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REVIEWS OF Alan D Mendelsohn, MD, FACS IN Florida

Carito L

Dr. Mendelsohn is a GREAT doctor and on top of my list. I have been his patient for 13 years and don’t have any reasons to change my ophthalmologist. He is usually on time-unless there’s an emergency. His staff is attentive. He gives you …

Jake Berman

The office was very clean and the receptionist very friendly. My eye exam was quick but thorough. I then had time to chat with Dr. Mendelsohn for a few minutes before his staff helped me pick out the perfect sunglasses. Overall, an excellent experience.


Dr. Mendelsohn is a very good doctor, and very nice. He reassures his patients. I feel like I’m in good hands. He doesn’t rush me or make me feel scared. Great at reassuring his patients especially with my anxiety . The staff is amazing and helpful. Very professional.

Leora Besser

Dr. Mendelsohn and all the staff are great! I had no wait time and the Dr. was extremely professional, kind, and informative. I also picked out some very nice glasses and sunglasses. Overall wonderful experience.

S Sered

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Mendelsohn. He is personable, intelligent and well-skilled. His office is run efficiently and the office staff is great. Thank you Dr Mendelsohn for treating me so well!!

Nina Cody

Dr. Mendelsohn did Lasik surgery on my eyes in May of 2019 . He did a great job he walk me though everything and he was always available day and night. I can see like I never seen before I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn for all your eyes problems. His office team were all great I thank God for Dr. Mendelsohn and his team Great Job.

Marc Diaz

I am in business and I thought I gave good customer service...well nothing compares to Dr. Menelsohn level of service. On top of that there wealth knowledge is unbelievable. I am a customer for life!!!!

Fred Valdes

I’m a physician who has been a patient of Dr. Mendelsohn over 30 years and he is one of the best ophthalmologist around. Whom I have trusted of my health and of my family. I strongly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn.

Anais Balbin

I’ve been a patient of Dr Mendelsohn’s for over a few years. On several occasions I have had to see him on an emergency basis. The wait time in the office is never long. His staff makes sure to get me in right away and attend to me. Dr. Mendelsohn has always made it a point to reassure me on my condition and has taken the time to answer all my questions. Between his office staff’s professionalism and his professional medical care I always leave the office confident that my vision will be ok. I would highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn to family and friends!

Alan Nash

Dr. Mendelsohn is reminiscent of a time when doctors cared about their patients. He has consistently gone above and beyond for my family and me. He is extremely knowledgeable about eye health and disease and never rushes his patients. He was even there for me on a Sunday morning when my eye was swollen shut. He left his house, met me for an emergency exam and resolved my issue the same day. Dr. Mendelsohn is one of kind.

Joann Calabrese

I have been going to Dr. Mendelsohnhn for over 20 years. After September 11th my husband lost his job, and his insurance. He had just received cornea transplants in both eyes 2 years earlier. The good doctor saw my husband gratis for over two months until he found new employment. Unbelievably compassionate! The staff in the office are also accessible and friendly, making it a pleasant experience. Dr. Mendelsohnhn also performed surgery on both of my eyes 7 years ago; and not only did he do a great job, he gave us his personal cell numbet. Our family highly recommends Dr. Mendelsohn.

Mista Bell

Dr. Mendelssohn and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Monique M. Jandebeur

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is an excellent doctor and he truly cares about his patients. I have been his patient for a while. I had another ophthalmologist and as I was dissatisfied, I decided to change doctors. It was a blessing to meet Dr. Mendelsohn. I am very pleased with his care. I found in Dr. Mendelsohn the ophtalmologist I was looking for.

lillie tisch

One cannot ask for a smarter, kinder, knowledgeable, personable man or doctor. He is professional and caring. A rarity. He is a blessing.

Jennifer Lobo

Dr. Mendelshon and his staff are terrific! I am so happy I came to see him. He is extremely knowledgeable & thorough. Dr. Mendelsohn’s bedside manner is second to none. The office staff was professional, friendly and accommodating. Despite my last minute appointment, the wait time was minimal. The office is clean, tidy and up-to-date with the latest in ophthalmic technology. If you are looking for an amazing experience and one-stop shop, I highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn for all your eye care needs.

Beatris Arguelles

Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff are awesome! I can always count on a warm welcome. Dr. Mendelsohn has an uncanny ability to put patients at ease and takes the time to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. I have rarely, if ever, waited longer than five minutes from arrival before being seen. Not to mention Sunday appointments are super convenient!

Niurka De jesus

Yadira R

My experience with DR. Mendelsohn was great. The entire staff is friendly and professional. After a month and 2 DR’s later with pain in my eye, he was able to find out what was wrong and fix it within a week.

Josh Mack

Dr. M is the best. He is hands down my favorite doctor that I "see". Every time I go it is a hassle-free experience with the friendliest staff. Would definitely recommend!

Vannia Arana

This office was recommended by me by a family member and they were very content with their service and with how extensive their tests are- which I agree with. I specifically came here to receive treatment for a a really bad chalazion. I spent about 2 hours being tested and asked questions, but what amazed me is the medical assistant was the one to prescribe me and she even asked me which prescription I wanted... Dr. Mendelson came at the end, and did not examine me. wow. he just went on about blue light and how I should buy this service. he did not educate me as to why I might've gotten the chalazion, except that it might've been my baby coughing or sneezing on me... He prescibed me medications that cost $50 bucks and DID NOT WORK. I called twice about two weeks later to find out what else I could do, and they just said to come in to see him. Let me just mention that they charge a $50 refraction fee-which they did not make optional. so I paid $90 bucks for nothing. I am so disappointed in this office and the doctor. The staff is polite but not friendly or very helpful. I went to another ophthalmologist, and she was able to remove the chalazion and did not charge this ridiculous amount of money! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE TO ANYONE.

Sandra Lugo

He haa been my doctor for many years. Great office for emergencies and whenever you need a visit theyll work you in. Dr. Mendelsohn is very knowledgable and considerate. He makes patients feel better and is honest. Would recommend him to anyone.

Lauren Joseph

I had been seeing an ophthalmologist prior for about 4 months for a recurrent corneal erosion with NO signs of improvement. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Mendelsohn. The day of my first appointment, he was able to take one look at my eye and knew exactly what was going on. I really appreciate that he took the time to explain to me what was going on with my eye and how my eye problem was now his problem. He also took the time to tell me how we were going to treat my eye for healing. He promised that I would feel better within a few days, but I actually felt better the very next day, thanks to his knowledge and of course the eyes drops he prescribed for me. Thank you so much Dr. Mendelsohn and Courtney!

Sheryl Dennis

Wonderful doctor and office staff. Dr. Mendelsohn is highly competent and has a great bedside manner. Highly recommend.

Sabrina Stern

I have never written a review before, but after being a patient of Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, I knew I must let others know about him. Dr. Mendelsohn is the most incredible doctor. He is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I was terrified when I went to his office. After going to my regular optometrist, who really scared me by saying my eyes were so bad I should apply for disability and prepare for a different type of life. I was shaking when I left the optometrist office. I came home went on the internet and looked for a different doctor to get a second opinion. I called Dr. Mendelsohn’s office, the receptionist was warm and friendly and quickly scheduled me in to see the doctor. The office is spacious and each room is full of equipment that was part of my very thorough exam. After being examined, the doctor looked at me and smiled… He said, I can help you and you will be happy with the results. I truly wanted to believe him, but I am scared of shots and now the Dr. was suggesting eye surgery… wow. O.K. After catching my breath, the doctor went over every detail. He calmed me, by explaining the procedure, it would be done rapidly, within an hour with a laser. It would be outpatient and he would do the work and be there for the entire surgical procedure. I knew I had no choice, but I was really frightened of the surgery, so I agreed. If I did not do the surgery, I was essentially blind. O.K. fast forward… my vision was 20/200, I could not drive, I was tripping and had fallen. After surgery my vision is 20/25 and still improving, still improving! its only been three weeks. I can see my son’s beautiful face, I can drive again, my husband is beside himself with joy. The day of surgery, I was very nervous, but feeling trust and that I was in the most capable hands. Dr. Mendelsohn put numbing drops in my eyes, kept talking to me to let me know what was going to happen. The nurse put an I.V. In my arm and I could hear the nurses and doctor around me, I felt no pain and no discomfort at all. My little boy came to see me in recovery and hid behind the curtains, shy, saying you look ok mommy… all better, let’s go, eat breakfast! No eye patch, no redness, no itching, I was fine! I was fine, right after the surgery. It really comes down to this, this doctor kept his promise. He delivered. He explains everything in detail, makes sure that you the patient are good with the information and follows –up to see that everything is going well. Dr. Mendelsohn is so knowledgeable, he enjoys talking about his field, sharing the newest developments, you know that Dr. Mendelsohn is on the cutting edge. I could not even see the biggest letters on the eye chart, you should see me zip through that eye chart now! Success! My vision is restored, my future and outlook are bright! I have given his card to four people who feel that this surgery is like a miracle… and to have such a good doctor, well that’s a real find! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you dear doctor, you are doing what you were meant to do. You are excellent at your chosen profession.

Lori Schiemann

James Gorostola

I found Dr. Mendelsohn at the time when I needed someone to have cataract surgery. He is a great doctor both professionally, and as a person. The staff at the office is excellent. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Paris Michelle

Aviva Berman

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has been my ophthalmologist for twenty years and he is an extremely thoughtful, knowledgeable, and thorough doctor. Even though I have very sensitive eyes , Dr. Mendelsohn never causes any discomfort during my exams. I only trust my eyes to Dr. Mendelsohn and I would highly recommend him!

Retha Charles

Doctor Mendelson is an excellent doctor who really cares about his patients. He explains treatments and issues u may have with your eyes Very friendly nurses in the office and u get seen on time! What I also really love is their ours on Sunday.

Aniela McGuinness

At 11 pm I stabbed myself in the eye with a plant (don't ask), and within a few hours realized that I might have caused some real damage. Debating whether or not to risk my eyes to a random emergency room doctor at 3 am (where I would sit for hours) or to hold out until 7:30 am and show up on the doorstep of Dr. Mendelsohn's office without an appointment, I decide on the latter and am glad I did. In my half blind, late-night search for an eye doctor, I found Dr. Mendelsohn and the great reviews didn't lie. At 7:30 am, he rushed me right in, and patched me up. I had scratched the epithelial of my cornea 80% through, two days later...I am healed and very grateful.

Clement P. Austin

Last week I had some problems with my eyes! I called Dr. Mendelsohn office and it was closed, the answering service took my call and was told that the Dr will call. Sure enough Dr. Mendlesohn called and I told him what was wrong, he then told me to come to the office, I was very surprised. I went to the office saw Dr. Mendlesohn and he looked at my eyes an saw the pain I was in. When I left his office I felt the relief of the pain. Than you you Doc! Great Doctor.

Amber Harvell

Dr. Mendelsohn is phenomenal! I've been wearing glasses for almost 35 years, so routine annual exams are a must. Dr. Mendelsohn diagnosed me with Pinguecula. He educated me on the diagnosis and turned something that was terrifying into something I can now manage. His combined knowledge with exceptional communication skills is second to none. After my complete eye exam, new glasses and contacts, I am seeing better than I have in years! I highly recommend eye surgeons & consultants.

Ellen Fortney

I was about to have a knee replacement and came down with an eye infection. I called and they worked me in immediately. He knew what to do to get me released. It was a nasty little infection but he cured it really quick and I'm lying in the hospital with a new knee and a happy eye!

Jackie Harper

I have been a patient of Dr Alan's for almost 25 years. Best "eye doc" ever!

maddie andrade

Mariana Pitiriciu

Dr. Mendelson is awesome! So glad I found him. He really helped with my trouble eyes!

Sherri Pickard

I have been doctor Mendelsohns patient for 35 years, can not say enough great things about him or his office. He is reliable , knowledgeable and a great doctor all around , I refer everyone to him. Only positive feedback from others.

Stan Kranz

Dr Mendelsohn has been caring for my eyes for over 25 years. He is the most caring Doctor. He has kept my eyes in very good health even when it looked very bad for me. Ten Stars from me

Nick Knight

I have had lived all over the world and can say that this was the most thorough test I have ever had. These guys are excellent! They also do Rx Maui Jim sunglasses which is how I found them, and they did mine in 2 working days. Amazing!

Jay Dennis

As a physican, I can tell you that Dr. Mendelsohn is a doctor's doctor. The office runs smoothly, the techs are knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Mendelsohn is thorough, friendly and very conservative which is a great surgical quality. He explains everything so it's unlikely you will leave the office and realized you forgot to ask your pertinent questions. Overall, a great experience. Have been a patient of the practice for the last 25 years.

Taura Darling

I love Dr. Mendolsohn and his office staff. Everyone is pleasant and professional. His chairside manner is second to none. He greets you with a firm handshake and a listening ear. I love this place!

Robert Beck

The Doctor & his staff are First Class.

Michael Robinson

Dr Alan Mendelson's office is the ONLY DR.s Office that is an actual JOY to go to. His Office is competent, courteous, and efficient!! THANKS for not being like all the other NIGHTMARE Dr.'s Office!!!!

Ricardo deSouza

Great Opthamologist and Doctor!! Very attentive, listens, cares about what your saying and is interested in treating the cause versus just the symptom. If you have ANY issues you can call him on his cell phone. If you feel like you need to change treatment or plan of action just express your concerns and he will work with you. Some of the medications for Opthamology can be expensive depending on which insurance you have but he will give you coupons or alternatives if you get to the pharmacy and they give you sticker shock. Couldn’t be happier with him. I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE OPEN ON SUNDAYS!!! My family has had 3 eye emergencies on the weekend and they were able to take care of immediately instead of staying in an emergency room a whole day. My family has occupations that they cannot afford to miss a day of work and have to visualize to perform. Anybody I know that has had any issues and gone to him couldn’t be happier.

Susi Brenk

I woke up on a Sunday with bad pain in my eye. I was very worried. Dr. Mendelssohn not only gave me a call back but would have been willing to meet me (even though it was Father's Day) at his practice. Not many doctors are so engaged for the well being of their patients. Thank you Dr. Mendelssohn, you saved my day! I hope more doctors can be like you. Thanks again!

Don Mothner

Knowledgeable, caring and excellent physician

Rebecca Fischer

Alan Mendelsohn recommended cataract surgery. One of the biggest mistakes of my life was trusting my eye care to him. I cannot read or see clearly from my right eye. After repeatedly reporting this to him he performed laser surgery two weeks post op which I now know has caused damage that can no longer be repaired. Thankfully I was warned about him before I allowed him to perform laser surgery on my left eye. He is a fraud. What comes out of his mouth is not to be believed. He will try to sell you a bill of goods to make as much money as he can and then lie about the results or patient satisfaction. There is a reason he went to Federal prison. He is a con man. Do not trust him with your eye Care. Glasses are not even correcting my vision. I wish I had been warned about him before my surgery.

Sharon Young

It was an honor and a great pleasure to meeting Dr. Mendelsohn. He is the BEST DR. EVERRRR!! He made me feel so comfortable with having my first eye surgery experience. He explained everything to me in a very professional manner, while keeping me calm during the entire process. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. I would "MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM" to anyone in need of his services. THANK YOU DR. MENDELSOHN FOR YOUR MIRACULOUS HANDS THAT RESTORED MY SIGHT TO 20/20 VISION!! BEST EXPERIENCE EVERRRR!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND FAMILY ALWAYS. I was also very pleased and extremely happy and impressed with the exceptional service of the office and staff. Everyone was very professional and such a delight throughout my whole experience, especially Vanessa. She knew this was my first eye surgery and that I was afraid. However, she assured me that everything would be just fine and patiently walked me through it. She was very caring and personable and made me feel so special. Thank you Vanessa for being there for me, I greatly appreciate it. I would "MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND" anyone to this office who are in need of any of the services that they provide.

Miriam Cohen

My husband and I noticed our vision was getting worse and told our primary care doc. He referred us to an ophthalmologist in Hollywood, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, who had done our PCP's own cataract surgery. What an excellent suggestion! Dr. Mendelsohn was kind and explained everything really nicely. We found out that we had developed cataracts too, but thankfully don't need surgery, just new glasses. We were able to get them right there and are delighted with them. What a difference it's been! Even more miraculous, Dr. Mendelsohn managed to actually convince my husband to stop smoking so he could protect his eyes. My husband actually stopped that same day!!! My years of nagging couldn't get him to stop, and one visit with Dr. Mendelsohn was all it took! Driving up to Hollywood was well worth it!

Savannah Alveda

4 generations of my family have been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for our eye care, and recently I brought my in-laws to see him too. My mother-in-law had terrible cataracts, but Dr. Mendelsohn did laser cataract surgery and now she sees even better than the grandkids! We are thrilled with Dr. M and his amazing staff!

Marc Hilbert

My wife got shingles in her eye. Dr. Mendelsohn's great bedside manner put her at ease and he also cured her. The staff is also great.

Joe P

Staff, and especially Dr. Mendelsohn are courteous, knowledgeable and totally professional. Have been a patient for over 20 years and have never even had a minute complaint.

Alfred Charlites

Couldn't of asked for a better ophthalmologist to take care of me! It's really hard now a days to find genuine doctors who care about their patients ! I have 20/20 vision because Dr. Mendelsohn saved my eye!! Couldn't thank him more !!

Beth Drucker

Dr. Mendelsohn is one of the few doctors I know who will take the time to hear me out and actually listen to my concerns. He is attentive to detail and gave me great eye care over the years!

Dawn Giannoni

He is just the best! Wonderful man, full of genuine caring mixed with supreme expertise! You could not ask for better, from his staff and facilities to a REAL expert, and I am so grateful to have found him! Thanks to Dr. Mendelsohn, who removed my cataracts and gave me the Multi-focal Restor lenses, I have 20-20 vision, I can drive at night again, I can read signs at a distance, and I no longer need the 250 readers I was dependent on just to read my cell phone. It is just amazing! I no longer need glasses for anything and see just like I did as a child! Love him and his staff, for this miracle of restored sight!

Brett Rabinovich

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is my favorite doctor. Every time I go it is a hassle-free experience and I would definitely recommend Dr. Mendelsohn!

Victor Elios

Dr. Mendelsohn has performed surgery on several members of my family and I now see him exclusively for eye concerns. I find him knowledgeable, professional and most importantly he takes time to explain.

Adina San Solo

Upon arriving, I was taken to a treatment room within 5 minutes. Dr. Mendelsohn was friendly and kind. He took time to explain everything as he was doing it.

Weston Msikita

Dr Mendelsohn is very detail oriented. He explains a complex subject matter but uses terms that are very easy to follow for someone that is not in the medical fiel. He is very caring. I highly recommend him to anyone that may have eye problems.

Rachel White

Dr. Mendelsohn is an amazing eye doctor! He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and caring- the perfect combination. I have used him as my eye doctor for many years and every encounter has been outstanding. His staff is wonderful, the wait time is minimal, and they always go out of their way to get me in quickly if I have an emergency. Dr. Mendelsohn’s medical recommendations are always spot on and have resolved whatever issue I was encountering. I highly recommend him and his office!

Earl Kaplan

I have been using the services of Dr. Mendelsohn for 6 years. He is extremely professional, thorough and competent. I particularly like the way he explains everything during my examinations. I highly recommend Dr. Alan Mendelsohn to be your ophthalmologist.

JohnPaul Sanders

Dr. Mendelsohn is the best eye doctor I have ever known. He is very good at his job. I have him to thankfully for him. He saved my Vision. He is well worth the hour drive to get to him. Thank you so much for all of you done for me and my family.

Stewart Davies

Dr. Mendelsohn’s obvious talent and knowledge is exemplified every time I visit. He takes the time to explain exactly what he’s checking for and always gives good advice with regard to maintaining good eye health and offers positive reinforcement. His staff are always pleasant and take their lead from him. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of eye care.

Edyt Dickstein

Dr. Mendelsohn is absolutely wonderful--a very compassionate, meticulous doctor who always takes the time to explain exactly what the options or processes are.

Mrs. Joanna Dennis

Dr. Mendelsohn is an amazing eye doctor. He is caring and compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. The best out there hands down.

Dave Singh

He’s amazing, very patience and explains everything in detail. Highly recommended him.

Mary Ann Servat

Renee Gruskin

Three years ago I was in bed in a Florida hospital and told that I was going to die. This was caused by an eye infection called adenovirus. I am having a re-occurrence and I'm being treated by Dr. Mendelsohn. I researched carefully to find the best eye physician I could in terms of training and expertise. I could not have made a better choice! He immediately recognized my problem and it is clearing up very quickly. Also, he is on time and his his staff is very pleasant and efficient. I drive an hour each way on I-95 to get there which is no picnic! I wouldn't do it if I didn't value him so highly!!! My late husband was a world reknowned pediatric nephrologist and chairman of The Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. So I know a good doctor when I find him! Renee Gruskin

Annie Jacobson

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn and the rest of the staff here make it a very hassle-free experience to get my eyes checked! I would definitely recommend Dr. Mendelsohn to anyone!

jskt 2000

Jessica Mora

Robert Jackson

For the past 20 years, I was an overweight diabetic, smoking one pack per day, content with the status quo. In 2016, my vision really dropped. My eye doc told me that I had a little bleeding in the back of the eyes, but it was no big deal. At my next visit with the endocrinologist, he was very upset and said that bleeding was a very big deal and that I would throw away my eye sight. He insisted that I see his own ophthalmologist, Dr Alan Mendelsohn. I was surprised by his insistence. Now, almost 12 months later, I am totally grateful and fully understand. Dr Mendelsohn agreed about the bleeding but had a very different take on things. He spent a lot of time counseling me to stop smoking, watch my junk food intake, and exercise daily. I stopped smoking that same day. Over this past year I got rid of my beer belly and my bleeding in the back of my eyes. My eye sight has improved a ton. The only person happier than me with Dr Mendelsohn is my wife. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. My wife said that it was the best gift ever that I stopped smoking, lost weight, and got my mojo back!

Robin Zeitoun

Great doctor. Very precise and concise with what is wrong and instructions for treatment. Great facility and friendly staff as well. Strongly recommend.

Kathy Christiansen

Felt very rushed durring my exam . Was not given enough time to focus and answer if the vision was better with each lens option . I was sat down with a staff member to discuss glasses and his name was Marcos. Number one he was equivilant to a bad used car salesman. Number 2 his fingernails were dirty made me nauseous. The options were ridiculous in price. I went elsewhere and and had to have another eye exam because the rx not correct and > had awful headaches for 2 weeks

Matthew Canavan

Dr. Mendelsohn has been my wife's Eye Doctor for many years. I had a problem with my vision staring a couple years ago and my wife told me to see Dr. Mendelsohn. Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff are so caring and they take the time to explain everything. In todays busy life, it's refreshing to have a Doctor that takes time with patients and ensures that you are getting the care that you deserve. I would recommend Dr. Mendelsohn to anyone that is looking for an expert eye Doctor.

Thomas Draving

I started developing cataracts in both eyes years ago. I made an appointment at Eye Surgeons and Consultants because my right eye was losing vision. After laser surgery and a new lens my vision returned to normal. Then, my left eye started to lose vision. Recently, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn replaced the cataract with a new lens using state of the art laser technology. My vision returned to 20/20. The results are astonishing. I am so grateful for the skill and promptness of Eye Surgeons and Consultants. When arriving for an appointment, I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for the appointment. They have always been very friendly, and I have them to thank for seeing perfectly. Thank You!

Julie Samuels

Dr. Mendelsohn and his office are great! Everyone is super nice and professional and I always feels completely taken care of. Plus great glasses!

lola J

I was at work one day when I scratched my eye. It was extremely uncomfortable. Eye Surgeons and Consultants was able to squeeze me in at the very end of the day. Dr. Mendelsohn diagnosed me with a corneal abrasion and inserted a bandage contact lens. By the next day my irritation and scratch were completely resolved! I was very impressed by the doctor and his staff. It was the quickest doctor's appointment I have ever had. Neither time did I have to wait. Dr. Mendelsohn was very punctual, thorough and kind. I would recommend him for problems or annual exams! Very good experience.

Peter DelPiano

I owe my eyesight to Dr. Mendelsohn. I had a cornea transplant in 1995; I was just about blind. That operation went perfectly. He also did cataract surgery on both eyes. I see better now than I have in 50 years.

Jon Dorsey

Dr. Mendelsohn goes above and beyond to treat you with the upmost respect while you are in his office. I am very comfortable being there. His extensive knowledge and background training lives up to all of his rave reviews. I just purchased my first pair of corrective glasses and he made feel great about it. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Doctor M!

Lawrence Shaffer

Dr. Mendelsohn has been my ophthalmologist for many years. He is an excellent, kind and caring physician. He always explains things in a thorough and understandable manner. His office has the latest diagnostic equipment and his staff is very friendly, helpful and efficient.

Marc Pomerantz

Recently saw Dr. Mendelsohn in his office. The experience was impressive from start to finish, as all staff did their jobs well. Dr. Mendelsohn is a fine doctor and does a terrific job of explaining eye diseases and their treatment.

Daniel Vitelli

Dr.Mendelsohn is absolutely amazing!!! Really cares about his patients and you’re not just a number. His staff is always fantastic as well. Mrs.Penny is a Pleasure and Courtney one of the Drs assistants is fantastic as well! You will not find a better group of people or DR anywhere!!

Hugo Landivar

Shatia Lane

Fantastic staff. Each visit was a pleasure. Dr Mendelsohn is very professional and answered all concerns and questions I had. I would recommend Dr Mendelsohn .

Sheila Jay

I callled to schedule an appointment for my 2 year old son with Dr. Alan Mendelsohn . However his office staff Anita was very rude and short. Very Nonchalant

jorge rigol

I have been a Dr.Mendelsohn's patient for several years now, and I am very happy with that. Every time we met he explains in all details what he finds. He is a real scientist, and I trust him 100%.

Evelyn kline

I was just wondering why dr Mendelsohn never fixed my eye after he damaged it during a cataract surgery years ago. I’ve had years of trouble with it, not being able to see with that eye. You broke it, so why didn’t you fix it. You kept sending me down the line and one of the dr’s said to me “ what am I , the clean up man. Sorry I don’t have a good review for you. You never made it right

Libby Gutleizer

Fantastic doctor and fantastic staff

Karen Brito

So friendly and helpful, best eye doctor

Tweetybird31 collins

We just love Dr Alan Mendelsohn and his staff, had laser surgery and I am very happy with the results! Thank you for taking care of my

Angélica Valderrama

Staff and doctor are great, the process of making the appointment, follow up was on point. Doctor make himself available at all time, and all personal explained and help during the treatment.


Great staff and great doctor! Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful! Zero complaints.

Ora Klein

Marta Paul

Dr. Alan D. Mendelsohn diagnosed me cataracts and gave me the best pre and post op appointments.....he was very present and reassuring at the surgery center when it was time for my surgery...He is very knowledgeable and very detailed during all appointments....I hugely recommend Dr. Mendelsohn for eye check ups and surgery.

Ms.Marie Morgan

Dr. Mendelssohn is a caring, compassionate and thorough provider. The staff also has great customer service!

Parker Eastin

I strongly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn. He is caring, compassionate, and exceptionally knowledgeable. He and his staff run a top-flight eye clinic, and I enthusiastically recommend him.

Brittney Clark

My eyes have always been very sensitive. I was very nervous having my first eye exam. I noticed troubles with my vision and knew it was time to bite the bullet. I scheduled a same day appointment (WITH NO HASSLE!) and faced my fears. The doctor and his staff were amazing. Once I met Dr. Mendelsohn I felt at ease. His demeanor and care are unmatched. He addressed my vision problems and explained my options in great detail. For the first time at a doctor's office, I walked away with no question unanswered. I've made the glasses he recommended and I feel like a new person. This was easily the best doctors experience I have had.

Mr Glenn

I am a long-time pt or Dr. Mendelsohn's practice. As a diabetic I have my eyes examined annually. I trust Dr. Mendelsohn. His office staff is efficient; the medical staff (technicians, etc.) seem comfortable in their jobs and with the doctor. I recommend Dr. Mendelsohn sans reservation.

Brunilda Hernandez

Raquel Benson

Every medical practice could learn about professionalism from Dr. Mendelssohn and his staff. My family and I have been with Dr. Mendelssohn for 20+years. We have never had an unpleasant experience. Dr. Mendelssohn is patient and explains everything so that the layman can understand the issues. He is good with children, teens and the elderly. Top marks for Dr Mendelssohn and every member of his staff!!!

Sonia Chance

Dr. Mendelssohn is an amazing doctor , I’ve known him for over 20 years he is a great surgeon and friend to me. He truly cares for his patients and it shows in his staff and office . I wouldn’t go to any other doctor . He is caring and compassionate. I recommend him to anyone I meet .

sheri rosenthal

Excellent care given by Dr Mendelsohn and his staff. His expertise and professionalism is greatly respected by me. I know that if I or a family member or friend have an eye problem, Dr Mendelsohn is the Opthamologist to see!

Jeffrey Rand

As a physician who is Dr. Alan Mendelsohn's patient, I personally have been the beneficiary of his exceptional medical expertise and unmatched level of human compassion. In my opinion, he is the best choice as an Ophthalmologist for any eye problems simple or complex.

Windy Williams

Love Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff! Such a beautiful clean office but more importantly the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly and Dr. M is the best, he takes his time and explains everything to you. I have been going to him for over a decade and always loved him and when I needed an emergency appointment they fit me right in without a problem at all! I will never go to another ophthalmologist :)

Leo Sanchez

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Mendelsohn, his practice and his staff. The doctor takes his time to listen to his patients and explain everything in detail and the office staff is courteous and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend him and give him a 5 star rating

Nancy Badian

Absolutely THE BEST ophthalmologist in South Florida. I have serious problems with my eyes. My problems started with an infection that five other doctors tried to treat first. Not one of the doctors knew what was wrong. I called Dr. Mendelsohn on New Years Day on a Sunday. He called me back within fifteen minutes. He told me to meet him at the office. Within ten minutes Dr. Mendelsohn knew exactly what was wrong with my eyes. As they say, that was "the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Dr. Mendelsohn continued to treat me over the next twenty years. He successfully performed cataract surgery on both eyes. I frequently suffer from eye infections. Whenever I call I can see Dr. Mendelsohn that same day. He has office hours on Sunday mornings. He makes seeing him an easy task. I started using Restasis for dry eyes a number of years ago. Many patients do not continue with Restasis therapy because the drops burn the first week. Dr. Mendelsohn devised a routine of additional drops in order to tolerate the burning from the Restasis. When I showed signs of problems with the retina in my eyes Dr. Mendelsohn referred me to a top notch retina specialist nearby. Dr. Mendelsohn always takes a personal interest in his patients. His staff is very friendly and easy to deal with. He has a wonderful optical shop on site that offers the highest quality lenses and lens coatings as well as frames. I will continue to be a patient for many years. In case you are wondering, no, I am NOT related to Dr. Mendelsohn nor do I have a personal relationship with him or his family outside of the office. He is simply THE BEST ophthalmologist I have had the pleasure of knowing.

lisa wallace

I loved my experience with Dr. Mendelssohn and his staff. I would refer my friends and relatives. Very professional. Dr. Mendelssohn even came in on his day off to assist me. I was too pleased. Thank you!

LaCendra Morrison

I did not know how hot the Florida sun was and how much it affects my eyes. Slowly but surely the squinting was getting worse so I made an appointment. The office was super clean, the staff was extremely pleasant and the lady work started me out was very gentle. Dr Mendelsohn was super!!!!! This man knows his stuff, he was knowledgeable about what was going on and talked to me about polarization of glasses and why it is necessary. I would recommend this office to all of my friends.... this is definitely my permanent eye doctor.

Gerardo Aguilera

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has what every patient looks for in a medical doctor: humility, knowledge and caring. He always makes sure his patients get the best treatment. That is why in his office you will find the latest technological advances in the field of ophthalmology. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is highly trained in eye diseases such as: cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma.

Igor Zeltzer

Dr. Mendelsohn and his team are top professionals. Everything about the experience, scheduling, arriving, hand-offs between staff and conclusion is done smoothly and effectively. Dr. Mendelsohn himself took all the time I needed, explained the tests and results in details and addressed all my questions. Along the way, it was clear that I am not a number in the system and Dr. Mendelsohn's practice understands and treats the way one wants to be treated. Simply the best experience.


As a doctor myself, and a patient for many years, I highly recommend Dr. Mendelshon without reservation. He is a caring human being with a wonderful personality, years of excellent experience and additionally, a fine surgeon . Dr. Andrew Katz

Courtney Soltis

Dr. Mendelsohn is such a compassionate doctor. It's hard to come across doctors today that really truly care about patient care and doctor Mendelsohn is one of them!! He is genuine and thorough !! His office is beautiful and his staff matches with it ! You have such a short wait time and smiling faces always waiting to serve you in any way they can. They have a beautiful optical and affordable prices ! Both my parents have had cataract surgery with him and they both have 20/20 vision! Greatest ophthalmologist in Broward County hands down!!

Joel Dreher

I've been a patient of Dr. Mendelsohn's for at least 15 years. He is a consummate professional who's attention to detail is evident. With Sunday office hours, he has been ahead of his time in making himself available when it is most convenient for his patients. This is something I'd love my other doctors to do. A few years ago, I had occasion to be examined by another opthamologist when Dr. Mendelsohn happened to be unavailable. I just assumed that all ophthalmologists' exams were similar. It was only then, in comparison, that I realized just how thorough and how much time Dr. Mendelsohn takes when he is actually performing the exam to insure that nothing could be missed. I feel fortunate that his level of care is available to me. Joel Dreher

Suzanne Hurst

Love this eye doctor! In the last year and a half Dr. Mendelsohn has been the savior for my eyes and my job! He cured 2 very serious eye infections and performed extremely successful cataract surgery on both eyes as well. The last time I called his office with an eye issue they saw me within an hour of my call! Can't get better than that!

Wendy Gelman

Dr. Mendelsohn is a thorough and comprehensive doctor who goes above and beyond. He has come into the office on a weekend on more than one occasion to give medical attention to my child as well as my mother. He is very calm and has a great bedside manner. He is professional and it is a pleasure to visit his office.

Ronald Krause

I just finished my catarac surgery with Dr Mendelson. Everything went smooth and his staff was very helpful. I highly recommend Dr Mendelson. Thankyou for giving me my vision back

Alicia Soltis

Love love love this office . I found them on Google and they are absolutely the best office I've ever been too. Beautiful office and staff !!

harold richman

Always very thorough, professional, informative and courteous.

Esteban Acosta

What a great experience dealing with a doctor that cares about his patients. Highly recommend him and his staff. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Sue Lee

Linda Itzkowitz

Let me start off by saying I would give Dr. Mendelsohn 10 stars, if that was an option. I was in Ft Lauderdale only to leave for vacation out of that airport. I live 4 hours away from his office. Late in the evening I experienced some scary visual symptoms, that could have potentially required emergency surgery. My flight was 10AM the following morning. I called his service about 11PM, and explained my situation. They put me on hold, and called him immediately. He told them to have me come to his office at 7:15 the next morning. I was there at 6:45, at which point Dr Mendelsohn immediately took me in, before his staff even arrived. He knew I needed to catch my flight at 10. He was extremely thorough, and reassuring. Emily did testing on me and she was also so nice and explained everything. I not only received good news, but got to the airport on time to go on a well needed vacation. I can't thank him enough and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

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