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REVIEWS OF Dr. Carlton Yuen IN Hawaii

linda kenui

This is the place to have your cataracts removed. Get the laser surgery. I had become blind in my left eye following a retina detachment with subsequent cataract development. I've been wearing eyeglasses or contacts for many years. Now, I don't even need eyeglasses. The experience was very positive.

Soli Ignacio

Anthony Aquino

Dr. Yuen, his wonderful, and amazing staff did a precise job at correcting my left eye vision They made me feel comfortable and followed up with all the steps necessary for me to have a wonderful and pain free experience. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who is looking to better improve their vision and SEE the better things in life clearly. I had a cataract safely removed and now I have 20/20 vision!


It was easy to get an appointment, the location of the office was difficult due to gps and not knowing the area. Need a sign or better instructions to building/parking entrance. The staff and doctors were fantastic! Didn’t wait long for the appointment and the whole process was quick and stress free. Mahalo!!

Luc Ridgeston

Howell Ching

Had my drooping eyelids addressed by Dr. Yuen. I am very pleased with the outcome and my peripheral vision has improved a great deal. Found Dr. to be a sincere, caring and skilled physician and I encountered very little pain with my procedure. I recommend this Dr. highly and plan to see him again for any other eye procedure that I may need in the future.

Tami Senyuva

Update: So I have something called Ocular Surface Disease and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction which is a fancy way of saying I have severe dry eyes. I’ve done Restasis, Xiidra, punctal plugs, and tons and tons of eye drops. My eyes were always red and tired and irritated. I am sooo happy to finally have a solution for this problem. I had a LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation. It took only 12 minutes. And it was so easy and simple. Roberta prepped me and explained everything step by step and was so calming. She answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. And I’m so grateful that Dr. Yuen offered this treatment solution. My dry eyes was starting to affect me psychologically. Even though my body was not tired, because my eyes were always red and irritated and dry, it made me look and feel tired no matter how many eye drops I used. Unless you have lived with dry eyes for an extended amount of time, you really don’t know how debilitating it can be. People always asked me if I was tired or sick because of my red or tired eyes. Thank you so much Dr. Yuen!!! Honestly, this is life-changing. Dr. Yuen and his staff is awesome! They are very very efficient, on time, friendly and professional. I've been a patient for almost 10 years and have been getting my glasses and contacts from them with great service and easy to get an appointment and plenty of free parking. I have terrible dry eyes and Dr; Yuen is very knowledgeable and provides many options to help me with my dry eyes. He also has been carefully following my issues with glaucoma and I can trust that he will take care of my eyes if/when the time comes for surgery.

Cheryl Sasabe

was referred to Dr. Carlton Yuen, recently for my cataracts problem and he immediately corrected and fitted me with the perfect lens! I just loved it! No more glasses forever! He and his staff are very friendly and professional! They welcome you with with a smile each and every time you walk into their office

Guy Lam

Dr Yuen and his entire team are first class, very organized, and professional. From my consultation on my cataract situation to removing the bandage and being able to see near perfectly after one day was beyond my expectations given what I had heard from friends on their experiences with cataract surgery.. It is also important that Dr Yuen uses the latest laser equipment which increases the probability of a successful outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Yuen and his team.

Leikowahine Wahine

Fast, efficient and friendly service. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They check your vision, eye pressure, and take a picture of the ”insides” of your eyes, to check for any anomalies that may need attention. My appointment took about 30 minutes. I waited longer for my ride than waiting for the exam.

Glenn Hamamura

Excellent professional and customer focused service from Dr. Yuen and all his staff. I highly recommend eye care from Dr. Yuen.

Leiala Simmons

My cataract procedure exceeded expectations. I had glasses since I was 5 years old. My vision after surgery is now 20/15. It corrected my astigmatism also. Dr Yuen thank you so much!

Gloria Ann Kikuchi

Dr. Yuen is a great person, doctor and surgeon. I've told my friends, family and classmates if they need surgery or eye doctor to go and see Dr. Yuen. His staff are very friendly.

Michelle Montero

Dr.carlton Yuen is such a great doctor. He has been treating me for my dry eyes for years. I’m so excited to learn of their new dry eye treatment that’s soon to be available early next year.

marjorie f.v.gorai

Dr. Yuen is the best! I have been “seeing” him, Ha! Ha! for many years, before his pre-fit days. He is thorough, efficient and is up to date with the latest technology, i.e. uses Symphony lens. I had cataract surgery on both eyes by him. I was nervous at first but the whole team was professional and caring. I recommend him highly.

Gaylord Campos

Very fast and efficient, excellent, Dr Yuen is awesome..

Jan Nakamura

Dr carlton yuen and staff makes this clinic a very comfortable and warm place. You feel this as you enter as well as when they are treating you. They are very professional yet they keep in mind the sensitivity of the patient I highly recommend dr yuen and his staff as they are very caring.

lennon akasaka

I had Dr.Yuen for years and he is GREAT. Very helpful in every way. Got my contact and glasses from his office and they are fantastic. highly recommend

gina asuncion

My first visit with Dr Yuen was a very positive one. I was here to consult with him about botox. I was very skeptical at first but he put me at ease with his very informative explanations. The procedure Itself was virtually painless and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I will definitely be back for more.

Laura Uehara

Excellent Ophthalmologist, I highly recommend Dr. Carlton Yuen

Bradley Siefkes

From the onset, when Dr. Yuen first recommended that I needed cataract surgery, he has been encouraging, supportive and had my best interest in mind. He was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions so that I understood and had recommended the Symfony Toric lens. Both surgeries went without a hitch or a glitch ... both perfect. I've had zero, zilch, nada one problem. Between surgeries I dealt with one good eye and waiting for the second good eye. It was a 5-week wait for personal reasons and was hard adjusting. Today I went for my after-surgery follow-up and had the patch removed. It was worth the wait. It was an OMG moment and as the day progressed it just got better and better. Prior to surgery I was not able to read the "Big E" and Dr. Yuen telling me I'd have 20/20. I went from not being able to read the "Big E" before surgery to reading 20/15 ... better than perfect. Dr. Yuen and Aloha Visions Consultants ... highly recommended ... hands down!

Lianne Yee

Dr. Carlton Yuen is personable, intelligent and highly skilled and experienced in his field. I trust him immensely and would recommend him to anyone needing eye care.

Shana Pearson

Dr Yuen and his staff are just wonderful. Let me start with his assistants, they always greet you with a smile and a "good morning". The best and efficient staff ever. As for Dr.Yuen, well he is always cheery and so full of energy. I am someone that asks a million questions, and he always takes the time to answer them He has been treating me for my dry eyes and I wouldn't trust any other doctor but him. He always has the latest in his medical field,and I'm so excited to try his new treatment called the lipi flow next month. If you have cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, eyelid need Dr.Yuen.

Gina Asuncion

Theda Murata

I had a very good experience having my cataract surgery with Dr. Carlton Yuen. I was unable to see far because of my astigmatism and even had difficulty with my soft lenses. I was recommended by my optometrist, Dr. Kathy Ishimoto, and she recommended Dr. Yuen. He recommended that I get the Symphony lens and corrected my astigmatism with the laser and now I can see very clearly for distance and can even drive at night with no problem. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend anyone who is going to have cataract surgery. And I don't need to wear glasses any more. What a blessing to have met Dr. Yuen.


Dr. Yuen is a leader in his field. He is incredibly smart and knowledgeable, stays up to date on recent developments, and his office has all the advances in technology and equipment. He is also extremely compassionate, easy to talk to, and friendly. He practices with sincerity and integrity. I trust his judgment and advice and know I am in good hands and am getting the best possible service. Put simply, he's an amazing doctor!

Daro Kondo

I love coming to my appointments because Dr. Yuen always makes me feel like family. The nurses are very caring and helpful. They are very professional. I am in awe and very amazed at the efficiency at the Eye Surgery Center and how Dr. Yuen runs around . In the laser room I felt relaxed and he put me at ease while doing the procedure . Hats off to Dr Yuen and the staff at the surgery center, they were very helpful and compassionate. I can't wait to do my second eye. I had the symfony lens implant and am so very happy with the outcome. My whole experience was very pleasant.

Karen Kaya

At 65, I can see more clearly than when I started middle school(!!) thanks to the skills and insights of Dr. Carlton Yuen! “Personalized vision” now allows me to enjoy the benefits of clear distant vision AND read without the use of glasses! I was extremely nearsighted, wearing soft contact lenses and using +2.50 readers daily. So I could not have asked for a more perfect outcome to my cataract/laser surgery! I highly recommend anyone having cataract surgery and laser (lens) correction to see Dr. Yuen. His office staff are knowledgeable, efficient and personable, and walk you through every step toward crystal clear vision. Thank you, Dr. Yuen!!

Shirley Sunio

I;m please with the staff and service.

Leanne Neumann

Dr. Yuen is the best and has the latest technology. All is equipment is up to date Everyone here is very friendly and efficient Dr Carlton Yuen is the best!!!! I love coming here and I always tell everyone to go to see him!!!!

Jean Lang

Dr. Yuen performed cataract surgeries on both my eyes 2 years ago. The surgeries were easy & I love the results. After wearing glasses & contacts for over 50 years I can now see without any assistance.

Gregg Iha

Had an absolutely wonderful experience with cataract surgery with Dr Yuen.

Suraj C

Dr Yuen is an excellent doctor. My father had an outstanding result with his cataract surgery. The procedure was quick and easy and now my dad is able to see without glasses. We can't thank Dr Yuen and his skilled staff enough!


This is my first time to get a cataract surgery and I'm so blessed to have Dr. Kubo refer me to Dr. Calton YUEN !!!!! I was very anxious and nervous at first but after meeting and discussing with Dr Yuen, he put me at ease.... Dr. Yuen made choices that were BEST for ME... not for his gain! On the day of the surgery... the nurses were super nice and the surgery took no more that 15 minutes. Prepping took longer but the surgery itself was really only 5 minutes. I opted to pay extra for the lazer machine to cut thru my lens. A good choice as the cut is near perfect and the new lens just slides in... Overall, my experience was excellent and i HIGHLY recommend Dr. Yuen. His staffs are very professional and will answer any and all your questions.... No, i'm not paid to say all this... i fish a lot, check out my Youtube channel at Meherio Life, and getting the best doctor to do my surgery was super important to me. I hope this review helped you and any questions, call Dr. Yuen's office !! Aloha !

Manao i

Chastity Agasa

myron kekaula

Alyssa Buhr

I am beyond happy with Dr. Yuen and his staff. They treat every patient like they are a part of their own family and not just a number. Dr. Yuen was knowledgable and thorough when answering all of my questions. Can't wait to get my new pair of glasses!

Jeanne Ching

Dr. Yuen is Awesome!

Martha Samson

I really love Dr. Yuen. His staff is friendly and efficient. The only reason I can’t give 5 stars is that when I tried to purchase a new pair of glasses, they were not helpful at all. A lady got a key and opened a small room with some frames and stood there watching me while I looked and tried on a few pair. I felt like I was an inconvenience and she had more important things to do. For contacts, I got some samples and that was fantastic. But when I asked about different options and their cost (daily vs weekly or different brands), no help at all and was told my insurance was only good at Sears Pearlridge. I found that odd because Dr. Yuen has been accepting my insurance for quite some time. So for Dr. Yuen I’d give 5 stars, but for the optometry side and for actually purchasing glasses and/or contacts, a 1.

Richard Price

Cant believe how great my vision is in my "new" eye. I had cataract surgery in my Left eye just a few days ago. Almost painless by the way. The color of everything was immediately after surgery intense. Reds were redder blues bluer. My vision today 7vdays poat op is 20/15. Im back where I was at age 14. Hell I might become an airline pilot. Its a miracle. Thank you Dr. Yuen and all at Aloha Vision Consultants.

Robertha Holden

Best cataract surgeon in town! He also has an optical center with awesome optometrists. Ask for Gina, she helped me with my glasses and my contact lens training! The staff is amazing and always so jolly. =)

Diana Ryckman

Dr. Yuen and staff were very friendly and kind.Also Dr.Yuen explain my medical conditions in a way that I could understand and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure . Thanks

Donna Kido

Dr. Yuen and his team are awesome! Amazing service and care for their patients! Would highly recommend Dr. Yuen!

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