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REVIEWS OF Georgia Eye Partners Northside IN Georgia

Allie Norse

Excellent care here with Johnston and staff. Would highly recommend. And I’m picky!

Jeff M

Doctors and staff are excellent, but the wait is unacceptable as others have stated. Be prepared to wait 90% of your visit. My opinion is that the company is trying to maximize utilization of their resources at the expense of patient wait time. I almost walked out of my initial first appointment last month; however, after complaining about the wait I was seen. During my second visit, I was seen at my appointment time; however, I waited another 45 minutes for a test that I was told I was “next in line”. I checked out before my appointment was finished because of the unacceptable wait and other appointments. I do not plan to return to Georgia Eye Partners because of the wait times, and I also let my referring optometrist know that I don’t think he should refer other patients to them specifically because of the waiting time. If you don’t mind waiting, this might be a great practice because of the nice staff and doctors; however, I don’t plan to give them another opportunity to take valuable time from me.

Araz Feyzi

What’s the purpose of requesting insurance information during scheduling process, if you are not going to check the coverage? I ended up wasting a few days (waiting for the appointment) and a few hours (commute, forms etc.) to be back to the square one. Little things matter.

Peter Huhn

Georgia Eye, Dr. Gabianelli and staff were highly professional and timely during this appointment. All deserve High praise. The appointment couldn't have gone better. Peter

Martha Saade

Excellent care very professional staff..the doctors here are amazing.

Melissa Mckinney

I have quite a bit of experience at 49yrs old with doctors in general. While I'm very healthy, I've had plenty of physicals, my daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic, mother is 79 and my father had a plethera of medical issues at 85yrs old. GEP was a referral from another doctor. First, I will say everyone was very professional. Beyond that, I had a few concerns. I noticed many complaints about time issues and while I wld have been there at least 3 hours (had to leave for class), I would have maybe been ok with it had the staff lmk when I made the appt. You need to let patients know it will be 3+ hrs as that's unexpected. My bigger issue is that every very uncomfortable test was performed TWICE. I had at least a half dozen + drops in each eye and the very painful dry eye stick test done by the assistant and again by the dr. If someone was in training, a patient shld be informed. Doing every test twice doesn't feel thorough, it seems a bit like a lack of confidence. I love posting positive feedback and disappointed this couldn't be one.

Lesia Redman

Great care.

Elaine Morgan

Dr. Eugene Gabianelli and his staff do an outstanding job for their patients! Yesterday I had the most thorough eye exam I've ever had, done by he and his staff My eyesight in one eye had been diminishing for several years and I had been told by several Ophthalmologists that nothing could be done. Dr. Gabianelli said not only were they wrong, but explained why and how it could be fixed. I felt I was in good hands at the end of an extensive visit.

Linda Stevens

Dr. Schoenberg and his staff are excellent. He listens to what you are saying and goes into great detail to explain. Great experience!

Courtney Ritcher

I highly recommend Dr. Schoenberg as a highly competent yet calming surgeon with fantastic patience for answering questions and providing reassurance. He was upfront with me about the potential outcomes of my keratectomy and treatment plan, and my experience (both operative and post-operative) aligned exactly to what he had prepared me for. On top of that, he was highly knowledgeable and was able to quickly and accurately identify my condition and potential root causes. Coming from someone who visited multiple surgeons before selecting who to trust with the procedure, I can honestly say that I only plan to see Dr. Schoenberg for any future needs related to my condition. It is worth noting that GA Eye Partners does have severely long wait times (I waited at least 1-2 hours for each of my four appointments). The office also lost record of two out of my four appointments, and put the onus of proof of appointment on me. As a busy working professional, this could have caused quite an inconvenience as a delayed appointment would have meant having to rework my schedule to fit in a surgical procedure and subsequent recovery period. Luckily, in both instances, once I was able to prove the appointment with my appointment card (which I had luckily saved), they agreed to fit me back into their schedule. My experience with Dr. Schoenberg strongly outweighed the inconveniences of the office, so I still give a 5 star recommendation.

Ali Orr

GA Eye Partners was recommended to me by a friend because I have been having issues with dry eye and also would like to consider Lasik. Dr Johnston who is helping me with the dry eye and his nurse Briann were fantastic at my appointment. However, every single time I have called, I have gotten into an argument with the person on the phone. The phone people are AWFUL and completely ruin the experience of the drs office. The first time I called to schedule an appointment, I was confused as to why I couldn’t see the same Dr for both issues. I asked a bunch of questions, and the man got so mad at me, he passed me off to someone else...? The second time I called to follow up on my prescriptions because there was a hold up on getting insurance approval for one of them. I left a message around noon and did not receive a call back for a full 24 hours. The third time I called AGAIN to follow up on my prescription, and the lady was so rude and so unhelpful, and I don’t know how to explain in detail. The fourth time I called to cancel my f/up appointment bc there is no point in going when I still don’t have my prescriptions 3 WEEKS LATER. I was already in a bad mood because I had to call them and prior experiences haven’t gone well. When I got Lydia on the phone, things did not go well. Apparently it’s “not her job” to be helpful all she can do is read what’s on the screen, but the dr or someone on his team can call me back later. I don’t want a flipping call back, I WANT GA EYE PARTNERS TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES THEY SAY THEY ARE GOING TO PROVIDE.


I am by my nature a very meticulous person. I am a practicing dentist, and my sister works at Emory Hospital. I had her ask 5 surgeons independently who they would have operate on their eyes, and they all chose Dr. Gabionelli. You can stop reading now, that tells you all you need to know. I then bought plane tickets for the majority of my flights for this treatment. I am beyond pleased. I never thought I could see this well. I do incredibly detailed work through high powered surgical magnification and my speed and quality have increased exponentially since the surgery. To state it was life changing is an understatement. I will continue to fly down once a year for these post op visits, if that tells you anything... The single most positive ROI I have ever had on anything. Ever. If anything I would say he should raise his fees. Thank you Dr. Gabianelli, you have changed the trajectory of my life! DrJ PS: I am hearing quite a bit of complaining about wait times. As a fellow healthcare guy, let me happily redirect you. Find the website of your health insurance company and let them know. Dr Reimbursements are going down, red tape is going up, and they are masters of letting you think its the doctors fault. A better comment may be that you are thankful the doctor takes insurance that drastically decreases their income in order to be able to help more people.... and all they ask for is a little wait as they are working so hard and so long they barely have time to breath... just a thought..

Sharon Zucci

I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr Schoenberg and his office staff. I was referred to Dr. Schoenberg due to an extremely rare and serious complication following LASIK surgery. Dr Schoenberg and his staff gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort, that I was in the right place to take care of my condition. Dr Schoenberg explained my condition and the plan of treatment thoroughly. He calmly explained that immediate surgery was necessary to stop the progression of the condition, and that he was quite confident that he could treat my condition successfully, even though he had not seen a case as complex as mine. He is truly a knowledgeable, caring, wonderful and skillful eye surgeon and person. Dr Schoenberg is truly AMAZING, and I can thank him for my successful surgery and 20/20 vision!

Grace Cepican

We have received the best care and have had great experiences with the Doctors and Staff at this location. Dr Sawhney is both mine and my Mothers opthamalogist, he is the best in his field, we couldn't ask for better. Very pleased with this practice.

Stacy Hurd

The wait times past your scheduled appointment is horrendous. If you have the time to wait up to two hours past your appointment . This happened more than once.

Ad Check

NEVER VISIT HERE! I have been referred here for a suspected acute angle Glaucoma. The address was pretty difficult to find. Once I finally got into there and finished paperwork, I was taken by an assistant for testing. The tests required applying a numbing liquid on my eyes. I have clearly told they that I am quite uncomfortable with that but since there was no other option, lets go ahead. First time he put the liquid and started testing, he could not get a result. Tried again and no luck. Finally found the instrument was not working! Put numbing liquid again on my eyes, brought another set of instruments, that also did not work! They found they do not have batteries inside those instruments. Finally a third instrument came and unlucky me had third numbing liquid again on my eyes. This time the tests was ok and I asked about testing result. It was all normal. Then I finally went to Dr Gagan Shawney who saw me exactly for 5 mins, did one test with numbing liquid again and decided that I need an immediate surgery on both my eyes in spite of my vision being normal (20/20) and I have never experienced any symptom of glaucoma. Got the surgical estimate from his assistant, came back home with severe problems in both my eyes. As a result of those repeated tests that put pressure on my eyes, could not see properly for next 4-5 days. I complained this to GA Eye Partners before leaving office and the only follow-up I got was for scheduling my surgery. Dr. Shawney scared me enough so I decided to go for a second opinion - this time referred by a colleague. The second doctor tested everything and declared that I do not need to do any surgery - but I need to check it at every 6 months. Please be aware, GA Eye Partner is pretty powerful ( as I have checked) and they have tie ups with most of the primary care Ophthalmologists so chances are high that you would be recommended there.

Shawanda Crutchfield

Worst experience! Whomever the lady was that answered the phone was very rude! We called to inform them that we were 10-15 minutes away and due to traffic we were running late. So I understand that most offices give you 20 minutes AFTER your appt. time to arrive before moving on to the next but we would have made it in the office before the 20 minute! We had to travel 2 hours and 45 minutes to get here and we were not aware of how HORRIBLE traffic the “receptionist” that answered the phone said the doctor was ALREADY in surgery at 8:05 and when she finished she was leaving for the day!!!! So if our appt was at 8:00 & the doctor was already in surgery at 8:05?????? THAT DOESN’T ADD UP!!! I have NEVER seen a doctor schedule regular appts the same day that they do surgeries!!! We were referred here but LUCKILY we found a more “professional” office that will see us next week! A day taken off from work for NOTHING

Carol Henderson

I have been going to Georgia Eye Partners for 3 years and have found the service to be excellent. The entire staff from checking in to checking out is excellent. Dr Eads is grounded in knowledge and

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