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REVIEWS OF Wills Eye Hospital IN Delaware

Tom Corcoran

I am so greatly thankful to this Hospital for so totally changing my life for the better. Your staff and surgeon, Dr Fran Clark provide the very best in care. I am glad I did my research. You all need to some how get the word out that you unilaterally have all the best technology, I went for 5 cataract evaluations before choosing you and Dr Clark.

Scott Fitz

I have had world class leading edge treatment by several doctors on staff- Dr. Garg, Dr Clark, Dr Katz. Fortunately we have this Hospital in our Philadelphia area.


HAVENT SEEN THE DOCTOR YET. SHOOT CAN BARELY SEE TYPING THIS. BUT THE FRONT DESK PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY REPULSIVE. THEY TALK OVER YOU WHICH IS THE RUDEst thing you can do. Wait your turn. Dont even wait your turn, simply LISTEN. MY EYE IS PROGRESSIVELY GETTING WORSE. THEY WANT ME TO WAIT TWO MONTHS TO BE SEEN WHEN THEY SAID I COULD BE SOONER AFTER THE FAX FROM MY DOC WAS SENT. they NEED new staff. Im a single mother of a 3 year old. I cannot wait two months to possibly go blind or get my appt bumped later which i hear happens. So they dismiss you and hang up on you. And judging by the reviews it seems as if people had similar or worse experiences than me. Your hospital staff is a disgrace and should be reported to the better business bureau, which i am doing since obviously this has been going on for so long and for so many people. Someone has to take a stand and advocate. Not blaming the doctors but receptionists and front desk people have zero empahty. Not only that, but very unprofessional. Must be NICE TO SEE PERFECTLY WITH BOTH EYES HUH!?

Nasarullah Ansari

Verry nice

Sandra D

After reading previous reviews, I expected a very long wait. It was only a few minutes before I was called for intake info. Then it was less than 15 minutes until I was called in for initial testing. Further testing was done, with a little longer wait in between, but all in all, it was the middle of the night, they were open when other places were not, and no other emergency room closer to home could do anything about a detached retina. The doctors and other staff are extremely professional, friendly and accommodating. It was a very frightening time for me, and they put me at ease, and I knew I was in good hands. I am extremely grateful.

Lady Akehurst

Gave a small child a late appointment took the child back an hour after the scheduled appointment time. Sat another hour waiting for "giggle juice" (midazolam). The timing here is very poor. They do not care if a child hasn't eaten in almost 24 hours and endured a 3 hour car ride. They do seem very engrossed in their own dramatic interactions with each other though. The staff here obviously doesn't get along well enough to work as a team.

Kristine Hill

The wait time here is horrible!!! My 7 year old was sent here by the ER at another hospital to get her eyes looked at. We didn’t get here till 11am because of being at the other ER for 2 hours. Wait time to see the Dr was over 2 hours and he dilated her eyes and had us go to a waitingroom to “wait till eyes had time to dilate”. We’ve been sitting here for 35 minutes and someone else is in here waiting too who’s ahead if ya. My daughter has now fallen asleep on my lap and she’s starving because she kept getting told not to eat incase a problem comes up and she needs anything done. This is insane. ...I waiting to finish this until we got home. We were there for 3 1/2 hours. My daughter was so tired that she cried the entire time during the 2nd exam. The Dr was nice about it and patient with her but no one said anything about the wait or apologized. The closest thing we got was a “oh sorry about that” in a monotone voice and walked away when we signed out and I mentioned how tired my daughter was since we were here for 3 1/2 hours! So rude! This place has a bunch of bad reviews on wait times but since it was so late, I hoped that wouldn’t be the case with us. GUESS I WAS WRONG! Horrrible!

Lawrence Sanchez

I don’t understand why they schedule appointments if they can’t keep them. My appointment was 40 minutes ago and where still waiting. Hopefully they see us within the next hour I drove 1 hour 15 minutes to get here. On top of that they only give you 15% off on parking. They shouldn’t even charge for parking.

Lindsey Lawless

Pleasant enough experience with the Dr and the nurse that saw me. It was my first eye exam (I know...i know) and everything went pretty well. I'll go back again next year when it's time.

Sandra Jimenez

Child had an appointment at 9am still over an hour and have yet to be seen, which has made me miss her next appointment. Everyone that came in after us was called to the back. Only to find out that my child doctor came in late, So they said.

Olga Ade

The best doctors and the nurses and assistants were the most attentive and thorough. I was made comfortable, reassured and all my questions answered courteous. Could not possibly ask for more. Highly recommend this hospital for all eye problems.

CA Fischer

Great drs, great everything!

bob kk

Great Dr's and a pleasant staff.. If you have a appointment be prepared for a long wait.. Went there at 8am and didn't leave till 1pm. Need more Dr's.. And the place could use a painting.


They have bad attitudes and are extremely slow. Have I mentioned, they can see you in line at the front desk and will not direct you where you need to sign in ... WHERE are the signs !? Let's assume the customer service head is out for the day. 35 mins went past, haven't received new patient forms. Appointment scheduled at ten , I arrived 35 minutes early. Its 10:25 am I'm waiting for them to give me an attitude and I'm jumping over the desk. Btw I'm still waiting 11

Dylan Mcfly

The wait time here is outrageous. They say we have 6 doctors but things run quicker at a dollar store in the hood then thos place.


I am a patient of Dr.Julia Haller and really liked her services regarding partial Retina detachment. I will highly recommend her for consultation.

Marissa Breban

Doctor was great, The wait wasn't too long, nurses were okay but my only issue is when they were doing an eye exam with my 4year old son and asked my son to identify certain numbers he couldn't and one of the nurses looked at Me and said "He doesn't know his numbers" with a "Are you serious? " face as if it was his business and then when the appointment was over the nurse proceeded to tell Me "Next time he comes we'll make sure he knows his numbers, right Mom? " again over stepping his boundaries... That's the only thing I had a problem with because I Felt as though it wasn't his place

Corey Rubin

This is an incredible place staffed by people who seem to really care about helping patients. The doctors and support staff are equally compassionate and my experience visiting from the Midwest shaped up to be everything I was hoping it would be. My particular thanks extend to Lindy on the cornea service for arranging to have me meet with Drs. Ayers, Rapuano, and Meghpara all on the same day and at the same time. I really appreciated it.

Kieran Lavin

My experience is that of a spouse going with my ex-wife as she went for treatment for ocular melanoma back in 2008. Yes, the wait times are long but they are among the best in the industry. In my opinion, it's certainly worth the wait; just bring a book or magazines or something to do while you wait. We were referred from another specialist closer to home on a Wednesday afternoon for Thursday morning. Wills Eye told us that there was a conference that all of their doctors were attending and they were all leaving Wednesday night *BUT* that they would keep two doctors around to see us. So, our first impression was a completely empty office with literally no wait time because no one was there! I don't remember the name of the doctor that we first visited with as well as who attended to all of our followup sessions but he was a young Indian man and was always very professional, knowledgeable, and was very patient with my 20 or 40 or 60 questions I had jotted down each and every time we went. After her 4 or 5 days in the hospital for the plaque therapy, we waited back in their waiting room for a discharge appointment that we had with Dr. Carol Shields. This was the only frustrating time we had to wait because the ex-wife was in such pain with her eye all she wanted to do was to go home! However, once Dr. Shields saw us, again, she answered all of my questions and was extremely patient and did not seem to rush us out the door. Any of our followups we simply budgeted a 2-3 hour block of time there at the office and were able to hit up a local Philly place for lunch on our way home. Billing, they do what every provider seems to do today in double billing the patient as well as their insurance company hoping to get double paid. Luckily I noticed discrepancies on the bill and I got my insurance company involved. It took months to determine how much I actually owed. I worked out a payment plan and stayed regular with the plan for over a year with no foreseeable end in sight. Until one day the billing department called to say the debt was forgiven. I guess they wrote it off as a loss. Either I wasn't paying it off quickly enough or they just didn't want to deal with me anymore. I don't know but I'm thankful. In the end, there were certainly some aggravations but I'm sure they'd be just as bad if not worse elsewhere

M Sutton

Please get a second opinion on whatever your diagnosis , if seen by Dr. Ravi Patel. He’s very sure of himself and doesn’t listen when you’re explaining your symptoms. I don’t know if he was the way he was with me because of my Race , gender etc . But my symptoms did not matter and I left the ER with the wrong diagnosis and follow up treatment. I understand it’s the “ER” but I pay for your opinion . Ravi Patel treat your patients with some respect you chose your field of “expertise” , so act like it.

John Sarno

I am new to the Philadelphia area. My experience with the Wills Eye staff, in particular Dr Francis Clarke in Hatboro/Sprinhouse/Blue Bell has been spectacular.

Snr Osei Bonsu

Mehmet Ali Gürol

Visited the institute for right eye faulted view (1989), resultingly showing that to be a macula degeneration; thanks to the care, diagnosis and advices guiding me in the rest of my life, hoping to pay there an other visit after that many years. Just one memory; in my first visit when asked for possibile reason/reasons that might started the problem I remember that I said 'stress' where I'm told that that might not be a cause, yet in my second visit telling me what I said to be the cause is now an acceptable one. Good memories, great place, thanks again...

Ilya Byk

Walk in, wait a bit, walk out... Kool hangout spot. Do they have a bar somewhere around here??

Yvette Wilson

The wait time in this place is a disgrace. Why schedule a 9:00 appointment when they constantly overbook. I've been here 2 1/2 hours and still waiting for my child to be seen. This facility should not be allowed to run this place the way that they do. They have a excellent rating with top doctors that specializes in pediatric eye care but as a patient my time is valuable too. Final straw!

Fred Irvin

The place to go for the highest level of care for your eyes!

Karen Breeding

Super experience there when I arrived this morning with torn/detached retina. The desk staff was polite and professional and explained why others were called in before me (I was seeing the "on-call" doctor, Dr. Jenkins, who arrived promptly at 8am and saw me immediately). Dr. Jenkins for his part was also terrific, very pleasant, professional, knowledgable and caring. I don't think I've ever had a better experience, and I really commend the entire practice.

Janice White

I am over joy with the outcome and experience with cataract surgery by Dr Francis Clark and the surgery center in Warminster, Pa. Wills Eye is the best.

Kathleen Latshaw

have been waiting in the Occularplastic office on floor 9 , for 1 1/2 hr, 1 hr and 15 past my appointment- and the dr and staff are in the back talking and laughing - WHY???? no explanation!!! Long story short: appt time 3:45pm - left 6:10pm without being seen and assaulted by staff on the way out!!! STAY AWAY!!!

Ray Capello

First of all the doctors are phenomenal. If not for them this would be a one star review. My wife had a 8:15 AM follow up appt on 6/19/18 in the oncology dept. We arrived at 8:00 AM. After the computer check in we sat at 8:13 AM and we sat and we sat and we sat. To prevent me from approaching the receptionists my wife asked how long it was going to be before she was going to be seen. The receptionist went back and talked to one of techs and my wife was promptly called back. Time 9:15 AM. This tells me the receptionist failed in the prompt transfer of my wife’s records to the exam area. Numerous people who arrived well after we did, one of who arrived 45 mins late for their appt were seen ahead of us. Not to drag out the story we were the absolute last people called back to see the actual doctor. We finally exited the doctors room and walked out to a totally empty waiting room and reception area. The only person there was the young lady at the check out desk.The receptionists desks were also vacant. Time 1:15 PM. The only bright spot of the day was the great news we received about my wife. Thankfully we don’t have go back for a year and potentially experience this again.

Frank D

Rude self entitled administrative staff.They need training in customer service. They need to be taught to be polite and respectful

William Oliver

This review is for the Wills Eye facility in Warminster, Pa. I had an outstanding experience with the entire staff and Dr Francis Clark who performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. They are all the most compassionate in my experience in dealing with surgery and doctors.

edward pennsy

great staff; they know thier stuff, did not wait long; in & out.

Deborah William

Staff is very pleasant

Hector Serrano Jr

I'll make my review shorter than before... The people that work there or awesome but unfortunately I guess they use a lot of medical students and interns so collectively as a whole they need to learn how to be in communication with each other better one Department with another. I think they're overworked and they make many mistakes when it comes to getting messages and forwarding them to the correct people. When it came to doing paperwork for temporary disability and then later permanent disability they totally kept dropping the ball four months. If management can get their people to work in unison it would be awesome. I believe they are associated with Jefferson University but not part of them so they do not have the app capability which would be a big plus.


Long wait always. Feels like they call people that came after you. Nice doctors though. Seems like a very nice teaching hospital. Some of the front desk people are exceptionally friendly, helpful, and nice, but a few of them seem a little rude. Still, a decent experience overall.


Was told BEFORE I took my son there that they did take his insurance, ONLY to be billed after going there twice, and getting tests done that they DONT take his insurance. Been getting billed for over a year now, and countless phone calls, they still say its UNDER REVIEW! What a joke!

Irene Fougere-Ruffe

Long wait to see doctor and that’s with an Appt or a time slot- horribly insufficient.

Vijeta Dhamankar

Excellent service. No one was able to figure out why my number was increasing so rapidly but excellent doctors at will eye did. They gave me best treatment. After the treatment I needed hard contact lense, I tried my local placese before but they hurt my eyes a lot. So I went back to wills eyes and again they proved that they have best doctors for service. They gave me amazing contact lense, I have no issues with my eyes now. They are amazing. It did cost lot of money but it's worth it.

Thomas Nally

They have always taken good care of my dad here.

Stephanie Wharton

So my mom is currently sitting on the 12th floor waiting to be scheduled for surgery. I’m trying to understand why is there only one staff member there to do that? My mother has been at Wills Eye since 8:30 am. Apparently this scheduler has a sore throat so she needs to take multiple breaks. Her appointment before this one was over 4 hours. But they wanna rush and not take the time they need to talk to these patients. Dr Patel it was. Coming from someone that works in the medical field, they need to train their staff better on bedside manmer and fix this understaffed problem.

Michael Carter

Dr.Dale & her assistant Ms. Keyonna treated me very good & professionally 8-21-18 & Dr. Dale was very honest with me & made me feel comfortable & she cares about her patients again thank you Dr. Dale & your assistant Ms. Keyonna God bless both of you Michael Carter

Dave Lin

Experience and knowledge of doctors are great just bring a pillow and be prepared for a 2hr wait to see someone...seems like they always over schedule patients... First time I was here the wait was 1hr and 30mins+ till I saw a doctor... In his speed to get me out, he gave me the wrong refill. Second time I came for a follow up and the wait time was 1hr and 45 mins. This third and final follow up the wait was 2hrs and was told they definitely over scheduled patients. Seems like a regular thing that they over schedule. Meanwhile I witness the doctors huddling around chitchatting for 10min stretches.

Gina Deihl

I'd really like to give 0 stars. Waiting 1 hr to be discharged.


The people who work the front desk and the phone are DISGRACEFUL and DISRESPECTFUL. I spoke to this lady Pat on the phone and she was getting upset because she could not type fast and decided to tell me "I should get a job here because I speak so fast" Like WHAT? Who says that. The doctors here are GREAT but the staff are pure disrespectful who wouldn't ever do this is they weren't on the clock. Pat definitely needs to be fired.

Jennifer Skidmore

My 6 month old was seen at Shields and Shields and our experience there was not bad. We found out she has tumors in both eyes and feel like we are in great hands with Dr. Shields. We did find out that our insurance is not in network with Wills Eye and she has to have a monthly EUA done there. The communication is horrible. I cannot get a hold of anyone to assist me in the insurance issue and I am concerned that this will not get covered. We already will be having tons of medical bills with the chemo she is receiving at a different hospital. I would agree that Dr. Shields is the best, but it would be nice if the staff at Wills would be more responsive and at least pretend to care about their patients.

Paul D

While I have no issue with the docs I have seen at Willa Eye, the patient check-in and administration is complete chaos! Managing appointments too difficult and time in the waiting room horrendous . I left and demanded a refund of my copay after waiting 80-90 minutes! So a complete waste of 1/2 a day considering travel into Phila. Just not worth it!

Billie Steel

They are very good and I feel a lot better just want to know how them

mark w

My son was diagnosed with retinal detachment. He was scheduled to see Dr Carol Shields. I am a physician in practice currently. The experience was unacceptable from rude staff to “frightened” students, residents and fellows so anxious about the hierarchy of academic medicine. The observation is they have lost the understanding of taking care of the patient with compassion and concern. There is no way I would bring my son back. They might have a reputation for being the best eye hospital but they need to visit the cardiology service for a heart transplant


Dr. DeBenedictis did a fantastic job on my eye. She performed in depth tests to identify the problem and answered all of my questions fully. I was fully comfortable going into surgery and the recovery was quick. Her staff was kind and professional, and I fully recommend her and Wills eye to future patients.


Horrible scheduling system. Long long wait expect to wait 3 hours for your appt.. my 1030a appt with the same doctor 5 people waiting. Finally get called shift from room to room.. and wait again..horrible system . Dr leave for 20 min comes bck leaves again.. comes bck... not very efficient.. waiting room full no seats.. one patient says that the norm here.. she went on 2 times bck out here 3 hours.. horrible waste of time.. call people out of sequence..

Jimmy B

I suffered an eye injury 14yrs ago (hit with a heavy metal chain) and when I say these folks did an amazing job, that is an understatement! I had a detached retina and a damaged lens. It was very difficult dealing with this injury but the entire staff here helped me every step of the way. Not to mention at the time I had no insurance and was low income. They had me sign up for a program they offered for people in my situation. The surgery was a success. I am very thankful for this hospital which I did not know was known world wide until I moved out of Philly!

Mariah Does gymnastics

The worst place ever appointment was at 915an it’s now 2pm and still waiting

Anhthu Pham

Each patient is expected to wait more than 2 hours to see doctor. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are in pain and your vision goes blind. Staff seems comfortable to let you wait! There is a nurse who is extremely rude to a patient. She saw that a patient covered her eyes in pain and complained that she couldn’t see to walk into the exam room. The nurse spoke in straight, rude tone that “if you open your eyes you would see”. And, the patient was frustrated and said “she could not open her eyes for 6 hours” What in the world exist such a rude and heartless nurse! People come to ER because they are sick! Not because they are healthy! I wish this event could get escalate to the manager and help nurses and doctors to train how to treat people with warm heart and understanding!

naaza shaik

Worst experience ever. Recently my husband had eye biopsy in wills eye. We went for follow up & the waiting is 4hrs with appointmet.If they are busy don't take that much appointments, why are you wasting patient's time & money.After waiting the doctor not even talk properly, whatever he wants to talk he just told & left . We are paying money for his visit but he doesn't have time talk to with patients.

Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor

I was treated there in the emergency room. Yes, I had to wait, but it was totally worth it to be able to see a specialist. The medical experience I had was excellent. And it was not as long a wait as my husband had in the eye emergency room in London, UK, where he, too, got excellent treatment. Also in comparison regarding the clinic itself (which I will experience shortly accompanying my sister), I have had many visits and treatments at NIH, which has a similar system. Yes, you see technicians and fellows first. (Fellows are usually brilliant board-certified experienced private practice physicians who competed for and won a fellowship at the institutes. They look young to me because I am in my 60s.) But the scheduling of all those tests and fellows may well have been done ahead of time by the expert, who looked at your chart in the morning and decided what tests you needed. You see him/her for a few minutes after they've reviewed your test results. People from all over the world come to these institutes, if they are lucky. We are very fortunate to be in areas where these hospitals are handy (DC & Philly). I would suggest we give them a good rating and advocate for them to get more resources. These doctors see patients with many non-eye diseases simply because a thorough eye exam can reveal systemic things that other diagnostic tests cannot. They should be well-resourced, not sparingly resourced - with room to practice. Hopefully any hospital renovations will provide the room. That's what happened at NIH.

mark petro

Great service a little slow,I had cataract surgery yesterday May 17, 2019 waiting to get my second eye done. Definitely going back! Great hospital AA++

jesse lentz

This place is both the best and the worst. Really good doctors that seem to be able to fix anything. However, I've never been there without at least a one hour wait. We specifically make appointments as early as possible yet we wait for an hour. I have no idea what the doctors are doing during that time because no other patients are going in. Somehow they're caught up by the end of the day.

Tom Rodgers

Wills eye lives up to its reputation based on my cataract experience at your Warminster location with Dr Francis Clatk and staff. Excellent medical/surgical delivery.

Aldo Siahaan

4 hours process to see the doctor

Asel Rusyn

The wait time is bad. Bring yourself a book, some lunch, or anything else to entertain yourself for a maximum of 4 hours. I waited 4 hours once...and ended up leaving. This is a very busy place but it is also one of the BEST places with the BEST doctors. Is the 2-3 hour wait worth it? Yes it is.

Steve Egan

We are very fortunate to have this Hospital in the Philadelphia area.

Vee J

Great place don’t know what I would do without them...Dr. Katz is excellent

tom robertson

I am very grateful to Wills Eye for recommending Dr Francis Clark in Hatboro for a 2nd opinion regarding laser surgery for glaucoma. Wills Eye recommended the same ophthalmologist as my Family Doctor... very reassuring. Also appreciate the thorough exam by Dr Meyers in glaucoma department.

Janice Watlington

I had developed a blood clot in my eye. Was having an active bleeding episode. Initially my children took me to the nearest hospital, Chestnut Hill, but they didn't have an opthamologist on call and I was eventually told to go to Wills eye Hospital. Probably would have gone blind if I stayed at CCH. My sight have improved tremendously since being treated by Dr. Garg.

Almetta Bennett

The doctor's really carr

Ali Abdulsattar

I called the office to schedule my daughters for an eye exam on January, they scheduled them on April 26 (two days more from the moment of writing this review). They just called and canceled the appointments due to a doctor left the position in the hospital. They offer me another date on May 20 that I declined because I have to re-arrange leaves and other stuff to meet another POSSIBLE appointment. Worst experience ever

David Friedman

Medical staff is great, but expect to wait for at least an hour, sometimes two, even if you are the first appointment of the day.

Alejandrina Carrasquillo

I just wanted to ask if my insurance was accepted I was put on hold for an hour then they picked up and without saying anything disconnected the line. I tried again later and the same thing happened bad very bad I never do reviews but I think there customer service need a lot of improvement very rude people

Thelma Campbell

The worse experience ever! At least 35-40 people standing around (not enough seats), waiting to be seen by an optometrist...totally unacceptable! UGHHH!!!! Appt May 24; 9:45am 12:00pm; still 6 people ahead of me

Daniel Dunnigan

Went to the emergency area today. I have never received better care. They were fast to get me registered, through the initial exam and the detailed exam that followed; polite; knowledgeable; professional and thorough. It was simply fantastic from start to finish.

Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

They gave me my sight back by fixing a very deep, problematic cataract with surgery made even MORE complicated because someone prescribed me an alpha-blocker a month ago without telling me it made this surgery more difficult. My doctors weren't phased, said they deal with it a lot, and I woke up with 20/50 vision in my right eye that had been at "WHAT eye chart?" before the surgery. Here, Jules Stein (UCLA), or some place in Florida whose name I forget are leagues above their peers. Your risk of complications plummet because these people know what to do with a knife.l Don't let anyone else slice open your eyes.

RenegadeAB Philly

First of all let me say this, I am hard of hearing ok I call to make a appointment and one of the staff talking to me like Im retarded, the whole point is I was trying to hear what date she was saying, she said 6th of july but to me it sounds like 5th because of that I am HARD OF HEARING so yes it hard for me on the phone. Like I said she don't have to get frustrated, talk louder and hang up on me, I know the date but not the time smh. One of the worst hospital to call on the phone for a appointment. One star from me, Congratulations


I came to WillsEye Glaucoma because of my mother who was diagnose with Glaucoma. We have been sitting in the waiting room since 1pm and it is now 355pm wait to see an eye doctor.

Lindy Backues

They were very professional and qualified, very service-oriented - though, not cheap! But, I thought my insurance would cover the service - which, in the end, the insurance company challenged my claim (saying my treatment was not necessary.) The doctor from Wills Eye Institute went to bat for me, validating that the treatment and eye checks I underwent were necessary as precautions to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with my eyes. I was very happy and appreciative that they stood behind me. I would go there again (though, I need to make sure my insurance sees the need - they still are contesting the charges and my doctor is still championing my cause.)


It is the best eye hospital on the east coast! Know 2 people who would be blind, had they not been treated by the great doctors at Wills Eye Hospital.

leslie carter

This hospital is the worst. Its empty, but yet you wait for no apparent reason. Its ridiculous!!! I swear they're back there eating and taking naps. Extremely inefficient. They see people out of order and apparently it takes the entire staff to handle one procedure. Never come to this hospital if you can avoid it unless your eye is hanging out, and expect to wait with that too.

Greg Brown

Dr. Ho and everybody who works on the 10th floor at Wills are amazing, Thet deserve a million stars out of 5

AwesomeAlex Gamer

First it took forever and someone came and we came first and they went to the room first and once we took 5 hours to take a test

Ashleigh Byrd

Good luck getting someone on the phone. And once you do, they tell you when your appointment is rather than ask when you want to come in. This happens every time I call to make an appointment. Also I have to clear my schedule for the whole day because the wait is horrendous.

Johnson Bambe

They have the best Eye Doctors in various category here. I believe one of the best in the country. Being here, and all staff and management are excellent.

Darsh Singh

This hospital has zero respect for others time. Made my daughter wait for more than 3hrs for the pre and post eye procedure visits. Total disgrace!

Steve Rodgers

Thanks for the referral to Dr Francis Clark. I am so finally happy with my eye care.

Alexander Dibernardo

I went there shortly after my accident I was so terrified that I was going to be blind at the rest of my life the doctor told me to grow a pair I will never go back there as long as I live


Thank you Dr. Carrasco, you are a brilliant surgeon. Had strabismis surgery 2 weeks ago and she knew exactly where to suture the muscle on the first attempt. Imagine going into the O.R. with double vision and then awaking to one image. The entire experience was positive and professional. Thanks to all involved. All my respect, Eric

Andrea Lloyd

I love my cornea specialist. He's very easy to talk with & ask questions, and he's 1 of only 2 surgeon's in the tri-state area who performs the surgery I need.

George waffles

Staff is always in a hurry and very rude. Stay away from Dr. Patel. Please do yourself a favor. Horrible bed side manners. Had to ask who he was.They are understaffed. It's a shame. I'm only taking my mother here because it's her only option. As soon as I find an alternative we won't be back. Every appointment you will be seen 2 to 3 hours after your appointment time. They always say someone will be right with you which is not true. This is my fourth time waiting here over three hours. With an appointment. It costs 28 dollars to park every visit. They are also very bad at filling out paper work. Every visit they forgot to fill out the forms I left at prior appointments. I have given them 4 copies of one form. These forms are to renew her benefits. They simply keep forgetting. Disgraceful. Update 10/2/18 still just as horrible. I waited from 9:45 am in retina till 3pm. That's almost 6 hours for a scheduled appointment. Yes an appointment made a month in advance. 6 hour. Wait time.

Terrina Smith

Great place to work!!!

C Ann

First I will say that I never have to wait a long time. BUT to be FORCED to pay a HUGE amount up FRONT before I'M seen is WRONG. I do not have a co-pay. I should not be charged before I'm seen. I should NOT be charged before services are rendered. Is that legal? The insurance woman charged me an 'Estimate" from a previous visit a year ago. I was forced to pay or NOT be seen. How about that? Last year I disputed the amount. I think it's wrong to force this upfront. I have insurance and they pay. This is pretty sad that Will's does this...esp for folks who travel a long way there and need to make payments after the insurance pays my other part. As we all know insurance premiums and monthly payments are through the roof...I won't be going back there...and that's too no more $$$$ for them from me.


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Ophthalmologist - Delaware

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Simon Eye Associates Limestone
Simon Eye Associates Lime...
Ophthalmologist - Delaware


Delaware Family Eye Center
Delaware Family Eye Center
Ophthalmologist - Delaware

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