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Vonne Marie Declet

Tom Furbish

Bordering on criminal! My last visit was to replace aging protective contact lenses. I waited over 4 hours past my appointment time. I saw the doctor for 10 minutes and he visually inspected my eye condition. I took out my old contacts. I put in my new contacts. The total bill was $727. My insurance paid $333. My portion is $394. There was no explanation ahead of time that I would be billed $606 for Diagnostic Services that were not performed. I plan to file a report with the State of Florida for insurance fraud. There is no excuse for this kind of billing practice! There is no way reach anyone by phone to dispute the charges. The billing department refers you to the office. The office says I need to take it up with billing. Aargh!!! FIND ANOTHER PROVIDER. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY HERE.

Ms.cutiepie Gainer

Great place it is true about paying for some of the bill we owe ,because they said Medicaid or Medicare don't cover all of my bill, but it's super clean and very beautiful inside love going there and the people are very nice.......


al king

The best, my ass they the best, they THINK they're the best but they R not and just because they take your insurance, doesn't mean U can go, U need a referral from a Primary who IS contracted with this institution, if not, no pass go. The worst is their phone calls go to miami 305 number and U could easily be on hold for 30 minutes or more, this is 2015 slackers, answer the phone and don't put people on hold for ever and then get a new person who doesn't have your information and then U gotta start all over again and then they put U on hold again! Get your act together bozos!

Maeann Alvarez

denise fisher

I have only had great service. Dr.Donaldson was very kind and a wonderful doctor. I am anxious ly waiting to have my other eye done. I enjoy not wearing glasses anymore.. I also had great service at the place in Miami for cataract surgery

Vonne Marie Declet

Idalma Martinez

I'm very satisfied with bascom palmer. Thank you so much.

annie r

be prepared to wait a long long time.

Andres Etchenique

I echo the sentiment below ref. the time they make you wait. The technical level of the folks who see is great, but waiting for over 4 hours on a pre-scheduled appointment is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE !!!

Joanne Martinez

Great facility, however, horrible customer (especially from Sylvia, from the Retina Area) service and wait time. The first day Appointment was at 10:15am and ended up leaving after 5:30pm; 7+hrs! Half the staff in the four floor was rude answering questions concerning the well being of my mother and wait time. But Dr. Vazquez has excellent service. The second day thanks again to Dr. Vazquez and West, we receive a better service except for Sylvia she was so rude and have poor customer service. I hope the hospital read the reviews and take actions to improve the customer service areas because many of the doctors are excellence.

Janelle Lora

Fairly decent service however wait time was pretty poor.

Jill Allan

Absolutely wonderful!!! I came to Bascom Palmer for a consultation for Lasik just to see if I was able to do it or not. Little did I know, they would make me feel so comfortable and confident I would actually do it. I did some research and felt so confident in my choice when I read about their doctors. From start to finish, it was truly amazing. The staff was so kind and went above and beyond to explain my Lasik every step of the way. The dr who did my Lasik took the time to really sit with me and talk to me, she calmed me down and walked me through every step. The second I left I know I had made the right choice to go here. Not only were they pleasant for the first appointment and when I went to get my Lasik, but every time I go back the people in the Lasik area are so happy and helpful. I really love talking to them. Highly recommended! I’m now twenty twenty and couldn’t be happier.!

Carmen Rosas

the want money 1st and then take care of someone my insurance company has an a letter of agreement the wii be sent to them but until lizandra Davila approve it the will not do an apt.

Ted Mesa

Probably if not one of the most unprofessionally runned healthcare providers in South Florida. Save yourself a lot of headaches and call another Eyecare institution.

Natalia Alvarez

Very bad customer services. 6 hours to be attend in the emergency room

ari burke

These people saved my life. Had cancer in my eye, killed the cancer and am on the road to recovery. Never had a problem with waiting or anyone there. I would recommend to everyone. I drive 8 hours from GA to get there, well worth every mile.

bruce hunt

I was there and had my left eye enunciated by doctor Willamette Harbour due to Ocular melanoma (cancer)

Tom Furbish

Bordering on criminal! My last visit was to replace aging protective contact lenses. I waited over 4 hours past my appointment time. I saw the doctor for 10 minutes and he visually inspected my eye condition. I took out my old contacts. I put in my new contacts. The total bill was $727. My insurance paid $333. My portion is $394. There was no explanation ahead of time that I would be billed $606 for Diagnostic Services that were not performed. I plan to file a report with the State of Florida for insurance fraud. There is no excuse for this kind of billing practice! There is no way reach anyone by phone to dispute the charges. The billing department refers you to the office. The office says I need to take it up with billing. Aargh!!! FIND ANOTHER PROVIDER. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY HERE.

Rosa Cisneros

Unfortunately I'm having a terrible experience with this hospital. I had an eye inflammation that started on Friday night, and since my health insurance plan is new, on Sunday I called them to ask if I had coverage, so I could go there. The response I received was positive, so I went. Once there, I delivered all my documents, I waited during 3 long hours, they passed 2 patients in front of me and after I complained the doctor finally saw me. The doctor gave me a medicine and AFTER I left, the receptionist told me that my health plan was INATIVE (?). On Monday I discovered that I had no coverage, I went to my doctor who changed the medication that was wrong, and now they send me the bills! That is, they went wrong twice in checking my plan coverage, other people passed me in front of me, they gave me the wrong medicine and now I have to pay for their mistakes, around USD 800.00 !!

Sachin Bhandari

Despite their pre-eminent ranking as the 'number 1' eye hospital, I don't think I would come back to Bascom Palmer for several reasons. First, the Miami facility - which is where the highly advanced research and procedures take place, and where in all likelihood the best physicians are - is solidly booked for weeks upon weeks. It's difficult to get an appointment there. That's ok if you are only looking for a routine eye exam, but if something is actually causing problems to your eye, you're only options are to show up at the E.R. which is costly, or set up an appointment at one of their other locations. I went to the Plantation facility (still Bascom Palmer) to get a check-up when I was experiencing some eye irritation. When I arrived at the facility, I waited nearly 2 hours to see someone. The first assistant that examined my eye did not dilate my pupils - which is highly unusual, as its a standard practice for most eye-checkups. (A family member of mine is an ophthalmologist). When the doctor finally came to examine my eye, she looked at it for a total of perhaps 5 minutes - this is no exaggeration. My feeling when at the clinic was that the entire office was run like a factory with long wait times, and doctors coming into exams and out of exams as quickly as possible. Although I feel the doctor was likely skilled enough to determine if my irritation was anything serious, I wasn't entirely reassured that she knew what exactly was causing my eye irritation. She chalked it up to inflamed blood vessels in my eye and prescribed some topical steroids. I later learned that the particular eye-drops would make a large numbers of different eye irritations feel better when used while not necessarily addressing the root problem. On my follow up visit weeks later, my eye was still slightly irritated, and again I waited a couple hours, got less than 10 minutes of ACTUAL doctor time, and was told to keep taking the drops. Eventually the problem went away. Later on I got the bill for the visit, and noticed an additional fee tacked on to my co-pay. Apparently Bascom Palmer bills its Plantation office as a hospital visit. I was surprised, because the Plantation office is not in a hospital - its literally just an office in a large building. A normal doctor's office, not affiliated with a hospital would never attempt to bill for a hospital visit (again family member is an ophthalmologist). I called up their billing department to argue the point a couple times - which is by the way a complete nightmare, expect a minimum of 25 minutes wait and extremely rude attitude - and received different explanations of the 'hospital fee' depending on who I spoke to, flat denials, and a by the book attitude about how this was just policy.. Well apparently the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about this in 2009, and noted that 13 states are doing investigations about this very practice of billing offices and outpatient clinics associated or owned by hospitals as "hospital visits." In the end, the actual service I got was probably worse than if I had visited a small practice, and I basically got billed double. In the future I'll be looking in my area for a small ophthalmologists' practice in-network, and look for a doctor actually willing to put in the proper time doing an eye checkup.

Aldo Suarez

Great staff, it can be packed at times but it goes quickly is you take something to read. Doctor Mari Carmen Perez-Blanco was fantastic she made me go back for another test and I was adviced to go back in a couple of years for LASIK. I'm afraid that had I gone somewhere else they would have taken my money and wasted my time. Worth the drive and wait.

Ana Lourdes Rodríguez Cuesta

The emergency room is very disappointing. When we first got here we were told that the waiting time was 5 hours. That is outrageous. Isn’t this supposed to be for emergencies??????

Eulises Melo

Yes the number one eye institute period but the Cortese of the night shift security guard needs some adjustments. Un polite and rude with guess and people waiting or charging there devices in the client charging station area. I'm Melo and they know who I am.

J Nomad

Some of the worst wait times I have ever experienced. We have been waiting to see the doctor for 3 hours now. I can’t wait to move on to somewhere else. We will see someone local for follow up, hopefully. This is ridiculous.

Cody Peacock

Absolutely ridiculous. Have been waiting for 6 hours and still haven’t seen the doctor. Had no idea where to park when we got here so ended up having to park in the garage across the street and getting charged over 20 bucks to park there all day. No one seems able to update us. The place is pretty much empty and still waiting.

Doron Marom

What a disappointment !!! Bascom Palmer claims that they are #1. Maybe, but my visit there at the Plantation, FL medical center was a sad joke, Nurses did the check ups while a super busy Doctor met me for about maybe 3 to 4 minutes after more than three hours wait. I explained that I don't see well on my left eye. I've repeated that many times. I explained that I've seen 4 doctors before and I'm here since Bascom Palmer claims to be the best in the US and I have a serious problem with my vision which need a real professional attention. The reply was that my vision is fine and no need for anything to be done whatsoever. Be careful!! They just do NOT listen !!! They really think they are the best... Line of people outside so why to care?? What a sad joke and a waste of time!! Yesterday I went to Dr Kay from Aventura, FL office. A very highly recommended eye specialist. An hour later I left with a diagnosis of a tumor in my brain which was confirmed by a follow up MRI which shows that the tumor is 'sitting" on the left eye's nerve and is affecting my vision. The difference is: Doctor Kay listened carefully to my complain (despite a very busy office and a line of people). Nurses did the checkups BUT under his instructions. Don't be fooled by"#1 eye institute bullshit" name. Get a few opinions if you think needed and make sure that the Doctor LISTEN to you and pay close attention to what you have to say. Sometimes either they are over worked and super busy or just not as good as they think they are...

Victor Niemi

To be fair, I know Bascom Palmer and the physicians need to make a profit to stay in operation (no pun intended). For perspective, I am a retired healthcare provider; just shy of 20 years providing anesthesia, and before that, Emergency Room and Critical Care. I speak the language, understand the system, and have walked the walk! My wife needs a cataract removed and an intraocular lens placed. She thought B-P would be good and it is close to us. I tried to call B-P to confirm insurance acceptance and estimate of charges. Even calling was frustrating, glad I did not make a trip to the facility!! Lady ("Sam") on the phone gave me a number to call, I read it back to her for confirmation and it still turned out to be a wrong number! Got a different number to call and the guy spoke at light speed. I politely told him I was older and could not understand him when he spoke so quickly. Didn't make a spit of difference, he just rattled on as fast as ever (and mumbled a bit).... Feel sorry for all the people who got stuck in the waiting room or clinics, but grateful I avoided that. ALSO, found it interesting that the "excellent" evaluations all seemed to come from a "Local Guide" source!!!! Paid endorsements, maybe???

Rachel Smith

Long wait. This place sees pediatric patients,but do not have a waiting area with any time of toys to occupy young children.Appointment was scheduled for 11 30 I arrived at 10:50.It is currently 1:06pm,and we still have not been seen .. My son and his dad stepped off the floor to get something to eat because the front desk said it would take about an hour.As soon as he leaves they call him...they then instruct me that we have 10 mins to get back...this place is just too much.

Jane Hunter

Person who called me back had no business being in healthcare as they did not care. I was trying to transfer treatment for an existing serious condition from CA where my injury occured to Miami where I live. At 1st they had no appointments till June, then they found one in the week I needed. Cost minimum quoted was $475 before any tests (not even a pressure test!). In CA every visit with a "for profit" center with top cornea surgeons [PHD, fellowship et al from UCLA] was no more than $150 (often $100) Nothing not for profit about the B&P center!

Rachel Lauzurique

This place is awesome. Thank You to all the doctors that have helped me with my vision.

Roya Keshmiri

Very,, very bad customer service

Rachel Wood

This place is horrible I just took my son in for an appointment first off now they tell me they don’t take my insurance why didn’t they tell me that when I called .then they want a deposit of $400 really what happens to customer service there was none the lady Rosa even worse I was so frustrated I left so much for my son’s getting his eyes checked and this is a low vision facility which my son needs.

Lorena Ramos

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The customer service at this hospital is atrocious. Ana Salazar, who is the supervisor, is full of excuses as to why her personnel is ill-trained. She expects someone to wait 26 minutes patiently and be happy when she ultimately gets on the phone. And once you complain, she will give you all the excuses in the world and you rude and hang up on you. I was switched to 4 different floors before Yvette put me on hold for 11 minutes only to switch me over to the wrong doctor. After 28 minutes of my time, I finally gave up. I still don't know if Ana Salazar, the supervisor, who herself needs extensive training, will actually take a message and give it to my doctor, which is all I was trying to do.

Lady Woodson

Very disappointed with the service during and after surgery in this place. First, when my mom was in surgery we were told that the screen in the waiting room will tell us accurately the status in which the patient is (preparing for surgery, anesthesia, etc) well we were waiting for her "preparing for anesthesia" for 3 hours before I decide to go and talk to one of the nurses and she said that she will be going into surgery in the the next 20 minutes but the screen never changed again we waited about another 50 more minutes and asked again, turns out that she has been in surgery about 3 hours ago and now was over. Secondly, after surgery we were given a list of symptoms were considered emergency and a number to call 24/7. When I called about 3 days later they said they were going to call me back in 15 to 20 minutes never happened. Then called the next morning 2 more times and still no call. What can of service is this? The patient care sucks. A patient may be dying with emergency symptoms and no one cares. I do not recommend this place at all!

James Mortel

Bascom Palmer took the meaning of disappointment to another dirt level regarding scheduling and patient management. Total disrespectful to the patient's personal time. My wife was scheduled to be seen at 2:10 PM today, after they took the insurance deductible (in our case is $40) and waiting for more than 2 hours, my wife was told that six (6) patients are ahead of her. Due to Bascom Palmer's inability to serve efficiently, my wife canceled the appointment, no services were provided, BUT Bascom Palmer kept the $40 deductible. Yes, in my opinion, Bascom Palmer is ranked #1 in the nation in keeping insurance deductibles without services provided, this market place maybe blind on something color green.

J Farm

Dr. Karp seems to genuinely care and has gone above and beyond what I would expect. She seems extremely busy. I did wait have a long wait but when it was my turn she took her time and answered all my questions and concerns...

Alexandra Hower

Wonderful facility and the staff is extremely helpful. My father had retina surgery performed by Dr. Townsend, and his vision has already returned! Couldn’t be happier with the services provided.

Nic Asian

Horrible receptionist you guys should have people who know how too speak too a patient they are so rude makes me sick never will recommend

Ms.cutiepie Gainer

Great place it is true about paying for some of the bill we owe ,because they said Medicaid or Medicare don't cover all of my bill, but it's super clean and very beautiful inside love going there and the people are very nice.......


yasmani ordonez

Emergency 2nd floor ther have great crew including food doctors and specialist you have to wait around 5 hours your first time but is worth the waiting

Joseph Cyberspace

Yesterday I had the second of two cataract surgeries peformed by my Bascom Palmer eye doctor of about 7 years, Dr. James Banta. And today, less than 24 hours later, as I write this, I have better vision than I have had since I was 3 or 4 years old. I am now 51 years old. As a child I had a lack of care, and improper treatment for my eye problems, resulting in lifelong vision problems. My perspective today, in thinking over the past and the present, is that of 7 years of consistently positive experiences, superior treatment and care, people being helpful and kind and precise, making someone like me, who is nervous, shy, afraid of new things, feel valued, more confident and strong enough to do what is best. Witnessing others do their best, has helped to inspire me to try to do my best. As a "company", I have never done "business" with a better place, never, in my lifetime. But of course Bascom Palmer is more than a company, it is an eye hospital, a place where people with injured and damaged eyes go to get help. Of course it is a business, they must make money, they must structure the company to be profitable. But look at what they are selling and making: Eyesight: restored, preserved, maintained. What a wonderful and precious product! I cannot think of anything else, today. About 7 years ago I called Bascom Palmer and asked for a good eye doctor, to make an appointment for a check-up. My lifelong poor vision, still on the decline, was making my job difficult, and even dangerous. I was "assigned" Dr. James Banta, and from my first visit, I experienced competency, care, precision, very different from previous care by storefront optometrists. I was made to feel valued and cared for, just as much by his interns and the nurses and even the on-site optometry shop, where eye health is always stressed, instead of designer or close-out frames. Bascom inspired me to embrace progressive lenses, transitions lenses, no-glare coatings, new things that helped me to see better, and to feel better. Is it worth $200 more, to see better, and to protect your precious vision?? If you THINK it is, it is. And the people at Bascom made me think it was worth it, that I was worth it. This is an eye HOSPITAL, that is why some things are a bit more expensive than if you just go to an individual eye doctor in a private practice. The difference in price is not huge, and it is worth it, in my opinion. Also, this is a WORLD FAMOUS eye hospital, people from all over the world with serious and complicated eye injuries and diseases come here. It has an emergency room where locals who suffer traumatic eye injuries are brought by ambulance. If you have to wait a little longer to see a doctor, as a brand new patient, or if your appointment time for a routine check-up stretches to a 2, 3 hour delay, I would suggest keeping in mind that you are seeing an outstanding doctor in a state-of-the-art facility where many, many people with serious eye diseases and injuries are being cared for each day. I feel very lucky to have been a patient here for the past seven years, receiving comprehensive care: Yearly examinations, precise prescriptions tweaked year to year to maximize sight, eyeglasses purchased from the on-site optical shop, outfitted with valuable features to help protect my eyesight, and now expert surgery to eliminate my latest problem, developing cataracts, in the process giving me back vision that I had lost for decades. Outstanding continuity of care is well worth the slight extra costs! Bascom takes almost all health insurance, and I have had no billing problems at all. I schedule all my appointments very early in the morning, 7:30-9:00 AM, and have had no major delays. Every person that I have dealt with, for the entire 7 years, has been at the very least, fully competent and professional, and the MAJORITY have been outstanding. Among the best: Dr. James Banta Elva Velazco-Inerarity, Surgery Services Representative Nurse Grace Tan-Carrasco Maite Moro, Patient Liaison I SEE beautiful people, in a beautiful place!

Tina Ashby

I had a fantastic experience at Bascom Palmer today. Dr. Yoo, Dr. Livingston and their entire staff were thorough, professional and timely. They guided me through my scheduled appointment and communicated every step of the way. In fact, every person from check-in to check-out and in the contact lense center were courteous and helpful. I can see why they are rated #1 and wish them continued success.

Hortensia Sanchez

This is my third visit to Bascom Palmer. While the doctors are good, the wait for services is horrible. You can sit and wait for 4 unacceptable situation for what is supposed to be an stare of the arts facility. You come with an appointment and there is no reason for the wait and inefficiency of the staff

Alejandro W

I had an MRI done, the assured all I had to pay was $200 and after a couple of weeks the sent me a bill for $2,800, dishonest, be careful if you don't want the same thing to happen to you.

al king

The best, my ass they the best, they THINK they're the best but they R not and just because they take your insurance, doesn't mean U can go, U need a referral from a Primary who IS contracted with this institution, if not, no pass go. The worst is their phone calls go to miami 305 number and U could easily be on hold for 30 minutes or more, this is 2015 slackers, answer the phone and don't put people on hold for ever and then get a new person who doesn't have your information and then U gotta start all over again and then they put U on hold again! Get your act together bozos!

Joey Miller

Excellent eye hospital one of the best in the country. BE PREPAIRED TO WAIT FOREVER. It's an all dayer to see your doctor. But the care you get is worth it.

Alfred Schepis

My wife had an injury to her cornea and well called today to make an appointment. Nothing available for two months. Thats great eye care?


Great doctors probally the best but the waiting time is awful. Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours

Sarah Mcafee

3/15/17, We had scheduled an appointment for our son on the 15th two months in advanced. After a three hour drive to get there for our appointment time of noon, we checked in took a seat in the waiting room. For three and a half hours we waited to be seen by the doctor, watching patients that arrived hours after we did get a chance to speak to the doctor. The front desk in the pediatric side of the eye Institute was not occupied, the only nurse we could find was sitting behind a work station on her phone and when we asked to speak to the doctor we were told to knock on the door and wait for a nurse to come out, as she continued on her cell phone. Once we were called into the room the doctor read three websites to us and said, "These three sites are great to read up on and get the most information in order to raise your son the best way possible." We drove three hours to wait three hours to have Dr Craig A. Mckweon at the #1 Eye Institute in the world Bascom Palmer, read us 3 websites. Don't waste your time, I truly don't know how they are the #1 Eye Institute. Biggest waste of time, worst visit to a doctor's we have ever had.

Daniela Valerian

im verry thankful to all the workers in bascom palmer eye institute.they do great job.great service. and specially to maggie perezz. and dokter perish. they both help my dead with love. definitely the #1 eye institute

Ronald Finnegan

Great clinic doctors,

Maeann Alvarez

Andrea Hershorin

I had cataract surgery in 2018 at Bascom Palmer especially because of a cornea disease in my right eye. Surgery was perfect! I had no problems with the staff or process.

Kae Cee

The worst service ever!!!!!! I'll NEVER come here again!!!!!!!!!!

Harlee Mahmet

Dr. Elena Ross refused to address my eye problems. She said she couldn't find anything wrong and so there WAS nothing wrong. I can't see out of one eye, everything looks as though I'm walking through a cloud, and I haven't been able to use my computer in years because everything, pictures & text, look the exact same color, WHITE!!! DO NOT Go to Dr Ross for ANYTHING DIAGNOSTIC!

Masterfit Alterations

Josie Sanchez

Just to let you all know when you come to the eye institute you need to come with enough time.Before you see the doctor they run a lot of tests. Amazing staff and Dr. Bryon Lam is not so friendly he is quiet but he resolve your health issue he team is very friendly and nice.

Ana Yesquen

The lady in emergency. Desk. Was so rude you have to learn how. To speak. Polite and BiG smile please......

Diva Vogue Vandernikoffe-Pawloski

I never experienced such Immaculate service

Miguel Larrea

This is the third time that I have to wait more than 4 hours for my appointment. I have the impression that the quality of service has declined. I was very tired when I doing my vision field so that probably influence the results Nobody to complain. Somebody at the front desk told me “you have time to get something to eat and come back”. Great, I guess I should have come prepared for a picnic day instead of a doctor visit Very bad experience. I am not coming back.

Santiago Padilla

Piss poor attention. After waiting 2-3 hours for emergency care, the Doctor barely looked at the patient. The only thing that she advised was "come back if it gets worse." But it was already worse. We needed some real attention!! Now going to a private physician for real medical treatment. Forget Bascom Palmer.

Carolina Rivera

Extremely disappointed of the administration of the hospital, the boss off the checkout service desk was the rudest loudest woman I ever heard, completely disrespectful of a patient need, or doctor refused to help with signing of forms for our insurance, we actually got yell at. Patient doesn't come first here, that's for sure.

Natasha Wallace

I took my mom to see Dr Maharaj for a 2nd opinion and he was extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. The best of the best at Bascom Palmer. I highly recommend.

Kae Cee

The worst service ever!!!!!! I'll NEVER come here again!!!!!!!!!!

b novak

You will lose hours of your day. If you're lucky you will have to return just once to redo he prescription bc the first one will be wrong. But people are really nice and friendly.

Eric Alvarez

if I could rate this place a zero , I would! Their Billing department is completely misleading and very unprofessional to say the least... and this is because I made arrangements with the billing department 1 month prior to my son’s appointment. They offered me payment plans and so I proceeded with making and attending the appointment. By the way, on their consent forms it strictly states that patients with no insurance can make payment plans! But once I got to the front desk they said my son could not be seen if I did NOT pay the full amount. They sent me To the 2nd floor billing department to see Evelyn Diaz. She backed the policy that if I didn’t pay , my son would not get service.... even though on their paperwork it states that if you have no insurance you can make payment plans! She wanted to know who I spoke to over a month ago in billing Dept! I don’t understand why they didn’t make any notes on the account regarding the billing info I was given when I called. They seemed more concerned with petty things rather than the bigger issue ( billing issue) which I was asking about. In short, their billing seems to go against written and documented policy ,which the patient signs at check in. Their check in counter for pediatrics is not any better. They are misleading and uneducated., definitely pushing away your cash patients... all you will have is low paying insurances . Very disappointed with this institution.

Caro Ri

Dr. Capo, her staff, and the hospital staff (especially Jackie the nurse) are the best! I had surgery done for strabismus and couldn't be happier with the level of care I received. Yes, sometimes the wait is long, but it's worth it. I highly recommend Dr Capo and Bascom for serious eye issues.

Yenny Passanante

They have a great reputation, unfortunately they go to so busy that they don't care about their patients any more. My doctor saw me about a year ago and ordered surgery. I was supposed to get a call within a week to schedule but they never called.I have called several times and talk to different people trying to get an answer but they just don't care. They always say they will call but so far all the tests the doctor did were a waste of time because more than a year has passed and I still have to live with my problem.

Luisa Velasquez

Thanks bascom palmer eye you are the best

Reinaldo Torres

There are angels on the 5th floor, in front of the pharmacy. I was furious about my entire day and to so many people. And all of the sudden this sensation of peace came. Like angels flying slowly through me. I was waiting for some pills for my eye but I felt that. They removed all anger, every rage, every bad memory and I was in a bliss.

Adrian Viller

Had a great LASIK experience with Dr. Yoo at the Laser Vision Center. Staff was always very attentive, responsive, and efficient. Dr. Yoo and her team (Christian, Bianca, and her assistants) were wonderful and made sure I was satisfied with the results of the surgery. Met and exceeded my expectations.

Robert McCullough

Bad a joke

Leila hosken

Excellent customer service they really take care of you, I was very satisfied with my surgery but my vírus come back and now I am scary. But the treatment in there it’s great! Also they have a delicious Hot Chocolate! I would like to say thank you to Doctor Johnson and all his staff including the anesthesiologist he was great with me! He wake me up during the surgery to ask me if I am ok and later to tell me the surgery was great! The receptionist Mrs. Yari she is great! All of you guys are great I really appreciate all for the pacient and professionalism!

alberto candelario

Horrible experience . I came with a friend that needed to see a doctor, and the waiting time is beyond what you can imagine. Four hours and still she has not been seen. No one gives explanation of why such long wait. In a place where you pay for everything this should be unaceptable. They relay on the reputation that they have gained, and when you complain about the wait they just remind you that they are voted number one in the country. What a horrible experience.

Rosa De Armas

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute is the best for your eye care needs. I have been coming here since 1987 when Dr. John J. Clarkson performed a retinal detachment surgery with an 80% success rate. In 2007, I started seeing Dr. Elizabeth A. Hodapp for Glaucoma and treatments, she also performed laser surgery to alleviate eye pressure. My Glaucoma is controlled and monitored every 3 months, she does not lose me under her radar. Exceptional Dr. with her patients and cares about them. In 2012 I had cataract surgery by my retina Dr. Audina M. Berrocal. What can I say about her, she is the best of the best. With my cataract surgery, I had two avenues, it can all go well or go bad due to my complicated eye issues. Thankfully it all went well and I see Dr. Berrocal every 6 months to monitor my retina issues. I cannot say enough about the care and dedication that these Doctors give to their patients. I owe my sight to them for their excellent work. Thank you.

Samantha Codere

We are traveling there for my youngest son where is coats disease recommended specialist was. Dr. Barrocal and staff did an amazing job during my sons lazer treatments and bringing the family down from out of town , we had a great experience. I come now for check ups every 6 months and have no problem parking and or waiting. I travel 3 hours each visit , when he does have surgery we were in good hand with the staff and after care. Family 5 for support. Love this places.

Johanna Salinas

Customer service and waiting time is ridiculous..If you have an appointment be ready to wait 3 to 4 hrs..and if you ask a question..they will scold you.. Doctors are good..otherwise i would had given them 1 star.

Giovanna Mezzogiorno

When I called the Bascom Palmer, university of Miami Health System for an appt it was given for over a month later. When the receptionist asked me the reason she told me that, that was considered an emergency and to go to the Institute; when I was there after almost 2 hours waiting they call me in, but apparently someone was supposed to dilate the pupil first and they didn't, so I had to go back and wait again for that and then for the Dr. to call me. I spent like 3 hours in the waiting room, then they call me again, it took the student no more than 5 minutes and the Dr. no more than 3 minutes and your eye is fine. No medicine, no nothing just for sitting in the waiting area The Dr. bill me for $360.00 and the hospital bill "Ableh Services" for $663.00. (for just being in the waiting area? ) Over a $1,000.00. That is abusive and shameful.

Linda Copeland

Appointment was at 8:00 AM I was helped at 11:40 AM only because I complained. Worst service ever! Not impressed at all about the place.

John Marshall

DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE!!! I HATE to even give this place a 1 Star - it gets a -zero rating from me. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS PLACE - Ranked #1 in the world - what a joke - Ranked the worst eye institute in the world more like it. I had to wait 6 + weeks for an appointment with a Dr. Mohamed Abou Shousha. The appointment for my son was first available at 9am because I took him out of school so we could drive the hour and a half to Miami. Arriving early at 8:45am we were checked in which took 30 mins because they had to "check with my insurance" if I was covered - despite giving them this info 6 weeks prior when I made the appointment. At 10:30am we were seen by a nurse and my son was given a mediocre eye exam at best. She also dilated his pupils during this exam. We were then sent to now a different waiting room waiting, given our chart were told to wait for a certain "test" and we would be called. Now it got to 12:15pm (3 hours and 15 mins past our appointment time) - and I finally had enough. I went and got a supervisor and asked what the hell was going on - what were these "tests" we were waiting for? "Sir these are standard tests we order" bla bla - I was then told that after this test my son was about to have I was then going to have to go to the 1st floor FOR YET ANOTHER TEST!!! And We had not even seen a freaking doctor yet!!!!! What were they testing for?? I was told it would actually be closer to 2pm BY THE TIME I SAW MY DOCTOR!!! 5 hours after my sons appointment time!! I told the supervisor I saw to cancel my appointment and we were out of there!! I told her to make sure I don't get billed for anything - so we left - and with my sons pupils dilated (they stayed dilated for a further 24 hours!!) All this and my son never even saw a doctor!!! This place is a first class lesson in insurance gouging! All I wanted was a doctor to look at the spot in my sons eye first - then I would have been happy to move forward. But the series of tests was plainly ridiculous. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT COME TO The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute - the place is a joke.

Evelyn Pardo

I waited today.. 7 hours.. no more to say.


My daughter went to Bacom more than four times with problems in both eyes. After hours waiting the students practitioners saw her eyes superficially they never got into a deep examination or x rays or test telling her that she has nothing at all????!! by now after two years the problem is getting worse, we seeking for better place and better customer sevice. Secondarily they have very Bad customer service, people do not answer the phone calls or if they answer the general phone line is after 10 or 15 minutes.

Nichole Ferguson

From Gainesville Fl, but moved to Hollywood in 2016 and so glad I did!!

Algeria Royal

Very slow but once you have seen the doctor you are out of there fast crazy I know

Xiaoqing Lu

One of the best eye hospitals in the country

John Albers

I had eye surgery there June 13th under general anesthesia. They induced a nerve block during surgery so that I would not be in pain when I awoke, but had they taken the time to walk me through the surgery I could have told them that I am all but immune to lidocaine, and subsequently awoke in agony. The anesthesiologist, Virginia Barocas, actually LAUGHED and discharged me to the post-op room, where I pleaded and screamed for help for four HOURS. The nurse only contacted a doctor to okay pain medication when it became clear I had no intention of leaving in time for her to go off shift at her normal time. I am following through on their complaint process, and if that does not engender sufficient censure against those responsible I will be reporting them to the JC for violation of the Florida Patient's Bill of Rights and consulting a malpractice attorney.

Pedro Sostre

This is not a comment on the doctors at Bascom. The Dr’s have generally been kind and helpful, however, the customer service and administration leaves much to be desired - particularly in the emergency room. You are greeted with an attitude, as if your presence is an inconvenience to everyone working there, and they leave you waiting with very little communication about what’s going on or what you’re waiting for. There is very poor follow up after they see you and everyone’s position is that whatever your issue is, it’s someone else’s problem. Perhaps it’s not intentional, just poor training, but I really wish they’d get their act together.

Masterfit Alterations

Loretta Nico

Horrible experience. Staff at front desk laughing giggling and carrying on eating and chomping on their lunch on the desk, rude, abrupt and unprofessional. They insisted a patient who was ambulatory and blind to get up and walk to the exam room. Just a nasty insensitive uncompassionate hot mess of people who just want to clock in clock out and see dollar signs.

C Cc

I have heard that Bascom Palmer was the best place to go but it is the most and horrible place to go. They have no respect for the patient's time no sense Patient Experience and they think they are going to make you happy by having some moron pass out snacks. Well, Bascom PALMER instead of passing out snacks how about having a little more sensibility training and understanding that passing out snacks does nothing if you don't update a patient and feeding me will not keep me quiet. You have some moron in a clown suit who isn't even nice they are sarcastic and not people persons coming around because have been waiting long try to bribe you with snacks. How about attending me and not giving me snacks but do your job and get me through my appointment. Whoever had organized this idea that giving out snacks instead of doing your job and putting me through in a timely manner us what you should do you need to change jobs. Most absolutely horrible service I have experienced. From the last time I came over to my appointment with Dr. Karp that I actually had a very nice young lady updating all the patients and constantly on top of everything you could tell that there was care there this time I was offered snacks like if we are dogs and leave us to our luck in the endless wait. I do know why Bascom Palmer is number one because you could have the best Doctors but if there us no good service it is absolutely the worse a place to go. I waited over 4 hours and before it would be different because a nice young lady would come around all the time and continue updates and also if there would be any issues advise of them that would at least make the wait more bearable because you actually have the constant care of someone who truly cares this young lady Esther was amazing and when I came this last time and I asked for her they told me she was no longer there it is a shame because she was the true meaning of Patient Experience and how she cared and handled each and every situation and made the experience of everyone's situation. Seamless.

Ventura Emma

Terrible customer service. I have been going for more than 25 years . Have tried to contact someone from my Drs. office for four days to change an appointment without avail. The Dr. is fantastic but the service is terrible. I need to see the Dr. every three months, they were giving me the appointment as a replacement for 6 months from now plus three months that had gone by. If it would not be an emergency that I had I would not have tried to change it. No one tried to help me. Shame on the service! Dr. Emma Ventura

Emma Galtes

None of the symptoms were addressed. After blunt trauma, on my left eye, 4 hours waiting time to be seen by a resident, (the attending doctor did not bother to see my case), left the place even worse, with more pain, all the ordeal to be told that I have to endure the pain, double vision, eye redness for 2 more weeks -if it doesn’t improve, I have to be seen again, what can be done in 2 weeks that can not be done at the time of the initial visit?

tracey miller

Horrible experience! I waited 8 hours and had sub par evaluation. The equipment was old and outdated. When I finally did see the physician, (Dr. Wendy Lee) she was rude and condescending when I asked questions.


Waited months for my appointment. Doctor failed to find any issue whatsoever with an eye that had 60/20 vision. Referred me to an MRI center to check for cancer that failed to provide a radiologists report. Never followed up or suggested anything else to diagnose the issue

Richard Fuss

Saved my vision. My local eye doctors could not figure out why my vision was suddenly decreasing. They thought I had macular Degeneration brought on by diabetes. They sent me to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute who recognized my eye concerns were being brought on by Cat Scratch Fever. A few weeks of Anti-Biotic and poof I was cured.

Allen Meetze

I have been traveling to Miami for seven years four to five times per year for treatment by Wen-Hsaing Lee, MD,PhD. I live in South Carolina so overnight travel is required. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Lee and Bascom Palmer. If you have real problems with vision they are the best in the world. My problems are macular and retina related and I credit Dr. Lee with saving what vision I have left. All of the staff associates are professional and caring. My suggestion, if you want a regular eye exam, go somewhere else. If you have problems, Bascom Palmer is the place. Allen Meetze

jossy 23


Benjamin Dominguez

It is not only a very clean and hospitable place, but ranked #1 in the world for eye care for adults and peds.

Daniel Lobaton

Mi wife had surgery at this location, very well organized. Logistic is incredible and staff is amazing

Victoria Anglade

We have been here since 7:30 am. My husband has a Biopsy that was schedule for 8:30, it is 11:10 and we are still here waiting Dr has not gotten here yet

Kristin England

Got authorization for my husband to see the neuro-ophthalmologist. Called this office at least 25 times over the course of two months. I left several messages for the woman in charge of authorizations, Lisandra. My husband has not been able to see the doctor because they refuse to make an appointment without an auth. Our insurance sent the auth over many times and no one is willing to address this situation except Lisandra, who we have not been able to speak to. His vision is an urgent matter and I have never been treated this unprofessionally before with staff not willing to assist us.


I went there a week ago today and they still havent sent my prescription to the pharmacy. When u go to the plantation location there's a bunch of people just sitting at the desk doing nothing but when u call they always transfer u to a voicemail. The worst part is no one ever returns your call. Go somewhere else where it is not a HOSPITAL cuz here u will end up paying at least $1000 if u paying cash or have not met your deductible.

Crush Shepherd

If I could give 0 stars that would be perfect. We haven't even gone yet, it's September 3rd and there's a hurricane off the coast that we would have to drive 4+ hours through to get to said appointment and another 4+ hours back home. When called, the staff answering the phone didn't seem to care much less be of any help; when told we had a long way to drive and couldn't safely make it there. Only to be told that we would have to wait another 2 almost 3 months to be seen, on top of already waiting 6 months for today's date. This is absurd and in no way a medical facility should operate, wanting patients to risk their health and life over a storm. Lunacy. Maybe I'll change this once we finally get seen, but I doubt it. If you need help, go to a medical facility that treats you like a person with actual compassion and sympathy.

Jason Ramsey

Ivan Remete

Victoria Anglade

We have been here since 7:30 am. My husband has a Biopsy that was schedule for 8:30, it is 11:10 and we are still here waiting Dr has not gotten here yet

Jerome Jones

just now Dr. Byron Lam is very dismissive and inattentive to African American patients. His conduct is unbecoming of an Ophthalmologist, the WORST I have encountered in years. Unfortunately, I will not and cannot forfeit this opportunity to commit on his behavior. As a Clinician, I am mortified of the lack of sensitivity and respect I have witnessed. I STRONGLY encourage Bascom Palmer Eye Institute to review his patient feedback responses and analyze the data by race and gender to identify common themes and trends.

Shannon Velazquez

I'm so pleased with the care. My daughter had to go to the ER, the wait was not very long. I was surprised actually because we didn't wait as long like other ER's. It could also be because of the severity, not sure. Regardless, we would have waited as long as needed because I know they have the best care and equipment for eye specialty. We probably have a long road ahead, but we have been seeing Dr. Berrocal. She is extremely knowledgeable and very down to earth. I've never had a doctor just come sit down next to me to talk to me. She got to my level and was helpful during this uncertain and scary time with my daughter.

Lazaro Del Rio

Very very good doctors , i recommend 100%


I went there a week ago today and they still havent sent my prescription to the pharmacy. When u go to the plantation location there's a bunch of people just sitting at the desk doing nothing but when u call they always transfer u to a voicemail. The worst part is no one ever returns your call. Go somewhere else where it is not a HOSPITAL cuz here u will end up paying at least $1000 if u paying cash or have not met your deductible.

Oliden Izquierdo

What I like to know, do this people know the meaning of having the appointment, I don't think so, my wife appointments was at 3:20 guess what we leave the hospital almost at 8:00 pm, customers service, what customers service they don't care you have being waiting more than 4 hours ,then when you ask then is always the send excuse, doctor have complicated cases, lies and more lies, is not true because the send told me another time, if this place is the best here in Florida, My God the is no hope for us, how can you have someone waiting for so long, even elderly people waiting this long, We don't thing will be coming to Bascom Palmer anymore hey I take my chance with someone different. Who ever is running this hospital should be fired azap. Bascom Palmer eye Institute is not what is used to be before, please if you planning on coming to this nightmare, be ready to waitttttt a very lonnnnng timeeeeee, because they don't care. I do hope they change this system pretty soon, if they don't doe many pacient like me and my wife, will be looking to other places to go. PLEASE FIX THIS MESS. REMEMBER PEOPLE COME HERE BECAUSE THEY DON'T FEEL GOOD, NOT TO WAIT MORE THAN 4 HOURS FOR THE DOCTOR OK. The Doctor my wife went to see was DR CULBERTSON, WILLIAM W. Remember be fair with pacient. This is totally unacceptable. Yes wish I can the Bascom Palmer institute 0 stars.

Cheryl Mccullough

Poor service poor bedside manners. Can't wait to move on .

Marissa Jacobson

I got lasik done here an had an amazing experience!!! All of the staff was amazing!! Star prepped me and she is amazing! Dr. Yoo is incredible, she told me everything that was happening throughout the procedure and really kept me calm. I went home to sleep and when I woke up I could see and felt no pain! I can't believe I didn't do this years ago!

Amelia Headley LaMont

The absolute worst treatment in recent memory Waiting is interminable and they don’t seem to care Handling of patients is extremely inefficient

Jaishree Daryanani-Mishra

Lina Utrera is the rudest

Joaco Jaraba

I have no doubt their Doctors are good, but Get ready to wait a very long time even if isnt full, this is my second time here the first time(my emergency day) i had to wait 4hrs on a normal Thursday, today is monday and i had an “appointment” for follow up, even though i came 10min before is being an hour and 1hr and 17min and havent being seen yet, i would look for another alternative next time.

Gabe Cadet

I received Laser eye treatment at Bascom Palmer. I am throughly happy with the facility and teams. Thank you for everything Dr. Perez Blanco, Dr. Yoo, the coordination staff and all respective teams. They were easy to contact, personable, knowledgeable and displayed a level of professionalism which was well beyond reproach. A persons sight is invaluable and they take the utmost care to ensure you’ll receive the best care. Thank you.

Anton K

They want $180 for one pair of glasses. Horrible service, people are very rude. They tell you that the frames are free but that is not true they charge you $40 for one pair of eyeglasses frame if you do not buy a lens. I had to wait over five hours just for a eye exam. I had an appointment which they never seem to keep. It makes it useless to have an appointment.

Elliott Soul

The worst!!!! They just don’t care. Don’t come here and waste your time!


They have you waiting a really long time even if you have an appointment. It's ridiculous. I've been coming here for almost 2 years and it's still the same rude customer service on the 3rd floor. They never smile. Their faces always have that expression "what do you want" I always say if you don't like your job, change it. One time they forgot to call my name and I had to ask for assistance. DO NOT WHAT SO EVER COME HERE. They may have good doctors but this place still isn't professional. This place will make you hate coming to hospitals and doctor offices. Save your patience for some place worth it.

Danielle S Ross

Dr. Rosenfeld is fantastic. I got a confusing diagnosis from another doctor, but Dr. Rosenfeld gave me a clear diagnosis and plan for the future. His bedside manner is great and he took time to talk with me. His whole team was great. My experience at Bascom Palmer was excellent. Appointments went as scheduled and staff were courteous and professional. Absolutely no complaints. Highly recommended. Don't listen to the negative reviews. I have been to a number of ophthalmology centres because of an ongoing issue. They often have long wait times. Bascom Palmer wait times were not bad at all. Everyone I encountered was pleasant and professional. Bascom Palmer is great!!!!

John Romano

Don't fool yourself into thinking this is a clinic that cares about your eyesight, because the doctor doesn't lease in and outside the hospital. They feel it's only right to add another 500 dollar charge to each visit. Do yourself a favor, and find another place before it's to late.

Lance Gallant

You want to try to save your eye sight right? What is worth that price?...a long wait, a long drive, a hotel stay?...trivial compared to being at the #1 ranked Ophthalmology Center in the nation for the 12th consecutive year, IN THE NATION people! The eyes have it! Thanks to Dr. "Utah" Stringham and to Dr. Ajay Eapen Kuriyan for their care, smart guys you definitely want on your team.

Jason Ramsey

Maria Rosa Carrero

This is a teaching hospital where people from all over the world come for specialized training and where patients can get the best eye care available in the world. It is also part of the community network that serves South Florida so it is very populated. Their system is pretty effective. However, because of the volume of patients attended, it is sometimes slow and backed up. The check up takes time and is not always smooth but the results are very good and reliable. This is the number one eye center in the nation as rated by the US World News. I noticed on my last visit that there is improvement on the patient transition from one area to another of the treatment process and is now a little faster. There is room for more improvement, though. Overall, this is the best eye center in the U.S.A. and is right on our back yard. How fortunate we are in Miami to have such a medical facility!! Thank you BPEI for your delivery of eye care!!

Roland M.

It’s hard for me when I have an appointment at Bascom PALMER 3rd Floor, being here for 3 hours and haven’t seen the Doctor yet, there’s not respect and they don’t know nothing at all about Patient Care. Bad, Bad, Bad

Kapara Sheli

What a schlock-house operation!!! Try to call for anything - appointment, talking to your physician, asking any question, etc. Either it rings for ever and then you get disconnected, or it rings for ever and all of a sudden it is busy, or you listen to advice to go on line, or you hear about the fabulous service they give you, or how honored they are to be of service to you, or to leave your number and they will call you back, or classical music to drive you nuts, while promising to answer your call a.s.a.p. On top of it, if you have a scheduled appointment, you better come with a sandwich, a blanket and a Prozac, Also a novel like War & Peace, because - be prepared - the wait is going to be around 6 - 8 hours long. Welcome to the most advanced Eye Institute in the Americas! Be grateful they let you in.

Ailen Gutierrez

Intelligent doctors (some are wonderful) but most are pompous and have poor bedside manners with their patients, particularly their research patients. It is unfortunate how some of the staff below them are treated as well. Some of the headliner physicians will yell atrocities at their techs in front of patients. Unprofessional and sad.

RobertVicki Houpt

Prefacing my review with the following disclaimer: I am a mom desperately trying to locate a specialist who can diagnose the reason why my daughter continues to develop corneal scarring. Although she has an appointment on June 28th, my daughter and I flew down to Miami to seek medical treatment at their ER. I accept responsibility for my risky decision! Each staff member treated us courteously and the overall wait time was relatively short. However, in spite of repeated appeals to Dr. Yunhee Lee to order testing for my daughter, she refused and instructed us to return June 28th for the scheduled appointment. Since then I have contacted my daughter's cornea specialist at MUSC and have obtained other options.

Rudy Ortiz

This is by far the best medical institution for eye care, which explains why I have been coming here for 15 years. But the waiting is unacceptable, especially for prescheduled appointments. Dr. Gedde is amazing and so is the technical staff, but something has to be done to see patients timely. Waiting for 4-6 hours is ridiculous for any medical facility let alone a world-class institution.

Apple S V F

Go at own risk! Went, WAITED, left with no answer or resolution. I have insurance yet got a $520 bill. NIGHTMARE from an INCOMPETENT team. And rude!

Raquel Rodriguez

Excellent care. Highly recommend this facility. My mother experienced an acute glaucoma attack on her right eye and developing attack on her left eye while out of the country. The doctors treating her overseas recommended that she fly to Bascom Palmer for immediate surgery and care. Coincidentally, we live in Miami. For her it was flying home on the next flight. The emergency department was a controlled chaos, as is the case with most emergency rooms. But the treatment and care was timely and good. Following her initial surgery, Dr. Richard Parrish championed her care. For the months for follow He and his team were of great support. Their professionalism and attention gave us much peace during those difficult months. I cannot recommend Bascom Palmer enough. My stars are solely bases on performance. The only complaint I do have is the long wait for check ups. At times we'd spend practically the entire work day there. I suggest taking snacks and if possible a friend to chat with while you wait. I can't stress this point enough: EXCELLENT CARE!!!! That makes the wait time worth it.

Ivan Remete

Alexander Bernard

Top notch facility and doctors, but be prepared to wait!!

olgamarie tanon

Great clean place, very professional staff, free coffee, top notch equipment, any type of specialist or eye related test under one roof, you can even get same day glasses. I dont know where the parking building is, just used the valet parking but it cost $9.00 , thats why I gave it a 4, so be advised, oh, and Miami traffic.

Jennifer Gray

Great experience once you get the chance to go to the hospital but NEVER schedule an appointment online. They ask you to create an account to see their response for availability. Its been a month and I still do not know what the message they gave me says because I cannot log in. I called the reps for the online appointments to guide me to unlocking the email and EVERY one of the many I spoke to, hung up on me mid sentence. I wrote and email to please have the manager give me a call and guess what...still waiting. Their online support call center is beyond terrible. So I called the scheduling department instead. They were WAY better and attentive and so nice as I explained my issue with booking an appointment.

carmen parker

Warning this is NOT a family freindly place! Dr Vazquez is the best. My mother had eye surg a year ago and I was able to be with her until they took her in for surg., this place does not care about family! The patient has to go in alone no matter how nerves they are!!! I am a nurse myself and I know how important family support is to patients. Her nurse Ugochi Nwaobi did not care. Finally after complaining Cindy Valiente let me in for a minute to see my mom. Now I understand why they don't let you in, the place is tiny. They should really do something about it, we live in Miami and family IS a big part of a patient's life. I gave them 2 stars b/c at least I saw her, but I would not come here if it wasn't for Dr Vazquez!!!!! I want to follow up on my review I have been talked to by Lasaro Dominguez and he was nice and concerned about my experience, I expressed to him my concerns and hopefully will help the employees be more understanding of family values. I added a star for the attention.

Una Paisa

READ: Save yourself aggravation and MONEY! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. I have excellent insurance and still I have to pay out of pocket because of the extremely high charges and split billing this place does. When you see an specialist at his place they will submit two charges to the insurance for each of the services, basically one for "location, the use of the physical facility" per say and the professional services "MDs" 1 visit with 1 test and they billed a total of $1,623 (see pics) what was done? Surgery? a procedure???? NO. a Comprehensive Eye exam and a Visual Field Test and that is not worth $1,623 of charges. You can get other Ophthalmology Specialist charge a $400 Comprehensive eye exam plus test and it not going to reach $1,623 Update: (-5 starts) Received bill for $900+ of items that applied to my deductible so far I made 2 payments and received a third statement this week BUT the call harassing about the balance already started even when the balance is not past due. from the initial bill to today there is no 90days and you already have half on the money on your side BPEI there is no need to harass your ex-clients. there were other people who reviewed this place and I was somewhat in disbelieve about the negative review and thought perhaps the person didn't have a good insurance, but it happened to me with excellent insurance. do yourself a favor and don't use this facility, their MDs contact your insurance and find other qualified professionals in your network who are not up to making a profit and collect double for their poorly provided services.

Raisa Janise Giel Donato

Can someone tell the the cost of LASIK ? I was pplanning to to Venezuela for this laser surgery. But due to the crisis I'm looking for another clinic to do surgery.

Alex A

MY MOTHER WAITED 3 MONTH TO SEE DR. PEREZ. We then get a call A WEEK BEFORE TO TELL US THAT ANOTHER DR. WILL BE SEEING HER... A DOCTOR SHE COULD HAVE SEEN MONTHS AGO THAT HAD NO WAIT TIME. HER REFERRING DOCTOR WAS CLEAR SHE WAS ONLY TO SEE DR. PEREZ. I call to get more details and the last 4 days I have just received the absolute run around from every single person, they told me my appointment was ALWAYS with this doctor and that I never had an appointment with Dr. Perez, and it was MY FAULT because I scheduled it that way?! I until finally his assistant calls us back (after 10 calls to her.) She says he's "canceling" his clinic for that week and we can reschedule for June? So we were lied to, they tried to blame us and now this? ANOTHER 3 MONTHS AWAY?!!? My mother can barely see... She was just crying to me... She has waited so patiently for this appointment and was so excited she may finally get answers and help... The best part is his assistant was SO rude with no remorse or understanding of our concerns. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aline Milfort

They take over 2 hours to call you just to go wait for the doctor for another couple hours. Great facility but the waiting time is HORRIBLE.

Eddie Velez

My wife Ramy just had LASIK eye surgery preformed by Dr. Sonia Yoo, the best Doctor ever!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. the procedure was quick and straightforward. The staff was fabulous, thank you, Ileana, Madeleine and everyone who made our time there so welcoming and friendly. THANK YOU ALL!!! We highly recommend Bascom Palmer Eye Institute they are the BEST #1!!!

dragana donko

The wait time is long, expect that, but it's 100% WORTH THE WAIT! Dr. McKeown is an incredible doctor. I suffered from strabismus for a bit over 20 years. I saw doctors in Germany and here in the US, no one was able to give me any answer except Dr. McKeown. My left eye went so far out to the left, that it truly looked awful. After an evaluation with Dr. McKeown, and a Fresnel press on prism lens, he performed surgery and fixed my "cross eye". The result was amazing!!! My eyes are aligned now, and my depth perception has already improved all within 12 days of surgery. I am beyond thankful to have found a doctor who is as knowledgeable and smart as Dr. McKeown is. He truly has changed my life.

Burt O’Donald

Time for another eye institute in Miami. This one really disappoints. Probably a lot of great people here doing great stuff, but the scheduling and management of patients waiting is abysmal. With all the dollars donated you would think they could get this right. They should check out the Mayo Clinic. What a positive difference. Maybe Mayo could open an eye institute here.

Pilar Toro

Arrived at Bascom ER. Pleased in how professional, clean & well coordinated are done. This is well known renowned eye treatment hospital. Like all ER's in the world there is waiting. For people that complain about how expensive it is. Medicine is expensive anywhere in the USA, not just Bascom Palmer!

Marco Robinson

Dr Sayed is a great doctor. The surgeries I needed were handled in a quick and positive manner. I would highly recommend him and Bascom Palmer. Marco

Duane Bowers

Be Aware that there are very long wait times appt was at 1030 and still waiting and it is 1230 there are signs that say 2 to 4 hours waits Be prepared , bring your lunch and a sweater I don't know how or why they treat patients this way

Rob Andrews

I've never been there myself. But I have read that they were in some trouble a few years back. It was for doing unnecessary injections for age related macular degeneration. This is only what I read in a newspaper article. Bascomb Palmer stated "we fired the personnel involved".

Cecilia Park

The wait time is HORRIBLE. I had to wait for 4 hours to see the doctor. The doctor was great but the worst health care management system I have experienced. My appointment time was 11:00 am and I am still here at 3:05 pm.

Jasmine Simone

My doctor, Joshua Pasol is amazing! He is very attentive and tries his best to help! He made sure I got the surgery I needed very quickly! The wait times here are a little long but it’s worth it. Plus they have great free hot chocolate and coffee while you wait. Everyone is extremely nice and professional here.

Lisa Brash

Ian Morales

Miss Reviewer

They are alright.... the insurance confusion and non acceptance by only some rooms is annoying and not convenient

Omar Rivas

They are awesome!!! God really bless everyone of you guys"


I have been visiting BP for at least 3 years -- every 1-3 months This is the worst customer service experience possible in checking in for an appointment and then waiting on average of 5 hours to see your doctor. The waiting room is on the first floor where a regular stream of homeless people stop in for the free coffee. On the other hand I am extremely satisfied with my doctor and the surgery team that does the work.

David Sawyer

Heard so much about the great care given here. Yet it seems as though the experience is great or awful. Which is it? It also seems as though when there is a response to a bad experience it's generic.Actually even the positive experiences get a similar reply.. I do know this. Most doctors over schedule. Why? If it takes on average 45 minutes per patient only schedule 8 not 30.

Jack Bragin

I had my Lasik done in Palm Beach quite successfully 13 years ago. Today I took my son to Miami. Their insensitivity to customers schedules in abhorrent. We waited 6 ..yes SIX hours to be seen, and we were not a new client. The facility is not at what you would expect from a supposed world class facility. It is dirty. Bathrooms look like a gas station. Treatment rooms were also poorly cleaned. Facilities are dated and general decor is depressing.There is not even a vending machine. They leave you for hours at a time with no updates or explanations. Customers are literally treated like cargo. Worst service and scheduling of any medical facility we have ever visited!!

monica munro

I cannot say enough good things about the staff and doctors at Bascon Palmer-each location. Dr Albini is the best and has been wonderful every surgery and every visit. I travel from the Virgin Islands every three months and have only had wonderful experiences with Bascon.

M.A .M

I had surgery last Thursday and it really was an excellent experience with the doctor and her nursing staff. very kind and loving from the registration area until when I retire from the place. Very satisfied!

Kathy Steffens

Every time I have gone to Bascom Palmer, I have received excellent care and service. If all our physicians treated us with the thoroughness that they do, we would be a lot more healthy!


Waited so long that I gave up & will be treated elsewhere. People were polite but unable to adhere to any schedule at all. When I suggested rescheduling, they indicated that they are always late. I'm better served by people who respect my time.

Liliana Martinez

The BEST hospital to treat all your eye necessities, no wonder is ranked #1 in the entire nation. Dr. Janet L. Davis is the best Ophtalmologist I ever met, and Marta Reyes, her Assistant, is always accessible over the phone and ALWAYS answers the questions and concerns.

Gida Nunez

ok the waiting is not comfortable that's why I learned that you have to come prepare with food, books, iPad , games etc (in the floor you can get coffee.chocolate or tea they also give snacks). They do have a cafeteria downstairs if you need a break (if you can leave someone else waiting for you) I am very grateful to be able to have my surgery done in one day and walk out with my eye complete back to normal. It was my dream come truth. I can't be more happy and thankful with Hilda Capo, M.D. Thank you so much!!! I have seen people coming from other countries and we are so lucky to have it here in Miami. This is why this hospital is so crowded ... The day of my surgery the nurse did a beautiful hair bread and really took care of me, calm me down and was super polite ...

Cecilia Marney

The wait times are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Bring a lunch and a snack because you'll spend all day there just to be seen and that's WITH an appointment.

Hilary White

A recent follow up appt. required being at the Clinic over 6 hrs., & of that I waited 3.5 hrs. just to see the Doctor. There was no surgery involved. Comments to personnel were mostly brushed off, though the Doctor suggested I should come in at 7:30 AM ! This is a recurring issue & I am reluctant to allow B-P further opportunities to ignore MY schedule.

I Dislike Googleplus

They have some amazing Drs. They were able to spot a very rare cancer causing central nervous problems in my parents. The wait is a little long and healthcare is expensive, but tell me somewhere else this kind of specialized healthcare is cheap or quick. The Drs. are very caring and high quality, and you have almost every kind of specialist and Dr. at your fingertips. Really a world class institution, and they probably saved my Mom's life.

Va nni

People should be thankful to have this instituion in our backyard. do you know how luck you are? it is #1 in the nation and abroad. the service is how everywhere should be. the security guards remembered us everyday we went and always said hello. at night, would watch us walk to our car. All retina staff and docs, have been nothing but the best in the care of my mom. for the amount of people they see a day, it is amazing at how they manage to take care of you as if you were the first in line. everyone in the ER was amazing. Everyone in the insurance and staff have been excellent. and to Dr. Flynn- we are so grateful for helping to restore my moms eyes.

Hugo Luzzetti


Tracy Worden

Two of the Dr.'s my daughter had were wonderful but after her surgery the one she ended up with was RUDE, told her she needed to move to Miami if she wanted more care. Did not give instructions for after surgery, after being home a week and having some concerns arise, she called as we live 4 hours away, that RUDE Dr. called her back and told her that they never expected to save her eye anyway, just didn't tell her that and as for the pain she should go to her local emergency room and have them give her pain pills or MOVE to Miami. Therefore, the swelling and pain and redness which could be an infection will not be treated. We live in a rural community with no eye Dr that does that kind of extensive work. If you go here plan to be there ALL day. The only helpful person in that place is Maria the social worker.


Good afternoon, my name is Nataly and I recently had PRK surgery at this location, all the staff made me feel very comfortable, my initial consultations where at the Coral Gables location with Dr. Perez Blanco who is very professional and worked with me to get my best eye care. Dr Rose is also amazing and my surgeon Dr. Yoo was great, the tech assistant made me feel at home and all the staff where very polite and caring to my needs. Thank you Jaqui, Bianca and Christian.

Lexie Taylor

I had Lasik a month ago with Dr Cook & Dr Yoo. They were phenomenal! They answered all of my questions & really put me at ease before my procedure. I never had to wait more than 10-15 minutes. Jacqueline & Christian (appts/registration) were very professional & made each of my visits run smoothly. Star (technician) was amazing, holding my hand during the procedure, letting me know I wasn't alone with the giant machines! I couldn't have asked for a better team for my surgery. Thank you again for taking care of me!! (Also I love my goodie bag with my stuffed shark & blanket!!) The facility is clean & has ample parking across the street in the garage or you can use the free valet parking at the entrance. The elevator speaks multiple languages, just in case you can't see! too well. Coffee & tea stations were always stocked. Great facility.

Lydia Morales

Love this place .Staff is friendly.. Also be advised there's no set time..

cindy zozus

I was in Miami on a college visit with my son when suddenly I was having problem seeing out of the corner of my eye. It was like a curtain was closing. I called my doctor at home and he instructed me to go right yo Bascom Palmer. He said I was in the best place possible for this to happen. I can't tell you how wonderfully I was cared for during this crazy time. Emergency room, pre-op, surgery and follows ups having been top notch. I was lucky enough to have DR Albini do my surgery. It's been 5 weeks and I'm healing well. I will always be thankful for the great people at Bascom Palmer.

Teila Bachelor

I called to schedule an optometry appointment only to go back and forth with the customer service reps regarding my insurance. Finally, after being placed on hold for about 20 minutes I was confirmed an appointment for 2 months out. After waiting two months for my appointment (my appointment is tomorrow) the insurance office calls me within less than 24 hours to tell me that I need a referral; very unprofessional. I called my insurance provider and they told me I did not need a referral. After going back and forth with the Bascom Palmer insurance office (Ileana) about the conversation I'd had with my insurance company about me not needing a referral, we put my insurance carrier on 3-way. My insurance provider explained the same thing to Ileana; as long as they are in the network, in which they are, I do not need a referral. However; after hanging up with my carrier Ileana from the Palmer Institute still reverts to telling me I need a referral. Are you serious? You just spoke to my insurance provider... I cancelled my appointment, this was a headache not including the time I wasted waiting for an appointment that was scheduled 2 months out. I will not be inconvenienced anymore and if there insurance department does not have their systems up to date I can only imagine how screwed up billing will be so I'd rather take my business elsewhere. Overall, I would save myself the headache and go some where else

Augusto Gonzalez

Horrible customer service and professionalism. Example, I had an appointment set in November of 2018 for March of 2019, living about 4 hours away I drove and had travel expenses. As a patient from the VA that was sent to this facility for my treatment my visit is covered. I was never seen and was treated with horrible customer service having the patient access employee saying they did not have my authorization code even when I had given it and explained the drive and travel expenses. After driving another 4 hours home since I was basically kicked out it turned out all information was confirmed sent to this facility by the VA; they (Bascom eye clinic office) gave the wrong fax number(s). So the result of not seeing was based off their lack of customer service, due diligence and duty to provide any care which also resulted in a loss of travel expenses, time off work and money to the VA health system. If an option is available I suggest nobody be treated here, do not be fooled by their “#1 clinic in the nation” statements, this place is horrible especially for anybody being seen as a veteran.

Margo Heaslip

The care itself is wonderful, the customer service on the other hand is absurd. Told very different things by people in separate departments regarding appointments and billing. You are guaranteed to wait hours for your appointment making it nonsensical to have an appointment in the first place. Having previously worked in a hospital system myself I understand that this stems from a push to generate numbers and profit, not quality customer service. Creating appointments 15 minutes apart when you know it will take at least a half hour to see a patient.

fred stimage

Very modern and clean as expected. First class facility. The front desk and staff was very attentive and professional. My doctor however not so much.

Pierre Ceballos

Since you walk in the clinic receptionist in the front is very nice and helpful to get you through the registration process. Plenty of seating and wait is normal for an outpatient location. Docs are also very knowledgeable and take there time with you.

Mercy Moreno

The eye care at Bascom Palmer may be high quality but they make you wait in excess of 4 hour for all your appointments. I have had 5 appointments each taking longer then the last. The most recent I waited 6 hours arrive at 2Pm was not seen till 8pm.. this is unacceptable. This will be the last time I come here.

Michelle Flavor

Not a nice place and everyone is notcurtious. The reason I am giving them only 2 stars is because they don't allow even 1 family member to go back with the patient. My mom was trying to go back with her mother because she forgets things and we have to remind her. So she could possibly answer a few questions wrong. Even though my mother told them this they still refused to let her go back. I don't know but I think its weird that they don't allow even 1 person to accompany a elder person person back while they wait for surgery. They said we will get to see her before she goes into surgery but still it doesn't hurt to have a relative there before they go into surgery to help ease their mind or even help them answer questions.

Rob Andrews

I've never been there myself. But I have read that they were in some trouble a few years back. It was for doing unnecessary injections for age related macular degeneration. This is only what I read in a newspaper article. Bascomb Palmer stated "we fired the personnel involved".

Claudia Cedeno

Great facility, however, horrible customer service and wait time. Appointment was at 10:15am and ended up leaving after 5:30pm; 7+hrs! Half the staff was rude answering questions concerning the well being of my grandmother and wait time.

Penny Dallimore

we are grateful for Dr Rosenfeld for Peggy Barding Creek my mother for saving my mothers site she has mac degenteration we have been going to west palm for many years we travel 250 miles one way and we know it is a long day and the staff is great and you need to be patient as they have a system that works for all

Ann Hildreth

Shocked how filthy the both bathrooms are on the 4th floor. Very busy place .very nasty/dirty bathrooms tsktsk

Cecilia Park

The wait time is HORRIBLE. I had to wait for 4 hours to see the doctor. The doctor was great but the worst health care management system I have experienced. My appointment time was 11:00 am and I am still here at 3:05 pm.

Jasmine Simone

Brian Tse did my eye surgery here and took very good care of me. I am very thankful for everything. It’s a very clean place. Everyone is very nice.

Nadine Phillpotts

A complete waste of my time. Dr. Justin Townsend and his staff including fellows lacked professionalism, good bedside manners, and the requisite knowledge as well as experience to provide quality care. Be prepared to wait at least 3 hours and to be examined by ill-mannered fellows. Very disappointed in the quality of care and treatment provided. There is nothing premier about this eye hospital.

Wendy Lyman

A horrible organization that has now spent almost one year jerking me around with appointments. I've been waiting for this appointment since April, 2016 and was scheduled for the umpteenth time for February, 2017, only to find out today that I was scheduled with the wrong specialist all along and the person I need to see is never available when I can see him. My first appt was cancelled because they did not have it in their books, which I discovered the morning of the appt when I decided to call and confirm. They are an inept institute with incompetent employees in their call centers. I cannot believe they are considered world class with such reckless business practices.

JOSE R Carrion

The insitute may have great doctors and technology but the scheduling and post op patient service is really bad! They can't keep schedules and only have " we have alot of patients". Lack of respect for time or patients.

Jes B.

I'm in Miami for the next few months and was going to come here for my eye care. I'm taking my business to Midtown because this company reneged on their boycott of Mar-a-Lago. Such horrible judgment and shady practices clearly reflect where their priorities are

Lisa Brash

steven B

Doctors may be very skilled but there is no respect for people's time

Ian Morales

cibele dantas

I love Bascom Palmer . I got the best doctor that I could ask for . Dr Basil helped me when no one could it . I can see now ! So grateful . People who works at Bascom Palmer are very nice and friendly !

Elissa Dawkins

Came to the Bascom Palmer eye ER today. Had to get an MRI and they told me it’d be five hours. How does that make sense? Whoever made this policy should be fired STAT. People have lives and children they need to go back to. What makes the patients in the ER more important than me? They should be able to call the UMH ER to come get me and that’s it. Not wait 5 hours especially if something is really wrong. Why is the MRI specialist only available M-F? Then pay a contractor for Sat and Sun. Makes no sense!!!!

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