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shammy khederoo

dr. parbhu was the worst doctor I've ever experienced. she was rude and unprofessional. she need to learn how to treat her patients.


I am grateful for Dr. Raja and his staff! They were able to work me in while I was on vacation and had a mishap. My insurance was giving me trouble with a prescription and they quickly prescribed a different prescription that my insurance would cover. Each communication I had with them was pleasant and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation.

Moira O

Dr. Parbhu appears to have forgotten that she's a doctor, not an aesthetician. I have a medical condition of a recurring muscle spasm under my eye. Dr. Parbhu (for years) has been putting a small shot of botox at the site and it paralyzes the muscle. Insurance doesn't cover it so she just charged $40 - $50 (it went up over time) for the single injection and threw away what was left in the container. I made my regular appointment and got there (after taking time off work) and waited 40 minutes past my appointment time. Then was taken back and an assistant said she would see me before the doctor. She then tells me (after I've waited all this time), that they no longer do botox treatments by shot, they do it by "area". And the charge is $200. I explained what I normally do and she said my only option was to pay the $200 and have injections in an area, or pay $200 and just have the single shot. I was not there for cosmetic reasons, never have been. Dr. Parbhu is a medical doctor, not an aesthetician. But clearly, the practice has gone the wrong way and is more concerned with taking money for cosmetic treatments than they are treating actual medical patients. It's too bad. She seemed good at what she did.

Jonathan Leamy

Dr. Parbhu is awesome. I had a Chalazion and she took care of it very quickly and efficiently. The office is cool, and her staff was very professional. I was anxious before the procedure but after having it done in her office, I won’t be again. So far, it’s healing up nicely and quickly.

Altaf Khan

The office ambience is excellent with a not too long wait time. Dr. Raja is very knowledgeable and over a year period under his care I am happy to say that my vision has improved and i am recommending and testifying to those out there who are in need of medical attention for your eyes, Dr Raja at Orlando Eye Institute is the place to go!!

Pattie Payne-Olszewski

All staff are always smiling, friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. The wait time is never long.

shamila sharma

Pam Allen

Dr. Raja is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. He listens to my concerns and helps me with my eyes. His office is efficient and very friendly as well. I recommend Dr. Raja and the Orlando Eye Institute wholeheartedly!!!!"

Chris Coates

Fantastic treatment. I had an eye emergency they took my call on a Sunday then got me right in first thing Monday morning, took care of the issue and I have healed up wonderfully. Very friendly staff and the Dr's are top notch. I highly recommend Orlando Eye Institute to anyone looking.

Loving Life

Also overbilled but came to review because that practice is a joke.Despite the bad experiences we all have, this my first time ever taking the time out of my day to write a review! Understandably husband and wife are going to fight but I could hear them while I waited...screaming! Then after being moved room to room I felt like I was buying a car as they tried to sell me on products and procedures not covered by insurance stating they were necessary but insurance and FDA says they are not. Each of the staff members were New and one said they have been through multiple administrators, clinic managers and many many techs! Oh and good luck finding the place...too cheap for signage I guess! My husband, who never complains about anything, canceled his appointment and actually reported them. I feel so bad for the new staff and any new patient. My advise to current one ever answers the phone and it takes days to get a call back If at all...then of course no one knows what they are doing. I canceled my surgery and my insurance will probably make me pay for retreating elsewhere but it is well worth it. They will be out of business within 2 years if not sooner!

Carol Ravantti-Lalla

Quite impressed with my overall first experience with OEI.... very professional, informative and pleasant. I have recommended them to friends.

Kasia Pukeca

Dr. Raja is a great, caring doctor that took the time to address all of my concerns. I would recommend Orlando Eye Institute to all of my friends and family.

Pat Sipan

The surgery of my eyelid with Dr Parbhu was almost painless. She was so skillful ! I had no purple or green swelling around my eye. The team was so attentive the week of recuperation. I am looking forward to SEEING our world better with my open eye. Thank you.


I had a procedure and the results were great! Everyone is really nice and helpful. Thank you to all! :)

Bob Rech

Everyone at the Orlando Eye Institute are very pleasant and professional . Dr. Raga helped me when no other doctor could . I had a rare condition of scleral melt. He was able to stop the problem . I am now being helped with a dry eye condition . I really appreciate his expertise and his knowledge . He thinks of me and my outcome over anything else. I would definitely recommend him ,

Daniel Burnett

It is unfortunate that I have to write this review and share my dissatisfaction. I visited twice to get advice and treatment for a Chalazion on my eyelid, with the most recent visit being a few weeks ago. Her assists are unprofessional and I felt uncomfortable getting examined by them. The approach Dr. Parbhu takes is that of a car dealership and all of her recommendations for treatment involve things that "only she sells" and her assistants are very well trained on products and sales techniques. During my last visit I did not receive a lot of information regarding a new possible reason for my repeat Chalazions, but sure got a lot on products, and after I shared that with Dr. Parbhu she answered with "well didn't my assistants tell you about it?" I left confused and unsure what to do. She is always rushing in and out and didn't spend enough time educating me or answering my questions. I decided to see another ophthalmologist who gave me a realistic reason for my Chalazion and how to treat it. I am happy to say the Chalazion healed after only one week with the new ophthalmologist. Because of the unprofessional staff, lack of time with the doctor, and strong sense of sales instead of helping me find the right solutions, Dr. Parbhu has lost my professional credibility for her practice. It is for all these reasons that I do not recommend this office.

Anthony Capraro

Excellent! Very calming and friendly atmosphere.

Laura Martin

Dr. Raja is an excellent doctor. He is knowledgeable and personable. The office staff is very friendly and courteous. I have always been able to get an appointment promptly. I highly recommend Orlando Eye Institute.

Aruna Salapaka

When I looked at the review page and saw all 5s and 4s, my initial impression was that this web page admin guy is picking the good reviews. After going there today, my verdict is different. The staff is very pleasant, accommodating, and above all so much knowledgeable especially the technician John. I sincerely suggest the docs to retain the staff as much as possible. The doctor was also very thorough in making the diagnosis. Keep up the good work guys.

Debbie Younce corrie

Waited over 2 hours and still haven't seen Dr. Raja.- no apologies or reasons given however staff and desk associates very pleasant. May be a great Dr., but ridiculous in this day of technology to have to sit and wait this long. I will take my business elsewhere to get both a great doctor and a better experience.


This office is amazing. Dr. Raja is very thorough and extremely helpful in diagnosing and treating my condition. It is always a pleasure to be seen there.

Ron Chewning

Several years ago my wife had a detached retina while we were living in Belgium. When she found out she needed cataract surgery we were both very anxious. Dr. Raja came highly recommended by my wife's attending ophthalmologist. We were impressed with the efficiency and amiability of the reception staff and to the professionalism exhibited by the screening staff. But most of all we were comforted with the highly professional way that Dr. Raja greeted us, diagnosed my wife's problem, and offered a number of options. So already our anxieties were quelled. The surgery went wonderfully and we couldn't be more pleased. We can't say enough good things about Dr. Raja and his staff. We would highly recommend him to our friends, neighbors or family.

david s

The staff treated me with car & respect. Jessica was very thorough with her exam. Dr.Raja spent the time to explain to me what my problem was & gave me a treatment plan without surgery at this point. I thank you all !!

David Terry, Sr

The service was very professional and informative. I would recommend it to anyone.

Kewhi Lee

Dr. Keshini is not only an excellent top rated in her profession with her resume, but also she did very smoothly removing a lump on my left eye lid in a heart bit w/o pain. Very satisfied and highly recommend her.

Steven Pillows

Very pleasant staff nice atmosphere, doctor was nice and very complete in his explanation of my condition.


Don O'Reilly

Professional team, precise attention, highest level of customer care.

Lisa Ewer

I had cataract surgery with Dr Raja. He was very professional and kept reassuring me that I was going to be OK. I am now scheduled to have my other eye done thanks to a great team of caring professionals

Marie Gagnon

Doctors and nurses were really NICE, and answered all of my questions and detail so that I understood everything. Only down side was the wait but the doctor is very much worth the wait.


Very pleased with both Doctors in this office. I have seen Dr. Raja and Dr. Parbhu and will not choose to go anywhere else! Staff is amazing....Thank you Orlando Eye Institute!

Tammy Stace

Worst experience with any eye doctor in history. Good bedside manners but handles you like an animal ... she’s not gentle at all and you would think she’s a woman she would be more gentle and your eyes are so delicate. She needs to understand how to be more gentle. I would go blind before I go back to that place.

Norman Wallace

Had a great experience with an experienced Doctor and staff will returning for my final check up in a couple weeks. Was treated with a laser for angle closure glaucoma and dry eye. Treatment was done quickly and painlessly. Looking forward to my followup up check visit for final reading on my treatment results by the doctor.

Alisha DeTorres

My experience at the Orlando Eye Institute was very pleasant. The staff and doctors seemed to really care about my eye health. Going to the eye doctor has a negative stigma but I honestly had a positive experience here. Dr. Parbhu was very nice as well.

Kathryn Landry

Marta Gonzalez

Wendy Almstead

Conveniently located in DP (behind the 7-11). The front desk staff is friendly and efficient. Under 5 minute wait time for my son's scheduled appointment. The technician could not have been more thorough and professional. The doctor could not have been more confident and courteous. He went the "extra mile" in trying to locate the problem and was great about giving step by step explanations of the various procedures undertaken. This visit was for my son. Think I'll go back for an eyelift!

Brandon Figueroa

Came to Orlando from out of town. Had an unexpected issue come up and came here. Dr Parbhu and her Staff have been phenomenal. Very accommodating. Thank you!


Very professional and thorough.Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Geri Meadows

I am a patient of Dr Raja and I am very satisfied with the service I receive. The office personnel is very friendly and efficient.

Karen Corbett

The examination was very thorough. Dr. Raju and all the staff never seemed hurried. They took plenty of time to explain what they were doing and answer my questions.

Laura Paton

I had the same experience with overcharges. I called ahead of time because I have a high deductible plan. I wanted an estimate. I understand that estimates can change once the doctor sees a patient, so I am not unreasonable in my expectations. The doctor charged to take an external photo with a digital camera that I could have taken with my iPhone. Procedure never explained as mandatory over the phone. I didn't request this service but it was snapped and on the list of charges before I was involved in the conversation. $45 for one picture of an eyelid from 3 feet away. Of course the insurance doesn't cover that. I was told I had to pay the entire bill before leaving even though I had insurance. They will not bill insurance first but instead try to calculate my portion and bill me on the spot. They claimed they knew what my portion of the insurance would be. As expected, they were wrong for all 3 line items on the bill and I was overcharged 20% for the whole bill. Now I have to await a refund from the office and take the time to put the funds back into my HSA account. They have their money and I jump through the hoops to get my money back. Not impressed. Other offices must be easier to work with.

Larry Jenkins

Was able to get me in on short notice. Friendly staff and Dr Raja explained thoroughly my diagnosis and treatment.

nina deflora

I was referred by Dr. Patel in Lake Nona for a very specific and chronic issue. They were able to fit me in quickly to see Dr. Parbhu, as it was for a second opinion for a surgery. I was seen at my appointment time but, more importantly, she gave me other options to consider. I had surgery that week and everything appears to be going really well. Very kind and caring doctor and staff.

Vipul Patel

Dr. Keshni Parbhu was so attentive and professional through the entire process of helping our daughter. I've heard of the friendly staff and the state of the art facility; but this was my first experience with them. It was an amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing any of their many services.

joseph c

I needed an appointment the same day and they had one availabIa same day.(another place couldn't see me for about 3 weeks) I went in with a piece of metal debris (so tiny couldn't see it) and small rust ring in my eye. They saw it almost right away with the equipment and was able to get it out. He used eye drops that numb the eye beforehand and I couldn't even feel any pain. The doctor was friendly and answered my questions and talked me through the procedure. I was in and out on a short amount of time. I was able to drive home. I am self pay and they charged me less than what they quoted me. I definitely reccomend them. Plus there are places to eat afterwards in the same plaza.

Robert La Fond

I have been a patient of Dr. Raja's for a few years now and he is one of the best eye Drs I have had in quite sometime, He's very thoughtful caring and really easy to talk to, and I love his staff everyone at OEI is really nice and caring, I have nothing but nice things to say about everyone their .

Mike Hargreaves

"I am very pleased with the service I received from Dr. Raja and his staff. Janelle was very thorough with my eye examinations. Everything was explained in detail by Dr. Raja. The receptionist was very courteous and friendly. "

Barry Bergan

I changed health insurance and my previous doctor was not in network with the new insurance. I was referred to Orlando Eye Institute by my family doctor for an examination. I liked my former doctor but my experience was better at Orlando Eye Institute. I was promptly processed by the considerate and friendly staff. The examination was very thorough and the doctor took the time to explain the steps of the examination and the results. I was very impressed with the doctor and have every confidence in him. I am very happy and whole heartily recommend Orlando Eye Institute. Plus, the office location is in Doctor Phillips where I live.


My choice for an eye doctor was the right choice. From the staff to the Dr Raja and Dr Parbhu I have had the best experience. My teenage kids also really like them as well. Love the fact that they use Klara (texting) for faster communication I would recommend to anyone!!

Leslie Townsend

The doctors and staff were very nice and professional. Everyone knows what they are doing and answers all your questions. The only thing that needs work is that you just need a larger waiting area and more chairs.

Grace Overton

Dr. Parbhu was very professional and caring. The staff was courteous and professional. The office was clean and bright, this was a very rewarding experience.

Patrick Torre

Dr. Parhbu and Cindy her shield from dissatisfied patients have zero regard for caring not only for her patients but for the way they mislead you regarding charges. After my son had a Chalazian removed from his eyelid, it quickly returned and after going back to the Dr. She said it would require another surgery and more money! As my son’s eye got worse than when he first went to her she said let’s see what happens as it takes time to heal. Well as we would expect a Dr. To care about her patient, she didn’t even bother to see how he was doing. His eye has gotten progressively worse and she had Cindystall is off and then finally today after 4 months of “ waiting to see what happens” we were told a new surgery would be needed and pay again.All of this over the phone as she didn’t even have enough concern for my son to have him come in again and examine him. Well our attorney will handle the complaint with the medical board and aquire my son’s medical records as we have found out and you can see from previous patients reviews this is NOT the first time the Dr. Botched this surgery and misled her patients. This will not go away and the Dr. will have to answer for her care and lack of care for our son.

Trisha Oliphant

The Dr is Phenomenal

Nicole Badlu

They were so sensitive to my condition and were helpful. They were able to fit me into their busy schedule and I was in and out within a hour of getting there. Dr Raja provided excellent service and I would highly recommend this office to friends and family!

Alan Face

It was a excellent experience. I would and will recommend Orlando Eye Institute to everyone. The staff was very friendly and helpful in the process of being a new patient to OEI. The only recommendation I would make is have staff wear name tags so we can praise the staff by name.


In 2011, I was dumb and naive 20 year old, who made the monumental mistake of putting my face in the hands of Dr. Keshini Parbhu. Or Butcher Parbhu as I like to refer to her. I am not sure why it took me so long to speak out, or do something about my terrible experience with this woman, but I hope this helps someone. I had uneven eyelids all of my life, which really bothered me. So when she told me she could help me fix this minor cosmetic issue, I was beyond excited. She promised she would operate on my left eyelid to raise it, and if that did not work, we would try a different surgery. I did not know much about this procedures at the time, so I trusted her completely. The "surgery" was performed right there in her office, no general anesthesia, just a shot to my eyelid to numb it, which did not work at all. I cannot tell how how much a nightmare the whole thing was, and how much pain I endured. I though it out, because I really wanted the promised results. By the time the swelling had gone down and it was time for my follow up, it was apparent that the surgery had not worked. Dr. Parbhu simply told me that I would have to live with the results. No offer to correct the failed surgery, no offer of a refund. And the most traumatic thing of all, a disfiguring, horrific scar on my eyelid, that I am not sure I will ever be able to get rid of. I was all alone in this matter, and with no one to guide me or advice me to fight back, I left Dr. Pharbhu's office, and never returned. Luckily, I found a great surgeon with great talents who operated on my other eye and made my eyelids even. He did a beautiful seamless job, no scar, a surgery performed under general anesthesia, no pain at all! and for a third of what Dr. Parbhu scammed off me!!!!!! To this day I get sick to my stomach when I remember how this woman scammed me, and disfigured my face. Please, if you care about your face, do not allow this doctor anywhere near it. I unfortunately have to re-live this experience every time I look in the mirror. I hope you never have to go through the same thing.

Gianfranco Infantas

The staff was great and as well as Doctor Raja. He was nice and explained everything very well.

James Antal

Excellent. Very professional and efficient.

Orazio Tartaglia

Ken V

I have been a patient for over a year. It has been a positive experience. The staff has always been pleasant and professional. Dr. Raja is always friendly, professional and he fixed my vision.

Kim Steele

Dustin Yoder

I have never had an eye exam before and the Orlando Eye Institute made the experience easy and delightful. I would recommend them to anyone in Orlando looking for a new eye doctor.

Scott Justin

Service was great ,Very Polite ,courteous.Technicians were very friendly and thorough. Dr. Deepak Raja was friendly and right on point . Found my problem right away and offered a quick solution to my problem. Very glad I went there.

Anderson Ellis

The Orlando Eye Institute is AMAZING! I was having a problem with my eye and Dr. Parbhu came in on the weekend just to make sure everything was okay. She was nothing but professional. I can now see so much better. I sent my mother as well for eye surgery and after 2 years she can drive at night again. Dr. Parbhu truly changed her life and my families for the better. Thank you, Orlando Eye Institute!!!

Ludwidge Perry

Leonard Kovalsky

Love Dr. Raja - he is so knowledgeable and well-educated...always up-to-date on the latest research and technology. He will spend time with you as needed and you will never feel rushed; treats all patients with empathy, dignity and respect. I have been seeing him since 2014 following a severe eye infection which eventually required a corneal transplant.. Anita Kovalsky

Wava Bacchus

I was referred to this office 3 weeks ago. I called multiple times over the passed weeks. Left 3 voicemails and never received a call back. I just asked my doctor to refer me to another doctor.

Tom Abrams

Great experience! Surgery to repair droopy eyelids was a real success. Couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Parbhu did a great job. She was very caring, highly professional & completely patient oriented. Highly recommend.

Jay Clark

Great. From the time I walked in to the time I left. Dispite a full house I was treated with one of the most proffesional staffs I have ever seen.

Darshana Singla

We had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Parbhu and her staff. My daughter was very anxious about the appointment and the procedure but Dr. Parbhu was very patient with her and spent a lot of time trying to calm her down. Dr. Parbhu is very professional and she takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. We have had great results from the procedure and we would highly recommend this practice.

James Tashjian

My choice for cataract surgery after several years and different clinics. Dr Raja has seminars in the procedures involved. Very explanatory and follow up is extensive. Highly recommended.

Joanne Hackney

Dr. Raja is very thorough and so knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly.

Reida Snow-Drago

Extremely good physicians.

Arti Patel

My daughter had an accident that resulted in a deep cut right above her left eye on a Sunday evening. Dr. Keshni was gracious to see her that same evening. My daughter was extremely nervous but Dr Keshni calmed her down and was able to clean, anesthetize and give 7 stitches to her. We walked out relieved and extremely thankful for Dr Keshni and her amazing skills. It is an amazing feeling to know your daughter is in good hands.

Elizabeth Starnes

Dr. Raja is one of the best ophthalmologists to deal with dry eye. I went to three ophthalmologists before finding him and he has really thought out of the box in order to treat my condition. I had extremely bad dry eye and all the other doctors said "just use eye drops" which was not going to cut it. His office is on the cutting edge for dry eye technology/treatments. I came in one week and just a few days before a vendor for Autologous serum had come and I was able to be one of the first patients to get that serum from them. I was put on Xiidra shortly after it came out. If you have dry eye, he is definitely the best doctor to see in Orlando for it!!


Horrible, they canceled a one month follow up visit they scheduled right before it was scheduled telling me that my referral expired 2 days before the appointment was set for. They said they should have notified me but they didn't. Now they tell me I have to schedule it for 2 weeks down the road when I am not available. They did this to me 2 years ago when I had different insurance. They waited until the day before the appointment to tell me that my insurance was not accepted by them when they had told me the month before when we set the appointment it was accepted.

Willow T

First the doctors are pretty good but the staff not at all. The girl Candance that sits at the front is the worst. When I call she seems to always have a attitude. When I come to my appointments she seems to always have a attitude and today I gave her my debit card in her hand and she gives it back to me by throwing it in the counter. So I said can you please give it back to me in me hand just as I gave it to you. Her response was "Ma'am, I don't have time for that, I'm busy!". All because she pre wrote the receipt that I was paying my entire co pay in cash but I paid half and half. So she does a long breath and wrote another receipt. Again the doctors are great but if I wasn't already into my treatments I would not come back here all because of the unprofessional staff!!..,


Dr. Parbhu was professional and very quick with the chalazion removal that I had to go through. Procedure is not a pleasant one, so I'm glad she was done in less than a minute. The wait for my visit was longer than i expected, but nothing terrible. The only issue I had was that assistants weren't always on top of it.

Terry Bell

Been a patient for 2 years and never had any problems or issues with Dr Raja or his staff I would recommend his practice to anyone who is in need of outstanding eye care

Elise Feiner

Great doctor, great office - found him When I needed to get my daughter an appointment quickly - they were the only office you helped and got her right in. We all use him Now, he’s the best!

Danielle Medina

Helio Leite

Very nice people, they treat you very good!!!!

Michelle Hancharik

Harish Komuravelli

This place charges more fee that required. They insist on paying the 10% co-insurance at the time of visit and they don't calculate the amount correctly. They took more from me 2 times and they never refunded. After one year I remembered and called and then they say they will send a check, that is irresponsibility. What if I don't call and how many patients call for this ? They should have a process to refund the patients if they charge more. I talked to Dan the manager and he was ready to accept the mistake and explain the process

Cassie Taylor

My appointment was a positive experience. It was timely, staff were efficient and pleasant. The doctor seemed polite and interested in me as a patient, he answered all my questions.

Vanessa Corredor

These people are crazy!! Booked an appt 2 weeks before I asked multiple times over the phone if there was a consultation fee and they told me NO. I get to my appt and they're trying to charge me $50. I have no cash or card on me because I was told I didn't have to pay anything. And then the manager comes and has the audacity to ask me if I could call someone who can give me a card number. How unprofessional!!!

Mike Wright

This office is very professional and all staff were well trained and friendly. Dr Parbhu performed the surgery on Monday December 20th removing excess skin from both my eyes. The surgery only took a little over one hour and I am very happy with the results. If you are thinking about having this procedure done ,Dr Parbhu is the person to see.

Bhavin Mehta

The doctor of Orlando has no doubt taken the second form of God in saving my life. I underwent refractive surgery for my eye where a chance for success was minimal but see today I am fit and fine. Thank you so much Doctors for giving me light.

Cathy Goodyear

Emergency visit while on vacation, Dr. Raja was wonderful. Thanks so much!

Silvia Calderon

Outstanding experience. Office is well organized, professional and employees are tops! The exam was thorough and all questions were answered by the doctor.

Adam Hodges

Nice and professional. The offices were nice, conveniently located and the staff was professional. They did a great job of accomodating my young daughter and I at the same time.

Charles Goeb

Joel Kimrey

My first visit was an interesting and useful experience; I was impressed by the prompt, professional manner in which I was treated.

Carolyn Johnson

I could not have asked for a better surgical experience than I received from Dr. Parbhu. No pain at all...very little bruising and minimal swelling. I highly recommend this physician. Her office staff is professional and efficient.

Thelma Crime

Dr. Raja is an excellent eye doctor, he is being my doctor for more than two years and I recommended him to family and friends. Also Dr. Parbhu as well is amazing, their facilities Top of the line. If you need an eye doctor , please do not hesitate to contact them.

Su Urmos

They NEVEr answer the phone, no matter what extension you click it just goes into leave a message. And there's no point in leaving one because they don't call you back! Unbelievable, how do you run an office like this?!?

Melody Taylor

Excellent customer service, no long waiting, and annual eye complete within an hour. I definitely recommend the Orlando Eye Institute for your eye care. See you next year. Thank you!!

Maddie Sutphin

Great experience. No nonsense straight to the point and direct on what needed to be done. Staff very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

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