollingshead and Hollingshead Eye Center for 15 year. My husband and I both had eye surgeon. 100 % as should be. Would not go any were other the Dr. Hollingshead office. We travel 3 hours to get to Boise for our appointments.

Judy McElearney

Worked well with my 83 yr old mom.

Connie Hatch

Terra Knighten

The staff here are extremely friendly and professional. The process was thorough and smooth. I am beyond satisfied with my LASIK procedure here at Hollingshead. Great service!

Gail Robb

On time, efficient, professional service. Would highly recommend Hollingshead!

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