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Summer Munger

THEY PUT A HOLE IN MY EYE DURING A ROUTINE EXAM!!! Yes, you read that right. On my very first visit to get my eyes checked for glaucoma (which doesn’t even involve and instrument touching the eye) I was told I needed to go through all of the initial eye exams so they had a baseline for my stats. Fine. I did this with a tech who had a horrible bedside manner and obviously didn’t care at all about me. During this initial exam I was given a cornea test where they basically hold a pointed device up to your eye to test the integrity of your cornea. She then RIPPED a hole in my cornea! I was numb so I felt nothing at first but I could tell right away that my vision had been severely compromised. I couldn’t see anything out of my left eye. I mentioned this to her and she said it was fine. It was only when I asked her a second time that she sighed and bothered to take a look. Within a few seconds of looking through the microscope she got up and said ‘Let me get the doctor’, which is never a good sign. Dr. Sagar was the one who came in to see me and though she was very nice she also said that this never happens and kept asking if something was wrong with the eye to begin with; insinuating that this was my fault. I have never had this problem before. Once the numbing solution wore off I was in more pain than I can possibly describe to you. Having a cut on your eye means each movement, eye open or closed, is agony. The next tech that came in put a contact on (which I didn’t want because I’m afraid of things going in my eye) but he was incredibly kind and calming. The main person there that I felt actually cared about me. I had to drive myself home with basically one eye. They didn’t offer me anything, not an uber ride, not a cab, nothing but a comp on the follow up as I’d already paid for the first visit. I went through a horrible weekend with the blinds closed and sunglasses on until Monday when I went for my follow up. I noted that my vision was not as it was before and Dr. Sagar said that it would continue to heal. She set up no follow up for the issue. By March, allergy season, I’d rubbed my eye, because it was itchy, a lot one day and then I sneezed causing my eyes to clench which opened up my abrasion again. I called their emergency line and NEVER received a call back. Lens Crafters took care of Georgia Eye Specialists' mess. The doctor there said the reason it opened back up again was because it never healed properly. I would urge you with every care that I have for your eye sight to never visit this office.

Doe Kirkland

I wouldn't trust my vision to any other group. They have done an excellent job each time I have been to them...multiple visits over several years.

Leigh Carter

I absolutely love Georgia Eye Specialist. I can only speak about the side that deals with eye glass frames. As soon as I walked through the door, I felt welcomed by Stephanie, Liz and Gene. Their service is impeccable. While I was shopping around for frames, they let me know which frames fit my face and personality. They really take the time to ensure you leave having had an awesome experience. They have teamed with Qspex, an eye company that guarantees your frames back same day... What!??!! It's incredible! If you are in search of an eye care provider, look no further; Georgia Eye Specialist is your place!!


Dr. Chopra likely saved my husband's eye infection moving from his right eye to his left eye. When we went to see Dr. Chopra, my husband was totally bind in his right eye. Dr. Chopra was concerned that what he saw while examining my husband could not be the result of a cataract, as a previous ophthalmologist had diagnosed. Dr. Chopra was concerned that the reason my husband had lost sight in his right eye could result in him losing sight in his left eye. Dr. Chopra made arrangements for my husband to be seen immediately by a neuro-ophthalmologist at Emory's emergence room. After 11 days in the Emory hospital, my husband, as Dr. Chopra suspected, was diagnosed with a condition that could have spread to his left eye if not treated. To this day, 2 months later, Dr. Chopra's office continues to check on my husband. We are so very thankful for the intelligence and care exhibited by Dr. Chopra and the help of his staff. My husband may not regain sight in his right eye, but we know that he has sight in his left eye because of Dr. Chopra.

Jim Lupo

Excellent Dr. thanks

Abigail Damian-Martz.

Gretchen R.

I found Dr. Miller and the staff to be professional and was given a copy of my eyeglasses Rx before I even asked for a written Rx. Also good guidance and followup from the optical staff. Special shout-out to Steve who was a pleasure to work with in selecting new frames.

Phyllis Norris

John McDermott

I was referred to GA. EYE Specialists and specifically to Dr. Benedict for cataracts. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and have nothing but good words for Dr. Benedict and staff. I never had to wait very long before being called in. Though I will note I did make early morning appointments. Recommended

Charles Lynch

Alex Clark

An awful experience. I went in during my lunch break to get my glasses adjusted and order contacts. I approached the front desk. Two of the women on staff simply stared my direction and ignored me, one walking by twice before I said "Hello! Could someone please assist me". The other woman approached, and was curt and rude in her speech and demeanor. First assuming I didn't have insurance, then telling me to go wait at another desk for an adjustment and the contact person would be in soon (she never came). It would have taken her no time to tell me that when I first walked in, but they pretended I wasn't standing there a few feet away from them. They were friendly on the phone when I called, so something about my appearance must have changed their approach towards service. I waited at a desk for 35 minutes to get my glasses adjusted, as the optical professional was helping an elderly couple look at glasses. He was professional, but when I mentioned that the glasses still did not fit well, I was told this was because my right eyebrow was higher than my left. News to me. In the adjustment process, he literally shaved the plastic of my on the inner part where the temple touches the frame, and did so poorly. These are a brand new pair of custom frames that cost me a good amount, and now the warranty is voided on them, and there is a noticable gap when the frames are open. I was never asked if I wanted my glasses to be physically altered and shaven down to obtain a better fit. The contact provider was still out at this point. Which is fine, as I will be ordering them elsewhere.

Alicia Thomas

It would be no stars for me. I went for my eyes to be tested and they are still getting worse.

Ben Whisenhunt

EVERYONE in this clinic was kind, professional, and provided excellent care.

Richard Williams

Please beware of Dr. Sagar This provider is very unprofessional. As an educator I was very concern with my eyes. The appointment started with an initial evaluation. This person I presume is a student or an assistant. On 3/18/16 I was met Dr. Namita Sagar. I explained to her that earlier during the week my right eye became red after taking a nap in my eyes. She basically stated that my story did align with the symptoms that I presented. To be honest I take this as being told that I am lying to the doctor. This discovery doesn’t make since my only motivation for going to the doctor is to get better. She continued to be annoyed as I was inquiring about all these terms she was she was calling out to the assistant. For someone who works in a client centered environment, I felt that a disclaimer should be stated. For example Mr. Williams I am going to be giving notes to my colleague while I exam your eye and at the end I will communicate those details with you. Dr. Sagar seems to want the type of patients that don’t ask questions or think about what she is saying. I feel that this experience went totally against my referral to visit this office. I am writing a formal complaint to my provider so no other state employee will experience this type of lack professionalism. On 3/18/16 I was still feeling some major pain that had worsen from the previous day.I initially called and was told by the attendant that I should come in. When I arrive the first statement was COPAY. I stated to the attendant that I was just here yesterday and felt all my needs where not cared for. She went to the back and said if you want to see a doctor you have to pay. I figured out the game they were playing. After I did not immediately agree with their rationale to pay. They actually spoke to Dr. Sagar and her message was it may get worst before getting better. This was interesting fact to me that the staff was willing to bill my insurance for a message that was supposedly already communicated. They had no real concern for my health. Also that lady continued to say Dr. Sagar stated that I did not have to come back. I wondered why that wasnt communicated on the phone. At this point No one has attempted to show any sense of care or compassion in my situation. I understand that it may be minor to a Dr. Sagar but to treat a patient this way is unacceptable. I feel that my insurance should not have this establishment listed if they are going to treat educators in this way Please note that I am concern about how other patients may be treated as well. I saw a lot of elderly patients on my visits of this property. I am interested to know if they are treated the same way or was this because I appeared to be young. I may be young but this level service is not patient centered. This office did not even address my concerns at the front desk. I am sure after this review is read maybe I will matter.

Juan Campos

When I called them her so called Manager Denise was rude and even raised her voice at me. Not everyone is good at customer service I get it, but this lady should not be a manager, 2 days after visiting this place I looked for a second opinion, I should have read the reviews before going there. When I asked for my money back their response was "the doctor took the time to see you" well because of my eye I could not work for 3 days, who is paying me for that... nobody! Thinking you guys can help me you just made it worse... Go somewhere else they just want your money...

Bob Smith

I have been a patient of Georgia Eye Specialists for over 40 years. I have seen Dr. Benedict and Dr. Vazquez. Both doctors provide exceptional service and customer care. I would not consider seeing another eye doctor.

Cynthia Goss

We took our Golden to Dr. King for many years to treat his Glaucoma . We think she is the best ophthalmologist ever! She was so passionate about her work and our dog Chance loved her. After he died at age 16 the office sent a beautiful card along with flowers. They were passionate about their clients!!

Erica Epps

This place is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I called in to make an appointment for my husband and the first lady was very unwelcoming. When I called back the second time to discuss how much his first visit would be, the second lady rudely responded: " I don't know, check your insurance card." This is totally unacceptable. No matter what, how you communicate to a PATIENT is vital in business. How will any doctor conclude with the proper treatment if the receptionist can't have patience and or rude when you FIRST call in?!

Georgia Eye Specialists Humphreys

Theresia Greer

I was initially referred by my ophthalmologist for a gonioscopy to determine if I have Subacute angle closure glaucoma. I saw Dr Namita Sagar and she recommended prophylactic laser peripheral iridotomy for both eyes. The procedure was done on the right eye first and then I returned last week for the left eye. I have suffered from migraines/headaches for the past 5 years, having 2 -7 headaches a week of varying intensities. I am so pleased that I had this procedure done. I have not had a headache since the left eye was completed. I am almost certain without this procedure, I would have eventually suffered significant sight impairment or lost my eyesight completely. The office is busy but very efficient. Dr Sagar is very pleasant. I have one more appointment there next week for a post op checkup. I gave 4 stars because the waiting and treating rooms could use a makeover.

Waneesha Graham

I took my visually impaired son there and we we're treated very nice and kind. Yes there are a lot of elderly patients there, but we didn't have any problems. We were seen by a doctors assistant whose in training to become a doctor. After everything was done and complete the Dr. himself came and spoke to us and explained everything that was already told to us by the young man in training, and asked us did we have any questions. So our overall experience here was a very pleasant one.

Alex Cutting

Customer service is doctor was very nice and I got in and got out fairly quick.heres the problem. My first set if glasses came in with a big scratch on I returned them.they apologized and ordered me new lenses free of charge.second pair came in worked great up until little tiny spots started appearing on my glasses after research and several different techniques to clean them(And I tested the same cleaning method on my friends glasses and it worked like a charm)but the spots never went away on mine.i told a doctor who worked at a different eye specialist the problem and he told me that my protective anti glare film was comming of even though I just got the frustrated I calmly went back and told them the situation.and they simply told me i was wrong.(didnt even bother trying to clean them themselves to see if they could get the spots off)they told me there was nothing they could do but get me another pair but this time they had to use my warrenty(wich clearly they should have given me another free pair,for giving me another messed up pair).so then finally the third ones come in and no spots no scratches.finally I thought they got it right.until my brand new pair of glasses that i had only had for two months fell from my car seat to my car floor (barely hitting the floor)both sides of my glasses snapped.THE METAL SNAPED IN HALF LIKE A I know that glasses falling from your face to the ground may break them but not from a car seat to the car floor plus they were raybans.i thought rayban made high quality glasses.but I guess not.i will not recommend this specialist to anyone I've had cheaper Walmart glasses that lasted 3x as long as the glasses that I got from this place.i will not be shopping here again and recommend you dont either. Customer service is good.But having to get 3 brand new glasses pairs back to back to back all not within even six months of each other. Not me.

George Carpenter

The doctors are excellent

Corkie Ridge

Staff is very friendly. Answered my questions. Dr. Benedict is a wonderful and skilled doctor. So glad I was referred to him. Thank you everyone for your kindness and care!

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